NCIS s06e16 Episode Script


Sir,you find your friend? Yes,I did,thanks.
Checking out.
Name,sir? Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Season06 Episode16 Bounce Good morning,Tony.
I haven't seen that bad boy in a while.
You had a rough night? - Yes.
- Yes,the people from Tokyo.
A few of our counterparts were visiting from Japan; Director Vance had Tony show them around.
Sake bombs.
I see.
I barely made it out of there alive.
And now you hope to finishhe job.
McGee,say words.
What you see before you,Ziva, is The DiNozzo Defibrillator.
It's been passed down through six generations.
My family also has a hangover remedy-- jasmine tea with lime.
That's disgusting.
Remind me never to have a hangover in Israel.
Not that I have a hangover now,boss.
You know I would never drink on a school night.
Where were you last night? Drinking.
You alone? Of course not.
Not that there's anything wrong with drinking bourbon alone in your basement with a boat.
What were we talking about? Your alibi.
My alibi? For what? Who would want to impersonate Tony? Perhaps Jack Nicholson.
You know, impersonation revenge.
Or it's a frame-up.
Jeanne Benoit? Overseas.
Maybe it was Trent Kort.
Are you detecting a trend here? Tony does have a way with people.
The seam split.
I can't believe it.
I know.
Discarded like a piece of trash.
No,I meant the duffel bag.
I just bought the same one.
Should have listened to the reviews-- they said the seams were a problem.
McGee,the man is folded in half.
I know.
No,that it that's,uh,you know, a shame,too.
Maybe I've been doing this too long.
Well,that's my name.
It's not my signature, but that's my name.
And to think, I almost made it an entire year without being accused of murder.
The guy did look a lot like you.
Not helping.
Was a little more fit,though.
- We're gonna need - Security tapes.
- And - Key to Room 742.
Here you go.
In a bit of a rush? Actually,yes; I'd like to move this off the floor.
The Rosewood has a reputation to uphold.
If there's anything else you need,please let me know.
We will.
Come on.
Funny,when I woke up this morning, those last four shots seemed like a bad idea.
Don't need an alibi with me,DiNozzo.
I'm glad you got one,though.
Makes two of us.
Haven't seen anything quite like this since Vegas,'99.
Cirque du Soleil.
Uh,Mother and I caught two shows in one evening.
She's an admirer, to say the least.
Aren't we all? Not like my mother.
She had an infatuation for one of the tumblers for quite some time.
Marc or Ignacio? Yeah,I-I've followed Ignacio's career for some time,and he was Why don't you quit while you're behind,Palmer? Quitting,sir.
I will go get the gurney.
Victim's Lieutenant Justin Grady.
Works out of the Department of Defense.
Grady? You know him? Sounds familiar.
Now that you mention it, he kind of looks familiar.
What did he do? Currently stationed as an Adjunct Supervisor in DoD's International Mail Gateway.
So he's a mailman? Wasa mailman.
You got a cause of death,Duck? This cyanosis indicates lack of oxygen.
That,combined with this ligature mark - Strangled? - Yeah.
With a wire or cord.
And then to finish him off,they stabbed him through the heart.
Preliminary measurement shows a three- to four-inch blade.
Nothing in the alley.
Room is clear,too.
Well,you would know.
It is your room.
Way to kick a man when he's down,McBackstabber.
- Ziva,witnesses? - Two.
A maid and a businessman who was rather inebriated.
They both got clear looks at the occupant of the room.
Matches Tony's description.
Okay,that's it.
I'm out of here.
Maybe we should go easy on him.
Think he'd go easy on us? Excellent point.
Remember me? Renny Grant.
Worked out of the Pentagon.
My first collar as boss, three years ago, when you took your Mexican sabbatical.
Intermission? It was a hiatus really.
Renny was accused of stealing over a million bucks from a Navy credit union.
Got a witness to testify against him.
Open-and-shut case.
Sort of.
Well,the only thing is,we never - found the money.
- found the money.
Nah,not so open and shut.
- Not really.
- No.
That happens sometimes.
To the rest of us.
Judge sentenced Renny to five years.
Got supervised release three months ago.
And that coworker who testified Lieutenant Justin Grady.
Our dead guy.
Well,nothing like a good revenge killing to kick off the week.
You miss me,Ren? Is that it? Just couldn't stay away? Missed a lot of things.
My family my girl a nice prime rib Madeira.
You,not so much.
Well,here you are.
And nothing's changed, except for the gray hair.
Hey,show a little respect.
His name's Special Agent Gibbs.
Actually, I was talking about you.
I think I see a few sprouting.
I got a few gray hairs myself.
Three years.
It's a long time.
Of course, in an eight-by-ten cell, feels more like 30.
That why you killed the guy who put you there? Looking for payback? I didn't kill anybody.
So,Lieutenant Grady stuffed himself into a duffel bag.
I want to talk to Agent DiNozzo.
Doesn't work that way.
I came to you.
And I didn't have to.
Coffee machine in the next room there? He's gone.
- I'm innocent.
- You said that.
Of the embezzlement charges.
You said that,too.
I can prove it.
I'm more interested in why the star witness from your case showed up in your duffel bag.
He wouldn't fit in my Samsonite.
Keep it up.
Juries love a smart-ass.
But of course,you must rember that.
I didn't kill Lieutenant Grady.
I just wanted to talk to him.
Really? About what? We were friends, and he testified against me.
I had to find out why.
Grady wouldn't see me, but I knew he'd agree to see Agent DiNozzo, lead investigator on the case.
So I set up a meeting at the Rosewood.
I checked in early, went out to eat and when I got back, Grady was dead on my floor.
I don't know what happened.
I swear to God.
I panicked.
I hid the body and got the hell out of there.
I screwed up.
That's why I'm here.
the judge sentenced you to five years for embezzlement.
I remember.
Too bad I didn't have this.
What's that, a good luck charm? It's a USB drive with a paper trail that proves I was innocent.
Took me three years to dig it all up.
Thanks to you,I had the time.
The appeals court won't even look at it.
I figured you might be able to help me.
It is the least you can do.
Well,I'll see if I can get around to it.
I don't know if you've heard, but I am in the middle of a murder investigation.
Don't believe a word he says.
We got motive.
We got opportunity.
I know.
Why'd he come back? That's a good question,boss.
Boss? Was your case,wasn't it? Yeah.
You're not going back to Mexico,are you? Your case,you're lead.
- Really? - Yeah.
I think it's even a rule.
All right, zooming in.
That's Renny Grant.
But he didn't check out of the hotel till three hours later.
- So,where is he going? - Dinner.
Or so he says.
What have we got? Our suspect.
All over Rosewood's surveillance video.
But no sign yet of our victim.
- Keep looking.
McGee - What? Victim's background.
Credit cards, bank statements.
Take a look at Renny's appeal.
Use it to catch yourself up on the original embezzlement case, then work with McGee.
On it,boss.
- Are you going back to Mexico? - No.
Rule number 38.
On my way,Abs.
Caf-POW! Right.
Talk to me,Abs.
Here you go.
- Thank you,Gibbs.
- Abby I was just examining the evidence from the murder scene,Gibbs.
Abby The room was luckily really clean, because,you know, hotel rooms, they can be a forensic scientist's biggest nightmare,Gibbs.
Abby! I'm not Gibbs.
Yes,you are.
Because,if you're not, there's a problem.
And after Sister Rosita spraing her ankle in the sixth frame and Mr.
Giggles escaping Mr.
Giggles? Stay on topic,Gibbs.
Not Gibbs.
Okay,tell me.
I can take it.
- Well,he's just upstairs - Wait.
I can't.
Rule 38.
So,um,I processed the evidence from the crime scene-- Tony-- and nothing contradicts your initial assessment.
Lieutenant Grady entered Renny's room.
There was a short struggle.
Broken lamp.
During the scuffle, they fell onto the bed.
Bloody pillow.
Where Lieutenant Grady was strangled and stabbed to death.
I found Grady's blood on the comforter.
I don't want to tell you what else I found.
Yeah,you do.
Oh,you know me so well.
But that's gonna have to wait for later, because I am cooking up some awesomeness.
Awesome me.
I ran the swabs that you took from the sink, and I found traces of sodium tallowate, water and fragrance.
- Soap! Gibbs would have known that.
- Right.
I can also tell by the chemical decomposition that the sink was usedafterGrady was murdered.
Killer washed his hands.
And left a partial fingerprint.
It's degraded by the soap, so I can't run it through any databases, but I should be able to pull enough from it to incriminate a suspect.
Well,we got one of those.
Let me know as soon as you're done.
Now who is Mr.
Giggles? Back to work,DiNozzo.
I hope I don't have to train him all over again.
So Tony is in charge again.
How do you feel about it? Tony is a competent, capable investigator and a good leader.
You do not agree? No,I agree.
It's just he's kind of irritating when he'snotthe boss.
When he is, he walks around with that peacock strut, that smirk.
It's like He's behind me,isn't he? Smirking.
That's good timing-- how long were you waiting back there? Two minutes.
Ziva,any luck with the surveillance video? I finally found our victim, Lieutenant Grady.
He entered through a - Service entrance.
- Yes.
Nearly two hours before he was killed.
I spoke again to the floor maid, and she admits letting him into Renny's room.
Claimed he lost his key? McGee,stroke my plumage.
Well,uh,nothing unusual in Lieutenant Grady's bank statements, but I did find a sealed file in his records.
Well,some of his testimony in Renny's embezzlement case did involve classified information.
Just to be sure,I'm petitioning the judge for access.
Nice work,team.
I'm proud of you.
We're sitting pretty.
Pretty as a Peacock? Oh,hey,boss.
Did you catch up on Renny's embezzlement case? Yes.
And I went through his appeal.
Let me guess: Wasted three years of his life.
No,you did.
Kid was innocent.
The original case hinged on computer logs.
Showed Renny embezzling from a base credit union.
First National.
Using the latest open source forensic software, Renny dug up evidence that those logs were falsified.
Yeah,but it turns out Renny wasn't even in the country when the money was stolen.
Where? Iraq.
Since the computer Renny supposedly did the embezzling with was on base I get it,McGee.
The guy didn't do it.
He raises bunnies and grew rainbows, and I put him in prison.
Come on.
Huddle up.
Thank you.
Okay Renny didn't steal the money.
That's my bad.
But it doesn't let him off the hook killing Lieutenant Grady.
Not at all.
It was Grady's testimony that put him away.
False testimony.
Insult to injury.
So,if anything, Renny's motive for murder just got stronger.
What is our dead guy's motive? Lied on the witness stand three years ago.
Why? Maybe he was the real embezzler.
Used Renny as his fall guy.
Sounds like a theory.
Now we just need to prove it.
- Yes? - Jethro,come down a moment.
- Oh,hey,Ducky.
- Tony? Yeah,I'll be right down.
Keep it.
Ziva,I want all the transcripts from Renny's embezzlement trial.
If he worked with him, you're talking to him.
Good campfire.
Congratulations on your promotion,Anthony, fleeting as it may be.
Actually,I'm,uh, off to a rough start.
Hope you got something good for me.
Yes,well,I found some anomalies on Lieutenant Grady's body.
First,note this pernicious rash on his lower extremities.
It continues up his back, erupting into blisters.
Some nasty blisters.
I have a sample for you to see,if you like.
I'll take your word for it.
Agent Gibbs never passes up the opportunity of enjoying the fruits of my labor.
Yeah,his X-rays showed nodules on both his upper and lower lobes.
At first,I thought they might be cancerous lesions, but combined with the rash Valley fever.
Very good,Anthony.
How did you know Long story.
Let's just say I'm not going back to Arizona anytime soon.
I feel the same way about Stronachlachar.
As you are no doubt aware, valley fever is native to the southwest of the United States.
The lieutenant must have spent some time there,and recently.
That's not why I called you down here.
Valley fever is aptly named.
Lieutenant Grady would have had a slight fever when he died-- most assuredly-- which would alter my initial time of death.
By how much? Two hours prior.
That would put time of death around 8:30 p.
? Is that a problem? Yeah,it is, because Renny Grant was having dinner at 8:30 p.
, and I've got a dozen witnesses to prove it.
Then your murder suspect is no longer a suspect.
Give us a minute.
I am sorry.
Just so I'm straight, what's that for? Putting me in prison or accusing me of murder? Prison.
I think we're even on the murder thing.
You did drop a body down a trash chute.
Good thing my probation's up.
What am I looking at anyway for tampering with a crime scene? Well,it's gonna be up to the judge.
If you're lucky,time served.
And my appeal? I'll write you a letter.
Better be a hell of a letter.
I promise it will be.
Who set you up,Renny? Can you prove that it was Lieutenant Grady? Already proved I didn't do it.
And now you expect me to find the guy who did.
What exactly areyougonna do? - Renny.
- Yeah,yeah.
Don't leave town.
I know the drill.
- Tony.
- You answered the wrong phone, didn't you? - What,McGee? - Wilkins is here.
Well,just tell him you're handling the interviews.
Well,he asked for you.
Do I have to do everything? All right,I'll be right up.
Told you so.
I've been waiting three years to say that.
How's life in the Pentagon,Mitch? You pulled a Shawshank.
You put the wrong guy away.
Weput the wrong guy away.
As I recall, you were his supervisor.
Hey,I just discovered the money was missing.
Told you from the beginning Renny was framed.
He didn't have the computer skills He does now.
Worked on his appeal in the can.
How's Ziva? Ziva? - why? - I haven't seen her in a while.
Three years.
- Yeah,right,of course.
- Closer to two.
When she added me as a friend on Facebook.
Ziva's on Facebook? You ever see her knife collection? Ooh-rah.
You've been to her place? It was a double-team.
The embezzlement.
Never could figure how it was done.
Looks like Renny did.
Access logs were faked.
And with our security systems, that's no easy task.
Would have needed at least two people-- one to open the server port, the other to falsify the logs.
Lieutenant Grady had a partner.
Had to be someone in-house.
Which rules Renny out again.
It's a big list.
Our department employs over 2,000 people.
It is a lot of work, isn't it,Mitch? I'm gonna need the updated addresses and contact info.
You got it.
Tell Ziva I'll poke her.
You know Facebook.
What are you doing? I'm waiting for you.
You're late.
You got something? I had something four minutes ago.
Why didn't you call? Because that's not how it works.
When I find something, Gibbs immediately walks through the door.
Have you forgotten all of your training? I remembered your Caf-POW! Horseshoes and hand grenades, DiNozzo.
Now that that's settled,I lifted our partial fingerprint from the soap dispenser.
It's still not enough to get a match from a database, but it is definitely enough to incriminate someone if we have a suspect suspect,I know.
Got a list of 'em.
Check your inbox.
Got it.
Now,this time,if I find something, you better already know.
What's this? For Sister Rosita's ankle.
I stopped by the NCIS gym.
It took me about four minutes.
And you found something.
We've got two embezzlers, and one of 'em gets trashed, literally.
Why? Maybe his partner got greedy, decided he wanted all the money.
But the theft was three years ago.
What took him so long? Well - Maybe - He got scared.
He found out his partner was going to meet with the agent from the original case.
It wasn't DiNozzo, but the killer didn't know that, so if I'm him, I'm wondering why my buddy is meeting with a federal agent.
Hmm,maybe he's going to flip on me.
He can't if he's dead.
There's our motive.
We just need our killer.
May have just found him.
Abby matched a print from Renny's hotel room to one of his former coworkers, a Commander Carl Davis.
Gear up.
What? We've just never heard you say that much at one time.
Or in a week.
Wasn't my job before.
Come on.
So,listen,boss,I just wanted to talk to you about this before we go in.
Um,I was just thinking, 'cause I'm the boss on this case, I thought maybe I should drive on the way back,you know, just for appearances' sake.
It's not that important, but neverind.
Here we go.
I'm the boss.
Federal agents.
- Yes? - NCIS.
Is Commander Davis here? Well,he is gone for the week.
I'm sorry.
Look,I said he's not here.
- We have a warrant.
- Wait a minute, what are you doing? - McGee,around back.
- You can't just go in there.
I said he's not here! - Then we will not have a problem,will we? - Wait! - Just calm down.
Stay calm,ma'am.
- What do you think You have no right! He's not here! Wait! Look,you guys have got this all wrong.
H-He likes to be handcuffed.
And the broken nose? He slipped.
And the lighter fluid? Look,after what he did, it was either that or my garden shears.
Guess it was his lucky day then.
Not yours.
The Burning Bed, 1984,Farrah Fawcett.
Torched her husband while he was sleeping.
Second wife's favoriteovie.
Maybe Commander Davis' wife is going for a sequel.
Hell hath no fury.
Like a woman scorned.
- Third wife's favorite quote.
- Here,McGee.
Commander Davis' wife received this in the mail yesterday.
Postmarked from Hawaii.
Over here.
Photos of her husband on a beach,and he is not alone.
Obviously not the missus.
Who sent it? "Paid a private investigator to follow my wife.
Just thought you should know what he found.
" The other husband-- how kind of him.
What do they say? "Misery loves company.
" Where'd you get that-- your fourth wife? - Hold this against your jaw.
- Give us a second.
I thought waking up to General Quarters was tough.
Thank God you came when you did.
Yeah,would have been a bummer to find my prime suspect dead.
- Prime - Suspect.
For what, cheating on my wife? Embezzling from the Navy.
You don't play much poker,do you? Murder of Lieutenant Justin Grady.
Jay's dead? When? How? There you go.
Now he's got his game face on.
Look,I don't know what you're talking about.
Really? You left your fingerprint at the crime scene last night.
The lieutenant was in Hawaii? Because I was, all last week.
And my wife has the pictures to prove it.
Okay,I take full responsibility for making you think that Commander Davis was the killer.
That being said it's not my fault.
Apology accepted.
I think.
Okay,exhibit A, from the murder scene, where I found Commander Davis' fingerprint.
Except that Commander Davis was So how did his fingerprint get in Renny's hotel room? I ran every test that I could on the dispenser and I found an interesting chemical compound on the exterior.
Ammonia,arsenic, and hydrogen cyanide.
Broken thumb.
C-Cigar? - Cigar-ette smoke.
- Ding! Except it was a non-smoking room and the smoke detector never went off.
Where did the smoke come from? I called the hotel to get another dispenser for comparison.
Turns out this is the model they use in their hotel.
No one's ever seen this before.
Where'd it come from? Gibbs could have done that with just a look.
You're such a pushover.
It came from here.
Commander Davis' bathroom.
Part of a matching set.
Someone stole it from Davis' house and planted it at the murder scene.
Commander Davis was set up.
The soap dispenser was planted at the crime scene.
There was a third embezzler.
Looks that way,my friend.
No,Tony,therewas a third embezzler.
I'm looking at Commander Davis' computer logs.
He transferred the missing money to an internal account that he created.
Then a third user moved it to an external one.
Can we trace it? I'm working on it, but I doubt it.
Okay,pretend I'm Gibbs and try answering again.
I am working on it, but I doubt it,boss.
That's all I'm gonna get out of you,huh? W-- I traced the account to the Caymans, but that's as far as I could get.
I'm sorry.
Okay,well, give me something to hold.
I don't Thank you.
Whoever that third user is, he covered his tracks pretty well.
Any chance it could be my doppel-friend? Renny?No,that much I'm sure of, but given his research, you know,he may be able to provide a little insight.
- We can find our own insight.
- Yeah,but Trust me,McGee, if we ask for a life vest, he's throwing an anchor.
Any luck with Commander Davis? Gibbs and Ziva have been interrogating him for over an hour and he's not talking.
So,if they can't get him to talk Interrogation's that way.
I know! You're late,Palmer.
Had to wait for Dr.
Mallard to leave for his Pilates class.
Jamaican mocha.
I heard you were boss again; I stocked up.
- Thanks.
- Just in case.
All right,talk to me.
I got three guys who embezzled a cool mil from a Navy base.
And Renny Grant was their fall guy.
I did my homework.
First embezzler was found dead, second was framed for his murder.
So you think the third guy did it? What do you need me for? Can't find him.
Did you follow the money? Can't find that either.
Not surprised.
It's common for embezzlers to sit on the money for a year or two, at least until the heat wears off.
Killer might finally be ready for a withdrawal.
And doesn't want to share.
- What'd Renny say? - About? The third embezzler.
Renny knows his case better than anybody.
You haven't talked to him.
Trust me, if I ask for a life vest, he's throwing me an An anchor.
YeahI guess if I put an innocent man in prison, the last thing that I would want to do is go ask him for help.
But I'd do it,anyway.
That's "Agent" Palmer.
Renny! Renny! Renny! Is there anybody here? Renny! Pot roast looks a little well done.
Prime rib.
Fire department says it's been cooking for hours.
I guess we know Renny wasn't expecting company.
Well,he got it anyway.
Point of entry was from here.
There were security bars, but it appears Renny removed them.
Guess I would,too, if I had just spent Never mind.
Window's been jimmied.
Yes,possibly with this.
I found it behind the bookshelf.
There is blood on it.
Intruder must've dropped it in the struggle.
Looks like Renny put up one hell of a fight.
Well,only one thing seems to be missing.
Third embezzler knows Renny might be able to I.
Yeah,well, he's tying up loose ends.
- Checked it four minutes ago.
- Check it again.
Ziva,status on the traffic cams.
I will let you know when I get to my desk.
Gibbs,coordinate with highway patrol.
I want checkpoints at every on and off ramp.
- Ziva.
- No hits yet.
Widen the search.
The whole county.
No,the whole state.
This a waste of resources! Just do it! Now! - DiNozzo.
- What? Campfire.
- Problems? - No.
Everything's peachy.
Nothing I like more than putting an innocent man in prison.
Except,of course, for getting him killed.
Renny's dead? I hadn't heard that.
Save the pep talk.
We both know I screwed up.
Three years ago.
But now you're making it right.
And me proud.
You've been doing a hell of a job,Anthony.
Until about three minutes ago.
Get your head on right.
What would you like me to do? - Trust your gut.
- Yeah.
I think I'd rather trust yours right now.
Then give me my damn phone back.
Hope I'm not interrupting something-- and if I am, I hope somebody's gonna tell me about it.
What do you got,Abs? Checking the roadblocks,boss.
So I was interrupting something.
Abs,what do you got? The knife from Renny's house.
I identified the blood on it; the good news is it's not Renny's.
The bad news? You're such a cynic.
There is no bad news.
Only better news.
The blood belongs to our murder victim from the Rosewood Suites.
It's our missing murder weapon.
Our messy murder weapon.
Which is weird, 'cause most killers, they would rinse before they repeat.
- Why didn't ours? - Why don't you ask him.
He left his DNA on the handle.
NCIS handling parking tickets now? - Where's Renny? - How should I know? You abducted him.
Why would I do that? You could almost hear the band playing in Tony's head.
He really does love this part.
Ah,he's earned it.
Larry,Moe and Curly.
The Three Stooges.
Figured out how to embezzle a cool mil from the U.
But they needed a fall guy,didn't they? And that was Renny.
Hey,I'm the one who told you I thought Renny was framed.
Yeah,it was a neat trick.
I'm going to have to rember that one for the next time I want someone to think I'm a complete moron.
Betcha five bucks Tony does the chair-toss technique.
Mm,ten he switches to strong and silent.
Nah,20 bucks he's gonna do the picture tear.
You thought suitcase stuffed Curly was going to flip.
So you killed him.
I'm not sure what you've been smoking but,uh And then our friend Moe got framed for the murder.
And then you went after Renny, because you figured he was the only one who could still implicate you.
And with him dead, you guys were home free.
Recognize this? We got your DNA.
You should've stuck with embezzling, because you're going to get life for murder.
Okay,look I did follow Lieutenant Grady to the Rosewood.
But it was just to talk him out of meeting with you.
And the part where you killed him? He attacked me.
It was self-defense.
- Where's Renny? - I don't know! I don't even know where he lives! You left the murder weapon at his house.
No,I left it at the Rosewood.
I don't know who took it to Renny's, but it sure as hell wasn't me.
I can prove it,too.
I was in court yesterday, all day.
- Court? - Court.
Court? Metro busted Wilkins a week ago for drug possession.
Arraignment was yesterday.
Which means He didn't grab Renny.
Wilkins isn't the only one with legal problems.
Lieutenant Grady's sealed file just got unsealed.
If he wasn't lying in our morgue, he'd be under indictment for mail fraud.
Grady was put under investigation three weeks ago after the Navy received An anonymous tip.
Yeah,how did you know? Metro said Wilkins was busted after an anonymous tip,too.
It gets better.
Abby says the postmark on the envelope sent to Commander Davis' wife was fake.
- Photos weren't sent from Hawaii.
- No.
It was hand-delivered.
It was all Renny.
He knew who framed him.
Yeah,getting his payback.
If Renny knew who set him up, why not turn 'em in? He was buying time.
For what? Remember me? Found Sergeant Wilkins' knife? Oh,yeah.
Right where you left it.
He's in custody.
Looking at life.
Wasn't part of the plan, but I'll take it.
They got what they deserved, no thanks to you.
What do you think you deserve? Three years of my life back, but that's not gonna happen.
Thought I told you to stay in town,Ren.
Those tampering charges are still pending.
That why you're here? I think you know why I'm here.
You still haven't found the money? I figured,you know, with all that research that you did, you might know where they hid it.
- It'd be a hell of a consolation prize.
- Yeah.
Wish I could help.
- Heading south? - I don't know.
Am I? How'd it go? I guess I missed him.
Well,I figured.
I get it.
There you go,boss.