NCIS s06e18 Episode Script


Post up here while I take care of business.
Is that for me? Teek? Is that you? You got a decision to make, Tara.
Do we walk out of here, or do I have to carry you? NCIS Season 6 Episode 18 Knockout V1.
0 FQM Rereading: Bruno & Magic Turtle.
African-American male in his late 40s.
Despite his distended features from time under the water, Chicago PD managed to identify him as one Tyler Keith Owens.
They fished him out of Lake Michigan two days ago.
That is just hours before Director Vance's departure with McGee and Preliminary cause of death believed to be multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen.
He was shipped here by the Chicago M.
I've been asked to perform the autopsy, by Leon Vance.
His effects are up with Abby.
Also at the request of Leon Vance.
Leon Vance is working a case.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, this is ridiculous.
Ziva, have you seen my Probie, have you You are with each other in Chicago with Vance.
I'm not in Chicago.
Because I got to go to Arizona.
It has nothing to do with my lack of prowess on protective detail.
Excuse me! Okay, listen up, everybody! I need your full attention here! Lenny, Squiggy, Q-tip, Q-Bert, Bungo Straits, Vertical Bill.
Can you hear me back there? Natalie, hi.
You look very nice today.
I have lost my wallet.
So, if you've seen it, please return it to me.
There will be no judgment.
Maybe even a small reward.
Hi, boss.
I lost my You're gonna say "mind" or "marbles", - but, I lost my - Job? Have you heard from Ziva or McGee? Hold on.
It's the prince of darkness himself.
I'll be right up there, but Boss wants to talk to you for a second.
He hung up.
He's setting up a videoconference up in MTAC with with Vance.
Let's go.
Well, he just said me, but I think we can we all go.
Where'd you hide my wallet? What? Hold on for the Director.
DiNozzo, I got an assignment for you.
We're transporting a key witness to DC.
I want you to sit on her till we get back.
Witness to what, Director? We believe she's got information relating to the murder of a Marine.
Word gets out that we have her, she could be in danger.
Witness' name is Tara Kole.
Her flight lands at National in 40 minutes.
Is that you I see lurking in the background? You're conducting an investigation.
I understand you might feel your toes being stepped on, Agent Gibbs.
Me handing out assignments to your team.
Not taking it personally.
Are you suggesting I am? Are you? May I have the room, please.
Both rooms.
Tyler Owens disappeared more than a week ago.
And, yes, he was a friend.
Local authorities haven't been able to generate a single lead.
Proximity to Great Lakes Reserve Center help convince 'em to cede jurisdiction? Death of a Marine is our jurisdiction.
Yeah, well, he looks to be about 50.
What is he, a general? Former Marine.
Is it going to be a problem for you to sit this out, Agent Gibbs? It's your case Director.
There was no sign of foul play at his residence.
Tyler Owens was last seen ten days ago at his place of business, the South Side Gym.
That was Tony.
Is he looking for his wallet? He keeps asking what we're doing in the "Wine-dy" City.
- It's "windy".
- It's not so bad.
- What'd you tell him? - I told him we were doing our job, Director, and that he should do the same.
Car? Out front.
Destination? Thinking I'll go for a workout.
Abs, what do you got? I am not at liberty to discuss the details of Director Vance's case with you.
And I would certainly hope that you wouldn't try to bribe me.
I wouldn't do that.
Because I can't say a word about the five slugs that Ducky pulled out of Owens' body.
Not that there's a word to say, 'cause I don't even know if these 40-cal S & W's are a match to the weapon that was found in deceased's pocket.
Not that I would tell you if they are.
I'm assuming that your curiosity is purely for educational purposes.
After Ducky does the autopsy, we should be able to calculate how long the accumulated postmortem gases took to counteract the weight that kept Owens submerged.
He was weighed down, huh? With what? Weights.
Mismatched set.
They were threaded through the deceased's belt.
Well, it wasn't a mugging.
I need you to keep your educational inquiries more abstract, Gibbs.
I said that I wouldn't say anything to you and I'm not going to lie to the Director.
Owens carry a weapon? These are amazing, Gibbs.
I can't hear anything.
But, you know, feel free to muse out loud to yourself.
If this was my case, I'd see if Owens was registered.
I'd run a search.
Gibbs, you really need to find something to do.
"Idle hands are the Devil's plaything.
" Just picture Mephistopheles sitting on his throne of fire, playing with his collection of idle hands.
Sorry I couldn't help you, Gibbs.
Get your left up, Campbell! You're dropping your left! Your other left, son! Man, it's a damn shame.
Damn shame.
Coach Owens was never really a contender, but he was a great teacher.
Tough as nails, drove you hard.
Man worked your last nerve.
But there was a method to his madness.
Brother pulled me off the wrong path, set me right.
So, Owens was revered by everyone? Within these walls, he was the black Miyagi.
Not a full set.
- You were counting? - The dumbbells.
- You're missing a few.
- We're lucky to have what we got.
Keep movin' them feet, Campbell! Spit! Lubricate the man.
Yo, Spit, hold the bucket up.
So you can actually hit something you're aiming at? Thanks.
Let me see the towel.
I used to carry the bucket myself.
- For real? - Yeah.
Gotta start somewhere.
Climb the ladder.
You done pounding on my boys, Leon? I don't know, Ike, you got anybody left? What do you say, David? Want to go a few rounds? I think that would violate my primary assignment.
Only if you manage to lay a glove on me.
Excuse me, darlin', but this gym ain't coed.
Another time.
Just say when.
Yeah? Run, get us a sandwich.
You know what I like.
Leon, let's talk.
Don't forget your jacket.
I lost it.
Go borrow mine, it's the one on the end.
Okay, thanks.
His probably got stolen.
Trying to teach the boy to stand up for himself.
Things that bad here, Ike? Same old same old.
Nice flight from Chicago, Ms.
Kole? Uneventful.
Had enough excitement, though.
Being abducted by Leon.
Well, plane travel's not what it used to be, is it? Bet there wasn't even a movie.
I'm a big fan of movies.
You don't have to make small talk with me if you're uncomfortable.
I'm not uncomfortable.
It just seemed like, the way you said it, that you had a relationship with our new Director, and I said "new Director", by the way, not "nude erector".
That's a homophone.
Unintentional, of course, but The Director he was just a ball of fire when I knew him.
No direction at all.
Well, I guess we were all someone else then.
We? Tyler.
He was my brother.
I didn't know that.
I'm sorry.
Thank you, Anthony.
You're very sweet.
My patron saint.
Actually, St.
Nicholas is the patron saint of St.
Anthony's who you turn to when you've lost something.
So, who does Anthony turn to when he's lost something? How do you know I've lost something? I may not know my saints, but I definitely know my sinners.
I miss Tyler.
Seems like just the other day you two coming through that door.
Couple of string beans fresh off the bus from Ohio.
That was his idea, you know.
Oh, don't I know it.
Made sense he'd be the one to stick in this business while you went off.
That was his idea, too.
Always pushing me.
'Cause when you're young, it's all gas pedal and no brakes.
Took a few false starts, but you both learned patience.
Throw a quick left-hand jab, not meant to do any damages.
Messing with the other guy's vision.
Right cross, brings the hands up.
Work the body combinations till that chin sticks out.
Bang! Sets up the uppercut.
But you can't rush that haymaker.
Action reaction, action.
Tyler knew the art of the knockout.
That's how I know he didn't just jump into something out there.
I'm thinking the same thing.
I figured you'd be back one day.
You ready for this title fight? Talking about Joe Banks? Is he still top dog? Hadn't seen his face in a long while before he showed up a couple weeks ago.
He got a lot more cautious lately.
Yeah, Banks doesn't use a cell phone.
He avoids electronic communication.
- Leaves no trail behind.
- Except slime.
He bought out a lot of fighters over the years.
I think Banks got sick of Tyler, poaching the local talent.
That's what I think! Well, you got to have muscle to stay on top.
That would make Tyler an obstacle.
You got the muscle to chase down his ghost? I'd rather lure him in.
Make him come to me.
What do you got that he wants? You just spread the word.
Banks can find me in DC.
Our bloater became a floater.
Whoever intended our fellow here to rest in his watery grave forever didn't count on the effects of putrefaction.
You know what they say about the best intentions, Doctor.
Road to hell was paved with 'em.
Time of death? Between four and ten days ago.
A gas chromatography of the fatty acids should provide a more exact time-frame.
Palmer, why don't you enlist Abby's help to finish those? Yes, Doctor.
- Well, what do you have there? - Background Tyler Keith Owens.
You're gonna get that girl in trouble, Jethro.
Born Cincinnati, '63, juvenile record in Ohio.
Illinois driver's license, '81, boxing license, '83.
Professional record of 19 wins, It's not too impressive.
Bit of a journeyman career.
Tax returns show he stayed in Chicago since it ended.
Very thorough.
Something's missing.
No military record.
Ducky, if this guy ever was a Marine, Leon Vance is the only one who thinks so.
If he's not then our Director has overstepped the bounds of his authority.
The last time you saw Tyler Owens was at an exhibition bout at the South Side Gym? We were checking out the fighters.
The "we" you are referring to would be? I was escorted by Joe Banks.
Joe Banks.
That name sounds so familiar.
Well, your Director seems to think he's a notorious crime boss.
Must be from a movie, maybe.
What service do you perform in the employ of Joe Banks? I think you know.
I need you to be explicit.
The same as you do for your boss.
Anything he asks.
Well, my boss doesn't really ask for things.
We're supposed to figure it out on our own before he gets really angry.
He gets very angry.
What happens if you don't figure it out? We get a smack to the back of the head.
That hasn't happened for a while, actually.
Maybe we're getting better at our jobs.
I know I am.
You know, Anthony, I could help you with your problem if you'd like.
My problem? My job is to read men.
To know what they want, and what they need.
And I see a man in need.
Hi, Ziva.
Hey, look, it's Ziva.
Ziva, Tara.
Tara, Ziva.
We have met.
I am here to relieve you.
Well, then, I'm relieved.
You look it.
What's the word, Doctor? Owens went down fighting.
I would hope so.
Powder burns on his left palm indicates that he was probably grabbing the barrel of the gun when the first shot was fired.
That's the one that grazed his right shoulder there.
The next two rounds went into his abdomen, perforated his stomach and lower intestine.
Probably put him on the ground.
But he was still alive.
The kill shots entered his chest.
Damage to the heart was catastrophic.
Death from that point would be rapid.
This pattern of attack suggests an untrained killer.
Yeah, it was sloppy.
My condolences, Director.
I understand this man was an acquaintance of yours.
I hadn't seen him in some time.
But once, you were quite close? Gibbs was here.
What's his issue? There is a lack of recorded evidence that Owens was ever a Marine.
You can't believe everything you read on a piece of paper.
I don't know, the levels in the fatty acid Miss Sciuto.
Director Vance.
Welcome back.
- Has Gibbs been here? - Now that you mention it, I do detect the lingering aroma of "Old Spice" and sawdust.
But that could just be from We used ethanol and benzophenone in our analysis.
That would explain the "Old Spice".
And the sawdust? I - am taking up woodworking.
- Really? I'm gonna build a coffin.
She is.
Did you get any actual work done, or just woodwork? Tyler Owens was killed 11 days ago.
That's fight night at the South Side Gym.
It's the last time Joe Banks was seen.
Well, the striations on the slugs match the gun disposed of along with Owens.
It was reported stolen in a burglary in Chicago last year.
Street piece.
I wasn't able to get prints off the dumbbell or the gun.
Water covers up a lot of mistakes.
This guy might have gotten really lucky.
Well, not too lucky.
He pulled us into it.
Did you get any organic material from his hands? I did, but it's not human.
It's a It's a bird feather.
There was some stuck in his belt buckle, as well.
Maybe it got lodged when he was in the water? It's not likely he was shot by a bird.
Is there anything else you need to tell me? No, sir.
That's everything, and I've been completely candid with you, sir.
Now I have to build a freakin' coffin.
He's a good-looking guy.
You two serious? He does not live here.
He travels a lot.
Long-distance relationships are impossible.
Relationship? I do not know.
Maybe you should be looking for something a little closer to home.
I trust my people are treating you all right? You don't have to go through all this trouble to protect me.
It's a long drive from Chicago, but he will come for you.
You're counting on it, aren't you? I'm not here for protection at all.
I'm the bait.
I'm sorry about Tyler.
- I'm sorry I wasn't there.
- Only half of that is true.
You cut both of us out of your life.
- I miss him - Not like I do.
But he's gone.
You can't undo that.
Would I have even seen you again if your hand wasn't forced? This is your worst fears come to light.
You think I'm scared of Banks? That is not what I'm talking about, and you know it.
You're scared of yourself, and pinning a body on Joe is not going to make it go away.
He had nothing to do with Tyler's death.
I know him.
If that were true, you would have quit him years ago.
Take Ms.
Kole to the southeast safe house.
Set up a rotation with McGee and DiNozzo.
I'm going to want somebody with her at all times.
Yes, sir.
Where will you be? My wife will kill me if I'm late for dinner.
Hey! Daddy's home! Is this the Vance residence? It must be.
I missed you, Dad.
Hey, Jared.
- What did you bring us? - That's it, Kayla you just get right to it.
Why don't you give me a hug first? - I missed you.
- Me, too.
Your father wouldn't have gone to Chicago without bringing back some Frango mints.
- What about me? - What about you? You didn't think I'd forget about you, did you? These are very old and they're very special to me.
- They smell.
- That's from hard work.
Hard work stinks.
Yes, it does.
- Mine smell good.
- No, no, not till after we eat.
Now, you two go wash up.
Give me the mints.
- Thanks, Daddy.
- Come on.
So, I did good? You did.
What, not great? Why didn't you tell me you had a friend coming by? I have a policy against bringing work home with me.
Well, that's your policy, Leon.
You disobeyed me.
You've been hijacking my case.
Aggressive choice of words.
Aggressive actions.
Demand an explanation.
Your predecessor used that seat for a personal agenda.
You're not about to let that happen again.
Anything in my history to suggest I would? I don't know enough about your history.
- Where did that come from? - The CIA.
You got that big and axe to grind with me? Assume the dead man was a Marine.
He was.
And your friend.
Was that, too.
Still doesn't explain why you wouldn't want me on the case.
You think you can do a better job than me? I think it's my job and not yours.
You're right seems neither of us are doing what we're supposed to.
Who is he to you? You haven't opened it.
Situation was reversed.
You did me the courtesy of asking.
So you're asking my permission? Are you prepared for me to say no? It's your call.
Leon? You know I don't like it when you chew on those things.
Gibbs, you're staying for dinner.
I was a freshman at the University of Maryland, and Leon was at the Navy War College in Newport, Rhode Island.
You never told him? Never had the occasion to.
You know he graduated Annapolis, right? But he had to resign his commission in the Marine Corps? That's funny, I used to think I could spot a Marine.
I didn't get to serve.
Second lieutenant, but he took a medical discharge 'cause he detached the retina in his right eye from boxing, so he's going to teach Jared to be careful with those things, right? Oh, yeah yeah, I'll teach him.
He studied all the time, except for this one night he just had to see a Terrapins game because he couldn't miss Len Bias.
The best basketball player ever to come out of Maryland.
Until Carmelo Anthony.
Carmelo was the number 3 pick in the draft.
Lenny Bias was the number 2, and he would have even been better if he hadn't died two days after the draft.
- From? - Drugs.
And how many times did he do drugs? Once.
Bias put up 36 points that night.
Okay, now, everybody in the student section was just going crazy, right, just jumping up and down.
There's finally a time-out, and we all you know, just kind of start taking our seats.
Right? Except for this one guy who's kind of just standing there staring at me.
OK? With that baby face.
- Gross.
- That's how we met.
Wash, dry come on.
- In the kitchen.
- All right, guys.
- But I washed last.
- No, I washed last time.
- It's my turn to dry.
- Let's go.
How is that for a history lesson? Okay, Tony, clear to approach.
I'm on the street.
Door-to-door service.
Check and make sure you didn't leave anything back there.
- What's this? - Tony, I think she found My wallet.
Can you prove that it's yours? Yeah.
If you open it up, you're going to see my big fat smiling head on the driver's license.
There seems to be something else here.
You're making a circular crease in the leather.
- That would probably be a - I think she knows what that is.
Now, why don't you want me to see it? Could it be that it's nearing its expiration date? She doesn't know anything.
Get out of the car.
- Get behind me.
- Why, what is it? Town car.
Let's go.
Ziva's radar is acutely tuned.
Yeah, she doesn't miss a thing.
Nice family, Leon.
Kids want to rescue a pit bull from a shelter.
Can you imagine? Come home to your new house and find this wild dog has ripped up your stuff and dumped all over your place while your back was turned? I think pit bulls get a bad rap.
Is that right? Yeah.
They're affectionate.
They're smart, loyal.
Keep you safe.
Treat 'em right.
Don't lie to 'em.
Who would lie to a dog? Owens was a Marine.
I'm sure there's a reason why there's no record of it.
I don't need to know it.
You hold on to it.
You keep me honest.
Don't know if it's necessary.
I ever need to know anything Yeah, I know, you'll ask my wife.
That Ms.
Kole sure has a one-track mind.
Sure wish her boss would come get her.
The elusive Joe Banks.
You think that's Vance's plan? I don't know what do you think? "They pull a knife, you pull a gun.
" "They send one of yours to the hospital, you send one of theirs to the morgue.
" "That's the Chicago way.
" It's Connery.
- Untouchables.
- Excuse me.
I was told I could find Tara Kole here.
Are you Joe Banks? Wait.
Say that again, but more like Abe Vigoda.
Joe Banks, Tom Hanks.
Joe Versus the Volcano.
Which is the story of a guy who is hired to go and jump into a volcano because - he's got a brain cloud.
- Is that what you got? Maybe from repeated head trauma.
Get Mr.
Banks settled.
John Patrick Shanley, who wrote and directed Joe Versus the Volcano, won an Academy Award for Moonstruck.
He also wrote and directed the movie Doubt, which came out recently it was pretty good but in the middle there, clearly, there was a goofy phase.
I forgot what that feels like.
- It's been a while since - I know.
- Physical contact.
- I know.
You know? You know.
Any advice? Snap out of it.
I have no response to that.
I wasn't invited here, as it were.
This is an interrogation room.
You've seen your share.
And not the worst.
Not the best.
Well, you know who I am.
Am I supposed to know who you are? Name's Leon Vance.
Fancy footwork.
Wicked right cross.
I never forget a fighter.
You could have been big-time.
I am.
A lot bigger than you have tried to take me down.
Sit down.
Tried to retire, but they don't let you out the game so easy when you still hold the belt.
Don't I know it.
Tyler Owens.
Was sorry to hear about that.
How did it happen? How did it happen? Bodies don't drop without your say-so.
He's not who we think he is.
What do you mean? His worst days are behind him.
Second-degree murder, not guilty.
Aiding and abetting, 1996.
Not guilty.
RICO, You are everything Tyler hated.
Fight fixer.
Man, you're talking about sounds like somebody to be feared.
That's how you keep your people quiet.
I'm gonna let 'em know they can talk now.
People? You mean Tara? She'll never say a word against me.
She will, once she knows she doesn't have to be afraid of you.
She's never had a reason to be afraid of me.
Why wouldn't she incriminate you then? Let me tell you something, partner.
First of all, you're way off base.
Second of all, there are laws protecting her against saying things like that.
Protecting both of us.
He's your husband?! That's what I wanted to see.
What? That's what it looks like when you know you're wrong.
- I wanted to see if you even knew.
- How do you marry a man like that? - Joe's changed.
- You expect me to buy that? He hasn't been hiding from prosecution.
He's out of the game.
He's a good man who doesn't want to become a target for some - punk to make a name off of.
- You calling me a punk? I'm trying to get justice.
You're lost, I can see it.
- What happened to Tyler? - I don't know.
What do you think? Tyler was family.
It's a shot at Joe as much as anything else.
Joe and I fell in love.
It happens.
He lost his hunger.
He found something else.
When a man that powerful loses a step, there's always somebody right behind him, waiting to take over.
That's right.
When you're in charge, you always got to watch your back.
Sad truth.
Sometimes, you just can't protect the people you love.
Blood on concrete? Chicago PD thinks this might be the crime scene.
It's a couple blocks from the South Side Gym, en route - to Tyler Owens' residence.
- He never made it home.
What about Joe Banks? Tara says they spoke that night, but that was all.
Director Vance let him go.
Still holding her.
- Big boss was wrong.
- So far.
But you can't make an omelet without breaking some legs.
- You're never making me breakfast.
- That's the truth.
- It's supposed to be "eggs".
- Cook them yourself.
Did you resolve things with Director Vance? - Well, we made a breakthrough.
- He let you in? We had dinner.
That does tend to alter a relationship.
It's been far too long since you and I had dinner.
I'll tell you what, Duck.
You do me a favor, I'll buy.
Name it.
I need you to reexamine this body.
Something specific you want me to look for? Evidence of surgery.
I checked in with a friend on Vice.
Banks has divested himself from his entire enterprise.
You got a lot of friends in Chicago.
Tyler was more than a friend.
That's the man that taught me the difference between surviving and really living.
He was my hero.
You're not giving up.
In 30 years, the national rate for solving murders dropped from You know why that is? Murder got less personal.
Drive-bys, drug crimes, turf wars.
I owe Tyler my life, there's no way I'm giving up.
He might've been a hero to you.
Owens was still just a man.
Motive could be simple.
So what did he have that was worth getting killed over? Just a name.
Wasn't involved in drugs.
Killer didn't take his money or his shoes or his His coat.
Nice heavy leather coat.
Duck down.
Don't throw anything.
I didn't mean to say anything to Gibbs, I'm really sorry.
Sciuto, I don't care what you told him, as long as you tell me that those feathers were duck down the ones that were discovered on Owens' body.
Hungarian goose, to be specific, probably used as some sort of filler in An inexpensive winter coat.
Wasn't stolen.
Kid got rid of it because it was covered in blood.
Good work, Abs.
Too much work.
Don't ever put me in that position again.
Okay, I won't.
But I will help you with your project here, if you want.
It's a coffin, not a boat.
All right, I'm coming, I'm coming.
Damn it, Spit.
-Hey Ike, It's Leon.
- Hold on a minute.
Ike, it's Leon.
Can you hear me? You figured it out? Too late.
This kid Spit started bragging about it.
How he took down the champ.
A couple of fighters took justice into their own hands.
- He'll live? - It's too soon to tell.
Tyler had a philosophy you had to earn your way into the ring.
He didn't want this next generation to make the same mistakes he did.
This kid didn't see it that way.
Get tired of working for his respect.
Thought he could take it with a gun.
Kid thought nobody noticed him.
Tyler was just standing between him being invisible and everybody knowing who he is.
I'm headed back to Chicago.
I'm gonna take Tyler home for a memorial service.
Is there anything you need before I go? Nothing that can't wait.
You're driving all the way back to Chicago? Oh, it's not so bad.
Joe's good company.
I'll escort Ms.
Kole out.
I need to speak to you.
For some reason, you can see right through my disguise.
How bad's the dry spell? Saharan.
- Never been a problem before? - You kidding me? Not since Lisa Mullen taught me to play doctor in the second grade.
What's changed? Real doctor, real love, real bad breakup.
Messed you up pretty bad, huh? Kicked off a slump with women that's unprecedented in my adult life.
I've tried everything.
I mean, I'm dating constantly, but I can't seem to get it right.
I'm not closing the deal, you know? Like there's a saboteur in my head.
I'm making every rookie mistake.
I'm talking about myself too much at dinner.
I mean, I'm talking about my ex, I'm talking about my feelings, I I scare 'em off.
Crying? DiNozzo men don't cry.
You'd be surprised how many of my clients just want a shoulder to cry on.
Opening up is the first step.
Let's skip to the last step.
That's easy.
Pick the right woman.
- Everything okay? - Yeah.
Yeah, it's fine.
It's a struggle to become the man that you want to be.
It's harder than you want, it's longer than you want, and it takes more out of you than than you expect that it should.
Silicon band around his right eyeball.
Ocular surgery.
No doubt to repair a detached retina.
What has this to do with his death? Nothing.
I don't know if Tyler became the man that he wanted to be, but I do know he wanted to be the man that he ultimately became.
He was a leader, he was a teacher, and he taught those hard lessons to so many of us here.
He helped us to see that it might be possible.
To be someone else.
To be better than you might have dreamed.
Our dreams got bigger because he told us that it was possible.
I hope his legacy lives on in each of us.
For every life that was touched by his generosity.
I know that Tyler Owens will live on in me.
Thank you.