NCIS s06e19 Episode Script

Hide and Seek

If you're going to go on the attack, you haveto be prepared for a proportionate response.
There are times when restraint is a farbetter option than engaging the enemy.
Miss you.
I miss you,too.
What do you know? We finally have a moment alone.
Noah! What did your father say to you not two minutes ago? Go and clean your room.
If the prince won't do it unless the king is home, the evil queen will.
No,wait! You know what? Noah,we cannot go through this every time your father deploys.
- Stop! No! I'll do it.
- You're 12 years old.
Should not have to do this for you.
You should be able to do this sort of thing for yourself.
No! I said I'll do it.
What are you hiding in here? Nothing-- it's just my stuff.
It it's just Pokemon cards.
Really? And what special powers does Miss February have? It's Eddie Kemp's.
He wants it back.
Honey,real women do not look this way.
They airbrush out every single pimple and scar and anything else - that they don't want you to see.
- Yeah,okay.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Episode19 Hide and Seek I do not know,Tony.
It is a miracle of science.
It is.
I mean,it's the weirdest thing.
Why doesn't the glue stick to the inside of the bottle? You must know this.
McGeek,why? Not now.
If not now,when? Two minutes,29 seconds.
What are you up to, McSneaky? Robert Forgan hickory-shafted hand-forged irons.
Aren't those the same clubs that Ducky has? Had.
I borrowed them and accidentally backed over them with a golf cart before I made it to the first tee.
Did you tell Ducky? Are you kidding? He told Ducky, he'd end up on one of his autopsy tables.
I am going to tell Ducky once I successfully win a replacement set.
Perhaps if you just explained That you destroyed a set of handmade clubs given to Ducky by some Scottish nobleman? Yeah.
Good luck with that.
Guys,I am in the crucial final moments of this auction, so if you don't mind,please - Oh,sorry.
- Of course.
Aren't you supposed to make a bid? You don't place your bid until the very last moment so that no one has a chance to outbid you.
It is called sniping and You didn't win.
I've been out-sniped.
Speaking of snipers, has anyone seen Gibbs? Gear up.
You're not Gibbs.
There was a gun found in navy base housing.
Abby,that doesn't warrant a team call-out.
A) There are thousands of guns on a navy base And B) you're not Gibbs.
Okay,what if I told you that the base MPs gave me the gun to test? Doesn't warrant a team call-out.
And the gun was found under a kid's bed, and it was loaded.
Still does not warrant a call-out.
And it was recently fired.
It's not a call-out.
You heard the lady-- gear up.
They only listen to their master,Gibbs.
Only you can crack the whip.
Only you can drink this swill.
It's just a gun on a navy base,boss.
There's brain matter on the barrel,DiNozzo.
Somebody shot someone in the head with that weapon.
You left that part out,Abby.
That's right,people.
NCIS-- Special Agent Gibbs.
Taffet? Yes.
We need to talk to your son,Noah, about the gun he found.
Yes,of course.
Come come on in.
Excuse me.
Home by 11:00.
That's not what Dad and I agreed to.
In case you haven't noticed, there has been a regime change.
Next time,I'mgoing to Iraq.
So,where did you find the gun,Noah? I found it at the playground.
Just lying there? On the ground? In the storm drain.
Why did you take it? Because he's obsessed with guns.
I'm not obsessed with guns.
It's all he and his friends talk about: M4s and Tech-9s and AK-47s.
Why did you take the gun? I guess I thought it was cool.
Would you still think it was cool if I told you this gun was used to kill somebody? Naked girls and guns.
That's what childhood dreams are made of.
Guessing we experienced very different childhoods.
You're going to tell me that little Timmy never had a magazine with pictures of girls? Little Timmy never had a magazine with pictures of girls.
- Pictures of boys? - As a matter of fact,yes.
It was calledScouting Life.
I suppose you had a subscription toPlaypen by age 12? Ten.
We all chipped in.
Playpenwas practically required reading back in boarding school.
You know what my father would've done to me if he found this in my room? Stolen it back? Slap me on the side of the head with it.
That sounds vaguely familiar.
McGee, DiNozzo.
Come on.
You sure this is where you found the gun? Yeah.
It was right in there.
Do you rember which way the barrel was pointing? That way.
He's a good boy,Agent Gibbs.
- He just wants so badly to be grown up.
- Yeah.
Well,it's always hard when their dads deploy.
It wasn't that easy before Mike deployed.
I've got one entering puberty and another entering the house at 5:00 in the morning.
These friends of Noah's? Yeah,that's Zane Wilson and Travis Buckley.
They're Noah's best friends.
Excuse me a second.
Hey,guys Travis.
You got a minute? So,Zane,your dad deployed,too? He talk to you about telling the truth? Is this where Noah found the gun? He didn't find it.
Travis did.
Is this an official interrogation? No.
'Cause if it is, I should have a lawyer present.
Why,you do something wrong,Travis? That's called entrapment.
Says who? My mom.
She's a lawyer.
- Your friends ever show you the gun? - No.
- Never told you about it? - Nuh-uh.
Never showed you the bullets in the magazine? It didn't have a magazine.
So,you see, the thing is,Noah, that our lab found this sediment inside the barrel of the gun, but it doesn't match the sandy residue that,uh that we found inside the storm drain.
Guess somebody must have moved it.
Yeah,I guess so.
Travis? Maybe.
Zane? I don't know.
Maybe you? So,where was the gun really found? Zane, where did Travis find the gun? Next to the dead body.
This reminds me of the forests I used to have fun in as a child.
Find that hard to believe.
What,that Israel had forests? No,that you had fun as a child.
My father used to blindfold us and take us into the middle of the forest, and then we had to find our way out by ourselves.
I stand corrected.
I thought it was around here.
This is where you found the body? Yeah,but It looks different with all the grass.
How many of you boys are Scouts? No Scouts? Anyone rember the position of the sun? Landmarks? Streams? Fallen trees? Unusual-looking rocks? Oh,yeah,it was right next to that tree that Travis said looked like a naked woman.
- I did not.
- Did so.
Did not.
- You totally did,Trav.
- I didn't say naked.
Hey,guys, we're not going to spend the night dodging trains and pulling leeches out of our underwear.
Got me? Stand by Me.
Little movie reference.
Kiefer's best work.
All right,you guys can rent that movie after you show us where you found the body.
- Their moms are on the way.
- Thanks.
Their moms are going to help us find the body? They're not coming to help them find the body.
They're coming to be with them when they do.
- Yeah,Abbs? - I got something on the gun.
Be right there.
- Ziva,you're with me.
- Lucky you.
DiNozzo,you're in charge.
Find the body.
Lucky me.
Show us where you found the body.
We didn't keep the gun now.
You were the one who told them about the body.
What was I supposed to do,lie? - Yes.
- I can't believe this.
McGee,do you have any idea what world of pain these kids will be in when their dads get home? You ever see The Great Santini? Don't need to see it.
I lived it.
Oh,yeah, I forgot old man McGee was navy, wasn't he? That's right.
Yeah,this was my childhood.
I was just like these kids.
Which one were you? The skinny one,the quiet one or the one with the hot mom? Boys! I've been running the DNA from the brain matter on the gun.
No matches yet.
As a matter fact, I don't have any test results back yet.
I didn't say I didn't have anything.
This gun was used to commit Murder.
Yeah,I already know that,Abbs.
Do you know who was shot? I can do better than that.
I can tell you who fired the weapon.
Wrong window.
"R***** McGee has me babysitting his auctions.
Leonard Caswell.
Postal worker.
He was shot at point-blank range by Robert Perry.
His neighbor.
It's kind of funny.
Non postal worker going postal on a postal worker? Not funny like ha-ha funny, but funny like comically,absurdly, amusing funny.
Like ironic.
Comedy is-is very subjective.
That is a four-year-old case, Abby.
- You said the weapon was recently used.
- It was.
It just picked up some experience before that.
Four years ago, the gun was introduced as evidence in Robert Perry's murder trial.
It was the murder weapon.
Somehow the gun got out of evidence and into the hands of a 12-year-old.
Who held the evidence? We did.
It was an NCIS case.
You know,Noah,I got my first merit badge when I was about your age.
- Oh,yeah? - Yeah,do a lot of very cool stuff as a scout.
Camping, tracking-- even get to wear a special uniform.
Uh,you trying to talk him into or out of it,McGee? Hey,you poke fun all you want,Tony.
Scouting teaches you skills.
For example, did you kids know that when something dies in the woods, it affects animal behavior? That's right.
Mountain lions, for example, kick up piles of pine needles to mark their find.
Bears will leave their bite marks on trees.
- Hold on.
- What do you got there, McRanger Rick? Some animals mark their territory by regurgitating their food.
That's where Zane barfed when we found the body.
And there's Travis's naked woman! - Where? - This way,over here! - That's where the body is! - Travis,be careful! The body's right over here.
It-It itwashere.
Is anything where you say it is? Seven Years in Tibet, and we got nothing.
I wouldn't say nothing.
What is it? Maggots.
Looks like piece of an ear.
HolyBlue Velvet,McGee.
There was definitely a body here.
Where's the rest of it? Crime scene's about a quarter mile from the playground.
Only sign of a victim we got is,uh an ear.
- The boys? - Sent them home.
Daniel McBoone's doing his best tracker thing, but I think we should send in the cadaver dogs.
Your call.
You just find the body,DiNozzo.
All right.
Body was dragged, then vanished.
Tire tracks.
Body didn't vanish, it was wheeled away.
Tread's pretty narrow.
Kind of waffle-y.
Ziva gets to go home.
We're stuck out here with the maggots.
I love the outdoors.
I checked our evidence log, pulled the NCIS file on the murder case.
Agent Cassidy's case.
The killer,Robert Perry, worked for the navy.
He stole the gun from its legal owner, then used it to commit murder.
After the trial was over and appeals were exhausted Gun was returned to its original owner.
To this man, Peter Draper, who claims that his wife did not want him to keep a gun associated with murder, and so he sold it to a pawnshop.
It didn't stay there long.
I finished running ballistics on the gun.
I matched it to two other crimes in the last two months.
The gun was fired both times.
Pawnshop owner sold the gun.
Or pawnshop held up two convenience stores.
Ziva,pull case files from Norfolk P.
Find out who bought that gun.
You heard her.
I could get used to this.
I thought Scouts helped little old ladies and sold cookies.
I didn't know they trained you to track dead bodies.
You learn to read changes to the terrain,Tony.
Lost the trail on the asphalt.
Admit defeat,McGee.
I'm going to call 1-800-CADAVER-DOG.
Bird feces.
Birds circling.
You think there's a connection? Buzzards.
Body's not far.
It's probably within about 300 yards.
Tony,we're going to find our body.
I can feel it.
I can smell it.
I can see it.
All right, you know what? Call the dogs.
Call the trackers.
Call whoever you want.
I'm calling the Rescue Response Team.
No one needs rescuing.
Well,how else are we going to get that dead body up from down there? You need to be more observant, McGee.
Did you seeThe Lion King? Mother loved it.
It's not Mozart or Verdi, but it does have a certain charm nonetheless.
And you,dear boy, are a prime example as to why the story resonated with me.
The circle of life.
Well,in your death, you fed several animals.
Yes,I think it's safe to say that you made a mammal or two quite happy.
And a whole lot of others miserable.
Dylan Bates.
Criminal record, whole laundry list of complaints filed against him.
Made a lot of enemies in 19 years.
Including himself.
Based upon the abuse he inflicted upon his own body.
Vasoconstriction,precancerous spots on his lungs, scar tissue at the antecubital fossa.
The tox screen will give us specifics, but I think it's safe to say that whatever his chosen poisons were, he was smoking,drinking, and shooting to excess.
- Not what killed him.
- No.
His attempt to abuse himself to death was interrupted by a single gunshot to the head.
Consistent with the revolver that your young lad found.
Abby has the bullet.
She also has the maggot larvae that McGee found at the crime scene.
Time of death? Taking a liver temp was out of the question.
- Uh,too much time.
- Well,not enough liver.
I suspect coyotes.
You know,when I was a child, I used to love liver.
- Mother would cook the liver of almost anything - Duck Well,that was her favorite.
I preferred calves' liver.
You know,alla Veneziana with the onions - Time of death.
- Time of death.
Time of death.
Uh,two,possibly three weeks.
He was exposed to the elements and animals too long to determine a more precise time of death.
I-I'll be able to narrow it down to within a Aren't they just the cutest little things? That's Bob,that's Norman, that's George.
The wiggly one over here, he's Butch.
And that is Charlie, and Xavier.
They all boys? Let's hope so.
Little girls can be such a pain.
Well,so can the big ones.
I have more bugs from McGee,Gibbs.
You want to meet the beetles? I am more interested in the slugs.
Like the one Ducky pulled from Dylan Bates? I haven't run the ballistics yet,Gibbs.
I'm starting it now.
I've tested a lot of guns.
But there's something wicked about this one.
It's like-- it's like possessed or something.
Is something on fire? No,I'm just burning sage to take the hex off the gun.
It's got some bad mojo.
And I want to get rid of it before the babies are born.
It's an evil gun,Gibbs.
This gun kills people.
I know what you're going to say.
Guns don't kill people, people kill people.
But this gun it kills people.
I can find an H-waffle double zigzag waffle; I can find a double zigzag H-waffle double zigzag, but not a zigzag double H-waffle zigzag.
I see a fish riding a unicorn.
Even worse, it's got a tread like a mini-ATV but a wheelbase like a hand truck.
Still trying to get those clubs, huh? Yeah,well,every time I'm about to close in on a set, I end up getting interrupted.
Ah,matching up tire impressions from the crime scene,boss.
Ziva,tough time at the pawnshop? - I hit a stone wall.
- Brick wall.
No,it was a stone wall.
I backed up too quickly.
I found the record of the sale.
The gun was sold to a man by the name of Eddie Felson.
Fast Eddie Felson? You know him? Well,yeah.
Former pool player forced into retirement by gangsters.
He was a con man, he was a boozer.
He was a character Paul Newman played inThe Hustler.
And his hair was perfect.
Apparently,the gun was,um,bought by using a false identity.
Case files,Norfolk P.
? Two unsolved robberies.
Five suspects.
One,duo,tres,cuatro Uh,five.
Name does not match any of our suspects.
No,but the face does.
Fast Eddie.
Recognize this bad boy? You should.
You bought it, then you used it once at a Kwik Stop, then again at an E-Z Mart.
Slugs you left as souvenirs match the gun.
Case loads must be light.
I didn't think you guys bothered with small-time crooks.
Only when they become big-time murderers.
We found a slug from that same gun in Dylan Bates.
Finally got what he deserved.
Wasn't me.
You knew him? You couldn't drive through Norfolk without knowing Dylan Bates.
The guy was like a one-man menace to society.
He menace you? He stole my car and my girlfriend.
Nice car? That gives you a motive, and a murder weapon.
I wouldn't waste a bullet on Bates.
Okay,why don't you save it for the jury? I'm sure they'll be just as moved by your touching story as we were.
I hit those convenience stores, okay? But I'm not going down for some murder that I didn't commit.
And we should believe you because Because I ditched the gun a month ago.
Where? A Dumpster behind a Safeway on-on West Franklin.
Hold on.
There's our Fast Eddie.
Dates and time match up with when he claims to have ditched the gun.
He may be tossing it right there.
Keep going.
Hold on.
- Something got his attention.
- Zoom it in.
Let's see what Chicken Man's up to.
Find Joey.
- Abbs? Music? - I know.
I can barely stand it.
I can't focus,it's affecting my cognitive function, I'm getting agitated.
It's not for me, it's for them.
Playing classical music for babies is supposed to increase their spatio-temporal reasoning and increase intelligence.
If I keep listening to this, I'm going to turn into a psycho killer.
Abbs? Our killer? The slug that Ducky pulled from Dylan Bates' body matches the gun,but the brain matter on the tip of the gun does not match Bates.
- Which means - There's a second victim.
Gibbs, that gun-- it's bad news.
We've got a second victim.
DNA on the gun didn't match Bates.
And I'll contact local LEOs.
Maybe they already found our missing murder victim.
We talked to the manager at the Chirping Chicken.
He wouldn't divulge the secret recipe, but he did identify our Dumpster-diver.
Joseph K.
Ellis, aka Joey.
Hasn't show up for work for two weeks.
- McGee.
- Joseph K.
Navy brat.
Spent the majority of his childhood at Norfolk.
Recently tried to enlist in the navy himself, but was denied.
- And here's why.
- Criminal record.
Charged with armed robbery as a juvenile.
And he had an accomplice.
- Dylan Bates.
- Our neighborhood bully.
Our bad penny.
Bring in Ellis.
That's it! Guys,I have got a match.
So,what,McGee? Is there a,um, wagon derby in town? Abby,these aren't just any wagons.
These are Wagon-Boy All-Terrain wagons.
Look at the size of those wheels.
Bigger isn't always better,McGee.
- Those are cool tires.
- Yeah.
Yeah,you see the,uh the zigzag double H waffle zigzag tread on those tires? It's a Wagon-Boy exclusive.
McGee,you're like a little kid on Christmas.
I canvassed the base housing at Norfolk.
Collected as many as I could find.
Doesn't seem to be any obvious signs of blood.
Well,let's check for the not so obvious.
You know, I always wanted one of these.
- What,you never had a wagon? - Nope.
We had a tortoise.
We used to ride Herman everywhere.
Well,except to Grammy Sciuto's house, because he ate her prize-winning petunias.
Dad always said that we could get a wagon after Herman died.
But those tortoises-- they live,like,forever.
So, whose wagon is it,McGee? The one who is not getting theirs back.
He doesn't know I'm here? No.
- Hey,Noah.
- Not thirsty.
Well,it's not for you.
You remember,Agent Gibbs.
I remember what's important.
Noah? You understand you are not under arrest here.
This is just an interview.
You don't have to answer any questions.
Do you understand? Okay.
Agent Gibbs? So,Noah, do you know what forensics are? Fingerprints and stuff.
Yeah,an example,uh we found your fingerprints on your wagon.
It's no big deal.
It's your wagon.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah,but we also found some other stuff.
Found blood that matches the body you found.
You know what that means? Noah,it means you lied to me.
You remember at first when you didn't tell me the truth about the body? You remember how I found out? I will get the truth.
The thing is, the longer it takes, the farther away the killer gets.
Who are you trying to protect? - We're going to take a break here.
- No! I killed him.
I did it.
It was me.
Why would you do that? He picked on me and my friends.
He beat us up, he stole our money.
Somebody had to stand up to him! Where'd you get the gun? - I found it.
- Where? I don't remember.
Do you rember what Dylan said just before you shot him? People always say something.
"Don't shoot!" What did Dylan say? I don't remember.
I don't believe you.
You don't forget something like that.
You must really love whoever it is you're trying to protect.
But I can't help them unless you tell me who it is.
He did it to protect me.
It It was my dad.
My dad killed him.
Come on,baby! Push! That's right,come on.
Squeeze! Ducky,it's happening.
Look! I think it's a boy.
Ah,the miracle of birth.
Okay Gently.
Got him.
Hold "George.
" Hello,George.
Their first baby pictures.
All right.
- I am smiling.
- No,George.
I think it's a variety of Calliphoridae.
You might want to rename George "Georgina.
" Well,as long as they're healthy.
You were right,Ducky.
Phormia regina.
I like that.
Welcome to the world,Regina.
You did not care much for Dylan Bates.
Nobody did.
Kid was bad news.
Your son says you killed him.
He was so scared you'd be arrested, he tried to cover up your crime.
Yeah,when that didn't work, he took credit for it.
You're basing your investigation on the word of a 12-year-old kid.
He overheard you threaten Dylan Bates.
Two weeks before he was found murdered.
"You touch a hair "on my son,I will hunt you down and kill you.
" Strong words.
So,I threatened him,yeah.
You a man of your word,Mike? Noah thinks you are.
He thinks you'll protect him.
Whatever it takes.
You don't know what it's like.
Going off to the other side of the world to protect your country.
But then you can't be there to protect your own family.
You want to protect your family? You tell the truth.
Did you kill him? He was a bully.
He had it coming.
But I didn't do it.
Why'd you leave town so quick? Scheduled to deploy.
No,you were scheduled to deploy in May.
You requested an earlier deployment.
Why? Family needed the money,okay? So,I moved up to take a Haz-Duty slot.
Prison's pretty hazardous,too,Mike.
You know,if I killed somebody, I'd want to get as far away from the investigation as I could.
You got pretty far,pretty fast.
Stand by,Commander.
They've hatched.
We were able tabulate the post-mortem time interval.
Bates was shot and killed 15 days ago.
Yeah,well,that's three days after Commander Taffet deployed to Iraq.
I'm afraid you'll have to hatch a new theory as to who killed Dylan Bates.
Uh,no luck tracking down Chicken Man.
Joey Ellis,the Dumpster diver.
Not answering his cell phone.
And no one's at his apartment.
Waiting on a warrant,but the car's nowhere to be found.
Coworkers have not seen him in two weeks.
Looks like he murdered Dylan Bates and someone else, and then skipped town.
Just spoke with Ellis's mother.
She's got a house on base but has been deployed overseas in Yokohama.
Hasn't spoken to her son in nearly a month.
- Father? - Died in combat when Ellis was a child.
Second victim,McGee? Checked with Norfolk P.
No unsolved murders with victims, shot in the head in the last month.
Now,I've also tried to match the DNA taken from the brain matter found on the gun with DNA collected for missing persons.
Long shot.
Yeah,could take a couple weeks.
Dig deeper into Ellis's history.
Until otherwise, he's our primary.
A local base resident gave us this.
Bates and Ellis obviously knew each other for years before something came between them.
Hey,boss? Found something here.
Joey's mother has been deployed for the past three months, but according to her phone records, there were outgoing calls made from her house as recently as a couple weeks ago.
DiNozzo,Ziva-- Norfolk,go.
Come on,Scout boy.
You're with me.
You smell what I smell? I'm sorry, you can't talk to him.
He's upset.
He's had enough.
We're not here to see Noah.
Is your daughter Rebecca home? Clear.
Found Joey Ellis,boss.
Looks and smells like he's been dead for a while.
Gunshot,left temple.
Yeah,how'd you know that? Yearbook,he's a southpaw.
What difference does that make if he was murdered? Not murder.
There's no gun here,boss.
Didn't expect one.
You got something you want to tell me about Joey Ellis? Joey Ellis? Yeah,he's dead.
Joey's dead? You found his body after he killed himself? He was my best friend.
Dylan tortured Joey all his life.
Got him into drugs, convinced him to commit that robbery.
He didn't even want to do it.
So stupid.
That's what prevented Joey from getting into the navy.
Dylan ruined Joey's life and threw it back in his face.
Taunted him about it.
Made fun of him every day.
Joey couldn't take it anymore.
I tried to talk to him about it, but he couldn't see a way out.
You blame Dylan for Joey's suicide? So you took the gun, decided to do what Joey couldn't bring himself to do.
You killed Dylan Bates.
I just wanted him to know what he had done.
I wanted to show him.
This is the gun Joey used to kill himself.
He tried to grab it.
It just went off.
- Rebecca - I'm so sorry,Mommy.
Oh,honey Why is it always the case that when two people struggle over a gun, one person never shoots the other? The gun miraculously just goes off? Abby said it was an evil gun.
Legal said Rebecca Taffet's got a pretty strong case for involuntary manslaughter.
Yeah,well,she'll need a good lawyer.
It's taken care of.
Travis's mother is gonna represent her.
Was she the mom you were hot for? - Tony? - In a sec.
Securely hidden in the shadows, the cunning marksman waits patiently for the perfect time to strike.
You are looking at the proud owner of a vintage set of Robert Forgan handcrafted mint condition golf clubs.
That's impossible.
No,nothing is impossible.
I'm a sniper.
Same exact set Ducky had? Um,let's say a 100-dollar finder's fee,McGee.
Except Ducky's a righty.
These are left-handed clubs,Tony.
- You just wasted 1,200 bucks.
- No left handed Maybe Ducky swings both ways? A thousand bucks, and they're yours.
Why would I buy a set of clubs that Ducky could not use? Why? Oh,gee,let me think.
I don't know,maybe because if you don't buy them, I will tell Ducky that you destroyed his one-of-a-kind, handcrafted hickory-shafted, vintage golf clubs.
I think you just did.
Let's call it even,Timothy.
That jazz guitar album that I borrowed from you? My original vinyl pressing of Django Reinhardt's Crazy Rhythms? Yeah,you were right.
It was unique,it was original.
It was autographed.
What happened to it? Good question.