NCIS s07e04 Episode Script

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Eli David put Ziva and a team on a Jordanian freighter called the Damocles.
Damocles went down in a storm 28th of May off the coast of Somalia.
There were no survivors.
You're damaged goods.
How damaged? I need to know before I can even begin to figure out what to do with you.
- I want to be a NCIS Agent.
- I don't even know if that's possible.
Here we go.
Bring it down.
Four damn shrimp? A couple more, we'll have enough for dinner.
Come on, man.
Where's your sense of humor? I left it at the laser-tag arena.
- Now, that was a dumb idea of yours.
- Here we go.
But the only thing dumber than your idea to become shrimp fisherman in the Indian Ocean is me for coming with you.
There's a bag caught up in the net.
Maybe it's a big bag of shrimp.
Oh, my god, I'm going to kill you.
And I'm going to leave your corpse out here to rot.
When they find you, you're gonna What is that? NCIS Season 7 Episode 04 Good Cop, Bad Cop V1.
0 FQM Rereading: Bruno & Magic Turtle.
Tony, I know that I am on a deadline with these investigation reports, so the clock is redundant.
When was the last time you had late paper? I bet you were a wee probie, probie.
Last time was never.
No PC-wiping macro virus is going to blemish my streak.
Do you hear that? Listen.
Stop it with the ticktock! I'm sorry, Captain Hook.
I didn't see any crocodiles.
Maybe it's in your head.
Or your heart.
It's an Edgar Allan Poe reference.
That's right.
I read.
Maybe you got a body buried under your floorboards? - Well, the day is young.
- You need a body buried, McGee? You want to make your deadline, and I I am waiting on the status of my application to become an agent.
Those applications take forever to vet.
Even then, it's conditional upon you becoming an official citizen.
But teamwork is still possible even though I am not an official member of the team.
You catch my grift? Drift.
I got heart palpitations.
You really scared me.
Someone dial nine-one, and wait-wait for me to tell you to dial the last one.
You know, I could access the employment database, put a rush on your file.
And I could finish your R.
You got to dial nine to get out of the building, so dial 9-9-1, and then wait for me to tell you to dial the last one.
You also got to do Tony's paperwork for the week.
It's a long story.
Tony bet me that he could erase this virus off my computer.
He cheated.
I know he cheated.
Just don't know how yet.
Why do you find it so hard to believe I could hack that sucker out? You cannot even work your e-mail properly.
You always reply "to all".
It drives me absolutely nuts.
You know, when it comes to computers, you are almost as incompetent as Gib You thought Gibbs was behind you.
You know why? 'Cause sneaky people expect sneakiness.
It's a vicious circle.
Boss is in MTAC with Vance.
Shrimping boat netted a Marine's body off the coast of Tanzania.
Apparently, all they found was, bones, soupy flesh and a mangled dog tag.
Somebody like to light a fire under Special Agent Dunham in Tanzania? Yes, Sir.
You out of toothpicks? I pulled one earlier.
I got a splinter in my cheek.
Cut myself shaving this morning.
These things come in threes.
- You superstitious? - I'm a little stitious.
We have contact.
Director Vance, Gibbs, sorry for the delay.
It's the damn satellites.
You working on anything other than that beard? Yeah, boys and I got a pool going to whoever grows it the thickest.
It looks like a damn teen wolf convention.
Saw your crime scene photos.
It's a hell of a mess.
Dental records confirmed the Marine as Staff Sergeant Daniel Cryer.
I talked to his former C.
Said Cryer was sharp, had experience infiltrating terrorist cells.
Past tense? He's a deserter.
Went U.
six months back.
There was a short investigation, but he was never caught.
- Always a step ahead.
- Not surprised.
Trained to disappear.
Got a tip he'd been spotted in Jordan.
Who was your source? Former Israeli Officer.
Does security consulting along the Red Sea.
Claims Cryer was hanging his own shingle.
What was he selling? Connections, and not sure of the why or the how, but Cryer was spotted boarding a small freighter bound for East Africa.
The name of that freighter was The Damocles.
Yes, Sir, that's the one.
Was lost at sea, and salvage vessels never recovered any wreckage.
- Guess Cryer went down with the ship.
- That would account for him being dead.
Doesn't explain why he was wrapped in plastic.
There's no way to know what went down on board.
There were no survivors.
I saw the official report.
You stay close, Chad.
We know someone who lived through that shipwreck.
You saw this coming.
You didn't? You know her better than I do.
Closer to her than anyone.
Your relationship with her father doesn't tie your hands? No.
It absolutely does.
So, good cop, bad cop? Plenty of other ways to break someone, Leon.
I figure she's been broken enough.
Okay, good cop, bad cop.
Which one are you? - How's my agent application coming? - I am working my magic.
Trust me, Ziva, when I'm through, you will be Code blue? - Someone's been blackballed.
- They gave you the red flag.
What is blue, black and red? - Zebra in a blender.
- That's black, white and red all over.
- Newspaper.
- Penguin with a sunburn.
Nuns falling down stairs.
Why have I been rejected?! Seems we have a problem.
Give me everything on Staff Sergeant Daniel Cryer.
You got it, boss.
You red-flagged my application? There are inconsistencies that need to be addressed.
- My psych evaluation? - Yes.
Inconsistencies in my psychological profile? Somewhat troubling.
But expected.
You were held in a prison camp for months.
But you survived it.
You didn't talk about that with the counselor.
So now I'm going to talk about it with you.
You've been in the service of two masters for too long.
Your loyalty to your father and Mossad predates anything else.
My father is not an issue.
You want to stay here at NCIS, let's talk.
That's the price of admission.
Let's start with the events that led you to the camp.
Running a diagnostic on the virus you removed from my computer.
Gone, probie.
Get over it.
I can't even figure out how the virus got in the system.
Wasn't an attachment.
Wasn't a Trojan horse.
- Did you quarantine the file? - Hey, I'm a hacker.
I hack.
We got bigger issues.
Ziva's in with Principal Vance, getting paddled or up a creek without one.
We got a dead Marine, right? - What do we got? - I'll tell you what we got.
We got Marine Staff Sergeant Daniel Cryer.
Recruited right out of high school.
Talk faster.
Eliminate the dead air between your words.
I can absorb things very quickly.
Received training at Camp Pendleton, then shipped out on multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Specialized in counterintelligence.
Immaculate record until six months ago.
Unauthorized absence failed to report back to his fire base outside Kandahar.
- Stopped communicating - Take a breath, have a keyboard.
Well done.
What about the Damocles? Lost at sea about a hundred miles off the coast of Tanzania, which was a couple hundred miles off its charted course.
They got lost at sea before they got lost at sea.
So we got Ziva on a ship that went down somewhere it wasn't supposed to be, and body bag filled with goo from a dead that wasn't supposed to be there.
And nothing is what it's supposed to be.
Gibbs tosses us, the investigation disappears.
It's like Alien, the Ridley Scott classic.
The creepy one.
As opposed to the non-creepy ones? Cameron's was more actiony than creepy, and Fincher's was more sleepy.
Jeunet was sort of a french fried I don't know what to call it.
Anyway, I hear skittering through the air ducts.
Ziva hasn't been Ziva since we brought her home.
Something happened to her out there.
Now we're all waiting to see if something pops out of her chest.
You're speaking metaphorically, right? You're not supposed to leave the bridge.
I'm gonna go see Abby.
We should stay in pairs.
Are you kidding me? This is horrible.
It's terrible.
I don't like it at all.
I don't like it, either.
What? I'm agreeing with you.
Do you have any idea what you're agreeing to? No.
'Cause if you did, you wouldn't agree.
These are thermal images of weather patterns.
What we have here is a close-up of a high-pressure system pushing into a low-pressure area.
The new air becomes warm and moist, so while the warm air continues to rise, the surrounding air has to swirl in and take its place, which gives you? - Snow? - Tropical storms.
Tropical storms.
Horn of Africa? This is about the Damocles.
What have you been working on? Ziva's said in her report that the ship went down in a storm.
Based on the date, this would have been the only weather pattern violent enough.
But Cryer's body was found way over here.
Stop agreeing with me, McGee.
Cryer's body must have been carried by the Agulhas Current along the coast of Africa.
But the storm It never went that far South.
It stayed in the Equatorial Counter Current.
So if Cryer went down with the ship As far as the ship is concerned, in my purely scientific fact-based opinion, that ship was never anywhere near that storm.
- Tell me I'm wrong, McGee.
- Abby, I don't like it, either, but - Don't say it.
- Abby.
I got it.
Using your calculations of where the body was found, we can backtrack the ocean current to find the exact location where the Damocles went down.
We can tell the salvage ship where to look for the wreckage.
They should already be there by now.
I called it in like an hour ago.
What's with the Sushi bar? Staff Sergeant Cryer's body was not alone on its considerable time adrift.
Yeah, that's probably what they thought when they were feeding on his flesh.
Much like insects on land, creatures of the sea have a cyclical feeding pattern.
A pattern that can help confirm how long a body has been dead.
In the case of Staff Sergeant Cryer, approximately 16 weeks.
Fits with the time frame of the Damocles' sinking.
However, drowning was not the cause of death.
Gunshot penetrated above the left ear.
Yeah, look at that.
No exit.
The missing jaw, the occipital fractures That is the exit wound.
Unfortunately, we were unable to find a slug.
Yes, McGee.
What is the good news? That's bad.
That's really bad.
All right.
Yeah, Ducky, I'll let you know if there's anything else you can do.
Your father, Eli David, offered you the vacant slot in the Kidon unit, previously held by Michael Rivkin.
That is correct.
Director David had intel that could be used to track the terrorist, Saleem Ulman Responsible for the deaths of Americans and Israelis, including a Mossad agent.
- I cannot comment on Mossad operations.
- I know this to be true because I'm the one who provided Eli with the intel.
You are no longer in the employ of Mossad.
That does not change anything.
That's what concerns me.
Let's stick to geography.
You crossed the Israeli border at Eilat.
You booked passage somehow on a cargo ship out of Aqaba.
You set out through the Red Sea towards the coast of Somalia.
But the Damocles never made it to port.
No, it did not.
Which brings me to the first question I actually need an answer to.
We recovered a body from the Damocles, wrapped in plastic.
He was already dead before the ship went down.
- The question.
- Can you explain that? Occasionally, people die on board, on a ship in transit.
In most cases, the corpse is wrapped and then stored in a freezer.
This body had a bullet hole in it.
I want to know how Staff Sergeant Daniel Cryer died.
What do we got? Salvage ships finally located the Damocles.
Found 18 more bodies.
In a cargo space.
Looks like the entire crew was executed.
Aren't you on the wrong side? Of the glass.
Look at her.
Look at the state she's in.
I would have thought you'd have wanted to be in there yourself, rather than having Vance interrogate her.
Don't you have some bodies to attend to? The evidence from the Damocles is being unloaded as we speak.
Isn't this punishing her? I mean, you're not concerned that she might lie to you? Maybe it's tough love.
You do know there are other kinds.
- You're charging me with a crime.
- Seems like one's been committed.
Ship looks like a war zone.
Jordanian flagship.
It is not your jurisdiction.
You are my jurisdiction.
At least, you want to be.
Have a seat.
For the record, the US Marine among the dead, that makes it my business.
For the record, I have not yet charged you with a crime.
- Then why am I in here? - For the record.
Start recording.
I should remind you that there is such a thing as a crime of omission.
Take me to the Damocles.
That is no way to begin a relationship.
Cup of tea? Thank you.
My own blend.
A family tradition.
You are a woman.
You're a genius.
I have no problem with women.
But I cannot vouch for my men.
I am not paying you to assure my safety.
What are you paying me for? Passage.
And discretion.
The second I can guarantee.
As for the first To Somalia.
You have been misinformed.
The Damocles is headed for Masqat.
That is not true.
You lie.
To protect his crew, of course.
Shalev, my friend, what offense have I done that you would send me such people? Their money is good.
All money is good.
Welcome aboard.
We leave tonight.
The crew is sitting down to eat.
Ziva, you are coming? Not hungry.
Aviv, you go ahead.
We're right behind you.
We do not need to make friends with the crew.
We need their trust.
And breaking bread will ease their nerves? At the moment, it is not their nerves which concern me.
Have you ever seen a snake shed its skin, and then try to crawl back into it? It is not natural.
You don't need your old skin.
It is who you are inside.
Just relax.
Let it grow back.
The Americans left you, Ziva.
Your family never has.
What are you looking for? Hey.
All right, all right.
I just thought this was the head.
Tell the truth.
Or I shoot you.
In the head.
I made a mistake.
It was just a mistake.
I cannot help but question.
You say you are going to Somalia? Why? I don't know.
No one goes to Somalia without a reason.
Very few go with a reason.
He tells the truth.
He does not know.
He just works for me.
He opens doors he should not be opening.
- I feel I should shoot him! - I would rather you did not.
I asked him to find us some privacy.
He works for you.
Good night.
- I didn't mean to - Not another word.
You should not be snooping around.
That's how I make my living.
Not if you do anything to jeopardize this mission.
I will kill you myself.
And the man you saved that night, who was he? He was a private contractor we hired to put us on the ship.
He said his name was Daniel Shalev.
- But you know otherwise.
- That was the name he used in Jordan.
He went by Daniel Cryer when he was a US Marine.
Did you know he was a Marine? In a ship filled with smugglers and thieves, he did not fit in.
So, you trusted him? Do you know the word, mishpacha? It's family.
He was not.
You cannot trust a man whose loyalty has a price.
Nice bedside manner.
You're lucky you're not dead.
That's true for anyone.
The others are up at the breakfast buffet.
Malachi wanted to let you get some rest.
Past couple of weeks have been trying.
Who are you exactly, Mr.
Shalev? Your Hebrew name does not fit.
Well, I was just bar mitzvahed.
Late-life awakening? Not too late.
I'm 31 years old.
And adept at dodging questions.
Who am I? Does anybody really like answering that question? How do you define yourself? You are what you say.
You are what you eat.
You are what you do.
You are reckless.
You mean last night with that psycho Numas? I've talked my way out of worse situations.
I'm sure you have.
If you don't want to give yourself away, lose the jewelry.
I would sooner die than take this necklace off.
You ought to know.
- Get it.
- You, you're the senior field agent.
So it's my responsibility to answer Gibbs' phone in his absence? - Then you have to get it.
- How do you figure that? Because you're supposed to do all my work because of the bet.
This is Special Agent McGee.
We have a Mossad Officer.
- Okay, I'll escort him up.
- Escort who? Someone named Ben-Gidon.
Get him.
I'll get Gibbs.
The ship was supposed to resupply Saleem.
You greased Cryer's palm to book passage.
That sounds like something he wasn't.
- He cashed out of the corps.
- Look, I have learned many things from Gibbs.
One of the first lessons There is no such thing as an ex-Marine.
Regardless of who Cryer had become.
Boss, we got a problem.
What can we do for you, Officer Ben-Gidon? I have come for Ziva David.
You're holding a member of my team hostage in there.
Your team's had a rough year.
I think you already missed your chance to rescue Ziva.
Then I hope I have arrived in time to rescue her from you.
- Hostage? - Yeah.
That's the word of Officer Malachi Ben-Gidon.
I'm keeping Ziva hostage? Leon, she's got no connection to NCIS.
Except we pulled her out of the desert and they didn't.
- Why didn't they? - We found her first.
Eli didn't send his cleaner.
He sent the Kidon team leader.
Ziva's commanding Officer.
He says if we force Ziva to talk about Mossad operations, she'll be in violation of Israeli law.
- She's not at liberty to speak to us.
- No, he doesn't want her to talk.
He's got to put something on the table.
Why don't we see how much rope he's got? Probably just enough to hang himself.
There's coasters in the cabinet.
Ice water.
I keep the top shelf on the bottom.
Everything is upside-down.
You should have told me you were coming.
I would have picked you up at the airport, returned the favor.
Good to see you.
So I am really sorry that we haven't stayed in touch since Israel.
Not even so much as an e-card.
Modern times Everyone's so busy.
I hope we're showing you the same hospitality you guys showed me.
I had a blast in Israel.
Anyone offer you tea or coffee? We're out of gefilte fish.
Do you truly enjoy jellied balls of carp or are you merely being anti-semitic? Hold on one second.
Yeah, boss.
DiNozzo, bring our guest downstairs.
Will do.
Manners Where are mine? Let me take you to Ziva.
Where is she? You worried we buried her in a deep, dark hole someplace, left her to rot? That's not our style.
You have had adequate time for debriefing.
Cease your interrogation and return her immediately.
The thanks of a grateful nation.
These are Director David's instructions.
You're just the messenger.
I respect Director David's intentions, but I got a dead Marine downstairs.
I can't release her until I find out what happened on that ship.
I was there, too.
I tell you what happened, and Ziva goes free.
Who are they cheering for? The favorite.
They are fickle.
We make landfall in two days.
That's the schedule.
There have been no changes? I have Aviv monitoring all on-board transmissions.
Too far at sea for radio to land.
Satellite phones.
You do not trust the Captain? I do not trust anyone.
Yosef has been in contact with Saleem's courier.
To alert him of their arrival.
- You think he suspects us? - I think there is too much talk.
We need silence.
You are contemplating a change to the plan.
Tomorrow the ship'll be in range of the coast.
We cannot do anything until then.
Your father says any means necessary.
I haven't seen this many soggy electronics since wet Monday at science camp.
We used to build water guns, water cannons, water balloon launchers.
Actually, it's a terrible idea in retrospect.
Forensic triage.
These phones and radios are going to need repair.
All these weapons are a ballistics nightmare.
We're going to need a plan of attack here.
That would violate my philosophy.
A philosophy? I have many philosophies, but I'm talking about one that's relevant to now, when dealing with large amounts of evidence.
Which is? No plan just go.
Find along the way.
- If you look for something specific - Then there's only one right answer.
High five, McGee.
- What was that for? - Positive energy.
The collision of two life forces in solidarity.
The reverberations will be felt by the rest of team Ziva, wherever they may be hiding.
- Gibbs isn't hiding.
- He isn't acting like he's on her team.
One more.
Come on, for Ziva.
I am in need of clarification that perhaps you could provide.
Anthony, if you wouldn't mind Believe me, I wouldn't mind.
Director Vance will not permit me to be without an escort.
Well, in that case After you, my dear.
Wait, Ducky.
Complex situations often call for creative solutions.
The crew of the Damocles, removed from their watery graves.
Sit down.
I do not know what games they are playing upstairs, but I have had enough.
First and foremost you are our friend.
I want to be a friend, Ziva.
Bahir Numas, Quadir Nawaf, Kassib Yosef, Emir Aza, - Bilal - I do not need to know their names.
And yet you carry the weight of their deaths around with you, and there's no need to.
I mean, trust us as we trust you.
Let them go.
There is only one name.
Staff Sergeant Daniel Cryer.
Yeah, that's him there.
I knew him as Daniel Shalev.
The truth, Ziva, may set you free.
And it may not.
Some bodies are not meant to stay buried.
What happened to him? Cabin fever.
Maybe we just underestimated them.
As it turns out, we were not the only ones monitoring outgoing transmissions.
You cannot be certain that Shalev has told the crew anything.
I will not take that chance.
We may have already been delivered like rats to the trap.
If we have been compromised Our contingency plan Was to take everyone.
Idiot, hold your fire.
Numas, I thought you were them.
Who, the Mossad that you let on board? You should keep your distance.
The ones who get too close always end up dead.
She knew that Cryer was a Marine.
Doesn't matter if he changed his name and become a mercenary, that's it, she's done here.
If it's true.
You want to give her a chance to deny it? She can't even speak on the subject.
On the record.
Malachi's more than willing.
All right.
Pass the baton.
You ready to play bad cop? You've been playing good cop all this time, Leon? Put them together.
Say nothing, Ziva.
I'm handling this.
I have nothing to say to you.
Just dropped Ziva in the lion's den.
Any second that door's going to open and Gibbs is going to ask us what do we got.
So what do we got? Abby and I are drowning in ballistics.
We have no time to process everything, though we were able to nail the location of the final battle and ID the players.
That's good.
Since Malachi told us exactly that.
- Well, we can confirm it.
- Including the part where he says Ziva killed the Marine? We need something else.
Ducky's got something.
Ducky's got a folder.
Yes, and a growing sensation in the bursa sac of my left knee.
Hence the elevator, rather than the stairs, - which would be - Ducky.
Well, all I have is cause of death forms.
Multiple bodies with nine-millimeter gunshot wounds.
An abundance with 5.
7 by 28 in the chest and abdomen.
A single large-caliber gunshot wound to the head.
- That's Cryer.
- You found the slug? We've got smashed .
45 titanium-tipped hollow-point slugs that were recovered - from the maintenance bay.
- And the one that killed Cryer? I hate these words.
Lost at sea.
How many .
45 slugs do we have? Three.
But they're all smushed.
Any organic matter on those three slugs? - Residue of human tissue or blood? - Negative.
I got that far.
- Then they were misses.
- Total misses.
At close range.
Doesn't sound like the Ziva I know.
Does it sound like Ben-Gidon? Not unless something threw his shot off.
How quick can you get me an unsmushed .
45 slug? - Hey, boss.
- What have you got? - We're going to leave now.
- You're half right, half wrong.
- My patience is at - Sit down! Shut up! There something wrong with your shoulder? Broken clavicle.
Slow to heal.
You, too.
Sit down.
He says you killed Cryer.
- Of course she is gonna deny it.
- Shut up! Both of you are done telling stories.
It's my turn.
Put it down! You put it down.
I do not want to kill you.
That's good.
'cause I do not want to die.
Did you betray us? If I had, what would stop me from pulling the trigger right now? - This is your story? - No, it's the truth.
Those are your misses on the wall.
Gives you the smoking gun.
This is the kill shot.
The slug you put in United States Marine Daniel Cryer.
This is the way your boss operates? Sends you to try to burn her? She's on my team.
Didn't say you were happy about it.
Are you following orders? Your father, Ziva.
He's not a good guy.
He's dirty.
You could not say no to him.
Not a second time.
Get out of here.
Run! You tell Eli David to stay away.
She's off-limits.
I failed you, Ziva.
I'm sorry.
Never apologize.
It's a sign of weakness.
Shut it down.
We're not done.
Finish it.
You know everything that happened.
After the ship.
After you scuttled it.
Made it to land.
We had a mission.
He wanted it done.
Your father.
At any cost.
Don't bury it, Ziva.
Understood, Director.
What did my father say? To proceed.
We are to follow the courier to Saleem and kill him.
Did you tell him Aviv is dead and you, too, are wounded? He thinks this is the best chance we have.
Then we have nothing.
- Who was Shalev calling? - It doesn't matter.
He was a leak that needed to be plugged.
- No one could know we were coming.
- And no one does.
- I will go alone.
- Forget it.
- We cannot disobey a direct order.
- Ziva, it is suicide.
It is what it is! Good-bye.
It was my choice.
I killed the courier and his gunman after I forced them to take me to Saleem's camp.
I fought my way through his defenses.
I got within a fingernail of Saleem before I was overpowered.
I had nothing but death in my heart.
You never had a choice.
He didn't give you a choice.
He raised you to be a ruthless, soulless killer.
I did not mean to live through it.
You didn't.
That part of you died out there.
I am sorry.
- I'm not happy about it either, Eli.
- Self-serving, manipulative Gibbs is an awful son of a bitch.
You might think he's a thorn in your side, he's a pain in my ass.
He is a thief, stealing my daughter.
I know, I know you're upset, I know she's your daughter.
- My flesh and blood - I will continue to deal with it but you have to You have to believe I am your ally here.
Then show me.
I will deal with Gibbs, - but she has chosen to deal with him.
- Let the issue rest for the moment.
This is not the last conversation we'll have on the subject.
Shalom, Eli.
- Not bad.
- Not bad at all.
How'd you come up with the idea to bluff the slug so quickly? - That's how I think, quickly.
- No.
You already had the idea.
You created the virus on my computer.
So, you can accept the fact that I can create a virus, but not that I can get rid of one? And that makes sense to you.
- You brought in a ringer.
- Well, that's interesting.
That would've been one way for me to win the bet.
Now, do my work.
You didn't win.
The bet was who could remove the virus faster.
You or I, not a third person.
You violated the terms of the wager.
Therefore, I win and you do my work.
- I'm not doing it.
- Well, I'm not doing it either.
Get to work Probie.