NCIS s07e05 Episode Script

Code of Conduct

Here we go! Nice! - Dude, give me another one.
- Hey, let me get this.
He's gonna be cleaning this up for days.
Somebody's coming! Run! Run! Man! Let's go! I got the bag! Come on, come on, get down, get down.
- Looks like we're clear.
- I love Halloween.
Isn't that Korby's car? - Sounds like he's rockin' out.
- It's late.
GI jokester must be getting lit up in there.
You guys thinkin' what I'm thinkin'? Let's crash his party.
- Is he asleep? - Dude must be baked out of his mind.
What is this? He's not smoking.
What? Mr.
Korby? NCIS Season 7 Episode 05 Code of Conduct V1.
0 NoTV Rereading: Bruno & Magic Turtle.
Now listen, no gerrymandering.
If I win this thing, I want to see the money.
That's not a personal insult, Jerry.
Just keep the competition clean, you know what I'm sayin'? You'd better add 42 destruction-of-property, one arson and let's make it two indecent exposures.
That's my final tally.
And I will talk to you tomorrow.
- Who was that? - Old buddy of mine from Baltimore PD.
Doing a little larceny lotto.
- Larceny lotto? - It's an old Halloween tradition.
Everyone throws 200 bucks into the kitty.
Tries to guess the number of disturbance calls on mischief night, which is the night before Halloween.
- And then, of course, Halloween itself.
- Tony, you hate Halloween.
Anyway, it's a lot of money, and I like money.
That is why someone kept ringing my doorbell and running off.
When I was a kid on base at Alameda, we called it "devil's night".
One year we put the base Commander's bedroom furniture on a tarmac.
It takes less than a tenth of a second for the engine of an F-18 to move a barcalounger 300 feet.
Good memories.
Ring-n-runs, dine-n-ditch Lock-n-load.
Got a dead marine.
Agent David, you're driving.
Victim is Marine Lance Corporal James Korby.
He just got back from his third tour of Afghanistan three days ago.
Family? Lives here with his wife and stepdaughter.
Local LEOs are trying to track them down.
No obvious signs of struggle inside the car.
No blood.
Looks like a suicide.
Looks can be deceiving.
There's no way that man killed himself in that car, Jethro.
Jacking that one up from beyond the yard, Duck.
I can barely see that far.
Carboxyhemoglobin does not require closer inspection.
If carbon monoxide had been the cause of that man's death, his skin would be cherry red, which it isn't, ergo Body was staged.
To look like a suicide.
Korby lived for mischief night.
He was the king of practical jokes.
I guess that makes you the princes of pranks.
Are we in trouble? Not unless you killed him.
I'll handle the questions here, probie.
Thank you.
We were talking about Korby.
Guy was awesome.
Came up with new practical jokes every Halloween.
Nothing dangerous.
I mean, no razor blades.
He'd freeze all kinds of stuff, blow things up.
- It was funny.
- And illegal.
And you are? Ted Rodgers.
Live across the street.
First he drove us crazy with his pranks.
Now he dies in the driveway.
It sounds like you got a problem in your neighborhood, Mr.
That's a nice sweater, by the way.
Boys, we are going to need that videotape.
Yes, you can use it to document what these punks did last night.
We're only interested in what happened to Lance Corporal Korby.
Thank you.
You got a time of death, Duck? This can't be true.
I mean, the heat from the exhaust fumes should raise his body temperature, but he's curiously cold.
Frigid, in fact.
It's a mystery to be solved by examination later.
It must be Korby's joke lab.
And possibly our crime scene.
Signs of a struggle.
How can you tell? This place is a mess.
Pranksters don't break their own stuff.
- Well, he's certainly in rigor.
- Guess we should lay him down.
Unless he's going to drive.
- Come on! - I'm sorry.
What was that? Sounded like it came from inside the body.
Push him down flat.
No idea.
Even if he was in full rigor, he wouldn't be brittle.
Forceps, Mr.
It's odd indeed.
Thank you.
Let's see now.
- Is that glass? - No, it's part of his throat.
Look, it's frozen solid.
What could get something that cold? Dry ice? Or liquid nitrogen.
Either way, I think you found your cause of death.
How about we focus on a crime in our jurisdiction? Thrill me, McGoblin.
Lance Corporal James Korby.
A joker with no criminal record and one big blemish on his service record.
Bumped back in rank for dereliction of duty.
Explains why he's a 37-year-old Lance Corporal.
This is his wife Sara Korby.
He didn't kill himself.
- How do you know? - Because nobody married to her kills themselves.
She's way too attractive for him.
- The wife did it.
- Should we even bother investigating - or just go ahead and arrest her? - I like where you're going with that.
Do you have any idea where the wife was last night, Tony? No.
Do you? Yes.
I just got off the phone with the Seabright hotel and spa in Virginia Beach where Korby's wife was checked in.
And? And she and Korby's stepdaughter are on their way in to I.
the body.
- And? - And what? She spent the night alone in a hotel three days after her husband gets back from the Middle East? Probies.
The wife did it.
You always say that.
- Well, it's almost always true.
- Excuse me.
I'm Sara Korby.
Yes, you are.
Now, Mrs.
Korby, your husband was alone last night, is that right? Yes.
Halloween was his favorite time of year.
Practical jokes were his passion.
I was in Virginia Beach.
I spent the night at a friend's.
- Until the police broke it up.
- Party was over anyway.
I noticed you have quite the setup in your garage.
James would spend days in there this time of year.
A couple years back, we made a deal: he would spend Halloween working on his projects and I would spend the night at a spa.
I didn't want to go this year, 'cause he'd just gotten back, but James didn't mention any problems, did he? Fights, disagreements, that kind of thing? Everything seemed fine.
He had a car pick me up, drive me to Virginia Beach.
Rachel, he was your stepfather? James and Sara are both my stepparents.
My mom died when I was little.
I married Rachel's father five years ago.
He was killed in Iraq.
I'm sorry.
Everyone liked James even if they didn't get his sense of humor.
Speaking of no sense of humor, what about your neighbor Ted Rodgers? A few days ago, when he realized that James was back from Afghanistan, they had some words about my husband's idea of fun.
- Ted complained about everything.
- Yeah, I picked up on that.
Interesting date for such a ghoulish demise.
It's a cool way to go.
Cool as in "cold".
I'm sorry.
You're not taking pleasure out of the method of our victim's death, are you, Mr.
Palmer? No, of course not.
It's just like what you said.
Very Halloween-y.
Just reminds me of a few pranks I'm not too proud of.
Then perhaps you should refrain from discussing them.
Then what can we discuss, Duck? Confirmation of my earlier hypothesis, to wit courtesy of Abby Manner of death was indeed the ingestion of liquid nitrogen: a colorless, odorless substance which is so cold that when it comes into contact with warm organic material, it literally boils.
You see here for instance.
This is our stomach stand-in.
Palmer? With pleasure, Doctor.
What's also important to note is that Korby's throat had previous scar tissue from before he was killed.
- Meaning? - No idea.
Abby's working on that now.
What we do know is that Korby ingested enough nitrogen to freeze his internal organs, but technically that was not the cause of death.
- What was? - Breathing.
The nitrogen gas entered his lungs, essentially suffocating him.
Thank you, Mr.
So, he didn't die right away.
He lived on for several minutes.
Based on the rate of thaw and the condition of the body, I'd estimate that the time of death was somewhere between 10:00 and midnight.
That's cold.
I got it.
I got it.
I'll just clean this up.
How much did he ingest? A single gulp would suffice.
Likely he was force-fed.
- Or he was caught off guard.
- Either way, it was no accident.
Certainly not a suicide.
Look at this.
Two-ply, double roll top tuck with a 30-foot vertical climb.
That kid has got an arm.
Perfect drape age.
It's good trunk to top ratio as well.
It's very impressive.
I do not see the humor or the art.
It's a cultural thing.
Tony will tell you.
Who are you calling? Right.
Having the wife's file sent over.
Does your gut ever give you a stomachache, Tony? Keep snickering while I'm over here breaking the case.
Everyone is breaking the case.
You brought us coffee? - It's apple cider.
- Yep.
Happy Halloween.
Break's over.
Run it.
We are still scrubbing the video from the kids.
Multiple neighbors have filed complaints against Korby.
But only one neighbor has filed multiple complaints.
Ted Rodgers lives across the street.
I still think the wife is This has got some back bite.
A little peppery, a hint of clove, and really Rodgers You two go.
There's no candy here! We don't want candy! Speak for yourself, David.
Open up, or we'll send the kids in.
Very convincing nerd outfit.
This is how I dress for work.
You're going to work now? I work at home.
I'm a commodities trader, Asian markets.
This is the start of my business day.
Your porch light's on.
Means you have candy.
That's standard Halloween etiquette.
That's better.
Now let's talk.
About what? About the three police reports you filed against James Korby.
Over the years, his antics have cost me a lot of time and money.
Shaving cream in my mailbox, food coloring in my pool.
I don't care if he was a hero in Afghanistan.
On this block, he was a pain in the ass.
Girlfriend in college got a restraining order against you.
So I'm guessing there's a temper under that cardigan.
We have a witness who says you confronted Korby yesterday.
Given the history between you two Are you accusing me of murder? No, we're just asking you really nicely if you did it.
So, Mr.
Rodgers, did you kill your neighbor? Where were you last night between 10:00 PM and midnight? Online, live, in front of the camera on my computer with our office in Shanghai.
Every minute.
I don't trust a guy who doesn't give candy to kids.
Trick or treat.
Energy drinks.
Just what this holiday needed.
Their parents are going to love that.
Hey, Abby Welcome to the random factory, Gibbs.
Most of Korby's prank stuff It's motion sensor activated, so until I get a chance to process it all, you need to move very slowly.
No costumes this year, Abs? After last year's Jonas brothers debacle, Vance banned the costumes.
McGee skinny jeans - It didn't work.
- What do you got? A car, at the scene of the crime.
It's only a glimpse, but the time stamp indicates that it's taken around the time of death.
- 11:13 PM.
- You get a plate? No visual on the driver.
But when I enhance the image, I did manage to get this.
It's a livery number.
From the Quantico Marine base motor pool.
- Vehicles can only be signed out - By a Marine.
- Nice work, Abs.
- Wait, wait.
There's more.
Sample from our dead Marine's stomach.
I expected to find liquid nitrogen, of course, but I did not expect to find traces of turpentine, acetone and benzene in his flesh.
- Paint thinner? - Yeah.
Liquid nitrogen killed him last night, but it wasn't the cause of his ulcerated stomach ling.
Someone tried to poison him before last night.
When? According to the chemical levels, he ingested the paint thinner two months ago.
While he was still overseas.
Whoever tried to kill Lance Corporal Korby in Afghanistan Finished it here.
What's the matter, McGee? No one come to your door? I think I deserve a treat.
Why is that? Because the wife did it, probie.
The stepdaughter, Rachel is from a previous marriage.
But Sara Korby has been married three times.
All Marines, all dead.
All with juicy life insurance payouts.
Once is a tragedy, twice a coincidence, three times is a pattern.
We're talking about a black ops widow.
Tony, the first two husbands died in the line of duty.
Giving you no reason to suspect she had anything to do with the third one's death.
- Well, I got - Evidence? - Not to speak of, Boss.
- Then stop speaking.
According to base records, the car we're looking for is still missing from the livery.
No sign of anyone checking it out.
Boss, I am going to find that car.
Korby's tour in Afghanistan His file, where is it? Central Command hasn't declassified the after-action report yet.
Unit's only been back 72 hours.
- Just waiting for the report.
- Wait faster.
Korby's squad leader just arrived at the gate.
All right, come on.
You're with me.
It says here you're up for a promotion, Sergeant Barnes.
Yes, Sir.
So was Lance Corporal Korby.
You did not give him a very good recommendation.
"Korby has, at times, proven to be difficult to discipline.
" "A detriment to unit cohesion and morale.
" I also say Korby was a dedicated, courageous, hard-working Marine.
Even in battle, he was a practical joker, no? Yes, Ma'am.
What's funny in boot camp isn't always funny in a live fire zone.
Two schools of thought in battle.
Some Marines like to keep their focus Head on a swivel.
Yeah, some like to keep it loose to keep from cracking.
Half the guys loved Korby.
The other half, not so much.
What about you? As their squad leader it was my job to keep the peace between the two.
Well, someone got mad enough at Korby to slip him a dose of paint thinner.
Almost killed him.
Korby was ill a few days.
Thought it was a stomach virus.
Never said anything about being poisoned.
Where were you two nights ago? Finishing up debriefing paperwork.
Never left the base.
Who in the unit had the biggest problem with Korby? No one in particular, Sir.
Then we investigate them all.
Put a hold on all promotions.
It's gonna get ugly.
Private David Singer.
He and Korby had a falling out.
Didn't come from me.
One, two, three.
- One.
- One, two, three.
- Two.
- One, two, three.
- Three.
- One, two, three.
- Four.
- Let's do it! Go, go, go! - Private David Singer? - Yeah.
Why don't you take a break.
Maybe take a shower.
We hear that you and Lance Corporal Korby had a falling out in Kandahar? Korby showed me the ropes.
We had some laughs at first, but things aren't so funny in Afghanistan and I told him as much.
That's all.
Well, not quite all.
Korby's dead.
Where were you two nights ago? In Norfolk, visiting a friend.
Does this friend live on a street corner and deal pharmaceuticals out of paper bag? I'm not on the juice, if that's what you're implying.
It's all natural.
Don't let it scare you.
Alibi have a name? Things on the side of your head work? The man asked you a question.
Although short-term memory loss and shrunken testicles - are a sign - Have you ever been shot at? - Once or twice.
- People were getting blown up there and Korby's saran-wrapping guys into their cots.
What's your point? Some of us didn't appreciate it His stupid pranks.
But none of us killed him.
No one would have taken it that far Yeah? How far did it go? Chris Norton High school buddy.
That's who I was with the other night.
Still working on getting those paper files, but I did have a chat with Central Command in Afghanistan up in MTAC.
Don't brag, McGee, it's unbecoming.
I was able to put together a brief history of Korby's unit.
It's not good.
It had multiple transfer requests, complaints.
They were deemed "not combat ready" two different times.
Unit was in chaos.
Korby's distractions were more serious than his squad leader - lead us to believe.
- This started 2 months ago.
After Korby was poisoned.
Before that, only exemplary remarks about the unit.
They were on their third tour.
A well-oiled machine.
What would make a Marine unit fall apart? Lack of discipline.
Or too much.
It's hardly surprising what ends up in one's lungs.
Bacteria, insects Guess we'll have to wait and see what our dead Marine inhaled.
Take those up to Abby, would you please? Yes, Doctor.
I'm glad you're here.
Body was beaten, doc.
I found evidence of multiple contusions and abrasions.
Usually, I do my autopsies from the outside in, but, due to the frosty circumstances here, I was forced to reverse the process.
When? Well, based on the healing of this rib fracture here, I'd say that those injuries were probably sustained before he was poisoned the first time.
Attackers avoided vital organs.
There were no blows on the kidneys or spleen.
Tried to teach him a lesson.
Tried to hurt him without really hurting him? You've seen this before, I presume? Yeah.
Code red.
Somebody gave Korby a beat down before moving on to poison.
Someone? There are traces of bruising on his wrists and ankles.
Additionally, subdural contusions suggest that at least four assailants delivered a myriad of blows.
These patterns tell me that this was more than just someone.
Whole squad wanted this guy gone, Duck.
Where are we going? Mobile campfire.
DiNozzo le├žon du jour: think on your feet.
- Still looking for the mystery car.
- Stop.
Probies, talk louder.
I can't hear you in there.
Tony, McGee has been here for six years.
I have been here for four.
I know you are enjoying this, but we are agents.
So, could you please stop calling us Problem, probie? You've been an agent for all of one week.
Your Mossad liaison days are over.
Mobile campfire.
Dead Marine prankster whose, mischief sparked a beat down in Afghanistan, courtesy of his entire squad.
Our only evidence is a vehicle from the Quantico motor pool at the scene of the crime.
We haven't found it, or any record of who signed it out.
We were able to track down the addresses of each Marine who was on Korby's unit in the area the night of the murder.
Six hits.
Take Ziva with you.
This guy was a genius.
He chronicled all of his exploits on his phone, it's like a master's course.
to the Battalion CP.
He reassembled a Humvee inside the Officer's club.
If only I had the appropriate time and space to use - the bounty of ideas in front of me.
- The case, Abs.
The case.
I finished processing everything from Korby's garage.
Still no murder weapon.
Which means the killer either kept it Or they dumped it.
And probably nearby.
And certainly with traces of nitrogen.
I alerted local waste management to be on the lookout for hazardous materials.
And the Fire Department's Hazmat team is searching the entire neighborhood.
A lot of manpower.
A four block radius and more than 60 homes.
Can I have my Caf-pow! now? No more refills.
I just came to return the surplus nitrogen.
It's the results from the substance that you and Ducky found in the dead Marine's lungs.
That's odd.
Traces of chicken stock, coffee beans, cocoa Lunch.
Yeah, but I didn't find traces of any of this food in his stomach.
The nitrogen gas must have carried the particles into the lungs.
There could have been food residue on the inside of the container the killer used to administer the liquid nitrogen.
Like, a lunchbox? Thinking, like, a thermos.
You know, perfect size.
It's discreet.
Palmer, you're a genius.
The killer probably used Korby's coffee thermos to poison him.
Now I can tell the Hazmat team what to look for.
That's great work.
Both of you.
Cleaning up the crime scene? Sweeping away old memories.
You sure you want to throw these away? What can I do for you, Agent DiNozzo? I was just wondering if your husband ever talked about what happened overseas? You know, other Marines in his squad? No? Never talked to you about getting beat up or poisoned? That's interesting.
I guess you two didn't talk much, then.
What are you implying? You've lost 3 husbands.
All 3 had life insurance policies.
- Meaning? - You seem to be attracted to men who have a hard time staying alive.
I'm attracted to men with dignity and honor who put themselves in harm's way for their country.
I grew up in a military family.
I fell in love with men who served.
Two of them died doing it.
I've given a lot.
I've taken very little.
Well, half a million dollar payout on the two previous policies, plus another $250,000 from Korby's.
You can understand my skepticism, it's adding up.
My husband didn't complain.
He didn't dwell on negative things.
He chose to celebrate life.
He tried to make others smile.
I loved him for that.
Excuse me.
Private Singer.
Do I need to make introductions, - or you two - Just paying my respects.
- That a problem? - No.
Me and your husband, we had our issues.
But we served together.
He saved my ass a time or two.
I'm sorry.
Thank you, Private.
Are we finished? Excuse me.
Sky falling? Wife might be telling the truth.
So, yeah.
Your killer instinct was wrong? Temporarily misguided.
What did my probie sandwich find out? Well, we interviewed every member of Korby's squad, including two in Bethesda.
They all admit Korby's pranks caused problems But denied having knowledge of the code red or the poisoning in Afghanistan.
- They were covering for each other.
- Taking a break, DiNozzo? No, boss.
Just looking at the sprinkler system.
The sign-out log from the Company Command post on base.
- That's a nice job, boss.
- Page 28.
Korby's squad leader, Sergeant Barnes, lied to us.
He did sign off the base the night of the murder.
That's not all Barnes lied about.
I just the after-action reports from Kandahar.
The promotion Barnes was looking forward to was already denied.
"Unsatisfactory leadership.
" When? Three months ago.
While serving in Afghanistan.
- Just before Korby was poisoned.
- And the unit went bonkers.
Find him.
Fun-loving bunch.
- Care to oom-pah? - There's Barnes.
- Yes, there he is.
- Herr Barnes.
We need to speak to you.
Excuse me one second.
Can we do this some other time? Let me check.
Ziva? No.
See, we can't do it another time.
Achtung, baby.
This is important.
I need to talk to these guys.
Settle down, gentlemen.
Well done, probie.
Danke Schoen.
Beer's on him.
Sorry about that.
You certainly made an impression.
Korby cost you a promotion.
So you poisoned him.
When that didn't work, you finished the job here.
Company log.
Night of the murder.
You signed out.
Man up, Marine.
I did it for him.
- Who? - Korby.
- He was a great Marine, but - What happened? We had incoming fire in a warehouse outside Herat, when I turn to see Korby's flak jacket on fire.
Gave away our position.
Barely got out of there.
One of his jokes? Faulty flare casing.
An accident.
Nobody saw it that way.
Thought one of his gags almost got us all killed.
They sent him a message.
I knew about the code red.
Thought it would help put Korby straight.
For his own good.
But he was still Korby.
So you poisoned him? I put a drop of paint thinner in his coffee.
A drop.
I wanted to get him shipped home on medical leave.
I did it for him.
For the unit.
Before someone really got hurt.
I did it to save him.
Somehow the guys found out what I'd done and They lost respect for their leader.
The unit fell apart.
Night of the murder.
A barmaid at a club in Fairfax.
She'll confirm I was there all night.
Getting face time with my seniors.
Trying to get my promotion back on track.
That's not gonna happen.
Listen, is there any more of that apple cider? 'cause I found it de-cider-ly delicious.
Barnes' alibi checks out.
He was at the strip club till 2:00 am, they have him on security cameras.
I still maintain that the wife's holding something back.
Marine vehicle was at the scene, DiNozzo.
- That does suggest a Marine.
- None of the motor pool logs have a record of which Marine checked out the car.
Just that it left the base.
Boss, well, it's not about the car but I have been running financials on every member of Korby's unit looking for inconsistencies.
- Yeah, and you got one? - Yep.
Private David Singer.
He told us he was in Norfolk with a friend the night of the murder.
Yeah, well, he's got a credit card charge in Virginia Beach that night.
Charge was for a room-service delivery of champagne and caviar.
Where? The Seabright hotel and spa.
That's the hotel where Korby's wife was staying.
Private Singer.
Sorry to keep you out of the gym.
You'll have plenty of time to work out when you're in prison.
- The hell you talking about? - Keeping somebody like Mrs.
Korby happy takes a lot of reps? You both licking champagne off each other's toes down there in Virginia Beach.
Then you took a little detour, decided to kill Korby.
The hotel valet has the car you borrowed from Quantico checked out all night.
You did bring it back in the morning, though.
Innocent man usually explains himself.
And the guilty ones object.
You might even fall into the third category.
The guy who covers for his lover.
If Tony's right about the wife, I will never live it down.
It's getting pretty ripe in that room.
But he's about to flip on the wife.
He doesn't have to.
Pulled Korby's credit card records.
According to Abby, the garden hose and duct tape were brand new, but there's no record of Korby actually purchasing them.
- Cash? - The wife's credit card was used one week ago at a hardware store to purchase two items.
Garden hose and a roll of duct tape.
Well, bring her in.
I cannot believe it.
Know about your affair with Private Singer.
He told you? No, he didn't have to.
Fancy hotel.
Sounds of the ocean.
Caviar and champagne.
Singer thought he was in for a treat, but you tricked him.
You used him.
You gave Singer the hose and tape, told him to make it look like a suicide.
He drove from the hotel to your house, he killed your husband.
David wasn't at the house that night.
I was.
You drove Singer's car to your house and killed your husband? No.
I couldn't go through with it, the affair.
I couldn't cheat on James.
I didn't have my own car, I'd been dropped off by the service at the hotel so I borrowed David's.
I drove back home to tell my husband the truth, but I just Sat in front of the house and I lost my nerve.
So, I left.
I went back to the hotel and I broke it off with David.
Yeah, well, I don't think he got the message.
So, you admit to being at the scene of the crime at the time of death? I did not kill my husband.
It's the truth.
I swear to you.
Well, now you get to convince a jury of your peers.
That would be a jury of tall, leggy, blonde bombshells.
Why don't you stand up? You're under arrest for the murder of Lance Corporal James Korby.
You're not.
Evidence garage, now.
- Hey, McGee.
- Yeah, boss.
Footage of the Marine car.
Let me pull it up.
Rewind it.
There, freeze it.
Can you clean that up? Let's see.
It's a car parked on the street.
Boss, that's Korby's car.
You don't have to say anything.
About me being right.
About the wife.
DiNozzo, driver's side.
Come on.
Get in.
- The seat is too far forward.
- Exactly.
The seat has been in that position since the murder.
Car was parked in the street when the footage of the Marine car was captured by those kids.
But when Korby was found dead in the car The car was parked in his driveway.
Pull all financial records from the death of Sara's second husband.
Sara? I got your text.
I was just gonna go for a run.
She couldn't make it.
- Well, then why did she text me? - She didn't.
What's that? The thermos we found in your friend's trash can.
The friend you were with the night of the murder.
Traces of liquid nitrogen in there.
I don't understand.
While everybody was so drunk at the party, they didn't see you slip out for a little while, did they? Found your prints.
We also know that, you bought the hose and the tape using Sara's credit card last week.
Clerk ID'd your photo.
You tried to frame Sara for your stepfather's murder.
Dutiful daughter delivers a thermos of "cocoa" to stepdaddy.
But he's too preoccupied to notice what's in it until it's too late.
Why would I do that? James and Sara were all I had.
Except for your trust fund.
Your biological father left it to you when he died in Iraq.
Sara has control of the trust fund until your 25th birthday, but, if she's behind bars, then you would get your inheritance a little earlier? All 200,000 of it.
Add Korby's life insurance policy.
That's another 250 grand.
You're all set.
Go to college, buy yourself a fast car, maybe a little pad on the beach.
But wait five years? That's an eternity to a pretty little party girl like you.
With them, it was an eternity.
You have no idea.
A stepfather who acts like a juvenile delinquent.
A stepmother who marries anything in a uniform.
You saw her.
She uses men.
She used my dad.
That dad died serving his country.
What's going to happen to my money? It's yours in five years.
It's gonna go a long way in the prison gift shop.
Morning, Ziva.
Good morning.
Coffee? Thank you.
All right.
My keyboard is not working.
I love Halloween.
And what's not to love? Pranks Halloween is officially my favorite holiday.
And you are looking at this year's larceny lotto winner.
So, you're buying us lunch today, or? I didn't keep the money, Mcnopoly.
Gave it to charity.
Urban youth group.
My gut is not-for-profit.
You know, Tony, I've been thinking and, I would like to acknowledge my place as a new agent and your place as Your superior in every way? Yes.
But, for my sanity, could you not call me "probie"? I say it with love.
And if I refuse? You are senior field agent and I am entirely at your mercy.
As you should be.