NCIS s07e06 Episode Script

Outlaws and In-Laws

Always get this much excitement before you've left port? What can I say? We like to keep on our toes.
This is your final warning! Identify yourself immediately! This is your final warning! Put a light on 'em.
It's just a small sailboat.
It must have slipped around the curtain.
Looks like a hand-built Amigo kit, but I don't think we have to worry about it being an attack.
Unless they suicided a little early.
Two bodies.
It's a bloodbath.
Get divers in the water, wrangle that craft.
It's a crime scene now.
Looks like it's got your name on it, Agent Cortez.
It's not my name, but it is labeled.
NCIS Season 7 Episode 06 Outlaws and In-laws V1.
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You do realize this is a trap? She's practically inviting us to mess with her.
What kind of a man would I be if I turned down such an enticing invitation? Well, you wouldn't be a sucker.
Touch me and die.
Good, you're awake.
Sleeping on the job isn't going to help you shed that "probie" tag.
I have been on the job since 1:00 in the morning when Gibbs called me in to cover.
He flew out late last night with Vance and Ducky Some case in the San Diego harbor.
Ducky means bodies.
They called you to cover? I believe you call this hazing.
We call this the Bill of Rights.
Are you studying to become a naturalized American citizen? I have to if I want to become an agent.
- Good for you, Ziva.
- Wait a second.
Who says we want her as an American? Who says you have a say? A little thing called the Constitution.
Oh, really? Where? It's in there, and it talks about dangerous foreign aliens stealing our precious bodily fluids.
That's Dr.
Yes, but it's also, I think, the 16th amendment.
"Congress shall have the power to lay and collect "taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment" Are you learning this stuff through osmosis? We'll be lucky to have you, Ziva.
The more the merrier.
Laissez-faire, immigration policy like that is what Rush Limbaugh says led to the greatest economic crisis in the history of our fantastic nation.
Do you have any idea what you're talking about? You bet your ass I do.
I'm talking about the American dream.
What do you know about the American dream? Well, let's see, I'm a white male between the ages of 18 and 49 with a loud mouth and a gun.
I am the American dream.
Thank God.
- Agent McGee.
- Two dead bodies, McGee.
Photos coming your way.
Tell Abby to clear the decks.
Okay, what are we looking at, Boss? - I don't know yet.
- I secured the crime scene, Director, and began to process it.
I ran the VIN and found the boat was registered to an NCIS Agent Gibbs.
That's you, right? So what's the deal? What's with the dead guys? - Shell casings, Izzy? - Bagged and tagged, Sir.
I take it you didn't move the bodies.
No, Doctor.
I was trained better than that.
There's no identification in their pockets, Jethro, only cash.
Dollars and Pesos.
Agent Cortez, if you didn't know that this boat, loaded with dead bodies, belonged to an NCIS Agent, how do you think it ended up rolling into a naval base? I'd speculate, given the currents, it came from the south, somewhere in Mexico possibly.
As for who might have set it on its course, I wouldn't think to guess.
You usually light the thing on fire for a Viking funeral.
You know any Vikings who live in Mexico? This does have more of a - wild west feel to it.
- Solved it already? Glad I made the trip.
You've only taken one vacation this year, Jethro.
Sailed the gulf route to Mexico? One-way plane ticket back.
Did I have the fish or did I have the lasagna? I left him with the boat.
He trailered it to the West Coast.
It was a gift for my goddaughter.
- This is how he repays you.
- I got no idea what's going on here.
You guys already know who the killer is? Agent Cortez, use your contacts with the Federales.
Clear a path for us.
We're headed South to the border.
It's not going to be necessary.
Are you sure? Nobody's home.
So where is he? Where the hell is Mike Franks? That's? It's no longer in? - This is Gibbs' boat? - This is the crime scene.
It was flown here in a C-130 cargo plane along with two bodies and all the evidence.
And now it is mine.
It is all mine So I can figure out the mystery.
What mystery Who the dead guys were? Or who killed them? - Or how they ended up on the boat? - Sure, you guys should work on that, while I figure out how he got it out of the basement.
Flagged all of Franks' known aliases.
No hits yet.
God knows he's got a head start on us.
Ducky says that those bodies have been floating around for at least three days.
AFIS kick out any I.
s yet? Calvin Blanchard, Roy Keenan.
They both have military backgrounds.
They were both dishonorably discharged.
Blanchard was Army.
Keenan washed out of the Navy a couple years ago.
- Mike Franks was already retired.
- So no professional connection.
Cortez has got a contact in Mexico, says these two guys were going around asking about Mike Franks last week.
You sifted through family members, common friends in the service? Couldn't find anyone with a grudge.
Is that where your gut's leading you, Gibbs? We got two guys looking for Franks, who really doesn't want to be found.
They find him on the boat, he gets the drop.
Shoved 'em off and disappeared.
That last part's the part I really don't like.
If he's gone to ground, that means this isn't over yet.
You got any idea where he might be? No, your guess is as good as mine, Leon.
For some reason, I doubt that's true, But I'm gonna give you some leeway on this, Gibbs, since it is your friend, your boat, your mess.
My patience will evaporate quickly if another body shows up before Franks does.
I've only just begun, Jethro.
I'm afraid you've jumped the gun.
That's an interesting choice of words, Duck.
How positively Freudian of me.
Well, I was going to say "deliberate".
I can tell you they were shot over and over and over again a total of six in one and five in the other at close range with a large-caliber weapon.
Reminiscent of the death of Billy Clanton - at the O.
- Got something against cowboys, Duck? Although I've always been fond of the way that element manifests itself in you, Jethro, I have never been entirely comfortable with the psychological makeup of your mentor.
But Wyatt Earp was friends with Doc Holliday, and as they would attest, there is a fine line between - cowboy and outlaw.
- And with the level of overkill here, your conclusion is Mike Franks has crossed that line.
Too soon to accuse him of being an unthinking killer, Ducky.
No, that's not what I'm saying at all.
It's quite the opposite.
I think a great deal of thought went into these killings and the staging of the crime scene.
Staging? Wood splinters taken from their backsides.
They were dragged onto the Kelly intentionally.
I'd be surprised if anything about her discovery was not intentional.
I assure you I am using the utmost care processing your beautiful craftsmanship.
It's a craftsman's ship.
- The bodies were moved? - I have blood trails on the rail and the deck that suggest they were at least slid.
"Slidden"? Ducky said that they had been "slud".
- If Ducky said they "slad" them - The firefight, Abby, was it on-board? At first glance, I have a lot of downward vectors.
Downward, meaning standing over the top.
Execution style, yeah.
So I'm trying to find corresponding slugs for all the spent .
45 casings.
I would say that it ended here, but it may not be where it started.
Another bullet grazed the port side.
It's smaller caliber than the others.
- .
- Could be.
22s deteriorate significantly on impact, so there's no slug and it's below the waterline.
Boat wasn't in the water during the shoot-out.
Maybe, or maybe somebody was using it for target practice.
It's one of many inconsistencies that have to be addressed.
There's the angles of trajectory to calculate, And all of the unaccounted-for slugs I still have to dig them out of the woodwork I mean, I have to carefully - extract them from the woodwork.
- Take it apart.
Are you sure? Similar-size deposits on roughly the same dates suggest that Blanchard and Keenan worked together, but the receipts are all cash.
Can't make a financial link to Franks.
Now, why would two bad guys go after Mike Franks? Well, clearly, they don't know him very well.
Interesting theory, McGee.
I meant that more as a joke.
Some of the greatest ideas in history started out as jokes.
I mean, look, you got your mood ring, pet rock, spork.
Those were all terrible ideas.
Terrible ideas that turned their inventors into drillionaires.
And that is the American dream, Ziva.
And that's why you're never going to pass that test.
The heart of America is that any idiot can become a success? That is exactly right 'cause we don't live in an aristocracy or a meritocracy.
- Neither does Israel.
- We just have our capitalist democracy.
Which means that you might be a pauper today, you might be living a life of wall-to-wall desperation.
You might have no friends, no prospects, no brain, no hope.
But tomorrow? Tomorrow, you might win the lottery.
You might slip on the right driveway.
Just like Annie sang.
The Comic Strip.
Little orphan Annie.
Curly red hair, no eyeballs.
Adopted by Daddy Warbucks.
And that's the American dream right there.
Little orphan Annie.
And me.
Isn't there an essay section on this citizenship exam? You should be writing this stuff down.
It's good.
My pencil broke.
Destruction of U.
Government property.
That's not going to look too good on the Boss, we've been researching the dead guys.
- McGee had an interesting idea.
- What was that exactly? Because you just started talking bunch of nonsense and never actually - said what you were thinking.
- What I was thinking, Boss, is maybe they didn't know Franks at all.
You know? - Find the connection.
- But maybe they It's okay.
We're here.
Look, Amira.
It's your godfather.
Can you say hi? Hello, Amira.
Welcome to my home.
He's right behind us.
You can put her down in there.
Thank you.
You going to stand there glaring at me, probie, or you going to give me a hand with the bags? Or you going to shoot me? No, I thought I'd ask you a few questions first.
- Then, I may shoot you.
- All right.
- Need some answers, Mike.
- All right! Keep your voice down.
Those two men you killed Why were they after you? Damn, probie.
I was hoping you could tell me.
Saturday, I popped in the cantina for a mescal.
The bartender, Eddie, tells me a couple of guys had been asking around.
Looking for a gringo and two girls.
Claims he did his best to lead them astray.
You didn't know them.
I'd never seen either of their faces before they showed up on my beach Monday afternoon.
But you were ready for them.
I knew what they wanted.
I could see the cannons tucked in their backs.
Don't even think about it.
I didn't feel great using Amira's boat like that.
But I couldn't risk being investigated by strangers Or worse even, the Federales.
So, you steered them at the Navy.
If you're going to be investigated, better it be by a friend.
Thanks for the honor.
You don't sound too grateful.
You know, Mike I'm used to shells and bodies and cover-ups as your big finale.
Something starts off like this, I don't even want to think about the count.
You can't pin all them past capers on me, probie.
Not all them messes were mine.
Where was Leyla and Amira? You don't think I'd start throwing shots with my daughter-in-law and my granddaughter not safely tucked away, do you? - I'm not a child.
- No, you definitely are not.
Calling me old? I'm saying there comes a time to hang up your spurs.
I won't need you or anybody to tell me when that is I'll know 'cause I'll be dead.
I hate when you talk like that.
I wouldn't do anything to put my girls in danger.
That's why I brought them here.
And if you can't find out who's after me and why, then I've got no choice, but to - Do not say it.
- Ain't I allowed to say anything? He's threatening to leave us.
He says it is the only way to keep us safe to stay away.
When Liam died I made a promise to my son and to myself.
I protect my family.
Well, from here on, you leave it to the professionals.
These two guys are professionals.
Or were.
PMCs private military contractors.
According to a Captain Hazelton we spoke to, one of his former classmates, Blanchard, cracked up.
Before he could get his act together, he was out the door.
- Keenan? - Lot of problems with authority.
Well, at least according to every authority - we spoke to.
- They both got kicked out of their respective services, but they both found new homes in Oh, new homes.
"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free" The wretched refuse ended up on a different teeming shore.
Working for this man, Chief Operating Officer of first defense PMC, Colonel Merton Bell.
Bell's based out of Virginia.
He's a former tank Commander.
Runs the largest PMC operating in the Middle East.
Armed security forces protecting mostly corporate employers.
He also has governmental contracts, American and otherwise.
- Securing reconstruction projects.
- Bring him in.
Hold up a second.
You guys got a location on Mike Franks? No.
They don't.
Franks wasn't living alone on that beach.
He's been with a young woman for almost three years now.
His daughter-in-law, Leyla Shakarji.
And her daughter, Amira.
You telling me we can't find a fugitive on the run with an Iraqi woman and a child? I'm saying we've kept our attention on the dead men.
And now you want to drag in Colonel Merton Bell.
- And that's not all right with you.
- No.
Do I need to explain my problem? I thought that you were going to give me some room on this.
I was, and I am.
But I know Colonel Bell.
We have friends in common on the Hill.
Then, this is about politics.
Your approach lacks finesse.
You could show him the same courtesy I showed you when this case began.
- You mean rub his nose in it? - You can go heavy if you want, but we're talking about the man with the largest private collection of legally obtained hardware in the United States.
He's got Black Hawks in his front yard.
Are you worried I'm too blunt, Leon? You are transparent.
Two of his men are dead.
You know who killed them.
I don't want Bell to get the impression that we're harboring a murderer.
Why would he jump to that conclusion? You don't appear to be devoting too much time in tracking down his killer.
If I were Bell, that might make me nervous.
Hell, if I were me, that might make me nervous.
Mike Franks and his family are at my house.
And you were about to send your agents over there to keep an eye on them.
Sure while I find a more delicate way to approach Colonel Bell.
That be anything you want to help me with, maybe? It's like we were reading each other's minds.
Hello? - Should have told me you were coming.
- I called, and you didn't pick up.
Not going to answer the phone I'm a fugitive.
- What do you want me to do? - Knock.
Why would I knock? There's no lock on that door.
Someone may be on the other side with a gun.
Why would one be standing with a gun? Because there's no lock on the door.
This has been very educational, gentlemen.
Lady Ziva, glad you're here.
Gibbs send you? We have been instructed to sit on the baby.
Going to be fine, Mike, and it's good to see you.
Have a mint.
Got your marching orders, too.
McGee is waiting outside to drive you to NCIS.
Are you leaving? You heard the man.
It's going to be fine.
This is for the best.
Why don't you put something in front of the door.
No, I'll just stand here with my gun.
That guy.
I'm back and forth to Iraq and Afghanistan so much, it's practically my office now, Leon.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
Keenan and Blanchard were over there? Public interface, mainly.
We meet with the local tribal leaders on a weekly basis, get a sense of what's going on.
- Threats to look out for.
- No, it's not all negative.
Sometimes, the chatter is a little more innocuous.
People talk about a need to build a new school.
Gives us an opportunity to combine our efforts.
Increases our odds of success.
They were good at their jobs? I'm sure I don't detect a note of surprise in your voice, Special Agent Gibbs.
All my men are outstanding.
United States Armed Forces disagrees.
My company may not adhere to the same some might say punitive restrictions.
Nevertheless, we seem to be picking up more and more of their responsibilities.
Every time the U.
reduces the number of troops deployed, - you have to increase your hires.
- Gibbs.
It's understandable, Director.
Jarheads and Mercs are like oil and water.
Although, I've got some of my best men off the Marine Corps scrap heap.
The men you hire have histories of violence, insubordination, mental problems.
What do you have to do to be disqualified? If you intend to cast aspersions on the names of two dead men two of my men I'd prefer you just cut to the chase and ask the real question.
Did you know two of your men were in Mexico carrying weapons you furnished? Of course I did.
They informed me when they accepted the contract.
They were carrying out a contract on Mike Franks? Who the hell is Mike Franks? Well, thank you for your cooperation, Colonel Bell.
I expect you'll keep me apprised, Director.
Justice needs to be done here.
Is that the bad guy? Hey, probie, is that the guy that put the hit on me? No one was after you.
What? You were just the only lead they had.
- Who's they? - Leyla and Amira's family from Iraq.
They hired those two PMCs to find them.
And you killed 'em.
You want to know who the real bad guy is here, Mike? Go look in the damn mirror.
You don't look very remorseful.
- About what? - These two men were hired by your daughter-in-law's family to find her.
There's no reason to believe that they meant her or you any harm.
It appears you killed them in cold blood.
That how it appears to you? I can't say how it went, Mike.
I wasn't there.
You were there when Leyla first came over.
You know a thing or two about her family.
- They disowned her.
- Disowned her.
Because she got pregnant by my son, Liam.
That's not family.
Those two guys were doing Shada Shakarji's bidding.
Don't expect me to cry for them.
- Shada Shakarji is Leyla's family? - Her mother.
Hard-as-nails matriarch of one of the most prominent tribes in Iraq.
It's unorthodox for a woman to be in that position of prominence.
Didn't exactly run for the office.
Shada buried her father, her brothers and her husband in the war with Iran.
Lost her oldest son to Saddam, - and a couple of more since.
- Family was about out of men.
But not memory.
She's a vindictive old sow.
And when Amty Shada cuts you off, you're not supposed to get a happily-ever-after on a beach in Mexico.
She's willing to pay to drag 'em back home? She's not gonna flinch at a couple of dead guns for hire.
- What did you use? - What? What did you use?! - .
- How many shots? I used the boat as a decoy.
Left the radio on the deck and an open beer.
They went for it with guns drawn.
Emptied my mag from the porch, put two in the big guy and three in the other.
Reloaded, dragged 'em on-board, and gave 'em each three more for good measure.
It was self-defense.
Take his statement.
The evidence better confirm every bit of it.
Abby, what are you doing? - What are you doing? - He told me to do it.
I had to do it.
But I'm trying to do it like an archaeologist.
I'm keeping careful notes of where everything came from, And I'm sure I can put it back together again when I'm done.
You're using a chainsaw! Well, it's not like there was a zipper.
I mean, I was hoping for a zipper, or some sort of system of dowels and slots.
Please tell me it was worth it.
I found a secret stash box.
Grease residue suggests that Franks kept a gun in there.
The guy keeps a gun everywhere.
Took us 15 minutes to get through security.
Franks was smuggling a piece? - Was it a .
22? - No.
It was a saw blade curled in the hollowed-out heel of his boot.
22? I don't think he carries anything that small.
I found this mangled piece of lead embedded deep in the floorboards.
I think it's two slugs smashed together.
Like boom-boom.
- One bullet hit another bullet? - Yeah.
- It's an impossible shot.
- Yeah, if they were both in the air at the same time.
It's a bullet in a bullet? Abby's analyzing it now, but if it is a piece of a .
22 in a .
45, then You broke up there.
What are you saying? I can't hear you, McGee.
I'm in the basement.
Why? 'cause I don't want to talk about the case in front of Leyla and the kid.
Listen, Tony, this is really important.
I need you to check the seams of the walls.
The walls? Well, do they appear to be removable? Or a tunnel maybe.
Could be hidden underneath something on the floor.
Something that looks like it doesn't belong.
Actually, I think Colonel Hogan has got a radio in the coffee pot, but the tunnel might have been filled in.
I saw a video on the Internet once where this guy he built a Lamborghini in his basement, they had to pull off half the house to get it out.
Was that a ding? I think we've got another shooter.
You have very peaceful eyes, Amira.
- Do you know that? - Yes, she does.
I left Iraq because I didn't want to expose her to the violence I saw as a child.
I want that peace to last in her eyes forever.
You made difficult choices for both of you.
Sometimes the most significant moments happen in your life without any choice at all.
Like your father.
I knew the cost of even talking to Liam, but I couldn't help it.
The feeling was irresistible.
It was love at first sight.
Do you miss your homeland? It was difficult to leave it all behind.
But the right reasons made it easier.
Ziva's trying to pick up and start over again.
Rebuild again.
What's your place like in Mexico? It is simple.
Just enough room for the three of us.
Were you inside when the When it started? What did you do? I did what any mother would do.
I ran to my daughter.
Where was she? Leyla, where was Amira? Shada Shakarji has become one of the most outspoken voices of the Iraqi tribes during the past few years.
And she's suffered for it.
Lots of enemies among the old guard.
- I can tell you all of this.
- Keep writing.
Bombing last year.
Killed 40, including her oldest son, believed to be the target.
Increased security considerably since then.
That's where she came in contact with first defense PMC.
And Colonel Bell.
Gibbs' desk.
Ducky, for you.
Is he around? It's rather important.
Yeah, Duck.
Would you come down please? All right.
Ah, Jethro.
You know we have enormous respect for you, and for the loyalty that you exhibit towards your friends.
We love you very, very much.
What the hell is this? This is an intervention.
Your own history with Mike Franks is having a blinding effect on your skill as an investigator.
It's too much for any man to take.
I mean I mean, he busted the gut.
The guy's a gut-buster.
He's like a six-foot hero, like like, like the sandwich, not he's not six foot, and he's-he's not a hero.
He's lying to us.
It's insulting enough when people that we don't know try this stuff.
But a colleague, I mean, a supposed friend it's Well, it's-it's simply a betrayal.
45 slug, .
45 slug, .
45 slug, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
The pathways they took through the bodies all of them straight downwards.
Yes, incredibly destructive.
We also found this.
Partial .
22 slug.
And there's more.
We believe that what happened was this.
Somebody else shot them with a rifle.
A .
22 long.
And then Franks shot through the gunshot wounds of the already-dead men to destroy the evidence.
Mike Franks did not kill these guys.
I've been writing on this thing all day.
I was just about to sign it.
My second year, we caught a case, you and I.
A Sergeant and his best friend took his little boy Duck-hunting for the first time.
They were chasing wild geese.
I know, Mike.
You made that joke a few times.
You laughed each time.
Well, I had to, I worked for you then.
Not anymore.
That Sergeant dragged his friend home that day missing half his chest.
Birdshot everywhere.
Shotgun blast, close range.
Nothing accidental about it.
But you wouldn't charge him.
It was accidental.
Little boy's gun went off.
Shot that guy right through the heart.
And I've been thinking about that a lot lately.
That Sergeant standing over the body of his best friend.
His ten-year-old son's just killed him.
He's feeling like it's his fault.
Like he failed them both.
Only one thing left for him to do.
And that's to protect his son from what's coming next.
Put his shotgun into the wound.
And fires.
He's thinkin' he'll take the bullet himself.
This ain't going to work.
When'd you figure it? Boss? You wanted me to let you know if I found anything interesting about Shada Shakarji.
According to this flight information, she's on a commercial plane right now.
Grandma's on her way to D.
I am Shada Shakarji.
Welcome to Washington.
Car's right out front.
What is she doing here? Just taking a hands-on approach with her daughter.
Her first attempt lacked in finesse.
How's the statement coming, Mike? It was a load of crap.
- Probie called me on it.
- You lied to us? I'm sure you're shocked and appalled, Director.
I'm relieved.
Of all your unsavory character traits, I find that one the most palatable.
At least there aren't anymore bodies.
There might be.
If you turn her loose.
What are we going to hold her on, Mike? She hasn't committed a crime.
Conspiracy to be a bitch? It's one thing he told the truth about.
He is protecting his family.
Well, I guess that's what this is.
It's a family thing.
Why don't you get in there and see if you can work it out with the in-laws.
You do still know your way around the room, don't you? You know who I am.
The Greeks would call you Charon.
Your boat conducts the dead to hell.
Leaving a trail of misery in your wake.
Yeah, Lady.
And you're all smiles and sunshine.
I've been tracking your every move since the day your accursed offspring ruined my daughter.
- I have never hit a woman, but - I find that - hard to believe.
- I'm finding it hard to believe you're actually a woman.
You manipulative, stubborn hag! You hide my family from me.
You disowned them.
So? Things change.
I have lost too much family that I can never get back.
She is my child.
And the little girl is my granddaughter.
My blood.
You sent gunmen to abduct Leyla and Amira.
What were your intentions? To punish them? To rescue.
From you.
If there is a chance to reconcile, I am willing to travel the distance.
You put them in jeopardy.
It would never have turned violent I was assured of it If not for you.
I got news for you, Lady.
I didn't pull a gun on them.
I didn't fire the first shot.
Shut up.
I don't believe you.
I'm not proud to cop to this.
I wasn't ready for them.
I didn't get tipped off.
Hell, I never even heard them coming.
Your defenses were down? I was playing with my granddaughter.
We were up in the boat, She wanted to paint her name on the side.
Then these two guys are standing there.
Pointing guns up at me.
Leyla noticed 'em from the house.
My Leyla? My meek, quiet, little girl? Unloaded six shots rapid-fire from a .
22 huntin' rifle.
Five hits.
She knows to shoot? I taught her.
Never underestimate a mama bear when her cub's in danger.
That I believe.
They're safer with me than they are with you.
I can't let you pull them back into the fold.
What? What is it? I made payment already.
Colonel Bell assures me that the contract will be completed.
She went up the ladder after the first guys failed.
Directly to Bell.
Guy's got nothing but his name.
He takes the hit if he takes a job, can't get it done.
With that chip on his shoulder, not even she can call him off.
- Got it, Gibbs.
- Trouble brewing? - Where's Amira? - She's upstairs, sleeping.
All right.
Take her downstairs.
You know how to shoot? Yes, she does.
Look out! Go, go! Get down on the floor! Hands where I can see 'em! - Get eyes on - Stay down! Don't move! Keep looking at the floor! - We're secure.
- Ziva? - Is that you? - Damon? Wait a second, you know this guy? Corporal Damon Werth.
Dishonorably discharged.
- Give me your hands! - What are you doing here? - This is Gibbs' living room.
- What are you doing here? Rescuing a kidnapped little girl and her mother.
I'm sorry to tell you, but you're actually abducting them.
Hey, Werth.
Cut the chitchat, just secure the prisoner.
We're making a mistake.
Bell's got a lotta money riding on this job.
We're gonna finish it I think we should hear them out.
Don't you? You get the girls, Corporal? You finish the job? I'm finished with the job, Sir.
- What have you done, son? - I quit.
And that's a shame, because he's a pretty loyal guy, too.
Made a mess out of my house.
Somebody's going to have to clean that up.
You want to go punch for punch with me, Gibbs? Keep in mind, I got a big arsenal behind me.
I wouldn't worry, your suit covers it up very nicely.
Sorry, I'm a little wacky, 'cause of the flash-bang your boys threw at us.
Perhaps my men were over exuberant in the pursuit of their task.
Personally, however, I have not broken any laws.
But the Federales want to talk to you.
Yeah, turns out bounty hunting is illegal South of the border.
God bless Mexico.
I tell my men, you take a swing, make sure you connect hard enough to put the other guy down.
Good advice.
Put your hands behind your back.
Should also tell 'em to get a haircut.
You think the grandparents can work this out? My dad told me a story once, dates back maybe My great-great-grandmother and grandfather had fathers that fought on either side.
These two old warriors, they probably shot at each other on the battlefield.
They couldn't even look at each other at their own kids' wedding.
But they did come to live with each other in the same house.
And they spent every day for the rest of their lives on the front porch, in a couple of wicker rocking chairs rocking back and forth.
Here's hoping.
We got better things to do than be the Franks' family counselor.
I guess they worked out their differences? Your relatives? - They mellowed with time, right? - Way I heard it, those two never said a word.