NCIS s07e07 Episode Script


My course, my win.
Remind me what you Navy boys are good at again? Kicking Army's ass.
- Giving up already? - Hang on a second.
- What's this doing here? - I don't know.
- Yo, come on, man, let's go.
- Not yet.
Navy NCIS Season 7 Episode 07 Endgame V1.
0 FQM Rereading: Bruno & Magic Turtle.
What are you doing? - Nothing.
- Those are none of your business.
- Those belong to McGee.
- They're funny.
- They're private.
- They're self-help CDs.
McLonely hearts ordered 'em.
Download your destiny.
Three easy payments of $19.
95 each.
Satisfaction guaranteed - or your money back.
- Maybe McGee is already satisfied.
Maybe there's an Easter bunny, too.
Anyone can achieve their fullest potential.
Who we are might be predetermined, but the path we follow is always of our own choosing.
- Turn that off.
- I love this guy.
Sort of a poor man's Shatner.
We should never allow our fears or the expectations of others to set the frontiers of our destiny.
I've heard enough.
Maybe you're the one who needs a little self-help.
See, that's where you're wrong, Ziva.
I'm already enlightened.
I know exactly who I am.
It may not be pretty, but I am DiNozzo, - hear me roar.
- Like an elephant? Grab your gear.
We got a dead civilian doctor on naval academy grounds.
- Get out of his desk.
- Getting out of his desk.
- Where's McGee? - We do not know.
Maybe little Timmy missed the short bus.
Find him.
I'll find him, and for being late, he's buying coffee.
Here you go, Sir.
You sure this is mine? - This seems like a lot for my order.
- It was just phoned in.
Can I help you with that? Me? No, no, I'm, I'm okay, thanks.
Be careful.
Don't want to burn yourself.
I'm a trained professional.
I can tell.
I think I've seen you here before.
I'm Amanda.
I'm Tim.
- Do you live around here or? - I go to grad school.
I just I come here to work sometimes.
I've got a ring in my front left pocket.
- Could you help me out? - You the phone? Yes, phone, sorry.
Let me just Sorry.
Yeah, Tony, what is it? - We got a call out, McGoo.
- Yeah, I know, I'm coming.
- With the coffees? - Yes, with the coffees.
- Did you get my pastry? - Yes, I got your pastry.
Well, what's taking you so long? Are you leaving now? Get a McMove on.
- Thanks, you can - Right.
- I have to run.
- I heard.
Would you maybe want to get some coffee together one morning with me? Yeah, sure.
Here is my number.
Call me.
The sooner the better.
Right, see you.
License and registration indicate the victim is a guy named Dr.
Elan Cirreux.
- Family? - Divorced, no kids.
Owns a practice here in D.
and also in Paris.
- I'm here, boss.
- So nice of you to make it, Tim.
No excuses, won't happen again.
Danish in the car? - Scone.
- Chocolate? Blueberry.
I could tell you were with somebody, you know.
Think I don't see that little glint in your eye, spring in your step? Spill, Probilicious.
What's her name? Spill.
I'm gonna get to work now.
Checking prints with the mobile AFIS.
So far, nothing other than Cirreux's, and the surgical instruments used were wiped clean, but I did find some strands of surgical threads on the carpet.
Doc worked on somebody.
So why here and not in a hospital? Because the patient didn't want to be seen, that's why.
I saw the PD report.
Details I've come across before.
I wanted to see for myself.
Copycat? That would be a relief.
- Why would he come to a crime scene? - I don't know, but he's here at this one.
You know, Jethro, based on the significant blood loss - This is a surprise.
- What do you got, Doctor? Well, I can't confirm it till I get him back to autopsy, but it seems to me that the killer intentionally shot his victim in such a way that he slowly bled out.
You mean, they wanted it to be painful? Well, torturous is more like it.
The victim fell back into the brush but later on was turned over so a second bullet could be delivered into the base of the skull.
Severing the brain stem.
Both shots fired with uncanny precision.
You've seen this before.
It's her signature.
She always delivers a second shot to finish the job.
Who is she? Lee Wuan Kai, a North Korean operative.
She was just in Los Angeles.
I read the report.
- Kai was wounded and then disappeared.
- I'm convinced she's here now.
And why Cirreux? Kai was pretty badly hurt.
She must have gotten some medical attention, traveled to D.
Probably carjacked the doctor, forced him to treat her, and then she killed him.
A lot of theorizing.
You questioning me? You chase somebody for almost 20 years, you start to think like 'em.
In some ways, I know Kai better than I know myself.
- Coincidence, huh? - Maybe.
You think finding this body in my jurisdiction is coincidence? Director? - Find Kai.
- We're on it.
She'll use deadly force.
So should you.
Lee Wuan Kai, North Korean assassin, one-time fanatical nationalist, credited with 27 targeted hits in seven countries, dozens more by association.
She likes quiet walks on the beach, laughing with friends, and playing Frisbee with her Cocker Spaniel Rufus.
- It does not say that.
- Well, it might as well.
Look at those come-hither eyes, those perfect kiss-me-now lips.
No wonder Vance is obsessed.
Kai's killing me and I'm just looking at her.
You and Kai are probably a lot more alike than you think.
- I do not follow.
- Really? Couple of pretty ladies, both trained assassins.
- You annoy me sometimes.
- Sometimes? Most of the time.
Well, something big must have happened between Kai and Vance.
Seriously, Director shows up at a crime scene, that's not kosher.
Figure of speech.
Ogling the numbers of the new girl, huh? Look at you, McDigit.
I'm having a Kreskin-like intuition here.
Is she a redhead? She is.
Look at you, pulling a page from the Gibbs playbook.
- Nice.
- Do not pay attention to him, McGee.
Whoever she is, I am sure she is lovely.
Thank you, Ziva.
Why is she nice to you and not to me? Maybe because you broke into my desk and stole my motivational CDs.
- I put them back.
- You mocked me publicly.
- I always do that.
- Maybe they're working.
Maybe you should stop drinking the motivational Kool-Aid.
Ran the victim's name through the D.
attorney's office.
There's a lawsuit pending against Elan Cirreux.
Threats made, one B and E charge at his home, multiple police reports filed.
So he ticked somebody off.
He's a Doctor.
What they lack in social skills, they make up for in handing out free pharmaceuticals.
A local nurse by the name of Linda Demarco accused him of sexual assault.
Report quotes her as saying she wanted to kill him.
Maybe it's not Lee Wuan Kai after all.
I'm going to add more agents to the investigation.
Your decision.
You didn't give me much time, though.
I've had almost two decades.
How much more time do you need? You want it to be her, I get that.
No, I want it to be over, and based on those two gunshot wounds Two gunshot wounds doesn't mean she's here.
The hell it doesn't.
Keep talking, Leon.
Just keep talking.
I want it all.
a UN peacekeeping force marches into Yugoslavia.
Entire city of Belgrade went purple.
They pulled from every branch.
So, one night, we're walking near the opera house.
Somebody takes a shot at a local politico.
Can't even remember his name.
The shooter was this young girl.
So, my partner, Neil Wilson and I, we were the first ones on the scene.
I landed a shot in her chest.
I killed her.
But she gets up like nothing ever happened.
Puts one in my shoulder and she put two in Neil.
And while I'm lying there, looking at him, I can feel her piece up against my neck.
So, now I'm waiting.
You know, I'm praying.
But it never happened.
Every day I think about his wife and I think about his baby.
And here I am.
Give me something solid.
Solid doesn't exist.
That's why the Serbs call her "utvara".
The phantom.
Boss, I got Demarco's home address.
Taking Tony for backup.
Check it out.
- Is that a lead? - Not on Kai.
If we get anything, you'll be the first to know.
Is that Amanda? The coffee vixen? Maybe.
Text sex, huh? Will you ask her what a question mark wedged between two dollar signs means? 'Cause it sounds kind of kinky to me.
She wants to see me tonight, but I'm probably working.
Don't tell her that.
Tell her you've arranged a water bed, some squirt guns and a little bit of candle wax.
Listen to Madonna, too.
Women like Madonna.
Demarco? NCIS.
We need to speak with you.
Demarco, open up.
We want to talk to you.
Federal agents, drop it! Did that piece of filth Cirreux send you?! Because I've got a message for him! You can tell him Did you say Federal agents? Yes! Federal agents! Cirreux's dead.
Put the weapon down! Hands in the air! Who do you think you are? - Sarah Palin? - Sorry.
Demarco's alibi checks out.
She was working a double shift at Washington General.
Maybe she slipped out for a few minutes.
Just long enough to kill him.
It's not her.
Boss, she shot at us with a very big gun.
It happens.
- What happens? - People, they react.
- Irrationally.
- Sometimes.
Call Metro.
Fine her.
- Take away her toys.
- That's it? Yeah.
She didn't do it.
You heard him, self-helpless.
Call metro.
- You call.
- Okay.
Then you uncuff her.
- You're afraid of the nurse, huh? - You are, too.
I'll call Metro.
You uncuff Florence Nightingale.
Because it's your destiny.
Apart from Brie-clogged arteries and a liver that's processed too much Bordeaux, our dearly departed physician was in relatively good health.
Probably would have lived another two decades if he hadn't been gunned down in his golden years.
Yeah, so what's so puzzling, Duck? Something I found on the body, not in it.
A single human capillus.
- A hair? - Yes.
- The guy's covered in them.
- Yeah, but not like this one.
See for yourself.
A solitary black hair on his ring finger tied in a perfect bow.
- A message.
- Yes.
And a rather ingenious one.
Made of DNA which the killer wanted us to find.
I took the liberty of removing the follicular tail and sent it up to Ms.
Sciuto for analysis.
Hey, guys.
Cool, huh? Yeah, if you like hair.
I ran the sample.
When you pull a hair from your scalp, there's traces of blood at the root.
That blood, in this case, was high in white blood cells because your white count goes up when you're fighting injury or infection.
The blood confirms they needed a Doctor.
You got an I.
? I took the liberty of running the DNA strand through CODIS and the Interpol DNA database.
I got hits on both.
Just like the Director predicted.
It's Kai.
Dinner's almost ready.
I'm not hungry.
Well, don't have me get worried about you now.
There's plenty of other things to worry about.
Where'd you send the kids? Over to Alana's.
They do movie night with popcorn.
Why don't we ever do movie night? 'Cause you ain't never home.
Yeah, well, there is that, isn't there? You know, when you called and said you were coming home early, I thought something was up.
What's going on? I'm just thinking about things.
What kind of things? How long this time, Honey? Off and on since I got back from Los Angeles.
- Please don't do this again.
- It's not that easy.
- Come on, please - Jackie, it's not that easy.
You have a family.
So did he.
I'm taking dinner off.
Hello? Hello, Leon.
Happy to hear from me? First California and now here.
Washington's beautiful.
How'd you get this number? Give a girl some credit.
I've been doing this for a while.
You should know that better than anyone.
Every law enforcement officer in the national capital region is looking for you, Kai.
I'm flattered.
But I only have eyes for you, Director.
Kai's on the Director's home line right now.
Trace it.
I'm on it.
- DiNozzo, get somebody over there.
- It's rush hour, boss.
She chose rush hour just for this reason.
Come on, McGee.
Back-tracing the call.
These land lines are slow.
Keep talking, Leon.
Just keep talking.
I know you're hurt.
I guarantee you, I'll take care of you.
You'll be taken care of if you turn yourself in.
Turn myself in? - You know I can't do that.
- We've been though this before, Kai.
In Munich, in Prague, in Tokyo.
And to think you almost caught me in Los Angeles.
Give up.
I can't.
I have something I have to do.
You might not get another chance.
- Got it.
Boss - What do we got? She's right in front of the Director's house.
You listen to me.
You know this won't end well.
And when it does will you miss me? Hello? Can I help you? Jackie! Get back! Leon, what? Oh, my god.
Who was that? Come on.
Come on, let's go inside.
Ziva will spend the night.
No, she won't.
Then we'll go to the safe house.
- We're not going anywhere.
- That's the wrong decision.
It's the right decision for me.
Agent David, will you excuse us, please? Gibbs, I'll be outside.
Why run if you can't hide? No matter where we go, it won't make any difference.
Kai is that good.
We'll handle it.
I can protect my own.
I'll get Jackie and the kids on the first plane out of here.
No, you won't.
'Cause I'm not going anywhere without you.
You know, Leon, when you took this job, I knew that there was risk involved.
I knew I'd be watching over my shoulder every day, but I always felt safe.
Until now.
And, yeah, this woman may have killed your partner.
But you're my partner now.
And I'm not going anywhere.
Round the clock, at least two agents.
Vehicle escorts, too.
Boss, partial plate Vance gave us belongs to a stolen car.
Not surprised.
Taken from a lot at Bingham air field outside Fairfax.
Think I just read something in the paper about Bingham.
Jason Cutler out of Van Nuys, California, flew his private plane across the country three days ago.
After arriving safely in Fairfax, family and friends reported him missing.
Tell Abby.
Dust the plane for prints.
It looks like we found Kai's flight.
- So, where's the pilot? - Dead.
Most likely.
He was Kai-jacked.
- Did you really just say that? - I regret it already.
Start digging for anything on Kai.
I've got calls Baker, CIA and Alterza, Interpol.
Recall Special Agent Dunham.
Tell him it's her.
He'll know why.
I only have like 15 minutes.
Let me guess.
You could have called.
Yeah, but I I wanted to see you.
I figured that we could at least talk.
- Listen - What if we? Sorry.
You want to go for a walk just for a few minutes? Where? To your office? Just around.
We could get something to go.
Like what? - Garlic Bread? - Cannolis? Maybe we could figure out dessert later.
When you're done.
It's gonna be late.
Really late.
Well, I have a paper due.
I'll be up anyway.
You want you want me to call you when I get home? I can come over.
I mean If you want me to.
Heck of a day, isn't it? You went home? Just for an hour.
I've been talking to agents all night, doing recon, and you went home and got your game on with little, sexy, miss text message.
Ziva, look at him.
What are you talking about? He's oozing a musky, caveman-esque, primitive satisfaction.
Like Heston in Planet of the Apes.
And it didn't matter that world was ruled by orangutans, because Heston went straight for the mute chick in the loincloth.
You pulled a total Heston, didn't you? I don't know about that.
It was only a few minutes.
Sometimes that's all it takes, in my middle-aged world.
You are so jealous.
Yes, I am, and there's nothing wrong with that.
I'm proud of Tim.
I'm very proud of you.
Did you take any pictures? Please.
I am anxious to meet her.
Make sure she's good enough for you.
She is definitely good enough.
Conference room.
You folks sure look better in person than on a laptop 7,000 miles away.
You look cleaner.
Welcome home, by the way, Agent David.
I haven't had a chance to say that yet.
Thank you for your help during the mission, Agent Dunham.
Anything to help a lady.
Well, you you did help us out there, Pal.
- Thanks.
- Happy to oblige.
Lee Wuan Kai.
Director's been assembling a file for years, but you, Dunham You have had first-hand exposure.
Yeah, early in my career.
My second foreign field assignment was in the demilitarized zone outside of Pyongyang, North Korea.
You monitored the Chinese border? Movement along the Amnok river.
Kim Jong-Il had an agreement with the Chinese.
Let his ops use the river to exit the country, and he'd make it worth their while with a lot of government-grown opium.
- One of those ops was Kai? - She was the boss's go-to.
And who could blame him.
Kai was the best.
In the early '80s, an ambitious upper-level minister started training young girls, orphans mostly, to kill for the cause.
They fed 'em, housed 'em, gave 'em a life worth living, sort of.
I've done a little research on my own, and based on what I've gathered, Kai was brainwashed.
Started off innocent, but when the others cracked, she didn't.
In Hebrew, it means the bull.
- It is why she's so good.
- You should know.
Is that why she's here, for Vance? - That's not doubtful.
- I made some calls, talked to CIA.
Evidently, old reliable isn't what she used to be.
- Government's losing patience with her.
- Name? It's probably Pak Su Ji.
He's an old Lieutenant, been around since day one of the program.
Now he's retired, part of a permanent mission to the UN.
You know, it's funny that Kai's here, and he just checked into a downtown hotel, don't y'all think? It's in your blood, isn't it? - What is? - You're thinking how you'd get him.
Maybe some intense mind games, followed by sheer force? Go for the jugular, or the slow kill.
- You're a dangerous woman.
- Who am I getting? Agent Dunham? Why would you want Dunham? I thought we were talking about Pak Su Ji.
Dunham is from Texas.
I like Texas.
What is the saying anyway? He cleans up nice.
Not that nice.
- I thought he was kind of creepy.
- Come on, stop being such big brother.
He's a field agent, a nomad.
I've had enough of that in my life.
I came to NCIS, to settle down, to make a home for myself.
The last thing I need is a Chad Dunham.
- However - What? Well, to answer your question, how would I get him.
Brute force is very intriguing.
And who are we talking about right now? Pak Su Ji or the Texas longhorn? So, why am I looking at a bullet from an L.
case file? Because it's different than the slugs that Kai used to kill Cirreux.
Normally, she uses a larger caliber.
This one was planned for specific damage, so Ducky was right.
So that means the ballistics report is not done yet? Nope, it's not done.
Guess I'll come back later.
You look happy.
- I do? - Yeah.
It's a it's becoming, actually.
You're, like, confident.
Is there anything you want to tell me? No.
You sure? Nothing's new? Nothing at all? I started seeing someone.
I know.
And I'm thrilled.
I totally am.
I was just waiting for you to say it.
- Word travels fast.
- Well, tell me about her.
You know what? Don't.
You don't have to.
I'm just I think it's excellent.
Thanks, Abby.
You know, Eric, from the L.
Office He's been, like, crazy helpful with this whole Kai thing.
That's great.
I haven't met him yet.
You've met him.
I've only been to California once for my second cousin's wedding.
But I don't really remember my second cousin's wedding, 'cause I was six, and I had this weird allergic reaction to avocados Abby, I really got to get back upstairs.
Just let me know when the report's done.
Congrats again.
You expect me to contact the North Koreans and say what? Kai might be here to kill one of their own.
- Based on? - A theory.
A hunch.
Just because Pak Su Ji's in town doesn't make him Kai's next target.
- Besides, why would they ever listen? - Why not? What is she doing, Gibbs? She came to my house.
She could have killed me, but she didn't.
- It's like she's playing some game.
- How long have you known her, Leon? - Too long.
- You're the constant.
- No, I'm the enemy.
- Are you? What is she doing? What does she really want? You know her well.
You tell me.
I am sorry, Director.
The TV Turn it on.
going live to Guy Ross for the latest on the Capitol shooting.
Sniper fire just steps from the nation's Capitol.
Shortly before 3:00 p.
this afternoon, shots were fired at former North Korean official Pak Su Ji.
The retired military officer and one-time key figure in North Korean politics arrived in town yesterday to participate in a United Nations open forum.
Metro police and FBI are on the scene.
An ambulance took Pak Su Ji to nearby Monroe University hospital where's he's being rushed into surgery right now.
A citywide manhunt is underway for the shooter.
Police are asking anyone who was in the Capitol area who may have seen something to come forward.
ZNN first on the scene At 2:51 this afternoon, Pak Su Ji Pak Su Ji is still alive.
He was hit by two long-range, seven-millimeter sniper rounds.
He's in surgery as we speak.
- Any details? - Metro PD, FBI are scouring the area.
Nothing left behind, nothing found.
Well, she is the best.
No, she's not.
The guy's still alive.
Maybe Kai really is off her game.
So, who is next? Kai's an assassin, right? She shoots people.
We know she's here because she turned up outside the Director's house.
There was that first victim, the Doctor.
And now, she's gunned down this government stooge? There's a pattern.
So, if she's not working for her country anymore, who is she killing for? Right away.
That was the State Department.
There's a message for us from the North Koreans.
Director Vance, Special Agent Gibbs.
What can we do for you, ma'am? The North Koreans have contacted us through back channels.
They are saddened about today's events, and they are well aware of your ongoing relationship with former operative Lee Wuan Kai.
Former? That is correct.
They give their word that if she is responsible in any way for the recent bloodshed, it is against the wishes of their government.
If that's true, will the North Koreans help us capture her? Absolutely, Director, and then prosecute her to the fullest extent of their laws and ours.
It's almost like Kai's dangling it in his face.
Like she's saying: "Here I am, Director.
I shot another one.
" "Look at me, ma.
Top of the world.
" - Who was that? - It was Cagney in White Heat.
The one with the ballet dancers.
That's White Nights with Gregory Hines and Mikhail Baryshnikov.
Anyway, maybe Kai was just trying to impress him.
There is nothing impressive about killing people, Tony, trust me.
McGee, your McQueeze is here.
Amanda? How'd she get upstairs? Security called.
I said, bring her on up.
Surprise, surprise.
I got your text, but I wanted to say good night.
Amanda, these are my coworkers.
This is Tony.
And this is Ziva.
- Hi there.
- Hi.
- It is a pleasure to meet you.
- She's lying.
I am not.
Would you like a slice of pizza? - Sure, yeah.
- Actually, on second thought, why don't you take her on a tour of the facility? Yeah, that would be awesome.
Also, the copy room door locks from the inside.
We actually have a lot of work to do, Amanda.
So, I'm going to have to take you back downstairs.
Well, it was nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
Well, they seem good together.
Like it was meant to be.
If you believe in that kinda thing.
Did I embarrass you? No.
- No, they're my friends.
- They seem great.
Maybe we could all go out sometime.
When we are done.
Done with what? Right.
No questions.
Tomorrow morning.
I'll be there.
Traffic should be pretty light tonight, gentlemen.
Let's go home.
When did he pass away? - Interesting.
- What? Well, I'm comparing Pak Su Ji's toxicology report to Cirreux's.
They both contracted hand, foot, mouth virus late in life.
It's common with kids, but not with adults.
- You know it stays dormant in the body? - That why you called me, down here? No.
I called you because of this.
Pak Su Ji did not die from his gunshot wounds, Gibbs.
Something in his bloodstream triggered a massive heart attack after surgery.
Something invisible that never had the chance to spread through the Doctor.
- Something like? - Poison.
Both Kai's .
22 rounds and the rifle slugs were dipped in a lethal toxin called Atropa Belladonna.
Never trust a beautiful woman.
Whoever shot Cirreux also shot the North Korean.
And wanted to make sure that if the bullets didn't kill him, the poison would.
- Backup system.
- She created her own fail-safe.
What are you hiding? It's too late.
I can't.
You are an enabler.
And I love you for it.
Gosh, you look beat.
Let's go sit down.
Are you okay? I've been up all night.
Why? What happened? Come on, you're scaring me, Tim.
What, what is it? Last night last night, something didn't seem right.
I know.
You were busy.
I shouldn't have come to visit.
Amanda, how'd you know where I work? You told me.
You said you worked at NCIS.
I asked you and you told me.
I remember exactly what you said.
I never tell people that.
I give them cell numbers.
I give them beepers.
But you knew.
Where's Kai? What'd you say? Where is she, Tim? I need to know.
Tell me, right now, where you think Kai is or I swear I'll Amanda's real name was Juliet Tippon.
She was born in South Africa.
She worked for her own government before hanging up a freelance shingle.
North Koreans hired her to get Kai before we could.
Why? For fear that Kai might give up and join us.
Tell us what she knows.
Amanda was going to kill me.
If you didn't give her Kai.
Instead, Kai saved your life.
She left this in my car last night.
Why save an NCIS agent? Why send these messages? Gonna join a monastery.
Connect Cirreux to Pak Su Ji.
Well, the poison's new.
It's not part of Kai's previous MO.
- Two targets from two different worlds.
- Both old guys.
Lots of money, homes in multiple countries.
Both womanizers.
But no kids.
What'd you say? They don't have kids.
Some people don't like rug rats.
Both have a kid's disease.
Why? They both had hand, foot, mouth virus.
They had to be exposed at some point.
- I hate it when he does that.
- It's totally unsatisfying.
What do we know about the training program that recruited Kai? A whole team of people.
Military, Doctors, government types.
Abs, bring up the group shot.
That photo's 30 years old.
That's Kai.
Right there in the middle.
And this Is a young Pak Su Ji.
And this Is Dr.
She's murdering the men who did this to her.
Who turned her into a killer.
Why indeed? To think of the loss that could have been avoided.
So, what now, Duck? Does she keep hunting down the people who did this to her? I doubt there are any left.
Cirreux was their medical consultant.
He physically robbed her of her childhood.
He turned weak little girls into cold hearted killers.
Pak Su Ji? The father figure.
The puppet master for Kai the Frankenstein.
For her, those two were the responsible parental figures.
What about Vance? Well, all her life, she was pursued by one man.
Not physically or sexually, of course, but mentally.
He's chased her, courted her, you might say.
Remember, she's probably never had a relationship.
She doesn't know what it's like to love or be loved.
My fear now, is that she'll probably turn to him for help.
I mean, in her mind, he's been her partner in all this.
The one man she can count on.
Jackie? Where are the agents? They're never supposed to leave the Sweetheart? What's going on? I'm okay.
Hello, Leon.
Where are my children? Gone.
I waited for them to leave.
This isn't about them.
And the agents? Tranquilized.
They won't be happy when they wake up, but considering the alternative You're changing, Kai.
Not enough.
It's too late.
Let my wife go.
In time.
She's lucky to have you.
We know about the Doctor and Pak Su Ji.
We know what they did to you.
I don't think you can possibly imagine.
You saved one of my agents.
He didn't deserve to die.
The girl did.
It doesn't have to end like this.
My life ended 30 years ago.
You think it matters what happens now? I'm counting on you, Leon.
You're counting on me for what? To do what you did before.
Everyone said I missed.
You should be dead.
I was already dead.
Stop this.
I can't.
I can help you.
Just being there all these years, you already have.
You have to finish it, Leon.
Do it for me.
For your partner.
Anyone can achieve their fullest potential.
Who we are might be predetermined, but the path we follow is always of our own choosing.
We should never allow our fears or the expectations of others to set the frontiers of our destiny.
Your destiny can't be changed, but it can be challenged.
Every man is born as many men, and dies as a single one.