NCIS s10e17 Episode Script

Prime Suspect

NCIS - 10x17 - Prime Suspect Metro police were alerted by a 911 call from a neighbor, and while they're not releasing the young woman's name, police say she fits the description of the Dead Rose Slasher's previous victims.
So after a three-year absence, it appears the slasher has returned with a vengeance, claiming two more young women in the last week.
I helped Abby add a third dead bolt to her apartment door last night.
If you've seen this man, you're asked to call the police tip line at 202-555 I can't watch any more of this.
Do not approach him, do not How was the fishing trip? Didn't go.
What? You look forward to that every year.
Just didn't feel like it, I guess.
Something wrong? I'm worried about Cameron.
I don't know, since he got out of the Navy, he hasn't found work; he's very depressed.
Ah, he's a kid, Frankie; he'll figure it out.
He's been acting really strange, too.
You talk to him? Well his mother had a way of getting through to him.
I don't.
You did a great job raising him after she died.
What's the problem? You saw the police sketch of the Dead Rose Slasher.
It looks just like Cameron.
It looks like a lot of guys, Frank.
It's not just that.
The murders started four years ago, when Cameron was a student at Hamilton.
The first victim was a coed there, and then they stopped for three years, when he was away in the Navy.
But now they've started again since he's come back home.
It's probably just a coincidence.
I thought you didn't believe in coincidences, Gibbs.
Do you remember when he left college middle of his sophomore year? Yeah, he got hurt.
Lost his scholarship.
The best left-handed quarterback to come out of the DC high schools.
I was too ashamed to tell you the truth.
Cameron was accused of date rape.
Now, eventually all the charges were dropped, but he was thrown out.
Long time ago, Frank.
Cameron wasn't at home the nights of the last two killings.
What do I do, Gibbs? I mean, I can't go to the police and say I suspect my own son.
Well maybe I can give you a little peace of mind-- ask around, get Metro PD to give me something that eliminates Cameron as a suspect.
Can you do it without giving up his name? Because if I'm wrong, and he finds out, it'll be the end of what's ever left of our relationship.
Thank you for letting me borrow your controller, Tim.
You were right-- the yaw sensitivity is outstanding.
It anticipates your moves.
I was up half the night playing.
Playing? Instead of studying? Studying? Yeah, Dorneget, for your GS-11 exam.
What is that? It's a test that probies used to have to take to become journeyman agents.
It hasn't been given in years.
Gibbs is the last agent I know that took it.
- Oh.
The word is that Director Vance is reinstating that test.
- You're messing with me.
- No, he is not.
I heard the same thing from Hollander in HR.
I'm glad I did not have to take it.
Well, what kind of test is it? Whew, it's tough.
Comprehensive, covers all the rules and then regs, procedures-- it's all in the manuals, which you're gonna have to know by heart.
Here comes Vance.
You can ask him yourself.
Where is he? It's Haircut Tuesday, Director Vance.
Yeah, the bowl should be coming off his head just about now.
He should be here any second.
Got something on your mind, Dorneget? Uh No, sir.
Tell Gibbs I need to see him.
Abby, did you get the security video I sent you? Check your e-mail, McGee.
How's Director Vance been today? He seems, um, fine.
I'm worried about him.
What's this? Lance Corporal Douglas Alexander and a mystery passenger leaving the base at Norfolk three days ago.
He stole over 120 grand from the cash sales office he was assigned to.
This is the last time he was seen leaving the base.
We have not been able to find him.
We put out a BOLO and nothing.
Well, he shouldn't be too hard to spot.
He's 220, six-five.
Well, I removed the reflection and then I enhanced the passenger's face.
Look at that.
- An attractive woman.
- I ran the image through facial - recognition, and I got a name.
- What is it? Melissa Tourney.
She's a civilian.
We find her, we'll find him.
Nice haircut, Agent Gibbs.
I'm gonna go back to the evidence locker.
Uh, boss, Vance is looking for you.
He went back to his office.
Detective, you I.
'd the girl? Uh, yeah, but we're not releasing the name yet.
You'll give me an exclusive? Come on, Bart.
The chief's having a press conference this afternoon.
You'll find out when everybody else does.
Detective Shard? Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS.
NCIS? How can I help you? Well, we're investigating an attempted homicide.
Got a witness described a guy looks a lot like the sketch of your Dead Rose Slasher.
Yeah? And you think we're looking for the same person? I don't know.
What's the sketch based on? Witness saw a guy running from the scene of Victim Number Two's murder three years ago.
What makes you think the same guy's killing again? Everything.
Girls all fit a profile.
Same type of weapon.
Bodies posed the same way.
The guy leaves a dead rose on the victim's chest.
You got a fingerprint? You got any DNA? That would make it too easy.
This guy's real careful.
Must be wearing gloves.
How about yours? You got anything that can eliminate my suspect? Stab wounds suggest that he's left-handed.
Your guy left-handed? You know I'll check.
Not sure.
Melissa Tourney, 28, is a professional dancer.
Works under the name of Misty Blue.
Sounds like a stripper.
Is a stripper.
At a club in Anacostia.
I just caught the lunch show.
It's pretty good.
Comes with a couple of ginger ales and a bacon double cheeseburger.
Just following the lead, boss.
Spoke with a couple of the girls.
One of them told me that Melissa met our lance corporal a couple weeks ago.
They've been hot and heavy ever since.
She hasn't shown up for work the past three nights.
While he was busy talking to the other girls, I went to Melissa Tourney's apartment.
The landlady said she packed up and left yesterday.
Did not leave a forwarding address.
But we're pretty sure we know where she is now.
She bought a ticket.
Paid cash.
Reagan National to Charlotte with a connecting flight to Freeport, Grand Bahamas.
Left the country, traveling alone? Looks that way.
She booked herself into a resort on the east end of the island.
Lance Corporal Alexander'll show up.
Certainly worth a trip down there.
You volunteering for that, are you, DiNozzo? Stripper, Caribbean beach-- is that a trick question? Behave yourself, Skippy.
Aye, aye, sir.
You're not sending him alone.
Hey, spring Dorneget out of the evidence locker, will you? - Dorneget? - Yeah.
- I need you and Ziva here.
- Don't worry, Tim, I'll bring you back a T-shirt.
Hey, Duck.
Just a second.
Since the weather broke, I-I've been running at lunchtime.
Part of my cardio-rehab.
Managed to lower my resting heart rate by almost 20% since my little episode last year.
Hey, I need a favor.
You still tight with the City M.
? Tom Hubbard? Yes, we play bridge every Wednesday.
He was a little upset the other night when I trumped his ace, but, uh, when we won the rubber, he forgave me.
Well he did all the autopsies on the Dead Rose Slasher victims.
Yeah? And I'm wondering if he found anything that could eliminate someone as a suspect.
I don't want Metro PD to know who's asking.
So y-you want me to con the information out of him? May I ask why? Helping a friend.
Hey, you hear I'm going to the Bahamas? Yeah.
Yeah, with, uh, Tony.
I got to get back to my place, pack and set my DVR.
He's picking me up in an hour.
Listen, don't let him "probie" you.
What? I've been there, Dorney.
Tony's gonna pull rank.
I can handle him.
Watch your back, Dorney.
Cameron Dean's life started falling apart after high school.
In his second year of college, a sorority girl accused him of date rape, but charges were eventually dropped.
He left college and enlisted in the Navy.
He was overseas for nearly three years, but he got discharged, is now in the Reserves.
Seems to have straightened out but is, um, currently living at home with his father, collecting unemployment.
Any criminal record? No.
Can you tell us why we're looking at him? His father's an old friend of mine, and he is worried that his son might be the Dead Rose Slasher.
Sure looks like the sketch.
Not our case.
And I don't want to give him over to the police unless this is something more than a father's paranoia.
So if you don't want to help on this hey I get it.
Whatever you need, Gibbs.
If you can get his cell phone number, we can locate him and discreetly check him out.
Thank you.
Hey, Leon.
You mind some company? I have an hour left with the babysitter.
Yeah? Where'd you go? Supposedly group bereavement counseling.
Couldn't do it, so I'm consoling myself with some double chocolate brownies.
Would you care to join me? I hate to eat alone.
How you doing? I'll be fine.
Just need some space.
I don't need people smothering me with sympathy, poor-him, puppy-dog looks.
You talking about Abby? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, she means well.
I know.
Abby's got a big heart, Leon.
She's just trying to help you any way she can.
And I appreciate the brownie.
Why are you really here? I'm back on the job, Gibbs.
I don't like being out of the loop.
Chief of Metro Detectives called asking me: Why are you sticking your nose in the Dead Rose Slasher case? Said you were at the crime scene, Dr.
Mallard questioned his M.
Nah, it's nothing official, Leon.
I was just checking something out for a friend.
Well, must be a good friend.
Yeah, he's been there for me.
All right.
Have you ever had the burger here? Uh, sorry, no.
Do you live in the neighborhood? Excuse me? I'm just visiting, and, um this menu does nothing for me.
Would you be able to recommend anything else around here? No, not not really.
Hey I'm Abby.
Hey, Abby.
I'd really love to stay and chat, but I have to go.
Yeah, sure.
Some other time.
We better follow him.
Yeah, she fits the profile of all the other victims-- come on.
Let's go.
Ah, look at that.
You're too much.
Thank you.
Uh, hey.
You're supposed to beat the senior field agent to work.
I'm so sorry, but the front desk called me at, like, 3:00 a.
Why? They said I ordered a wake-up call.
Can you believe that? It took me forever to get back to sleep, and then I guess I slept in.
I-I-I'm I'm sorry, Agent DiNozzo, I promise it won't happen again.
It's "Tony" when we're on stakeout.
The idea is we're supposed to blend in.
Speaking of which, what in the name of Brooks Brothers are you wearing? You look like exactly what you are: a pubescent federal agent.
Now, while you were sleeping, I was already on the job.
Melissa Tourney left the Royal Suite this morning, all alone.
Where is she now? If you can be discreet, she's the blonde in the bikini with the smoking-hot body by the waterfall, over your left shoulder.
Left shoulder.
Stop it.
Oh, my God, stop.
We're gonna have to work on that.
She's the kind of gal my father would say you want to make cookies with.
So, do we just wait around for Lance Corporal Alexander to show? Yeah, that's exactly what we do.
And we hope it takes him a couple days to show, so we can enjoy this little slice of paradise.
Why don't you go find something beachy to wear? Hit the gift shop.
I'm gonna call the office.
Get some sunblock.
How is Dorneget doing? He's an easier mark than McGee.
I pulled the old 3:00 a.
wake-up on him.
Course you did.
Give him a break, Tony.
Hey, McGander.
Check this out.
You see anything like that on the Metrorail this morning? Hi, ladies.
Looking good.
Looking very good.
I like the purple.
You make an arrest already, did you, DiNozzo? Boss, uh no, well, I, uh You find Cameron Dean last night? Traced his cell to a bar near Union Station.
He was alone.
I tried making conversation with him, but he was distracted by a younger woman.
He could not take his eyes off her.
Brunette, mid-20s.
Fits the profile of the slasher victims.
After she left the bar, - he followed her.
- We tailed him, a couple of blocks to an apartment building.
Nothing happened.
He never approached her, and left after she went inside.
- Where'd he go after that? - Back to his father's house.
Lights went off in his room at 1:00 a.
His father's a barber.
Boss, he wouldn't happen to be yours Guys, later, okay? Later.
What are you doing here? You weren't very forthcoming.
Thought I'd check in with Director Vance.
He assures me NCIS will share information that's pertinent to my investigation.
We will.
So, give me the name of your suspect.
Vance claims, uh, he doesn't know it.
It is premature.
All we have now is someone with a passing resemblance to your sketch.
I'd like to talk to him.
What's the harm? Is there anything other than left-handed that would eliminate or incriminate my guy? So your guy is left-handed.
Yeah, it's Gibbs.
You have a moment? Mm-hmm.
I'll be right there.
I gotta go.
We'll be in touch.
Bill Shard.
So, what do you do here? I'm Special Agent David.
You've been to Israel.
I was born there.
I spoke with Dr.
Yeah, I know you did.
Oh? Uh, he reported your conversation to the Chief of Detectives, who called Director Vance.
And I thought I was so circumspect.
Doc, don't worry about it.
Chief complained about me, too.
Hubbard tell you anything? Yeah, that, uh two recent murders are identical to those three years ago.
Based on the stab wounds, the killer is most definitely left-handed.
And the same type and size of blade was used in all cases.
The killer leave any forensic evidence? None.
But Hubbard did reveal something interesting.
Besides being in the same physical phylum, all of the young ladies were intravenous drug users.
Detective Shard didn't mention that.
I thought he was holding something back.
That's funny you should say that.
Hubbard has a tell when we play cards.
A little twitch when he's hiding a good hand.
Last night, the old boy was twitching like a worm on a hook.
There's something they're not telling us.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I hate the Bahamas.
I hate the Bahamas.
Hey, Tony! Tony! Here's your burger.
What took you so long? I had to wait in line.
There's mustard all over this thing.
I hate mustard.
Then scrape it off.
Take the burger back.
No way.
I am not your personal assistant, Tony.
Are you getting feisty with me? McGee warned me you'd play the probie card.
I read the regs.
"A senior agent cannot order a probationary agent to perform personal services.
" You brought your manuals with you.
I have to study for my GS-11.
Well, take this back before I slap you silly.
She's staring at us.
She's staring at me.
She has been for the last hour.
Why? Maybe it's time I made contact.
Should you do that? She'll think it's weird if I don't.
Watch and learn.
Couldn't help notice you're sitting here all alone.
I thought maybe you'd want some company? Sure.
Your partner won't mind? "Partner"? Oh, I assumed you two were a couple.
Just your shirt it's so pink.
It's the third time the Dead Rose Slasher has struck the downtown area in the last two weeks.
The latest victim was killed early this morning, her body found in an alley across the street from this hotel, which is known to be frequented by drug users and prostitutes.
Got my fingers crossed it's not the girl we saw from the bar last night.
She did not look like a drug addict.
Her name's being withheld pending notification of next of kin, but I've been told told she resembles the other Dead Rose Slasher victims.
Any idea where your guy was last night? I'm sure Detective Shard is gonna ask me the same thing.
That's him calling me right now.
Yeah, it's Gibbs.
This is a courtesy call, Gibbs, to let you know that I'm picking up Cameron Dean for questioning.
How'd you get his name? A little talent I acquired.
I can read upside down.
I saw his picture and his name on that cute agent's desk.
We'll keep in touch.
Shard has Cameron Dean's name.
How did he get it? Ziva, find the woman he was following and make sure she's still alive.
McGee, get Cameron Dean in here before Metro finds him.
I'll call the Metro chief and the commissioner and run interference.
Don't look like have good news.
I want to ask you something, Frank.
Was Cameron home this morning? He was gone when I got up.
Why, you think he killed that girl they found in the alley? No.
But the police are gonna call him in for questioning.
What happened? Why? Did they have evidence that points to Cameron? No.
They learned we were checking him out.
How? I'm gonna do everything I can, okay? Well, what happened? Did you give him up to the cops? No.
We got careless.
I should have never said anything to you.
No, you did the right thing.
What happened to my son? Cameron.
Special Agent Gibbs.
Are you gonna be the one to tell me what the hell's going on here? 'Cause no one else will.
Where were you just before dawn this morning? I was looking for work.
What time did you leave your house? About a quarter to 6:00.
There was a construction company that was hiring day laborers.
It's a first come, first serve kind of thing.
I didn't get it.
Why were you following her last night? What the hell is this all about? Do you think that I'm the serial killer? Why were you following her? I was doing a favor for a shipmate.
He's stationed in Bahrain.
This is his wife, and he thinks that she's cheating on him.
He asked me to do him a favor, so I followed her around to see what she was up to.
That's it.
I'm taking him into custody.
Agent Gibbs is in the middle of an interrogation.
You have no jurisdiction in my case, Director Vance.
If your agents do anything to jeopardize our investigation or prosecution in this case, you'll face charges.
We have our own reasonings for questioning Mr.
You got a problem? Turn over the suspect.
We're holding him for 24 hours.
For what? Stalking a Navy dependent.
This woman-- we checked; she's alive.
It doesn't mean that he didn't kill the woman we found this morning.
Look at him! He could've posed for the sketch.
I want access to your files on the serial killings.
Yeah, right.
You got big ones, Gibbs.
The point is moot, Detective Shard.
I talked to your chief.
He told me how backed up your lab is.
I offered our assistance.
He thought a fresh set of eyes might be helpful.
All the physical evidence is on its way over.
Hey, want some help with that? Yeah, sure.
The Bronze Master.
Is your friend checking up on you? Oh My friend.
Oh, he just got here.
I knew it was too good to be true.
Well see ya.
See ya.
See ya round.
What? Hey, Melissa.
Aren't you gonna introduce me? Who is this guy? Just someone I met at the pool.
Come on I'm not just someone.
I'm NCIS, Agent Anthony DiNozzo.
What's going on? I don't know.
Please, stop Get back here! Did I hear you say, "Please stop?" Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
You have a minute? Um sure, but I was just going down to the garage because the Dead Rose Slasher evidence just came in from Metro.
I'll ride down with you.
We can talk along the way.
did I do something wrong? No.
Quite the contrary.
I need your help.
Look, I know you're busy, but, uh, when you have time, I'd like to ask a favor.
Oh, sure.
I mean, anything.
What? Kayla needs help with her science project.
It is not my strong suit.
Science project? Yes.
It's only, like, my favorite thing.
Totally got me through middle school.
I I would love to.
I can't wait.
Thank you.
Would you, uh, do me a favor and make sure that Kayla does some of the work? Got it.
How, um? How is she? She's okay.
I, uh I think she could benefit from having a strong adult woman in her life right now.
Director Vance? Mm? Would you mind if I gave you a hug? I wouldn't mind at all.
Hey! Abbs! Hey! Great us finally getting to work together, huh? I know! Director Vance, this is Metro PD's forensics' specialist, Ramsey Boone.
Ah, Director Vance.
Must be a pretty friendly agency.
You get to hug the boss, huh? Uh-uh.
Special circumstances.
Glad to meet you, Ramsey.
Ramsey and I go way back.
Yeah, we met at criminal college.
We were roommates.
Junior and senior year.
And he graduated Summa Cum Laude.
Right, just behind Abby, who was first in her class.
I got it.
Ramsey, thanks for your help on this, but I got to get going.
I got kids to feed.
Looks like we got a lot of evidence to get through, huh? Yeah.
All-nighter! Ha! Cameron Dean's buddy in Bahrain confirmed his story.
He did ask Dean to check up on his wife.
And I just spoke to the construction company.
Cameron Dean's name was on the wait list yesterday morning.
Sounds like he's in the clear.
- Uh, they're back.
- Hey, hey.
The Double D's-- DiNozzo and Dorneget-- got their man.
When do I get my lawyer? Relax, big guy.
What happened? Oh, um, nothing He got punched in the head.
Rookie mistake.
Take him to lockup, Dorney.
Okay, come on.
So, where's the stripper? Detained by Bahamian authorities, awaiting extradition.
Did you recover the money? Most of it, and I got this for you.
Extra small.
It's good to be back.
Oh, hi.
You must be Gibbs, yeah.
Abby described your haircut, like, perfectly.
Uh, she sounded excited on the phone.
Abby! Where is she? Uh She was brushing her teeth.
Can a body really absorb any more caffeine? What have you got? Mm Well, the Gibb's gut was right.
Detective Shard was not sharing everything.
You'll love this.
It's really creepy.
The slasher left a plain, silver wedding band hidden in the mouths of each one of his victims.
Yeah, and only three people knew.
There was Doc Hubbard, the medical examiner who found them.
And Detective Shard, who was in charge of the investigation.
And me.
Ramsey was sworn to secrecy, but Yeah, but the chief told me to share everything with you.
Now, the rings are the reason that we know that the recent murders and the ones from three years ago were committed by the same person.
That's it? No.
Well, we also found the killer's DNA.
Where'd you get it? No, not me-- no, Abby found it.
She's a genius.
Oh, no, no, it was absolutely teamwork-- we did it together.
What? No.
I've had the evidence, like, three years.
I never found anything.
Yeah, you would have.
I mean, I just got lucky Where'd you get it?! Oh, um, well, I found a teensy weensy bit of blood on the thorn from the rose left on Victim Number Two.
Yeah, the killer must have pricked his finger.
I don't know.
How did I miss it? The great news is-- it is not Cameron Dean's blood.
Whose is it? Well, we ran the DNA.
And we got a hit.
Meet Leo Winkler.
Yeah, he looks like the sketch.
It's a dead ringer.
Yeah, but don't get too excited, Gibbs, 'cause he's a dead ringer, like, dead ringer, like, really, really dead ringer.
Yeah, Winkler died shortly after the killings stopped three years ago.
So, he didn't commit the most recent murders.
Who did? Copycat.
Let me get this straight: While Dorney and I were away, you guys got involved in the Dead Rose Slasher case? - Yup.
- No way! I'm obsessed with that case.
I DVR'd all the local news coverage while we were gone, so I could keep up.
Well, we solved the first three murders.
Abby and her boyfriend did.
Ramsey is not her boyfriend.
Who's Ramsey? The killer's name was Leo Winkler.
He died in a bar fight three years ago.
He's a very tragic character.
Medical records reveal Mr.
Winkler was born to a drug-addicted woman whose name, curiously, was Rose, the flower he symbolically left on each young lady's corpse.
I mean, he was killing women like his unwed mother to prevent them from having children like himself.
But if he died three years ago, who's committing the recent murders? The copycat.
Who could not be Cameron Dean.
Who's Cameron Dean? Gibbs' barber's kid.
- Gibbs' barber? - Thank God.
Cameron's finally in the clear.
His only crime was looking like the sketch and being left-handed.
There's no way he could've known about the wedding bands.
Are you following any of this? Almost Shh.
On second thought, why don't you just go back to the evidence locker? Thank you.
I love that kid.
Want a ride? No.
What I want to know is why I was being suspected and followed.
Someone thought you looked like the police sketch.
Who? Cameron.
You thought I was the serial killer? In my heart, I knew you weren't, son.
You know what? I'm gonna take the stairs.
Cameron Cameron Cameron, wait up.
Look, put yourself in his place, all right? There are a bunch of things from your past.
And then he sees the sketch.
My father's never believed me.
He has no idea who I am.
Don't cut him out of your life.
You only get one father.
Talk to him.
The fact the killer hid wedding bands in each of the victim's mouth was kept a secret.
We used it to discredit false confessions.
And you never considered a copycat? No.
So only you, your M.
and a forensic scientist knew about the wedding band? Look, Tom Hubbard is nearly Trust me, he is not your slasher.
And Ramsey Boone, our forensic tech? Weird.
But I seriously doubt he has it in him to harm anybody.
That leaves me.
I'll take a polygraph right now.
No one else had access? No.
And the information wasn't on any electronic database? No-- What? I, uh I gave a redacted summary to a TV reporter.
Who? Bart Crowley.
Why? The case had gone cold and-and Crowley approached me about doing a news segment.
He'd been on this story since the beginning.
Hell, he's the one who coined the name the Dead Rose Slasher.
I figured we'd get that sketch out there and reboot the investigation.
You got a copy of what you gave him? Yeah somewhere.
Shard blacked-out wedding band, but he missed one reference.
Crowley could have found it.
In the three-year period the serial killings stopped, Crowley's career suffered.
He never got another major story.
Rumor is, he was going to be let go.
Then the Dead Rose Slasher returns, and he's back with the lead story on the news.
You think he became the copycat to resurrect his career? You find out where Crowley is now, and where he was yesterday morning.
I talked to Kayla last night.
She's chosen a project about the effects of global warming in the Chesapeake Bay.
I really appreciate this.
And I have already pulled temperature and tide charts for a 30-year period.
How's the eye, Dorneget? Uh, it-it's fine, sir.
Why are you highlighting those old manuals? I'm preparing for my GS-11 exam.
We haven't given that test in over 20 years.
But I heard you were reinstating it.
From whom? Agent DiNozzo.
Dorneget, you're being probied.
Yeah, but Ziva confirmed it.
That's 'cause he did the same thing to her, and she studied for three months.
Dorneget, let's teach Agent DiNozzo a lesson.
Look at what I found.
Where's DiNozzo? This was taken an hour before the last victim's body was found.
And this is Bart Crowley's car.
It was parked two blocks away from yesterday's crime scene.
While Ziva was reviewing security camera footage in the neighborhood, I tracked Crowley's cell phone.
It was turned off at 4:23 a.
, and back on at 5:30.
You suspect Crowley? Yes.
Matches estimated time of death.
The schmuck should have left his cell at home, turned on.
You got enough for search warrants? Uh If it means anything, Bart Crowley is left-handed.
I watched all of his reports last night.
He holds the microphone with his left and wears a watch on the right.
Thank you, guys.
Police have identified the latest slasher victim as a Jessica Ann Jackson, a 26-year-old waitress.
Family members I spoke with said they'd lost contact with Jessica in the last couple years.
Neighbors I I spoke with Uh Um, hold-hold it for a second, Chris.
What's up? We got a break in the case, Bart.
Thanks to NCIS.
We got DNA that ties a suspect to Victim Number Two.
You make an arrest? No.
Can't do that.
That guy died three years ago.
H-How do you explain all the recent killings? Copycat.
I didn't see that coming.
We got a pretty good idea who it might be.
Just executed a search warrant on the apartment.
Found a few interesting items in the bedroom drawer.
Two dead, long-stemmed roses, several silver wedding bands, and the coup de grace-- a six-inch knife.
I'm betting we find traces of the victims' blood on the blade.
And your camera crew's been shooting all this.
Why don't you turn around? Come on, turn around.
Your arrest is gonna make excellent footage on tonight's news.
Morning, Timmy.
Dorney, did you get a little hall pass to come play with the grownups? Look at you.
All grown up, wearing a suit.
What have we here? No idea.
Red envelope.
Oh, it's just my expense report.
I just handed this in.
The Bahamas-- we had some fun down there.
Didn't we? Look at that.
A little note signed by the director.
What's he saying? It's been rejected? I'm being audited for the past two years? What is this? Oh.
That's too bad.
No! No, no, no! So easy to hurt and So hard to forgive Is this your doing? And there's no getting over Have a nice day, Frank.
The people we've been But it sounds like a question When we say this is it We're better off Better off now Hey, Dad.
Nope, I'm just checking in.
Better off now