NCIS s10e18 Episode Script


What do you say, Dex? Anything good? Not unless there's a big, juicy T-bone hidden somewhere in there.
Yeah, he'll have to fight me for it.
Would that make a difference? You want better chow? Because we can have you and Dex eating steaks every day.
Like I said yesterday, Virg, my wife is a hell of a cook.
Come on, Teddy, this is a great opportunity.
I'm sure it is, but so is getting back home and starting a family.
Yeah, but why not make a buttload of money first doing the exact same thing Uncle Sam has you and Dex doing for us right now? Hey! Kid, stop! No, no, no, tell them not to move.
Keep them back, Virg.
Keep them back.
Ma'am, ma'am, you got to stay back.
Come on, Dex.
Seek, Dex, seek.
Come here.
What is that? All right, good boy, good boy.
No, booms.
No booms.
Good dog.
Come on, Dex.
Hey, kid, come on, all right? Come here.
Come with me, all right? We're taking the same way out, okay? Stay right behind me.
Stay behind me.
You'll be all right.
Easy, Dex.
Good dog.
Come on, Dex.
Okay, all right.
Go back to your mom.
Go on, go on.
Good job! Good boy, Dex.
Good boy, Dex.
That was awesome.
Hell, yeah.
Good boy.
Good dog.
Attaboy, Dex.
Good dog.
That was awesome.
Good Teddy.
We got a Marine down.
We got a Marine down! West end to the village.
We need a corpsman now! Such a nice office, Mr.
Thank you.
Will your children be joining us? No.
Today's a school day.
Actually, I thought we'd have a preliminary chat before anybody met the kids.
Oh, that seems fair.
Preliminary chat? How many of those have we heard in the last week? At least ten.
nannies, and Vance still can't pick a winner? Well, it cannot be easy trusting a stranger with your children.
Well, don't look now, but those children are practically teenagers.
Practically teenagers who just lost their mother.
Well, I'm just saying.
If Vance is waiting for Robin Williams in drag to come floating on some magic umbrella singing "Do-Re-Mi," he's going to be waiting a long time.
Wow, Tony.
Three movie nannies in one reference.
That's impressive.
Thank you.
It's called mash-up, McPhee.
And that makes four movie nannies, in case you were counting.
Excuse me.
I was hoping to speak to someone in charge.
That would be Special Agent Gibbs.
He's not here.
Uh, so, based on seniority, for the moment, that would leave me.
Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo at your service.
Uh, Ruby LeMere.
My husband Ted is a Marine stationed in Kabul Or I should say he was.
Yeah, where is he now? That is Special Agent Gibbs.
He's the man in charge.
He's nowhere, Agent Gibbs.
Ted was killed two days ago.
The C.
report said it was enemy fire, a a Taliban sniper.
But But? Ted-- he e-mailed me this video message the day before.
It's not long.
Put it up, McGee.
I'm sorry.
Hey, Rubes, my signal's too weak to call, so I hope you get this.
Listen, baby, I-I, uh, did something stupid.
I got mixed up in something that I shouldn't have.
And, well, it's going to piss some people off.
But I'm going to have to blow the whistle to get out of it.
We're moving out, LeMere.
Let's go.
On my way, sir.
Anyway, no worries.
Try again tomorrow.
Dex sends his love.
Me, too.
The next day, he was dead.
You don't believe the report.
To send that message? Trust me, he was scared.
Would not hurt to look.
They're flying him into Dover tonight.
Um, his body, I mean.
I know it's not much to go on, Agent Gibbs, but if you can pull some strings Please.
In 600 BC, the ancient Greeks were the first to employ war dogs, unleashing them on rival armies to create havoc.
It wasn't until the American Civil War that canines actually accompanied soldiers into battle.
Unofficially, of course.
World War II marked the first time that dogs were actually recognized as valued members of the armed forces.
Yes, you are part of a proud and noble tradition, Sergeant LeMere.
It will be my honor to provide your widow with any measure of peace that I can.
What do you think, Duck? Our personnel in Germany did a splendid job of preserving LeMere's head wound.
It tell you anything? The cause of death appears accurate.
Textbook sniper wound.
Yeah, high-caliber, single shot and armor-piercing.
As to the distance of the shot, well, your educated guess would be a great deal more accurate than mine.
The bullet went through and through Well, not entirely through.
What is it? While the helmet did not stop the projectile, it apparently caused something to be left behind.
Something small and metallic.
Bullet fragment? Well, I suggest we leave that up to Abby.
I'm a big fan of recycling, Gibbs, but I hate how the Taliban does it.
They'll reuse any old weapon.
Soviet-issued Thanks.
Or Chinese stuff.
They buy tons of ammo likes this straight off the black market, which could be from anywhere in the world.
Where's it from? Well, this particular shard is made of pure tungsten carbide.
It's an armor-piercing alloy that's primarily manufactured What'd you say, Abbs? Here, Gibbs.
It was made here.
It's American? Well, the Taliban could've totally bought it off the black market.
The wife could be right.
It might not have been the Taliban.
If not the Taliban, then who? Anything new on the nanny front? Not that I've heard.
Vance's search enters its second week.
Which left his agents feeling like a gaggle of nuns waiting on white smoke from the Vatican chimney.
Are you getting a cold, Tony? Are you doing Bogart? The way Ruby LeMere walked in here the other day-- a handsome dame with a broken heart and a mystery to solve.
It was pure Sam Spade, it was Philip Marlowe.
Um, no and no.
I write mysteries, remember? This is nothing like those.
It was ripped straight from the pages of a dime-store pulp magazine, I tell you.
You sound like a Kennedy.
Let's go.
Uh, Sergeant Theodore "Ted" LeMere, boss.
married, no kids.
Serving his final tour in Afghanistan.
Spotless record, numerous commendations.
His working dog, Dex, has been returned to Pax River for evaluation before being reassigned to a different handler for another tour.
According to an eyewitness, the shooting occurred just after Sergeant LeMere rescued two Afghan children from a Taliban minefield.
Who's the witness? James Virgil, 38 years old.
He's an American civilian contractor.
His company, Beta-Co, works with the military, maintaining our facilities while rebuilding Afghan infrastructure.
What about the bullets? According to Sergeant LeMere's commanding officer, they used the bullets we asked about.
But a handful of unused eight-round clips were apparently lost in a firefight last month.
Hmm, which would kind of lead us back to the Taliban, wouldn't it, boss? It would, except for the wife's video.
It is entirely possible that one has nothing to do with the other.
Start with the eyewitness.
Go from there.
Boss, Beta-Co's full statement's in the report.
But we'll gladly do it in person.
I've seen a lot in my time here, Agents.
But I will never be able to un-see that.
Teddy saving that kid one minute, and then in the dirt with a hole in his head the next.
You did not actually see the sniper, Mr.
Virgil? No, ma'am.
The, uh, shot came from a hilltop about 200 yards from Teddy and me.
You and the sergeant were friends? No, I was more like a fan.
Ever since he was assigned to our company.
Assigned to do what? Save our lives.
The Taliban booby-trap a lot of the buildings that we renovate.
So, Teddy and Dex, they'd go sniff around.
Found dozens of IEDs.
So, no enemies or conflicts? No, he, uh Wait.
What do you mean? Did the sergeant have any troubles or grievances? Any arguments that you know of? We hate to have to ask Then why the hell are you? Well, due diligence.
How about due respect? Okay, Agents, this kid was a war hero.
There's no need to be digging up dirt on him.
Who you talking to, Virg? NCIS.
They want to know if Teddy LeMere had any enemies.
Yeah, we all do: the Taliban.
Look, was the kid perfect? Who the hell is? We still wanted him on our team.
Even when it was done.
I offered him a job just before he died.
But the poor kid Look, all Teddy wanted was to get home.
You want trouble, maybe it was there.
Because it sure wasn't here.
- Agent Gibbs.
- Hey.
Down, Dex.
Got him back, huh? And just a day or two until Pax River reassigns him.
You have a minute to talk? Oh, yeah, sure.
Come on in.
I don't understand.
Ted was killed over there.
Why ask about here? I'm just covering all the bases.
Well, um, Ted and I had arguments like any couple, but nothing that I think would No, not you.
At work.
Trouble on the base with other Marines? None.
Teddy was like a big dog himself.
He was real easygoing.
And, uh And what? I'm sorry.
Can I get you, um, a cup of tea or water or something? No.
No, I'm fine.
What were you gonna say? Oh, nothing.
Um just this scrap he had at the base about six months ago.
Scrap? Like a fight? Uh, one of the base trainers is kind of a cranky old man.
Pitt, they call him.
As in bull, I guess.
I don't even know his real name.
What'd they fight about? Ted thought that he was a little rough with Dex, and one thing led to another.
Both of them got written up, but, uh, Teddy never mentioned it again.
Why "Dex"? Poindexter.
He's too smart for his own good.
Teddy and I got him at about three months.
We raised him together right here in this house.
He can't stay longer? No, that's not how it works.
He's only four, so he's got a few tours left in him.
But that's what we signed up for, right? Duty calls.
It was so very nice meeting you, Director.
And I do hope you'll do me the honor of being governess to your lovely children.
We'll play games and sing songs.
Well, that sounds great, Maria, but I do have a few other applicants to meet.
Uh, I promise I'll let you know soon.
Thank you.
Is there a problem? Like Maria? No, no.
I mean, no, sir.
Not at all.
Uh, she just seemed, um sweet.
Where are we with the LeMere case? That's what I want to know.
Well, we located that Pitt guy, boss, the, uh, dog trainer you had called about.
Full name's Norman - Pittorino, 61.
- Known on base simply as "Pitt," he is a civilian contractor, listed at the Pax River K-9 Unit as a special consultant.
Generally considered their in-house dog whisperer.
Our military also flies him around the world to troubleshoot dog issues.
Recent trips? Well, as luck would have it, he just returned home from Kabul a few days ago.
Flight took off just three hours after LeMere's death.
And this is the incident report from six months ago when he had a fight with LeMere.
Says punches were thrown and threats were made.
They were given a light reprimand and order to steer clear of each other.
Do you think this Pitt fellow may have settled a score before he left Kabul? McGee, take DiNozzo with you.
Find out.
Wait, listen.
Is that a rivulet of sweat I hear trickling down your back, Tim? No.
Dry as a bone.
Why? It just seems every time we deal with dogs, you don't fare so well.
I seem to recall you and I both hopping a fence not that long ago.
Besides, I'm sure we can outrun this guy.
And this guy.
Excuse me.
We're looking for Mr Inside.
Nice talking to you.
Remind me never to invite him and Gibbs to the same dinner party.
You point them right to me.
Get in here! Get the lead out.
Now, now, now! My sister's kid.
Useless? Well, with a name like that, what do you expect? Mr.
Pittorino, we're with You boys have four seconds.
Excuse me.
Four seconds? For what? Tony, run! Zeus! Apollo! McGee, no! No, McGee! Don't lock that door! Way to be a team player, McGee.
I'm sorry.
I panicked, okay? You heard me.
Mistaken identity.
So your Doberman gang mistakenly took us for a pair of rib eyes? I thought you were with the bank.
I'm late on a loan payment.
Why am I here? You were just in Afghanistan? Yeah.
A few days ago.
Why? Did you happen to see Sergeant LeMere while you were over there? LeMere? Yeah.
I saw him briefly.
Freaking Taliban.
Why only briefly? You're the dog whisperer.
He had a dog.
He had a dog with no issues.
LeMere is He was always very particular with Dex.
Around you especially? Now, why would you say that? The fight you had six months ago.
We were just wondering if there was anything you left unresolved.
Until, say the day you left Afghanistan.
So I look like Taliban to you? Sniper still hasn't been found.
So, me and LeMere had philosophical differences.
He coddled that dog like it was his own kid.
Me? I'm not the coddling type.
We've noticed.
We've noticed.
Anyway, there was no bad blood between us.
Hell, I was the guy who recommended him for that outpost.
Hotbed like that needs good Marines, and LeMere with that dog was top-shelf.
Kids like that just don't grow on trees.
Believe me, I got a nephew to prove it.
Okay, Mr.
Pitt, you sit tight.
Sit tight for what? I just said I didn't kill him.
Well, until we know that's true, you're still facing a weapons charge.
Assault with a deadly Dobie.
As you can see, kids are my life.
And I think my age uniquely qualifies me to relate to preteens in a way that older nannies might not.
Sandy, you may have a point.
You, uh, certainly are the youngest applicant that Oh! Sorry.
Go on.
I'm listening.
Just need to reply to this real quick.
Well, I see you got your master's in child development.
Oh, my God.
My Twitter feed is blowing up over this interview.
Six shout-outs to celebrate my new job.
That is, if you hire me.
But I think this is going well.
Don't you? Oh.
I'll come back later.
No! Gibbs, come in.
For God's sake, we're done.
Oh we are? Sandy, it was very nice meeting you.
My assistant will show you out.
But we haven't discussed salary or even when I start.
Well, I'll call you as soon as I know.
Better yet, I'll text you.
Uh but Thank you again.
This was a mistake.
Don't hire her.
No, I mean all of it, Gibbs.
The whole nanny idea-- it's just one big mistake.
I make decisions that affect hundreds every day; thousands.
And I can't make a decision about a nanny? I'm asking, Gibbs.
What do you think? I don't think nannies are exactly in my wheelhouse.
Then what do you want? You said the commandant wanted an update.
Here it is.
This is it? Just one page? Not much to tell.
Not yet.
The wife made an allegation, Gibbs.
Commandant's gonna need more than this to go on.
Yeah, well, when we have it, he'll have it.
There's something there, Leon.
I just don't know what it is yet.
Yeah, Gibbs.
On my way.
What a day.
First my car wouldn't start, so I had to talk a bus driver into letting Dex ride with me.
No dogs allowed on the city bus, huh? Uh, not without a vest calling him a service dog.
If they only knew the kind of service Dex provides, he'd be allowed anywhere and everywhere.
You not big on dogs, guys? Me? No, I-I love dogs.
Me, too.
I just We're just fighting a little something.
Yes, the old Doberman flu.
Why, hello, Dexter.
Nice of you to stop by.
Um, sorry to just show up like this, Agent Gibbs, but something came in the mail this morning that I'm not sure what to make of.
It's postmarked two weeks ago.
Ted said to expect a surprise, but that usually meant photos of Dex or some kind of gag gift, like a cave rock.
Well, that is no rock.
Anniversary? Birthday? Neither.
Just out of the blue.
Looks expensive.
I thought so, too.
No idea how he'd afford something like this.
You mind leaving this here, Ruby? No, that's why I brought it.
I'll take it personally to Abby.
Careful not to lose it on the way, Sticky Fingers.
It's been counted.
Just take care of your flu, Tony.
That's a good boy.
That's a good Whoa! Hi.
Oh! This is nice, Ziva.
It's been too long since we got to hang out.
Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry.
I've just been, um, busy lately.
Yes, you have.
Doing what? You know, just stuff.
But what is this I hear about you, uh, helping Director Vance's daughter with a science project? Oh.
A-plus, baby.
And you'd think after that that he'd hit me up for help on his nanny search.
I mean, I know so many good people-- nannies and mannies.
I'm sure.
My friend Iris, she juggles on the Rehoboth Boardwalk on the weekends.
It's like chain saws and fire.
I mean, she's this amazing multitasker.
You know, Abby, I'm not sure we should I have this friend, Lenny, and he just he loves kids, and he just lost 300 pounds.
He's literally half the man he used to be.
You know, I think it may be best to steer clear of Director Vance's hiring process.
You know, it's a very personal decision after all, and Well, we were right.
Solid gold.
And the emeralds? They're the real deal.
And there's manganese and iron ore embedded in the settings, which would point to a desert climate like Afghanistan.
What about the design? Looks like a symbol, but of what? That could be all night finding that answer.
You in? I'm sorry.
I'll draft McGee.
I really appreciate the ride, Agent Gibbs.
Yeah, well, just couldn't let Dex take another bus.
And thank you for believing me.
My job.
You could have dismissed me as a paranoid, grieving widow, but you didn't.
And whether you find who killed Ted or not, it means a lot that you're even trying.
If somebody murdered your husband, we'll find him, okay? Night, Dex.
Thanks again.
Okay, buddy, let's see about supper.
What is it, Dex? Hello? Dex, wait! Ruby? In here! You okay? He-he went out there.
My grandmother's ring.
Oh, thank God he didn't take it.
Can't believe this.
That's not what he was after.
Well, then, what? Drop it, Dex.
Good boy, Dex.
Good boy.
The design's a symbol, all right.
It's the Junagha family crest.
Royalty of some kind? No, just wealthy by Afghan standards, boss.
Ran a successful jewelry shop in Kabul before fleeing the Taliban in 2003.
Now living in Pakistan.
So they Pakistaned up in a hurry and forgot this baby? Or they used it as barter to assure their safe passage to Pakistan.
I have a theory.
Hey, morning.
What do you got? So, what if Dex and the sergeant were sniffing around the Junaghas' house for IEDs, and they fell into a cave that was full of jewels and-and precious metals - and chalices - Abbs? If you're going to go Aladdin on us, just keep in mind that was set in Baghdad, not Afghanistan.
I feel certain that there is more than one genie in the world.
And I'm not that far off, either, 'cause a lot of families that were fleeing Afghanistan-- they would bury all their valuables, rather than risk losing them to the Taliban.
Did you get anything from that shirt sleeve I dropped off? Yes.
It's a cotton-poly blend, and I found traces of dog saliva and both dog and human hair.
DNA? I'll put a rush on it.
So what's this thing worth again? Well, the gold alone is just over $4,000.
- Emeralds are another five.
- All right.
Nine grand-- that's a lot of dough, but is it enough to make someone break into Ruby's place to get it? And how did that someone even know it was there? He has to have a contact in Afghanistan.
No, it's got to be more.
No, boss.
I based my numbers on current market value.
No, McGee.
I meant, where the pendant came from.
There's got to be more.
You two, start digging.
The pendant, the sleeve-- there's got to be an answer in here somewhere.
What about McGee, boss? McGee is coming with me.
Sure, boss.
Where to? Afghanistan? Afghanistan? Scene of the crime, Leon.
Is this really necessary? It is after last night's break-in.
There's more going on here than we thought.
You sure about this? Yeah, boss, you sure about this? Fine.
You can get the next transport.
There might be one tonight if you're that eager.
I'll need three seats.
Three? Who's coming with us? Fire! What's up, Dex? Agents, welcome to Sayed Abad.
Captain Dale Martens.
I'm Special Agent McGee, this is Special Agent Gibbs, and obviously, you know Dex.
It's weird seeing him without Sergeant LeMere.
They were inseparable.
Fire! You LeMere's C.
? Yeah, but let's talk inside.
Nowhere's ever safe around here.
Natives have been a little restless lately.
You realize we'll be reassigning Dex as long as he's here.
There's a real need since we lost Teddy.
He was a good guy, great Marine.
Still no lead on the sniper? Oh, no, we got him.
Just last night.
Can we talk to him? He won't give you much.
We did a sweep of suspected Taliban in the area where the shot came from.
Rounded up eight known hostiles.
That is, until this guy tried to escape.
Khalid Al-Hatan.
He's been ducking us for a while now, but not anymore.
He dead? Affirmative.
Civilian contractors we work with I believe you spoke with Virgil, their supervisor? Yeah, I did.
One of his members took the shot.
Little trigger-happy for my taste, but understandable.
So, you don't actually know if this is your sniper or not.
Well, the other suspects indicated this is our guy.
And in this environment, Agent Gibbs, that's good enough for me.
Something to do with restless natives? Kind of a perfect storm.
Pro-Taliban don't want us killing one of their own, while the locals are just fine with us killing whoever might have killed Teddy.
So where do we find these contractors? Agent David.
Early bird.
Morning, Director.
Um, we worked, uh, late last night.
I was just catching up on a few things.
You? Same.
Catching up before another round of interviews.
Uh, if I may, Director? You and I are bound by recent events.
A mutual introspection of sorts.
Maybe I can lend support where others cannot.
That is, unless I am completely overstepping my bounds.
Try me.
What is it you're looking for? Basics.
Someone to cook, clean, take the kids to school.
Well, I've seen many women pass through here, most of whom are capable of at least that much.
Your point? My point is that there has to be something else.
Something that you're afraid of.
Long as we share this bond, David, you promise me, when I come to offer my perspective concerning what it is that you're catching up on, you will be as forthcoming as I'm about to be? Promise I'll try.
I don't know if I'm scared, but I will admit that I do worry some.
I worry that that the act of hiring a nanny means that I'm moving on.
And if I'm moving on, I worry that Jackie's death will you know, feel like It's a bit more final? Well, then, I suggest you take your time Director.
Hire a nanny, or do not hire one.
But do not let anyone tell you when you're ready or should be ready to move on.
That is entirely up to you.
You may be onto something.
I have some experience.
Yeah? Where were you a week and a half ago? Ah, something's not right here.
The sniper would target the dog before he would the handler.
Dog finds bombs, saves lives.
You take out the dog, nobody gets saved.
Why am I telling you this? Boss? Special Agent Gibbs.
This is, uh, Jim Virgil, the witness Ziva and I spoke to in MTAC.
Hey! Dex, buddy! You're a sight for sore eyes.
Back working already? You NCIS boys, uh, travel fast.
Assuming you heard about last night.
Which one of your security detail took out the sniper? Work fast, too.
I took a shot at that Taliban S.
I don't know if it was the shot, though.
Chet Tyber-- he's our head of security.
We were all firing.
Could have been any of us-- me, Virg, Martens' crew, anyone.
Martens tell you it was us? Would it matter? Covering their asses, as usual.
See, we get a little more wiggle room to operate than our friends in the military, so, naturally, there's some low-grade resentment.
You mean Captain Martens? Well, if he can avoid explaining anything that even smells like it wasn't by the book, we're the fall guys.
And killing an unarmed Taliban suspect is something you're saying he'd rather not own up to? Would you? The sniper-- where'd you find him? We didn't.
It was Martens' team that rounded up the suspects from behind this mountain here, where the shot came from.
You saw it? I heard it.
It was like a thunderclap.
Which way was LeMere facing? Well, uh, I was over here, and Teddy was with Dex right here when the bullet hit.
Shot didn't come from the mountain.
What you heard was the echo.
Well, how do you know that? Shooter was in that building there.
It's the best height.
Bullet hole in the helmet, angle of the shot.
Trust me, he knows.
Is this possible? You were here, not me.
Well, that means the suspected Taliban that were rounded up from behind the mountain were the wrong suspects.
You're telling me we got the wrong guy? The real one's still out there.
The pretty dame with the funny shoes was taking her sweet time with the DNA results.
Would you please stop that? And the Israeli femme fatale was losing her patience.
Only with you, Tony.
Well, there's no DNA yet, Bogie, but there is something about the hairs that I found on the sleeve of Ruby's attacker.
Something like? I don't know yet.
But I did think of another friend who would be a great nanny for Vance's kids.
Again, Abby, I think we'd be wise to stay out of Vance's business.
Wise? That's putting it mildly.
Vance has put out some very clear signs.
No trespassing.
You'd have to be a complete idiot to even offer your two cents.
Well, I don't know about an idiot.
I knew it.
Whose hair is it? Not whose.
What? So, there's three hairs.
One is human, and two are from a dog.
But only one of the dog hairs belonged to Dex.
The other one, it's not even the same breed.
What breed is it? Anyone know a Doberman? Huh.
Well, just keep looking, Fred, and call me if you see anything, okay? Thanks.
That was my buddy in surveillance.
He's checking satellite images of the building the day LeMere was shot.
Here you go.
Photos our corpsman took of our Taliban suspect.
As you can see, both shots went through and through.
Still can't believe that's not our guy.
Something else bothering you? Yeah.
It just burns my butt you're even asking me about bullets, Agent Gibbs.
I tell you Virgil's man took the shot, they turn around and say it was us.
It just never ends with these guys.
Uh, boss? Yeah? Gibbs, I thought you should know Abby found Doberman hair on the sleeve of Ruby's attacker.
Doberman? Pitt had Dobies.
Pittorino, yeah, boss.
That's the first name we thought of, too.
We were only just slightly off target.
I mean, sure, I wanted to make some real money, but can you blame me? Anything beats working for my uncle the rest of my life.
The pendant was just the tip of the iceberg.
Marty Hagen was helping to smuggle stolen items just like it from Afghanistan, using his uncle's business as cover.
Crooks over there stashed the goods in Pitt's baggage for his nephew to unload here and store until they got Stateside.
What crooks? Who's "they"? Hagen is reluctant to give us a name, unless, of course, we cut him a deal.
Ziva, get me a name! Corporal Ryan reporting for canine reassignment, Captain.
At ease, Ryan.
Paperwork? Fully trained and authorized, sir.
And, uh, if it's all the same to you, Dex and I will get to know each other in the field.
That's not procedure, Corporal.
What's your rush? Well, no rush, sir; just, uh Beta-Co needs a replacement, and I need experience.
Where are you taking him, Corporal? Uh, a few buildings in the city Mr.
Virgil wants sniffed out before, uh, they start renovating.
We good to go, sir? No.
Not yet.
Well, that's the dog I requested, Corporal Ryan, but I didn't say anything about the, uh, entourage.
We just wanted to see what you were renovating next, Mr.
Look, Agent Gibbs, we've got work to do, so whatever this is about It's about what you did to Sergeant LeMere.
Using him and Dex to clear bombs out of buildings you were looting.
Looting? The sergeant only thought he was keeping you safe.
When he found out what you were really up to, you tried to buy him off with that pendant.
The one he sent to his wife.
The same one you had Pitt's nephew, Marty, try and steal back from her to cover your tracks.
Yeah, that kid's back in D.
right now, spilling his guts.
Look, there was no looting, okay? Teddy had that wrong.
All we did was collect what was left behind.
You know, with with no one around to even miss the stuff.
For days, I was offering the kid a job.
When Teddy didn't take it, you killed him.
What what are you talking about? I-I was standing right next to him.
I wasn't talking to you.
Prove it.
We will soon enough.
Background check says you're a marksman.
Former Special Forces.
Sniper training, top of your class.
Son of a bitch.
Hands in the air.
Okay, tell Gracie's mom I'm on my way, sweetie.
Yeah, um, sure.
We can, uh, get some takeout on the way home.
Okay? Great.
I'll see you soon.
We were just about to knock.
And you are? Your 7:00.
Lara Morgan.
The agency sent my résumé.
They sent over quite a few, Ms.
Um I actually thought I had canceled, uh, my remaining interviews.
Obviously they missed one, or or maybe I did.
Well, as long as I'm here Actually, I'm afraid I'm no longer looking to hire anyone.
And, uh, I'm on my way to pick up my kids at a friend's house, so we wouldn't have time anyway.
Well isn't that interesting.
I'm sorry? Are you? Because word at the agency is that you've been wasting a lot of my friends' time lately.
Is that right? In fact, there's some doubt about whether you were ever serious about hiring anyone to begin with.
Well, I can assure you, I was serious.
So were the women who needed this job, Mr.
Look I'm just not I'm not quite ready.
I understand.
I do.
And I sympathize.
I've seen it before.
You have? Losing the woman you love, the mother of your children, is a horrible thing.
But I certainly hope you weren't expecting any nanny to come close to filling that void.
No, you can believe me when I say that I-I wasn't.
Because I'd have had no trouble making sure that your children were fed and their clothes were clean and their homework was done.
But I'd never dream of trying to be their mother.
Or ever letting them forget her, for that matter.
So good luck.
No guarantees but would you mind meeting my kids? Sure.
Thank you.
Ready! Hut! Onward! March! Detail, march! Ten-hut! You guys go ahead.
I'll be there soon.
Agent Gibbs.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Ruby.
Your husband deserved better than he got.
Well, at least they didn't get away with it.
And Teddy would've liked knowing that Dex helped.
Yes, he did.
And now he's doing what he loves.
What he was trained for.
I guess that's for the best.
Tell me, uh, you met the new handler.
Did he seem okay to you? Ruby Dex isn't serving anymore.
What do you mean? Unofficial.
But he earned it.
God, is he okay? Ask him yourself.
Dex! Oh are you okay? Look at you.
Well, he got shot.
He got lucky.
How long is he out for? The, uh, rest of his days.
He's officially retired.
And he's yours.
Thank you.
Dex Thank you, guys.
You're awfully quiet, Tony.
Who's coming home? Who's coming home? You know, I've been thinking about getting a dog.
That's not a dog.
That's a Marine.