NCIS s10e21 Episode Script


Where is Ziva David? And you are? Ilan Bodnar.
Mossad claims that Bodnar acted alone.
Don't do this.
I'm going to a funeral, Tony.
I'm delivering my father's eulogy.
Homeland's called twice.
Recent intel has him still in Rome.
I need to find her.
I think it has something to do with Bodnar.
You are tracking a CIA target.
Bodnar's not dead.
He's alive.
And I'm not gonna stop until I find him.
I would like your permission to travel to Europe to find Bodnar.
He's in Rome.
Take DiNozzo.
Better late than never.
Stand by.
I was beginning to wonder.
What are you doing here? * Ah, McMoneypenny! Which of these says "dashing foreign operative" to you, huh? This isn't exactly a Roman holiday you're going on, Tony.
Well, believe me, I have charted every aqueduct and escape route that Rome has to offer.
I've see The Italian Job twice, both versions.
I'm all business here.
Then stop gloating.
Well, that can't be helped.
I saw the look on your face when Gibbs tabbed me to go.
You did a great job, though, helping Ziva track down Bodnar behind my back.
Which it's nice to hear you're finally over.
International espionage is my middle name.
Stakeout at the Pantheon, high-speed car chase past the Colosseum, a little romantic rendezvous at the Trevi Fountain.
You can forget Italy, DiNozzo.
Huh, boss? Why? Come on.
Going to Berlin instead.
Berlin?! Where Bodnar is truly headed.
We were wrong about Rome? No, we were right, McGee.
But by the time Tony and I get there, along with every other agency, Bodnar will have already reached his final destination.
Berlin? Really? Yeah.
You got a problem with that? Nein.
I'm just wondering how we know this when every other agency doesn't.
Because only I know how my father taught Bodnar to think, all his little tricks.
And since Bodnar has financial holdings all over the world? Universe, really.
What is Mossad doing here? How do you know they're Mossad? Because I know her.
Why are they here? Don't know, but I'll find out.
Come on.
Whenever he's ready.
Thank you.
Yes, ma'am.
I'll let him know you're here.
Ziva I was hoping I would catch a glimpse of you in your new home.
What are you doing here, Orli? Well, it's not been made public yet, but I have been recently named Rosh Ha Mossad Congratulations.
Your father was irreplaceable.
You have my sympathy.
Agent Gibbs, please meet the new Director of Mossad, Orli Elbaz.
My pleasure, Agent Gibbs.
Director David always spoke very highly of you.
And your Director Vance has been kind enough to grant me a private word.
I think it would be beneficial if you joined us.
Both of you.
Last night a Mossad officer, Amir Mantel, was murdered in a Virginia parking lot.
It was a professional hit.
I'm guessing he wasn't here on vacation.
He was here, as you might say, "off the books," Director.
As you well know, Eli David's assassination was orchestrated by one of our own.
Ilan Bodnar.
Here are pictures of Bodnar leaving the United States, three months ago.
Yeah, at Dulles.
We have the same photos.
If Mossad knew Bodnar had gone, why keep an officer in Virginia? She always did ask the right questions.
You think Bodnar's got help? Five Mossad officers went rogue in support of his attempted coup.
Mantel believed this faction began to assemble here, soon after Bodnar left.
So Mantel got close to your rogue officers, they got to him first.
But what's the angle with them being here in the U.
? We're still working on that.
But we do know that they pose a threat to anyone searching for Bodnar.
So you want to use us for cover.
Well, I wouldn't put it quite so crudely.
You sponsor our investigation, we supply you with Mossad intel, and then NCIS takes the credit.
Excuse me, Director, since this does not concern me, Agent DiNozzo and I are ready to leave.
Rome? Go.
Wait CIA and Interpol are already in Italy; I have a team there also.
I could put you in touch, if you wish.
That will not be necessary.
Her independence lights up the room.
You molded her well.
She came that way.
Gentlemen from all accounts, you and Eli left off in a good place.
I hope we can start there.
This faction poses a threat to your agents as well.
If we act together, we are stronger.
So the FBI has Officer Mantel's body? No.
You do.
Or you will momentarily.
I took the liberty.
What do you got, Abbs? The heebie-jeebies, Gibbs.
These guys are fast.
Talk about "Do it and run.
" Mossad? Yeah.
There's blood on the seat, blood on the door.
Ducky got the body? Not yet.
I don't know if Mossad's budget has been cut or maybe this is their idea of a no-frills transport, but, um Ducky is sending Jimmy.
There's not much here beside the guy's name and his position with Mossad.
That is all the Mossad cleanup crew gave me when they dropped him off.
They went to where Officer Mantel was killed to prevent the body or any other Mossad secrets from being exposed.
So much for preserving the crime scene.
They also said that Mantel was waiting for an informant when he was murdered.
Personal effects.
He had a cell phone? No cell phone.
This is his laptop.
I'm sure they did a "cleanup" on that, too.
I'll give it a going-over.
Abbs you may have to get creative on this one.
That is my specialty.
Hey, um, did Tony and Ziva leave yet? Soon.
They'll call when they land.
Ladies and gentlemen, the lights have been dimmed for your comfort.
If you would like an additional blanket at this time, please don't hesitate to press the call button.
A flight attendant will be passing through the cabin with headsets, if you would like to enjoy Ziva You thinking of ways to rough up the new Mossad Director? Orli Elbaz is an opportunist.
She's not even worthy of roughing up.
I'd still pay to see it.
I was thinking about my father, actually.
This whole car ride, to the airport to here, you have not asked why we're going to Berlin.
I'm officially respecting your Bodnar boundaries.
It was my father who led me to Berlin.
Ghost dreams? Diamonds.
He had set up a network of dealers in place, just in case he ever needed to get out fast.
He told me to set up a network of my own.
Random dealers, difficult to trace.
And since he had anointed Bodnar as his honorary son You thought Eli might've given him the same advice? Bodnar had multiple accounts across Europe, which he recently drained.
Every agency's looking for the one account where he's pooling his resources.
While you were tracking diamond dealers.
It's very James Bond.
As Bodnar's accounts were closing, I noticed a clear spike in dealer transactions in Berlin.
His cash converting to diamonds.
I believe he plans to simply pick them up and disappear.
So we're looking at a diamond chase through Berlin.
No? When we get there, we wait.
We wait? Wait for what? Even Neanderthals had enough respect to bury their dead in coffin-like encasements.
It's not like it's your first dead body in the trunk of a car.
But this man was one of Mossad's own officers, Jethro.
Protect their own agency above all, Duck.
Rubbish! What possible security breach would result from simply laying a fellow officer on a proper stretcher? It's positively disrespectful both to him and to us.
What is that? Our first bit of intrigue.
A rubber insert from a communication device.
Some sort of earwig Hey, I, uh, I pulled the bullet out of the seat upholstery, if you're ready to hear about it, Gibbs.
Yeah, Abbs, save me a trip.
Okay, um, it's nine millimeter.
The striations are consistent with a Glock 17 same type of gun recently purchased by their rogue officers off the black-market, according to Mossad intel.
Officer Mantel's laptop? Oh, I've seen a lot of intricate systems, but this guy's some sort of mad genius.
He's got multiple security codes, Every file is cross-referenced with another file.
So unless Ducky has any other goodies for me Well, only this.
Overlooked by Mossad's clean-up crew.
Other than that, not even a photograph showing the body in its original state.
Got it, Abbs.
Abby out.
Tell me how you really feel, Duck.
I may have a chip on my shoulder, Jethro, but every time we deal with Mossad, something bad happens.
Please, tell me you're having second thoughts about what you've agreed to here.
Thank you for agreeing to meet me here, Agent Gibbs.
In my experience, the best relationships start on neutral ground.
Oh, I think ours already got going.
That was one hell of a body transport.
There was too much at stake.
You have a saying about desperate times, do you not? I'm sure Ziva has told you things about me.
That a question? We are all in this for the same reason, Agent Gibbs.
People we cared about are dead and those left behind are hurting.
You got something for me? Specifics on our Officer Mantel, and everything he had on the rogue faction.
Agent Gibbs.
Whatever you might have heard I hope you will form your own opinion of me? I always do.
Any word from David or DiNozzo yet? Should be landing at Berlin Tegel in a couple of hours.
They're going to do some recon before heading to their hotel.
McGee, got a little gift for you.
From our new friend at Mossad.
Orli Elbaz? Yeah.
Interesting lady.
What am I looking for, boss? Background on those rogue officers.
Now, each of these officers is a Mossad veteran of at least ten years.
Want me to send out some BOLOs? No, that would just tip them off.
We need to go a different direction.
What about the guy they killed Officer Mantel? What was his home base? Last known location is a hotel in downtown Baltimore.
Good place to start.
Let's go.
Manager says Mantel was pre-paid for another two weeks.
Kept to himself and requested no maid service.
His room was spotless.
Well, Mossad's clean-up crew.
Yeah, well, they do get around, McGee.
Manager recognize the rogue officers? Uh, thought she said she'd seen this guy.
Tomer Gottleib claims that he may have paid a visit to Mantel, but not positive.
So what next? Well, next we stand here and pretend like we're talking until whoever is watching us makes their move.
Boss, I won't look, but where? Your 5:00, McGee.
Green SUV.
Ah, geez, McGee.
I kept it stealthy.
You didn't keep it stealthy enough hey! NCIS, stop! You cannot tell me that you prefer this sad decor to the garden.
We were being watched.
You and I? No.
Us, at Mantel's place.
Your clean-up crew happen to see a green SUV while they were there? Not that I know of.
You believe it was one of Bodnar's faction? The SUV had dummy plates.
What are you after, Director? What am I "after"? Because the files you gave us say you don't know.
Why are those rogue agents here? We can only speculate that they may be trying to sell secrets to our enemies.
Secrets that can hurt both our nations.
Sure seems like you may be hanging us out there as targets.
Agent Gibbs, I will stand my officers in front of you, if that is what it takes to earn your trust.
You stay away from my crime scene.
I have an organization to protect.
I'm not gonna tell you again.
Morning, Tom.
I was hoping maybe you'd bring the coffee this time.
My ulcer's kicking up enough.
When the hell were you gonna tell me, Leon? Working with Mossad? Again? I wasn't aware that I needed Homeland's permission.
I told you we're already working with CIA on Bodnar.
Don't need other agencies interfering.
Well, maybe this isn't about Bodnar, not directly.
I know about the dead Mossad officer.
And you know that's FBI jurisdiction.
It's a simple joint investigation, Tom, with everything above board.
"Above board"? Mm-hmm.
Like Berlin? Bodnar's not there, he's in Rome.
Unless there's something you're not telling me.
Nobody knows anything for sure.
Look, I know how personal catching Bodnar is to you and David.
You let me worry about that.
I'm your friend, Leon.
I'd hate to see this blow up in your face.
Guten Tag.
Abba? Are you going away for work again? David.
Achtung, baby.
I just picked up the perfect souvenir for McGee.
Check this out.
What, what? Hey, there's a great place around the corner.
Want to grab a schnitzel? Tourist time is over.
Heard from your contact? Yes; he has something.
Well, I got to admit, Ziva, Berlin has better scenery than I expected.
Something tells me you and my old friend will get along just fine.
Well, I like all your old friends.
Especially Shmeil.
He's like a long-lost uncle.
I could always use another uncle.
Ziva! Adam.
There you are.
Thank you for coming.
What else could I do? You would only hunt me down and hurt me.
Adam Eshel.
I want you to meet Special Agent Tony DiNozzo.
So nice to finally meet you, Tony.
Ziva's told me many great things.
Same here.
Did you get the e-mail I sent? No, but I have my laptop.
Ah, here we go.
Thank you very much.
Danke shoen.
You're not going to drink that are you? When in Rome.
Drink up.
The better to blend in like a common tourist.
So are you originally from Tel Aviv? Just outside Savyon.
Oh, I've seen that on a map.
You play any sports growing up? Some basketball.
Ah, oh! Basketball.
Me, too.
Maybe, uh, you and I find a court, play a little one on one? You can ask Adam out on a date later.
Right now I need to know what these pictures are all about, please.
As you know, I tracked Bodnar's money to a safety deposit box here at the Osterhagen Bank.
That is not Bodnar.
No, that is a hired courier, known by my sources only as K.
A letter and a job title.
It's more than you had when you sat down, Go on.
K used Bodnar's identification to empty the box of its cash.
Which he converted to diamonds.
Chatter says he's planning a handoff tonight at his place of employment.
Where's that? My sources do not yet know.
But the handoff is to Bodnar? Yes, that is my expectation.
So, uh, your sources have any idea how much money we're talking about? Enough diamonds to fill half your beer stein.
I have seen this user I.
Give me some room.
Call McGee, get a trace.
Yes, ma'am.
There you are, Ziva.
Hello, Ilan.
You alone? As alone as anyone can be in the streets of my nation's capitol.
Gutenmorgen, Tony.
Bodnar's on Ziva's laptop.
Trace it like the wind.
All right.
Tell her to keep him talking.
I know you blame me for your father's death, Ziva.
Is there anyone else to blame? Nothing is black and white.
You don't know the entire story.
Then, please, enlighten me.
McGee, you got anything? I got him, but he's good.
Signal's bouncing all over the globe.
You know explanations will require time that we do not have.
We can make the time.
Perhaps, in a few days.
Nothing will make me happier.
For now, take my word for it.
Nothing is entirely as it seems.
I wish things were different, Ziva.
Thanks to you, they're not, Ilan.
Please forgive me and walk away.
Vendettas lead to nothing but heartache.
The only heartache I have, Ilan, is from ever trusting you at all.
Well, then I will regret that for the rest of my life.
Good-bye, Ziva.
No, wait, wait, wait, Ilan.
Damn it.
McGee? Transmission ended.
No dice.
Wait, there's one device still turned on.
It could be Bodnar's.
Where's it coming from? I see your laptop and I don't believe it.
What-what is it, McGee? Ziva, he's there.
He's real close.
Where?, McGee? Looks like a subway station.
The U-Bahn there's an entrance around the corner.
Oh, man, where's Waldo? I don't suppose waving our guns and badges is gonna do any good.
I see him.
Bitte schwer zuganglich.
No, damn it.
McGee, anything? Tony, Bodnar's on the move.
And I just lost his signal.
On a train.
Signal's gone.
God, so is he.
Well, looks like their laptop's asleep, but I can take care of that.
Oh, God Really, Tony? Oh, hey there, McGee.
Hi, boss.
Uh, just sorry, I thought we weren't doing this till later.
Yeah yeah, I got that.
I was just getting ready to recharge my batteries for tonight.
Can't take a nap with your pants on.
We are ready.
Let's go.
According to my contact, this man is a hired courier known as "K.
" Word is, Special K'll be handing off the diamonds tonight.
We I.
him, should lead us straight to Bodnar.
Running facial recognition.
We sure about your contact? Well, there's an awful lot he didn't know, boss.
Uh, my contact is quite reliable, Gibbs.
And McGee's computer trace confirmed that Bodnar is in Berlin.
We know the hand off location? K's place of employment.
Reliable contact couldn't be any more specific than that.
Boss, I got a hit here.
Looks like the K is short for Edward Kraus.
What's his connection to Bodnar? Drug trafficking.
Ten years ago, Bodnar's testimony kept Kraus out of prison.
Easy to trust a guy who owes you.
Kraus's paychecks come from a nightclub called Gasthaus.
That should be the handoff location.
That's fancy.
Better unpack my suit.
Anything else on your end? Just the new Mossad director.
Orli has a long- standing history of not playing by the rules.
I would not trust her unless she earns it.
Get some rest.
Let's be careful out there.
We will.
I'm just gonna catch 40.
And then get up, grab a bite, brush my teeth, take a shower and then get dressed and go.
Naps tend to work better when you lay down.
And stop talking.
No, no, you stay there.
I'll take the pull-out.
Oh, thank you.
Are you seriously hanging up my clothes, sweet cheeks? Oh, that's very funny.
What? You do not think I remember when you called me that.
Mon petit pois.
Look at you.
Oh, this proves it.
I always knew you were the type.
I'm many things, Tony.
A type not one of them.
Oh, yes you are.
You are the type who likes to hang up her man's clothes for tonight.
When I have a man the favors I offer have little to do with clothes.
Well, that's good to know.
Come on.
You should get some sleep, too.
I cannot sleep.
Last night, on the plane, you were thinking about your dad.
What was it? A lot of things.
We'll get Bodnar tonight.
I know.
Willkommen, Gibbs.
Abbs, what is all this? This is Berlin.
I decided that, instead of worrying about Tony and Ziva, that I would just sort of be with them in spirit.
And I'm making spatzle.
You want some? No, I'd rather hear why you called.
Oh, okay.
Um, well, you know this little rubber thingie that Ducky pulled out of Mantel's ear? Yeah.
Piece of the earwig.
What about it? Well, I did some digging, and it turns out that Mossad upgraded to a new communications system about a month ago.
This rubber piece is detached from an old earwig.
The new model is one molded insert.
And the two aren't the least bit compatible.
So, for a guy chasing Mossad's number-one enemy Well, he'd be hardly equipped.
I mean, how could Mossad even talk to him if he was using the old system? Thanks, Abbs.
Wait, wait, wait, I want you to check out Mantel's laptop.
Remember how I said he was some sort of mad computer genius? He's not a genius at all.
All of these codes and intersecting files were planted there as a big time-waster.
The whole thing is designed just to send someone like me running around in circles.
Hey, Leon.
We're done playing, Gibbs.
Director, I still don't think this is such a good idea.
Just let me know when you're in.
In where? Mossad's database.
You're hacking them? Technically, I am.
On my orders, McGee.
I'll take full responsibility.
Gibbs, you don't have to be a part of this, if you'd rather not.
What do you think? Okay.
Think I'm in.
Get everything they got on Officer Mantel; files and reports.
Well, there's no reports, but they've red-flagged Mantel.
Labeled him as a rogue officer.
He can't be rogue.
Orli said he was killed while investigating Bodnar.
She lied.
These rooms keep getting worse.
And more crowded.
There something you feel like talking about? If you're not more specific, we could find ourselves entrenched in a debate about Chaucer.
Mantel was not killed by some faction.
Mossad did it.
Who is telling you this? You are.
Mantel was rogue.
It's in your own damn system, Orli.
There never was a faction.
Mossad database lists all five as active officers.
The only one working with Bodnar was Mantel.
You located Mantel, you killed him.
Game ends now.
You put me in a mirrored room and I'm the one playing games? You had an officer stay on my people making sure that we were on a case that didn't exist.
I want to know why, Director.
Agent Gibbs, may I have a moment with the Director? He stays.
I just wanted to say that night, in your home, Mossad was not alone in suffering a terrible loss.
Oh, Leon, I'm so sorry about Jackie.
Director Elbaz, my wife is not a tactic.
I'd like to see the letter from your Attorney General giving you permission to infiltrate Mossad's database.
I believe we're finished.
I don't think so! I've got two agents abroad working without a playbook.
Nobody's going anywhere until we get some answers.
My God, this place looks good on me.
Thank you.
Anything? Perhaps he works in the back.
Well, a couple more minutes, then I'll give myself the tour.
Let me guess.
Shaken, not stirred? Impressive.
Since when do you know your Bond? I do not know Bond, but I know you.
To Berlin.
Good evening, Mr.
It is likely he already has the diamonds on him.
I lost him, Tony.
Dance with me.
What? They're playing our song, sweet cheeks.
Here, come to the far side of the floor.
You realize you're going to have to be the girl, right? Then you lead.
You have him? I got nothin'.
Got him.
Headed for the bar.
How about Bodnar? Anything? Negative.
Damn it, I think he made me.
I'm not sure.
All right.
Stay with me.
I got him.
Act like you're just with me.
How long will you be gone? This time is different.
I do not know when I will be back.
Oh, my Ziva One day, you will dance with a man who deserves your love.
* In this world * It's Bodnar.
Turn around, slowly.
Yaniv?! Who the hell's Yaniv? Ilan's brother.
You shoot me now, Ziva, I will tell you nothing.
Having fun? Sadly, meditation is the only art form at which I excel.
And yes.
I do enjoy it.
I just got word.
Bodnar was arrested.
In Berlin.
I thought you'd be jumping up and down.
I would like my phone, please, to confirm.
You don't believe me? I believe you consider yourself far too honorable to lie to me, but perhaps you've been misinformed.
Because you thought that Bodnar was in Rome? You thought Bodnar was here.
You brought us this dummy case so we'd give you permission to be on U.
That is ridiculous.
You saw the photos of him leaving the country.
You thought he came back.
You had to come here to protect Mossad's secrets.
To kill Bodnar before he was arrested.
Of course I want him dead.
Don't you? You're here now, giving your people more time to get him.
My phone, Agent Gibbs.
Say it.
It's over.
We are wasting time.
You thought Bodnar was here.
Yes! I thought he was here.
I thought he never left.
Now, I would like to confirm your intel.
You're right.
Would not lie to you about Bodnar.
It was Yaniv.
Yaniv Bodnar was arrested in Berlin.
Tell your people to send over everything you got.
Bathroom's open.
Tell me, Yaniv what did Ilan have to do to win you back? You're not Mossad.
This is not you.
Look, I know you were supposed to take the diamonds to your brother.
I also know that Ilan is still in the United States.
Yes we are close.
And we will get him, with or without you.
Do not throw away your life, too.
Come on, Yaniv.
Let us help each other.
Where were you going to meet Ilan? You would do anything for your family even if they had done wrong, would you not? You wrote him off.
You had not spoken in years.
I do not understand this loyalty.
It never leaves us, does it, Ziva? GIBBS; NCIS, CIA, Homeland.
All working from the same airport surveillance photos.
Bodnar leaving Dulles for Rome.
The thing is there were some photos we didn't see.
Brothers switching clothes in the head.
Using an alias, Yaniv boarded the plane to Rome, and Bodnar stayed in the U.
My officer attempted to follow Bodnar, but lost him.
You know how much manpower we wasted looking for Bodnar in Rome? That wasn't our intention.
Then what the hell was it? Let everyone take the wild goose chase, and hope that Bodnar let his guard down in the United States.
And did he? After all this, are you any closer to catching him? No, I cannot say that we are.
So what are we proposing, here? Well, with international tensions being so high on this I'm proposing that we look the other way.
You can't be serious.
I am, Tom.
We come down hard on Mossad now, then what happens? Talk to me about wasted manpower if Bodnar gets away after all this.
But understand: this one pass is the last one Mossad ever gets from me.
That makes two of us.
I understand.
A transport leaves Dover for Israel in three hours.
An escort will see to it that you and your people are on it.
Very well.
Thank you.
Transport is complete.
Federal marshals are questioning Yaniv.
Barrel of laughs, that guy.
Looks good on you.
It's funny the things we decide are worth something.
Well, hey, thanks to you, he's got no funding.
Makes it kind of hard to disappear broke.
I should have known that Orli was here for Bodnar.
I'm sure she wants him dead as badly as I do.
I doubt that.
It's her job, but he was your father.
It's not just her job.
Orli was the reason my parents split up.
I did not say anything, because I did not think it mattered.
Did it? She was a young officer.
And my father was weak.
And then it just ended.
And I always just told myself that that was just another rule she broke in order to advance her career.
But now I think she was here for the same reason I went to Berlin.
Because maybe she loved my father.
You know, I keep thinking if it was not for Orli, things would have been different.
I would be a different person.
Then I should catch her before she leaves.
You know.
And thank her.
Tony Yeah Ziva!