NCIS s10e22 Episode Script


Previously on NCIS Get everything they got on Officer Mantel.
They've labeled him as a rogue officer.
Here are pictures of Bodnar leaving the United States.
You can forget Italy.
Going to Berlin instead.
Where Bodnar is truly headed.
It's a simple joint investigation, Tom.
When the hell were you gonna tell me, Leon? It was my father who led me to Berlin.
- Diamonds.
- Ziva! Adam.
Thank you for coming.
I know you blame me for your father's death, Ziva.
You don't know the entire story.
Yaniv? Ilan's brother.
Using an alias, Yaniv boarded the plan to Rome and Bodnar stayed in the U.
You know how much manpower we wasted looking for Bodnar in Rome? Let everyone take the wild-goose chase and hope that Bodnar let his guard down in the United States.
Tony Ziva! * Ilan.
I told you to walk away, Ziva.
* Watch your back.
Coming through.
Thank you.
How are they? Lucky.
David sure it was Ilan Bodnar? Yeah.
He took the diamonds.
You can see them now.
They being released? No.
I'm waiting for an orthopedist to sign off on their X-rays.
Thank you.
What are we doing sitting here? We know Bodnar is in the country, and we know he knows.
Relax, Agent David.
You were just in a major accident.
There's nothing wrong with me.
How's my car? Where's Bodnar's brother? Federal marshals are holding him at the DC jail.
Forget about Yaniv.
He's worthless to us.
He'll never give up Ilan.
What's this? It's your weapon.
Where's mine? It's been fired.
State Troopers have to put a hold on it.
It's part of their investigation.
You won't need it.
No field work for either of you until the doctor signs off.
Boss? The SUV that rammed Tony's car was registered to a soccer mom in Falls Church.
She reported it stolen out of her driveway yesterday.
Getaway car? Ziva got a partial plate and gave a pretty good description of the sedan.
Got the address where it's registered.
* NCIS! Come out with your hands up! Cease fire! Clear.
Clear! Clear.
Not Bodnar.
The getaway driver? By now, Nurse Ratched must have realized we snuck out.
I don't think that was her name, Tony.
But I was not gonna spend another hour filling out paperwork.
Where are they? Call McGee again.
I already called him three times and Gibbs twice.
They're not answering on purpose.
Oh, hey, look.
I got a message.
Maybe it's them.
You have one new message.
Please enter your password.
Turn around, please.
First new message.
Hey, Tony, it's Harris.
Uh, I'm just calling to give you a heads-up.
My insurance agent.
Sorry, but it's not good news.
You're gonna be getting a call from the company that wrote your auto policy.
They, uh, heard about the accident you had last night, and they're putting you on the at-risk list.
What? I guess it's to be expected.
I mean, it's the third car you've totaled.
Sorry, pal.
I didn't total anything, Harris! My Corvette was stolen and crashed! La Grenouille blew up my Mustang! Why am I telling this to a machine? It wasn't my fault.
You need a hand? Yeah, my own.
You should really keep your arm immobile.
The pain's gonna kill you.
It only hurts if you let it.
Thank you, G.
Gordon Liddy.
It's all yours, Duck.
There a problem, Palmer? Oh.
No, no.
I've never seen you do anything at a crime scene before, so That didn't sound right.
Uh, I've never seen you do any actual work.
I suggest you do your work, Mr.
Palmer, before I have two bodies to examine.
's bogus.
The driver's license number doesn't exist in the Virginia DMV database.
And I'm sure his real name isn't Carl Miller.
Yes, I tend to agree with you, McGee.
This miscreant has no fingerprints.
I got something.
"See Reisiger 19.
" Reisiger? Sounds like a name.
You and Ziva run into anybody named Reisiger when you were tracking Bodnar? No, I don't think so.
Looks like some polished stones.
Uncut diamonds, Palmer.
His payment for helping Bodnar.
And with the rest of the diamonds, he could hide forever.
Oh, my God.
You guys, I was so worried.
Group hug.
Ooh, we're fine.
Is that broken? No, Mrs.
But I damn near lost my nose.
I like breathing through it.
Faye Dunaway and, of course, Mr.
Yeah, I know.
Is that the side molding? From my car? Oh, no.
Oh! I didn't get a good look at it in the dark last night.
How bad is it? It's bad.
It's terminal.
Where are Gibbs and McGee? Um I don't know? That does not sound very convincing.
I can't lie.
I- I never have been able to.
Um, but I'm sworn to secrecy, okay? Why? Let's look inside the SUV.
Okay, so the crash was definitely premeditated.
There was a four-point harness installed, and the air bag was removed.
Why would he remove the airbag? Where is the MCRT truck? Um, it's, uh Would you believe me if I said it was out being serviced? You're a very bad liar.
- I know.
- Remember, Abbs, she's trained in torture techniques.
Can I see the inside? No.
Sorry, Ms.
It's a crime scene.
I just can't believe that this has happened to my house.
How long has Mr.
Miller been renting from you? Um, a little over two years.
I almost didn't, though, 'cause he showed up on that big, noisy motorcycle.
I hate motorcycles.
He still have that motorcycle? Uh, he was working on it out in the garage last time I drove out to collect the rent.
You know what Mr.
Miller did for a living? No.
He traveled a lot, though.
Sometimes two, three months.
If he knew he was gonna be gone that long, he paid me in advance.
In cash.
I don't know if I'm gonna find a tenant like that again.
When was the last time you saw him? First of the month.
When I collected the rent.
You ever see this man? Nope.
But that doesn't mean he wasn't here.
I haven't been inside since I leased the place to Miller.
Thank you.
We'll give you a call if we have any more questions.
Well, I got a question.
Who pays for all the damage? Someone from the agency will be by to contact you.
What are you doing here? Same thing you would do if someone tried to kill you, Gibbs.
Bodnar? No, no sign of him.
Who's that? We think the getaway driver.
Does he have a name? - Only an alias.
- Well, not to worry.
Fingerprints aren't the only means of I.
'ing a body.
We have facial recognition, dental records, DNA and a whole host of other methods.
And all I need is a little quality time with our patient.
Found this in his pocket.
" Sounds German.
You run into anybody by that name in Berlin? No.
Uh, boss, motorcycle's missing from the garage, but I found this above the workbench.
Probably how Bodnar got away.
I'll put out a BOLO.
Why didn't you alert me before the raid on the house? Bodnar was on the move.
Gibbs felt, and I agreed, that time was of the essence.
What would you have done? Bodnar rammed DiNozzo's car.
Almost killed two agents, and he stole the diamonds.
Come on, Tom, how many years did Gibbs work for you? Given leeway, he gets results.
The only result we have now is a dead body you can't identify.
If Bodnar is still here, it's Homeland and the FBI that have to track him down, not NCIS.
I spent years in this office, sitting in that chair.
I have a great affection for this agency.
I don't want to see it compromised.
Nor do I.
You are the director of NCIS, Leon.
You have a personal stake in catching Bodnar.
Your agency has to keep a distance.
That was my contact, Adam Eshel, at Shin Bet.
Israel's internal security agency has nothing on anyone named Reisiger.
Same thing with Interpol and FBI.
Got zip on their databases.
Closest thing I could find was a Reissinger, spelled with two S's and an "N.
" Frieda.
A Nazi collaborator.
One thing you can say about Bodnar he sure pays his help well.
Abbs, tell him what those four uncut diamonds are worth.
There's a total of 18 carats, all rated a VVS-1 at least, and the gemologist I consulted with said they'd be worth at least $75,000.
Why uncut diamonds? - Because they're harder to trace.
- Yeah, a cut diamond can be plotted like a fingerprint, and they sometimes have laser inscriptions.
Can you imagine what that whole pouch we brought back from Berlin must be worth? Oh, right, Berlin! I didn't get to ask.
How'd it go? "Go"? Ooh.
It's my auto insurance company.
Can one of you guys answer and just sort of pretend to be my secretary or something? Don't be a child.
Just pick it up.
Abby, would you? Agent DiNozzo's office.
How can I help you? May I speak to Mr.
DiNozzo? He's not available right now.
Can I take a message? That's that's pretty harsh.
Harsh? You need to be a little more sympathetic, okay? This has been very traumatic.
I don't like your tone! Ooh.
Just take a message.
Why don't I have Mr.
DiNozzo call you back at his convenience.
I'll tell him.
Tell me what? They're canceling your policy.
What? If you don't call them back in 24 hours.
Oh! Come on! This is such a nightmare! What am I supposed to do? I got no car.
I need wheels.
McGee, you're gonna have to drive me home tonight.
I'm sorry, is that your way of asking for a favor? And pick me up in the morning.
You are aware this city has an excellent public transportation system? Any idea who he is? I must apologize for my unbridled optimism this morning, Jethro.
I am no closer to identifying this man now than before.
Abby ran his DNA, and she came up empty.
This guy's had more plastic surgery than Joan Rivers and Cher combined.
That is an inappropriate remark, Mr.
Palmer, however accurate.
This man has gone to great lengths to conceal his identity.
Besides removing his fingerprints, all of the key parameters for facial recognition have been surgically altered shape of his nose, the length of his chin He's even had the contour and length of his ears changed.
In recent years, ears have proven to be a more unique I.
than fingerprints.
They have a 96.
6% degree of accuracy.
How about good old-fashioned dental records? Oh, useless in this case.
All of his teeth have been replaced - by full-mouth dental implants.
- Yeah, this guy's even had a tattoo removed over here.
I'm sorry to sound so discouraging, Jethro, but I can assure you we will continue to work on him.
You can't hide from me forever.
I pulled the utility records from Miller's rental house for the past six months.
This is a graph of water, power and gas consumption.
As you can see, three months ago, all three rose sharply, suggesting an added person was residing there.
And I found Bodnar's fingerprints everywhere.
And there's more clues, indicating he was there for some time.
I pulled Bodnar's DNA off the lip of that mug.
What is that in the bottom, mold? Dictyostelium discoideum.
It's a slime mold.
And it takes about two months to grow.
That tells me that Bodnar was there at least that long.
They didn't wash the cup? No.
Pretty gross.
I don't think the roomies are gonna win any awards for good housekeeping.
And they had a visitor.
Yes, I pulled a fingerprint off that bottle.
Amir Mantel.
The Mossad agent who was so unceremoniously delivered to me in the trunk of his car.
Well, that confirms that he and Bodnar were working together.
If you don't like my rules, you can find someone else to drive you in.
All I wanted was to stop for coffee.
I was willing to treat.
No one eats or drinks in my car.
Well, I guess sex is out of the question.
For Your car rides really stiff.
My car rides fine, Tony.
You were in an accident.
My Cadillac is like a cloud.
It's roomy and soft.
Okay, you know what? Find yourself another ride.
Uh, it's for you, McGee.
Please pick it up.
It's driving me insane.
Special Agent McGee.
He was, uh, trying to do you a favor, wise guy.
How are you gonna get to work? I'll figure something out.
I'm not that far out of your way.
Start my mornings riding in with you? Well.
Why don't you take my Mini for the next couple of days? You kidding? No.
I'm gonna start jogging to work.
Just please don't total it.
Jog? Aren't you sore? I can hardly move.
I'm fine.
What happened? Nothing.
That's not from the accident.
Hey Thank you, boss.
What's this for? You drove in with McGee.
That was Metro.
They found the motorcycle a block from Union Station.
Bodnar's on the move.
He has left DC.
Get the bike to Abby.
Get security footage from the train station.
I can't believe how fast this year has gone.
You know, mine and Breena's first anniversary is only in a couple weeks.
The pressure's on.
What should I get her? Well, one of the benefits of bachelorhood, Mr.
Palmer: I don't have such problems.
Ah, Jethro, it's good you're here.
Palmer and I finally have a lead on Mr.
Miller's identity.
The plastic surgeon who altered his face did a mentoplasty using a silicon prosthesis that reshaped his jaw.
What's more, he elongated the mandibular ramus.
That's a mouthful.
The, uh, FDA requires that all devices can be tracked in case there's a recall.
Yeah, well, here it is.
It has a serial number on it.
I believe you, Duck.
Abby contacted the manufacturer, who gave her the name of the surgeon who installed the device.
A Dr.
Madison Fielding.
Fielding's office.
Please hold.
Can I ask you a question? Sure.
Why'd you wait so long? I'm sorry? To get your nose done.
You're, like older than my father.
Wipe the smirk off your face, McGee.
Gentlemen, the doctor will see you now.
Wipe that smirk off your face, Tony.
Well Dr.
Fielding, these are the NCIS agents.
Thank you, Jessica.
She's beautiful.
Some of my best work.
Special Agents McGee and DiNozzo.
This is crazy.
Carl Miller was killed in a shoot-out? What happened? It's still under investigation.
When did you do his surgery? Well, after your call, I pulled up his file.
It was just over three years ago.
I did a lot of work on Mr.
What was wrong with him? Nothing really.
He was quite a good-looking guy.
But you did it.
Well, some people have unwarranted poor self-images of themselves.
I'm here to help.
Miller was quite insistent.
Let me guess.
No insurance.
He paid in cash.
Did you take photographs of him before the surgery? Yeah, I always do.
Could we see 'em? Certainly.
Oh, wow.
You completely changed his appearance.
That's what he wanted to look different.
Uh, those are the, uh, newest saline implants.
Do you want to feel one? Yes.
- Oh, dear.
- Him wanting to look different didn't raise any flags with you? Well, maybe in hindsight, yeah.
Could you e-mail me those photographs? Absolutely.
And, uh, what happened to you? Ah.
A car accident.
Just a little cut.
Want me to take a look at it? Pro bono? Well, we don't want it to leave a scar.
Touch it.
Bodnar's calling me.
Record it.
Hello, Ziva.
We're making a habit of meeting like this.
I'm glad to see you're at work and not seriously injured.
I was worried.
I doubt that.
You care only about yourself.
We've known each other since childhood.
You know that isn't true.
You've changed, Ilan.
You used Yaniv.
Your brother now sits in an American jail.
Ours is a strange business.
It's changed us both.
Could those two children ever have imagined that one would kill her own brother, and the other his mentor? He was your mentor, all right.
But he was my father.
And he was trying to bring peace.
Eli was taking Mossad and our country in a dangerous direction.
He was selling us out to Iran.
It had to be stopped.
Are you calling me to tell me that, Ilan? No.
There is something that you and NCIS must know.
As much as I didn't like or trust Arash Kazmi, I did not kill him.
There are others who are responsible for the assassination of your father's Iranian friend.
Good-bye, Ziva.
This is the last time we'll talk.
No, it's not.
I will find you.
So, did you earn this, Abbs? Oh, yes.
What do you got? I ran facial recognition on Miller's pre-op photo, and I got a match to a South African passport.
It's with great displeasure that I introduce you to Clive Goddard, a bad man.
A really, really bad man.
He's a mercenary that's involved in blood-diamond smuggling.
He disappeared in Angola four years ago, so Interpol and the South African police had presumed him dead.
I need a favor.
What? Caf-POW! wasn't enough? I want these filthy things out of my lab.
Would you book them into evidence, please? I mean, men, women and children were tortured and-and died mining those blood diamonds, and I I don't want to touch them again.
I'll have Dorneget pick 'em up, okay? Thank you.
What's his connection to Bodnar? We're thinking maybe diamonds.
Gibbs, you believe Bodnar's claim that he didn't kill Kazmi? Why would he lie? Do we tell Morrow? Boss, I got something.
Ziva's video-chat with Bodnar I enhanced the background and surrounding elements in the recording.
Look at the deciduous trees.
The leaves are in full bloom.
They're approximately three to four weeks ahead of Washington, DC and the rest of the East Coast.
It's unique to New York City.
And why is that? Because of the heat from the surrounding buildings and the subway system, the seasons in New York are altered.
Trees lose their leaves later and bloom earlier.
You think Bodnar's in New York? Yeah, I do.
And there's this, as well.
These lampposts were designed especially for Central Park by Henry Bacon in 1907.
The same guy who designed the Lincoln Memorial.
Makes sense that's where Bodnar is.
If you wanted to convert diamonds into cash, there's no better place than New York's Diamond District.
We should tell Morrow.
See if there's a diamond broker or company named Reisiger in New York.
You and I have to let Homeland handle this.
Understood? What's so important? We have reason to believe that Bodnar is in New York City, Tom.
You disappoint me.
I thought we had an understanding.
NCIS was going to stay out of this.
Bodnar contacted us.
Special Agent David, to be exact.
- Did he tell her he was in New York? - No.
We were able to analyze the transmission and determine he was calling from Central Park.
Our guess is he's trying to launder the diamonds.
And what was the purpose of the call? He and Agent David go way back, Tom.
I'm guessing remorse for killing her father.
Well, I appreciate you making this call.
Homeland has a major presence in New York.
We'll take it from here.
He's all yours, Tom.
You didn't tell him about Kazmi.
No, I didn't.
Why? Because I'm not sure Bodnar didn't kill him.
Why pass on unsubstantiated information? Leon? There's something else.
Yeah, I'm a little disappointed it's not us taking Bodnar down.
You can relate to that, can't you, Gibbs? You really gonna run home? I could give you a ride.
I'm in training, McGee.
Training? For what? Still can't believe you let Tony borrow your car.
It's just a car, a material possession.
I have no emotional attachment to it.
Why are you two still here? I was actually waiting for you.
I think I found something.
McGee? Yeah.
A connection between Bodnar, Amir Mantel and Clive Goddard.
Adam Eshel accessed Shin Bet files for me and found an interesting photo.
The two men were working for the South African mercenary in Angola.
Looks like they've stayed in touch.
When was this photo taken? Five years ago.
Mossad was tracking blood diamonds that were being used to finance terrorist activity.
That's good work, Ziva.
Come on, let's go home, get some rest.
You, too, McGee.
I will.
Uh, just checking on something.
Brought back your plunger.
You've had it for two years.
Why now, DiNozzo, in the middle of the night, you have a burning desire to return my plunger? It's just an excuse to talk to you about something.
After all these years, you need an excuse? I'm worried about Ziva.
Why? How about she let me use her car? Which is actually pretty good.
It drives better than you'd think, and it's pretty roomy on the inside.
After Eli's death, I noticed it.
She became secretive, more focused.
Ziva wants Revenge? Yeah, I know that.
She's not gonna let it go, boss.
It's out of her hands now.
Speaking of her hands did you notice her knuckles? No.
How was she in Berlin? Anything you didn't tell me about Berlin? Boss, I'm really sorry.
I screwed up.
I sensed something was wrong, and I was right.
I don't know how I could be so stupid.
Get to the point, McGee.
We were played by Bodnar.
He set up a trap, and I fell right into it.
What exactly did you do, Timmy? He knew that we'd try and analyze the call to Ziva and determine where he was, so I did exactly what he wanted me to do.
I analyzed the background.
Let me show you something.
Look at this.
I created an algorithm comparing the background behind Bodnar to recently posted videos on CyberVid.
Found this video.
It's gotten over 10,000 hits in the last few days.
It's the same background.
Yup, and watch what happens when I run them simultaneously.
That dog's pretty good.
He leaps in both images at the exact same time.
Bodnar wanted to make it look like he was in New York.
He matted himself into the video.
Now I have no idea where he is.
Why am I the only one here on time? Something came up.
We had to come back.
Gibbs, McGee and I were here until 6:00 a.
Never got to bed.
Just went home to change.
Why was I not called? I'd say ask McGee, but don't.
He's beating himself up.
What happened? He realized Bodnar staged his call to you.
He wanted us to think he was in New York, and poor Timmy took the bait.
Ilan was always very smart and devious.
He fill you in? Just met with Vance.
He's calling Tom Morrow to explain we sent Homeland on a wild-goose chase.
Not a call I'd want to make.
So we're back to square one.
Going to have to revisit every clue, every shred of evidence.
Ducky's not picking up.
He's releasing Clive Goddard's body to South African authorities.
DiNozzo, go down and stop him.
On my way.
Ziva, get Abby in the loop.
Time to get you ready to travel.
My assistant, Mr.
Palmer, is preparing the remains as we speak.
You can pick them up at your convenience.
Yes, that-that would be fine.
Baie danke.
Did you just say, "Buy a donkey?" No, Tony.
I was speaking Afrikaans, the official language of South Africa.
Baie danke simply means, "Thank you very much.
" I was making arrangements with their embassy to pick up Mr.
Goddard here.
Flag on the play, Ducky.
Gonna have to hold off.
We're not releasing the body? Not yet.
Afrikaans, Dr.
You never cease to amaze me.
No, I don't speak the language.
Just a few key phrases.
I lectured at the University of Pretoria one summer on anatomical, clinical and forensic pathology.
My students used to call me "Dr.
" Eend is the Afrikaans for "duck.
" Interesting.
That note that we found in Goddard's pocket.
"See Reisiger 19.
" We didn't know that he was South African then.
It is possible that those words are Afrikaans? Quite possibly.
It sounds Germanic Dutch, from which the Afrikaans language is derived.
You know what, I have a translation app on my phone.
I got it when we were planning to honeymoon in Europe.
Never got to go.
Let's see if it has "Afrikans.
" Kaans.
See if it has Afri-kaans.
Ah! I don't believe it.
It does.
Try "reisiger.
" Yep.
Pronounced "Rice-ih-gher.
" Means "voyager," "traveler.
" How about "see"? S- E-E.
Means "sea.
" S- E-A.
Like "ocean.
" Nice.
You guys are the best.
I'm sorry you feel that way, Tom, but the Look, I hope you keep me posted.
I'm All right, fine, if that's the way you He being a hard-ass? Morrow thinks we misled him.
Sent him to New York on purpose to get Homeland out of the picture.
Eh, I know Tom.
He'll get over it.
Now he's threatened to go to the director of National Intelligence if we don't lay off.
So, do we? Lay off? The man killed my wife, Gibbs.
Sea ocean voyager travel 19, whatever that could mean.
Maybe it's a date.
travel 19, A flight number? Well, how about this? It's a freighter with Liberian registry called The Ocean Voyager.
Where'd you come up with that? Been running the names of ships.
Where is it? It is in the Port of Baltimore.
And get this.
It's docked at Pier 19.
Scheduled to leave for Cape Town, South Africa tonight.
So New York was a misdirect to buy time.
You redeemed yourself, McGoof-up.
It is ironic.
The diamonds go full circle.
Back to Africa, where they can be easily laundered.
There are more uncut, untraceable diamonds there than anywhere else in the world.
Wonder if Bodnar learned that from your father.
Where's Gibbs? With the director.
We got to tell him.
Hey, aren't you coming? Go ahead.
I'll be right there.
We got a fire! Somebody get an extinguisher! Call 911! Hey, hey, Captain, excuse me.
I have a I have a question.
Yes, sir.
What do you want? Are we leaving on time? I believe there might be a slight delay, sir.
What's the problem? I do not know the harbormaster has put a hold on our disembarking.
I'm sure it's nothing.
Thank you.
Told you I would find you, Ilan.
You never give up.
I've always admired that about you, Ziva.
I could offer you a a fortune in diamonds but I know better.
They mean nothing to you.
There is only one thing I want.
I'm not going to stand trial in this country.
Nor am I going back to Israel.
You're just gonna have to shoot me.
You know I will.
I also know you wouldn't shoot an unarmed man in the back.
Ilan, stop.
Ilan! That's her car.
Think that fire's Ziva's doing? * Come in.
You all right? Is it over? It's over.