NCIS s11e05 Episode Script

Once a Crook

But he lives there.
- Well You're acting like a child.
Martha, please if you care about me at all, just let me figure it out on my own.
Help! Help me! Just drive.
Thank you.
Original air date on October 22, 2013 Tony? What are you doing here? Working, Tim-- trying to power through these ROI's.
At 7:00 in the morning? Yeah.
Someone's got to.
Once again, who are you, and what have you done with the real Tony? Oh, no, I got up early.
Gave me a chance to hit the gym, do a little shopping.
Then I got some breakfast.
Exactly how early were you up? Technically, I-I haven't slept.
At all? You want to talk about it? I feel we just did.
You know, you've been different these past few weeks, Tony.
How long? Well, that's kind of a personal question, Tim, but since it's you asking No, how long since you've slept? Uh a few days-- it's not a problem.
A few days is a big problem-- the body needs rest, Tony.
You kidding? I've never felt more alert, more in control; I'm totally on my game.
Feelin' good, man! - On your feet, DiNozzo.
- Aah! Sorry, boss.
I didn't see you coming.
I'm just getting my work shape spaceship space ship Work in progress.
Do it later.
Got a dead sailor outside of Baltimore.
- Come on.
- I need coffee.
Sleep deprivation affects high-level cognitive functions, cardiovascular health, circulation Just Googled that on the ride over, didn't you? Side effects include increased risk of stroke, memory loss, hallucinations, Tony.
What's your point? Should you really be carrying a loaded weapon right now? Look, I got some sleeping pills at home-- I can bring them in.
You trying to make me all Dorothy Dandridge? Forget about it.
Coffee beans.
Turbo Tweak.
Body is my temple.
Ah Holy I need some antacid.
Oh Do you re Sorry, boss.
Rather a bucolic place to die, wouldn't you say, Jethro? Depends on the cause, Duck.
Decidedly less bucolic, I'm afraid.
Single gunshot wound to the back, as far as I can see.
Preceded by a brutal battle.
He put up a fight.
It was the environment.
These aren't defensive wounds on his hands.
They're from the trees and the brush that he undoubtedly had to struggle through to get here.
Nah, he was running from somebody.
Victim is First Class Petty Officer Wells.
He's a crypto tech.
Just returned from a tour in Afghanistan where he was assigned to a security post.
Park rangers discovered his body at 6:00 a.
Rollins Hotel.
It's in Baltimore.
Expensive, too.
I'm wondering how an enlisted man could afford it.
Check it out.
Ah, DiNozzo, what are you doing? Trees? Looky-loos.
They're all dressed for something-- hiking, running, bird-watching.
Yeah, except? The tall guy in the green hoodie with the black work boots.
He's not dressed for anything.
Where? My six.
Your 12.
He was there.
Well, get him back.
Hey! I know you.
Come back! NCIS! Stop! Sorry.
He disappeared.
He was Wait a minute.
Are you okay, DiNozzo? Yeah, of course.
It's the guy was standing right here, you know? I was just Aha.
"Choward's Scented Gum"" That mean something to you? Yeah.
It means McGee's right.
I'm starting to see things.
Why are you here? Oh, haven't you heard? Transfer just came in.
It's official-- I'm joining the team.
Careful, Delilah.
Tony's operating on a serious sleep deficit.
His, uh, neurotransmitters aren't processing humor right now.
I'm just kidding, Tony.
But you should really see a doctor if you can't sleep.
Prolonged insomnia can lead to an early death.
Promise? Aah! Short temper's also a symptom? Why are you here, Delilah? - I, uh - DoD sent her over once they heard about Petty Officer Wells' murder.
Why is the Department of Defense interested in a low-level CT? Well Petty Officer Wells was not just any crypto tech.
He was an expert in communications network defense with top-level security clearance.
What kind of intel did he have access to? That's classified, Tony.
Seriously? No, I just always wanted to say that.
I don't go out into the field much.
It's not his access DoD was worried about, it's the encryption codes he utilized on a daily basis.
Some of the best the military has.
Wells was an asset.
And he was supposed to report for duty at NAS Point Mugu in California this morning.
Ooh, could I have a piece? I love grape.
Scented grape gum? You ever heard of the food pyramid? Gum's not grape, it's violet.
And what's this? A bag of high-end cellular telephones that just happens to match a description of a truckload that was hijacked last night at the shipyards? I didn't do anything.
Then why do you have these? I'm holding them for a friend.
What's your name? Anton Markin.
Well, Anton Markin, what we're looking at here is a class-two felony, which means an "atta boy" for me, and a little prison time for you.
So why don't you do us both a favor and tell me the name of your friend.
What was Wells doing in Baltimore? He was living it up in a thousand-dollar-a-night suite at the Rollins Hotel.
On whose dime? Bill was paid for with an electronic check-- I'm still tracing it.
I searched his room, found $10,000 cash in the room safe along with P.
Wells' laptop.
Sent the computer down to Abby along with the hotel security footage.
Actually, I'm going to need to access that computer ASAP.
Could be compartmented information on it, "Eyes Only" kind of stuff.
You want to try and take it from Abby? I would like to see that.
Um that's okay.
I can wait.
Suit yourself.
What do you got, Abbs? Depends on who's asking.
Did she send you? She did! I knew it! Delilah! She already told me that I can't log on to Petty Officer Wells' laptop without her, Gibbs.
Abby But I've got a lot of work to do here, Gibbs, so she's gonna have to wait her turn.
Abbs, Abbs, she's just doing her job.
I know.
I am not stalling for personal reasons, Gibbs.
I just need time to put it back together.
What happened? I didn't have permission to log on, but no one said anything about dissection.
This computer has been suspicious since it came in here, Gibbs.
It's supposed to be a top-of-the-line Altstar laptop, but I noticed some details on the casing that didn't match the manufacturer's specs.
The edges are all unevenly grounded, and, I mean, the motherboard, you can look for yourself.
I mean, come on.
It all looks like computer guts.
The circuitry is abysmal.
This is substandard workmanship, it's shoddy hardware.
This-this computer is a liar, Gibbs.
It's Chinese.
I mean, well, most computers are Chinese, but this one is claiming to be an Altstar laptop, and it is not-- it is an imposter.
There is spyware implanted on that chip.
That's like a back door into the computer, accessible from anywhere in the world.
We're talking about espionage here.
Do I seem okay to you? Markedly better than the last occupant of that table.
It's just, I can't sleep, Ducky.
I've Ever since Uh, her absence is difficult for all of us, Tony.
I didn't say You didn't have to.
All I know is I'm starting to see things.
People who aren't even there.
Well, you're talking to someone who has conversations with the dead.
I found a piece of gum at the crime scene today-- brought me back to a case I hadn't thought about in Small details can unleash powerful memories.
Proust's madeleine.
A single bite conjured up a seven-volume novel.
Memory's not my problem.
I'm afraid I'm going Cuckoo's Nest.
Well, if you feel you're losing your grip, simply stick to what you know is real-- like this victim-- and, ah! The bullet fragment that I have finally dislodged.
And then think about the people who are still here, and who are depending on you.
Tony, I went through Petty Officer Wells' cell phone records.
He received a dozen calls in the last few days from a woman named Amy Linden.
She's a private defense contractor.
I traced the payment for Wells' hotel and travel back to her.
She also spent several years working for Chinese technology companies.
If Wells was a spy, she could've been his handler.
Gibbs wants us to go pick her up.
Tony? Did you hear me? Hi, boss.
Sure you're okay? You keep asking.
Well, I'm still waiting for an answer.
I'm fine.
I heard everything McGee said-- go pick up Amy Linden.
No, no, no.
You stay put.
Pull it together.
McGee, come on.
You're with me.
Drive safely.
Hello? Tony.
Is she still there? Who? Wha? Where? Delilah.
Is she still in the bullpen? Oh.
I don't see her.
What do you need? Oh, good.
I just wanted to make sure that the coast was clear before I gave you this.
It's a DNA hit on your violet gum.
I think we hit the jackpot here.
This guy's a fugitive-- he's wanted for stabbing a Russian gangster in Baltimore a bunch of years ago.
He could totally be our killer.
And that means you're not seeing things.
And you're not crazy.
I mean, not that not that I thought you were crazy, or that, um McGee told me that you're seeing things, 'cause he he didn't This some kind of safe house? Does it look like a safe house? It looks like where you beat confessions out of suspects.
It's my apartment.
I haven't had time to decorate.
It's gonna take more than throw pillows.
Oh, no.
Coffee's for closers.
Oh, come on, man, I've been in a holding cell all night.
And the reason you're not on a bus to lockup is because of me.
You're welcome, by the way.
I did everything you asked, Officer DiNozzo.
I gave you the name of the guy from the truck robbery, but I got to go.
I have a job at a bakery-- they're not gonna understand why I'm late.
Here's the thing: the name you gave me-- Viktor Khartov-- his dad, Ivan, basically runs organized crime in East Baltimore.
Ivan runs a tight organization.
No outsiders.
Makes it virtually impossible to infiltrate.
No! Let me finish.
You don't have to.
You're gonna ask me to be a rat; I'm not gonna do it.
I'm not gonna do it.
Truck driver's dead.
Viktor shot him, dumped the body.
I know you were there that night.
Yeah, but all I all I did was drive, and I waited in the car.
I didn't know he killed a guy.
I didn't know it.
Doesn't matter.
Makes you an accessory to a robbery and a homicide.
Look, I got a sister who depends on me.
Anton, hey, look at me.
You want to take care of your sister, you got to take care of our problem first.
It's your only way out.
Don't move.
Hello, Anton.
How'd you track me down? Not that hard.
This is the one place in Baltimore you ever felt safe.
I didn't kill that guy.
Which guy? The one you stabbed to death or the sailor you shot last night? The sailor.
I see.
He was a cryptologist.
Turns out he may have been selling secrets to the Chinese.
So I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation why you were at the crime scene.
There is, actually.
But in my experience, the guy with the gun doesn't have to explain himself.
Fair enough.
Put the gun down, we'll talk.
I'm not here to have a conversation.
I'm here to warn you to stay away.
Or what, you gonna shoot me? If I have to.
Give me your gun.
What? No.
If you were gonna shoot me, I'd be dead.
You already got one gun; I'm not giving you another one.
So let's move on.
Anton what are you doing back in Baltimore? It's complicated.
I can help you.
Last time you tried to help, it cost me my life and my sister.
Think I'll pass, thank you.
That's right, your sister, Marie.
How's she doing? Have you been to see her? Stop asking questions.
Turn around, get on your knees.
Everything's different now.
I'm a federal agent; I have pull.
Heard you got made detective when you threw me under the bus, but federal agent I didn't throw you under the bus.
Want to know what my life's been like, hmm? Living underground, fake names, dead-end job-- it's 15 years of nothing.
Running was your choice, Anton.
None of this was my choice.
Anton! Anton! Stop! Tony, where are you? Never mind.
I need a favor, McGee, and it's got to stay between us.
Well, that's gonna be a little tricky, considering we're about to go interview Amy Linden.
I need a current address for Marie Markin.
It's probably in Baltimore.
Hey, isn't that the last name of the suspect Abby I.
'd off the violet gum? Yeah.
Get back to me as soon as you can.
And listen you can't tell Gibbs.
Thanks a lot.
Uh, can I help you, boss? You got an interview to conduct.
I can't recall anyone named Wells.
Your company paid for his hotel and airfare, gave him $10,000 in cash.
Sorry, not ringing any bells.
We've got a dead Navy cryptologist who might have been selling secrets to the Chinese, and you're the last person to see him alive.
It's from the Rollins Hotel security camera.
That's him and that's you.
Ring your bell now? Tell us about Petty Officer Wells.
I wanted him bad.
But not for espionage.
He was an expert cryptologist at the end of his enlistment.
Do you know how valuable that is in the private sector? I had three tech companies in a bidding war for him.
You're a headhunter? Recruitment advisor-- developing former government personnel with specialized skills.
Why all the secrecy? My business is cutthroat.
If my competitors found out about Wells, they'd have tried to poach him.
And the $10,000 we found in his room? Signing bonus.
Just a taste, really.
You have no idea the kind of money companies will pay.
How much? Just out of curiosity.
Six figures, to start.
The sky's the limit if you have the proper skill set.
You looking to make a transition, Agent McGee? Stay put.
- Hi.
- Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs! Abbs, tell me you got something.
Bad juju, Gibbs.
She came down here an hour ago, asking to look at Petty Officer Wells' computer, and she was all "pleas"" and all "thank you"" She brought me this.
She's just trying to be nice.
I know.
It's freaking me out, man.
I'm working on it.
But the fragments that Ducky sent down are in bad shape.
I'm scanning them in the computer to build a 3-D model-- I'm gonna reconstruct the bullet virtually, upload it into NIBIN, but it's, like, every time I get into it Think I found something.
So, I was going through files on Wells' computer when I saw this on his Web browser.
I'm thinking it's some kind of code, unlike any I've ever seen.
That's not code.
That's football.
It is? How can you tell? It's passing, rushing, receiving, sacks.
It's a player's statistics.
Wells wasn't spying, he was playing fantasy football.
He had a pretty good team, too.
And it looks like he logged into this account an hour before he was shot, using someone else's IP address.
Well, figure out whose.
Tony, hey, it's me.
I was able to find Marie Markin's place of work-- Rankoff's Bakery.
- It's in East Baltimore.
- Oh, you know it? - Yeah, been there.
Now, listen, it's your turn.
You need to tell me exactly what's going on, Tony.
Tony? Hang up on me? Boss, is that you? Who's Marie Markin? Morning, Officer.
Can I help you? Owners around? No.
No, my parents aren't here.
How about Anton Markin? He works here, doesn't he? That depends.
On what? On what he did.
Have you seen him? No.
Supposed to be here a few hours ago.
Means no day off for me.
Where is he exactly? I don't know.
But if you see him, tell him the help wanted sign goes up tonight.
Don't take it personally.
Milo's not being rude.
Just doesn't trust policemen.
It's a Russian thing.
How about you? Do I trust policemen? Do you know Anton? I should.
He's my brother.
Oh, Marie.
I'm Officer DiNozzo.
Yeah, I know who you are.
You shouldn't be here.
'Cause of him? No.
You never know who else might be around.
Look, I just I need to find Anton.
He's not in trouble.
Come on Anton's almost always in trouble.
But he's a good person.
I'm sure he is.
But he skipped a meeting with the detective.
That detective treats him like a criminal, and so do you.
Well, technically, Marie Technically, he's just trying to do right by me.
You know, it's just the two of us.
Anton dropped out of school to take care of me, keep social services away.
So yeah, you know, he sold some stuff he shouldn't.
Like anyone else.
Just to get by.
Listen, I'm gonna take care of him.
You better 'cause no one else ever has.
Yeah, I remember you.
You were that cop who came around to see Marie after that trouble with her brother, right? It's been a long time.
Yes, it has.
Is Marie here? No, no, she's not been in for a few days.
You got a home address? Yeah.
I was surprised, after all these years to see she still worked here.
That's how it is here.
We're Russian.
We look out for each other like family.
Oh, no.
Anton? Hey, boss.
Got a positive hit on Petty Officer Wells' fingerprints.
Beating he took started here.
Figured he got away, fled toward the park.
His attacker followed him.
He finished the job.
Wells served with Marie's husband, Marine Sergeant Randy Hollister.
They worked the same security post out of Afghanistan.
Hollister was killed a couple weeks ago when his Humvee flipped during a routine patrol.
Wells is paying his respects to the widow? That's what it looks like.
And there's still no sign of her.
Thanks, boss.
Feels like I got hit by a train.
A little sleep would help.
I'll take what I can get.
Who's Anton? Informant back when I was in uniform.
Got stuck between the Russian mob and a hard place.
He ended up killing one of the Russians he was informing on.
Skipped town, left his sister Marie to fend for herself.
Anton kill Wells? He says no.
I think I believe him.
It was just one of those cases.
Everything fell apart.
And you still think you can put it back together.
Anton's a stone cold killer.
Stabbed a guy 15 times with a screwdriver.
I want to end this.
If you say so.
What, you think 'cause I went out on my own, I want to save him? It's my mess.
I just want to bring him in, look him in the eye and figure out what the hell went wrong.
The only reason he's not in custody is he got the drop on me.
Boss, I think I found something.
If you wanted him in custody, DiNozzo, he would be.
Got fingernail scratches and finger smudges on the window.
It's also broken.
Someone trying to escape.
Look at this.
That's Marie's.
Well, then, she's alive.
Or she was.
Sorry, Tony.
What I meant I know what you meant.
Marie's in trouble, she could be dead, and we still don't know why.
Counterfeit Altstars, Gibbs.
Just like Wells' laptop.
Down to the crappy motherboards and the subpar coding.
Manufactured in China at a fraction of the cost of the genuine article, then sold for retail on the open market.
The stash from Marie's house has a street value of $300,000.
This is not espionage.
No, it's smuggling.
What about the spyware? That's the one thing we got wrong.
What? No spyware? Oh, no, there's spyware in all the computers.
We broke the code, too.
We can tell you what factory they were made in, what ship they came in on and what date they landed on U.
But don't thank me.
This one is Delilah.
Oh, no, no, it was nothing.
All I did was break the code on the operating system.
Oh, don't be so modest.
Most people can't do that.
Yeah, but it was your idea, Abby.
I mean, without your Oh.
What'd you find? The spyware's American.
Implanted in the computers to track the men who've been smuggling them.
These computers belong to U.
Marie's husband, Sergeant Hollister, had a partner, Jacob Spoke.
Six months ago, Customs raided a warehouse owned by Spoke.
They arrested him and Sergeant Hollister.
Only problem was, they didn't find any of the computers, so, Customs cut Hollister loose.
Not his partner? No.
Spoke had an outstanding warrant for weapons possession.
They locked him up, he was released last week.
Well, maybe he came looking for his share.
Took Marie instead.
I checked their finances.
Marie Markin and her husband had a joint account with 50 grand in it.
She's got a wanted fugitive for a brother.
Her dead husband ran the largest computer smuggling ring in Maryland.
It's worth considering she's in on it, too.
Well, let's find her.
Let's get this thing figured out-- come on.
Already on it, boss.
Got an address for a Jake Spoke.
It's a warehouse near Baltimore.
Just waiting for Tony to go pick him up.
What the hell you doing here? Hiding.
Hiding in my apartment? Not even you found me.
Well, Detective Price is wondering where you've been.
Detective Price is a jerk.
Yeah, he may be a jerk, but he's the jerk who holds your fate in his hands.
Viktor knows.
He knows I'm working for you.
What did he say? He's got a job.
Another robbery.
Wants me to drive.
I'm supposed to meet tomorrow, go over plans, but That's fantastic.
All right.
I'll call Detective Price.
We'll set up surveillance.
He's gonna kill me.
It's nerves talking.
Calm down.
Hey, look in my eyes, Officer DiNozzo.
Viktor Khartov is gonna kill me.
Anton, we're getting close.
All you have to do is go in there, let Viktor hang himself, and you're home free.
How many times have you done this? Huh? Worked an undercover case, protected an informant? Detective Price has.
And, uh, every other cop on the detail.
Look, I'm gonna go down to the precinct, I'm gonna set everything up and then I'm gonna come back here, and I'm not taking my eyes off you until Viktor's in cuffs.
You promise me, Officer DiNozzo? We're in this together, Anton.
I got your back.
You think I feel guilty about Anton and let him get away because of it, huh? I don't know.
Do you? He made a run for it.
I drew on him, but I couldn't pull the trigger.
You would have had him on the ground in two seconds flat.
Taken out a leg, or shot him in the ass, or Yeah.
You followed your gut.
That hasn't rely been working out so well for me lately.
Oh, I don't know.
Maybe it's day number four without sleep, but I can't rely on my instincts any longer.
I was wrong to trust Anton.
Maybe I was wrong about a lot of people.
Are we still talking about the case? It's so interesting.
No one will say her name.
Have you noticed? It's like she's dead.
Every time I look at her desk, every time I close my eyes I just feel like I made a mistake.
Like I made the wrong decision.
Only, it wasn't me who decided.
So, yeah, I'm probably wrong to think Anton's innocent in all this.
I'll trust you any time.
McGee, cover the back.
On it.
I'll hurt you in a thousand different ways then I'll kill you! Where the hell is my sister?! I don't know.
I told you.
I didn't take her.
You're lying! Where is she?! Please don't hurt me, man.
I'm begging you.
Put the weapon down now.
Back off! I'm not done with him yet! Listen to him, Anton.
Back off! Anton listen to him.
He's not messing around.
Put the gun down.
I'm only asking one more time.
I don't know, man, I swear! Anton, look at me.
Hey, look at me.
We can end this.
Okay? We'll find Marie.
I swear to you.
But you got to put the gun down.
It's okay.
Two nights ago, Petty Officer Wells was attacked at Marie Markin's house.
So? She was abducted.
And? Where is she? I don't know.
Look, I don't know who this is, either.
He had one of your counterfeit computers.
Yeah, a lot of people do.
That one's dead.
Are we gonna talk about the guy who tried to kill me? No! Where's Marie? Like I said, no idea.
Your fingerprints are all over her house.
I spent time there.
Randy was my partner on the computer thing.
Marie involved in this? The computers? No.
She didn't know anything about it.
Who do you work for? I got nothing else to say.
All right? Lock me up.
I'll do the time.
I'm not turning on 'em.
Look, I don't know who you're afraid of, but I promise you, I'm worse.
These guys aren't from around here.
They have their own code, you know? They don't just kill you.
They make you beg 'em for it.
You scare me, Agent Gibbs.
They scare me more.
Gibbs, hi um, I was gonna knock, but I know that you hate that, but it's really important, and I assume that if it's really important that it would be okay to pull you out, and this is really important.
Abbs, Abbs I'm here.
Tell me.
Do you believe in fate? Abby Like we're all connected, and we're all a part of some continuous circle? No.
Um, well, now maybe you will.
I got a hit in NIBIN on the bullet that we pulled from Petty Officer Wells.
It came from a gun used in a Baltimore truck hijacking Tony's old case.
So, what does it mean? It means we've been questioning the wrong guy.
Thanks, Abbs.
Ballistics report.
The gun that killed Petty Officer Wells was the same gun in your hijacking case This sailor's death, Marie's abduction, is all about you.
You killed Ivan Khartov's son, and they still want revenge.
You told me it would be okay, that you had my back.
Come on That Marie would be safe.
You think this is my fault? It is your fault! Really? I'm not the one who stole cell phones, I'm not the one who hijacked a truck, and I'm certainly not the one who stabbed a Russian gangster with a screwdriver.
You weren't there! You said that you would be there no matter what, and you weren't! You don't even know what happened.
Then tell me.
So we can get this cleared off the table, tell me what happened that night.
I told you Viktor figured it out.
How? I don't know.
I don't know.
But you left to go to the precinct.
An hour later, he shows up at your apartment and drives me to the shipyard.
And all of his guys were there waiting for me.
I didn't have a chance to call for help.
And there was a screwdriver in the back of the car.
I didn't have a choice, Tony.
I didn't have a choice.
If it was self-defense, why didn't you come to me afterwards? It looked so bad.
Oh, God What I did to him, to Ivan's son-- if I was lucky, I was going to prison.
But if Ivan got to me So, I ran, and I stayed away as long as I could.
And then you came back, for Randy's funeral.
if I could be there for the one day, just the one day that Marie needed me the most.
But they're still after me.
They're still after me.
And they're probably holding her as bait.
I'm gonna need names.
Special Agent DiNozzo.
Closing up, but if you want to grab something to go.
someone told Ivan Khartov that Anton was working with the police.
That someone was you.
I didn't even know Ivan.
That's the wrong answer.
I looked at Ivan's file.
You picked him up from Federal prison when he was released, and then you paid his medical bills when he got sick.
So, you want to try that again? I'll tell you what-- how about I make us a fresh cup of coffee? Don't do that.
Back up.
The same make and model that killed Wells, which means you're the one who shot wells and abducted Marie.
It figures you're as bad a dirt bag as your buddy Ivan.
No, I was protecting her.
They wanted her dead.
I convinced them to let her live, and then Anton became my responsibility, my debt.
They don't forgive a debt.
But, guys, you got to believe me-- I love Marie; she was never supposed to be hurt.
What went wrong? She told me Anton was coming to Randy's funeral.
I-I had no choice.
I sent some men to watch her.
And two nights ago, someone shows up, my guys held him there at Marie's house, and when I got there, I saw it wasn't Anton.
That was Petty Officer Wells.
That's right, and he ran, and he shouldn't have done that.
Now you're gonna blame the dead guy for being killed? Where's Marie? I can't.
Tell us! No, do you understand what they will do to me? I don't care.
I don't I don't care at all.
Talk! Is Marie okay? Yeah.
She's a little dehydrated, that's all.
The marshals are here to take me back to Baltimore.
I'm sorry about the way things went down.
I should've done a better job looking out for you back then.
I made my choices, you made yours.
Let's just let's just leave it at that.
I don't want to leave it at that.
I want to help.
There's one thing I learned, Tony.
Just 'cause you want it, doesn't mean it's gonna happen.
Tell me about it.
It's funny.
Never stops me from trying.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I missed you so much.
You and Delilah got a hot date? Just dinner.
You're welcome to join.
Oh, thanks, but no thanks, Tim.
Not my kind of three-way.
See you tomorrow, Tony.
Good night.
Go home.
I will, boss.
I just want to make sure Anton gets processed smoothly.
Least I can do.
Then it's off to bed.
Scout's honor.