NCIS s11e06 Episode Script

Oil & Water

Force Protection alert.
Confirmed hostile target approaching inbound.
Initiate emergency evacuation procedures.
Move it! Move it! Let's go! Let's go! Safety perimeter has been breached.
All personnel to the lifeboat deck.
Come on, Machaca.
Come on.
Stop the clock.
Three minutes, 40 seconds.
Copy that.
Drill complete.
That was pathetic, Machaca.
I could have crawled down here faster.
Lighten up, Ops.
It's just a drill.
Are we done? Chow's getting cold down there.
Explosion on the bridge.
Explosion on the bridge.
This is not a drill.
Repeat, this is not a drill.
Original air date on October 29, 2013 McGee, I thought we said no mischief-night pranks this year! Whoa! Nice.
That kind of precision-- whoever did this has some serious skills.
I mean, "Oh, no.
Oh, God, it's awful.
How dare they.
" So, this wasn't your handiwork? No.
You're not the one that defiled my lab? What? No.
What did they do? Someone moved my work table three inches to the right.
Oh, gee, how dare they.
I know.
Whoever did it knows that I would notice if there was even a hair out of place.
We're dealing with a sadistic evil genius.
I think you got half that equation right.
Oh! What have we here? I'm glad to see you took our little conversation about safe agenting seriously, but that's a little overboard, McRibbed.
You've had your fun, Tony; unwrap it.
Oh, gosh, I'm flattered, but unfortunately, that prophylaxis is not the work of yours truly.
Then whose work is it? Who knows? The Great Pumpkin? Headless Horseman? Perhaps the Ghost of Halloween Past? Mike Franks? The possibilities are endless.
Not for our dead Marine.
Grab your gear; we're going to Virginia Beach.
Got a new desk, McGee? Not exactly, boss.
Sure looks new to me.
Let's go.
I was the first one in this morning, so the prank was pulled sometime last night, and you were at the office after I left.
I had dinner plans.
What time? Uh, I don't recall.
I left at midnight, DiNozzo.
You were still at the office.
Area's on lockdown, sir.
Got a dead body in my jurisdiction, Petty Officer.
I'm following boss's orders, sir.
So if that's a problem, you can take it up with her.
What are you doing, boss? You heard the man.
We wait.
Wait? Wait for what? The person in charge, DiNozzo.
You're looking at her.
Agent Borin, I should've known.
Well, the coast guard presence was a pretty big clue.
What do you got, Borin? One explosion on board an offshore oil platform plus the body of one dead Marine equals on big mess for NCIS and CGIS.
What caused the blowout? No idea yet.
We can't get on board the platform to process the scene until the fires are contained and the platform's deemed structurally sound.
So all we've got is a body? And the statements from the crew, all 59 of them.
So, might want to get started.
Yeah, go.
It's good to see the team hasn't changed too much, Gibbs.
I was sorry to hear about David.
I'm sure leaving couldn't have been an easy decision for her, and we've all been there.
You got a body for me, Borin? Yeah.
The victim is Marv Hebner.
He was on the bridge at the time of the explosion.
Divers pulled his body from the water this morning.
His upper torso and face took the brunt of the damage.
Shrapnel damage is superficial.
Wouldn't be the cause of death.
Won't know that until Ducky examines him.
Trust me.
I've seen my share of blast-impact trauma up close.
But I'm sure Dr.
Mallard will be able to confirm our suspicions.
You were in communication with Hebner during the drill? Right up to the explosion.
And last he reported, all systems were normal.
You know, I've spent years working on oil rigs.
I never seen anything like this happen before.
I mean, we have warning signs, alarms, fail-safes.
Well, if Hebner was the only one manning the controls, is it possible he overlooked one of the warning signs? Human error? Marv's the most experienced man on the rig.
This guy wasn't the type to make mistakes.
I'm Paige Hebner.
I need to see I'm looking for No, there he is.
No, I got to see him.
Jonah! It's Marv's wife.
Hey, Paige.
It's not him, right? It is.
I'm so sorry, Paige.
Hebner, sorry for your loss.
I don't understand.
I just talked to Marv last night on the phone, and everything was fine.
What happened? We're trying to figure that out.
Where is he? Please? Hey, come on.
Come on.
No one on board recalls anything out of the ordinary before the explosion.
Systems checked out normally.
Average day.
Didn't end that way.
Command Center got a call from the captain of a cargo freighter.
He recalled passing a motorboat with nonfunctioning running lights near the platform last night.
Think this could be some kind of terrorist attack? Certainly wasn't a booze cruise.
Excuse me, Agent Borin? Thanks.
Homeland Security's put all U.
oil installations on heightened alert.
So this is either an isolated incident or It's the beginning of more to come.
Timmy, you fell prey to one of the oldest pranks in the book.
I guess that's why the classics never go out of style.
Lack of imagination and individuality? Sounds like your M.
Don't be mad at me.
I didn't do anything.
You know what it is? You make yourself too easy of a target, McBull's-eye.
You need to keep moving.
Now, me, I like a challenge.
Pulling one over on Gibbs, that would be a feat for the ages.
What do you have? A death wish? I like to live dangerously.
Our dead Marine; let's go.
Marv Hebner, major in the Selected Marine Corps Reserve with the combat engineer battalion.
Completed three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.
His most recent deployment ended eight months ago, when he returned working for CityLine Oil.
It's a mid-level oil company with an impeccable safety record.
Until now, of course.
Updates from Homeland? Well, they're keeping the threat level raised, but there's no chatter, and no terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the explosion.
The oil biz has Benham Parsa written all over it.
FBI? They don't think there's a connection.
Intel shows that Parsa's still underground.
Navy and coast guard have air support out searching for the rogue boat reported by the cargo ship.
Yeah, it's Gibbs.
What? Where? Agent Gibbs.
Thank you for joining us in Director Vance's absence.
Let me introduce you to Perry Davidson, CEO of CityLine Oil, and their lead counsel, Brett Creevy.
We want you to know that CityLine is using all means at our disposal to get to the bottom of this mess.
If we can assist in any way, please let us know.
The last thing we want is another Gulf oil disaster on our hands.
The White House couldn't agree more.
It's why they've assigned me to oversee this investigation.
Marv Hebner was a member of the CityLine family.
It's a profound loss.
Creevy and I toured that platform earlier yesterday morning.
I never would've imagined this could happen.
And we've known our platforms might be a potential target for a terrorist attack.
We prepare for it, but it's still shocking.
I think it's a little premature to assume this is an act of terrorism, gentlemen.
I'm sure NCIS is keeping all investigative paths open.
Well, if it was an attack, it wasn't a very strategic one.
How do you mean that? It's a matter of output and manpower.
That platform produces a fraction of the oil compared to our other rigs on the East Coast, and it's manned by a crew of 60.
The others have over 200.
Fallout from a larger platform would've been devastating.
Our priority is to address the cause of this incident and figure the best way to minimize the damage.
A man's dead.
Hard to minimize that.
For centuries, All Hallows' Eve was a time of celebration and superstition.
It's thought to have originated with the Celtic festival of Samhain, where followers would light bonfires in an effort to ward off roaming ghosts and lurking evil spirits.
Ah! Did you hear something? Anyway, Halloween has since evolved into, of all things, a children's holiday.
Eager faces, some dressed in questionable déguisement going from door to door in search of trick or treat.
Which do you have for me, Dr.
Mallard? Agent Borin, I'd heard our paths were about to cross again.
Well, word travels fast.
Well, I can't imagine that I'm the only one who's glad to have you back in our little flock, albeit temporarily.
Uh, Dr.
Mallard? Did you hear that? Hear what? A faint beep.
Oh, I'm sorry, my dear.
Where was I? You tell me, Duck.
Ah, Jethro.
I was about to confirm what you two have already deduced.
Major Hebner's body did indeed receive a significant amount of trauma from the blast, but none of his internal organs, his vital ones, were affected.
What was the cause of death, then? Well, this man drowned.
I suspect this contusion rendered him unconscious before he entered the water.
Hey, Borin.
Excuse me.
You got anything else, Duck? Well, I pulled a significant amount of material from the major's skin.
These gold fragments are the most curious.
I was about to send them up to Abby for analysis.
Oh, there it is again! Where is that confounded beep coming from? Patrol found our rogue motorboat dead in the water five miles south of the platform.
Traced it back to a cruiser yacht who reported it scuttled in rough seas last week.
We got to board that platform.
Yeah, well, you're in luck-- the fires are out and we can process our crime scene.
You know, Major I believe there is mischief afoot.
What do you think? Abby? Fire! There's a fire! McGee? It's okay.
Don't panic.
Do I look panicked? Actually, no.
It's sage, McGee.
I'm purifying my sanctuary of the negative karma left by the Halloween prankster.
Don't you think you're going a little overboard? I mean, I don't like it when Tony touches my stuff, either, but I just use bleach.
Well, we're not certain that it's him, so we have to take all precautions.
Abby, you said you found something? I did.
This is the operating mainframe on board the oil platform.
I reviewed all their system functions up to the explosion, and just like the crew said, everything was normal.
I found nothing.
I thought you said you found something.
Well, the nothing is the something.
Abby, are you sure you didn't ingest any of that sage? Maybe.
I found hidden malware installed on their server.
It's a rootkit, so it gave the hacker access to everything on board without being detected.
Which means someone could have manipulated the systems, remotely causing the blowout without triggering any alarms.
How was it downloaded onto the platform? E-mail spam.
Who would open a file from "Enlarge and In Charge"? We might have another way to trace our programmer.
Hackers tend to think of themselves as artists.
Some even find a way to sign their work.
It's usually embedded somewhere in their coding sequence.
Let's see if our Picasso left a mark that we can use to I.
Who's in charge now? Which one's our techie? Danielle Benton.
Advanced computer engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon.
There she is.
We live in a strange world, McGee.
I miss the days when computer nerds looked like you.
Danielle Benton.
We need to speak with you.
The Navy.
Polluters of our oceans.
Killers of innocent marine life.
I didn't know they put that in the brochure.
Does this look familiar? Looks like the computer program I designed for my thesis project.
BS in terrorism? Terrorism? Yeah, your little number jumble was installed on board CityLine's oil platform before it exploded.
I don't know anything about that.
Then how did the program you designed end up in their system? I published it online three years ago.
It's a college paper.
Anyone could have duplicated it.
But that code couldn't have caused an explosion.
Why is that? It's designed to be a tool for anti-corporate intelligence gathering, accessing records and internal communications data.
There's no input function capability.
It's looky no touchy.
She's right.
Looky, no touchy.
Didn't they teach you that at M.
? Computer programming's changed a lot since Y2K.
Time for a refresher.
Sorry, McGeek, you've been dethroned.
All hail the queen.
I'm driving.
Uh, no, no, it's not through there.
Uh, the bridge is further down under the helipad.
You've been on board here before? Nah, I just know my way around a rig.
For my last tour in the Marines, I was with a security detachment on the al-Kashir oil platform in Iraq.
All right, here we are.
Hebner was running a drill from this space.
Well, that explains how he got in the water.
Al-Kashir-- that was considered a hazardous duty assignment, right? Yeah.
We were a constant target.
Boat raids, suicide bombers-- threats came in all shapes and sizes.
Any close calls? Yeah, once on a routine patrol.
Got a distress signal from a local fisherman with his young son.
We spotted the vessel, pulled up alongside for inspection.
While we were still boarding, an IED went off.
Lost three men; a few more seconds, I would've been with them.
It was a long time ago, Gibbs.
I'd rather focus on finding out what the hell caused this explosion.
I think we just have.
Yeah, well that's the detonator.
Or what's left of it.
Well, there's goes the accident theory I was hoping for.
You know, of all the spaces to plant a bomb, why the bridge? If you want to take down a tree, you do it at the base, not the branch.
Maybe it wasn't about the space.
The platform wasn't the target.
Marv Hebner was.
A detonator? You're suggesting one of our men planted a bomb on the platform? That's insane.
Every CityLine employee is properly vetted and goes through an extensive background investigation-- before they're hired.
- No one had any red flags.
- Someone does now.
Was Marv Hebner having any problems with a particular crew member? I wouldn't say a problem.
I was aware of a falling-out he had with Jonah McGuire, his operations officer.
About what? McGuire was cited for a safety violation during a recent OSHA inspection.
The company decided to let McGuire go.
It was a decision that Hebner signed off on.
Did McGuire know he was being let go? Paperwork was still being finalized, but he saw the writing on the wall.
That's not just a red flag; that's a motive.
Why would someone want to kill Marv? We were hoping you could tell us.
I have no idea.
That's not what we heard.
Sounded like you had a pretty big ax to grind.
Then you're misinformed.
Marv was my closest friend.
Signing your termination papers wasn't too friendly.
Friends are supposed to have your back, not stab you in it.
That's not what it seems.
I wasn't angry over him for getting fired.
It was my idea.
That makes no sense.
There's a lot of that going on today.
Marv was the one at fault for that safety hit, not me.
I took the fall because I knew what the consequences would be.
So you lied in order to get fired-- still not making sense.
You don't understand what the job meant to Marv.
And an OSHA infraction would have ruined his career.
I-I I couldn't let that happen after all the things he'd done for me.
I didn't kill him.
I was was trying to protect him.
Perfect timing, as always.
You're expecting me? Agent Abby! I'm so glad to see you! I mean, I'm not glad about the "dead body" situation and all, but I'm just, I'm really happy that you're here.
And how about now? Oh.
That is a lot of affection for some caffeine.
I should come around more often.
I agree with that 110%.
Although that's not numerically possible, for emphasis, it totally works.
Happy I can help.
Well, now it's my turn to help you.
What do you got, Abbs? I'm still processing the debris from the platform-- it's gonna take some time-- but I can give you some information about the bomb itself.
That's good.
Not really.
The cell phone detonator is a disposable, so there's no trail.
And the explosive device, the main ingredient was pure black powder.
Which isn't regulated, making it nearly impossible to trace.
We do know that the bomb had minimal damage payload, so we're not dealing with some professional big-time terrorist.
But it didn't need to be.
With all flammable gasses and materials on board that platform, all they needed was the right ignition point to set off a chain reaction.
Which brings me to my next interesting fact.
Based on the device's blast radius, it was placed in the one spot on the bridge where a chain reaction wouldn't take out the entire rig.
Either they got really lucky or our bomber had intimate knowledge of the platform's structural layout.
I don't believe in luck.
That's good work, Abbs.
I got an uneasy feeling, McGee.
Well, I told you not to order Chinese from a Mexican restaurant.
I'm talking about SECNAV.
She's been hanging around here a lot lately.
Don't speak ill of José the Mandarin.
His egg rolls are muy bueno.
Look, this is NCIS, Porter's the SECNAV-- she's just doing her job.
I had this same bad feeling back when I was at Ohio State my sophomore year.
They brought in a new head coach.
New coach means new lineup.
You think SECNAV's looking to switch things up around here? Don't worry, I got your back.
Every team needs a water boy.
Where are we? Hey, boss.
Uh, verified the background checks on the CityLine employees-- nothing noteworthy.
Fines for public intoxication, delinquent car payments and some serious who's clearly never heard of the Internet.
I've got something.
The entire food service team on board the platform was hired through a third-party vendor.
Which means they didn't have to go through CityLine's background check.
They still wouldn't have proper clearance to access the bridge.
Anyone with a criminal record? Um Lenny Pachaca, a line cook.
Working under the alias "Lenny Machaca.
" Hmm.
Didn't really think outside of the box on that one, did he? He did time for possession and transportation of explosives.
DiNozzo, get Borin, bring him in.
Will do.
I love that smell.
Rotting fish carcass and diesel fuel? Yeah, breathe it in.
You're a special lady, Borin.
I can't wait to meet the peg-legged gentleman who woos you.
Yo-ho-ho, DiNozzo.
Lenny Machaca? Hey Oh, come on I'll cut him off.
College softball.
Southpaw? I swung both ways.
I think this crazy bitch broke my ribs.
Trust me, Len you want to quit while you're ahead.
And you're still breathing.
I already told you you've got the wrong guy.
It's been my experience only people with something to hide run from the cops.
And use aliases.
I see what you're trying to do, but you're not pinning this to me.
I didn't do it.
Well, you also claimed that you didn't have any issues with Marv Hebner, yet your supervisor says he made complaints about you.
Said you were a loose cannon.
You unpredictable, Len? Bet you didn't like him keeping you in line.
He was a tightly-wound hard-ass.
Rode everyone like a damn drill sergeant.
This wasn't the Marines.
Guess he finally pushed the wrong guy too far.
The wrong guy with a criminal background in explosives? Because there's only one guy on board that meets that criteria, and that's that's you.
Arrested for possession of C-4, chargers, blasting caps, and gunpowder.
Oh, Lenny old habits die hard.
That was a long time ago, all right? My friend and I got a kick out of blowing stuff up.
No one got hurt.
We were just having fun.
It was fun? Yeah.
Just a way to goof off.
Never saw what the big deal was, so Have have you ever seen what that kind of fun does to the human body at close range, Lenny? No? Let me enlighten you.
It starts with a a sudden flash of light.
Comes out of nowhere.
You're temporarily blinded, but trust me, that's a blessing, because the last thing you want to see is what's about to happen to you.
And then there's the sound.
It's the loudest sound you have ever heard in your entire life.
It's also the last sound you're ever gonna hear.
And then there's the silence.
And you can't even hear yourself scream as the heat from the blow-back melts your skin and the shrapnel tears through your body! So why don't you tell me, Lenny are we having fun yet? Huh? This fun for you? I'm done listening to this.
Oh, my God, you're so not.
Hey, we've just started.
So why don't you stay where you are? Agent Borin.
Take a break.
Look, I only used an alias because I couldn't get a job with my record.
All right? I have a family to provide for.
That's all I've done, I swear.
I'll take a polygraph or whatever, just keep her away from me.
Well, I was always partial to the Green Dragon Tavern.
Tuesdays they would host American history triviology.
I know, I went every week.
Okay, what about outside Cambridge? Tough choice, but I'm gonna have to go with Boss.
Didn't see you come in.
You're probably wondering what I'm doing.
We were just discussing our academic history in Boston.
, Harvard.
Excuse me.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Tim.
Yes, ma'am.
What did you find out? Quite a bit, actually.
She wrote for the Crimson, she was a member of the debate club, graduated magna cum laude.
About the case, McGee.
Well, since his, uh, release from prison, Lenny has kept his record clean.
I confirmed his alibi with two of the other onboard cooks.
They say he was working all day on the mess decks up until the drill.
That's not much of a lead.
This is.
Check it out.
Schematics of CityLine's oil platform.
The firm who designed the plans had a minor security breach two weeks ago.
This was the only file that was compromised.
What kind of breach? It was the same type of malware we found on CityLine's mainframe.
One person they have in common.
Danielle Benton.
Find her, McGee.
I thought that move was pure urban legend.
Something you care to share, Madam Secretary? Pardon me? Is there another reason for your presence here, besides this investigation? Matters of my agenda are above your pay grade, Agent Gibbs.
If it involves me or my team, I respectfully disagree.
Rest assured, my presence at NCIS is purely case-specific.
You have your orders.
So do I.
However, as a person with a background in business, I would be remiss if I didn't notice certain gaps in this office when it comes to manpower.
Staffing issues are below your pay grade.
Not if it's affecting the efficiency of this agency.
It isn't.
I agree.
I'm not here to mark my territory, Agent Gibbs.
It's your team.
You run it as you see fit.
As long as I keep seeing results, we won't have an issue.
If it ain't broke Here you go.
Yeah, sure, I can use another round.
Well say something, Gibbs.
Kind of waiting on you, Borin.
I'm the one who's in the dark.
Look, I-I shouldn't have taken this case.
I knew it would just dredge up too many things I didn't want to revisit.
Well, maybe if you knew that, it's why you took the case.
I still remember every detail of that day in Iraq.
I'd play it over and over and over in my head, just, you know, thinking of all the stuff I could've done differently.
Signs I missed.
Losing a man in combat, it stays with you.
I didn't just lose three fellow Marines in that blast.
Gibbs, I lost my Marine.
Liam He always had to be the one leading the charge, you know? That was his style.
He was, uh strong.
Stubborn, God Cocky as all hell.
A Marine's Marine.
I saw him board the vessel I saw the blast take him and I saw what was left when I pulled him from the water.
That was just something I couldn't come back from.
Yeah, DiNozzo? Boss, we've tracked Danielle Benton's cell to a marina outside Hampton Roads.
McGee's sending you the address.
Okay, we'll meet you there.
About ready to go? I'm driving.
No, after everything that's happened, I think it's best for everyone if I just pull out of the case.
It's fine, look, I'm gonna call headquarters, they can assign you another agent No, Borin, not happening.
My case, my call.
You pulling rank on me, gunny? A Marine leaves no man behind.
Make sure we're fueled and ready.
I want to be out of here before the tide shifts.
Don't leave yet.
Who the hell are you? I already answered NCIS's questions.
If you want more I.
support, try the Genius Bar.
You taking a trip? Work.
Surveying the ecological impact of coastal shipping routes on local whale migration.
And yes, we have a permit.
Boss Watch 'em.
What do you got? Crabs.
We have a problem.
Worse than DiNozzo's crabs? It's black powder.
And there are more than That's enough to level this entire marina.
Don't worry, you'll get used to loud noises in prison.
And with what we found on board, you're in for an extended stay.
Containers of gasoline, black powder, and soap.
Also known as "vegan napal"" in environmental extremist circles.
I've never seen those containers before in my life.
Must be the captain's.
I'm innocent.
Told you she'd say that.
He did; he said you'd say that.
He also said you'd lean back and cross your arms.
He did the whole thing, it was very good.
He also said that you would be a little surprised when you found out that we discovered your hiding spot underneath the wheel-house floorboard.
Building plans, surveillance photos, and security access codes belonging to ten biotech labs across the East Coast each hit by the same arsonist.
Too bad you didn't think to wipe your prints off all these.
Christmas came early this year for the FBI.
"Boo-ya"? What is that? Those labs were conducting invasive and unethical tests on innocent animals.
What they do isn't research; it's torture.
I did what was necessary to save lives.
Well, you didn't seem to mind taking Marv Hebner's life for your cause.
Oh, yeah, we found a copy of the CityLine blueprint on board.
Boo-ya! Is that right? Yeah.
I didn't steal the designs to bomb the platform.
I was going to board it.
Next month.
An onboard protest against offshore drilling, where CityLine wouldn't be able to ignore us.
I'd say you got their attention.
That explosion caused irreparable damage to the ocean's ecosystems.
I have no problem going to prison for what I believe in, but that is against everything I stand for.
Gabs! Gabs! Gabs! Gabs! Gabs! Gabs! Gabs Gabs.
It just saves time.
You know, just just go with it.
Um, I found something fishy on our evidence.
Like, really fishy.
Acipenser oxyrinchus.
Otherwise known as the North Atlantic sturgeon.
Found where? Melted on the detonator and other debris from the bridge.
This fish sample was altered with acrylic resin, potassium chromium sulfate, formaldehyde Abbs English.
Fish leather.
Like from a work boot? No.
Uh, sturgeon leather is very rare and extremely expensive.
So it would be a more high-quality good.
Can you narrow it down for us? I can, thanks to a metal shard that Ducky pulled from Hebner's body.
This wasn't just shrapnel.
It's a piece of an alloy tumbler locking mechanism.
Separately, the lock and the leather didn't make any sense, but when you put them together, you get this.
The Merion Attaché.
That is where the bomb was stored.
A briefcase-- innocuous enough to hide in plain sight.
That's good work, Abbs.
She's not done yet.
He knows me so well.
I cross-referenced the purchase logs for the Merion Attaché with all of the employees from CityLine, and I got a match.
Brett Creevy, legal department.
Is he checking his e-mail? Oh, he's a smug son of a bitch, isn't he? Lawyer.
Planting a bomb was just one of Creevy's many bad decisions.
He lost his life savings in the Broad Street development Ponzi scheme last year.
Didn't have much to his name until the explosion.
Turns out Creevy short-sold shares of CityLine's stock last week.
Once news of the explosion broke, their stocks took a nosedive.
Just like BP's did after their incident in the Gulf.
Wall Street.
"Greed is good.
" The Gekko.
Love that movie.
Creevy made a boatload of cash, boss.
Define "boatload.
" Tens of millions.
I tracked his funds to an offshore account, where I found a charge for a chartered flight to the Maldives, departing tonight.
All yours, Borin.
With pleasure.
Good luck.
You sure that's a good idea, boss? 'Cause last time, she went a little Dirty Harry in there.
But of course, Agent Borin is a professional, and I trust her completely.
I have been sitting here for almost an hour, Agent Borin.
You have CityLine's full cooperation, but I have a schedule to keep to.
I understand.
I'm sure you're anxious to get home, pack for your trip.
Trip? What are you talking about? You bought a one-way ticket to the Maldives.
You know, that's a really nice choice.
It's got gorgeous white-sand beaches, palm trees and no extradition.
And I know one piece of luggage you won't be taking with you.
You know what's interesting about this? I've got witnesses who recall you on board the platform the morning of the explosion carrying that briefcase.
But no one seems to remember you leaving with it.
Not even Perry Davidson, who spent the entire day with you.
Maybe now is the time to mention that I have a team of agents searching your house as we speak.
Oh, yeah.
They found the bomb-making materials in your garage.
So if a first-class ticket to death row doesn't appeal to you, Mr.
Creevy, I suggest you start talking.
It's not how I planned it.
I didn't know Hebner was going to be on the bridge during the drill.
I just wanted the money.
No one was supposed to get hurt.
I I swear.
So, that's it? He cracked already? Full confession, ten minutes.
Don't get excited.
My record's five.
Mallard, what do you have there? This, my dear, is the infernal contraption that's been driving me mad these last two days.
The ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron? Yeah.
Annoying is an understatement.
I've heard of these things.
They send out high-frequency sounds intermittently.
Yeah, making it impossible to find.
The intention, I suspect.
I finally found it tucked into my desk lamp.
Remember, Anthony, revenge is all the more sweet.
What? Why does everyone assume it's me? Because nothing's happened to you.
And because you're you.
Borin come on.
You know I'm innocent.
Back me up here.
I see.
Well, I've been framed, and I'm going to get to the bottom of this.
Wait and see.
You're already at the bottom, DiNozzo.
Your secret's safe with me.
Weighed-down gear pack? It's the oldest Marine prank there is.
No idea what you're talking about.
I want to ask you something.
When you left the Corps, was CGIS the change you were looking for? Not exactly.
At least not at first.
More like running away than a fresh start.
But eventually, it became more.
And the work started to mean something.
Started to feel A sense of purpose again? You're good.
Tell me how the story ends, I'll be really impressed.
Well, that kind of depends on you, Borin.
How's that? You ever think about making another change? It's a tempting thought.
But I'd be lying if I said I hadn't considered it.
But I don't think I'm finished with CGIS just yet.
Yeah, it's still a good fit.
Besides, I got a whole lot of lessons to teach Omagi before I let him take over.
Can't argue with that.
Yeah, I'll be right there.
Well, it's about that time.
Thank you for the drink.
Say I wanted to make a change in the near future.
I'm not going anywhere.
Semper fi, Gibbs.
Semper paratus Borin.