NCIS s11e24 Episode Script

Honor Thy Father

Here you go.
Thank you.
Whoa! Uh, excuse me.
Why should I excuse you? I did it on purpose.
I'm sorry, what?! I said, I bumped into you on purpose.
I'm flirting with you.
Oh! Uh okay.
Uh But I'm actually here with somebody.
Who brings a date to a mixer?! Thanks.
I'm back.
Thank God.
I had to fight off two young professionals who wanted to show me their paystubs.
Is that a euphemism? Oh! McGee, I can hear you.
Well, I should hope so.
Oh, there you go.
Got, 'em.
All right.
I mean, I'm, I still got a little bit of an issue, but That'll come online in a second, boss.
I probably should have taken the job inside.
Um don't think that would have been good idea.
Bishop's right.
There's enough eye candy in here to send you into diabetic shock.
That's fine, Tim, but I'm fully capable of handling your dweeb-centric responsibilities.
Hey Oh! There we go! There we go.
DiNozzo Hmm? We don't have all night.
All right, let's catch ourselves a burglar.
Wayne "The Snail" Levinson.
I sent you guys a glamour shot to keep him fresh.
Anyone have any idea why they call him "The Snail"? He's probably a slow mover.
Can we just stick to the essentials, please? Oh, I'm sorry, Tim! Remember, cameras on the outside only.
Be smart.
He could be armed.
What if? Wait I think I see Levinson.
He's headed towards the south end.
He just went in the back.
Wait give him a second.
We have to catch him in the act.
Copy that.
You ready? Yeah.
This is the best part.
NCIS! Put your hands on your head! Hey! Gibbs, he's running.
Heading toward Brand! Move! He's definitely not a slow mover! He just turned north! NCIS.
Get your hands up.
We got him.
Nice job, everybody.
"The Snail" just became escargot.
He's cooked.
Come on now, Leroy.
Boss, we'll match his prints to those other burglaries once we get back.
Do that.
Breaking news this morning from aboard a U.
Navy ship: The USS Niagara was conducting a routine training exercise some 200 miles off the coast of Maryland-- that's when fire broke out in the ship's galley.
Are you listening to this? Should I be? the fire has been contained; no casualties were reported.
I really need to pay more attention when I cook.
The last time I made craw-chiladas, I almost burned down the house.
Ooh craw-chiladas.
Crawfish enchiladas.
I got the recipe when I was down in New Orleans.
They're my new favorite thinking food.
Hey, how'd it go with Levinson? Charged him for last night.
Got him to confess to the three other burglaries he was suspected of in Annapolis.
Case closed before breakfast.
Bishop, you talk to the bar owner? I did.
Uh, Levinson's same old M.
: He identified a place without proper security and made his move.
Bar owner said the safe has been broken for months.
You want to bet he's gonna get it fixed now? He was really glad we were there.
Said he's gonna change the name of the bar from the Green Star to the Lucky Star.
Speaking of lucky I feel like I was the lucky one last night spending a little quality time with Mr.
Gibbs in the surveillance van.
Plus, I got to do that very cool, cut-off-the-perp move.
Good stuff.
By the way, Tim, how was your run? Chasing after "Snail," I guess he wasn't so slow after all, huh? Yes, Tony, the name is ironic.
It's like when they call a big guy "Tiny"" Gibbs.
Have a seat.
It's not about Levinson? No.
Then what? Employee of your father's called the office looking for you.
He didn't have your cell.
Gibbs, your father had a stroke.
I'm sorry.
He's gone.
I think we should go with this company, 'cause their delivery service reviews are awesome and you know, Gibbs will be in Stillwater in like 48 minutes.
Abbs, we don't have to have the flowers on the curb when he gets out of the car.
I know that, but, and also the other great thing is that you can customize.
I was thinking something simple like this.
Are those suspenders? Yeah.
And then we can add five Jackson-themed balloons.
I'm just not sure what shape they should be yet.
Abby, Gibbs is gonna appreciate whatever we send.
There's no reason to stress.
I have to stress because if I don't stress, then I'll stop and if I stop, I'm gonna get really, really sad.
When my grandma died, it helped me just to talk about her.
Maybe you guys could tell me what Jackson was like.
He gave the best hugs.
He was the only one that could do the "Gibbs stare" at Gibbs.
With those icy-blue eyes.
He gave me the sweater off his back once.
Two functional pockets.
Very soft.
I just wish Gibbs had taken one of us with him, you know? I wish there was something we could do to help.
Best thing we can do for Gibbs is stay focused and do the job.
And the focus starts now.
Agents DiNozzo, McGee, Bishop-- with me to MTAC.
Following you to MTAC, sir.
Director, agents, despite media reports, today's incident onboard the USS Niagara was not an accidental galley fire.
This was intentional.
It appears an incendiary device was brought onboard by a civilian contractor.
Five wounded.
One dead.
The contractor was confronted and shot trying to evade capture.
Why the Niagara? Director we are carrying prisoners.
Terrorists who've been indicted.
My team was conducting onboard interrogations to gain intel.
We believe the fire was a diversion and a means to an end.
This is a prison break.
Two prisoners did manage to escape in the chaos.
Who are they? Most of the prisoners were captured based on intel from your interrogation of Benham Parsa.
Brotherhood of Doubt was trying to free its members.
Had the fire reached its full potential, more would have escaped.
The Brotherhood stood to gain, but it's highly unlikely they were responsible.
When NCIS captured and killed Parsa, the Brotherhood was financially ruined.
When NCIS captured They're basically powerless.
Big picture will come.
Captain, what are we looking for? Evidence suggests the prisoners escaped on a RIB.
forty-plus knots.
What are the stats on the escapees? Put it away.
Excuse me, sir.
I'll be right back in, I was just gonna call-- I know what you're doing, Agent DiNozzo, and I said stop.
With all due respect, sir, I think Gibbs would want the update.
You brief him, he'll be back at his desk before lunch.
That's his call.
It's my call.
Gibbs needs time.
It's my job to make sure he takes it.
Anyone else I would agree, sir, but, Leroy Jethro Gibbs? Can you handle point on this or not? Of course I can.
Then inform your team, Agent DiNozzo.
Gibbs stays where he is.
No contact.
Are we clear? Clear as a bell, sir.
No one was ever allowed to touch that Winchester.
You tell a kid he can't have a rifle and he grows up to be a sniper.
Wait, are you saying we can't call Gibbs at all? Well, technically, I guess you could call him, you just can't talk ships or prison breaks.
But, he's Gibbs.
He'll know everything by the way you're breathing.
No calling Gibbs.
Let's do this.
What do we know? Uh two prisoners are believed to have escaped the Niagara aboard a Rigid-hulled Inflatable Boat.
The Niagara's radar was compromised by the fire.
RIB started out around 0500 unnoticed and could have headed in any direction.
Narrows it down.
What about the prisoners? Escapee number one is Edwin Smith.
few prisoners aboard the Niagara with no ties to the Brotherhood of Doubt.
Looks like he put in eight years as an engineer on a cruise ship.
Experience could come in handy out there.
Escapee number two is Lateef Mir, 30.
Born and raised in Karachi.
Mir assassinated a group of American journalists in Pakistan in the name of Parsa.
Guy's been tied to the Brotherhood of Doubt since it started.
Don't get too attached to the picture, though.
Mir's a chameleon.
He's highly skilled at changing his appearance and taking on new identities.
I saw a surveillance photo of this guy a few years ago.
I can't believe that's the same guy.
So what, McGee? You don't check your e-mail anymore? Why, did you send me something? Yes, a satellite image.
Abby, this e-mail came through two minutes ago.
Two minutes is two years in Abby time, you know that.
What is it? Okay, based on ocean currents, the time of departure and the amount of fuel, I was able to narrow down the search area for the RIB.
This is piece of protected shore in Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware, and this object has the same dimensions as our missing RIB.
McGee, call it in to FBI and DHS.
Bishop, you're with me.
Abby, nicely done.
That's it over there.
Matches the specs.
Definitely Navy.
Oh, boy.
Looks like Edwin Smith.
Then where's the chameleon? Ah, the sea once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.
That's Jacques Cousteau, right? Yeah.
Oh, I love that guy.
You know, I have The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau on DVD-- can't wait to watch it with the kiddos.
"Kiddos" plural? You and Breena are expecting twins? Oh, I thought I told you, Doctor.
Once we found out that we were pregnant, we decided that it was just a sign we were meant to have two.
So, you know, we're gonna adopt a second eventually.
Why not a third or a fourth? Two boys and two girls.
I can just see it now.
You and Breena with a-a row of ducklings following behind.
I can see that, too.
All right.
Ranger's people didn't see anything.
We need to move.
Mir's got a head start.
He's gonna use it.
BOLO? It's out wide.
Local LEOs are canvassing.
All right, let's finish this and get back out there.
How's it looking, Duck man? First things first, with whom are we sailing? Fingerprint positively I.
'd him as Edwin Smith.
Ah, our Canadian terrorist.
Well, we know that he was on the Niagara when the fire broke out.
That shrapnel, Doctor? Yeah, that would be my conjecture.
An explosion as a result of the inferno.
Think that's what killed him? No.
No, no.
Look here.
He has a thumb-impression contusion on his neck, and conjunctival petechiae.
This man was strangled.
Well, he was great with boats.
Good to have around.
Once they got shore, Mir eliminated the extra baggage.
All right, we got to get this RIB back to Abby.
What? It's Gibbs.
Tony! Good heavens, did-did you just press "Ignore"? Are you insane? What am I supposed to do? Director's orders.
It's like I can feel Gibbs looking at me through the phone.
You've reached Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.
I can't get to the phone.
Please leave me a message.
I'm checking in.
Call me back, huh? I want you to get another opinion.
It's not about what you want, Jackson.
Then tell me I'm wrong.
I can't do this anymore.
Why is Mom mad at you? Excuse me.
Agent Gibbs? I'm sorry to bother you.
I'm Cal.
Cal Frazier.
You worked at the store.
Jackson mentioned me? He spoke highly.
Well, I don't know about that.
I did mostly lifting and stocking.
No, he said you had a real head for business.
He did? I was there when it happened.
I know.
I tried to, um I wish there was something I could've done.
Cal there wasn't.
Oh This is, uh, my set to the store.
I came by to bring them back to you.
Appreciate it.
Jackson Gibbs saved my life.
I was headed down a bad road when he hired me.
He said that, uh, the world was bad enough as it is.
You've got no right to make it worse.
To make it any worse.
You know, no one ever cared enough to say stuff like that to me before.
Are you busy? Sir? I could use some help getting the store ready to sell.
Of course.
Ready when you are, Captain.
Then we won't waste time on pleasantries.
I'm sure the name Fu'ad Hansur means something to you.
Parsa gave up Hansur as his second in command during my interrogation.
Hansur evaded our roundup, but today he showed his face.
On behalf of the Brotherhood, he released a video claiming responsibility for the break.
Thought you said he didn't have the funding to pull this off.
They don't.
It's why we believe Hansur is lying.
What is your progress on the search for Lateef Mir? DNA confirmed he was in the RIB.
We're coordinating with FBI and DHS to follow up - on any credible sightings.
- Anything promising? Nothing we'd be comfortable calling solid.
Use all your resources.
You need to apprehend Mir now.
I've interrogated him myself.
He's not the type to settle into a quiet life.
Hairs! Hairs! Hairs! She really likes it when there are hairs.
I do.
Because a hair is worth a thousand words, and I found tons of them on the RIB.
Some belonged to Smith, but most were from Lateef Mir.
The thickness and the texture confirm that these are facial hair.
What do you see? Straight edge.
He shaved.
Both his head and his beard.
This eyebrow hair wasn't shaved, but it was bleached.
He's already turning himself into someone else.
I used everything that I found, and I made a new composite.
Before After.
I would've walked right by him.
We should add it to the BOLO.
I already did, and I got a hit.
An off-duty cop saw this Lateef Mir walk into a bar, go into the back room and then leave.
What bar? The Green Star Bar and Grill.
What? The same one Levinson tried to rob last night? Not moving so fast now, eh, Snail? That'll be all, thank you.
What were you doing at the Green Star last night? You know what I was doing.
I was robbing the place.
Well, I think there's more to the story than that.
You don't get it.
I'd rather take the hit than rat on these people.
If I talk, I'm dead.
If you don't talk, you're dead.
You see, Snail, you're what they call a loose end.
So the only way you're safe is if I take these guys down.
Believe it or not, I'm the only friend you've got.
I wasn't robbing the place.
The money I took from the safe was mine.
It was payment.
For what? For my end.
Three untraceable guns.
I left 'em in the safe.
Some guy was gonna pick 'em up later today.
Lateef Mir? I don't know.
Wasn't my business.
They paid me half up front and half in the safe.
"They" who? Who paid you? The lady that dropped off the up-front was Hispanic.
She had a baby with her.
Name? She didn't say.
She's just a gopher.
The job came from a guy I met in prison.
Name's Rivera.
Alejandro Rivera.
Oh, wow.
Who's Rivera? Mexican drug cartel.
Tried to kill Gibbs a few years back.
It's a long story but not one of the boss's biggest fans.
He told me it wasn't loaded.
I'll put this in the garage.
Yeah? DiNozzo, where you been? Boss, we need to talk.
That bad? Worse.
Forgive me if I don't get up.
For a dirt bag in prison, you look surprisingly decent.
What did you expect, Agent DiNozzo? That I would let myself go? You know me better than that.
Let's see.
What else have you missed? Paloma.
We had the most beautiful ceremony for my sister.
I was granted permission to attend.
Her godson read a poem by Tennessee Williams.
"We have not long to love.
A night.
A day.
" Paloma loved poetry.
She was a special lady, your sister.
Tell me, Agent DiNozzo.
To what do I owe this pleasure? Lateef Mir.
Never heard of him.
Oh, come on.
Dues-paying member of the Brotherhood of Doubt, takes orders from Fu'ad Hansur.
What is it that you think you know? Okay.
We'll keep it simple.
Wayne the Snail.
Levinson? He was here for a time.
But he was released.
You hired him to drop off some guns for Mir.
I have not had contact with Levinson since the day he left this place.
That's your story and you're sticking to it.
Got it.
Last chance to change your mind.
I don't know anything about it.
Tell Agent Gibbs to get well.
He must have a touch of the flu, no? Otherwise, I'd be forced to believe that he was too much of a coward to face me in person.
He murdered my father in cold blood.
Did you know that about your boss? I don't know anything about it.
What did he say? Claimed he didn't hire Levinson to drop off the guns.
Well, lying must run in the family.
I went to talk to the owner of the Green Star.
Turns out, he is Rivera's second cousin.
Of course he is.
He gave you the runaround? Stuck to his story.
Said as far as he knew, we saved him from getting robbed last night.
You check the safe? Yup.
No guns.
Cousin probably took them out the minute he knew we were outside chasing Levinson.
Then handed them over to Lateef Mir when he stopped by today.
I got something.
Probably has nothing to do with what you were just talking about, but Leticia Gomez.
Found her name in the prison log.
She visited Rivera twice in the last month.
Hospital records show she had a baby eight months ago.
Matches Levinson's description of the gopher who paid him.
Let's bring her in.
Boss? Gibbs.
I had a right to know.
I can't have you on this.
My team is in the field I get a call.
I was respecting your situation, Gibbs.
Let's not turn this into something else.
I don't need to be handled.
Your head is not here.
Don't tell me me where my head is at.
I am here, Director.
I am on this.
What did you say to me after Jackie died? What did you tell me to do? I was out for two months.
That was different.
It's been half a day, Gibbs.
He was your father.
He was.
And now he's dead.
And I still have a job to do.
And I didn't? I am not you.
As director of this agency, I'm placing you on administrative leave.
As your friend, I'm telling you to get the hell out of here before you say something I can't let go.
Leon This job.
It's what I have.
Don't ever tell my team to hold out on me again.
Sorry, I couldn't find a sitter.
What's her name? Ana.
I can't lose her.
Then you need to tell us what you know, Leticia.
I met Alejandro about eight years ago.
He was in DC on business.
I was a waitress.
I spilled coffee on him.
How well do you know him now? If he asks, I do jobs for him.
Simple jobs, to support my daughter.
I delivered a payment to Wayne Levinson.
When I found out I was pregnant, Ana's father left me.
I wrote a letter to Alejandro.
Then I visited.
It went from there.
Went where? I love him.
He loves me, too.
Look, he tells me things, but he doesn't Leticia, your daughter needs you more than he does.
I know that.
Child and Family Services is a phone call away.
Alejandro has a network on the outside.
The Reynosa Cartel.
He hooked them up with some of the people he knew in the Mexican government.
Made the cartel stronger.
He's ashamed to be involved with drugs, but it's the only way.
For what? Lately, all he could talk about was this guy Parsa on the news.
After NCIS killed Parsa, Alejandro made contact with the Brotherhood.
He used cartel money to fund their prison break because they had an enemy in common.
Any prisoner who escaped was ordered to hunt down and kill your Agent Gibbs.
I bagged the weapon.
Glock 19 with the serial number filed off, just like Levinson said.
Most people mourn the passing of a loved one with a wake or sitting shiva.
Both involve spending time with relatives only seen on such occasions.
Not my style, Duck.
Clearly, Jethro.
I sincerely hope this is the last professional visit I make to your basement, Jethro.
It's becoming unduly repetitive.
Gibbs, anything else I should get? Would you be so kind as to document his fingers, Eleanor? Sure.
Acid burns on the tips.
What better way for Mir to become the quintessential everyman than by searing off his identifying features? - We'll talk when you get back, Dad.
- Yeah.
Why is Mom mad at you? Leroy there's a lot in this world you can't make right.
But this This, you can always make right.
And that's a start.
Jethro, why don't you go back to Stillwater? Funerals are impossible to plan at a distance.
There's nothing for you here.
Something I got to do first.
Agent Gibbs.
Bienvenido a mi casa.
Old friends shouldn't be shy.
What can I do for you? I heard you were asking for me, so I came.
This is your plan? To twiddle your thumbs until I confess to something? I don't need anything from you.
Everyone needs something, do they not? What about your girlfriend? Excuse me? What does she need? Other than better taste in men.
It's a copy of a statement written by Leticia Gomez.
Says that you farmed out all your dirty work to the Brotherhood of Doubt because you thought they couldn't be traced back to you or your network.
She gave you up.
Fu'ad Hansur's compound last night.
CIA followed your funding trail straight to it.
Intel suggests that all remaining leaders of the Brotherhood were killed in the strike.
Like I said, I don't need a confession from you, Alejandro.
You think I'm dirt? You think my father was dirt? Damn right I do.
He took your family, but he was still my father.
He taught me to swing a bat.
He told me I could be a better man than he was.
And you took him from me.
You turned me into this.
You choose who you are without him.
Yes, I choose.
Each day, I choose to think of my father.
I choose to think of my sister.
And every moment that is left, I choose to think of seeing you dead.
But none of this matters.
I have freed the Devil's men, and they hate you as much as I do.
Sooner or later, they will strike.
The only one who escaped was Lateef Mir.
That's him.
They let you watch TV in here? You should turn on the news tonight.
You'll see his picture, your picture.
It'll be great Guard? We're done here.
Guard! Man, I wish I could've seen Rivera's face when Gibbs laid the smack down.
You think he had a little chin-quiver going on? I love a good bad-guy chin quiver.
McGee, you're late.
Boss gave me the morning off.
It's Delilah's birthday next week, so I thought I'd send her Did you take a picture of Rivera's face? No.
Why? - I always miss the good stuff.
- Gibbs! Gibbs! Gibbs! I need Gibbs in an emergency way.
Where is he? Uh, probably in Stillwater by now.
What? Abby, breathe and give us something to go on.
I got the DNA back.
The guy that Gibbs killed in his basement was not Lateef Mir.
What do you mean? The dead guy's name is Dar Tareen.
He's a hired mercenary.
Mir planted those hairs in the RIB to make us think that's what he looked like.
Then he hired Tareen to take on that look and go after Gibbs.
Mir is still out there, and he could look like anyone.
Boss isn't picking up.
Have you someone In Heaven waiting? Hey, Cal, that you? Be ready to join That great band of angels When they welcome you in You're early.
Well, Jackson always said if you're not early, you're late.
Still the 20 minutes? No, he bumped it up to 30.
We could, uh, take my car if you want.
It's right out front.
Cal, do something for me? Sure.
You want me to lock the back up? I want you to take the store.
It's yours.
It's what Dad would have wanted.
Well, I, uh, I'm not I mean, I mean, I don't I don't even I don't even how to Just do good work.
I will.
Shadows are falling And I'm running out of breath Keep me in your heart for a while If I leave you it doesn't mean I love you any less Keep me in your heart for a while When you get up in the morning and you see that crazy sun Keep me in your heart for a while There's a train leaving nightly Called "When All is Said and Done" Keep me in your heart for a while Thanks for making the trip, L.
He was proud of you, Leroy.
Yeah, well proud of him, too.
"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, "I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me.
Thy rod and Thy staff" Hold me in your thoughts, take me to your dreams Touch me as I fall into view And when the winter comes Keep the fires lit And I will be right next to you Mom! Hey, Chickadee.
We made this for you.
You know what your grandpa used to say? "Water never forgets.
" Anyone with a boat named after them will live forever.
How about that? Hey, you two! Wait up! You ready to sail it? Oh! All right.
Let's go.
Don't let go of it now, son.
Don't let go