NCIS s12e01 Episode Script

Twenty Klicks

You spend so much time sucking up to Americans by all means, you should be comfortable.
There is a word for you in English-- scum.
Scum supporting terror with finance intelligence weapons Although, intelligence may not be the right English word, since you have lost so many treasured clients in recent years.
Like this one.
Ari Haswari.
But he was more than a client, yes? You considered him your friend.
I have many friends, Anton.
Ari's death left you with, how shall I say, an unhealthy interest in American agency NCIS.
And now my sources tell me that an employee of theirs is here, in Moscow.
You and your people have been following him.
I know nothing about that.
Stay away from NCIS.
Calm yourself, counselor.
I wouldn't dream of implicating Mother Russia.
My interests will remain personal.
Deeply personal.
I'm sure you've seen him around the office, Gibbs.
Kevin Hussein, our systems administrator? Yeah, “I.
” What about him? Could be nothing.
He took leave without pay this week to visit a sick uncle in Moscow.
Uncle apparently died yesterday, and while he was making arrangements to ship his body back here for burial, Kevin got the feeling he was being watched, followed.
Well, yeah, Leon.
It is Russia.
Russia says it's not them.
Either way, he got spooked, took refuge at our embassy in Moscow.
Now he needs safe passage home.
What, someone can't just put him on a plane? Kid's a walking database of naval technology, Gibbs-- a very attractive target for our enemies.
So, the embassy contacted SECNAV, and SECNAV has requested you to be his escort.
Like I said, could be nothing.
Kevin, the computer geek? He does comedy improv; sweet guy.
Yeah, I don't know about the comedy, but, uh, his improv skills definitely helped put away the world's number one cyber terrorist.
Yet, you still call him a geek.
Once a geek, always a geek.
So, uh, what's going on in Moscow, boss? Think he's got an uncle that teaches at one of the universities there.
Thank you, boss.
Boss? Long story, but one of you are coming.
I don't know if I can go.
Uh, jet lag from that trip to Spain is still haunting me.
Well, I did just get back from Dubai.
Yeah, I might have popped a rib running with those bulls.
Plus, I'm tremendously out of shape.
All Delilah and I did was eat and sleep and eat and, well, other things.
Fear not, weary travelers.
After an entire summer spent house-hunting with Jake, to no avail, I would be thrilled to go just about anywhere, Gibbs.
Nope, Defense Attaché only gave clearance to senior agents.
Never ask for the job.
Well, you know Kevin very well.
He helped you put away Ajay Khan.
Ah, yes, he did.
Rock, paper, scissors.
Damn! Good job, McPaper.
- In here, sir.
- Thank you.
Oh, man, am I glad to see you.
Whoa, Kevin.
You okay? Much better now.
You have no idea the last three days that I Oh, my God.
Agent Gibbs.
Wow, they sent the A-team.
Not that you're not A-team enough, Tim.
But Agent Gibbs-- I didn't mean to make extra work for you, sir.
I really didn't.
Breathe, Kev.
Deep breaths.
And I swear I am not being paranoid.
Pretty sure I was being followed the minute I got here.
Wait, you're “pretty sure”? Completely sure.
You brought a Navy helicopter? You expected a hot-air balloon? I didn't know what to expect.
How'd you sneak it past the Russians? Diplomatic courtesy.
And a couple of ace pilots.
Lieutenant Commander Banks, Lieutenant Hagen, say hi to Kevin.
Welcome aboard.
Sorry we're hitting a little bit of rough air.
It's no problem, ma'am.
We're going out the same way we came in.
North over the Kola Peninsula to the Barents Sea.
From there, you'll take a COD to the UK, then a C-40 Clipper home.
Enjoy the in-flight movie, gentlemen.
There's a, there's a movie? this is Echo-Bravo-Nine.
We're airborne and en route.
It's, uh it's my first helicopter ride.
You'd never know.
Jerky? No, thanks.
I'll be fine.
So, your uncle what-what was it? Cancer? Lung.
Stage three.
Thought he was on the upswing, but, uh Well, at least you got to send him home.
Not the way I wanted.
What the hell? Radar tracking, 2:00.
Warrior, this is Echo-Bravo-Nine.
We have been targeted by a surface-to-air missile.
Hang on back there.
Execute evasive maneuvers! Coming up on our right.
Breaking left.
We've been hit.
Mayday, Mayday, Mayday.
This is Echo-Bravo-Nine.
Position 6-7-3-3, decimal Everybody brace for impact.
Losing aft hydraulics.
Mayday, Mayday, Mayday! Warrior, this is Echo-Bravo-Nine.
We have been targeted by a surface-to-air missile.
Hang on back there.
- Coming up on our right.
- Breaking left.
- We've been hit.
- Mayday, Mayday, Mayday.
This is Echo-Bravo-Nine, position 6-7-3-3, decimal And that was the last transmission.
That's 12 minutes ago.
And no transponder? We've yet to pick up a distress beacon.
I'll make some calls.
Surface-to-air missile? Nothing we saw coming.
Stream us a copy of that last Mayday transmission, commander.
And get me the Russian embassy.
Hey! Hey! Hagan! Joe you okay? Evans? Hagan, talk to me.
Hold on, Banks.
Talk to me I can get you out.
Don't move.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Check on Joe.
Where's Evans? Let's not worry about that right now.
Let's take care of you.
Boss It's okay.
Kevin! Pressure on it.
Kevin? Right here.
Oh, man.
I don't believe this.
Somebody find me the first aid kit.
We left our go-bags on the ship, boss.
What the hell happened? Kevin, get me the kit.
They're dead, aren't they? Joe, Evans I found it.
Found a kit.
Go on, help McGee.
Go find some water.
Yes, Director Vance.
My office did just receive word of a possible downed aircraft somewhere over the Kola Peninsula.
“Possible”? I was not aware that it may have been one of yours.
It is ours, Mr.
They were shot down, we have the Mayday call.
Target of a surface-to-air missile.
If that is true, I assure you my government had absolutely nothing to do with it.
Then who? Every nation has its outlaws.
If there is, uh, a mercenary group operating in that region, I assure you, they will be found, and brought to justice.
None of which helps us right now.
With all due respect, counselor, where are your bosses on this? DiNozzo My superiors will be receiving updates, Salgent.
As for right now, Director-- while there is some very dense forest in that area, I will request immediately that search plans are dispatched for recovery.
Not recovery rescue.
Of course.
If there are survivors, I can assure you, help is on its way.
So, please, as you might say, gentlemen, sit tight.
Sit tight? Just hung up with NSA.
They're combing the airwaves.
If that helo puts out a signal, someone will hear it.
He really just say, “Sit tight”? Nobody's sitting tight.
Let's move.
Warrior, this is Echo-Bravo-Nine.
Warrior We can forget about cell reception.
There's a circuit breaker under the manifold you can try restarting.
I see it, Commander.
Thank you.
We've already tried that.
Then try again.
Our coordinates before we got hit are in there.
Finland's just west, about 20 klicks or so.
Well, the radio's a goner.
But I think that I can hook the transponder up to the battery, and if I can do that without frying it, we should able to get something out there.
Wait-- “out there,” like a signal? Wouldn't that signal whoever it was that shot us down? Who did shoot us down, Kevin? What? How should I know? They were following you.
They wanted something from you.
I swear, Gibbs, I don't know.
Not who they are or what they want.
That's them.
Coming to finish the job.
We have to get out of here, please.
Kevin, breathe.
Hey hey it's okay.
He's right.
We're not going anywhere.
We've been hit! Mayday, Mayday, Mayday.
This is Echo-Bravo-Nine.
Position 6-7-3-3, decimal Don't torture yourself, Abby.
I just keep thinking I'll find something, Jimmy.
Something that will help them.
It's a damn needle in a haystack.
Kola Peninsula is the size of Kentucky.
Their flight pattern north to the carrier was right along Finland's border.
Yeah, spanning - 250 miles.
- All right, let me know.
Still no distress signal, but I'm pulling some strings with the NSA to get us some deeper access.
Well, let's leave no string unpulled.
Finland's an ally.
Why don't we launch a search party from over there? Russia would never allow it.
But we've put Finland on alert.
For diplomatic reasons, SECNAV says we have to give the Russians first crack at search and rescue.
So our friends are out there, and they're worried about saving face? They should start by reeling in those jokers running around with surface-to-air launchers.
The missile.
What? I don't know.
Excuse me, Director has anyone told Kevin's family yet? I'm sure whoever's expecting to pick up his uncle's body from Moscow would surely want to know about this.
Family notifications are your wheelhouse, Doctor.
Would you mind? My kingdom for a smaller wheelhouse.
How much should I tell them? Just that he's missing.
Every effort's being made.
No specifics.
That's hardly a challenge.
All we seem to have are unknowns.
It's quite an accident, my dear.
The passengers.
Where are Hussein and the special agents? I don't know.
Thrown in the crash.
The truth could save your life.
Let the liar bleed to death.
You beautiful not so clever.
You hear that? That's the missile hitting the helo's tail.
How can we not hear it? Can you turn that down? I was able to isolate the sound from the Mayday call.
That's great, Abbs.
But are you okay? Me? Oh.
No, not at all.
Two of the most important people in our lives just got shot out of the sky, and until I can figure out how to help them, I-I don't I'm just I'm gonna lose it.
Well, we're right there with you, Abby.
But if one of us loses it, we all lose it, including Gibbs and McGee.
Well, I, um I'm not gonna actually lose it, I just I mean, what do we do, if Gibbs and McGee? Abby do you know that the odds of surviving a helicopter crash are surprisingly high.
Statistically, much higher than a plane crash.
Like two out of three.
Really? Mm-hmm.
So, I'm just I'm not going there, okay? I refuse to think the worst.
And I refuse to listen to that missile hit the helicopter again.
How about you? I won't.
I had to.
So I could identify the missile.
You what? Well, not me, but my friend Augie, he's a Marine anti-aircraft gunner, and he's stationed in Kuwait.
If anyone knows what that sound is, he does.
You played it for him? Yeah, over the phone.
He immediately identified it as A 9K-32 STRELA-2 portable surface-to-air missile.
That's that's amazing.
Amazing and And it turns out that a huge cache of STRELA-2s were stolen from a Libyan stockpile two years ago.
The suspects were mercenaries that were funded by Russian oligarchs.
Very bad guys.
Names and faces.
I'm working on it.
And I'm not gonna lose it, I promise.
What are you looking for? I no find.
I go.
You die slow.
Is bad.
You are beautiful.
I like.
I've seen dead people before, but never actually anyone killed.
You want to see another one? No, not really.
What do you have, Kevin? And don't say “nothing.
” He was looking for something.
What is it? Uh Boss.
She's not looking good.
Ah, Banks hang on.
My team is frustrated, Madame Secretary.
And I can't say that I blame them.
Yes, I know, but Of course.
Yes, I'll keep you posted.
A truly surreal day, Director.
Why do I have the feeling that you're not about to make it better? Only more bizarre, I'm afraid.
It seems the only remaining family of young Mr.
Hussein is a sister in Buffalo, who knew nothing about his current trip to Moscow.
And the uncle? Edgar Hussein had indeed been fighting lung cancer, but Kevin's sister had no idea that he'd passed away.
In fact, it was her belief that he had gone into remission.
So so what are we saying? Well, I took the liberty of calling our embassy in Moscow.
They confirmed shipment of the remains yesterday, sent by Kevin, to a funeral home not far from his apartment in Fairfax.
Get that body over here, Doctor.
Uh, I already took that liberty, as well.
The body arrives at Dulles shortly.
Palmer is on his way to get it.
And I, frankly, cannot wait to see it.
Banks? Banks! Talk to me, Banks.
Hannah Where you from, Hannah? What hometown? I tried to steer clear, Gibbs.
I couldn't shake it.
Hey, you are one hell of a pilot.
My mom will want these.
No no no, you give those to her yourself.
Hannah, stay with me.
Hannah! You stay with me.
Hannah, tell me about your dad.
Where's your dad? Hannah? Right there.
Help me get her inside.
Oh, man, are you kidding me? Kevin, shut up.
Look, I feel terrible.
But if nobody answers that, then they're coming back.
And real soon.
All right.
Gear up.
So, Finland, right? she said.
Kilometers, that's about, uh, It's 12 hard miles.
I ran a mini marathon last year.
Don't worry about me.
Now, boss, if we get to higher ground, I may be able to send out a signal or even a call for help.
Higher ground it is.
Is that the uncle? Yes, Edgar Hussein.
professor at the Moscow Engineering Institute.
I think we can rule out cancer.
Two bullet wounds? A detail Kevin somehow neglected to tell the U.
Which would clearly implicate him as the possible killer.
Oh, come on.
Kevin? I can't see him doing this.
And why would he ship the body home? It'd pretty much guarantee him not getting away with it.
Unless he named himself as the only one authorized to receive the body.
We need answers, Doctor.
Well, if Uncle Edgar can provide them, you shall have them.
I'll start on the X-rays.
Thought that only worked in movies.
And it's dead-on accurate.
Uh, Boy Scout motto, boss: always be prepared.
Sorry, I didn't realize I had it until you were halfway done, and by then, I-I was just curious to see it work.
Minus two or three? At least.
I'd say we probably got another What? 17.
Let's do it.
Save your water.
And, again, Agent Gibbs, that leaf thing, very cool.
For something so small, it practically leapt off the screen.
You can see the two bullets in the chest cavity here and here, but this - That's no bullet.
- Well, whatever it is, Director, it's only an inch deep.
Some kind of micro SD card? Yes, it appears that Kevin's uncle was murdered and used as a mule.
For whatever's stored in that thing.
Let's get that to Ms.
Quick breather, boss? Dubai Told you I'm out of shape.
Go ahead.
Say “I told you so.
” Can I get a sip of yours? No.
Not you, Agent Gibbs.
I was asking McGee.
And I asked you something back there, and I'm done waiting for an answer.
You're not getting any water until we get one.
Fit Vito my uncle was a few months ago.
I was approached by this guy, Sergei.
Which may not even be his real name, but he offered very serious money for this this thing that he needed.
What thing? It's kind of a weapon.
I only agreed so I could help my uncle with his medical costs.
But when I came to deliver this week, my conscience got the better of me.
So you backed out of the deal.
I tried to.
But when I got to my uncle's place, he'd been shot to death.
The man was like a father to me, and I got him killed.
All I could think to do was to not make it worse by giving in to Sergei.
Where's the weapon now? With my uncle.
In my uncle.
Just how small a weapon is it? It's a microdisk.
Computer virus.
Sergei wanted to use it on defense systems, which would be very bad, especially since I'm kind of the only one that can deactivate it.
Kind of? It's a prototype.
A few more months of testing wouldn't hurt.
But that's not a problem now, guys.
My uncle's body should be home soon, and no one can get to it but me.
Long as no one plugs in that microdisk, there's no danger.
No danger? What, are you delusional? Think about who you've been working with the last few years.
They'll get the body.
And Abby will get the microdisk.
Partial print is Kevin's, and the blood damage is minimal.
But, considering where you found this baby, there's no way I'm just gonna jam it into our network.
Which would explain the purpose of this contraption.
The laptop isolates the SD card and the cage isolates the laptop from the rest of our network Okay, time's kind of a factor here, Abbs.
I'd go with the cat.
Yeah, most of us would but WMD.
WMD? What Would McGee Do? That's two Ws, Abbs.
If there's one thing that McGee has taught me, it's to never click on an unfamiliar icon that's telling you to click on it.
The old “shark and the kitty” head fake? Yeah, but what if it's a double fake? Like trying to get me ck on the shark.
What would McGee do, Ms.
Sciuto? McGee would put up a virus scanner and build a firewall.
Okay Here, kitty, kitty.
Should have gone with the shark.
What's happening? What about the firewall? It ate right through it.
A-And then it bypassed the cage through the power cord.
Whatever can do this, I am gonna need help to stop it.
And fast.
Let's go.
McGee, where are you? Do you think it's possible we could've shaken these guys? No.
Keep your eyes open.
Oh, boss, I got a signal.
These damn things won't let me shut 'em down.
- It's even messing with our phones.
- Got every available I.
helping Ms.
Sciuto, and not one of them knows what the hell it is.
We know one I.
who does.
Or did.
Whoever it is, not now.
Tony, wait, it's me.
Is Gibbs with you? Yeah.
It's, uh, myself, Gibbs and Kevin.
Our two pilots and a crewman are dead.
DiNozzo, if anyone there finds a computer disk, do not open it.
Repeat, do not access the disk.
Well, we would need a time machine, boss.
Unfortunately, it's a computer Armageddon around here.
Does Kevin know any quick fixes? Not quick, that's for sure.
I could try working something out.
Do it.
Stand by on that, Leon.
Are you in danger? Affirmative, sir.
Shot down and being pursued.
We're headed towards Finland.
Do you know your coordinates? Just where we went down.
Uh, latitude: North 67, 33.
East 30, 46.
Get down! Gibbs? Oh, my God.
I'm hit.
I can't believe I'm hit.
That's a deep gash.
Through and through.
Through and through? Is that bad? McGee.
Hold this.
Press down on this.
So which NCIS man killed our Yuri? No one else needs to die.
Just give up the traitor and walk away.
Traitor? He means me.
Please No one is leaving you.
Get ready to run.
All right? Go! Come on.
Okay, whatever phone they were on is dead.
And ours aren't much better.
Doesn't matter-- they're alive, we have the coordinates, we know where they are.
Jet's fueled and ready, DiNozzo.
Get on it.
I am on it.
Guys, there's a path back there.
We know.
Then why are we stopping? I know it's getting dark, but it's, what, like, another three miles? We won't make three miles with you slowing us down.
We're not carrying you.
Or freezing to death.
Sit down, Kevin.
Some fire.
I'd worry about giving up our position, but looks like there's no, uh, danger of that.
Boy Scout motto, McGee.
Carry a lighter.
Okay, fine, so we're warm.
But Sergei's still coming.
Solve one problem at a time.
What do you mean? What problem? Can't go any further until you stop bleeding.
All right, bite down on this.
All right, done.
Me, too.
What are you doing? Gibbs there's no way they won't see that.
Well, that would be the plan.
Anything else we can do? I really wish there was, Director.
It's Jake.
Uh, Jimmy, take over from here.
Me? Yeah, just hit “Enter” when Abby says.
Hey, Jake.
All right, I'm-I'm saying it now.
Like, “now” right now? Now, okay, o-on three.
One two now.
Looks better already.
For the moment.
I've just got to come up with some more red meat.
Well, keep at it.
And if you can think of anything else that you need.
I need Gibbs and McGee to come back alive.
Don't stop.
Keep moving.
What have you got, Bishop? Access, Director.
Well, hasn't your computer been corrupted? Oh, I'm on NSA's network, Ducky, not ours.
My husband patched me in and MTAC routed our request for an infrared GPS satellite feed through DOD.
And, wow, okay, there it is.
Here are the coordinates where the helo was hit.
Where it landed is anyone's guess.
Close enough.
Can you pan west? Mm-hmm.
What was that? Can you zoom in? Got to be a fire of some kind.
Pan slowly between whatever it is Got to be a fire and Finland's border.
Could that be them? They're moving pretty fast on foot.
Like they're being chased.
Or chasing those three.
That's got to be our guys.
Tightly configured-- as though those two are assisting the third.
You think we're stopped? We never stop.
And you will never leave.
What is this guy, the Terminator? Turn it off, Tim.
Wait why are we stopping? Take him, Tim, keep going.
No, boss boss, we're not leaving you.
I'm with Tim.
We've come this far.
We're not gonna get any farther unless someone slows 'em down.
I'll stay.
McGee Boss.
I'll be right behind you.
Go on.
Get out of here.
Keep going.
Who-Who's that splitting off? Oh, dear.
You made this too difficult, Agent Gibbs.
Boss, get in the truck.
Hey, we're 100 yards from the Russian border, we got to go.
Not without the helo crew.
Gotta go; Kremlin says they'll get 'em home.
Finns want to get back across the border.
Let's move.
Another boat? Hm.
You planning another trip? Not anytime soon.
Sciuto will be weeks cleaning up the damage from the virus.
Kevin, he was helpful, but he's still looking at serious time.
Well, I will bet you didn't come all the way down here to just tell me that, Leon.
Look familiar? Sergei Mishnev.
International mercenary.
Funded by oligarchs.
Long list of offenses.
Well, the only one that matters is he killed two pilots and a petty officer.
Not if you consider his friendship with Ari Haswari.
Seems his deal with Kevin may have just been a plan to get back at us.
His plan backfired.
No, Gibbs.
Our Intel says Sergei survived.
What? How? I hit him.
He went down.
He got up.
No body was recovered.
And wherever he is now, knowing all this, there's a good chance he'll be gunning for us.
Not if we find him first.