NCIS s12e02 Episode Script

Kill the Messenger

- It's a great day, huh? - I know.
Oh, hey, sweetie, look.
It's the presidential helicopter.
Oh, cool.
Do you think Sasha and Malia are in there? I bet they are.
Hmm? Sure.
Here, let's get a picture.
Right there.
I got the Washington Monument in the background.
I cannot believe we got a picture of the helicopter.
I know! Hold on.
What? Let me get a picture of you.
Okay, so let's see How's that? Go down a little bit.
We got 20 minutes till the White House tour.
I don't want to be late.
Okay, okay.
Got it? Perfect.
Okay, come on.
Huh? Looks good.
Hey, what's that? Huh? Let's see.
It's a hat.
It's a naval officer's hat.
Sweetheart, why don't you stand over there, okay? Oh, wait, you want another picture? Here.
No, no, no.
No, it's okay.
Just stand over there, sweetie.
You gonna keep it as a souvenir? Oh, yeah.
I've got the perfect place for it.
We didn't want to wait for you.
I put your boy Sergei Mishnev up on the wall.
You okay, Tim? Yeah, I'm just tired.
Didn't get a lot of sleep last night.
Oh? I'll tell you, maintaining a long-distance relationship is really tough.
With Delilah in Dubai, her daytime is my nighttime and vice versa.
We had a one-hour video chat this morning.
I'm exhausted.
Exhausted, huh? So how intimate are your calls? More than just faces on-screen? Whose mind goes there? Seriously.
I'll tell you who, a guy who's single at the moment and would appreciate any kind of face time.
Let's go, single guy.
Dead Navy officer on the Ellipse.
There have been five muggings in the area in the past two weeks.
Yeah, I heard it on the news.
Up until now, no one's been hurt, let alone killed.
We've been calling the perp “the Polite Mugger.
” Even though he held a knife on them, all the victims commented on how courteous and apologetic he was.
They describe him? Young, male, Caucasian.
Wearing a backpack.
Nothing more than that.
Think they were staring at the knife and not his face.
We do have a photograph of him fleeing one of the thefts, but it is useless.
Why? It was taken by a tourist near the Vietnam Memorial.
Unfortunately, it only shows the back of his head.
I'd get it to NCIS.
We got a forensic scientist there that works miracles.
Doubt there's much he can do with it.
I'll get it to her.
Boss fingerprint scan matches the I.
Lieutenant Commander Edward “Ned” Wallace.
He's assigned to the Pentagon.
His wallet's missing, and there's a tan line on his wrist suggesting a missing watch.
What do you got, Duck? He's been dead about two hours.
A little after 8:00.
These stab wounds suggest a large knife.
Oh, and, uh, defensive wounds on both his hands show me that he put up quite a fight.
Looks like a mugging gone bad.
I asked National Park Service and Metro for any video surveillance they have of the area.
Unfortunately, trees block the view in the immediate vicinity.
It's coming from the evidence box.
It's the victim's.
Answer it.
Answer it! Hello.
You first.
Who's this? Come on.
Stop being a wiseass.
Who is this? Uh, yes, sir.
Hold on a second.
Uh, you better take this, boss.
It's the president.
Of the United States.
Of America.
You see the president? Oh, yeah.
Was the commander a friend of his? He shadowed POTUS for four years.
He was a presidential aide during the first term-- they hit it off.
Commander Wallace still played in a pickup basketball game at the White House every Saturday morning.
He called the president last night.
Wanted to know if he could have a couple of minutes to talk to him about something.
I can't believe I called POTUS a wiseass.
Excuse me.
I have to take this.
This is Vance.
The president was free for breakfast, told him to stop by.
When Wallace didn't show, the president called his cell phone.
Did he know what Wallace wanted to talk about? No.
Something's come up.
I'm gonna have to leave.
Keep me posted.
What do we know about Wallace? Lieutenant Commander Ned Wallace was born in Greenwich, Connecticut.
Graduated from Annapolis.
Married, no children.
He left the White House last year and was Assistant Director of Policy and Plans for the Navy - at the Pentagon.
- He's from a Navy family.
Third generation.
Grandfather was an admiral in WWII.
You tell the president we suspect it was a mugging? He still wants to be kept in the loop.
Hey, Abbs.
Hey, Bishop.
What do you think about these shoes? Uh I could never pull those off, but you could totally rock them.
Oh, Abby, this is Sergeant Moore.
Is there something wrong? No, just admiring your, uh, tattoo.
Nice ink.
Is that a Dutch Shore? Yep.
Did this, too.
It's beautiful.
He's the best-- his design and his detail.
Sorry, Bishop.
I'm sure this doesn't interest you at all.
Why would you say that? How do you know I don't have a tat? Okay.
Show us.
Oh, uh, show Abby the photograph.
Tourist took this shot of the suspect here in the red hat running away from the Mall last week.
We use FBI forensics.
But so far, with no one injured, the thefts haven't been a high priority, so they haven't gotten around to, uh, analyzing it yet.
There's a distorted reflection of the guy on the granite wall.
Could you get me the original digital file? I think so.
I think I can do something with it.
Where's my husband's body? Here.
With our medical examiner.
When can I see him? I'll have Dr.
Mallard contact you when he's through.
Your husband was on his way to see the president this morning.
Do you know why? No.
He didn't say anything to you before he left the house? I haven't seen Ned in a couple of weeks.
We were living apart.
Uh, just a trial separation.
I'm staying in the house, and he was on his yacht.
His yacht? Uh, where would that be? The Washington Channel.
Just south of the Mall.
It's an easy walk to the White House.
Your husband's wallet was missing and, apparently, a watch.
Do you know what kind he wore? Um he has several.
If he was wearing his grandfather's Patek Philippe, it's worth a fortune.
Has a yacht in the marina and wears a priceless watch.
You don't get those things on a Navy salary.
He was raised in Greenwich, Connecticut.
So is there family money? Trust fund? His maternal grandmother was an heiress.
Silver mines.
You and the commander ever go for counseling? No.
W-We both agreed that we needed more space, but, no, we were working things out on our own.
Then this happens.
The murder weapon appears to be a tactical knife with a six- or seven-inch serrated blade.
The angle of the thrusts indicate that the mugger was about the same height as our victim.
And as the wounds are on the right side, most likely, he was left-handed.
Anything else? No, unfortunately, my patient is not telling us any more.
Jethro, when you got up this morning, did you ever imagine you'd be meeting with the President of the United States? Hey, Leon.
Don't have anything for you yet.
Oh, I didn't expect you would.
I came down to see Dr.
Mallard about another matter.
Fill you in when we got something.
- Dr.
Mallard - Hmm? I'd like to ask you Would you mind taking a look at this for me? She said they need a little space to work things out.
I believe her.
Oh, come on.
Her husband was brutally attacked and she didn't even seem that upset.
She was in shock.
People react differently to tragic news.
This was a mugging.
You're the one that always suspects the spouse.
Especially when big money's involved.
I studied her eyes.
The eyes don't lie.
What if I told you there was another woman? I checked Commander Wallace's cell phone records.
His call to the White House followed several calls he received from a Courtney Reed.
The first was from an office extension at the management consulting firm where she works, Colford-Webb.
Two others were from her cell phone.
I'll see if I can locate her cell.
You background her? Not yet.
What about Colford-Webb? I know them.
I dealt with them at NSA.
It's a DC-based company.
Provides technology and security services, primarily to government agencies.
It was founded by Richard Colford, former CIA.
Well, Courtney Reed's phone is turned off.
I'll bet they were having an affair, and Mrs.
Wallace found out about it.
Slow down, McGee.
Find out a little bit more about Ms.
Reed before we jump to conclusions.
I need you to run down a local address for me.
Sure, let me grab a pen.
Abby is incredible.
I thought the tourist's photo was useless, but she's a magician.
Now you can clearly see the face in the reflection.
She ran the image against facial recognition, got a hit from his New Mexico I.
-- Nicholas Dunne.
I mean, she's just acts so cool, like she does this every day.
She does.
Never met anyone like her.
Who's she talking to? One of your agents upstairs.
Gotta ask you something.
No, she's not married.
She's not dating anybody.
How'd you know I was Wild guess.
Our suspect is a student at John Hamilton University, he lives in the dorm, and McGee has an address for you.
Nicholas Dunne? Yes, sir.
Special Agent Gibbs, Special Agent McGee.
We'd like to ask you a few questions.
About what? Muggings on the National Mall.
Doubt I can help you.
I got to get back to practice.
Yeah, well practice is gonna have to wait.
Why do you want to talk to me? We've got a photograph of you fleeing a mugging near the Vietnam Memorial last Friday, wearing this backpack.
You mind if we search it? Yeah yeah, I do.
You need probable cause.
I don't think you meet that threshold.
You a law student? Criminology major.
Ah, good.
Well, today, you're gonna get a practical education, see how the system really works, firsthand-- come on.
Where? Washington Navy Yard.
I don't know anything.
And why are Navy cops investigating? A lieutenant commander was killed this morning.
With a knife like the one used in all the other robberies.
Killed? You've got the wrong guy.
We'll talk about it.
No, wait Look, I may have taken some money and stuff off people, but I wouldn't Hurst a soul, a-and I can prove it.
You want to look in my backpack? Go ahead.
You confessing to the robberies? Boss.
He might be telling the truth.
Got a call from the White House.
The president wanted an update.
I had to tell him we don't have anything yet.
Yeah, well we're holding a suspect for the muggings, says he's got an alibi for Commander Wallace's stabbing.
We're checking it out.
You want some? No, not for me.
Everything okay? Said you wanted tok.
Not about the the president's call, is it? Mm.
A week ago, I go in for a routine physical, feeling fine.
Now they want to run more tests.
Yeah? What's wrong? A chest X-ray showed that there are spots on my lungs.
What's your doctor say about that? He's waiting for the rests of a CAT scan that I'm taking tomorrow.
I'll know more then.
He give a guess? Lymphoma.
An advanced stage.
I'm scared, Gibbs.
Anybody would be.
I, um I showed the X-rays to Dr.
He tried to downplay it, but when I pressed him, he admitted it didn't look good.
It's Kayla and Jared that I'm really worried about, Gibbs.
They've been through so much already and I I miss my wife.
I miss Jackie.
She was so strong.
Leon She Leon? You gotta stay positive.
It's crazy, Gibbs.
I always knew that there was a chance that I might die a violent death.
Hell, I've come close.
I never thought that frigging spots on my lungs would be the things that would get me.
Nicholas Dunne's alibi for yesterday morning's murder was solid.
However, he confessed to the other muggings.
He sign a statement? Hey.
We're not gonna do all your work for you.
Where is he? Holding cell.
I'll take you.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
I-I heard you were in the building, so uh, so I could totally take him.
Yeah, uh, yeah, go for it.
Come on, Burt.
So where are we? Well, either there's another mugger out there, or Wallace was murdered and it was made to look like the previous crimes.
Why? Give me a motive.
Ah just as I suspected.
Wallace and his wife have a pre-nuptial agreement.
What do you expect? The guy's got a lot of money.
With the commander's death, his wife is going to be an extremely rich woman.
If divorced, Mrs.
Wallace would receive a fraction of what she's gonna get now.
She said they were working things out.
Hey Who is that? Former Navy Lieutenant Courtney Reed.
The woman who called Commander Wallace.
They go way back.
Uh, they were midshipmen together at Annapolis.
- Talk to her.
- I tried.
She's not at her apartment, her cell's off.
I phoned her office, but she called in sick.
Find her.
Put out a BOLO.
Already did, boss.
Got the warrant to search Commander Wallace's yacht.
Why are you still here, then? Well, we were waiting for you.
Take her.
Let's do it.
Go to the Pentagon.
Talk to Wallace's C.
If you think about it, science is amazing.
I mean, video phone sex.
You and Jake ever Wow! You have no boundaries.
Come on, I'm messing with you.
Did you miss the sexual harassment seminar? Every year.
This is it.
I've thought about living on a boat before.
It's kind of romantic.
Mmm, not for me, but Jake would love it.
Well, maybe it's a guy thing.
I need a bigger bathroom.
And a yard.
What do you want with a yard? That's a lot of work.
You sound like Jake.
I sound like Jake? We got into more arguments this summer while we were looking at houses.
It's like we were totally out of sync.
I think that's just called “being married.
” Out of sync, huh? How 'bout the big question? Rug rats.
I hope that's another question you don't expect me to answer.
I think he was entertaining other women on this boat.
He hid pictures of his wife.
This her? Yes, ma'am.
Well, there's definitely been another lady aboard.
What makes you say that? Come here.
Hair tie.
Women with long hair use them.
I keep them everywhere.
My house, car, desk drawer at the office.
I mean, I'm constantly losing them.
Wallace's wife has short hair.
She wouldn't need one.
And this shampoo brings out blonde highlights.
Clearly not Mrs.
Long hair, blonde.
You just described yourself.
Or Courtney Reed.
Mm! You're getting good at this, probie.
An affair? I'm thinking the missing woman was the cause for the Wallaces' separation.
You're beginning to sound like McGee.
Hey, boss.
How'd it go with Commander Wallace's C.
? Well, he can't think of a reason why anyone would kill him.
Wallace wasn't read into any top-secret documents In the C.
's experience, Wallace was a good officer who was a well-liked guy.
He know Wallace and his wife had separated? No, and he never heard the name “Courtney Reed”.
You gonna get that? I'll deal with it later.
Ah! Food! Thank you.
I'm starving.
Oh, thank you for working through lunch, Abby.
You find anything interesting on Commander Wallace's computer? An e-mail from his lawyer.
What did the e-mail say? It's a draft of divorce papers.
Really? The missus said they were working things out.
Where's my garden burger? Oh, it is right here on a gluten-free bun.
Damn! Was I fooled by those gorgeous lying eyes? Hey, you think McGee was right? Trish Wallace is after the money? Hey, uh, did any of the prints we lifted from the boat match Courtney Reed? Yeah, a bunch of them were hers.
She spent a lot of time there.
Eat up, Bishop.
We're going to Courtney Reed's apartment.
Yeah, McGee? Okay, so, Sergeant Moore Mm-hmm.
the park police officer-- oh, my God, so cute, right? Uh, yeah.
- Oh.
- Change of plans.
We're going to MTAC.
Uh, why? What's up? Got a hit on our BOLO.
One of our units found Courtney Reed's vehicle submerged in the river early this morning.
Went through a barrier and down an embankment.
Evidence suggests the driver lost control.
Her body wasn't in the car? Nope.
Side window was smashed.
Divers found her purse and cell phone.
So, she got out, but the current probably took her body downstream.
That would explain why she didn't answer her phone or use a credit card.
We're dragging the river and searching the banks.
Could take days to find her.
Did you search her apartment? Have a unit there right now.
What's NCIS's interest in Miss Reed? We're investigating the death of a Navy officer.
We believe she was the last person to talk to him.
How'd your Navy guy die? Stabbed to death near the White House.
What's the connection? A thoracic surgeon reviewed the CAT scan I had today, and consulted with colleagues.
And they all agree.
“It looks like lymphoma.
” But they can't be 100% sure.
So, I go to the hospital tomorrow for surgery.
They have to go into my lungs to obtain tissue for a biopsy.
They'll-they'll do a bronchoscopy and a thoracotomy.
It's the only way to be definitive.
Surgeon didn't pull any punches.
He asked me if I had my life in order.
And do you? No.
Since Jackie's death, I haven't been able to focus.
I haven't redone my will.
Nor have I made any provision for the care of the children.
Courtney called in sick yesterday.
It didn't sound that serious.
When she didn't come in this morning or call, I phoned, but got no answer.
It's strange because Courtney 's a very conscientious employee.
It's not like her to be irresponsible.
How long has she worked for you, Mr.
Tolson? About six years.
She joined us just after she got out of the Navy.
Courtney's a systems analyst.
With her military background, our clients love her.
You do a lot of government work.
Almost exclusively.
DOD, NSA, CIA-- basically, all the intelligence agencies.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
I heard NCIS was in the building.
What's up? Richard Colford, our founder and CEO.
Special Agents Gibbs and McGee.
They're concerned about Courtney Reed.
She seems to be missing.
Missing?! Yeah, her car was found by local authorities submerged in a Harford County river.
They haven't found her body, but they're still searching.
Courtney ever mention a Lieutenant Commander Ned Wallace? Not that I can remember.
We need access to Miss Reed's office and whatever else she was working on.
How does her work here relate to a car accident? We're not sure it was an accident.
Really? I assure you, Agent Gibbs, we'll cooperate with NCIS.
But we have to get the proper clearances, permissions.
We don't want to violate any federal secrecy laws.
Is this the Vance residence? I missed you, Dad.
Hey, Jared.
What did you bring us? Oh, that's it, huh, Kayla? You just get right to it, huh? Why don't you give me a hug first? Oh, I missed you.
Hey, you.
Me, too.
Now, you know your father wouldn't have gone to Chicago without bringing back some-- Frango mints.
What about me? What about you? You didn't think I'd forget about you, did you? These are very old Ah! and they're very special to me.
Wow! Cool! Ew, they smell! That's from hard work.
Hard work stinks.
Yes, it does.
Mmm! Mine smell good.
No, no, no, not till after we eat.
Now, you two go wash up.
Give me the mints.
Thanks, Daddy.
Come on! Let's wash our hands, Jared.
Come on, move out of the way Mmm.
So, I did good? You did.
Yes? Send her in, Pamela.
Thank you.
Lara, thank you for coming.
No problem, Mister V.
When you asked me to come to your office and didn't tell my why I have to confess, it's got me worried.
Did I do something wrong with the children? No, no, no, just the opposite.
You've-you've been wonderful with them.
Uh, please.
Actually, I haven't told you enough just how much I truly appreciate all you've done for my family.
Then, uh why am I here? I have to go into the hospital tomorrow, for a couple days, and I need you to take care of the kids.
I'm having exploratory surgery.
It's a lung biopsy.
That sounds serious.
It could be.
What are you going to tell Kayla and Jared? Nothing at this time.
I-I hate lying to 'em, but I can't put 'em through anything more.
I understand.
So tonight, I will tell them that I have been called away, out of town, on business, for a day or two.
Don't worry.
You know, the kids will be all right.
And so will you.
Morning, Mrs.
This room looks a lot less friendly than the one we met in last time.
Well don't read anything into it.
Have a seat.
Is our conversation going to be recorded? Yes.
You told us you and your husband were separated, but working things out.
Then you are not aware that he hired a lawyer to draft divorce papers.
Where'd you get this? Your marital problems seem to have been a little more serious than you led us to believe.
What does this have to do with my husband being attacked? Do you know who Courtney Reed is? I know the name.
She's an old girlfriend of Ned's.
They met at Annapolis.
Why are you asking? They were seeing each other.
Your husband was a very wealthy man, Mrs.
And we know that you signed a pre-nuptial agreement.
If you were divorced before your husband's death, you'd receive a fraction of what you're gonna get now.
Tell me, the morning of your husband's murder, where were you? You think I had something to do with Ned's death? I am not saying any more without a lawyer present.
I'm leaving.
I'll show you out.
Hey, Francis.
How's it going? Fine.
Can I ask you a question, Bishop? Sure.
You enjoy working for Gibbs? I mean, I heard he's tough, real hard-ass.
He's standing right behind me, isn't he? Yeah.
Don't you have someplace else to be, Francis? Yes, sir.
Bishop Hmm? You called me.
Uh So we knew Courtney Reed wasn't using her credit cards.
On a hunch , I checked Commander Wallace's usage over the last few days.
Now, on the night before his murder, he booked an Annapolis motel room for a “Regina Lampert”" Regina Lampert? You know her? Yeah.
Well, it's an alias, boss.
How do you know that? The 1963 film classic Charade, directed by Stanley Donen, starring Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn.
Audrey Hepburn's character's name was “Regina Lampert.
” Hmm.
Uh, I called the motel, and a woman using that name and fitting Courtney Reed's description, checked into her hotel room two nights ago.
- Hmm.
- So she faked her own death? You think she and the wife could be in on it together? The wife say something? No, no, she's lawyering up.
Uh, McGee's escorting her downstairs.
Delilah, on the video chat.
Oh, my God! You're very naked! Uh, sorry.
Teach you not to answer other people's phones, DiNozzo.
Get McGee.
Go to the motel.
Get over it, McGee.
It was just a flash.
Exactly what was she flashing? What did you see? Enough to know you're a very lucky dude, McGee.
Let's leave it at that.
I'll talk to the manager and get a key.
McGee, can you just leave it alone? No, Tony, that's her.
Miss Reed, NCIS! NCIS! Stop! Go wide! Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Look out! Hey! Fool! Get her, McGee! No! Don't! Stop! Come on come here No! No! Let me go! No! No! Wow.
No! Please! Call the police! We are the police.
Help! If you calm down, we can take the cuffs off.
But you have to behave.
Look, I don't believe you are who you say you are.
Badges and I.
's can be faked.
I know who's after me.
Who's after you, Miss Reed? I'm not going anywhere with you, okay? I'm not leaving a public area.
We found your car submerged in a river in Harford County, Maryland.
How'd you get to the motel room? Your partner doesn't get it, does he? I'm not telling you guys anything.
We know you called Lieutenant Commander Wallace and we know he booked your motel room for you.
You know about Ned? No.
No, no, no.
He told me not to talk to anyone, or tell anyone about anything, and I'm not going to.
He's dead.
I don't believe you.
Would you like a moment? Mm-hmm.
He never got to see the president.
You and the commander were close.
He was getting divorced.
We were going to get married.
Colford-Webb has access to tens of thousands of highly classified government documents.
I discovered their computer system had a critical flaw which potentially could expose those documents to the public.
Their firewall has a false door that any hacker worth his salt could get into.
I went to my immediate superior, Bryce Tolson.
Tolson just wanted to make the fix and cover it up.
If data was compromised, the scope of what Colford-Webb had access to could make WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden pale in comparison.
She's right.
Which is why I went above Tolson to the CEO, Richard Colford.
He seemed concerned and he assured me that he would get on it, but nothing was done.
If it ever became public knowledge, it would cost the company billions of dollars in government contracts and destroy its reputation.
I started getting paranoid.
Tolson was excluding me from meetings.
He took away my access to internal files.
I I thought I was being followed.
I think that's when I made a tragic mistake.
What was that? I called Ned from my office phone.
It must have been bugged.
That's what got him killed.
What did Commander Wallace say? He suggested that I hide at my parents' cabin and not talk to anyone until he phoned.
I was on my way there when a car ran me off the road.
You get a look at it? No.
It was pitch dark, I I almost drowned.
I don't even remember getting out of the car, I was just The the current dragged me downstream and I I struggled to get on the bank.
Exhausted, I got to the farmhouse and I called Ned and he set me up at the motel room and he told me that he would call me there, after he spoke to the president.
Told you it wasn't the wife.
Haven't lost my touch.
You're left-handed.
Special Agent Gibbs.
Any luck finding Courtney? Oh, yeah.
I I'm so, I'm so sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.
It was a terrible mistake.
No, you're right, you're right.
It never should've happened.
Who's he talking to? Delilah.
You're kidding.
She was devastated.
He called to apologize.
You put him up to it? Nope.
I understand how you must feel.
But I Delilah's one of those people you don't want to get on her bad side.
Sounds like you've been there.
Oh, yeah.
I understand.
Loud and clear.
I have learned my lesson, Delilah.
Hey, Tim's right here.
You want to talk to him? Okay.
I'll I'll tell him.
Whew! Glad that's over.
She said she'll call you later.
We know what that means.
See, you didn't learn your lesson at all.
He'll never change.
Hey, guys.
Anybody seen Gibbs? Uh no.
Hey, you go out with the park ranger yet? No.
Why not? I can't put my finger on it.
Something just Maybe he's too good-looking.
Maybe that's my problem.
But you are gonna go out with him, aren't you? Yeah.
Is something going on here that I don't know about, because Gibbs and Ducky are usually here by now, and I can't find either one of them.
Olson, Dialysis.
Olson, Dialysis.
Hi, Kayla.
Where's my father? They just moved him from recovery to a private room.
Do you know anything yet? Dr.
Mallard's talking to the surgeon right now.
Please be good news.
He's going to be fine.
Really? There's there's nothing wrong with him? No, Kayla, nothing serious.
What is it? Well, the biopsy revealed the spots on your father's lungs are not lymphoma, but rather sarcoidosis.
It's a viral condition that mimics cancer on CAT scans and X-rays.
So it's not cancer.
Thank God.
It require treatment? In most cases, no.
So can I see him? Daddy? Kayla, why aren't you in school? She overheard me talking to Dr.
Mallard on the phone last night.
I thought she was asleep.
You should have told me.
I'm the woman of the house now.
I'm strong, like Mom was.
Did you tell your brother? No, he's too young.
I didn't think he could handle it.
You are your mother.
Hey, you.
How you feeling? Mmm a little sore from from where they cut into me.
But I'm I'm relieved.
You are gonna have to take it easy for a while.
Yeah, you better, Daddy.
I'll check in on him.
Make sure he does.
He gives me any trouble, I'll let you know.