NCIS s12e04 Episode Script

Choke Hold

Stay away from NCIS! This is Echo Bravo Nine.
We have been targeted by a surface-to-air missile.
Everybody brace for impact! We have yet to pick up a distress beacon.
Get me the Russian embassy.
My office received word of a downed aircraft.
I was not aware that it may have been one of yours.
It is ours, Mr.
Target of a surface-to-air missile.
The passengers-- where are the special agents? (gunshot) You made this too difficult, Agent Gibbs! TONY: Boss! Get in the truck! VANCE: Sergei Mishnev.
Our Intel says Sergei survived.
I hit him.
He went down.
He got up.
And wherever he is now, there's a good chance he'll be gunning for us.
Not if we find him first.
Did you see that kid's face when I flashed my cuffs? She was 12 and sneaking a smoke in the park.
That was probably her first cigarette.
Eh, thanks to me, she'll think twice before smoking a second one.
You're welcome, health care system.
Park's closed, ma'am.
Move along.
Hey, unless you want to put your hands together for old Simon and Garfunkel here move along.
Oh, man.
She's been strangled.
Unit 20-21, reporting an ADW in Town Center West.
Request backup and EMT code three.
Geez, somebody got her good.
(gasps) Oh, man, she's still alive, Dave.
DAVE: Expedite medical assistance.
OFFICER: It's okay, ma'am.
Everything's gonna be fine.
We're gonna help you.
(quiet, raspy): Don't touch me.
No no maybe.
Saw that one on HBO.
Definitely not.
Okay, Tony, I think this list of "sexy moves in the bedroom" is made up, like you said.
I didn't say "made up"" I said "exotic"" So you've heard of these things? Not just heard of them, McGoo.
The amount of Okay, stop, stop.
I'm sorry I asked.
Number six, though, seriously? Really? You? Want me to tell you about number six? No.
Wait-- yes.
(sighs) It was a long time ago, in France.
I was young, innocent, flexible.
Before number six, I didn't know that a woman could fire a jump shot, that she could dunk it women! WNBA, I follow it.
You don't have to do that.
The women are just as competitive as the men.
You don't have to change the subject.
I'm not the sex police.
Kind of, you are.
Um hello? I'm married.
I have more sex than the two of you combined.
From what I hear, that's not how that works, but if you want-- All right.
Give me that magazine, smart ass.
Let's see hmm.
Yes, yes, yes Definitely yes.
Definitely no.
And yes.
Number six? Are you double-jointed? It was kind of an accident.
Jake and I went camping once, and, uh, camp, uh we were on a camp Grab your gear.
Navy research scientist was attacked in the park.
He still alive? Yes, she is.
Actually, that's not entirely true.
The victim's dead, sir.
TONY: Wait a second.
But Dispatch said Naval Research Scientist Sofia Glazman was found alive.
That report was later amended.
The victim was alive when we found her.
Had a piece of wire cutting into her neck.
Looked like it was pulled real tight.
So we waited for EMTs.
She say anything? DAVE: Could barely talk.
We asked about the attack, who did it But she just kept asking us not to move her.
Begging us not to.
When the EMTs couldn't get to the wire, either, we had no choice but to get her to the hospital.
She passed out from blood loss.
But they loaded her into the ambulance.
OFFICER: And that's when things got ugly.
We finally understood why she didn't want to be moved.
The body's in there.
What happened? (sighs heavily) Nobody saw the device, sir.
McGEE: What's Ducky doing here? Well, at least somebody got the updated report.
Thanks, guys.
Ah, Jethro, there was a mix-up in the initial case report.
I trust you were able to avoid the confusion? Two body bags, Duck? Ah, I see the confusion still reigns.
(exhales deeply) I know rule number two is "always wear gloves"" but when there's this much blood Rain gear.
In the truck.
When the head is detached from the body, it's standard procedure to transport them separately.
Hence, the two body bags.
I'm more interested in how.
I think I found that out, boss.
What is that, a motorized garrote? Man did you see The Counselor? That was a pretty good movie.
I mean, what a cast-- you got Brad Pitt There's a bone stuck in this.
A cervical vertebra.
This thing acts like a wire noose.
Keeps getting tighter until it pulls all the way closed.
Explains the blood spray.
Well, the carotid artery acts, quite literally, as a spigot.
No buttons, no timers, just on.
Once the motor starts, it doesn't stop.
Well, apparently, that one did.
That's why the victim begged not to be moved.
I guess the motor must have jammed.
But when they loaded her onto the ambulance Upon facing the guillotine, it was common for the condemned to ask for a sharpened blade.
Make it clean, fast.
Yeah, well, this execution was purposely neither.
They're sending a message.
Sofia was like a granddaughter to me.
Havana, do you know anyone who could've done this? I won't look at those.
And we will need her laptop and notes back again today.
We have a test run tomorrow morning.
It should be Sofia running it.
You lab was working on laser technology? Next big stick in naval warfare.
These lasers aren't weaponized.
Data transfer? Yes.
Very good.
I read somewhere that NASA is sending data to the Moon at 662 megabits per second.
Word is that by using each color on the light spectrum, that transfer speed could be multiplied.
Johns Hopkins.
And MIT.
Humble brag much? Don't worry, I'm a Caltech man.
Sworn enemies don't get extra credit.
Aren't both of your mascots beavers? Uh, so, this laser tech is valuable? Maybe in ten years, when it's cost-effective, but, for now, everyone's just trying to make it work.
Including Ms.
I recruited her when she was still at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.
Her parents died when she was young.
Practically raised herself.
Becoming a U.
citizen and working here was a chance to start fresh.
Was she seeing anyone? HAVANA: No.
How could she have time to have friends or a social life? She spent every spare minute in the lab.
Looks like a friend to me.
HAVANA: Nelly Benin.
Sofia's college lab partner in Moscow.
Sofia was recruited by us, Nelly stayed on and worked for the Russians.
But the two kept a professional rivalry.
HAVANA: Professional, I said.
The two of them were best of friends.
(whirring) Hey, Gibbs.
I know this looks like a lot of fun.
But it's actually science giving me unexpected answers.
I don't know what to expect.
Never seen one of those before.
I know.
It's fascinating, huh? I mean, if only there were another use for it, then it would be cool.
Bike lock.
(chuckles) I like where you're head's at.
This motorized garrote would, indeed, keep your bike safe but then you'd probably never be able to move it again, at least not very easily.
This is braided alloy, and it's very, very hard to cut.
Oh, you should see the guts.
Which were super hard to get to and to reset.
Every cog and coil is custom-engineered for size and strength.
It's like a perfect killing machine.
It's not that perfect, Abbs.
It broke down.
Yeah, that's what stumped me, too.
At first.
But then I swabbed the inside, and I found a thin layer of a chemical residue on the relay switch.
Get prints? No.
And there's no hairs and there's no fibers.
But when I processed the sticky gunk, it's actually a smoke residue, specifically from a strain of cannabis sativa.
Grass? (chuckles) Yeah.
If you grew up in the '60s.
Um, and our killer must've smoked a lot of it when they were building this thing.
Yeah, we used to call that a "stoner.
" That term's actually still culturally relevant.
How's it relevant to our case? If you can find our killer's stash, I can match it.
(phone ringing) Yeah, DiNozzo.
Just got a call.
Director Vance wants us to meet him ASAP at the Pentagon.
About what? He didn't say.
I'm just as in the dark as you are.
SECNAV called, wanted to have a meeting off the books, and here we are.
In the basement.
Don't they have secret war rooms for meetings like this? And we're heading to one.
And the, um, SECNAV asked me to join? It's my idea, Agent DiNozzo.
Need you to guard the war room.
(door creaks, slams shut) How do you do it? It's like pigs at the trough.
Eh, some places, it really is a trough, ma'am.
Fenway, Wrigley Mm-hmm.
Mostly stadiums.
Director Vance, Agent Gibbs, I apologize for the location.
Well, like Gibbs said, we've been to worse.
You're investigating the murder case of an NRL scientist.
My office was contacted by a foreign embassy claiming to have helpful Intel.
Which embassy? I promised Secretary Kerry to keep this meeting off the radar in order to protect everyone.
Which embassy, Madam Secretary? (gasps) All yours.
(laughs) Yeah, no.
I'm No, thanks.
So is that just how you pick up women, then? You just wait outside the door? No, I'm waiting on a friend.
My idea is better.
(door opens) S-So, you-you work down here? (door closes) Mm Counselor Pavlenko.
NCIS Agent, uh DiNozzo.
Of course.
You are the one who led the Fins onto Russian soil.
Yeah, that's right.
It was a rescue team, actually, because help didn't seem to be coming from anybody else.
(door opens) In here, counselor.
Was that the secretary of the Navy? Agent Gibbs, I was relieved to learn of your safe return after the helicopter accident.
It was no accident.
It was a missile.
Which is not why we're here today.
Why are we here today? This time, it is our turn to go through the proper channels and ask for help.
Your help.
Nelly Benin.
Our victim's former lab partner.
We're already looking into her.
I can help.
Benin was a valued asset of our scientific community.
Was? PAVLENKO: Moscow has reason to believe she is now in the employ of terrorist Sergei Mishnev.
The same man who you claim shot you down, Agent Gibbs.
Benin's colleague.
Found in his Moscow flat two days ago.
A sophisticated weapon.
Same killer? Benin.
She is here in Washington.
Why? You want us to find your missing scientist.
Gibbs It is all right, Madam Secretary.
Agent Gibbs has highlighted the embarrassing truth.
We are asking NCIS to find Benin and stop her by any means necessary.
And in return, you just want this kept quiet.
Save face.
Tell your embassy this matter will have our full attention.
And Justice has requested a Joint Terrorism Task Force leader.
FBI will be assisting in the manhunt.
WOMAN: I knew the cold war was heating up, but meeting in the men's room is downright sexy.
You think? Well, it's need to know.
I didn't catch your name.
I didn't throw it.
Maybe you could write it down for me, then, right next to your little phone number.
(door opening) Director Vance, Special Agent Gibbs and DiNozzo, I'd like you to meet FBI Special Agent Pendergast.
She will be your partner for the duration of this case.
Pleased to meet you.
(laughing): Oh.
McGEE: Now, why are we having a meeting in here? Ask Agent Pendergast.
I did a quick check.
She's a former Deputy U.
Marshal turned Joint Terrorism Task Force leader.
An FBI manhunter.
And I always catch my prey.
Got a question, Gumby? Sorry.
I won't be good with names.
Um, my name is McGee.
I'm wondering why we're having this meeting in MTAC.
It's a secure briefing.
We usually just brief in the squad room ma'am.
Call me Leia.
Like the princess.
I hate Star Wars.
Nobody hates Star Wars.
You do when you're named Leia, Agent DiNozzo.
Yet you know his name.
We met earlier.
(door opening) Okay.
Nelly Benin.
Russian scientist.
Suspected of ties to a Russian terror group, the murder of a colleague in Moscow, and our Navy Research Lab scientist last night here in D.
Our target entered the U.
with her Russian passport before it was flagged by Interpol.
BOLO's already doing the rounds with LEOs and transportation authorities.
That it? I got handed this case an hour ago.
NCIS had a head start, so let's see what you got, kick down some doors and find our killer.
Come on.
I showed you mine.
Show me yours.
Tell her.
We've already done some digging on Benin.
And? And none of it makes any sense.
Up until the suspected murder two days ago, she was a model Russian citizen.
BISHOP: Only thing on her record is a ticket for streaking at the Sochi Olympics.
It's pretty ballsy, but hardly a precursor to terrorism and murder.
Russian Intel is Really difficult to verify.
That's putting it nicely.
Sir, I understand your hesitation, but Benin is our best and only suspect in this murder, and our orders are to hunt her down.
A suspect, not prey.
If half of what I've heard about NCIS is true, you guys must have something the FBI doesn't.
Who are you, what are you doing here, and who was the 27th president of the United States? FBI Special Agent Leia Pendergast, to catch a killer, Taft.
Yes, you're right.
But why would Gibbs send you down here alone? He said we'd get along.
Might have been sarcasm, though.
Well, he probably noticed that.
Not a hunter? The opposite.
You're a breeder, then? What? No.
Um, I found a deleted e-mail sent to our headless victim.
It's from a junk account, but it mentions a meeting at a bar around the time of the murder.
How did you get this? Dr.
Havana from the Navy Research Lab turned over her hard drive.
Liberty Square Bar is on the other side of the park where the body was found.
Our victim was headed to this meeting when she was attacked.
Can you trace the junk account? Already did.
There's no name, but it originated in Moscow, Russia.
Meaning our missing scientist could have sent it.
Benin lured her former lab partner to her death.
Yeah, looks that way.
I like her.
McGEE: Why? Because she winked at you? Talk about no boundaries.
I know, right? I mean, she's only flirting with you to get closer to her prey.
The case.
She's using you.
GIBBS: What do we got? A problem with the timeline.
And airport security.
TONY: Ugh.
Here we go again.
Just 'cause your wee little McGee shows up on the full body scanner.
Hey, it's an invasion of privacy.
But that's not what I'm talking about here.
There was an unrelated security delay at Dulles last night.
BISHOP: Something the Russians couldn't have known about.
While the attack was happening in the park, Benin was stuck at the terminal.
She couldn't have killed Glazman.
She's still our only suspect.
You sound like Leia.
(computer beeps) Our victim's getting a call on her cell phone from the Liberty Square Bar.
Same bar from the e-mail.
Smells like a trap.
Or could be something else.
I'm listening.
McGee and I have been working on kind of a loose theory.
What if Benin is running? BISHOP: The flight here, the secret e-mail to our victim, and now we know the Russian Intel is shoddy.
What if she's trying to defect? The Russians don't want their scientist sharing state secrets.
So they accuse her of murder? She didn't kill our naval scientist, which means she probably didn't kill the guy in Moscow.
McGEE: And if she knows we're monitoring Glazman's cell, that call could be her reaching out.
And if she's strapped to a bomb waiting for us to show up? It was just a theory.
TONY: We don't even know what's going on yet.
We are going to the bar anyway, and we're gonna find out.
And we're gonna start by asking nicely.
Am I updating the FBI? No.
No, not yet.
Got it.
Uh, if Leia asks? Geez, DiNozzo, make something up.
She's your girlfriend.
(laughs) Why? Did she say something? (elevator bell dings) Did she mention me by name? (lively music playing, crowd chatter) It's a popular place.
Looks like Barry's having a good time.
Think our Russian joined the mishegoss? At the bar, McGee.
Your one o'clock.
She's drinking.
That good or bad? Time to test your theory.
(microphone squeals) MAN: Hey, happy Bar Mitzvah, Barry.
(indistinct shouting, dance music playing) So, is that vodka or water? Gin.
And I'm waiting for someone.
I'm only asking 'cause it would say a lot about you, your plans for the evening.
My plans? Who are you? See, I'd be worried if that glass was filled with water.
It would tell me you don't want to lose control of your faculties, or your nerve.
If you're planning on doing something bad.
So, if I said this was water, you would think I'm dangerous? Killer, perhaps? Yeah, but I don't think you are.
Well, maybe you're wrong.
In case I don't like what you have to offer.
So choose your next words carefully.
If you're looking to defect, we can help.
Then why didn't you just say so? Everything all right, McGee? Yeah, I think so, boss.
No, everything is far from okay.
But it's a start.
My name is Nelly Benin, and I'm seeking asylum in the United States.
Why don't we get you out of here? Okay, fine, but let's two things straight.
I didn't kill anybody.
And I have to pee.
What about that bomb? There isn't one.
Just pulled out the insides of an old calculator.
I got this.
So, that, of course, was accounting.
The big abacus gave it away.
(chuckles) And here's the wall.
Ah, the wall has seen a lot of action lately.
LEIA: Sergei Mishnev is your number one? That's odd.
You must want him pretty bad.
Don't question wall.
Your team has desks in here? Oh, God.
The big orange room? That'd give me a headache.
We're in the Stephen J.
Cannell annex.
I watched The A-Team.
Pardon me? And Rockford and The Greatest American Hero, mm-hmm.
Really? Mm.
You found her, didn't you? I'm sorry.
Who? (laughs) And this was going so well.
The tour? (scoffs) Yet you-you continue selling me bull? Hardcastle and McCormick.
Underrated Cannell classic.
21 Jump Street-- kind of fascist and weird, but I'm into it.
Not used to playing the tough guy.
But you still think I'm dangerous.
Well, your bluff was a little too good.
I didn't find out my friend was dead until I got here.
(gasps) Things are going so well today.
All better.
(sniffles) Geez.
Come on! Let's go.
Something wrong? Marijuana.
(whirring) (whirring) (whirring and buzzing, rattling door) This proves I had nothing to do with the murders.
Well, that depends.
I don't know who that woman was, but I know who she's working for.
Sergei Mishnev.
Leader of a rogue military group in Russia.
Yeah, I know who he is.
Well, I didn't, not until last week when he approached me in a café outside my apartment.
That's him.
He knew I was working for the government lab, but he wanted me to join him in a private sector.
Doing what? He refused to say.
That's how I knew it wasn't a normal job offer.
So, I politely turned him down.
You are going to help me after this? Let me stay in the U.
? Mikhail.
A coworker.
I told him about the job, and he said he'd received the same offer by the same man on the same day.
Yeah, well, you both turned him down.
The next morning, I got a call that Mikhail had been murdered, and unless I took the job, I was next.
When do I talk to your consulate about formal naturalization? Yeah, murder suspects don't get citizenship.
I'm not a killer! Then finish the story.
(sighs) Sofia and I had been competing on the same laser research.
But she was the only one I could turn to.
It never occurred to me that they would find out and go after her, too.
Sergei and his group want me dead because I refused to work for them.
Russia has police.
Sergei said it would do no good.
He said he had many friends.
That's a big jump from murder suspect to innocent victim.
The fact that I had anything to do with this is a lie! Who told you I murdered my friends? I know you have our scientist.
Nice to see you, too.
(door opens) Madam Secretary.
I miss anything? The Russians calling us liars.
So the usual, then? Very good, but I know you've had Miss Benin in custody for hours.
Call it intuition.
I hope it's not the same intuition that told you that Nelly Benin is our killer, because she's not.
Now you're calling me a liar.
PORTER: The usual.
You gave us bad Intel, Bad Anton.
I know.
Moscow doesn't always tell me everything, which can put me in an awkward position.
So why the secret meetings? The urgent manhunt? I believe you call it "better safe than sorry.
" Hmm.
But since she is no longer a murder suspect, all the better.
We have a government plane waiting at Dulles for our safe and immediate return.
Well, that's assuming that we have her.
Madam Secretary, I do not think you want to open an international wound over a scientist.
You did.
I will tell Moscow we have your absolute cooperation.
(sighs) (door opens, closes) Ass.
But he's right, Leon.
We can't spend political capital here.
I I was just sitting down to write a note, and then Pavlenko walked in.
You sit wherever you like.
I want to know how the hell the Russians found out we had Benin.
(line ringing) Get me Agent Gibbs.
WOMAN: Certainly.
Hold on, please.
I knew you found Benin.
Couldn't talk to you until we talked to her.
You understand.
No, I don't.
Hey, we missed this room on the tour.
Check it out.
No more tours, no more lies.
Well, have a seat.
Let's talk about it.
If you killed me right here, right now, my dead body would refuse to sit at that table.
Did you tell the Russians we had Benin? Treason? Ah.
Light treason.
We've done some digging.
You've been assigned to protect three Russian emissaries in the last three months.
And, in fact, the Russian embassy specifically requested your assignment to this case.
For hire.
$28,000 was deposited in your bank account at the beginning of the month from an offshore account.
I could kill you.
Then it'd be treason and murder.
You've lied to me, and you've made accusations, but now you're wasting my time.
I'm not your leak.
I believe you.
So tell us who sent the money, and everyone else can.
Go ahead, trace the account.
Now who's wasting time? Belongs to my father.
Your father has Russian ties? No.
(laughing): I can't believe you.
I'm trying to believe you.
My father has money.
A lot of it.
He didn't come into it till after I was 17.
But now he sends me $28,000 every year.
Not because I want it, or because I need it.
Just because it's, uh some kind of tax benefit.
Our relationship has always been a little, um Challenging.
What would you know about it? Well, it's a long story.
Well, then, we should skip it, because I have a job to do, and our Russian scientist has a flight to make.
And you have prey to catch.
Always do.
Except this one wasn't running from you, and she's still being hunted.
BENIN: This group wants me dead, and you're sending me back? Sergei will find me.
Clearly, my government doesn't care about stopping him.
Unfortunately, your government has made a lot of things clear, Miss Benin.
The United States grants asylum to political refugees and those fleeing religious persecution.
How is this any different? I'm sorry.
I have value.
(engine starting) (elevator bell dings) Am I too late? (elevator bell dings) For what? We identified our killer.
Using your description from the bar, I got a hit on our hit woman.
Renata Atal.
Russian expat wanted in connection with multiple murder-for-hires involving unusual weapons.
A motorized garrote would qualify.
I already put out the BOLO.
We know who's after Benin.
Which means we can get her back to protect her.
No, we can't.
DiNozzo and McGee get this? They weren't in the bullpen.
Get it to their cell phone now.
Uh, why? (elevator bell dings) Let me go to your news media.
If I cannot win your sympathy, then-then maybe I get it, okay? You'll help me? No.
You're not worth starting a war over, but like I said, I get it.
Thank you for that, at least.
BENIN: Why are we in here? What's happening? (phone ringing) Hello.
Stay in the car.
Tony, I think we're being followed.
You are.
What? Where-where are you? Following you.
And our hit woman now.
What? The whole time? Yeah, I had a hunch.
Now, stay in the car, Leia.
Tony, what are you gonna do? (phone clicks off) Well He hung up? Uh, what do we do now? Get down.
(car door closes) Turn off the engine.
Hands on the wheel! It's over.
I know.
Hey, hands on the wheel! No! No! No, no, no, no, no, stop! (whirring, woman groans) (gasping) (Tony groans) How did this woman know I was being transferred? First you refuse to grant me asylum.
Then you use me as bait to lure my assassin out into the open.
And now you still plan on turning me in to those responsible? We don't have proof.
Outside of this building, Counselor Pavlenko was the only one who knew I was being transferred.
It does appear someone tipped off the hit woman.
Yeah, and it still wasn't me.
I ask about treason one time.
Enough! What do we got? Well, dwindling shot clock.
The Russians are expecting their scientist back.
I would rather die than be looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life.
LEIA: We still don't have enough evidence to connect Pavlenko to the rogue Russians or to Mishnev.
Headless hit woman's with Ducky.
And her SUV is down in the garage.
Abby's on it, but no word yet.
Then you don't know what we've got.
Well, I (phone ringing) DiNozzo.
VANCE: I need Gibbs.
Uh, yes.
Director, hold on.
Uh, it's Director Vance.
He's looking for you, boss.
Yeah, I'll bet he is.
You know, he's not here right now.
I could ta (dial tone) Hello? He hung up.
Oh, can't imagine.
Excuse me? GIBBS: Pendergast! With me! The Berserkers of Old Norse literature were known for fighting in a bloodthirsty and trancelike state.
Hence, the term "going berserk"" Yeah.
One theory suggests that it was the ingestion of a hallucinogenic mushroom, the Amanita muscaria, that made these warriors lose their heads, so to speak.
That's not what made our killer lose hers.
And Miss Atal preferred dope.
Uh, we used to call it "Mary Jane," Miss, uh? Leia.
Oh, well, uh, her body reeked of the drug, so she wasn't in a berserk fury.
She would find herself relaxed and mildly euphoric as she killed others.
Doubt her own death felt very good.
Well, facing a lifetime of prison, suicide was no doubt preferable, and it would have prevented her from being questioned.
Duck, tell me you got something.
Well, plenty of something to suggest that she killed our Navy scientist.
The-the murder weapon, the similar markings on the neck.
We need her employer.
Well, that's something that the body did not provide.
Gibbs! Abbs.
Um, I processed the weed residue on our third garrote.
It matches the first two.
Definitely our killer.
We know.
The SUV? Still processing that, but so far, nada, zilch.
But before you ask, I ran deep background on both Renata Atal and Anton Pavlenko.
What's the connection? Our hit woman was a pro, Gibbs, so, if Pavlenko is connected to her He's no dummy, either.
We just need more time.
PORTER: Time's up, Agent Gibbs.
And there's nothing we can do to delay this further.
We have our, um we have our murderer.
It's time to give the Russians what they want.
(elevator bell dings) GIBBS: Ah.
Came yourself this time, Anton.
My people are waiting with the plane.
I was hoping we could talk.
You tell Sergei I said howdy.
What would make you think he and I are friendly? You lied.
You're lying right now.
If I motivated you to find Benin faster, then it was worth it, so you could protect her, prevent escalation, war, even.
We're already fighting one.
Yes, and we are on the same side.
Against Sergei.
Look, I had nothing to do with those deaths.
How can I prove that to you? Perhaps next time? I know where to find you.
(elevator bell dings) No, no.
No, I won't go.
Not with him.
LEIA: Take it easy, or you'll be flying in handcuffs.
Come on.
I hope that will not be necessary, Miss Benin.
I give you my word, we will return you home peacefully and safely.
No! Don't do this.
Stand down, DiNozzo.
Agent Gibbs, do something.
(loud breathing) (gasping) PAVLENKO: For God's sake, somebody do something! What did you do? My job.
I guess Benin was dangerous after all.
But don't worry.
I will tell Moscow the truth when I get back.
The truth? You're gonna tell the truth? That the Americans were of great help, and that she is no longer a threat or our concern.
But it didn't have to end like this, Gibbs.
(speaking Russian) (engine starting) (camera shutter clicking) So, Pavlenko wanted her dead? This proves he's behind the hit woman and part of the Russian terrorist group.
Yeah, maybe, but with diplomatic immunity (elevator bell dings) (camera shutter clicking) Where's Gibbs? (phone ringing) Right here, Madam Secretary.
Save the formality.
How the hell did this happen in our own house?! Thank you.
That was base security.
Pavlenko has left the Navy Yard.
Gibbs? Madam Secretary.
Oh, I usually used glycerin to get out stains.
DUCKY: Yeah, well, I have some in Autopsy.
Gibbs? You said give the Russians what they want.
We did.
You had blanks in your gun? Hunter knows what weapon to use to get the job done.
And you and Gibbs didn't tell me? It was my one condition for going along with this whole crazy thing.
I see.
So this isn't 'cause I'm better at my job? What? Yeah, you know, the stall tactics on you, following you to get to the hit woman.
Oh, and you think that was because Smarter.
What about the fact that I used my contacts with the Russians to sell this whole damn thing? Dangerous.
LEIA: You're unbelievable.
TONY: Thank you.
Now, about getting that phone number in writing.
You're the detective, Tony.
You know what "Tony" is spelled backwards? Why not? Think about it.
You overheard that.
Didn't have a choice.
Gibbs would never leave you out of the loop on something like this.
He didn't.
You knew? You were just Wait.
So, why bother fighting with her? She fights back.
(scoffs) I have a type.