NCIS s12e05 Episode Script

The San Dominick

This is Bishop.
I've tracked the final suspect.
Compartment two tack eight-four tack two.
NCIS! Hands in the air! I said, “Hands in the air!” You're dead, Bishop.
I know.
You have pointy elbows.
I failed.
Not exactly.
Attention, all trainees, report to the command room for debriefing.
You heard Gibbs.
I-I died.
There's no coming back from that.
You are aware that you didn't actually die and this is just a training exercise? He won't even look at me.
It's a silent form of encouragement.
If it isn't the Julie McCoy of our little training exercise.
Heard you were knocking boots with Leia Pendergast.
From who? From Leia.
We SoulCycle.
It's a form of exercise, DiNozzo.
I know.
Well, Leia's fun, but it just sort of didn't work out.
Sort of a dalliance.
Calm down, DiNozzo.
I'm not your conscience.
Dally who you want.
Bishop, this is CGIS Special Agent Abigail Borin.
She's into cardio and interagency gossip.
Borin, this is Ellie Bishop.
I observed your exercise.
It was passable work for a probie.
See? You didn't fail.
You passed.
I-I need to go again.
There are no do-overs in training.
But hang in there.
You're doing fine.
I don't get it.
I-I mean, I did everything right.
I-I followed procedure to the letter.
I could've sworn there was only one suspect left.
It's not always about procedure.
It's about this and this and these.
Comes with experience.
Right, Borin? Borin? Gibbs, what do you see? I don't know.
There's something out there.
At your two o'clock.
Man overboard! Man overboard! The X.
confirms all Navy and Coast Guard personnel are accounted for.
Whoever the victim is, he's not from this ship.
According to his I.
, he's Joe Willis, crew member from the San Dominick.
Civilian, probably.
Cause of death? Corpsman found water in his lungs when he tried to resuscitate him, but it's too soon to tell.
Bishop, what do you see? No bloating.
Which means what? He hasn't been floating out here long.
Couple hours? Yeah, and? He's got a gash on his forehead and bruising on his skin.
He was in a fight.
Or he fell 50 feet off the side of a ship.
Could be an accident.
San Dominick is a cargo ship that left port in Norfolk three hours ago.
Anybody notice they're one man short? Well, it's hard to say.
They're not responding to any of our calls.
Complete radio silence.
That's not the only thing.
Look at this.
The San Dominick is supposed to be heading to the Port of Bilbao, Spain.
They're off course.
Heading south.
The San Dominick is American owned, but Panamanian flagged.
Both our jurisdictions.
No Coast Guard patrols in the area.
We're the closest vessel.
How far? We can be there in a couple hours.
Bishop pack your bag.
You're escorting the body back to NCIS.
We're going after the San Dominick.
Ah, the trainee returns.
How'd it go? I don't want to talk about it.
That good, huh? I just spent the last hour on the choppiest helo ride of my life, clutching a dead body so it didn't shift because the tie-down rings were loose.
It was the high point of my morning.
You run background on our victim? Yeah.
The company that owns the San Dominick-- Stalten Shipping-- sent me Joe Willis's employee records.
From Dover, Delaware.
Lives in Norfolk.
Served 15 years in the Navy.
He's ready reserve.
Hired as security last month for Stalten's transatlantic runs.
Why does a cargo ship need an armed guard? Piracy, terrorism.
Shipping companies like to be prepared.
Well, Ducky's starting his autopsy, so we'll know if it was murder soon.
Do you want to talk about that test now? No.
It's just I did everything right.
I mean, I was textbook.
How could I fail? Everybody fails.
It's the Kobayashi Maru.
The Kobayashi Ma-what? The Kobayashi Maru.
It's from The Wrath of Khan.
Star Wars again? Star Trek.
- Same difference.
- No, no, no.
See, Star Wars is grounded in mythology.
Star Trek is grounded in science Tim.
Kobayashi Maru was a training exercise on the Enterprise.
It's a lose-lose scenario.
No matter what choice you make, you're not gonna win.
Th-That's cheating.
It's supposed to build character.
By cheating? Look, Bishop, all I'm saying is you shouldn't feel bad about this, okay? Nobody passes this training exercise.
Not me.
Not Tony.
Not Captain Kirk.
Well, technically, Kirk What about Gibbs? Gibbs? Oh, he passed.
How? He's Gibbs.
Boarding party to USS Serano.
we are on board the San Dominick.
Boarding party, roger.
We'll await your sitrep.
Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS.
This is Special Agent Borin, CGIS.
We speeding, Officer? Sorry.
Bad joke.
It's not every day you're pulled over by a Navy cruiser.
Where's the captain? Below deck.
I'm James Meyer, first mate.
What can I do you for? Get the captain.
He's a little busy captaining right now, but he'll be up soon.
Maybe I can help.
You aware you're off course? Sure.
There's, uh, inclement weather ahead.
We're just trying to avoid it.
Yeah, well you're not answering your radio, either.
Yeah, comm's on the fritz.
That's what the captain's working on right now.
And all crew is accounted for? Yeah.
I'm sorry, I feel like we're not on the same page.
What's this about? Joe Willis.
Your security officer.
He in some kind of trouble? Well, yeah, you could say that.
Holy crap.
Same page now? I knew it.
I'm cursed.
First the radio, then the weather, now this terrible accident.
Can you tell us where Joe Willis was supposed to be, Captain? Doing his rounds.
Security check, I guess.
Must have slipped off deck.
Did he? What are you thinking? Don't know.
Body's being examined.
We need a manifest and a crew list.
Why? 'Cause we're gonna question them.
Now? What is it with the people on this ship? Yes, now.
A man is dead.
By accident.
Now, look, I appreciate your position, but you need to appreciate mine.
I'm-I'm three hours off schedule.
Gee, that's that's rough.
I I get it.
I get it.
You're investigating a crime.
But from my perspective, we're just all trying to make a living here.
Now, can't we handle this after we've finished our run? No.
I'm telling you, as captain of this ship, there is absolutely nothing illegal or suspicious Captain, you o you okay? Just need to sit.
You've been stabbed.
I need to get you back to our ship, Captain.
Our victim was in a fight.
Note the defensive wounds.
Probably caused by a knife and received while fending off what could have been a violent attack.
Was he stabbed? No.
No, no.
The ship's doctor was correct in the manner of death.
This man drowned.
However, the water in his lungs was not seawater.
I'm waiting for a confirmation from Abby, but my guess is that it was potable water, for use aboard the San Dominick.
Confirms Joe Willis was murdered.
That I cannot say.
You just told me Joe Willis drowned on the San Dominick.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I said this man drowned on the San Dominick.
But this man is not Joe Willis.
According to his records, Joe Willis served for That's right.
The autopsy showed that this man suffered from renal agenesis.
It's a birth defect that has no discernible effects on living a normal, healthy life, with the possible exception of passing the medical examination to serve in the armed forces.
Since there's no waiver for enlistees with only one kidney.
If this isn't Joe Willis, then who is he? Ah Skipper gonna be okay? Special Agent Borin is escorting him to our ship's corpsman.
I can't believe this is happening.
Captain O'Rourke and Joe Willis-- they have any problems? Skipper doesn't have problems.
Everyone loves him.
Oh, my God.
Not everybody.
Holy crap.
What the hell happened in here? Excuse me.
You and me need to talk.
It's not a request.
Petty Officer, remove this man from the radio room.
Yes, sir.
This radio has been sabotaged.
Holy Stop.
I have no Don't.
Busted radio, dead security officer, wounded captain and him.
Renaldo? He's He's wearing canvas shoes, not steel-toed boots.
Who is he? Because he is not part of your crew.
Captain's stable, but he lost a lot of blood.
Knife nicked an artery.
Security officer's not a security officer, and Ducky says our dead guy was an impostor.
You tell Gibbs? I was just about to.
It's Abby.
What's up, Abbs? Hey.
I got a positive I.
on our drowning victim.
His name is Ernesto Vilandro.
He's Venezuelan, and he's wanted in five countries.
For what? Piracy, Tony.
I e-mailed you his file and a list of all known associates.
Got it.
I know that man.
He's the engineer on the San Dominick.
Tell Gibbs now.
I'm going back on that ship.
Thank you, Abby.
Gibbs, come in.
It's Tony.
The man we found in the water is wanted for piracy.
There's at least another pirate on that ship.
Renaldo Aranda, the engineer.
Ship's been compromised.
Watch your six.
Don't answer.
Spotter saw armed men leading members of the boarding party below deck.
Ship's compromised.
What about Gibbs? No word.
How does a band of armed pirates sneak onto a U.
cargo ship without anyone noticing? Kind of hoping you'd tell us.
Our victim, Ernesto Vilandro, got on impersonating the security officer.
And the real security officer is? Joe Willis-- last seen at a Norfolk bar ten days ago.
Got his home address.
Heading there now.
Cross-reference crew records on the San Dominick.
Verify identities.
We got to weed out if there's another impostor.
And find out if Vilandro has any more associates in the area.
On it.
Who's in charge here? I am.
I am.
It's CAMSLANT, Chesapeake, calling from shore.
Yeah, I I'll I got this.
Vilandro was smart.
Knew the crews on these ships change all the time.
No one would know he was an impostor.
Someone realized, Tony.
I got a report from Interpol.
Last time Vilandro took a ship was two years ago, outside the Port of Santos.
He held its captain for ten days during a standoff with the Brazilian navy.
Somehow escaped when they forcibly boarded.
The man he held hostage was Tom O'Rourke, captain of the San Dominick.
He happen to mention that to you when he was brought on board? No.
Uh, he was too busy bleeding from a stab wound, but I'll be sure to bring it up.
Now, look, Gibbs isn't there.
Me, neither.
Listen, McGee, you're the boss now.
Me? Whoa, whoa, Tony Don't mess it up.
Guess you're the boss, boss.
Can he even do that? This is the USS Serano.
Come in, San Dominick.
Repeat: This is the USS Serano.
Come in, San Dominick.
Can't think.
Turn it down.
How many crew on board? Twelve.
How many hijackers? No talking.
How many? I think six or I say shut up! Vámonos.
Where's the crew being held? He told us to be quiet.
Where? Mess deck, all right? Now, can we just? Please.
You hanging in there, Petty Officer? Trying, sir.
Can't seem to stop the bleeding.
Feeling dizzy.
What's your name? Petty Officer Felton.
What's your first name? Patricia.
People call you Patty? You hate being called Patty.
That's it.
You just keep laughing, Patricia.
Three in, three out.
What the hell are you doing? She's bleeding, man.
She can't stop it.
I can.
By threatening to shoot her? Who says it's a threat? You're in way over your head.
Vilandro-- he's the leader, right? He's gone.
Now it's me.
Well, then lead.
Answer the damn walkie.
Get your ransom and get off this boat.
In-- one, two, three.
Attention, USS Serano.
This is the San Dominick.
We read you, San Dominick.
This is NCIS Special Agent DiNozzo.
We want $10 million in unmarked bills delivered in one hour's time, or I'll shoot a hostage and toss them overboard.
This is Special Agent Abigail Borin.
Is this Renaldo Aranda? Look, uh, we're happy to talk to you about money, but first we need a status report on the You now have 59 minutes.
Joe Willis? Open up.
Willis, we need to ask you a few questions.
What do we do, boss? Please stop calling me that.
Ah, it's every smell I can't stand rolled into one super smell.
Willis lived alone.
I don't know why it looks like a frat party exploded.
Kitchen or bathroom? Where do you want me? Take the kitchen.
Got boxes of ammo.
A lot of them.
Guess we know where the hijackers were staying.
Yeah, I think I know how they snuck on the San Dominick, too.
Falsified their I.
's and walked on with the rest of the crew.
That leaves two questions: Was Joe Willis a conspirator? And what exactly is in this jar? It's urine, isn't it? Would it have killed them to use the bathroom? I'm gonna go with yes.
Flight deck, stand by.
Hot refuel in progress.
All others, stand clear of the flight deck.
Give us a second? Thanks.
Captain? Security team Bravo, security team Bravo Where am I? On the USS Serano.
And my ship? It's being held by pirates.
I should be there.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're not going anywhere, except a medevac to Norfolk.
I, uh I had a package of chew in my shirt pocket.
Is there any chance that's around? Your shirt's in an evidence bag.
Time I quit anyway.
It's a bad habit.
So you want to tell me what happened? Trip like this, your eyes scan the horizon for pirates.
Never expected them to be part of my own crew.
Yeah, that's what's giving me trouble.
You didn't notice that the guy that took your boat hostage today is the same guy who took you hostage two years ago? I did notice.
There's not a detail about Ernesto Vilandro I haven't committed to memory.
I had to stop him.
Hijackers had locked the crew up in the mess.
But Vilandro needed me to work the comm.
It was just him and me.
You jumped him? I wasn't giving up my ship.
Not to Vilandro, not again.
Radio got smashed in the fight.
I threw Vilandro overboard, hoped somebody would find the body.
Helo's ready, sir.
Copy that.
O'Rourke's medevac left.
He's en route to Norfolk.
Hour's up.
Time to contact Aranda.
So, what are you gonna say to him when he asks for his money? Well, Tony, I'm gonna ask him his preference in powerboats.
Did you know there are of fast boats? I did not.
It's Hostage Negotiation You keep 'em stalled, keep 'em calm, keep 'em talking.
Just like dating.
You ready? Oh, yeah.
This is the USS Serano to the San Dominick.
Come in.
You have my money? We're close.
My boss signed off on the request.
The bank's processing it.
Shouldn't be long.
You're stalling, and it won't work.
Look, you asked for $10 million.
It's a little more complicated than a walk down to the ATM.
So, while we're waiting for your money, why don't we talk escape boats? I like the bowrider myself.
I don't want a damn boat.
This isn't a negotiation.
It's a demand.
Blood's on your hands now.
All right, hold on.
Let's just take a breath.
We don't need any more blood.
Hello? On your feet.
Get up now! What? Come on, man! Let her go, let her go.
You want to take her place?! Huh?! I do.
I don't care how you get it.
San Dominick, come in.
This is USS Serano.
I have your cash, but I need you to respond.
Oh, now you have the money, huh? It's close.
I'd say 30 minutes.
Okay, seriously, I will take counterfeit.
Hell, I will take Monopoly money.
Maybe 40.
Still stalling.
You're still trying to trick me.
The only way you take me seriously is with a bullet.
Look, we're getting your money, and as soon as we do, I will bring it to you personally.
You and how many snipers, huh? No snipers.
No tricks; just me.
And I'm supposed to believe you? Look, you chose this line of work.
You kicked our hornet's nest.
I'm just saying nobody else has to get hurt.
You're wrong, though.
Your man's going to be hurt.
My man? You mean Gibbs? I'm going to make an example of him.
Muévete! Move! Hey, man, listen.
I get it.
Gibbs can be grumpy, incommunicative, stubborn.
That's no reason Enough.
Say good-bye.
I'm working with you here.
Well, now, because I have the power, and you people, you people Hello? Is anybody there? I need a response.
I need to talk to Gibbs right now.
Hey, Tony.
It's me.
I'm fine.
Can't say the same for Aranda.
I know, in the end, we all must die.
And I am not a religious person.
But I find desecration of the human body to be positively indecent.
Well, pirates aren't known for their decency, Duck.
Something wrong? No, Timothy, but I requested you dispense with the coffee before joining me.
Joe Willis drown? The cause of death was asphyxiation.
And the bathtub he was floating in? Mr.
Willis was most likely left in the water to control odor and decomposition.
Can being submerged in water control decomp? Not water alone, but as you can see, there are traces of chemicals on his skin, specifically benzethonium chloride, cetrimide and good old-fashioned ammonia.
These would certainly slow the decaying of the tissue.
How long has he been dead? It's hard to be precise.
Five to seven days.
The killer or killers clearly wanted to preserve his body.
While they used his apartment while planning their hijacking.
Thanks, Duck.
Renaldo Renaldo.
Renaldo Stay still.
That's all you're gonna do? I'm stopping the bleeding.
I need medical attention.
What you need to do is respond to your friend.
And tell him you're bueno.
Or I can just untie this.
Now you talk.
What do you want? What-what what do you want to hear? You told me that you're the leader.
The leader-- he knows.
Vilandro-- he was the real leader.
Outfitted us, got us fake papers.
What's the plan? We We take the boat out of port.
Then we contact the shipping company for ransom.
Then escape boat comes and meets us.
Simple, clean.
You can't contact the shipping company.
You destroyed the radio.
That wasn't us.
Vilandro-- he went to the radio room with the captain, and they fought.
Everything fell apart after that.
I saw you and four others.
You have another man on this ship.
You think you're in control now, but you're not.
When the others come, they're gonna kill you.
Who's the sixth man? Wait.
Where is he? Deck four.
Vilandro sent him there to guard a shipping container right before the fight with the captain.
I don't know why.
I swear.
I swear.
I swear.
Now, you were telling me, who is in control? What did you find, Bishop? Anything interesting? Tons.
It's Vilandro's computer from Joe Willis's place.
It's filled with encrypted e-mails.
Shipping timetables, port security codes, petty-cash drops for the hijackers.
I mean, someone planned and financed this whole operation.
Just can't tell you who yet.
What do you got, Abbs? Well, uh, I've been combing through all the evidence from Joe Willis's apartment.
What'd you find in this garbage? It may look like garbage to the untrained eye, but to me, every moldy food wrapper and every soggy cigarette butt-- it just fills in a vast mosaic.
Details, Abbs.
Um, well, one of our hijackers, uh, is lactose intolerant.
Uh, two others are vegetarians.
One is suffering from IBS.
Fewer details, Abbs.
I'm running eight distinct DNA samples to try to I.
the hijackers.
I'm just waiting for results.
But what about the chemicals Ducky found on Joe Willis's body? Dead-animal deodorizer, and a lot of it.
My dad always had a jug of that stuff when I was growing up.
Covers the smell and stops the infestation of flies.
And you use enough of it, it'll do the same thing for a dead man.
Anything else? Um just these numbers.
Uh, Gibbs found them on a slip of paper at the crime scene on the San Dominick.
I'm not sure what they are yet, but I am all over it.
It's good work, Abbs.
Gosh, I just got chills.
Why is that? You're just changing right in front of our eyes.
Your gruff manner, your your clipped replies.
You're no longer McGee.
You're McGibbs.
What?! That's Wait.
What?! It's true.
Ever since Tony put you in charge.
You're, like channeling him.
- Stop it.
- You got it, boss.
Hey, MSRT's ready when you are.
Abby got positive I.
's on several of the hijackers.
It doesn't add up.
Look like an evil boy band.
Matches came from the Brazilian DNA database.
So they all have criminal records? You know, car theft, shoplifting.
None of them are serious felons.
Yet someone smuggled them over the border, financed them and sent them onto the San Dominick.
Pirates usually aren't sophisticated enough to falsify I.
's and override security systems.
These pirates were.
We're missing something.
Well, maybe we'll find it on that boat.
I've already told you, we do not comment on active operations.
You want to try calling my boss, go right ahead.
Got to go now.
Go for McGee.
Dorneget? Don't have any updates yet.
Tony and Borin are taking the ship now.
I'm waiting for a sitrep.
Got to go, Ned.
Well, I see you didn't waste any time going over my Oh, Director.
Uh, sorry.
I thought you were someone else.
Never mind.
Uh, no, nothing yet.
I will.
Bishop, phone's ringing.
Bishop?! You say something? Yeah.
What do you got? Oh.
Um, I ran a trace on these encrypted e-mails.
They were buried in a Trojan horse that bounced all over the country through infected host computers.
So, I pinpointed the origin, and it's a Kinko's outside Norfolk.
Oh, our mastermind's a local.
They have dozens of customers renting computer time by the hour.
We'll need more if we want to zero in on a suspect.
I know what the numbers mean.
I know what the numbers mean.
I know what the numbers mean.
McGee, what are you doing? What? I'm just standing.
At Gibbs' desk.
Abby, you said you know what the number means.
What numbers? The numbers that Gibbs found at the crime scene.
I thought maybe they were lottery numbers or coordinates.
But I was wrong, but I was kind of right.
It's a locator number for a shipping container from the San Dominick.
What's inside? It's not what's in the shipping container that's important.
It's who owns it.
A company called LCD Liquidated.
They have a cursory Web site, and a voice mail, and about 50 shipping containers that are traveling around the world pretty much constantly.
Usually export out of the U.
And ending up in countries with secretive banking practices.
And they are being investigated by U.
Customs for money smuggling.
Drug money, specifically.
I'm talking tens of millions of dollars in one container.
This isn't about ransom at all.
Rule number 70-- keep digging till you hit bottom.
McGee! There is no rule 70.
Well, I'm You just made up a rule.
This McGibbs thing has really gone to your head.
I don't even recognize you right now.
We heard that gunshot before.
We were sure you were dead.
Patricia? They took her right after Aranda grabbed you.
Well, where is she? Jaime? What happened to you, man? You sent her down here to be a hostage.
My insurance policy.
Where's the container he was supposed to be guarding? It's this one.
He probably got lost somewhere down here, but this is the container.
Sit down.
Boss, where are you? Deck four.
We've taken the ship.
We have the rest of the hijackers.
We're on our way.
Is that a bomb? Tony? Just to be clear that's not our bomb.
Drop it.
Now! You want to tell your boy here to ease up on his trigger finger? Soon as you and your people leave this ship.
Turn off your bomb, we'll talk about it.
I already told you, it's not our bomb.
Then whose is it? Don't know.
But it's going off one way or another.
Not if I disarm it.
You can do that? Do it.
Drop the weapon first and release the petty officer.
You down here, boss? Got a bomb down here, DiNozzo! I need you to evacuate the ship.
We need to evacuate the ship.
We have a bomb on four.
We already left you on this ship once.
You see how much trouble you got into? I guess it's up to you, Jaime.
Well, you're scared.
Means you're smart.
A smart man wouldn't be here.
Got you covered, boss.
How's the timer on that bomb looking? - Less than three minutes.
- I just spoke to McGee.
He said the empty container was supposed to be filled with drug money.
Where's the money? The container was empty when I got here.
Millions of dollars don't just walk off.
The only thing we wanted was ransom.
Then the escape boat comes and and we go home.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Clean and simple.
You told that story before.
You said you didn't want a boat.
Because you were expecting one.
And it'll be here.
One of our agents found the operational plans for this hijacking, and here's the thing.
Not one word about an escape boat.
What are you saying? There is no boat.
You were never supposed to get away.
You were set up to take the fall on this ship.
You steal tens of millions of dollars from the cartel, they will come after you.
But not if you're already dead.
That's what the bomb was for.
It's like Die Hard on a ship.
One minute, Gibbs.
Come on, man.
You're a fool.
Time to end this.
Jaime listen to him.
There's no boat.
There's no no way out.
You need to give up, man.
No! Shoot him, sir.
I'll take my chances.
- Yeah, you got it.
- Everybody shut up! Running out of time, boss.
Jaime, you got two choices: You drop the weapon and I defuse the bomb, or I shoot you and I defuse the bomb.
Boss? Okay.
Wh-What are you doing? Defuse it! - Please.
- Ten.
Gibbs, the bomb.
Seven, six, five, Boss? four Gibbs! Two You removed that when you first saw the bomb, didn't you? You okay? Ow.
This is Special Agent Abigail Borin.
The San Dominick is secure.
Bringing up two prisoners and we need immediate medical attention for a petty officer.
Money was never on the ship.
Someone took it off.
Boy, that bomb thing, that was kind of fun.
Right? Next time, you might want to give us a heads-up, though, 'cause I didn't pack a diaper.
Oh, what do we have here? What do you got? Bad habit.
I brought this to the hospital this morning.
I couldn't find you.
Old Pelton, right? That's my brand.
We matched it to the spit we found in the container, right next to the bomb you rigged.
Got your DNA, too.
I don't know what Hands up.
Where I can see 'em.
You're a clever guy, Captain.
Planned a hijacking as a distraction while you robbed the cartels.
We almost didn't catch you.
Only we found security footage of you buying $1,000 worth of dead-animal deodorizer.
Two blocks from the Kinko's where you sent encrypted e-mails to the gang that couldn't shoot straight.
You dream that up with your pal Vilandro while he held you hostage? Or maybe he was the brains, the Butch to your Sundance.
Only Sundance wouldn't drown Butch during a knife fight, would he? Wouldn't treat a friend like that.
He wasn't my friend.
Just a business partner.
We're not getting through, are we? That's all right.
I have a feeling that the cartels have people that can be very persuasive.
That bastard tortured me for ten days, made me beg for my life, humiliated me and then somehow thought I was going into business with him.
I only needed him to set up the hijacking.
You always planned to kill him.
He figured out I'd taken the money off the container before we even left port.
He was angry.
He got what he deserved.
So will you.
Still here, Borin? Admit it, I'm growing on you.
Like a barnacle.
No, I'm just transferring O'Rourke to Federal Detention, and then I am gone.
Well, good working with you.
Hey, you know, if you ever want to make a change, there's room on my team.
Be your number two? Oh, no, no, no.
Omagi's my number two.
But you'd make a solid number three.
See you! Borin.
Well, McGee, I just want you to know I'm proud of you.
You didn't blow anything up, and there were no international incidents.
You're gonna make a good boss someday.
Thank you, Tony.
So, I watched Star Trek II last night.
Kobayashi Maru.
I totally get it now.
I figured out how Gibbs passed the boarding exercise.
He fixed it.
Just like Captain Kirk.
I'm gonna ask him about it tomorrow.
You're going to accuse the boss of cheating on an official test? Sounded better in my head.
This is what happens when I'm not around for a little while.
Walk with me, Bishop.
Let me explain.
The things that happen in your head, Mm-hmm.
they don't all have to happen in the real world.
Oh You see, you can keep some of those things inside the head.
You can? You can.
It's called an inner life.
Really? Rule 70, McGee?