NCIS s12e07 Episode Script

The Searchers

It's too dark.
I can't see.
Move over.
Are you crazy? Old Man Hawkins sees the light through the garage, he'll call the cops, and we'll have records.
How is he gonna see a light through the wall? Besides, you know how many video games one coin from a treasure chest can buy? Whoa.
War stuff.
Don't touch that! You could get lice! What is that? He kills people in here.
No, that's him.
That's Old Man Hawkins.
He followed me for, like, two blocks.
I couldn't just shut the door on him.
I didn't think you liked cats.
I don't.
I gave the landlord find him another place to live, or his furry ass is out on the street.
Good, that's good.
Got to say something about that cat, though.
There's something He's thoughtful.
Yesterday, he spent an hour grooming my arm.
Hey, what about your fish? Ah, that was tricky.
Kate and Ziva are now in the bathroom, on the counter, door closed.
Problem solved.
What's happening? My overall field training evaluation from Gibbs.
Ah The probie eval.
Nine months of training, culminating in one debilitating document.
What'd you get? No idea, I'm afraid to open it.
It's just a matter of managing your expectations.
Might help you to know that I got a 63.
Out of 100? Yeah, it's par for the course.
Kate, who was the girl before the girl What'd she get, like, a 60? And then Ziva had a She refused to tell us.
Well, what about you, Tony? Ah, big fat 58.
I wore that score like a badge of honor.
Expectations managed.
Holy crap.
Single digits? No.
No, I got an 82.
What? Wow.
Yeah, wow.
I can't believe it.
I mean, an 82, this is incredible.
What? Grab your gear, that's what.
Where we headed to, boss? Body at Norfolk.
Base PPV housing.
I got the outside taped off.
Neighborhood watch is starting to assemble.
Anything worth writing down? Hmm They all said the same thing.
Victim kept to himself, spent a lot of time out here in his garage.
What do we know? Well, the victim is George Hawkins.
master sergeant.
in the Corps.
Clocked out as an operations chief.
Career Marine.
He's been living here in Public/Private Venture Housing ever since DoD opened it up to retirees.
Got a blood trail.
Yeah, looks like he could have been dragged.
Two gunshot wounds to the chest.
Where's Ducky? He's on his way.
He's got something in his hand.
Yeah, boss.
Get his hand.
Dog tag? CJ Kent.
- Could be our killer.
- Not a bad thought.
There's a scuffle before he's shot, the master sergeant rips the tag off his killer, CJ Kent.
I don't think so.
Why not? Because Sergeant Charles J.
Kent's been dead for 45 years.
He was killed in action in the Vietnam War.
So then how did his dog tag end up in the hand of our victim? Gibbs should be here any minute.
Tony's not back yet? No, he's still processing Hawkins' garage.
Can't believe he volunteered to do that.
Yeah, he said he needed some alone time to think about cat issues.
Yeah, like that's not weird.
Okay, so we will count Tony out.
You want to give the stats on Hawkins, and then I'll chime in? What, are you writing a script for the update? I just want to be prepared.
Getting an 82 on my eval, I feel like I need to keep earning it.
And I don't even know how I got it in the first place.
Okay, update.
Let's go.
Retired Master Sergeant George Hawkins, murdered yesterday, discovered holding the dog tag of Charles J.
Sergeant Kent was KIA in Vietnam in 1969.
Connection? They served together.
Boot camp to Vietnam.
Sergeant Kent had Hawkins by one rank.
He was actually Hawkins' squad leader.
On July 17, 1969, they were on a reconnaissance mission in Quang Tri Province.
The patrol was ambushed by the Vietcong.
Sergeant Kent was one of four Marines killed in the fight.
Following day, all bodies were recovered, except for Sergeant Kent's.
JPAC, which stands for the Joint P.
Accounting Command, and you already know that.
Uh, JPAC recently did an excavation of the ambush site.
Turned up nothing.
To date, Sergeant Kent's remains are unaccounted for.
JPAC find his dog tags? There's no record of Sergeant Kent's dog tags being recovered by anyone.
We don't know where Hawkins got the one he was holding.
But we did find someone who might have an idea.
Phone records show a large number of calls between Hawkins and Kent's daughter.
Daughter's name is Alice Kent Staley.
Bring her in.
Already did.
She's waiting in the conference room for you.
That's good work.
McGee, give DiNozzo a hand.
Bishop, go check in with Ducky.
You were a Marine.
I can see it all over you.
Yeah, well I joined because of guys like your dad.
Couple years older than me.
I saw them run straight into the fire.
Hawk would have liked you.
Master Sergeant Hawkins? Yes, Hawk.
Anyone who knew him called him that.
How long have you known him? Um, when he came home from the war, I was just a baby.
He felt it was his duty to watch over me.
Every toothache, holiday, the birth of my daughter-- Hawk was there.
Do you know where he got your father's dog tag? Uh, I-I didn't know he had it.
He never wanted to get my hopes up about his research, so Research? My father's remains were never recovered.
He was looking for Sergeant Kent.
He always talked about what it would mean to bring my father home.
As he got older, it consumed him.
Hawk saw my father get hit.
He held the body.
To not be able to find it the next day was devastating.
Hawk loved him.
I know by the way he loved me.
We're not gonna stop until we know who killed him.
How am I gonna tell my daughter? I mean, Greta's she's only eight.
And she adored Hawk.
He was, uh, making these videos for her.
Stories about her granddad.
He wanted her to know who he was.
Master Sergeant Hawkins knew the end was near.
He knew he was gonna get shot? No, Eleanor, he knew he was going to die.
Ductal adenocarcinoma.
Pancreatic cancer.
Patient records show that Master Sergeant Hawkins was diagnosed last month.
The cancer was too advanced for any treatment.
So, had he not been shot Well, he would have had only a few months to live.
Can't imagine knowing you're gonna die.
We sent the slugs up to Abby.
She confirmed that they're .
38 Specials.
A bullet commonly used in revolvers.
Hmm, okay.
Thanks, Ducky, I'll follow up.
Eleanor, can I have a word with you before you go? Uh, sure, what's up? Well, today is a difficult day.
It is? You've been training for nine months now.
Nine months, such a magical time frame, isn't it? But think, in three months, Breena and I are gonna have our own little human, who hopefully enjoys long walks Sorry, this is about you.
Your field training evaluation.
Oh, right.
Well, actually I Allow me to impart a little bit of wisdom that I have given to each and every aspiring agent before you, on this, your Probie Eval Day.
Don't fret your number.
Jethro gives low scores, well, to push you.
Wait, what? The lower your score, the more potential Gibbs thinks you have.
Uh, so if you got a high score? Well, then I would advise you to turn in your badge.
I thought I had this working.
Oh, there we go.
Greta, hi, honey.
Your old pal Hawk here.
Uh, I'm gonna be telling you everything I can about your granddad.
So you have it.
Uh, as you know, his name was Sergeant Charles Kent.
And, um He was a hell of a Marine.
Hell of a man.
There's a bunch of video files on here.
There's a whole bunch of pretty much everything in this place.
You know, being in here, surrounded by one man's quest to find his friend and give him a proper burial, it's really made me think about the importance of friendship.
Wow, thanks, Tony.
Oh, not you.
This is the cat you found.
Rick Blaine, I named him after Humphrey Bogart's character in Casablanca, 'cause of the fur tuxedo.
You named him? Yeah, I'm gonna keep him.
“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
” Well, I don't know.
You sure about that, Tony? Look around, Tim.
You can't fight the male bond.
It's epic.
Yeah, epic and expensive.
Hawkins invested a lot of money in his search for Kent's remains.
Who was he paying? Well, these are all receipts from private organizations, PIs, anyone who said they could help.
Money, the root of all evil.
Yeah, problem is-- I'm not finding any kind of motive.
What are you doing? I think we should get all this stuff to the master.
If anyone ever breathed on these papers while thinking about killing Hawkins, Abby will know it.
Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs.
I have news, I have lots of news, I have big news.
The edge of my seat, Abbs.
Okay, first of all, this is not Sergeant Kent's dog tag.
Whose is it? It's nobody's.
It was made on an old graphotype machine, but the stainless steel is new.
It was artificially weathered using hydrochloric acid and steel wool, which left little particles that rusted.
It's a fake.
There's more-- look at the blood type.
B positive? Sergeant Kent was B negative.
Now, after all the effort that Hawkins has put into the search, there is no way he doesn't know Sergeant Kent's blood type.
Hawkins knew the tag was fake.
The blood trail.
Originally, I thought that Hawkins had been dragged under the table after he was shot.
But then I saw this.
That's a handprint.
Very good.
Hawkins dragged himself across the floor so he could reach for something on the table.
Now, if we look at the void in the blood, we can see the approximate shape of what he was reaching for.
Dog tag.
A fake dog tag? I mean, why would Hawkins' final act be picking up a dog tag that he knew wasn't real? To send us a message.
I know I'm late.
Rick Blaine sat on my alarm clock, turned it off.
What did I miss? Looking for the source of the fake dog tag.
So, whoever gave Hawkins the tag might have something to do with his murder.
That makes sense.
All right, I sent both of you a compiled list from Hawkins' records.
He contacted five PIs to help him search for Kent's remains, four of whom he paid.
So, the rest are what, charities? Yep, and a handful of for-profits.
Fake tag could've come from any of them.
Let's split up the list, start digging.
All right, I'll take the PIs.
Okay, you take the PIs.
Magnum and I thank you.
Bishop, you want the charities? It's the earbuds.
What? You don't have the earbuds in? You're ignoring us? No.
No I'm not ignoring you, I'm silently agonizing.
Why didn't you tell me a good score wasn't good? Probie eval.
Oh, right.
Really wasn't our place to tell you.
Only a fool would knowingly interfere with Gibbs' methods.
Our job, Ellie B.
, is to follow his lead.
Your turn to lead-- what do you got? Running with the fake dog tag, boss.
You look like you're in agony, Bishop.
What? No, all's well.
Good, I want you to look into Sergeant Kent's remains.
You mean what Hawkins knew? Hawkins, JPAC, reports.
Anything that can tell us where to look.
But this is about Hawkins' murder.
The location of Sergeant Kent's remains is irrelevant to the case.
Missing Marine's always relevant.
Our search for Sergeant Kent's remains has been harrowing to say the least.
You conducted a dig two years ago, Colonel? Affirmative.
Large grid encompassing the area where Sergeant Kent's body was last seen.
And that turned up nothing.
No, actually, it turned up plenty.
I sent you a series of photos.
You said you wanted everything we have, correct? That's right.
Well, let's start with Group One, Item A.
Standard-issue canteen.
ID'd as belonging to Marine Private Raymond Smith.
Item B, unidentified necklace.
No known connection to the mission.
Item C, plastic water bottle.
No known connection to the mission.
Excuse me, Colonel.
I-I was hoping to focus on items linked to Sergeant Kent.
None of the items we recovered were linked to Kent.
But Hawkins said he saw Kent's body, held it even.
The recovery chopper was there the next day.
How could every trace of him just disappear? Vietcong was well aware of “No Marine left behind.
” We've encountered several cases of the VC moving bodies to use as bait.
Could be what happened here.
So, Sergeant Kent's remains could've ended up anywhere.
That's the frustrating part.
But we don't give up until they come home, Agent Bishop.
Down here, Gibbs.
What are you doing? I'm reversing a terrible mistake.
Hawkins made me realize that saving something that you might have thrown away could be useful.
It's my favorite pen.
It ran out of ink this morning, but that doesn't mean that it can't come in handy someday.
What did Hawkins save? Oh, well, basically everything, but this is what came in handy.
It was empty? Not entirely.
There's tiny particles of rust inside that match our dog tag.
Tag was in the envelope.
And the next question is-- where did the envelope come from? It wasn't mailed.
George Hawkins' name is the only thing written on the envelope.
The “H” is very distinctive, but it's just not enough to go on.
DNA? No, this baby was self-sealed.
Now, the edge of the envelope was ripped when Hawkins opened it, But there was something left behind.
A fourth of a logo.
But never fear, I searched, and I recovered the other three quarters.
It's a travel agency.
Blue Summit Travel.
I already sent you the address.
To DiNozzo and McGee.
The envelope, too.
Wait, Gibbs, I have an itch, right here in the middle of my back, that I haven't been able to reach.
I need you See?! Sure it's one of ours? Can't really make out the logo.
Yeah, we're sure.
“George Hawkins.
” Never heard of him.
Who else uses these envelopes? Uh, look, I got three employees, but they're all at lunch.
Somebody's birthday or something.
And they all have access to office supplies? What is this about? Who's Henry? What? Messages here, all taken by Henry.
Same distinctive “H” as the one in “Hawkins.
” Guy's name is Henry Caldwell.
What'd he get himself into this time? He get into something before? Well, I fired him last week.
Caught him stealing from petty cash.
Got a home address? Yeah, uh give me a second.
Hey, listen.
I got a question-- you got a cat? No.
You ever traveled with one? Well, I don't I don't have a cat.
So Should think about getting one.
Why? Hey.
They All right, let's go.
Abby already got the home address? Yep, she also said that Caldwell's been arrested twice for fraud, has type 1 diabetes, and plays the banjo.
She got all that, that fast? Like you said, she's the master.
Which one is it? Apartment above the pizza place.
That's Caldwell's plate.
Must be home.
Thought Tony and McGee were meeting us.
Well, they're coming from the other side of town.
What are you doing to my car? NCIS.
We need to talk.
Cover the back.
Hey, where? Gibbs? Freeze! Gibbs.
I told you to cover the back.
I heard a crash.
No one's had eyes on Caldwell since we Since he got away.
What do we know? No sign of the murder weapon at Caldwell's apartment or in his car.
But we did find his laptop, it's giving me a pretty good handle on the scam he was running here.
Let's have it.
He got a hold of a list from a charity called Lost Heroes Alliance.
I've heard of them.
They collect info on P.
and M.
List consisted of people who contacted Lost Heroes Alliance for help with a missing person.
Caldwell turned that into his target list.
Yep, he made initial contact, saying he'd found a dog tag belonging to their loved one.
Fake dog tag.
Then he would ask for the money to continue his search.
He's got it all broken down in a spreadsheet here.
There was no record on Hawkins' end.
Well, that's because Caldwell contacted his targets via phone.
Where is Caldwell? The BOLO I'm not asking about the BOLO, McGee.
I'm asking where he is.
Uh, I've got something.
So, we know Caldwell had type 1 diabetes.
He can't go without insulin.
He called in a prescription two days ago, hasn't picked it up yet.
He has to go to the pharmacy.
If not, coma city.
You two, go.
Sending you the address.
Gibbs, about Caldwell, I know I shouldn't have gone in, and I know it's my fault he got away It's fine.
Where are you with Sergeant Kent's remains? I spoke to JPAC in Vietnam, but I haven't found anything new.
Keep looking.
There is your granddad.
It's one of the first pictures I took over there.
Now, this one.
We were sweeping through a vil.
A-And we saw this boy, couldn't have been more than 15, eyes as red as tomatoes.
Vietcong had come through the night before and killed his parents.
Slit their throats.
Your granddad gave us an order.
Said we would halt and help this boy bury his parents.
I-I took this of your granddad and the boy after we were done.
I'll never forget that.
Eleanor, you're still here.
Yeah, uh, thanks again for letting me work in here.
The quiet helps.
It's amazing how a single image can take you back in time in an instant.
You were in Vietnam? I didn't think the Royal Army Medical Corps was there.
It was an exchange posting with the U.
What comes to mind is the smell of the heat.
When our field hospital came under fire, we took the patients off their bunks and covered them with their mattresses.
If only saving them were that simple.
I think I hear my pillow calling.
Unless, of course, you'd like to talk about the real reason you're down here.
A suspect got away because of me.
I completely screwed up, Ducky.
And I went to Gibbs to explain, but he said it was fine, which I know it's not.
The end.
Eleanor, when the world overwhelms, I find the best thing to do is to start by accomplishing just one little thing.
I don't even think I can do that anymore.
Well, if you believe that, why are you sitting on a frigid floor in the middle of the night? Just did two walks around the block.
No sign of Caldwell.
What, you couldn't have got me the apple one? Eat your breakfast, McGee.
What's wrong with you? I just pulled an all-nighter in a 24-hour pharmacy.
What more do you want from me? Well, you were fine two minutes ago.
Drop it.
Tony, what Rick Blaine's gone, okay? What? Just got a call from the cleaning lady.
She was taking out the trash, and he, he just went right out the door.
He escaped.
He ran down all those stairs? No, he took the elevator.
Why, I ask myself, why would he want to go? We were connected, he He was like the feline version of me, you know? Maybe he just needed to be free.
Yeah, I get that.
Maybe he was in heat? Can male cats be in heat? Caldwell, freeze.
NCIS, hands in the air.
I need my meds.
Insulin kicking in? Yeah, thanks.
Hey, listen, l-let me save you some time.
I ran from you, and I'm sorry.
Yesterday was a horrible day for me, I'm sure it was a bad day for you.
And I was a huge part of that.
Apologies to you, sincerely.
You sorry about Hawkins, too? The Vietnam guy, the vet? Yeah.
I really am.
Tell me about it.
Well, if you know the vet, you know the con, right? I brought him a dog tag.
He said it was the wrong blood type, and he said he was gonna go to the cops.
So, you-you killed him before he could.
What? Ah, come on.
Come on, don't go getting all shy on me now.
No, no, seriously.
The vet is dead? Aw, man.
Aw, man.
Listen, sir, I've been straight with you since you walked through that door.
Straight as a con.
I don't run this thing by myself, okay? I'm a people person, okay? I work with clients.
My partner-- he gets the tags, works behind the scenes.
So, let me guess.
Your partner killed Hawkins.
I don't know.
I don't know what he did.
I told him the vet was gonna talk, and I'm done.
I was trying to get some money together to leave town, and T didn't want to run.
Said he was gonna go over there, scare the guy into keeping him quiet.
Partner called “T.
” It's really convenient.
Could be anyone.
He calls himself “T” to protect himself.
I don't know anything else about him.
Why would I chase down a letter? Everything I got points to you.
All right, his name's Todd Price.
I worked out of his shop.
Place called Blue Summit Travel.
Hey, Price wasn't at the travel agency.
Wasn't at home, either.
Roommate told us that Price owns a revolver.
Smith & Wesson .
38 Special.
We trust the roommate? Don't have to.
We searched the place, found the revolver in a crawl space.
Abby's running ballistics.
Come on, McGee.
Where is he? Phone's still off.
Ah, damn.
What? Flight manifest.
Right after we paid him a visit, he hopped a flight to Da Nang.
Bought his ticket at the airport in cash.
Landed two hours ago.
Gear up for Vietnam? Nah.
Give me something solid first.
Well, I've got bank records.
So, whenever Caldwell deposits a check from a target, there's a corresponding transaction in Price's account.
Caldwell was giving him half.
He was being straight with you.
Price was his partner.
Proves motive.
Abby says we got ourselves a murder weapon.
Price's fingerprints are all over it.
'Nam go-bag, check.
McGee, get us a flight.
Gibbs, I have a lead on Sergeant Kent's remains.
Give it to JPAC.
This is Kent.
Look at the necklace on the boy next to him.
The medallion has three flowers on it.
This is the same necklace.
JPAC found it in the ambush site.
I think the boy might have moved Kent's body.
We have to find him.
If you're going to Vietnam, I'm coming.
Bishop, get your lead to JPAC, let them do their job.
McGee? Uh, Dulles.
Flight leaves in 45.
An My village-- that's where the photo was taken.
I spent all night researching it.
Just give me the chance, let me prove myself.
That why you went in after Caldwell? Prove yourself? What else am I supposed to do when you don't believe in me? Yeah, I know what an Oh.
Yeah, I got to get a thing for my thing.
I'm gonna help him with that thing.
I'm doing things different now.
High score means you did good, that's it.
You pushed all the other probies.
Why would you change things for me? Why? Bishop.
Why are you treating me different? You know what I want to say to you for letting Caldwell get away? Something other than “It's fine”" You're damn right! Then say it! You're going easy on me.
For Caldwell, for the eval.
You've been going easy on me since day one, haven't you? Agent Gibbs.
Agent DiNozzo.
Welcome to Da Nang.
Thanks for meeting us, Colonel.
Was just a quick chopper over from An My.
We haven't turned up anything yet, but my team is hopeful about Agent Bishop's lead.
Here's a few of Hawkins' original photos.
Bishop thought they might be clearer than the scans.
I was looking forward to thanking her for her work.
Yeah, yeah, she couldn't make the trip.
Well, pass along my gratitude? Yep.
Over here.
So, the man you're looking for, you said he's pushing fake dog tags? Yeah.
Todd Price.
You know him? No.
Just this market? They're everywhere.
Tourists feel compelled to buy them, return them to the next of kin.
Most times, the tags belong to a vet who survived the war, just got lost somewhere along the way.
Or they're fake.
Cam on.
When Saigon fell at the end of the war, the U.
pulled out fast.
Left a lot behind, including graphotype machines.
People get their hands on them, use them to make fakes.
Price has specific targets.
He's got to be making his own tags.
Can we trace the machines? Ah, they've had almost Could be anywhere by now.
This way.
Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Okay, okay, that's it, I'm done.
No, McGee, we have to get your adrenaline up.
I need you.
Abbs, I have pulled two all-nighters in a row.
I have nothing left to give.
I have two things left to give, and they're both Caf-POWs! POW! POW! Jimmy, you are a lifesaver.
You, drink.
Can I get you guys anything else? Yes.
A fresh set of ears.
Okay, I can see what I can find down in Autopsy.
No, Jimmy, Jimmy.
I meant living ears.
Like, listen to what we have and give us the take of a non-exhausted, logical person.
That's way easier.
That I can do.
Okay so, travel records show that Price went to Vietnam often, but there's no trace of where he stays.
I questioned Caldwell again-- he said that Price bought a graphotype machine in Da Nang.
He goes there to make the tags.
Whew! Wow.
Wow what? I think that Caf-POW! is starting to hit me.
I'm getting a lot of swirling ideas in my head.
Okay, harness it, harness it-- use it, use it, McGee, don't fight this.
Question: why wouldn't Price just ship the machine back here? Good, Jimmy.
It's far more convenient to swindle people from home.
Unless he had to go back to Vietnam anyways.
He had other business in Da Nang.
This is so great.
This What are we looking for? If Price has a business we don't know about, he's got to be hiding it.
Hidden account through Blue Summit Travel.
- Are you seeing this? - Yep.
Hundreds of e-mails between Price and a woman named Phan Thi Kim.
They're love letters.
His other business in Da Nang is his girlfriend.
Tracking the IP address to find a location.
Da Nang! Got it! NCIS! Hands on your head, Price.
Uh, okay, okay, okay.
Your girlfriend here? No, no, she went out.
Get on your feet.
Look, I don't know what it is you think I did Place is clear.
Oh, look at that.
A dog tag-making machine.
Did you tell him we have the murder weapon, too? It was self-defense.
I went there, just to scare him.
He came at me-- I'm telling you, it was self-defense.
You used people's hope.
Wait, no, no, listen, listen, I You murdered a United States Marine.
There is no defense for that.
Get him dressed and back to DC.
Yeah, it's Gibbs.
Where, Leland? His name is Ky Van Tu.
He left his necklace at the ambush site, because the lotus flower is a sacred symbol.
He wanted to bless the place where Kent died.
Why did he move the body? He'll tell you himself.
He asked to speak to someone who would see the family in person.
I will try in English.
This is, uh, me.
This man he help me bury my mother my father.
I want to thank him, but I do not know how.
So I follow.
I follow far behind.
Soon I hear gun, and I hide.
After I see my friend dead.
You saw his body? Yes.
I, uh I run home for my cart, and I bring my friend here.
Why? I bury him next to my parents.
I do not know that his family look for him.
This is how I honor him.
This is how I thank him.
When I got home, people were angry about the war.
Little girl, about your age she saw my uniform, threw a rock at me.
Big, tough Marine, and there I was, getting my heart broken by a little girl.
I was ashamed to wear the uniform that I had been so proud of before.
But then I thought about Kent.
Your granddad, he would have told me to wear my blues proud and to keep fighting for what was right no matter what people say.
That's what I tried to do, Greta-- keep fighting for what matters.
Bringing your granddad home, it matters.
Thank you.
He was the best friend I ever had.
He mattered.
We all matter.
DiNozzo? McGee? Just left a few minutes ago.
You? Just finishing up my stuff for a JPAC's report.
Sergeant Kent's family is grateful.
You did good work.
You were right.
I was? I have been going easy on you.
But it's got nothing to do with you.
Well, I don't understand.
It's about that desk.
Lost two people off that desk.
Good people.
That's on me.
I was doing something wrong.
When something's wrong you change it.
This job is hard.
I know that.
No, it's hard, Gibbs.
It's inevitable you'd lose people along the way.
It doesn't mean your way of teaching is wrong.
Look at Tony and McGee-- they're amazing.
I want to be like them.
I want to be like you, Gibbs.
I'm asking you to push me to be like you.
Okay? Yeah.
Back to the old way.
Thank you.
This floor is for standing and walking.
What? Sit in your damn chair, Bishop.