NCIS s12e08 Episode Script

Semper Fortis

Hey, JB, guess what.
You know this is a manual and not an automatic, right? Give me a break, will you? It's almost dawn.
I'm tired.
And I don't do a lot of driving when I'm protecting your freedom.
Which includes the freedom to mock your bad driving skills.
With friends like you guys Aw, you know we love you.
Yeah, we just like to show it through soul-crushing ridicule.
Yeah! Yeah, thank you, man.
I am wiped out.
JB, when's your leave over? Uh, next deployment starts in a few days.
It's been fun being home, though.
I feel like I just got back.
stop the bleeding just need to stay calm, all right? Gonna be all right.
Gonna be fine.
Stay with me.
Sh-She can't breathe.
Okay, we're gonna get you breathing again, all right? Help her! You need to stay very still.
Help her! This is gonna make it easier for you, okay? Now breathe.
Breathe, breathe Oh! Thank you for bringing him home, Officer.
I promise this will never happen again.
McGee-- what did I tell you about throwing pennies off the top of the Washington Monument? Oh, Tony, if only you were there to catch them.
I would catch them like this.
Hi, Tony.
Hi, Sergeant Burt.
So, what are you doing here so early? Picking up or dropping off? Abby and I had breakfast.
After - I picked her up from her place.
- Mmm.
What'd you have? Sorry, I'm starving.
Thought I'd live vicariously.
You're hungry, Bishop? She's always hungry.
I mean, don't let the probie's tiny, unassuming frame fool you.
She'll swallow you whole.
I'm not afraid.
I'm not a cannibal, Tony.
Maybe that's why we never see Jake.
Maybe she ate him.
Or maybe he's just busy.
Or maybe you had him with fava beans and a nice Chianti.
So, Burt, how are things going between you and Abby? Never met anyone like her, Agent McGee.
It's been great.
She's great.
Beyond great.
Everything has just been Great.
Great? Exactly.
We just click.
You know? Yeah.
Yeah, I know.
So, how long has it been since everything started being great? A couple of months.
Give or take, I guess.
Oh, boy, I'm gonna be late to my security briefing.
Gotta go.
I'll see you guys later.
All right.
Catch you on the flip side, Mr.
Poor bastard.
Yeah, I really liked him.
Tall, quiet.
Had a sort of Marlboro Man quality to him.
Why are you two talking about Burt like you're never going to see him again? Hey, where's Burt going? Two months.
Copy that.
Grab your gear.
Petty officer killed in a possible hit-and-run.
Um, hello? Did I miss something? What do you got, Duck? Besides the crisp autumnal air, the scent of dried oak leaves and the knock-knock of Old Man Winter on Mother Nature's front door? Yeah.
Besides that.
Tragedy, I'm afraid.
Though, in this instance, I'm glad the culprit is a slick road and not a foolish texting fatality.
I thought they said hit-and-run? Well, local LEOs have one witness who might have seen an SUV speeding away, but it sounds sketchy.
Victim? Petty Officer John Blaney Hicks.
He was a local.
Home on leave from the USS Winthrop.
Had two friends with him, both civilian.
They were rushed to the hospital in critical condition.
Looks like he lost control of the vehicle, took out a fence up there and did a triple gainer down the hill.
Skid marks? One set, leading off the road.
Fence post went through the windshield.
Yeah, and the wound on the petty officer's neck suggests that it caused him to bleed out.
Where'd all these bandages come from? I think I can answer that.
I found what appears to be cornstarch powder on the victim's wounds.
Cornstarch-- there's so many uses for cornstarch.
I remember my cousin Beatrice used to make the best orange and cranberry muffins, she'd have me add just a pinch, and it Um, the medical gloves-- the EMTs probably tried to save him.
But it took EMTs Why would they bandage a dead man? They wouldn't.
Sergeant Sherman Harper, Fairfax County PD.
Special Agent Gibbs.
Thanks for making the trek.
Fire department EMTs didn't do a thing to your petty officer.
They responded to a 911 call, when they got here, he was bandaged up already.
Same with his friends.
Who tried to save them? She did.
First responders say she was holding a trach tube in the girl's throat when they pulled up.
Who exactly is she? Driver's license says she's Anna Dillon.
Says she saw an SUV bolt past her a mile back.
Got a little closer and found the wreckage.
Insists she isn't saying anything else without a lawyer.
Gonna bring her back to the station, call a public defender.
Why, if she saved their lives? Practicing medicine without a license, Agent Gibbs.
She's not a nurse, a doctor, nor an EMT.
She could've killed someone.
Maybe she did.
Got a job to do.
Yeah, so do we.
No good deed, huh? Yeah, doesn't seem right.
Non faciat malum, ut inde veniat bonum.
“Do not do evil in order that good may come.
” Corpsman! Talk to me.
Petty Officer Third Class John Blaney Hicks was out late with friends.
Skid marks indicate his car spun out and fatally crashed.
Passengers were Mary LaFleur and Benjamin Koss.
Buddies from high school.
Mary is training to be a dental hygienist.
Ben does construction and attends a local junior college.
All three received in-field medical attention from this woman, former Navy Hospital Corpsman Anna Dillon.
Dillon thought she saw an SUV leaving the scene, but couldn't offer any details.
Carries her medical kit in her car like Marcus Welby.
Marcus who? Navy corpsmen don't carry a medical license.
Back home, she's no different than a civilian.
But she's trained.
And has field experience.
Yeah, but you can't legally help.
That's not right.
Yeah, ya think? That was the hospital.
Ben Koss is awake in ICU.
DiNozzo, take Bishop, go talk to him.
See what he remembers.
McGee, call Sergeant Harper.
Tell him we need to talk to Anna Dillon.
Yeah, Duck, I'm on my way.
What's your educated opinion, Doctor? I think it's abundantly clear that his left carotid artery was severed by a fence post.
Oh, no, no, not about him.
I meant about Burt.
What do you think of Abby's park police sergeant? Your time would be better spent, Mr.
Palmer, concerning yourself with your own affairs.
Oh, I'm doing that, too.
You know, Breena's in nesting mode.
Constant projects around the house.
Move this, paint that, build a hutch.
I don't know what a hutch is.
Fancy word for a cabinet.
What do you got, Duck? I was just telling our father-to-be here, that a fence post partially severed his carotid artery.
Yeah, but with the impact, I doubt he ever knew what hit him.
Anna Dillon tried to stop the bleeding.
Oh, Jethro, when we opened him up, his body cavity was filled with blood.
Apparently our young heroine was able to stop the external bleeding, but internally, he was far too far gone.
Alcohol level? Zero-point-zero.
“Sober as a judge.
” And his records show no history of seizures or drug abuse.
There was no medical reasons for the vehicle to crash.
I can't believe JB is dead.
Where's Mary? She's being prepped for surgery.
This is a nightmare.
So, Ben, help us piece this together.
What happened? A deer run across the road? JB panic? No, sir.
JB was rock solid.
The doctor said your memory might be a little fuzzy.
My memory's just fine.
JB didn't lose control of the vehicle.
We were hit by another car.
Someone ran us off the road.
Anna Dillon was telling the truth.
Did you see the other car? Or get a look at the driver? Is it possible that it was an SUV? I remember feeling something clip the back bumper, and seeing the-the rear of a car as we spun.
But after that I'm sorry, I wish I could be more help.
No, you've done plenty.
The doctors said if it wasn't for some woman who came to the crash I wouldn't be here.
That's true.
She's a former Navy corpsman.
You know where I can reach her? I want to say thank you.
Fairfax County Jail.
What else do we have on Anna Dillon? Well, she served two Fleet Marine Force Corpsman tours in Afghanistan, awarded a Bronze Star for acts of heroism under fire, saved 12 lives, and performed over 30 additional in-country procedures.
Currently works in the DC school system as a janitor, which is kind of like a war zone.
What about the night of the crash? Uh, she'd just finished her shift.
She arrived at the site moments after the collision.
That's when she saw an SUV speeding away.
Why isn't she in here, McGee? Well, I called Sergeant Harper.
She's still being questioned by Fairfax County P.
Go, get him on the phone.
You know, boss, according to Anna Dillon's records, she called 911 and used OnStar the second she got there.
Anna Dillon knew that she was going to be in trouble and she did it anyway.
Anna's being officially charged.
County prosecutor's already on the way.
When you want out, just let me know.
Ready to talk, Petty Officer? I'm still waiting for a lawyer.
Public defender? Yeah, don't hold your breath.
Well, you're NCIS.
They'd tell me not to talk to you, either.
Yeah, maybe.
So? So they won't understand.
They don't know who you are, they don't know what you've done.
We want to help.
Well, I'm glad to hear that, but it's too late, sir.
I called 911.
I tried to help those kids and one's dead.
Yeah, but two are alive because of you.
There should be three.
I hesitated.
Can't blame yourself.
He was alive when I got there.
He was dead when I left.
I know I could have done more.
Uh Sit down.
Why not run, Dillon? Why take the fall? I thought about it.
Yeah but you stayed.
I had to.
I'm trained to.
I gotta say, this is not exactly the vision I had for my future.
Only damn difference between me and those EMTs is the car we drove up in.
And the law.
I have the training, you know that.
Ever since I got out, I can't get a single job in the field.
I've been saving to go to medical school.
But even if I'm cleared, you think anyone will accept me with this on my record? I learned the same as the Army and the Air Force medics, and for some reason, they come out EMT-Basic, and-and they could have legally saved those kids.
Why can't I? Special Agent Gibbs, what do you think you're doing? She hasn't been charged with a crime yet.
She's being detained for the prosecutor, who's on his way.
Not anymore.
You make a call? No, not me.
Attorney for the Eastern District.
I know she's former Navy.
JB was Navy, too.
I respect the uniform more than you know.
But she shouldn't have touched them.
She should have waited for help.
Waited? Waited and watched them die? Miss, I'm not saying it's right.
But you broke the law.
Why are you doing this? Why aren't you looking for the person who caused this crash? It was an accident.
No, it wasn't.
Sergeant, look we all want to solve this case, but we need her help to do it.
You want to question her? You do it here.
Use my office, whatever you need.
This isn't about questioning.
This is about doing what's right.
Mary LaFleur, a passenger in that car, just got out of surgery.
She may be paralyzed.
Your corpsman moved her after the crash.
I did everything right.
Talk to the EMTs.
You can't blame me for that.
I know Mary's parents.
I have to answer for what was done to her.
You looking for answers or you looking for someone to pin it on? You're a smart man, Agent Gibbs.
I won't argue with you.
But you know where this is headed.
You can't change the law.
No, we can't.
But we can fight like hell and we can try.
I didn't know you come here, Gibbs.
Pretty good cup of coffee though, huh? Our little secret, right? Right.
See you, Norvell.
Why do you insist on meeting me here? And don't tell me it's the food.
Good people.
Honest people.
Hungry people.
The club sandwich isn't half bad.
I'm sorry about your dad.
He would've loved to have met you.
Rumor has it he was as challenging as his son.
Yeah, well, there's an understatement.
I like a good challenge.
Former Navy corpsman tried to save lives.
Now she's facing legal charges.
Flaw in the system.
System needs to be fixed.
Well, a lot of folks would agree, but what can I do to help? She needs a lawyer.
Carrie, she need a good lawyer.
She needs you.
We won't win.
I know that, but you can lessen the charges, and we take the fight to them.
And then what? Then you tell me the right people to talk to.
But right now we're all she's got.
After what she did for her country, she deserves some support.
Well, you will owe me.
Well, I've been there before.
Fries have gotten better.
Corpsman up! Hold this down, Marine! All right, hold this, too.
Give me your weight.
Corpsman! You're going to be fine.
Save me.
Anna Anna? Hmm? I'm sorry, um where were we? Finished, just need you to sign your statement.
Hey, boss.
We're all done here.
Wish I could remember more about the SUV.
I'm not being much help to anybody, huh? All right, we better get moving.
We're gonna fight traffic all the way back to Fairfax.
She's staying here.
The U.
Attorney only granted us temporary Okay, she stays here.
“These aren't the droids we're looking for.
” So what now? Look, I get it-- you don't like to talk, but can you give me a hint as to what we're doing? Clearing some things up.
Hello, Jethro.
Oh! To what do I owe the honor? Duck, Former Hospital Corpsman, Anna Dillon.
Ah, a kindred spirit.
Donald Mallard, former RAMC.
We need to see the petty officer.
Oh, of course.
Right this way.
Petty Officer Third Class John Blaney Hicks.
Corpsman Dillon thinks he should have lived.
I see.
Young lady, the petty officer lost more blood in the first ten seconds after the crash than ever could have been compensated for.
I hesitated.
If I was quicker, I The only thing that could've saved this man's life is if he never got into the accident in the first place.
But I You didn't let him die alone.
That's all anyone could have done.
As my commanding officer once said, after a particularly ferocious battle, “You didn't fire the shot, “so you can't blame yourself for those you lose.
You can't save everyone.
” Abbs, we need your help.
Please tell us you have something.
I have something.
Wait, did you just say that because I asked you to? Yes.
But also because I found something.
We'll take it.
Okay, we know from Ben Koss that Petty Officer Hicks' vehicle was rear-ended.
There was no paint left behind and I can't trace a dent.
But? Please say there's a but.
There's a but.
Wait, are you just saying that because I asked you to? Please, just get to the point.
The point is there was paint left behind.
See? All I see is silver.
Well, the original was Silver 266 and our intruder is Silver 272.
And when the light hits the additional metallic fleck, it's clear.
I mean, they're totally different.
All right, just-just trust me.
And remind me to never consult any of you on interior design.
We need to match the model 266 or 272.
Probably go to the DMV-- It's an old color.
There's five currently registered in Fairfax County.
- Nice work, Abby.
- Sweet! What? I know what you're thinking of doing and I just want you to know that I think it's premature.
Okay, McGee, I know that we used to and we don't anymore, and it's been a long time.
But, uh, this is kind of private and sort of none of your business, so Abby, come on.
If I want to break up with Burt, that is my decision.
Now, shoo-- I have work to do.
Oh, McGee, please! Okay.
Mmm you smell that? Motor oil? Nothing quite like it.
Diesel fuel.
Axel grease.
I love it.
What? You're weird.
Can I help you? Dave Lancellotti? Who's asking? NCIS.
Got a few questions about your silver truck.
What about it? There was a hit-and-run yesterday and your vehicle matches the description.
That's crazy.
It's been locked up all week, around back.
I only use it to haul Bridget, here.
As you can see, my girl is in no shape for racing.
We still need to see the truck.
No problem.
You know anything about racing? Yeah, I grew up at the track.
Three older brothers.
Where you been all my life? She's been fighting crime and ridding the world of terror.
Not to mention, she's married.
Where's the truck, Dave? What the hell? I swear it was here.
Where were you last night, Mr.
Lancellotti? At the Manchester Pub.
Somebody stole my truck.
Yeah, maybe.
Or not.
Look, call the pub.
Woody Ross is the bartender.
He'll vouch for me.
Well, for your sake, I hope he does.
You should eat.
Don't worry about it.
I haven't had a chance to catch my breath since this all started.
Thank you.
Thank you, Dillon.
Not enough people have been saying that lately.
Thank you.
Where you from? Originally? Uh, Virginia Beach.
Parents? My Dad was a manufacturer's rep-- kind of like a salesman.
Mom was a nurse.
Raised their daughter right.
They'd be proud.
Yeah yeah, they were.
Sir, I just want a chance you know, to do what I'm good at.
When I saw that crash those kids it all just kicked in, and I knew I knew what I needed to do.
What you had to do, Doc.
Anna, this is Carrie Clark.
A lawyer.
Knows about the Navy.
Knows about you.
Agent Gibbs told me all about you and about what happened, and I'm here to help, if you'll let me.
Hey! You're here early.
I wanted to catch a worm.
Where you been all morning? Well, you know me, McEarly Bird Special.
I like to work late, burn the midnight oil.
We ran down Dave Lancellotti's alibi.
Please tell me it fell through.
Woody the bartender vouched for him, right after he hit on Bishop.
Something isn't right here.
Yeah? You got an answer? Take a look, boss.
Dave Lancellotti's a semi-pro racer.
He has a Web site and a bit of a following.
Judging by the comments section, he's a hothead on the track.
There's half a dozen fight videos here, posted by fans.
There's Lancellotti.
Get off of me! Get off me! What are you thinking, huh? Freeze it.
- You wrecked my car! - That is Ben Koss.
One of the survivors from the crash.
Lancellotti certainly had motive.
The accident? I already told you everything I know.
Different accident.
We're talking about the racetrack.
What was the fight about between you and Dave Lancellotti? You think he has something to do with this? Don't know.
Dave fights with everyone after a wreck on the track but he's a decent guy otherwise; loyal to a fault.
Just not the best driver that day.
How so? Well, the track was wide open.
I was looking for a fast groove when, out of nowhere, Dave bumps my tail.
We both spun out, hit the outside rail.
That sounds familiar.
This is loud! Really? You mean you wouldn't find this relaxing on the drive home? Hey, can you turn this down? That's high-end stuff.
What? Can I help you with something, sweetheart? NCIS.
We're looking for David Lancellotti.
Oh well, that's too bad.
I was kind of hoping you'd be looking for me.
I'm sorry.
And you are? Bennett Jemaine, at your service.
What's this about, guys? Lancellotti works here, right? Part-time.
Why? Any idea where he is? Who knows? Dave got kind of antsy-pantsy when you guys paid him a visit.
Oh, yeah, we know about that.
Co-workers talk.
You want to go ahead and define “antsy-pantsy”? Upset a lot of people when you guys said Dave might have something to do with the death of that Navy kid.
You wouldn't happen to be the female agent that got into it with Woody over at Manchester's Pub last night, would you? Uh, yeah, he wasn't so happy with me.
There may have been a few peanut bowls thrown.
Hey, I wouldn't take that too personally.
Look, we know Dave's truck is missing.
You really want to be a good friend, tell us what you know.
Last time I saw Dave was a couple hours ago.
Said he had to clear his head.
That's all I know.
Hey, I got your text.
What's so important it couldn't wait until you were out of the bathroom? What are you talking about? I didn't text you.
Yes, you did.
I did.
We need to talk.
You know, the “men” in “men's room” is more of a rule than a suggestion, probie.
Look, you two always get to go off giggling to the urinal together and I always get left out.
So we're gonna talk, and we're gonna do it here.
But make it quick.
Okay you two know something about Abby and Burt.
Remember, I was NSA.
I know how to find out your darkest secrets.
Gibbs has rules, we all know that, but Abby has ideas about dating.
Tony, it's a secret.
If it's so secret, how do you know about them? That's a very good question.
I'll guard the door.
All right well, you should probably know that Abby and I used to date.
Like, each other? Yeah.
Wait, isn't that a violation of Rule 12? Never date a-- It was a long time ago.
After we had broken up, one night, I went to her lab, found a scribbled piece of paper-- a list.
Potential boyfriends had to fulfill certain conditions by a prearranged date, or else good-bye.
Such as Well, things start off relatively normal: Opening the door for her, flowers, putting the seat down Then, around number eight it gets, uh What? Does she know you have these? Yeah, she wasn't happy when she found out.
These are all very specific.
These ideas apply to you? No, no.
Those rules weren't in place when we were together.
At least, I don't think so And what's with the two-month cut-off? Abby's sabotaging herself.
I've seen stuff like this before.
We have to talk to her.
No! No, no, no! No.
You cannot say a word.
If you say anything, Abby'll know I told you.
Trust us, Bishop.
The Abby dating world is a vortex you do not want to get sucked into.
Sometimes it's complicated.
Just let Abby be Abby.
I spent all night looking through relevant statutes.
And? And you know what you did was illegal.
You were caught holding a tracheotomy tube in a girl's throat.
And she saved two lives.
She did what the Navy trained her to do.
That's got to count for something.
If she was in the Army or in the Air Force, yes.
She would be EMT-Basic certified.
But Navy training doesn't fall under state licensure.
So I'm going to jail for a technicality? Not if I can help it.
I think that our best move is to admit what you did.
Go after the law itself? Exactly.
This wasn't intended to prosecute people like you.
We present our case, tell them about your training-- that you saw three kids dying that you knew that you could help.
Throw in your testimony about the hit-and-run.
If we can get the Navy and the victims' families on your side, we stand a chance.
Okay, I'll set it up.
Set what up? Boss, I'm-I'm sorry.
He was waiting for you in the squad room.
McGee, it's all right.
Go with McGee.
Anna has the right to an attorney.
Ma'am, you know the law.
Please tell me you're not going along with this.
We're still looking for a killer.
Like Dave Lancellotti? You're barking up the wrong tree, Agent Gibbs.
I know the guy; we're all locals.
Dave may be a hothead, but he's no killer.
He's a hothead no one has heard from.
Look, Sergeant, we know that you want answers.
We want answers, too.
Just make sure that we're punishing the right person.
LoJack on Lancellotti's truck just lit up.
Get a location? Parked, not moving.
I think we got him.
I'll call you later.
What about Anna Dillon? What about her? I want your word.
When this is done, you let me do my job.
Sergeant, we will all do our jobs.
I'm coming, too.
Pickup's got a cap.
Explains why Anna thought it was an SUV.
Let's move.
Keep your eyes on him, Bishop.
Dave Lancellotti! NCIS! Guess I was wrong.
Oh, more trouble, Mr.
Palmer? It's Breena.
She's asking me to bring home milk and cookies.
And pepperoni.
And tuna fish.
I hope she doesn't mean pepperoni flavored tuna fish.
Yes, well, strange cravings are very common in this stage of pregnancy.
Last week, she used chocolate milk to make mashed potatoes.
Mmm! I love that.
Got me through my first year of boarding school.
Anything on our dead guy? Well, suffice to say, a gunshot wound to the temple that caused catastrophic damage to the underlying tissue.
I would think that was sort of the point.
But not for the reason you surmise.
We found skin and hair fragments under the victim's fingernails.
So he touched the wound after the gun went off? The only thing he could've done after the gun discharged was twitch.
The gunshot wound was used to cover up a fatal blow to the temple, probably a metal pipe or a wrench.
Lancellotti's death was made to look like a suicide.
There was a wrench in the toolbox in the back of the pickup.
Well, then, I suggest you go and have Abby test it.
I always knew when JB joined the Navy, there was a chance he wouldn't come back, but to have it happen this way When his mother passed away, that boy was all I had.
Now he's gone.
We can't begin to imagine to imagine what you're going through, Mr.
You're the one? The one who stopped and helped? They said you used to be a medic? A hospital corpsman.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Hicks Call me John.
When I first got there, JB could hardly speak.
But even still, all he cared about was his friends.
He told me to help them.
Help them first.
He was courageous all the way to the end.
And you should be proud.
I was proud of JB his whole life.
Is it true that you've been arrested? Anna is facing potential jail time, yes.
Well, that can't be right.
She saved those kids' lives.
It might not be right, but it's the law.
Anna needs your help, Mr.
Say the word.
Whatever she needs.
I heard you found the DNA on that wrench.
Yep, two samples and some blood.
Somebody tried to wash it off, but, well, you know.
Well, when you're good, you're good, Abbs.
That's right.
I already got the results back on the business end of this baby.
Definitely the murder weapon.
I'm just waiting on results from the other sample.
It should be any second now.
Well, you know, a watched DNA never dings.
We should talk.
What do you want to talk about? Not Burt.
Oh, saved by the bell.
DNA match from the Navy database.
From the Navy? Yep, and the winner is Our car stereo guy, aka Petty Officer Bennett Jemaine.
Barely made it through basic before being shipped out to Afghanistan.
He was dishonorably discharged not long after making petty officer.
Fellow sailor found drugs in his bunk, turned him in.
Petty Officer Hicks.
Boss, are you sure standing here is such a good idea? I like it.
Very Clint Eastwood circa '77.
How do you know he'll come this way? Small town.
One road in, one road out.
What if he doesn't stop? He'll stop.
You sure? Mm-hmm.
NCIS! Let me see your hands! Auto club.
Need a lift there, Bennett? You're under arrest, sweetheart.
That was the hospital.
Mary LaFleur's condition is improving.
It's gonna be a long road, but doctors think she'll walk again.
That's good news.
So, what happens with Anna now? Still practiced without a license.
Last time I checked, that is still illegal.
If there's a way to fix it, Gibbs and Carrie will find it.
Let's hope so.
Probie, drinks on you? Uh, yep.
You look nice.
I have a date with Burt.
I'm assuming you're gonna break up with him, because of the two-month thing? McGee, please don't make me talk about this.
Abby, look, you can't get rid of Burt for not doing something he doesn't even know about.
He's been good for you.
He has.
But, I mean, maybe when I meet the right guy, then the two-month thing won't matter anymore.
All I'm saying is give Burt an extension.
You never know.
When you and I were Did all this stuff apply? I guess we'll never know.
Hey, guys.
Is everything okay? Everything is great.
Good night, Agent McGee.
Good night.
She said she'd get in touch by 8:00.
It's 7:55.
She's not late yet.
This is killing me.
Carrie's a pro.
She'll get you a good deal.
I know, I know, and I-I appreciate what you both are doing for me, but my life is on the line.
Come here.
Hold this.
With the grain, back and forth.
Smooth, always with the grain.
You think this will help? Helps me.
Keep sanding.
I've been at the Fairfax County prosecutor's office all evening.
I didn't want to tell you until I was sure it was official.
We have a deal? We do.
And? The commonwealth attorney reduced the charges.
All you owe is community service.
What? How? Victims' parents, all of them, they went to Sergeant Harper.
JB's dad said that you were a hero, that you deserved a commendation, not jail time.
Oh, my God This is amazing.
Go to school, Dillon.
Get certified.
Keep helping people.
What can I do to thank you? We should be thanking you, Doc.