NCIS s12e14 Episode Script


Hey! Hey! Over here! Over this way! I'm the one who called! He's right over there! Here we are.
Told you they'd be here.
Hey, look, everybody! It's Jake Malloy! The yin to Bishop's yang.
Hey, what is it, Casual Tuesday at NSA? Couples yoga at the YMCA.
It ran late.
We're changing here.
You guys have been doing a lot of couples classes lately.
Always working to improve our marriage.
And it sucks.
The classes.
Not our marriage.
Last week, it was couples massage.
Yeah, that was just creepy.
So after this morning, we decided we are taking a break.
From, uh, the classes.
Not each other.
And then Ellie had a brilliant idea I'm glad that you guys are figuring all this couple stuff out, but if you'll excuse me Don't you want to hear what the idea was? You know, isn't the mystery of not knowing more exciting? Ellie, I would love to hear what your idea was.
Don't you dare, McGee.
I'm being courteous, Tony.
It's a trap, Tim.
We want to take you to dinner.
What's the catch? No catch.
Our treat.
At NSA, we had the same colleagues.
But Jake doesn't really know you guys.
So you want to take me and McGee to dinner, no strings attached.
And Gibbs.
And Gibbs.
Well, there you go.
Don't know if you've noticed, but the boss hasn't been the fun, social Gibbs that we all love and fear.
Yeah, well, he has had a lot on his mind lately.
That's an understatement.
Doesn't matter though-- there is no way he's gonna say yes.
Already have.
Expecting you to be there.
I'll have bells on, boss.
I love dinner, boss.
We'll go over the details later.
Come on.
Got a dead Marine in Gwynns Falls.
Can I have a minute to change? I'll change in the car.
You'll what? The victim is Private John Wallis.
State troopers were alerted early this morning when a hiker discovered the body.
Police found Wallis's watch, wallet, and $300 cash, but no cell phone.
Nothing like the frigid morning air and treacherous terrain for me to regret giving Mr.
Palmer paternity leave.
No good deed, Duck.
Who have we got here? Oh, man Quite a blood-letting.
Tony, would you, uh, help me? Just roll him up.
here, you see? Our victim is covered in blood.
Apparently the result of multiple wounds.
And yet there's no blood underneath or around him.
So Wallis was dumped here after he was killed.
Blood trail leads this way.
You think the initial crime scene is deeper in the woods? "Verum, Animus, Officium.
" Truth, Valor, Duty.
I didn't know you spoke Latin, Tony.
Well, I know those words.
That's the motto of the Remington Military Academy.
It's the last prep school I ever went to.
I guess Wallis went there, too.
Tony in a uniform.
I'd pay to see that.
He's got something in his hand here, boss.
Looks like a photo.
I can't make it out.
Whatever it is, he was holding on for dear life.
See this? Killer dragged Wallis's body from somewhere down here.
So, military school, huh? So, yeah.
Uniforms, PT, drills Those are all things that happen at military school, yes.
How'd you end up there? It was Senior's Hail Mary, trying to straighten me out after six boarding schools in four years.
It just doesn't really jibe with my mental picture of Tony at 17.
You must have hated it, the pomp and circumstance.
Hey, look at this.
This looks like some kind of tarp.
Might've been used to wrap the body up.
I got tire tracks over here.
Tire tracks.
So let's say the killer used this access road, dragged the body up to where we found it Set a fire to burn the evidence.
Well, I thoroughly enjoyed my Latin classes in school.
Translating Caesar's Gallic Wars, Book 5.
It's amazing.
of so-called civilization and we're still fighting the same wars.
What do you got for me, Duck? Well, young Private Wallis was stabbed 20 times.
Most of the wounds are in the upper abdomen, damaging his spleen and liver.
However, it's this cut to his neck that severed the carotid artery and caused all that dramatic bleeding.
Weapon? Weapon.
A knife.
Six inches.
It left a distinctive mark on two of the wounds.
It could be an imprint of the hilt.
Abby's looking into it.
Anything else? Well, no.
And that's what's strange.
There's no bruised knuckles or cuts on his hands and fingers.
He didn't put up a fight.
Peculiar for a Marine that's trained as a lethal weapon.
But someone was able to get close enough to him to cause all these wounds.
He was taken by surprise.
And most likely by someone he knew.
Private Wallis was a scholarship student at Remington Military Academy.
Top of his class.
He joined the Marine Corps just three days after he graduated last spring.
Where he also excelled.
Top of his class in the school of infantry.
His unit was part of the 22nd MEU, set to deploy on the USS Edgerton out of Norfolk.
Five days ago, he received a call to his cell phone.
Then he emptied his bank account-- and went UA.
Didn't use his credit cards or cell phone.
- Just vanished.
- But what we do have is the last call he received before he went quiet.
Traced the phone number back to the Remington Military Academy.
It's a house phone in one of the dorms.
Any one of 100 cadets could have placed that call.
But whatever was said, Wallis went UA immediately afterwards.
Go to the school.
I want to know who made the call.
Uh uh Do both of us really need to go there? I mean, do we really need two agents to go all the way to Rhode Island? Is there a problem, DiNozzo, with you going back to your Alma mater? Well, hey, let us go talk about it.
Let's-let's, uh let's have a cup of coffee.
Let's hash it out.
I don't need to hash it out.
I just need to prepare myself for the psychological Hey.
You got six hours in a car, you got one night in a hotel room to prepare psychologically.
Make it count, Skippy.
Thank you, boss.
No time for chitchat, McGee.
Mama's cookin' on all six burners here.
Strictly business, Abby.
Just wondering if you found anything useful off the ashes Tony and Bishop found near the crime scene.
Other than watery eyes and an itchy throat, nothing.
And before you say anything, I haven't matched the tire tracks from the crime scene.
And don't even ask about the murder weapon.
I was planning on stabbing dummies all day, but now I don't know.
Abby I was gonna ask if I can help.
Oh well, that's nice.
Why don't you come over here and help me get blood off this photo.
It's not glamorous and it's not fun, but it's the best way to get blood off a photo.
Maybe if this takes long enough, I can skip tomorrow night.
What's tomorrow night? McGee? Okay.
Jake and Bishop invited us to dinner tomorrow night.
I think it's an agents-only thing, but Relax, McGee.
You're not upset you weren't invited? No.
Why would I be? Burt and I hang out with Bishop and Jake all the time.
We even took a class together.
Please tell me it wasn't couples massage.
Dab, McGee.
Abby was able to clear up the photo found in Wallis's hand.
Pretty girl.
Someone from the base? Not a Marine uniform.
That's RMA.
Maybe she's Wallis's classmate.
Abby wasn't able to identify her.
Well, they'll know at the school.
You feeling nervous to go back? I'm a grown man, Bishop.
Takes a little bit more than a visit to my old school to make me nervous.
So, DiNozzo, you may very well be the first cadet to get limo service from the train station.
Guess your dad wields some influence.
We'll give you a proper tour tomorrow.
You'll be in Hull House with the rest of the seniors.
Here we are.
"Leave the gun.
Take the cannoli.
" The Godfather? Come on, kid, it's a classic.
Uniforms, PT gear and basic toiletries are in your room.
We had to guess sizes.
This is you.
Your bunkmate's name is Travis Phelps.
Look first night is usually the hardest.
If you need me, I'm down the hall.
I'm 17, not seven.
And this isn't my first new dorm room, new clothes and new teachers.
So back off, buddy, okay? The name's not buddy.
It's Mr.
And from now on you are Cadet DiNozzo.
Grab some rack time.
Can't believe my eyes.
Anthony frickin' DiNozzo back on my campus.
I'm happy to see you.
Nice to see you, Coach.
Please, call me Gerald.
Gerald, this is NCIS Special Agent Bishop.
Very impressive.
I always knew this one would make me proud.
You did? Yeah.
Well, we're not here to reminisce.
Of course not.
Uh, you're here about John Wallis.
How can I help? Uh, wondering if you know this girl.
That's Christine Sanders.
We need to talk to her as soon as possible.
I'm afraid that's impossible.
Why? Christine Sanders is dead.
Christine was a junior.
A go-getter.
She was on the dean's list, just like DiNozzo.
And she was on track to becoming our first female valedictorian.
Uh I'm sorry, can we back up a second? Did you say Tony made dean's list? He shaped into a model cadet.
Let's stay on point here.
What about Christine? Her grades started slipping.
She became withdrawn.
Quit the track team.
Ten days ago, the senior cadet discovered her in her room, dead.
She'd overdosed on pills.
No one saw the signs? Look, half the students in our academy are here because they are troubled.
Even Christine had her rough times.
That's why she was here.
We have built our reputation on turning young lives around.
Just look at him.
What about John Wallis? Oh, he's a great kid; great athlete.
He was senior cadet last year.
We all saw a bright future for him.
What was Christine's relationship with him? Wallis was her commanding officer.
Uh, she was one of 40 cadets under his care.
Come on, Coach.
He had her photo in his hand when he died.
The school became coed in '95.
And honestly, we're still navigating the raging hormones on campus.
But there is one clear rule: Dating amongst the ranks is strictly forbidden.
Did Wallis come back to campus in the last few days? Uh, not that I know of.
Look, I-I'm sorry, I'm confused.
Um, do you think Wallis's death had something to do with Christine? Christine died ten days ago.
A few days later, Wallis received a call from her dorm.
Then he went UA.
If Christine was already dead, anyone on campus could have called Wallis.
Remind me never to piss you off, Abbs.
Couldn't if you tried, Gibbs.
I'm just trying to match the knife that was used to kill private Wallis.
But no luck, so far.
Okay, let's track Wallis's movements after he went UA.
His cell phone's off.
Then, uh, can we hack into, uh, his GPS RAM thingy and back-trace his memory deal? Um None of those things are things, Gibbs.
And one of 'em's a band.
And when someone turns their phone off, there's nothing you can do.
I mean, it's off.
Of course just because it's off doesn't mean I can't turn it back on.
It doesn't? Depending on what type of phone Wallis had, I may be able to remotely turn it back on.
And, yes, then we can hack into his GPS thingy memory deal.
Okay, let's do it.
Hey, Abs.
Boss, just got off the phone with New England TeleCard.
What is New England TeleCard? They provide calling cards to the cadets at RMA.
They were also able to give me the name of the cadet who called Wallis the night he went UA.
Caller was Cadet Lucas Craig.
Tell DiNozzo and Bishop.
I turned Wallis's phone back on.
I'm tracing its location now.
It's at a residence that belongs to Frederick Cantor; Richmond, Virginia.
Lucas Craig is Senior Cadet.
Means he's the highest-ranking student on campus.
Were you Senior Cadet, Tony? No, he was too busy shaking and baking on the basketball court for me.
But he was a flag bearer.
What are you doing? Uh, McGee wants a detailed report.
Stop it.
Craig's overseeing close-order drill outside.
He'll be done soon.
Uh, I've got a faculty meeting.
Will you be around afterwards? Actually, we're heading back to DC.
Well, that's too bad.
I wanted to catch up.
Really good to see you.
Oh, my God.
That's you.
You look so dashing.
Yes, "dashing" is a prerequisite for flag bearers.
Squad, fall in.
Dress right, dress! A-ten hut! Ready.
Port, arms.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
man, that's bad enough.
But the food? Come on.
Do you know how much our parents are paying for this place? Took me a month to get kicked out of my last school.
Think I'm going for a personal best.
One, two, three.
Hey, you doing okay, Piggy? One, two, three.
Man, you're all flushed.
Stop! Just breathe.
Come on, man.
Cadet Piggy, what the hell are you doing? He needs a break, Golan, come on.
That's Drill Leader.
What? You will address me as drill leader, Cadet DiNozzo.
Okay, well, Drill Leader, I think Piggy needs a little break.
And probably the nurse.
That's two demerits, DiNozzo.
What for? One for dropping out of PT.
One for your tone.
Yeah, whatever-- let's get Piggy to the nurse.
Piggy is gonna stay where he is until he learns how to keep up with the rest of the squad, and you are gonna get back in line if you know what's good for you.
Well, one thing's for sure-- I've never known what's good for me.
Company, halt! I called Wallis after Christine died.
I thought he should know.
Why would he need to know? We're investigating Wallis's murder, not an infraction of the school's code of conduct.
They were dating, weren't they? It started last year, after the fall formal, and they stayed together even after Wallis graduated.
Must have been hard on Christine when Wallis enlisted.
I can't say.
She kept it to herself.
You were close with Wallis? He was my commanding officer for two years.
Yeah, we were tight.
Wallis come back to campus? No, ma'am.
He was pretty broken up over Christine.
Said he was gonna drown away his sorrows, crawl into a hole.
I'm sorry, that's all I know.
Well call us if you think of anything else.
Special Agent DiNozzo.
It's graduates like you that make this school proud.
Uh, I think he wants you to salute him back.
I know.
Thank you.
Maybe he's right.
Wallis went off to self-medicate, got caught in a bad situation.
What do you think? I think the guy over at that pickup has been watching us since we got out here.
What guy? There was a guy.
Didn't even know the phone was here until I heard it come to life a few hours ago.
Scared me to death.
Wallis came to see you? Yeah.
Didn't know he was UA.
Sorry about the mess.
Been having a hell of a time with this new table saw.
For $1,500, you think she'd work.
Why'd Wallis come to see you? I was his mentor.
You went to RMA? School saved my life.
Turned me from a punk into a man.
Enlisted in the Corps, went into business.
All thanks to RMA.
So I give back.
Started a scholarship.
The Cantor Scholars.
I pick a different kid every year.
Pay their way through RMA.
Help 'em out.
And Wallis was one of these kids? Got him out of the worst school in Richmond.
From the day I met him, I knew he'd do me proud.
What about the night he came here? He was a mess.
His girlfriend had committed suicide.
He didn't know what to do.
I tried to guide him.
Wallis was UA for five days before he died.
Any idea where he might go? Not his family.
They bugged out of town his sophomore year.
No forwarding address.
He came from a tough neighborhood.
A lot of gang violence.
He fought his whole life to get away.
Maybe he didn't have any fight left in him.
Okay, let's get something you will not, under any circumstances, tell McGee one detail of what you saw at my old school.
The only thing I saw was that you were a good cadet, and that they respect you.
Yeah so let's not go blabbing about it.
Why does it bother you? It's part of who you are.
You can't ignore your past, Tony.
Just watch me.
And not one word or I'll tell McGee that song you sing in the shower.
How did? Cheap motel.
Thin walls.
It's a ridiculous song.
Step on it or we're gonna be late for this dinner of yours.
Oh, you and Gibbs.
Very Special Agent DiNozzo.
You don't know the whole story about Christine and Wallis.
Who is this? Someone who can help.
I'm listening.
What don't I know about Christine and Wallis? Not on the phone.
We meet in person.
Parking lot.
Nutley Hardware.
Oh, Nutley.
That's right next to Remington Academy.
Um we just got back to DC.
You better turn around if you want to know why Wallis died.
All right, we'll be there in six hours.
We'll bring breakfast.
Hope you like gas station taquitos.
All right.
Leaves one issue.
No, I understand, you have to go back.
It's for the case.
Well, the good news is, you can go home.
And don't worry about Gibbs.
Tony's gonna let him know.
Oh, I think he already does.
Well, yeah, DiNozzo.
You do what you got to do.
I'm so sorry.
I'm gonna go now.
I guess it's just the two of us.
Should we eat? Jake, I want to ask you something work-related.
Will it require top-secret clearance to answer? Yeah.
And it stays between us.
I'm all ears.
What do you know about Russian and Palestinian relations? Ah.
You think our Deep Throat's a no-show? Hmm? What? Who's this? Here we go.
Get in.
They could be watching us.
"They" would be? Piggy? Is that you? Nobody calls me that anymore, Tony.
Now get in the truck.
It's not safe.
What is this place? Some kind of condemned property? It's my house.
It's, uh It's very distinct.
Hey, turn that off! No.
What are you afraid of, Travis? RMA, Tony.
They're everywhere.
Why are you afraid of RMA? Because I work for them.
Okay you said you knew what happened with Wallis and Christine.
Christine's death is not what you think.
She didn't commit suicide? She was pushed to it.
It was Honor Corps.
Hello? What the hell? - What's up, guys? - Cadet DiNozzo.
You've been found guilty of breaking rules of the code of conduct.
Your punishment will be delivered by Honor Corps.
I'm guessing you're the Honor Corps.
You're ours for the night, DiNozzo, and we're gonna have fun.
Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and opt out.
Mm no.
All right, you really want to do this? Huh? DiNozzo, where the hell have you been? Basketball practice started ten minutes ago down in the weight room-- you're late.
Need to make do without him.
Thanks, Coach Tanner.
Don't thank me yet.
I've seen you shoot.
You got talent.
I meant it-- you're officially on the basketball team, and officially ten minutes late.
I thought Coach Tanner put an end to Honor Corps our senior year.
Nothing ended senior year.
They just kept it quieter.
And basketball players were off-limits.
You have no idea what was happening to me when Honor Corps came around.
What's Honor Corps? It's a group of students who bully substandard cadets.
Break a rule, or bring squad performance down, and they pay you a visit.
Look Travis I'm sorry for what happened to you, but I'm wondering what happened to Christine.
They disciplined her.
Every night for a month before she died.
They broke her.
So, how does Wallis play into all this? I told him exactly what I told you.
Wallis was here? He came a few days after Christine died.
He was looking for answers.
I brought him here, and I told him everything.
Then he went back to campus to confront Honor Corps.
Who did he confront? I don't know their names or faces, but Wallis sure seemed to know whose ass he was going to kick.
Listen, Travis I am sorry.
I had no idea what was happening to you back then.
'Cause you never asked.
Well, I spent the morning trying to find out if Wallis's death was gang-related, like Frederick Cantor suggested.
Turns out he was a straight-A student, never got into any trouble.
Now, on the plus side, Abby managed to get surveillance from the bus station near RMA, was able to prove that Wallis was at the school a few days ago.
That's great, McGee.
Hey I need to know what happened at dinner last night.
Oh, uh Well, last I saw, Gibbs and Jake were at the table.
I didn't stick around.
Why did you leave them alone? It was every man for himself.
Why? What did Jake say? Well, I haven't heard from him.
All right, I'm calling Jake again right now.
- Hello? - McGee? I was trying to call Jake's phone.
You did call Jake's phone.
It was on Gibbs' desk.
Why is my husband's phone on Gibbs' desk? Hey, why does he call you "Ellie Belly"? Tim, this is serious.
Tim? You know what? I'm gonna call you back.
No, wait.
Tim? Hey, boss.
What's up? I was in Silver Springs this morning-- where Christine Sanders is from? She filed a police report over winter break.
She was being stalked? Someone followed her at the mall.
And then, he was in her house at night.
Someone she knew.
- I'm not a stalker.
- How do you explain following Christine home for winter break? We were friends.
Friends don't sneak into each other's bedrooms to surprise them.
I'm Senior Cadet, captain of the football team, and I haven't got there by taking no for an answer.
You have no clue how bad that sounds, do you? I got the message when the police cuffed me, and they threw me in a holding cell.
I left her alone after that.
No, you didn't.
You wanted to punish Christine.
No no, I didn't touch her.
- Honor Corps did.
- Ah Honor Corps is a folk tale that we tell plebes to scare them-- Hey hey! You can't go in there.
I went to this school, Cadet Craig.
I know what a gray armband means.
You used Honor Corps to punish Christine for turning you down.
It's not like that.
It's not like that? What's it like? You'd drag her out at night, force her to do PT, humiliate herself.
We have a code of conduct.
You break the code, you pay the price.
Christine broke the code.
Translation being: you made up a reason to get her in trouble.
I remember guys like you.
Drank the Kool-Aid, believed in the traditions, because you were desperate to be a part of something.
Well, guess what? You're part of something.
But outside of these walls, Cadet, nobody gives a damn about your code.
Whatever you did led Christine to kill herself.
You can't prove that.
We don't have to.
We're not here to arrest you for Christine's suicide.
Wallis's murder, on the other hand - I, uh - We know he came to campus, found out about Honor Corps, and he came looking for you.
You are the senior cadet, captain of the football team, with a bright future ahead of you.
Unless it disappears.
Tell us what happened.
Wallis came to see you.
He was furious.
He had every right to be.
I I pushed Christine too far, and, uh I made her kill herself.
And he wanted to make me pay.
You fought him? No.
Provost Tanner stopped him.
I finally got a hit on the tire tracks from your crime scene.
And it wasn't easy, either.
I compared them to every tire that's actively sold on the market.
No match.
Then I compared them to international tires.
Nothing, so I had to think out of the box.
Discontinued tires.
And that's when I hit pay dirt.
The track is from a tread used exclusively in the 1970s on various European cars.
Could a tire manufactured in the '70s still be operational today? No, but a replica could.
This is a custom job made to resemble the original tire of a 1972 Citroen DS.
DiNozzo! I just got a very angry call from Cadet Craig's father.
You can't be interrogating one of my students without letting me know.
And why are you looking at my car? Coach, will you open the trunk, please? Or I'll get a warrant and break it open.
Thank you.
Please step to the side.
There was a lot of blood back here.
Gerald Tanner, you are under arrest for the murder of John Wallis.
Come on.
Come on.
Damn! What's the plan here? Steal the coach's car, drive to Mexico? Hey, maybe.
I don't belong here.
I'm not a rules-and-regulations guy.
So your dad sends you to school number seven.
It don't feel right.
You cut and run.
But for how long? You have an opportunity here.
You have talent on the basketball court.
You're smart.
You don't like rules and regulations? Me, neither.
You gonna let that stop you? It's self-preservation.
You're worried about Cadet Golan? He hates me.
And he runs Honor Corps.
It's only a matter of time.
Honor Corps won't touch you.
How do you know that? Because you're a starter on the varsity basketball team, DiNozzo and I look out for my guys.
Now, there are things about this school that are gonna change.
Honor Corps is one of them.
This is a good place.
You do belong.
Don't run.
Take a stand.
And I'll stand with you.
He was a mentor.
Want me to take the interview? No.
I'm not gonna run.
You had a nice long car ride to think about what you're gonna say, so don't make any excuses.
I want an explanation.
You lied to me about seeing Wallis on campus that night.
I didn't tell you about Wallis because Because his blood was all over the trunk of your car? I don't know how that got there.
Why would I kill Wallis? Honor Corps.
You said you were gonna get rid of that 20 years ago.
Wanted to.
It's not that easy.
You know how RMA is with tradition.
Honor Corps is not a tradition.
It is as ingrained in our DNA as Color Guard or Plebe Week.
You're the provost.
I didn't get to be provost by effecting change, Tony.
What happened the night Wallis confronted you? I stopped him from pummeling Craig.
Took him to my office.
He blamed Honor Corps for Christine's death.
Wanted to shine a light.
I told him that if he exposed Honor Corps that it would hurt the school.
At least you had your priorities straight.
I told Wallis that he needed to take a step back, that we could work it out.
But he could tell you were lying.
You know how many kids this school has saved, over the years? Just like you? Doesn't that success outweigh a few lost causes? Christine wasn't a lost cause-- none of 'em were-- they were just kids who needed help.
Just like me.
When did you pull the knife? You're not listening, DiNozzo.
I didn't touch him.
He walked out of my office, prepared to expose us.
I braced myself for the fallout.
How did his blood get in your car? I don't know.
I-I barely drive the car.
Spends most of the time in the shop.
And when it's not in the shop? It is where it always is.
And everybody knows where I keep the spare key.
If you change your mind and decide to leave don't hot-wire my car.
Whatever you think of me, I never could have done this.
I left RMA a long time ago.
I don't talk about it.
It's not who I am.
But there was a part of me that still believed.
In the motto.
The code.
And that part's gone now along with Christine Sanders and John Wallis.
Tony was right.
The spare key was in the sun visor.
And Wallis's prints are all over the steering wheel - and the gear shift.
- Wallis took Tanner's car, and Wallis's killer brought the car back to RMA.
Any other fingerprints? No.
There were no more fingerprints or DNA.
But I did find traces of paraffin wax.
Was Tanner a carpenter? We have access to the bus station security cameras? Yes.
I want to see the 24-hour period after Wallis was killed.
After Wallis was killed? Whoever returned Tanner's car needed a way to get home.
Special Agent Gibbs.
Didn't hear you knock.
I didn't.
Still having trouble with this damn saw.
Just won't work right.
Something got in here that wasn't supposed to.
I'm guessing it's John Wallis's blood.
He came down here again, to see you.
We have surveillance footage of you from the bus station near RMA.
I'm not gonna cause you any problems.
I knew you'd come back to me eventually.
You'll find Wallis's blood on the chisel.
I tried to clean up, but Yeah.
Blood doesn't clean up too easy, does it? What happened when Wallis came back here? He was upset.
He was talking wildly about Honor Corps and cleaning up RMA.
He wanted to go public.
He didn't know where to start.
He needed your help.
He didn't understand the ramifications.
A scandal like this could hobble the school.
I have no wife, no kids-- all I have is RMA.
It's my legacy.
I couldn't have let Wallis threaten that.
Even if your legacy is broken? Honor Corps seems harsh to an outsider, but it works.
Weeds out the weak.
Challenges the rest to live up to a standard.
It made a man out of me.
Did it? Man enough to know what's important.
To respect tradition.
"Truth, Valor, Duty.
" That's our motto.
I gave it to Wallis, and he betrayed it.
No, he lived up to the motto.
You betrayed him.
They're letting me go.
Uh, I just wanted to say that I never m I'm resigning.
You were right-- I let the kids down, I let you down.
For what it's worth, I am proud of the man you've become.
You okay? Never better.
I have something for you.
It's a photo of a photo but you should keep it.
It's the past, Bishop.
It's your past, Tony, and it's a good one.
I have a tricky relationship with the past.
I either bury it or fixate on it.
Still working out the kinks.
Well whatever happened in your past, helped make you the awesome guy you are today.
Well, if it isn't Jake Molloy! Look at you! Hey.
Where were you? Yeah, I'm-I'm, I'm sorry.
Closed-door meetings at NSA all day long.
I mean, I would've called but, uh-- But Gibbs had your phone? Yeah.
I left it in the diner last night.
He said he'd leave it here and I could pick it up.
Sorry I made you sit through dinner.
Oh, no, don't be.
It was great.
I mean, Gibbs is so easy to talk to.
He is? Yeah, yeah.
And we had a lot to discuss.
Like what? What happens in the diner stays in the diner.
Are you kidding? The whole point of the dinner was we would have more to talk about.
And we will, just not about last night.
Well, it sounds like you guys have a lot to talk about on the ride home, so good luck with that.
Yes, we will.
Next time, Tony.
Bye, Tony.
Hello? Piggy.
I mean, Travis.
It's Tony.
Oh, hey Yeah.
I was thinking, what do you say we grab a late dinner, catch up? I can meet you halfway.
How about Passaic? Sure Three hours.
I'll see you there.
All right.