NCIS s12e15 Episode Script

Cabin Fever

We've been hit! Everybody, brace for impact! Jake, I want to ask you something, and it stays between us.
What do you know about Russian-Palestinian relations? Sergei Mishnev.
Our Intel says Sergei survived.
How? I hit him.
He went down.
He got up.
What? Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Only the beginning, my friend.
Well, you know the deal with them two, don't you? Them two who? Judge McGraff? And Wilson, the D.
The two of them used to be college sweethearts.
Is that a fact? Check 'em out next time you're in court-- little looks between 'em, smiles.
He objects, she sustains, every time.
The old flame's still burning, huh? I think they'd burn it up right there on the bench if they could.
Keyes, you are bad.
Not as bad as this yahoo.
Pull over to the side, please.
How we doing tonight, sir? License and registration, please.
What do we have there? It's okay.
It's prescription bourbon.
You know, all fairness to alcohol, I've done stupid things when I was sober, too.
I'm glad you think it's funny.
It's not.
But it's nothing I wanted my daughter or anybody down at the Bureau to make a big deal about, either.
So you called me? I figured I could count on you for the shortest lecture.
Bourbon Tobias? Yeah.
I barely cracked it.
It was mainly the beer I had with dinner mixed with the pain medicine I still take for when you shot me in the ass.
It smarts like hell in cold weather.
No, no.
I saw the police report.
That was a fluke thing, which I intend to learn from and put behind me.
And if you were my friend, you'd do the same thing.
Yeah, Leon? Uh-kuh.
Where? What's up? Let me know if you need me, Gibbs.
I owe you one.
No, you don't! NCIS.
Fire's out.
Your team just got here.
Are you still thinking gas explosion? Well, I'm hoping.
Galley's one compartment over.
We're thinking maybe a leaky stove or an oven.
Who are all these suits? Dignitaries from a dozen international agencies.
We'd just started boarding when this happened.
But there were a bunch of crew members in there setting up.
SECNAV? On the West Coast-- we were patching her in on closed circuit.
What's the occasion? It's a summit on global terror.
No irony there.
I'm not going there, Gibbs.
Keep thinking gas leak.
Welcome to the party, boss.
Uh, six reported injured, two are in sick bay, two more seriously being rushed to Norfolk Memorial.
And one dead.
Female petty officer.
Can't make out her name tag.
I'll call Ducky.
This is no gas explosion.
We had our doubts.
There's no smell of gas.
- Just gunpowder.
- And then there's this.
Bomb fragment? It's in Russian--it says "grenade.
" Just because it's in Russian doesn't mean it's Sergei Mishnev.
We knew he wasn't done yet, Gibbs-- just a matter of time.
This means you're the target.
Any friend of yours is an enemy of his.
Let me check the guest list.
The Russian ambassador had to cancel, so they sent someone in his place.
Someone we know? Another friend.
Director Vance.
Agent Gibbs.
Counselor Pavlenko.
Thank goodness you're all right.
I just heard about the explosion.
Interesting you being late.
Was anyone hurt? Do we know what happened? We have a pretty good idea.
A bomb? A Russian grenade.
You think Sergei? You don't? And here you are conveniently rolling in after the fact.
Gentlemen, please, do not tell me we're going to engage in this farce yet again.
You have to admit, Counselor I admit nothing.
In fact, let me assure you, Director, if Sergei is behind this, I was his target.
Not you.
Not Agent Gibbs.
I cannot believe I am forced to defend myself once again for the actions of a criminal.
A Russian criminal, Counselor, with whom you once had a working relationship.
Once, Director.
And we have paid dearly for that mistake, leaving Sergei now a man without a country.
Freeing you up to play the victim.
Not a victim, Gibbs-- a target, like you.
For reasons that make sense only to Sergei.
Reasons such as? Your helicopter crash.
He saw my help in the rescue as a betrayal.
Help? And now he perceives that I owe my life to Agent Gibbs for saving me from our defector, the scientist.
You shoot Nelly Benin dead, and now we're practically golf buddies.
I don't golf.
Well who has time? I mean, really.
Gibbs, my sympathy for your loss-- I have suffered a few myself-- but we are in this together.
No, we're not.
All due respect, Counselor, you created this monster.
Don't fool yourself, Director.
Many hands went into creating Sergei.
Now, please, tell me what I can do.
What can I say, Gibbs, to convince you that I am on your side here? You stay out of my way.
Dear, a mere child.
Tell me about it.
Eager to serve, to learn, to see the world and experience its many adventures.
Until along comes a coward with a bomb.
Where are we? We are tired of this insidious monster, Jethro, that's where we are.
Take a number, Duck.
We've collected the rest of the grenade fragments.
Looks like only one was used.
Get everything to Abby now.
All right.
Now! I want a list of every delivery this ship's received in the past 48 hours.
Bishop? We've I.
'd the victim-- Petty Officer Third Class Katherine Gomez.
Assigned to the ship only three weeks ago and Witness interviews? Well, we were just about to get started.
Sick bay just gave us clearance.
We're just waiting to hear from the hospital.
Sick bay-- that's where we start.
Let's go.
Come on, let's move.
We can handle it.
What? Bishop and I can handle the interviews-- might be better.
Better? What's better, DiNozzo? What are you trying to say? Spit it out.
Well, your bedside manner might be You might be too close to this.
He's saying take a breath, Jethro! It's good advice for all of us.
Emily, why are you still using your mother's phone? Only to call certain people.
I need to see you right away.
Get you a soda or some water or something, Em? No.
I just had a low-foam latte, and this won't take long.
I've got debate quarterfinals in an hour.
High school debate? I am varsity captain as a freshman.
Arguing's pretty much in my blood.
We could have done this over the phone.
No, we couldn't.
I know about you bailing out my dad this morning.
Wasn't exactly bailing him out.
He's going through a tough time.
Don't soft-pedal me, Uncle Gibbs.
He looks nuts with that bald head.
It's an undercover operation.
You don't believe that.
Last week he shaved it twice in one day.
Said it helps him feel clean.
Since Mom died, he's been angry bitter, self-destructive oh, and drunk-- he's drinking way too much.
You know what he's experiencing.
I try to help, but he doesn't listen to me, and I've got my own grief to work through.
How's that going? Some good days some awful.
All compounded by being a teenager who can't be expected to maintain a teenage social calendar if I'm too busy worrying about my father hurting himself or anyone else.
Okay, I'll talk to him.
Help him.
I will.
Thank you.
It's an oldie but a baddy, McGee.
Russian RKG-3 antitank grenade.
Straight out of a Rambo movie.
Actually, it dates back further than that.
They still keep showing up in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Yeah, and here.
Any shot at tracing it? Come on, McGee.
You know, if there is anything on these grenade fragments that'll lead us back to Sergei, I will find it.
Yeah, Tony? Already? Okay, I'll be right up.
Gibbs wants an update, and they just got back from the ship.
You said yourself Gibbs is on fire.
Like you've never seen before, Abby.
We've seen it.
Not like this.
I'm telling you, if Sergei gets away again, there's not a level of hell below where Gibbs is right now.
Then we can't let him get away again.
Petty Officer Gomez was a culinary specialist setting up a catering station when the bomb went off.
As for the witness interviews, no one in the ship's sick bay could say where the blast originated.
Did you show them Sergei's mug shot? Them and everyone else-- no one reported seeing him.
Well, hell, it's not like Sergei would deliver the bomb personally.
Tobias Sorry to interrupt.
Just got word about the ship.
And you're on leave.
Not any longer.
FBI is here to help.
Uh Go.
There were two other victims that were taken to Norfolk Memorial.
Both are still in surgery, but we'll interview them as soon as they're able.
Abby's checking the grenade fragments for prints.
Grenade fragments? Let's get a cup of coffee.
No, I'm good.
He used a grenade? Hey, I'm not asking.
Come on.
What are you doing? What are you doing? Gibbs and Fornell, my office.
It's just a lack of sleep, Leon.
You know it better than anybody.
Same with Gibbs.
Until Sergei is dead, there's no peace.
But unlike Gibbs, you've let your demons get the better of you.
I can smell it on you.
One Bloody Mary! With lunch! Before I heard about the bombing.
Gibbs and I were just getting coffee.
I need you to wait outside.
Look, I deserve a shot at Sergei.
More than anyone.
And I need to have a word with Gibbs, so please have a seat outside.
You want a shot at him or not? We can't cover for him, Gibbs.
Give him some time.
Let me talk to him.
And say what? Does he look like he's listening to anybody right now? This is his whole career on the line, Leon, his life.
And what about your life, Gibbs? He's a danger to himself, his fellow agents and to us.
FBI has to know, if they don't already.
Gibbs, this kills me, but we can't cover for him, and you know it.
Assistant Director Wilt, please.
Have you lost your damn mind? I will take full responsibility.
I will get Fornell out of the way.
I'll leave my team to go after Sergei.
You're gonna do what? You're gonna leave your team? They're more than capable, Leon, and I'll be a phone call away.
Gibbs, this is Sergei Mishnev we're talking about.
And maybe it's me that's too close.
Maybe it's me and Fornell.
And you think I'll just let you? That or bench me.
Or trust me.
Well, I never thought I'd see the day.
And where are you gonna go, Gibbs? Where are you gonna take him? Where are we? Come on.
Help me unload.
Holy Jeremiah Johnson.
Are you kidding me?! This is not what we agreed to.
You said we were going after Sergei.
No, no.
You said that.
I said let's go.
Which would imply agreement! What the hell are we doing out here? Wait a minute.
An intervention? Is that what this is? Do you think you need one? No! I mean, last night was bad, yes, but-but not bad enough to make any kind of New-Age come-to-Jesus even remotely necessary! Oh, good, that's not what this is.
No more slow-motion suicide, Tobias.
You want to kill yourself fine with me.
Go ahead.
I'll even come with you.
Still no word from Gibbs? Not a peep since he left last night.
I can't believe he'd leave at a time like this, even to help Fornell.
Well, family first-- not to mention your brave suggestion that he might just be too close.
Are you mocking me? Well he obviously took it to heart.
Number one, that's adorable.
And number two, Gibbs would never bail on a case, much less a Sergei case; and much, much less at my suggestion.
Unless he had a plan.
Special Agent McGee.
Oh, great, great.
Thanks for letting us know.
We'll be right there.
Both victims are awake and well enough to be interviewed.
Gibbs's plan, McGee-- what do you think it is? Oh, I have no idea.
I just know that he wouldn't leave unless he had one.
I'm with you, McTuitive.
Gibbs has to be to something.
Maybe we're about to find out.
Morning, boss.
Where are we, DiNozzo? We are in the big orange room.
We know where are.
Where are you? McGee hasn't pinged my phone yet? Actually, boss, yeah, I-I did.
Really? You didn't tell us? Well, I didn't know if he'd want me to.
I don't.
And I don't want someone coming here when you do tell them after you hang up.
All right, so what can we do for you? Well, for starters, you can give me an update.
Well, we're still combing the ship's deliveries the last 48 hours.
Nothing yet.
We were just about to leave for the hospital.
McGee got a call because the Boss, is that you choking, or are you choking someone? Got to go.
Call me after the interviews.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Is there anything you want to tell us? Yeah, like, is there a plan of any kind? You need a plan? Catch Sergei.
That's a little vague.
Who was that? Morning, sunshine.
Was that your team? Is there any progress? They're working on it.
Did you sleep well? I hate you, Gibbs.
What are we doing out here? Where's my cell phone? How would I know that? Give me yours.
I need to call Emily.
No, no, no.
Hey, hey, Emily's fine.
She's staying with friends.
I talked to her.
You called? She's in on this? No.
She's okay.
You win.
What now? "What now" what? What do we do next? Bang drums? Sweat lodge? Squirrel juggling? Oh, really? You think it's a good idea to hand me an ax right now? Well, yeah.
It's cold, Tobias.
It's getting colder.
That, uh that ass wound of yours bet it's acting up, huh? I'll make coffee.
Milk, two-percent.
You have any fake sugar? Why do I even ask? So you're not military? Uh, no, sir.
In fact, that was my first time on a Navy ship.
He was so excited when he left the shop.
Now look at him.
The shop? Uh, video and sound.
Navy had us running a satellite for anyone who couldn't attend the breakfast.
Like your Navy Secretary.
Our SECNAV, yeah.
Were you there, Mr.
Boulos? No.
I just do the books now.
Frankie's in charge of the new equipment.
Which we don't care about losing, by the way.
All that matters is my boy is alive.
Frankie, is there anything specific that you can recall before the explosion? The crew was nice.
I was running a sound check, and the last thing I remember was thinking maybe we'd been torpedoed.
I just can't believe Katie's dead.
You and the petty officer were friends? She was new, but yeah.
Happiest CS-Three anyone ever met.
And you were nearby when the explosion happened? We were setting out pastries and joking about eating them all.
And the next thing I knew, sh she went flying across the room.
Her parents.
She talked about them all the time.
Do they know yet? Yeah.
Navy's flying them in now.
Who would do something like this? Excuse me.
Tony? All right.
Thank you.
I hate Sergei.
Did I say that? Yeah, me, too.
Me three.
But if you don't mind, I just need to vent about something else for a second.
Oh, no.
What did we do? No, not you.
He just called.
You know that dinner he and Gibbs ended up having last week? The one that you and Tony ditched.
We did not ditch.
We were working.
But it did leave them to be BFFs.
More than any of us realized.
Apparently, Gibbs asked Jake to share Intel.
Everything NSA has on Russian-Palestinian relations.
Sergei Mishnev, Anton Pavlenko He didn't say anything to us about it.
Because he didn't want us or anyone knowing.
But how could Jake not tell me? Well, that's a marriage thing, but it sounds like he just did.
Only because Gibbs called early this morning and told Jake to send us everything he had and that we would know what to do with it.
Could that be part of a plan? Well, the e-mail just came through.
It's a huge file.
Let's go.
I dumped it.
What? The bourbon-- it's gone.
What are you, my mother? What are you trying to prove? I don't need you monitoring my intake.
Ah, it seems to me you do.
Well, I don't.
And I don't need this.
Yeah, well, neither do I but here we are.
I'm done.
" With what? Embarrassing yourself? Or-or maybe you mean embarrassing the badge.
You've done a good job at both.
Oh That all you got, Alice? Yah! Do you feel better? We should be in D.
looking for Sergei.
Not in this condition.
Geez, forget about Sergei.
What's really bothering you? Don't Freud me, Gibbs.
You're not qualified.
You know what I'm asking.
Back off.
You blame me.
Jethro It's okay, Tobias.
I blame me.
I'm the one who got her killed.
If Diane wasn't on that rooftop, she would be alive.
And you wouldn't be walking around pretending like I wasn't the one who put her there.
So it's all about you.
It is all about me.
And it's about you, and it's about Diane, and it's about the drinking, and it's about all of it.
No, my friend.
It's just me.
I killed her.
No one to blame but myself.
And now I really need a drink.
That NSA Intel give us anything? Oh, we are just getting started, Director, and there is a whole lot to comb through.
Stuff in here about the Soviets in Afghanistan, the mujahideen Wait a second.
Got something about Sergei and the Russian Counselor Pavlenko.
Our "friend" Anton.
What is it? They go way back.
All the way to college.
They competed at Saint Petersburg University in the biathlon.
Isn't that the one where they cross-country ski - and shoot rifles? - Yeah.
As random Olympic sports go, it's sort of the equivalent of bullfighting on a trampoline.
That explains a lot.
Go on.
Well, they were friendly rivals for a while, contending for the Soviet Olympic team.
When neither of them made the cut, Pavlenko went to law school and Sergei discovered the Afghan heroin trade.
Explains even more.
Like his soft spot for an old college buddy gone bad.
Making Pavlenko less of a cold, duplicitous creep, and more of a sentimental, duplicitous creep.
Sergei This is America.
Speak English.
We are quite alone, I assure you.
Yeah? The last time you assured me, I lost good men in the Kola Peninsula.
It was no assurance.
It was a warning.
To stay away from NCIS.
You chose to ignore it, and where are you now? Setting off hand grenades and hiding in alleys? It's not how you fall, Anton.
It's how you rise.
Remember that one? Which is why I called you.
To help you rise, Sergei.
With a proposal from the Russian government.
The government that wants me dead.
I convinced them to give you asylum.
Complete immunity, on one condition.
This should be good.
Kill Gibbs.
Your vendetta has dragged on long enough.
We need it to end.
And I have your blessing now? Why now? Why the sudden change of heart? You owe Gibbs your life.
I know you believe that, like I once did, but That what? What? Tell me.
Convince me.
Nelly Benin.
The scientist.
She's alive.
Gibbs killing her to save my life was a ruse.
An elaborate sleight of hand to help her defect.
And you know we don't like defectors.
And I don't like being played for a fool.
Is there a timetable? Now.
My people know exactly where he is.
I can have you there in a matter of hours.
This is insane.
I'm sure I saw cans of tuna in those grocery bags.
You never fished as a kid? In the summer, sure.
Finger Lakes.
I loved it.
I should get back to it.
But there's a lot I don't do enough of anymore.
Get outdoors, work with my hands Whoa, look at this.
Reel her in.
Yeah, I got it.
Beauty! Look at that.
It's big enough for two.
I'm not sharing.
Let's get you one.
Am I reading this right? Sergei is originally from Israel? Born in 1965.
Father, Dimitri, was a Russian officer stationed there.
Nothing here about his mother.
Wait a second, I got something on her.
This report says his mother was a doctor, a Saudi national with Palestinian roots.
Apparently, the father took Sergei back to Russia when he was ten, leaving his mother behind.
Birth of some issues right there.
What? Am I missing something? You think that's what's driving him? No wonder the guy's pissed off.
Uh Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Your predecessor at that desk, Ziva David, had a half-brother.
Ari Haswari.
Same father.
I know the story.
Ari's mother was also a doctor with Palestinian roots.
So it's quite possible that Sergei and Ari were Half-brothers.
Which would explain the depth of his hatred for Gibbs.
- Should we call him? - Well, I don't know what he'd do with that information at the cabin, other than punch out a grizzly bear.
It does open up a whole new world of possible allies for Sergei.
Okay, which one of you wants to be Gibbs Gibbs Gibbs Gibbs Gibbs? Be right there, Abbs.
I mean, it wasn't a bad little table.
I mean, Diane would always stick a matchbook under one leg to remind me that I'd measured wrong, but she never got rid of it.
Probably just to torture me, I guess.
She liked that you built it.
Well, she was always a pushover for that manly man stuff.
God knows it worked for you.
I don't know about that.
You're the one she kept remarrying, not me.
Right? What the hell are we doing here? One fish is enough.
Where's your team with those updates? of grenade fragments, and there's not a single fingerprint on any of them.
Not even a partial.
So what's the urgency, Miss Sciuto? The urgency is that this type of grenade doesn't go off by itself.
I mean, you have to turn the handle and throw it, and then boom.
But the way this one exploded required some type of detonator.
Which we never found.
But you did find it.
Or at least a piece of it.
It's this, right here.
Looks like a blob of plastic.
That's because it's a blob of plastic.
But before it melted, it was a highly sensitive, paper-thin plastic sheet that vibrates at certain sound frequencies, triggering whatever device it's attached to.
The A/V guy.
Frankie Boulos.
He said that the grenade exploded while he was doing a sound check.
Could his voice have set it off? It would depend on his voice.
I mean, it's more sensitive with higher-pitched frequencies.
I mean, unless the device was super close to the sound equipment.
Or if it was planted inside the sound equipment? Oh, yeah.
Now, this is pretty great.
What? Oh, yeah.
Come on, man.
Gotta eat.
Later, maybe.
Not that hungry.
Are you gonna make me ask you again? You mentioned before about Diane and me getting remarried.
In the end, she wasn't really so sure.
Natural to get cold feet.
No, it wasn't that.
We were arguing one night about something stupid.
I don't even remember what.
And in a fit of anger, I told her that our being together, our rekindled romance, was a big mistake.
And I stormed out.
Next day, she called.
I was in a classified briefing, so she left a voice mail.
That's why I hope I haven't lost my phone.
It's the only way I can still hear her voice.
I was gonna give it back to you, eventually, anyway.
Hey, baby, it's me.
Um, look, can we just forget last night? Between Jethro's wife number two in town and I don't know, let's hit rewind or delete or whatever.
I don't think we're a mistake at all, Tobias, and I pray you don't, either.
I know we can work through the petty stuff.
Jethro just texted me to meet him, but call me back as soon as you can, okay? I love you, Tobias.
Call me.
Every word.
I agreed with every word she said, but instead of calling her right back, I chose to play it small.
Serves her right.
And then she was gone.
Died thinking it might be over between us.
Not truly knowing how much I loved her.
No, she knew.
"We're making a big mistake.
" Those were the last words she heard me say.
And for that, I can never forgive myself.
Could you? If I had a daughter, yeah.
That's her daughter, Tobias.
You want Diane to know how much you love her? That's the only chance you got left.
Is everything all right? Something's come up since our interview this morning.
We want to show you a photo.
Before the bomb went off yesterday, do you recall seeing this man? Uh, I don't know.
He looks kind of familiar.
Kind of? Mm-hmm.
What is this? My son needs his rest.
How many times are you going to disturb him? Mr.
Boulos, I'm sorry.
We we have a few more questions to ask.
What did you tell them? Not as much as you're about to tell us.
Hang on.
What's that? The last part.
You're breaking up.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait.
Say it again.
Can you hear me? DiNozzo! DiNozzo? What's going on? Ah they got a suspect, but I lost him.
I got cut off.
A suspect? Not Sergei? No, somebody else, but there's a connection.
They're bringing him in for questioning.
Check your cell.
Same here-- no bars.
But who cares? Let's go! Go? Yes.
If Sergei is involved, you and I should do the questioning.
But it's not Sergei; it's somebody else, and we're not done here yet.
What? Oh, yes, we are.
I'm done.
You think so? I know so.
I was just sitting here, feeling not lousy for the first time in I don't know when.
And I appreciate it, Gibbs.
Little wake-up call to my liver.
Getting to say things out loud that I never thought I'd say.
I may not be whistling rainbows just yet, but I got the message.
One night is enough.
You're right.
I need to see my little girl.
Not yet.
What do I need here, a safe word? What's going on? There's something else here.
What are you not telling me? Sergei is no friend.
We played together as boys in Palestine and reconnected as young men in Kabul.
Reconnected as he was making his name in the heroin trade? Which I wanted no part of.
I-I came to this country to pursue the American dream.
I've been doing just that for years, until Sergei walked into my shop last week.
Had to be a surprise.
Not a happy one.
He knew we had been contracted by the Navy and insisted I help him deliver a package.
A package? His threat to my family was clear.
I could not say no.
He placed it inside a speaker and assured me my son would be safe.
How'd your son feel about it? I could not tell him.
And my deceit nearly cost his life.
Someone else wasn't so Luc.
Where do we find him? I wish I knew.
When I saw him today, I wanted to kill him myself.
He saw Sergei? You saw him today? He had the nerve to call, pretending to be concerned for my son, then demanding a device.
What kind of device? I keep only one in stock for the proper authorities to use.
It's a transmitter that blocks cell-tower reception.
A cell-phone jammer.
It's portable, long-range, very expensive.
And he just took it.
Come on, Gibbs, pick up.
Not Gibbs but Special Agent Fornell, is it? We've yet to be formally introduced.
I know you you murdering son of a bitch.
My apologies.
I meant only to hurt Gibbs.
Never realizing how much Miss Sterling got around.
Where is he? Like I'd ever tell you.
I took the mother of your child.
Do you think I'd hesitate to make that little girl an orphan altogether? Suit yourself.
We're back in the Russian forest? Out to rewrite history, Agent Gibbs? Turn back the clock? If only that were possible.
Where is Gibbs? This is between me and him, and no one else.
This is between you and me now, Sergei.
Perhaps you don't know, Agent Fornell, what Gibbs took from me.
Oh, I know all about your family tree.
But I have a family, too.
This is for Diane.
And this? What is this? What is this? What? Well, it seems to me that you have some options.
You could drop that sidearm, raise your arms and surrender Not exactly my style.
Or you could run, make us hunt you down.
See what that feels like.
I got him.
You feel better? Not even close.
Well, maybe a little.
I just heard from DiNozzo and McGee.
Mishnev is still dead.
That supposed to be a joke, Leon? He fooled us before.
Not this time.
That's for sure.
Man, I really do look like hell.
Did you think we were lying to you, Tobias? Well, it's nothing a hot shower can't fix.
Amen to that, Leon.
And a hot meal with my daughter.
Well, then, our timing's perfect.
And I was thinking more of sushi? Whatever you want, baby.
Whatever you need, it's yours.
Well, then Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
And unless you need anything else, Jake is waiting for me.
We have much to discuss.
Go easy on him.
Good night.
What, Leon? Nothing.
Unless there's something I should know.
Some detail I missed you might need to tell me.
Good night, Gibbs.
Yeah, it's open.
Come on in.
Why am I not surprised? Hello, Anton.
Don't have any vodka, but there's a cold beer in the fridge.
You are considerate but I cannot stay.
I understand we had some success.
You could say that.
I admit I was nervous.
He was quite suspicious at first, but you were right.
When I told him you killing Nelly Benin was a fake, he bought it-- as you say-- hook, line and sinker.
People believe what they want to believe.
Had he not, we might not be having this conversation right now.
But here we are.
Thank you.