NCIS s12e18 Episode Script

Status Update

Hello? Yeah, I got everything we needed.
I'll know what I have for you soon enough.
That's exactly what the guy at the hardware store asked, and you're both chauvinist pigs.
I guarantee I'm better with power tools than any man.
That's not what I meant, although it does prove my pig thesis.
Chill out.
You're just oversensitive.
We can discuss the finer points of sexism later.
Yeah, that's what she said.
So, Larsen, you check your Leave and Earnings Statement? Last Monday.
Still no payday.
And you talked to Chuck in payroll? I mean, usually he's civil if you are.
I was very civil.
I explained I'm trying to put a deposit down on a new apartment, but he just grumbled something about next week.
Well, Chuck has spoken-- I wouldn't push it.
I have to be out of temp housing by Friday.
Oh, what if I show him a little shoulder? Never worked for me.
I tell you what, though-- I have a couch and an extra key.
Thanks, Tim.
That's really sweet.
Rent won't be cheap, though.
More than a little shoulder, huh? What? Nothing.
Work flirt.
You two should never be left alone, you know that? Look, I was just being friendly.
Agent Larsen is nice.
Seen a lot of "nice" this week.
And she always lingers.
She lingers for you, Tim.
Tina was transferred to the Carolinas nine years ago, and now she's back.
I'm a familiar face, if that's what you mean.
It wasn't.
And your face isn't all that's familiar.
Hey, that was one date, and it was 108 months ago.
Must have gone well.
I mean no.
It doesn't matter, because I'm still with Delilah.
End of story.
Well, she works in Dubai and it's been six months since you've seen her.
Thank you for picking at the scab on my heart, guys.
Well, Bishop had the problem.
I never said that.
By all means, stretch your legs, Tim.
Keep the monotony out of monogamy.
By cheating? No.
Just words.
Harmless practice for later use on your actual flirt.
Practice makes perfect.
Look, what I'm saying is Keep the tools sharp.
See? Gibbs knows what I'm talking about.
Ah, I got no idea.
Got a body in off-base housing.
Look sharp.
Open sesame.
Actually, the original French text would be sésame, ouvre-toi.
Mon Dieu.
Neighbor saw the blood trail on the driveway, called the police, mentioned that the house belongs to a Marine.
Registered to Gunnery Sergeant Holt Perkins, currently deployed as part of a training team working with the Iraqi Army.
Get an I.
on the body? No, LEOs didn't find any.
The house is clear-- no signs of blood or struggle outside of the garage.
Well, she certainly bled out.
Following a trip to the hardware store.
Drill bits.
Late night hankering for woodwork? Yeah, well, it happens.
According to his CO, Gunnery Sergeant Perkins will be home sooner than later.
He's on leave.
Transport just landed two hours ago.
It's a hell of a thing to come home to.
- Yeah.
- This is my house.
Get off me.
Get your hands off me! Where's my wife? Get o Don't touch me again.
Gibbs, NCIS.
Get that out of my face.
Where's my wife? Marine I need you to focus.
Oh, God.
Oh, God, thank you, thank you.
Thank you.
Gunny It's not her.
That's not my wife, sir.
I've never seen this woman before.
- Lee? Leandra? - We already cleared the house.
Your wife's not here.
Then where is she? There's a dead woman in my garage and no sign of her.
Straight to voicemail.
Any idea where your wife might be? Why do you think I keep calling her? Can't you see something's not right? I'm sorry, sir, I just I told her my leave was scheduled for next week.
I wanted to surprise her.
We haven't spoken since my unit lost the Internet.
Wait Gunny? Someone's been in here.
Someone's been in here.
Explain that.
My wife-- she's a clean freak.
Like, OCD in a major way.
Who happens to be a vegan who hates that couch.
How long you been deployed? No, no.
This is not some personality swing.
She's a personal trainer.
Self-discipline's her life.
Her body's a temple, get it? I mean, I had to convert the-the guest room into a gym.
This the room? Yeah.
Where's the elliptical? And the Bowflex? Find what's missing, Gunny.
Drill bits weren't for woodworking.
You own a safe? Yeah.
Bolted to the closet floor-- why? She was trying to crack it.
Well, after breaking off two drill bits, looks like a trip to the hardware store would be in order.
Our victim was a thief.
Meet Mallory Bleeker.
Her prints were in AFIS.
She was arrested four years ago for unlawful entry and burglary.
She was sentenced to two years and served ten months.
Experienced thief wouldn't move bulky exercise equipment or stay around to crack a safe.
Unless she knew she had time.
How? The same way that I know you spent the weekend trying to sync the Beatles' Abbey Road with Jaws.
Let me tell you something: "Octopus's Garden" starts at the exact same time that the Kintner boy jumps into the water with the shark.
I'm telling you, it's uncanny.
Exactly what you said in your EveryoneIEverMet.
com status.
And according to Leandra Perkins' latest status update, she is "Maxin' and relaxin' at the pool".
Yup, with a geotag at Virginia Soul Health Spa.
I interrupted her fire cupping session when I called.
She's been posting updates like this for the last four days.
She's telling the whole world she's not home.
Previous posts also mention that her husband is deployed, which garnered a lot of support and well-wishes.
And meant that the house was empty.
The truck, the food, the pillow on the couch-- our thief was living in the house while she was robbing it.
That's creepy.
Either of you have a good locksmith or moat guy? And where's Mrs.
Perkins now? Virginia state police are escorting her home.
She was pretty upset.
The World Wide Web.
It astonishes me how people post their privates-- well, private information-- for all to see.
Such individuals would never leave a note on the front door: "The house is empty.
" So why treat their computers differently? I mean, such lapses in judgment must be a gift to your profession.
Hashtag "blessed".
Still spending your nights on the Internet, Duck? Social media, Jethro, is a cesspool of questionable human behavior.
Just like your day job.
Well, the questionable act in this case are multiple stab wounds with a blunt knife.
Blunt? Yeah, the-the knife tore the skin rather than sliced it.
Dull blade's just as dangerous.
For the user as well.
I mean, a blunt knife is not efficient, and it's an odd choice for a murder weapon.
Murder wasn't the plan.
Apparently, it became the plan.
The wounds are deep.
Some of them more than four inches.
Adrenaline rush.
Oh, and I found this when I removed her clothes, stuffed in her brassiere.
Blood? Possibly the victim's.
If so, it would suggest it was put there postmortem.
Killer with a cause? Killer with a logo.
Questionable human behavior that requires further study? Damn right.
I thought I came in as next of kin.
You did.
Then why are we in a room with no windows? That's my sister Mallory.
I knew that life would catch up to her.
In addition to being her big brother, you're listed as a known accomplice, Scott.
That was a long time ago.
Nice watch.
I got out of that life, man.
What do you do now? Paper? I bet that sounded better in your head.
As wholesaler.
Look, the fact that I got out of crime is the reason why I haven't talked to my sister in over a year.
I can't be around that anymore.
Limited Edition T-Money's.
They only made 500 pair of those puppies.
eBay, dawg.
So, what did those run you, 1,200 bucks? Did you save receipts? What do you want? I want to know who is Mallory's fence.
Forget it.
I talk, and my shoes will be on eBay with my feet still in them.
So, Mallory have any enemies? All right, look, I was at the Drake Motel off State Route 40 with a prostitute named Daisy.
She works the Monroe-Saticoy district.
You'll know it's her by the Daisy Duck tattoo covering her chest area.
Daisy-- yeah, got it.
Thanks for the tip.
Look, she'll verify, I was with her all night.
Found this on her body.
Do you want to catch who murdered your little sister? Because this is them.
Look, whatever Mallory was caught up in, she didn't deserve this, but I've never seen this symbol.
Boss? Make it fast, McGee.
I was watching in Observation.
While our suspect doesn't know what that symbol is Faster.
I think I do.
I know what that symbol means.
I just need to make a quick phone call.
- Hey, it's me.
- Tim.
Oh, I thought tomorrow was our Super-Sexy-Skype night.
Oh, it, uh, definitely is, but this is about work-- I actually just sent you something? Okay.
Now, I remember you saying something last month about your task force in Dubai tracking-- Uh, we're tracking a terror group called "Dragon's Tooth," yeah.
Okay, the e-mail I just sent you-- is that their logo? Not publicly.
How did you get this? Uh, a murder.
It was found on the body.
- Military? - The house was.
The victim was a thief in the middle of robbing the place.
Hey, Tim, you still have that extra key to your place? I think I just pushed it with Chuck.
I'm on the phone.
I can't talk.
I'll come back.
Hey, still there? NCIS needs to coordinate with us right now.
Well, we've been following up on the robbery angle.
This wasn't about a robbery, Tim.
This is an act of domestic terrorism.
MTAC in ten? We can do five.
Even better.
I just have one more question for you.
Why does she need that extra key? Our task force in Dubai has been tracking the social media activity of terror groups for the last year.
And Dragon's Tooth is one of them? Yes, Director.
- What do they want? - Stir the pot.
Level the playing field against the United States.
The bully.
The Dragon.
It's our tooth in that logo.
That's why it's pulled from the root and bloody.
It's a trophy.
Special Agent Rafi Ali, Homeland Security.
I'm the task force team leader.
You mind if I step in? Oh, go for it, Raff.
The idea is to pull the dragon's teeth-- our teeth-- one-by-one.
How? According to your case report, a thief used social media to find her target.
Dragon's Tooth does the same, but for terror.
How? I think Agent Gibbs wants specifics.
I've worked with him before.
Say someone posts online that a family member is deployed-- a brother, sister, father, husband.
And suddenly, they become the target.
Anti-military tweets, threatening posts, phone calls.
Anything to harass or incite fear at home.
It's the first we're hearing about it.
Because we've been tracking the activity and shutting down the bogus accounts before it escalates.
It just did, to murder.
Your thief and our cyber terrorist hit the same house on the same night, both thinking it was empty.
Terrorist-- as in singular? Do you know who this guy is? The group is run by a man named Omer Malik, a British national operating online.
Actually, "group" may be a misnomer.
It's just him.
So he's here in the U.
? And upping his game.
He's never shown up in person before.
Guess we missed that.
You missed that? That's it? Probably.
You need to keep us updated going forward.
And you do the same.
We'll talk in your a.
Delilah, I'll call you in a few minutes so that we can My feelings aren't easily hurt, but I don't think he knew who I was.
Or maybe he did, and that's why he left in such a hurry.
Find out.
I told you to scrub your profile.
FBI sends weekly reminders to service members.
I use it for work.
It's how I get and keep clients.
Well, clearly, more than clients are following you online.
Ya think?! As we already mentioned twice, that is why you are here.
And neither of you got hurt, so, let's focus on the positive and get back to your friend list.
Anyone you don't recognize? Any names that stick out? Is he on here? Oh, don't.
Is there a name we should check? Don't listen to him.
It's nothing.
Saying it's nothing makes it worse.
It was a couples health spa.
Long weekend at a couples health spa.
He's my best client.
Body's a temple.
Looks like the congregation's growing.
It was platonic, okay? Let's see.
Pace, Park I see you're still friends with James.
There's a Henry Pecan.
No "Platonic," so, I guess that's a lie, too.
Platonic is not his name! You see? You know what? Let's do this separately.
Bish, no.
Sparks make fire.
Who's Henry Pecan? Is that one of your survivalist cousins? It's the water boy from your college volleyball team.
The eunuch.
That's mean.
And, no, it's not.
Then I have no idea.
Me, neither.
Sparks make fire.
So, who is Henry Pecan? Go, McGee.
Well, Delilah hasn't texted me all night, so, now, it's the middle of the night in Dubai.
It's a workday here.
Which is why I kept digging.
Turns out, Omer Malik is a distant relative of Bashir Malik, who is an accomplice in the bombing Paralyzed Delilah? Is this personal? You know, cousins with no known connection, but it's not listed on Homeland's BOLO.
Why would Rafi leave that out? Why would Delilah? I don't know.
Keep digging.
Delilah been texting you? I think she's avoiding me.
I'm not sure why.
She texted me, and I messaged back, but she stopped replying.
About the case? No.
Special Agent Larsen.
Don't worry.
Cleared that up.
What?! What do you got, Abbs? A prediction, Gibbs.
In approximately you're gonna run out of this room with a break in the case.
I hope so.
Okay, so, per our subpoena, the good folks at EveryoneIEverMet.
com turned over all of Henry Pecan's account information.
Dragon's Tooth cover? He never wrote on Mrs.
Perkins' page, but, according to private messages, which are also covered by the subpoena, Henry Pecan is Malik.
Messages are all to the same person.
Yeah, E.
Pecan and Pistachio? Nuts.
Clearly embracing the fact that these are online aliases.
And aliases that have been talking for a while, in code, and usually about political ideology.
I'm still standing here, Abbs.
Okay, so, the most recent message says that Malik and Pistachio are meeting today at Malik's apartment in Alexandria.
You buried the lead, did ya? Yeah, I kind of rigged my prediction.
The meeting's in less than an hour, Gibbs.
Apartment 2A should be the first left beyond this door.
Rented to a "Voight Hex.
" What's a Voight Hex? Name you give a third child.
We know the meeting agenda? No.
So trap is on the table.
Knock first? I vote sending in Bishop selling Girl Scout cookies in a dress.
I can make that work.
Uh fourth floor? Hungry, boss? Pay the man.
Don't move.
What? Who is it? Pizza.
I didn't order a pizza.
I didn't order a pizza.
Says "Apartment 2A.
" Cool! Federal agents! NCIS! Federal agents! Come on, get up! Get up! My nose! Ah! What's happening? The game wasn't turned up that loud! What's going on?! Hands behind you Clear.
Clear! No sign of Malik or Pistachio.
Maybe this guy's a nut, too.
Hey, you know this man, Omer Malik? That'smy roommate.
You working with him? No, he rents a room.
He found me on Craigslist.
That was your first mistake.
He's a wanted terrorist and murderer.
Hey, I don't know anything about that.
Look, I always play as the good guys! - All right, soldier, prove it.
- Where's Malik? Well, he's supposed to be here, 'cause he said he's meeting someone.
Meeting hasn't happened yet? Uh Get him out of here.
What? Let's go.
What are you doing? Where are we going? Well, it's been 20 minutes.
The targets get spooked? Put it down! Down! Now! Well, this is awkward.
So, wait, what are you telling me? You are E.
Pistachio? It's a deep cover alias I've been working under.
To make Omer Malik think he was recruiting a disgruntled DoD employee in a wheelchair.
It worked.
Last night, you were in Dubai.
I've been in the States a week.
Wait, wait, wait.
So when we were in MTAC Tim, it has been horrible not being able to tell you.
A week? Where have you been staying? It was need to know, Special Agents.
It's "Director.
" Leon Vance.
Of course.
Sorry, sir.
But this appeared to be an imminent threat to the homeland.
Our sting's been in the making for weeks.
We did it in a day.
You piggybacked off our undercover operative messaging Malik.
And now, because you didn't inform us, he's in the wind.
Guess we needed to know.
I was protecting my op and my operative.
And your credit.
Searched the apartment.
Nothing to track Malik.
No phone, no computer.
Just his home movie collection.
I'll need to see those.
In the spirit of cooperation.
Can you believe that guy? I know.
Who shoots on miniDV anymore? No, Agent Ali.
I don't trust him.
With Delilah? With the case.
And, frankly, that, too.
I mean, they work together.
I guess it's possible they're just friendly.
But? You want me to speculate? No.
I mean, just 'cause the birds and bees are in the same room doesn't necessarily mean that there's pollination.
Did you pass health class? It's like Agent Larsen and me.
I mean, there's-there's nothing between us, you know? Yeah.
Just a few billion years of basic sexual impulse.
Wait, no.
No, I'm saying the opposite of that.
Here we go.
Tim, they left info off a BOLO and kept us in the dark because she was undercover.
Now, that's questionable tactics but not proof of pollination.
Delilah never called or texted me back.
She still hasn't.
You just talked to her.
We were interrupted.
Tim, how many times have you tried to contact Delilah in the last 12 hours? Texts? A couple.
All right, a dozen.
But I only called six times.
What?! And left messages.
Oh, honey.
I know.
I know you know, but you're scaring her.
That's not good.
Women want the illusion of being chased.
They don't want to actually be chased.
Hold on a second.
You don't say.
I'll let the director know.
Rafi just signed in downstairs.
Delilah with him? Breathing room, Tim.
Breathe with me.
Much like our mystery videotapes, secrets will soon be revealed.
Secrets can be sexy.
Malik has broken into multiple houses.
We didn't know.
Honestly, this time.
How many? Six tapes, six houses.
The dates written on them suggest that he's been doing this for months.
- Unnoticed.
- Yep.
He does just enough to make people wonder if someone's been inside the house but not enough to report it.
He's making a point.
That we're vulnerable.
It's like what the Manson Family did in the '60s.
Break into empty houses and film it just for the terror aspect.
Creepy crawls.
Except instead of the Hollywood Hills, it's all military houses.
Latest one is from the Perkinses.
Second tape, please.
Yes, sir.
Malik's never bragged about this online.
Never mentioned it.
He hasn't released these.
Yeah, well, he's stockpiling.
Easier to get away with a crime when no one knows you're doing it.
Then why leave his mark after killing the woman? Grand finale.
If Malik digitizes these tapes and releases them, we're gonna be dealing with media frenzy, public panic.
People will think we're under attack.
We are.
Who's holding the camera? Malik has an accomplice.
We need to scan every minute of this footage for an I.
Yes, we do.
Director Vance, Homeland is part of this.
Damn, he's so fast.
I'll report to my superiors that our work is done here.
We've already spoken.
Just so you know, Delilah made sure we had separate rooms.
We're sharing a place while she's back in the States.
I could tell you were concerned.
More decoded transcripts and Delilah's chats with Malik.
Ugh, your computer won't shut up.
Oh, yeah, I set it to alert me on breaking news stories involving social media and terrorism.
You might want to narrow those parameters.
Three Colorado teens recruited to go to Syria last year.
Three British girls last month.
Three guys from New York and Florida a couple weeks ago.
Yeah, I know.
"There are soldiers around the world who do not know they are soldiers.
" "The weapons in this war "are available to everyone.
"Social media.
All they have to do is pick them up.
" Malik said that? Nope.
That was Delilah responding to him.
She was smart.
Played him like a fiddle.
She made him think that she was paralyzed by the fight on terror.
She was.
Yeah, but she leans into it.
She wasn't afraid to use personal details while undercover.
You know, embarrassing truths about her wheelchair, her job, even her long-distance relationship.
I haven't gotten that far.
She's kind of a badass.
That much I know.
Which leaves one question Wait, so what page is the personal stuff on? Should I delete my social media profile? No.
The more the bad guys use it, the more we learn about them.
I'm gonna delete it.
Bishop, so what's next? Cars? Guns? They're both weapons.
You gonna give them up, too? What? Th-There's a 14-day waiting period before I can delete my account? Oh, yeah.
Cooling-off time.
Yet they allow recruitment videos and beheadings to upload immediately.
The goose bumps this is giving me are, like, painful.
Are you watching this, McGee? Yeah.
You okay? Honestly, I haven't had time to figure that out.
It's been one thing after another.
- Delilah? - We haven't even had the chance to say a proper hello to each other.
No! Not the dog! No! Not Put the knife down! Abby, it's okay.
He doesn't hurt the dog.
I've already seen this part.
Spoiler alert.
You want him to hurt the dog? No.
I just wanted to, you know, feel my own sense of relief, organically.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Stop it.
Stop it.
Look at that.
Right there.
He touches the banister.
Most people don't clean their balustrades on a regular basis.
They don't? Ew.
Have a good reason why your prints were in the Perkins house? Pizza delivery.
No one was home.
Except you and Malik.
Malik, the guy whose apartment you were headed to.
Yeah, you saw us.
You tipped him off.
So who was the pizza for, Papa John? You want me to say it was for Malik, but it was for me.
I'm allowed one free a month.
You don't even live in the building.
So? So where were you gonna eat it? You have a collect call from the Maryland State Penitentiary.
Terrorism and murder.
Do you accept the charges? He found me online.
I just run the camera.
It was dangerous, but it paid well and nobody ever got hurt.
Until they did.
The house was supposed to be empty.
Malik panicked.
He went around to the garage.
He killed her.
I was hiding inside.
I had nothing to do with it.
Looking the other way counts! Where is he now? He would never tell me where he was going.
I made some Twitter comments he liked.
I'm not some believer.
Look, I know who is, though.
Th-There was this chick Malik was trying to recruit.
Uh, Pistachio-- it's a fake name.
But he talked about her all the time.
A disgruntled DoD employee.
Uh, blames the government for paralyzing her or something.
She wants revenge.
And if we already know that much? I don't have a name.
But you can look her up.
I'm giving you an inside threat.
She promised Malik Intel.
She is his perfect weapon.
He's, like, obsessed with her.
McGee Boss, I understand that Delilah's our key to drawing out Malik-- I get that.
Bring her here.
I'm waiting for her to call me back.
It's her.
I need to talk to her first.
Just me.
Work it out, Tim.
Come on in.
So, this is where they put you up, huh? Both of you? Well, it's a nice place.
It's big.
I've only been here a week.
Could have stayed with me.
That would have defeated the whole need-to-know thing.
Which was a jerk move by your boss.
I don't talk about Gibbs like that.
I don't share a bathroom with Gibbs.
Are you not telling me something? What? You think I'm still lying to you? I don't know what to think.
Look, I don't know what to think because we haven't talked.
So you have said, in multiple texts.
Yeah, none of which you've replied to.
Well, here we are now, talking.
Because I've been pestering you.
And I've managed to look past that, which I think is pretty gracious on my part.
You should have come to me with this case.
Have you never had to take orders you didn't like? I am right now.
Gibbs sent me to get you.
You're our best bet to finding Malik.
So what's the difference?! At least I told you.
Only because I just asked you, Tim! It's exactly my point! What are we even talking about?! Do you want to break up? No.
Well, me, neither.
But are we? It sure sounds like it, yeah.
It's perfect.
Rafi's home.
Do not blame him! Don't defend him.
I heard shouting.
Tim around? Hmm.
Uh, he stepped out.
I would have offered you my place to stay, but I'm in a very committed relationship.
In case you don't remember, I'm Have a good night, Tony.
She remembers.
Where are we with Homeland? Ah, Agent Ali is on his way up.
He's not a happy camper.
I'd say his willingness to let us use Delilah for another undercover op matches Tim's now.
It's gonna be up to her.
Where is McGee? Haven't heard from him.
Well, he's had his time.
Uh, you want me to call? No.
You've reached Special Agent Timothy McGee.
Leave a message after the beep.
And you said Rafi was the only one that knew about this place? Not the time, Tim.
I agree.
Although, it's worth noting, when I was told that NCIS was involved, things worked out nicely.
You followed me here? Since we're interested in the same person, lover boy.
You told him about me? I was undercover.
The closer I can be to the truth, the better.
Which is why I'm here-- the truth.
It's quite simple.
Are you undercover for me? Or them? It determines how many bodies will be found tonight.
In either case, it's a grim outcome for you.
Well, I appreciate the insight, Agent? Call me "Raff".
Boundaries, Larsen.
We'll take him from here.
All right, back on the elevator.
What the hell? You called me up here.
Bigger fish to fry elsewhere.
Still going straight to voicemail.
Delilah's safe house where is it? Need to know.
Last we heard, McGee was headed there, and now he's not answering.
And that means? Still slow on the uptake, Raff-- let's go! Don't make this a measuring contest.
Move! We're bigger.
Tell him you're with him.
What? No.
Just tell him you're with him.
One last video before I release them online.
Ready? Look, she started out as a double agent for Homeland Security.
Some point during the last year, I figured out that she wasn't on my side anymore.
You know I want to believe that.
Believe it.
At first, I thought it was me.
I came here tonight to try and change her mind.
It didn't work.
He came here tonight to tell me I was wrong.
And it is a little bit about you.
And Rafi.
Stop blaming him.
Stop defending him! What, do you think I'm seeing him?! I don't know.
Are you? Is that why you're a traitor? Can't be a traitor to someone who doesn't care about you.
What are you talking about? I'm here.
I care.
Obviously, not enough to listen.
I'm still listening, but I haven't heard an answer! No, no, no! Please! Just tell him the truth! The truth is, I still care about you, Tim! Can't you see that? None of this was easy.
What are we even doing? We haven't even had a proper "Hello.
" Why'd you move halfway around the world? Why did you let me? Because I love you.
I know.
Are you with me?! Yes, I am with you.
But you don't have to shoot him.
No I don't.
But you do.
I-I said I'm with you.
Prove it.
Prove it! Metro PD's on alert.
They might be closer.
No, the condo's just up here.
Next right, Gibbs.
It's a test.
We'll make it.
Just pass the test.
Tim, what are you? Delilah, pull the trigger.
What are you doing? I can't.
The gun's not loaded.
He wouldn't give you a loaded weapon! How was I supposed to know that? Well, I used the word "test.
" Enough! I thought you understood that was the plan! That wasn't my plan! Well, what was your plan? Shut up! This was my plan! Don't! McGee.
We're okay, boss.
Who gave you that head wound-- Delilah or Malik? Just gets these ties off me.
They're off.
And the knife? Rule number nine-- I listen.
You and I, on the other hand-- we need to work on our communication.
Bishop? Hmm? When you said work-flirts keep your kung fu strong, what-what do you mean by that? It's just a theory, really.
Well, that theory of everything worked for McGot-Lucky last night.
I know kung fu.
Yes, you do, and you have you have learned well, Grasshopper.
That must have sounded bad.
Yeah, just a little, but Tony cleared it up.
You two work-flirts? No.
Agent Larsen was just asking for the inside scoop on Rafi.
I've been thinking about you.
You're either real complicated, or super simple, Tina.
Good-bye, Tony.
Good morning.
By the way, we, uh, heard about Agent Ali.
Suspended for gross negligence.
Yup, stop smiling.
What? They just made me team leader.
You're kidding.
That's boss, boss.
Yeah, well, social media's not going away, so neither is this kind of threat, so, our work is more important than ever.
Well, congratulations.
So, you heading back to Dubai? Well, it's going to be more work and more responsibilities, but, uh, since the threat's at home now my team will be, too.
You mean, you're going to be here in DC? It's a higher security clearance, and that means even more secrets.
Well, secrets can be sexy.
Ah, geez.
Get a room.
I already have one.