NCIS s12e19 Episode Script


I'm telling you Pluto ain't a planet.
Since when? Since the IAU said so.
The who? A bunch of pencil necks who make the rules.
They don't make the rules for me.
I'm going with “planet.
” Speaking of pencil necks, somebody's got an eyeball on you.
See if he knows what the IAU is.
Looking for some fun? That works.
You're late! But before we go anywhere, I need to know you can protect me.
And my family.
You're safe now.
I'll make sure your family is, too.
You don't know these people! You don't know what they can do! Oh, yeah, we do.
That's why I'm here.
Trust me.
You're safe.
Thank you.
Well, boss, girls say that, uh, the shooter was someone in a black SUV.
They get a look at the driver? If they did, they're not saying.
I think they're scared.
Here you go.
Keep the change.
Somebody saw something, McGee.
Take DiNozzo, canvass the area.
Uh, boss, DiNozzo isn't here today, remember? Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.
Ooh-yah! Thought you were in Atlantic City with your buddies.
Well, my flight doesn't leave until 2:00.
Gibbs asked me to help out till then.
Clearly, he didn't think you could handle it by yourself.
Let me get my jacket.
Oh, please.
Like he actually said that.
Wait, did he actually say that? Oh, thank you.
Not only is prostitution humanity's oldest profession, there is also evidence that animals engage in it, too.
For example, the Antarctic penguin Stilettos must be murder on the ice.
That was a joke.
No, that was an attempt at a joke.
Good morning, Eleanor! Uh, to whom do we have the pleasure? Good morning, Ducky.
Well all we have is Lolita for the female victim.
And the male is Petty Officer 2nd Class Daniel Harvey.
Notify his commanding officer.
On it.
The gunfire appears to have been concentrated on the female.
But I'll have an accurate idea when you're done with Agent McGee.
Huh? He's lurking behind you.
Hey, boss.
What? Well, I was, uh, I was just thinking, you know, Tony's really excited about having the week off.
Bishop and I can handle things just We have a problem.
fine? What's the problem? I checked the Navy Locator.
There's no listing for a Petty Officer Daniel Harvey anywhere in the Navy's record.
Someone needs to tell him that.
Abby examined the I.
If it's a forgery, it's a really good one.
And no hits on his prints.
Vehicle's legit-- it's registered to the Department of Defense's motor pool.
Who checked it out? According to their records, it's still sitting in the garage.
There is an exit log at the guard station we could look at.
I can handle that.
I mean, I can access that-- right here, right now, in the database.
I'm gonna do that.
The girl.
Uh, Lolita Cortes, 21.
Born in Colombia, but emigrated to the U.
when she was 18.
ICE has her coming back from a trip to Colombia last night.
She was there for two days.
That's a long trip for just two days.
Does she have a record? She was arrested twice for prostitution.
One of her coworkers said she had a falling out with her pimp.
If I didn't have a plane to catch for a trip I'd been forward to for the last six months, that's the first place I'd be looking-- hint, hint.
Go, go, go, go.
Going, gone! Have fun! Found something.
And I'm sure it's gonna be very compelling! Text me, McGee.
Let me know who the bad guy is.
Found a requisition for the car in a DoD motor pool database that I do not have access to, but I accessed anyway.
Uh, car was requisitioned to an op called Lex Talionis? Uh what just happened? I have no idea.
Let's go find out.
You know what Lex Talionis is? I know the phrase-- Latin.
It means, uh, law of retaliation; eye for an eye; that kind of thing.
Oh, you ever heard of an op with that name? No.
I'm locked out! What the hell's going on? I don't know.
Agent Gibbs, I have no idea what you're talking about.
We got a dead petty officer driving a vehicle assigned to Lex Talionis.
That's our op.
Why is there operational activity that my agents aren't aware of? Director Vance, if there's Lex Talionis activity in the field, then I'm not aware of it, either.
Which isn't unusual.
You do recall this is a highly compartmentalized operation.
Are you in charge or not? I understand your frustration.
I know you've been working on this for years.
So let's focus.
Where was the petty officer assigned? We're still looking.
He had Navy I.
But there's no record of him in any Navy database.
Might be a cover.
Could we have some kind of a leak? Well, if there is and the target finds out we're after him, he'll go even deeper underground.
And we lose the best shot we've had at finding him in years.
Do your thing.
I'll see what I can find out on my end.
Get me Carschenk at Naval Intelligence.
And Ambassador Edmunds at State.
Agent Gibbs, I think it's time to bring in the rest of your team.
So what exactly are we looking at? Metropolitan International Airport.
Someone detonated a bomb in the departure terminal.
I know this.
At the time, it was one of the deadliest attacks on American soil in decades.
Almost a hundred people injured or killed.
Who did it? Nobody knows.
Case went cold and the attack was all but forgotten by the public.
But we are not the public.
And the United States of America doesn't forget.
You got a lead.
After almost 40 years, you got a lead.
Two years ago, NCIS agents in Colombia recovered an unexploded bomb with a striking similarity to the one used at Metropolitan Airport in '79.
Touch DNA of the internal components confirmed that both bombs were made by the same bomb maker.
Tony, how exactly do you know all this and I don't? Admiral Tyson immediately classified the Intel and created a secret op to track down the bomb maker.
And she named the operation Lex Talionis.
Agent Gibbs was placed in charge because of his prior experience in Colombia.
And he brought Tony in, and not me.
Or me.
Actually you weren't here yet, Ziva was.
Oh, come on, you're telling me that Ziva knew, too? Agent McGee, your ego is not the subject of this briefing.
So, who is the subject? Tomás Orlando He was formerly a Colombian rebel, now he's one of the country's biggest drug kingpins.
We narrowed the suspect pool down to Orlando about six months ago.
How? Well, it's a long story, Bishop.
Read up.
For the past six months, we've tried to get a DNA sample from Orlando to confirm that he's our guy.
He's not an easy man to find.
We've been dead in the water.
Until today? That's what you need to find out.
Whatever's going on with that petty officer, this just might be the break that we've been waiting for.
Hello? Abby? Hear you got something.
What? Something wrong? Not at all.
Tony read me in.
I heard the fantastic news that you matched DNA from the cold case airport bombing to a recent bomb in Colombia.
That is awesome! So? So I'm just thrilled.
You got someone to run DNA for you.
Someone with a lab full of DNA-running equipment.
I mean, it must be so cool to know somebody like that.
Abby, it's not like that.
You cheated on me, Gibbs.
Abby, the DNA was in the southeast field office when I was assigned the op.
It would've run through too many hands to get up here to you.
Okay, that makes sense.
Awkward What can I do to make it up to you? Just show me what you got.
Consider it done.
Or consider it done when I'm done, which should take me, like, 30 seconds.
Okay, I got a lead on our killer.
I found bloody fingerprints in the car that belong to this fine specimen of humanity.
Eddie “Collarbone” Rosario.
He's been busted for pimping more times than I've said the word “pimping.
” Pimping, pimping, pimping, pimping, pimping.
Now we're tied.
Our victim said she had a falling out with her pimp.
Well, then I would assume that that is him.
And judging by the dead bodies, I think he won the argument.
Just got an IM from Bishop.
Yeah, what's it say? The admiral needs to see you right now.
He's already on his way.
Okay, what do we have? The identity of our petty officer.
I've brought in our ambassador to Colombia.
She has news, as well.
Ambassador Edmunds.
Agent Gibbs, nice to finally meet you in person, as it were.
So, who was he? Well, our male victim's real name was Lieutenant Louis Freston.
I know the name.
Intelligence specialist.
Recently assigned.
Apparently he had cultivated Lolita as an asset.
She has relatives in Colombia who claim to know where our target got his hair cut.
You know, we get a report like this twice a week.
It never pans out.
This one did.
The report Freston was about to file says Lolita was bringing him a hair sample she'd picked up from Colombia.
She was going to give it to him the night they were killed.
And if his DNA matches the DNA from the airport bomb, we got our guy.
We didn't find a hair sample at the crime scene.
According to Freston's notes, it was sewn into the lining of the prostitute's purse.
We didn't find a purse.
Actually, boss, I may have a lead on that.
A store owner across the street shot video on his cell, just after the shooting.
Let's see it.
Pimp has her DNA.
And you have 12 hours to get it back.
The stars are aligning, Agent Gibbs.
Ambassador? Freston's play kicked up some chatter.
I just received Intel on a meeting between Orlando and his top lieutenants.
We have a location.
I'm scrambling a SEAL team.
You need to verify Orlando is our guy.
while we have a window of opportunity.
This is the best shot we've had in 40 years.
It's payback time.
McGee? Oh, hey! Where's Agent Gibbs? In MTAC with his favorite agent.
I'm sorry.
I didn't get the chance to eat.
Happy to help.
Yeah, I need a BOLO out on a convicted pimp named Eddie Rosario.
Street name is Collarbone.
Uh excuse me, how do I, uh? Do you know how? Is there a doorbell or something? Excuse me, do you? Okay, I'm not invisible, people! All right, I'm not invisible! What do you want, Palmer? There is a camera.
What do you want, Palmer? Dr.
Mallard has news, big news! I Uh McGee's got a BOLO out on the pimp.
That was Palmer scratching at the door.
Ducky's got something.
Hey, put him up on the screen.
Hello, Duck.
Oh, I forgot you can turn that damn thing on whenever you want, can't you? Palmer said you had something? Well, during my examination, I found a small tattoo on the young lady's derrière.
It looked as if someone had tried to scrape it off, which I thought was a bit odd.
So, I ran it down.
Turns out Lolita's pimp brands his girls with that particular tattoo.
So, I was able to track the art to I told Tony that you wanted to speak to Agent Gibbs.
Not that Gibbs ever actually speaks.
After “What do you got, Doc?” all I ever get is angry glare.
Hey, Palmer.
Angry glare.
Uh, pimp brands his girls, and I was able to track the tattoo art to the Web site of the parlor that does it.
Thanks, Bishop.
Yeah, may give us a lead on where Collarbone hangs out.
All right, take, uh, McGee with you, huh? All right, McGee.
You've been pouting the whole car ride-- let's hear it.
So, two years, huh? I don't want to hear it.
You've been working on this op for two years and never said anything.
Well, it was, um what do you call it? Oh, yeah! Classified.
Oh, come on, how many times have I hacked classified data and shared it with you? Yeah, it's You know what? That's probably right.
But you proved my point.
Which is? Can't trust you anymore.
You're just upset 'cause Gibbs read me in and not you.
That's not it at all, all right? I'm sure he had his reasons.
As misguided as they probably were.
Sign number one you've walked into the wrong tattoo shop.
Smells like cat pee? Yeah.
Just a sec! Got a bleeder! We'll wait.
Hope he enjoys the hepatitis.
Hey, we're not done yet, by the way.
Well, what is left? I was read in first.
And now you have been read in.
How do I know you're not working on another secret op? How do I know you're not working on another secret op? Are you working on another secret op? McGee! Hurts, doesn't it? All right, for what it's worth, I felt bad lying to you.
I think you enjoyed it.
A little bit.
But mostly I felt bad.
Apology accepted.
You two maybe want to be alone? Edward Rosario? Nobody calls me Edward.
It's Collarbone.
We're not “nobody.
” Yeah, thank God I'm out of that car.
You two have the worst taste in music I've heard in my life.
Ah! You found the pimp.
Pimp by night.
Tattoo artist by day.
The purse? In his trunk.
There was a DNA tube sewn in to the lining.
I'm running it down to Abby now.
I will brief Gibbs.
Commander, give me a sitrep.
My men are deployed and standing by.
Just awaiting the go-order.
We're chomping at the bit here.
We all are, Commander Hankos.
Might not be much longer.
Tony and McGee found the pimp.
They get our target's DNA? Tony's bringing the sample to Abby, as we speak.
Shouldn't take her long to verify that Orlando is our guy.
How secure is your team's position? Colombia's not the safest place for Navy SEALs to hang out in, but they'll make do.
Where's the pimp? McGee brought him to interrogation.
You think he's working with Orlando? We're gonna find out.
If he is, no deals, no plea bargains.
You make him pay.
People may have forgotten about the Metropolitan attack.
I haven't.
Commander Hankos hasn't forgotten? He must've been, like, a baby when the attack happened.
He was.
What he hasn't forgotten was growing up without a father, because of it.
What are the odds he'd be the one commanding this mission? About as good as it gets.
He asked to command this mission.
When it's time for payback, he wants to be the one to write the check.
And I know exactly how he feels.
Sit down.
Sit down or I'll sit you down.
You don't scare me.
You lay one hand on me, and Go on.
I'll wait.
Sitting works, if you want to be all anal about it.
How long you been working for Tomás Orlando? Who? That jog your memory? Nah.
You killed her and you took something from her.
I don't know what you're smoking, but I'd like a hit.
The DNA sample that was in her purse.
And you took it.
Why? DNA, man! DNA! I don't know anything about no-no DNA.
Do I look like a DNA kind of guy to you? You look like a life without parole kind of guy.
I got your vehicle's tire tracks at the crime scene.
Got your bloody prints on the victim.
Okay, wait a second here.
DNA! Talk.
Hey, look, I already told you.
I don't know what you Who told you to take that sample? I don't know what you're talking about! Okay, I I manage a tattoo parlor during the day, okay? But at night, I-I-I I run this small freelance escort service.
You're a pimp.
Okay, semantics.
Anyways Lolita was one of my girls.
Then, last week, she tells me she's out! Nah.
No one quits Collarbone, no.
Then, last night, I find out she's working my turf, I-I I got to send a message to my girls, man.
So, you kill her? A man's got nothing if he doesn't have his reputation.
Why'd you take the DNA? The DNA? I don't know anything about no DNA, man! I told you! I took her purse and that's all! Because whatever bank she made that night was mine! I mean, fair's fair, right? You seem reasonable.
Apologies to Rule 22, Gibbs, but I finished running Orlando's DNA and Are your men in position, Commander? They will be in half a mike.
Where are they? I don't see anyone.
They're there.
Any chatter from the locals? Nothing.
We are a go for takedown.
Takedown is a go.
Copy that.
Move in.
Switching to helmet cams.
Breaching the back entrance.
Fan out.
Loop around.
Clear! Clear.
Commander, the target not present.
The building has been vacated.
The Intel our office received was good.
Orlando had a confirmed meeting with his top lieutenants in the building at 2100 hours.
It looks like he canceled.
He could have found out about the assault.
Did you alert the government of Colombia that we were making a play? With all due respect, are you out of your mind? Uh, boss, we've got Commander Hankos on the line.
Patch him in.
I'm already getting screaming phone calls from my counterpart, wondering if the U.
is running an op on sovereign Colombian soil.
Commander, what's your status? My men are holding position in the Delta Quadrant.
They started taking fire from some locals, so we had to pull back from Orlando's compound.
Is it your recommendation, then, that we abort the mission? Hell, no.
Place was cleaned out in a hurry.
We're right on his tail.
You get any useful Intel from the compound? We recovered a partially destroyed laptop, but the hard drive's still intact.
Anything there we could use to track the target? Unknown.
It was encrypted.
My tech's still trying to access it.
Commander, Abby Sciuto and I might have some better luck.
You're welcome to try, but it'll take at least 12 hours to get that laptop to DC.
My men don't have that kind of time.
Our people can meet.
Meaning what? The commander's aircraft carrier in the Gulf.
I'll run down to tell Abby.
In the meantime, what do I tell the Colombian ambassador? You're a diplomat.
Say something diplomatic.
Nice timing.
Nice timing.
Me first.
Me first.
Abby first.
I got a second hit on the most recent DNA sample from Orlando.
It's a familial match.
Who? He has a niece that lives outside Baltimore.
Well, she may be in contact with the uncle.
Maybe she knows where he is.
Abbs, good work.
Now go pack your bags.
Where am I going? Hey.
Abby found a relative.
We heard.
Relative's name is Dr.
Susanna Soto.
Runs a family therapy practice in Rosedale.
How long she been here? She was born in the States.
Going by DNA, her father and Orlando were brothers.
Were? Yeah, her parents were killed when she was seven.
Raised by her mother's family.
We don't even know if she knows her uncle.
Any contact with anyone in Colombia? Nothing on her cell or landline.
Not on her main account, but she could have others we don't know about.
We would need physical access to her computer to be certain.
We already got a warrant, but if we go in heavy, the uncle could be watching-- might tip him off.
What's the play? There's no time for a lengthy interrogation, and we risk getting bad Intel if we turn the screws.
That's the play.
We're gonna be parents.
Boss, you reading us? Loud and clear.
All right.
So, what's the plan, Bishop? We go in, get settled.
Then I excuse myself to use the bathroom, I find Dr.
Soto's PC and mirror her hard drive onto this.
Wives first.
Thanks, honey.
Come on in.
We're back here.
Please come in.
Join us.
Uh Um, is this the parenting class? Oh, I'm sorry.
There was a mix-up on the Web site.
Tonight is my couples intimacy class.
Well, this should be interesting.
I lied.
I was a afraid to tell you the truth.
Because I-I didn't think you would come.
Oh, I see.
But you must understand, the first ingredient for intimacy is trust.
Please sit down.
All right, let's check out these cool pillows.
Uh why don't you both sit down? Actually, I have to use the restroom.
You're here, so be here.
But I really Sit.
Thank you.
Now, take his hands.
Huh? Oh, gosh.
For real, I-I'm actually getting over a cold.
Hands-- out.
Guess that's better than my feet.
Now, look into his eyes Ah, geez.
I can't watch this.
Now what? No.
Don't break eye contact.
So, now what? Just keep looking.
He's going to file for hazard pay.
Okay tailhooking is the coolest thing I have ever done in my life.
Well, so much for hugging a panda.
Agent McGee, Ms.
Sciuto, glad you could make it.
Follow me.
We're tight on time.
Any progress accessing Orlando's laptop? I'll let Petty Officer Goode fill you in.
I'm Yeah, yeah, yeah, Agent McGee.
You wasted your time coming here.
I was able to access the laptop on my own, so you might as well get back on your your, uh You're Abby Sciuto.
And you're Petty Officer Goode.
You dated my roommate's brother's best friend, like, 11 years ago.
You have a really good memory.
You're kind of memorable.
Um uh, so you accessed the laptop.
And? Oh, and I found the details to the meeting on Orlando's compound that we already knew about.
That was about it.
Do you mind if we take a look ourselves? Uh, hold on-- one second.
Did you say 11 years ago? No.
Uh, my roommate's brother's best friend was a barista at this coffeehouse called Buzzed.
Oh, Buzzed.
Hey, we know that well.
I used to take you there all the time, 11 years ago.
So, are the two of you No.
Uh What was that? I mean, you know, you're you're like my brother and Yeah, I know, you're like my sister, but I wouldn't you like that.
Come on.
Okay, now I get it.
What do you get? You got dogged by the barista.
Right under your nose.
Uh, could we just please get to work and? I mean, it was Abby, don't worry about it.
It's ancient history.
It's fine.
Listen, you, our friend Abby Sciuto here said that we need to get to work, so how about we do that? Yeah, uh if I let that one get away, I'd bury myself in my work, too.
Or start drinking.
My lady.
How did your undercover op go? No comment.
I need a shower.
Oh So, uh, who's briefing Gibbs? Not me.
I need a moment.
For what? I may have intimacy issues.
Well, tonight, I was thankful for them.
Our people having any luck with Orlando's laptop? Agent McGee said they'll need another hour.
It's getting tight.
What about the agents who made contact with the family member? Bishop.
I finally got permission to use the restroom Is she talking to Orlando? It's going to take some time to find out.
She's got some issues of her own.
She's a cyber-hoarder.
She's got three decades of files on her PC.
It could take weeks to run it all down.
We don't have weeks.
Just a matter of time before Orlando finds out Navy SEALs were in his compound.
Then he goes down and never comes back up again.
We either find this guy this go-around or we could lose him forever.
Found him.
Where? Squad room.
In the where? Squad room, ma'am.
I am Tomás Orlando.
I am seeking asylum from the United States of America.
Per regulations, I notified State of his asylum request.
They wanted to know, quote, “how the hell he got through customs.
” Well, he's a professional drug smuggler.
I doubt he waited in line.
What's he up to? Well, whatever it is, he's got a pair, I'll give him that.
So what's the play? He came to us.
Let's go find out.
May I assume you've spoken to your State Department? I wouldn't hold my breath.
Asylum isn't really for, um What do they call it again? Oh, yeah, terrorists.
I'm a freedom fighter.
You are a murderer and a drug dealer.
Maybe if your country stopped giving weapons to the wrong team, I wouldn't have to sell drugs to finance my cause.
Oh, really? You got a cause? Justice.
From a corrupt government.
A government which has imprisoned me for decades because I stood up to it.
So now you're going to be in prison here, for decades.
I had nothing to do with that airport attack.
That's interesting.
Your DNA was on the bomb, pal.
Whatever DNA you have is not mine! I'm being set up.
I've known for months the United States government was trying to get a sample of my DNA.
I just didn't know why.
At least not until your informant was killed.
The girl her family came to me for protection.
They told me everything.
That's when I realized I was being framed.
I had nothing to do with the Metropolitan bombing.
Nothing to do with it.
So you just decided to pop up north here and tell us that in person? I came here because I have a family.
And I know how you cowboys work.
Shoot first, ask questions later.
My children are more important to me than my entire empire.
I'm not willing to risk them getting cruise-missiled coming home from school one day.
I want them to learn how to read, not how to scan the skies, looking for drones.
So You win.
Just like that.
I was retiring anyway.
I was announcing it at that meeting you tried to crash.
And I can see that you don't trust me.
The beauty is you don't need to.
See for yourself.
I didn't make that bomb.
Whoever did found out that you're after him and he is playing you.
He's playing you like a fiddle.
Found the instruction book in the drawer.
Just like Abby said.
I have Orlando's DNA.
Let's see if we can match it to the original airport bomb.
Maybe you guys need a Caf-POW.
Are you sure you can handle this? Absolutely.
The instruction manual, please, Mr.
Don't you think that I should probably take the driver's seat on this one, Doctor? Driver's seat? This is an autopsy-- I do have more extensive lab training.
Oh, really? Oh, come now, gentlemen.
No need to fight.
I graduated with top honors from my class of Forensics at, uh, the University of Edinburgh.
Yes, in nineteen-twenty? Pull up, Jimbo.
I'm just saying.
That you wish to be cleaning intestines off the autopsy floor for the remainder of your tenure at NCIS? That sounded like a threat, Doctor.
Well, apparently, my command of the English language has not been dulled by the ravages of time.
Nor my ability to read.
Let it go, Elsa.
You wanted to speak with me, Ambassador? Yes, I'm running out of lies to tell the Columbian government.
They know we're up to something.
It's a moot point now.
My men are pulling back to the extraction point since NCIS has the target in custody.
In custody? Since when? He turned himself in while you were in conference.
It's a fluid situation.
He claims that he's been set up.
It's not a claim.
He was set up.
Orlando's not our guy.
His DNA does not match the sample from the airport bomb.
Someone tried to frame him.
Are you sure? As it gets.
So we have nothing.
We're back to 40 years ago.
No no, we have something.
We know the bomber's still alive.
off his own head to try and frame Orlando.
When the Columbians realize just what kind of incursion we've committed, they'll place their military on high alert.
If I'm gonna reactivate my team, we're gonna need something fast.
Well, I guess you've come to the right place.
Or I have.
Hi, Gibbs.
Hi, Vance.
Hi, other people pushing buttons and stuff.
Abbs, what do you got? A keystroke logger, Gibbs.
McGee found it embedded on Orlando's laptop.
Someone has been spying on him for weeks.
Good work, but Orlando's no longer our target.
Well, who was on the other side of that bug? Um, I traced it back to a State Department IP address.
Ambassador Edmunds? You had access to Orlando's computer for weeks, and you neglected to tell us? I'm sorry, what did you say? The connection's getting fuzzy.
Get me the Secretary of State.
Tell him it's an emergency.
I need to speak with him as soon as possible.
Call Diplomatic Security at Foggy Bottom, tell him that we have a situation with Ambassador Edmunds.
MPs caught up with her in the parking lot.
Turned herself in.
Says she wants to talk to you.
Yeah, well, feeling's mutual.
I want to make a deal.
Oh, I'll bet you do.
We don't have much time, you know that.
Tell me what's going on.
Not without a deal.
You're protecting a terrorist.
Talk, and I will see if I can help.
They will never give you a deal.
Someone gave you access to the bug on Orlando's laptop.
You fed us his location.
You helped set him up.
Who are you working for? I'm not working for anybody.
I'm not a willing accomplice.
I was threatened.
By who? he was in prison for leading a Communist rebel group.
When he got out, he moved into the drug trade.
He told me if I didn't help him frame Orlando, he would kill everyone I care about.
Why didn't you come to us? Because you were working for him.
What does he have on you? I took money.
For pushing a favorable U.
drug policy in Colombia.
Just once.
That was it.
And then And then he owned you.
He attacked your country.
Are you gonna tell me his name or not? There's no official confirmation, yet, but we have reports that the U.
Navy launched a drone strike, early this morning, against the compound of Armand Luna, a Colombian drug lord.
It is rumored that DNA evidence has linked Luna to the 1979 bombing of Metropolitan International Airport.
You gonna remain silent, too, sir? We got him.
So maybe it was just a teensy little overlap with the barista bit.
Exactly how much overlap are we talking about here? You said this was ancient history.
It is, but I need to know whether or not I can trust you.
Don't ever say you can't trust me, McGee.
I have a debriefing at the Pentagon, but I just wanted to thank you both personally.
Thank you, Commander.
You put your men on the line for a thing.
A thing that a lot of people forgot about.
You didn't.
Neither did my mother, my sisters or my big brother.
They thank you, too.
It's the president, Director.
Press conference starts in 25 minutes.
Got to go.
Time to let the other families know that they weren't forgotten, either.
Hey, guys.
What's up, man? Hey! What's up, Palmer?