NCIS s12e20 Episode Script

No Good Deed

Exactly what I wanted to get up at 6:00 a.
to do.
I got 80 hours community service for a bogus shoplifting charge.
How about you? What'd you get? Oh.
What'd you do? You hang out at the Cobra Room on Tate Street? I assure you, never.
I swear I've seen you somewhere.
I know who you are.
Hey, you're the senator that got busted, ordering up a hooker.
At least she was fly, though.
Seen both of your mug shots on TMZ.
Hey, boss! You better take a look at this.
No, I didn't see Delilah last night.
I was home alone.
Mm, everything all right? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, it's just, you know, we spent a lot of time apart.
There's a period of adjustment.
I remember my parents going through the same thing when my father would come home from a long deployment.
But, to answer your question, everything's just fine.
Well, relationships take work.
Morning, Timothy.
'Sup, Bish? Hey.
How are you two on this spectacular spring morning? Wow, you're in an abnormally good mood.
What's up? My father called.
He's taking the train down.
Gonna have a little visit.
Gonna stay with me for a couple days.
Ooh, and that's good? I know what you're thinking.
But yes, it's very good.
Senior's back from his little European wingding.
He sounds rejuvenated.
And he wants to meet Zoe.
She want to meet him? Why wouldn't she? Well, you refused to meet her parents.
Things have changed.
Have they? Yeah.
She and I are in a really good place.
Yeah, we're in the wrong place.
Gear up.
Got a dead marine.
Looks like the bike was headed south, lost control, crossed the center line, went over the shoulder right here at a high speed.
Can tell from where it first landed.
There's no skid mark, no debris to indicate any other vehicle was involved.
Can you fall asleep driving a motorcycle? Well, technically, one can fall asleep doing anything.
Anything, Jimmy? DiNozzo.
Yeah, boss? Talk to the supervisor.
Get what they bagged.
Maybe they picked up evidence we need to see.
Sounds like a job for a probie, boss.
I asked you.
Fingerprint confirms his I.
Marine Lance Corporal David Austin.
Stationed in Norfolk, was due back this morning at 0800.
Do you ever miss riding your motorcycle, Doctor? My Norton? Ah, yes.
I was a real chick-magnet.
Yeah, you had that bad-boy image.
Moths to a flame.
I always wanted to get a scooter, but Breena would never let me now that I'm a father.
Hold on to Breena, Mr.
Hold tightly.
Duck, got a time of D? Um, I'd venture 4:00 a.
, plus or minus.
Uh, preliminary cause of death is a broken neck, but there is a contributing and compelling factor.
What's more compelling than a broken neck? Mr.
A bullet wound to the chest.
Lance Corporal Austin was raised in southern Pennsylvania.
He spent the weekend at his parents' farm and was on his way back to Norfolk.
A high-school standout, he was offered several baseball scholarships to Big East universities, but his guidance counselor said his dream was to be a marine.
I've been trying to reach his C.
, but he's on night-training maneuvers.
I left word.
Thanks, Chris.
Hi, Mr.
Eleanor, if I was and you weren't married, oh, my God.
Dad, what are you doing here? Uh, I took an earlier train.
Ah, my undercover son.
How you doing, Timothy? Always a pleasure, “Dad”.
How was the art scene in Europe? We'll talk.
Hey, Gibbs.
Good to see you, chief.
Good to see you.
So just to repeat, um, what are you doing here? I need a key.
I went by the apartment, but the building manager wouldn't let me in.
I'm so sorry, that is my bad.
I forgot to her you were coming.
No mischief.
Hey, low.
All right, good to see you.
Good to see you.
Uh, so we're still on for dinner? With Zoe? With Zoe.
I'll make reservations.
Oh, no.
I'll take care of it.
Oh, all right.
Let me walk you downstairs.
Yeah, it's Gibbs.
Yeah, Abbs, on my way down.
What are you doing? Hey, Gibbs.
Spring cleaning.
It's a time of renewal.
Of rebirth.
Out with the old, make room for the new.
It-it's very invigorating.
Your basement.
When's the last time you went through all that? I'm sure there's tons of old stuff in there that you haven't touched in years.
I will come over, and I will help you.
Hey, you stay away from my basement.
Why am I here? Ducky pulled an intact slug out of the lance corporal's chest.
I ran it through NIBIN, and it got a match.
It was fired from an FN Five-seven pistol.
Just like this one.
Registered to? It was purchased directly from the manufacturer by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
ATF? It's crazy.
Did an ATF agent just kill our marine? Checked our records, and you are correct.
The gun was purchased in in Tucson as part of a sting operation.
Operation Fast and Furious.
It was a disaster.
It was well-intentioned.
Look, the idea was to purposely let licensed firearms dealers sell weapons to straw buyers.
Person makes a purchase on behalf of another person who legally isn't allowed to buy.
Exactly, and then ATF was hoping to track the guns to Mexican drug cartel leaders.
Didn't go as planned.
Ya think? Weapons started showing up at violent crime all over Mexico.
How many weapons are we talking about? Altogether, 2,000 firearms were purchased by straw buyers during that operation.
And as of today, we've only recovered about 700 of them.
So 1,300 weapons walked? Yeah.
Including the murder weapon that we're looking for.
Any idea how it went missing in Mexico and ended up in Washington, DC? No.
But my director assigned me to help you find out.
Thank you, Agent Keates.
Gibbs, you got a moment? Fast and Furious was an embarrassment to ATF.
The effects of the scandal were felt all the way up to the attorney general.
Tread lightly.
Got a dead marine, Leon.
What time? Well, my father's a very Continental man, so I'm saying dinner's probably 8:30, 9:00.
Okay, should I go home, change first? I see no reason to do that.
I think you look exquisite.
Thank you, I just want everything to go perfectly.
But to tell you the truth, I'm a nervous wreck.
I think I've seen Meet the Parents way too many times.
Well, I can assure you my father is, uh, nothing like Robert De Nero.
Come on, come on, get to work.
Gibbs, on the other hand Talk to Austin's C.
? Yeah, said he was well-liked, - no enemies, spotless record.
- He's an infantryman.
He had no access to sensitive or classified information.
Agent Keates has been tasked to help us track the murder weapon from Mexico to DC.
I'd like to volunteer to work with Agent Keates.
I think we have a shorthand that might expedite the investigation.
You sure? Yeah, that'll work.
Uh, Bishop and I can retrace Austin's steps from the time he left his parents' farm to the highway shooting.
McGEE: Hey, Abbs.
Team McBishop, always a pleasure.
We could use some help.
Motorcycle tell you anything? Yes, but we'll get to that in a minute.
I want to talk about Austin's jacket first.
Now, I did a GSR test.
And powder and stippling suggest that the weapon was two to three feet away from him when he got shot.
Based on the trajectory of the bike going off the road, we estimate Austin was traveling between 50 and 60 miles an hour.
So the shooter had to be moving parallel to him, in or on another vehicle.
Now, walk this way.
I found something curious.
The bike's low-fuel indicator is on.
Take a peak.
McGEE: It was running on fumes.
Never would have made it to Norfolk.
Now walk this way.
We know that Austin was traveling south on this road, headed to Norfolk.
He passed a 24-hour gas station right here, two miles before he got shot.
Austin had to know that he was running out of gas.
So why didn't he stop? Think we need to find out.
Look, I agree.
ATF agents who worked the sting could help us track the weapon, but ordering them to NCIS for questioning? It's a big mistake.
Totally disagree.
Fast and Furious damaged a lot of agents' careers.
No one really wants to relive it.
It's not about what they want, Zoe.
Okay, but we come on too strong, they'll shut down.
We should go to them-- it's less adversarial.
Listen, I've been doing this a little longer than you, and I know one thing: we got to put pressure on them.
Trust me.
You know, I hate it when someone says “trust me.
” I immediately don't.
Are we having our first argument? Hi.
NCIS, Special Agents McGee and Bishop.
Uh, what can I do for you? McGEE: Well, we're investigating an accident that happened about two miles south of here.
Guy who was killed on the motorcycle? Yeah.
Everyone's been talking about it.
Road was closed down all morning.
Uh, why is NCIS involved? He was a marine.
We noticed you have security cameras.
We're hoping they might show vehicles passing on the road.
Ah, sorry, j-just the pumps and inside the store.
Were you on duty around 4:00 this morning? Maybe saw something suspicious? No, uh, my idiot step-son was.
He was probably sound asleep at that time.
He Look at that fool.
You stupid imbecile! The last number is a nine, not a six.
Flip it around.
I swear the boy's as dumb as his mother.
What time did you say, ma'am? About 4:00 a.
I was going through credit card transactions this morning, saw something real strange.
swiped a credit card, never pumped any gas.
How do you know that? Well, once, um, there's no activity for a minute, uh, system records it as a canceled transaction.
What's the name on the credit card? Um David Austin.
Well, we're gonna need to see your security footage from about 3:50 a.
this morning.
All right, just run it in normal speed from here.
That's Austin.
McGEE: Is he staring at that car? I don't know.
Is he following him? No, I hear what you're saying.
It's just, your ATF buddies were a little less than forthcoming.
It's because you had to do it your way.
Look, you were too aggressive, you intimidated them.
Yes, dear.
What do you suggest we do? Look, I worked with an agent who was in Arizona during the sting, we have a relationship-- let me reach out to him.
You have a relationship? He was like a mentor to me.
Mm, you like mentors.
What is? Dad?! Hey, Junior.
Have you got a fire extinguisher? Oh, God, what did you do? You must be Zoe.
Should I call 9-1-1? No, I got it.
Good work, Junior.
Wow, Tony was right.
You have the most piercing eyes.
Thank you.
Ah, relief.
Well, you've destroyed my kitchen.
What were you doing? I was preparing an intimate dinner for the three of us so I could get to know this beautiful lady of yours.
I'm gonna open up the windows, get some fresh air in here.
Oh! You've rearranged the furniture.
You weren't taking advantage of the view.
I thought you were making dinner reservations.
I didn't say that.
I said I would take care of dinner.
I was preparing Junior's favorite-- beef Wellington.
It's a tiny filet coated with pâté and duxelles, baked to perfection.
Such an ambitious undertaking by the father, you'd think that the son would, uh, show some appreciation.
Appreciate? Look what you did to my kitchen.
You know, I-I I think I should just leave.
No, no No, no, no, no.
Don't leave me with Wreck-It-Ralph.
We can just reschedule.
No, please, Zoe.
I told you I wasn't exaggerating.
This always happens.
Thank God he lives in New York.
Where is Gibbs? McGEE: It's early.
He's not in yet.
What time'd you get here? Ugh.
Hours ago.
So I enlarged and enhanced your gas station security video.
I didn't get a clear shot of the driver's face, but based on the known height of the vehicle, I determined that he's between five, ten and six feet tall, And I know what the marine saw in the car.
I removed this reflection.
There's a girl in the car.
What'd she say? Help me.
It appears Lance Corporal Austin was a Good Samaritan, trying to help the young woman.
He took chase and apparently got shot with the ATF gun for his good deed.
Anything on the driver? Used a stolen credit card to buy the gas.
Abby wasn't able to I.
him him from the video, but she was able to get a clear image of the license plate.
McGEE: The car doesn't belong to the driver.
It's registered to a Jennifer Vickers.
I'm pulling up her driver's license now.
Jennifer Vickers looks older than the woman in the car.
License says she's 39.
I'll check her out.
Sorry I was late.
I mean, I'm not sorry, I don't apologize, 'cause it's a sign of weakness, but had the night from hell.
What happened? Typical DiNozzo family get-together.
You know? Dad almost burns the apartment down and then we have a huge shouting match.
He left in a huff.
I think Zoe was really impressed with our dysfunctional dynamic.
Where'd your dad go? I'm guessing his old stomping grounds, the Adams House.
You're guessing wrong.
He showed up at my place.
He He spent the night at-at your place? Yes.
In my bed.
W Your phone, DiNozzo.
It's MTAC.
He spent the night with Wow.
No, I'm here.
Copy that.
Zoe's made contact with an ATF agent who was in Tucson during the sting.
He's in San Francisco now.
He's about to call in.
Get going.
I don't know what I was thinking.
I never should've suggested working with Keates.
That was not a good idea.
I would like to invoke rule number 12: never date a coworker.
You and she having a problem? I don't want it to become one.
Work came first.
We were dating second.
Please? And then we watched while purchasers bought weapons and took 'em to stash houses and cars waiting in parking lots and and we called in our supervisors and they told us to stand down.
And I went on record and I asked the ATF.
I said are you prepared to attend the funeral of a slain agent or a border patrol officer if he or she is killed by one of these straw-purchased weapons? And I'm sure you didn't get any satisfaction from being right.
Hell, no.
: Where's Tony? Um, he's in the middle of something.
Uh, since you were in Tucson at the time, I thought maybe you could shed some light on this specific weapon.
Zoe, that was eight years ago.
Just give me a serial number, I'll see what I can do.
I guess we're done.
Keep me in the loop.
Yes, sir.
What's going on with Tony? Uh, what do you mean? I asked him up here.
Uh, well, he's he's with Gibbs.
I mean, he-he's doing something.
It's actually for Gibbs, but he's with Gibbs.
I'm gonna go.
Can I get you something? NCIS Special Agents Gibbs and Bishop.
You Jennifer Vickers? Yes.
And you're not here to eat.
No, ma'am.
Is this your car? Well, it looks like it.
Technically, that is my car, but my daughter Emma's been driving it.
You know where she is? She in some kind of trouble? When is the last time you saw Emma? Couple of weeks ago.
Has she been arrested? No.
Is she dead? We don't know.
Why would you ask that? Because she's been in and out of rehab and she has been hanging with a very bad crowd.
We had an argument.
She moved out of our apartment.
I know she's using again.
Think her father might know where she is? I raised Emma.
She's never had any contact with her father.
She have a cell phone? Not anymore.
We had a family plan and I turned her phone off.
She was using her phone to call her dealer.
Can I ask why you're looking for her? Is this Emma? Oh, my God.
That was taken two nights ago.
She was with a man.
You have any idea who that might be? Well, National Crime Information Center's putting out a BOLO on Emma Vickers.
Still no hits on the car yet.
Well, I spoke to her last Narcotics Anonymous sponsor.
She hasn't been to a meeting in months.
I tell you, we find the driver, we find her.
Who the hell is he? Oh.
What's up, Zoe? I just heard back from Special Agent Caffey.
So which one of you guys am I working with? Me.
Do you and I have a problem? No? No.
Then why didn't you come up to MTAC? 'Cause I had I was dealing with my father.
Really? 'Cause McGee said you were doing something for Gibbs.
You really got to get your lies straight, DiNozzo.
DiNozzo? You've never gone surname on me before.
You've never gone liar on me.
McGEE: Uh, what did Agent Caffey say? He said that he was sorry, and he tried, but couldn't find anything on our weapon.
He's stonewalling us just like the others then.
Tony, he's a good agent and a good friend, and if Phil says he couldn't find anything, he couldn't.
And considering that you didn't even bother to show up to speak with him, I don't think you're in any position to question him.
You know, I'm gonna have to go with Tony on this one.
He did seem a little reluctant to help.
Yeah, but that's because Fast and Furious was a mistake.
Look, trust me, ATF would not impede the investigation of a marine's death.
Did you just say, “Trust me”? Hey, Gibbs.
Want a drink? Kind of looks like my Scotch.
It is.
Did you eat dinner? No.
I wasn't hungry.
You have anything to eat today? Uh-uh.
You want to talk about what's going on between you and Tony? When we worked on that art scheme last month, I got invigorated.
I loved that world.
I went to Europe.
Thought I could, uh, renew some old acquaintances, get back in the game.
But all my contacts were gone or dried up.
The trip was a bust.
Maybe it's time to reduce the workload.
You've been at it a long time, chief.
I thought about that.
I went to New York.
All my old friends had moved to be nearer their grandchildren, or in retirement homes, or just plain gone.
Entering a new phase of life.
You'll figure it out.
Oh, I have.
I realize that there's only one thing that matters to me.
Who knows how much time I have.
I want to be near him.
Hmm? I hear you.
I wish my dad lived closer than he did.
Last few years, I tried to get him to move in with me.
God, he was stubborn.
Stubborn as hell.
Set in his ways.
I regret that I didn't try to push him harder than I did.
Before I could tell Tony how I feel, I messed up.
I always do.
Things got out of hand.
Um Junior made it clear.
He doesn't want me around.
Hang on, chief.
I got to get this.
Yeah, it's Gibbs.
Where? Metro patrol unit, responding to our BOLO, found the car.
Tony and McGee went to get the MCRT truck.
Ducky and Jimmy are on their way.
Emma Vickers? Yeah.
Jake worries-- just letting him know I'll be home soon.
I thought I'd be there with John Wayne and a bottle of Pinot.
The Searchers, maybe The Duke's best.
Zoe into an evening like that? Oh, no.
I mean, I offered.
She passed.
What'd Ducky say? Time of death was about 7:00 p.
The gas station video was from two days ago.
Where's she been? All right.
I'm done.
Let's go.
DiNozzo, you're with me.
See you.
Oh, that's all right.
If you wait till I put something on, I'll be right down.
Nettie, show Mr.
Neff into the living room.
I am going downstairs to the basement to unwind.
Be gone when I come back upstairs.
Both of you.
Well, I guess it's check-out time.
Let's get your things.
Where am I gonna go? I'm in my pajamas.
Dad, Gibbs told me why you came to Washington, that you want to move here, and I understand.
I want to help you find an apartment.
I should have called you ahead of time, told you what I was thinking.
We're impulsive.
We act before we think.
I'm sorry about last night.
I said things I didn't mean.
I'm not so sure.
Maybe you were right.
Why did I assume that you'd take care of me? I usually wasn't around when you needed help.
Ancient history.
Hmm? Well, let us begin.
Are you all right? No.
Well, she-she certainly isn't our first drug overdose, but seeing this young girl Fatherhood has changed your perspective, Mr.
Palmer? Yes.
Look at these track marks.
This ulcerated skin.
I mean, she was a chronic user.
I just wish I could raise Victoria in a different time, you know, one without drugs.
That's a sweet thought, but not possible, I'm afraid.
What have you got for me, Duck? All indications are a drug overdose.
I'll know definitively when we get the results of the tox screen.
We also found extensive bruising, at least a week old.
Also, some teeth bite marks.
Both indicate prior abuse.
Do a full sexual assault kit? Already sent it up to Abby.
Ready? Relax.
If you're in such a hurry, why don't you go get the car? Okay.
You guys tell Gibbs where you're going? Well, I'm a senior agent, you're McNot.
I can take the initiative.
Initiative's good.
Still like to know where you're going.
That's amazing, 'cause I was just calling you.
Uh, Bishop and I are going back to the alley where - Emma Vickers' body was found.
- Yeah, thought we might find something in daylight that we missed last night.
Possible witness, video.
Boss, Abby talk to you yet? No, not yet.
She find something? No.
The car was a bust.
It's old.
No nav system.
She couldn't track its whereabouts.
She lift any prints? Nope.
She found traces of hand sanitizer.
It looked like someone tried to wipe the car clean.
Go, Bishop.
Hey, thanks for making me and Senior talk last night.
We really needed that.
So, he's moving down here.
I guess that way, I can keep an eye on him.
Good idea.
Thanks for letting him crash at your pad.
Zoe! Oh, sorry.
I didn't know anyone was here.
I lost my sunglasses, and this is the last place I remember seeing them.
Let's take a look around.
You have a key.
I don't.
I'm just gonna check in the bedroom.
Well, I'll, uh, look around out here.
You seem bothered by the fact that I have a key.
Oh, no, no.
I, uh I think it's great.
I'm glad that Junior has made a commitment to such a lovely lady like yourself.
Found 'em.
Well, I I got to get going.
Zoe, uh, that comment I made about commitment-- did that scare you? Maybe a little.
You know, I haven't set a very good example for Junior.
I've, uh I commit too freely.
I've been married a few times.
I heard.
I think that scared Tony.
My guess is, he's chosen to take the opposite approach to women.
No commitment.
It's my fault.
But maybe he's changing.
He made the right decision with you.
Um I really got to get back to work.
McGEE: Well, we know she has a history of drug abuse.
Well, the million-dollar question is, was it an accidental overdose, or was she helped? We got video of her pleading for help.
Plus, the car was wiped clean.
Murder, Leon.
Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs.
Director, Director, Director.
Abbs, what have you got? Um, Ducky sent me a sexual assault kit Whoa.
on the victim.
And I got a DNA match.
“Jamie Rivers.
Assault and Battery.
” Getting background information now.
Excuse me, Abbs.
He the driver? Five, 11, 170.
Matches the description Abby got from the gas station video.
McGEE: All right, I can tie him to the ATF.
Jamie Rivers was arrested in 2008 for illegal sale of firearms.
McGee, ATF agent on the left-- he look familiar? It's Agent Caffey, Zoe Keates' friend.
Caffey had a history with the shooter, and he doesn't mention it.
McGEE: We've been trying to get a hold of Special Agent Caffey, but all we have on the suspect is a name-- Jamie Rivers-- but it's like this guy doesn't even exist.
Driver's license? Last one was in Arizona.
Revoked 2012.
Address? Again, Arizona, but that was four years ago.
There's no indication this guy has ever been in the DC metro area.
Emma Vickers' body is all the indication I need.
All right, we know Rivers is a bad dude.
He must've had a run-in with law enforcement at some time.
Tony, you got a visitor.
You're the man, Chris.
I thought I thought you were out looking for apartments.
I have got great news.
I couldn't wait.
I wanted to see the expression on your face.
What? Oh, I love it when-when a plan comes together.
You found a place? Great.
Where is it? You won't believe our luck.
It's in your building.
I don't I don't What do you mean? Oh, it's the unit directly above you.
Huh? In 2008, I arrested a young Jamie Rivers in Tucson for an illegal gun sale.
And we were just mounting the Fast and the Furious sting, and and we needed credible straw buyers who could get guns into Mexico.
So you cut him a deal? Yeah.
Suspended sentence, he goes to work for us.
How did he end up with our murder weapon? When the guns walked, Rivers led us to believe that the gun with the serial number in question went to the cartel.
Must have stuck to his fingers.
When was the last time you had contact with him? Five years ago.
After the sting went south, ATF lost all track of Rivers and most of our straw buyers.
Wow, this just gets worse and worse.
Director Vance, I had no idea Rivers was in the DC area.
Keep yourself available, Agent Caffey.
Yes, sir.
You still trust this guy? I do.
We need to find Jamie Rivers.
You know, leopards don't change their spots.
If Rivers was dealing illegal weapons in Arizona, he's probably doing the same thing here.
I have a local informant I've been working.
Maybe he's come across Rivers.
That's Emma.
I'm so sorry.
It's not like I didn't expect this.
Um I tried to get her help, but nothing seemed to work.
She was such a sweet little girl.
Loved to draw horses.
Is the marine who was killed trying to help her here? No.
His remains have been returned to his family.
What was his name? Lance Corporal David Austin.
Emma's grandparents left her a college fund, and, uh, because of her troubles, she wasn't able to use it.
I would like to donate that money, in Lance Corporal Austin's name, to help needy marines.
Well, the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation is a wonderful organization.
We're investigating a murder, Director.
NCIS is not trying to reopen anything.
One of the straw buyers in your Fast and Furious sting ended up with our murder weapon.
We will follow the leads wherever they take us.
I'm sorry if this is an embarrassment to your agency.
We We'll talk.
Well, that went well.
ATF played with fire.
Yes, Pamela.
Send her in.
Agent Keates.
I connected with my informant.
Rivers has sold weapons in the area.
Mostly to drug dealers.
Problem is he's now using their product.
Rivers has become an addict.
Makes him much more dangerous.
Did your source tell you where you could find him? No.
Can he set up a buy with Rivers? He can certainly try.
Got something, DiNozzo? Yeah.
But it's not Rivers.
Look at him down there.
McGee in the role of black-market gun buyer? That's the worst casting since Kevin Costner in Robin Hood.
Wonder what the girls are talking about.
Rivers is 15 minutes late.
Yeah, well, he's a strung-out weapons dealer.
Not the most reliable sort.
Can I ask you something? Sure.
Did Tony say anything about us having trouble working together? There a problem? I don't know.
I mean, I thought everything was good, but I don't know.
Something's changed.
Well, Tony's a complicated guy.
So's his father.
Said he was glad Tony made a commitment to me.
Senior said that? Yeah.
You tell Tony? Not yet.
You gonna get that? It's my dad.
I can't deal with that right now.
I've resolved myself to the fact that he needs to live near me, but having my father in my building would be the end of my life as I know it.
You got to talk.
Got to say what you think.
Well, the timing's really bad.
There's other stuff going on.
The honeymoon period with Zoe might be over.
Tony, the mic on your walkie is open.
Your father's not the only one you need to communicate with, DiNozzo.
Um can we do this later? McGEE: Anyone else watching? I'm out here by myself.
Got a guy approaching from the rear on a bicycle wearing a baseball hat.
Looks like the same one Rivers had on in the gas station video.
Yeah, that's Rivers.
Showtime? Gibbs, we got a problem on our end.
Two mounted rangers approaching from the south.
Bishop, we're going in.
Identify yourself to the rangers.
Let 'em know what we're doing.
NCIS! Freeze! That's the make of the murder weapon.
And there's the one he was gonna sell.
So I'm glad we talked.
Me, too.
It was important.
It was.
We're just not finished yet.
But we're good? I hope so.
I just want to apologize for my behavior.
Things always get complicated for me when my father's in town.
You can't blame everything on your father, Tony.
I know.
But When you say “we're not finished,” it's nothing serious, right? No.
I want us to work.
Me, too.
Come here.
Want to come upstairs? No.
You're on your own with him.
Join me? Yeah.
I could use a drink.
Tough day? You could say that.
You want to talk about it? No, not really.
You put the furniture back, huh? Yeah, I liked it the way it was, but, uh, it's your place.
You, uh you look troubled.
Oh, Dad.
We got to talk.
Me first.
I don't know what I was thinking.
Of course I know what I was thinking.
I was thinking about myself.
'Cause I'm selfish.
Junior, listen, it's taken too long for me to realize that you have to live your own life.
I want to be near you, and I'm going to be but not in your building.
You need your space.
I'd like to disagree with you, but I'm not going to because you're right.
Now, what did you want to talk to me about? Well, you've pretty much said it all.
Why don't you spend the weekend here and I can help you look for an apartment.
Do you know if there's any swanky senior residences in this area? You sure you're ready for that? I hear those places are filled with, uh, attractive, rich widows.