NCIS s12e21 Episode Script

Lost in Translation

You're supposed to meet me out front, Captain! I'm not your personal wake-up call! I haven't even had my morning coffee, kid.
You're testing my patience.
What? Landis! Oh, my God.
Eh, it's really not a big deal.
Stop it, Tim.
I mean, this is amazing.
Congratulations for what? Uh, good morning, Tony.
Did you get a new suit? I did indeed.
It's a Sy Devore original.
The iconic tailor to the Rat Pack.
Dino, Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr.
, and now Anthony DiNozzo Jr.
Very nice.
Whoa! Watch it.
I don't know where those paws have been.
Well, it looks really good.
I know it does.
So stop buttering me up.
What are you two hiding? Okay.
Remember when I went undercover as a model and your father brought me into the black market art scene? I remember when you went undercover as me and failed-- if I remember-- what about it? Well word kind of spread around the office that I'm kind of a natural at it.
At what? Modeling.
McGee has been chosen to be the new face of NCIS.
Isn't that great? What are you doing? I'm just seeing if I'm maybe I'm still asleep, and I'm gonna wake up from this nightmare.
Told you he'd react this way.
You're the new face of NCI You stole my gig.
Tony, that was years ago.
I can understand being passed over for Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
Those cobalt blue eyes.
But to get passed over a second time and for you.
Technically, you can't really be passed over if you were never in consideration.
Look, Tony, the-the agency is just trying to appeal to a younger, more technologically savvy pool of recruits.
I'm savvy as Jack Sparrow, baby.
Tony, you still have an AOL account, and you type with your index fingers.
Cary Grant typed with his index fingers.
Put it away, DiNozzo.
Got a dead Marine in Lake Ridge.
Let's go.
What do you got, Duck? Overkill.
A series of stab wounds that even Jack the Ripper would find excessive.
What a terrifying character from history.
Certainly made me not want to become a lady of the night.
Uh enlightening as always, Mr.
He was put in a stress position.
Therefore, any movement he made to free his hands or feet from their bindings caused that rope to tighten around his neck.
Our killer had a oh, an appetite for pain.
Got a time of death? Pretty recently.
Rigor hasn't even set in yet.
Around 7:30 a.
I'll know more after the examination.
Palmer, if you please, would you help me get this man upright and we can free him from his restraints.
What do we know? Well, victim is Marine Captain David Landis.
at the Marine base in Quantico.
Who called it in? A Gunnery Sergeant Joseph Wilks.
He unsuccessfully engaged with the assailant.
EMTs are with him now.
We got a murder weapon? No.
I think there's a good chance the killer took it with him, but I did pull some prints off the chair the victim was tied to.
I'll get 'em to Abby.
- Tony, Bishop? - All right.
So what exactly did you see, Mr.
Ashmore? So, I was walking to my car when this fella turns that corner like a bat out of hell, plows right into me.
Didn't even check to see if I was hurt, just kept on going.
Kids today have no respect for guys our age, am I right? Wait, how did you know he was a kid? Wasn't he wearing a ski mask? No, but he did have some kind of knit cap in his hand.
Can you describe him? Early 20s, lean, dark hair, and definitely What? Look, I don't want to profile or anything, but the kid was definitely Middle Eastern.
And I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but there it is.
And I hope you catch him soon, because the kid's clearly got a screw loose.
How you holding up, Gunny? I'm fine.
It's just a scratch.
Looks to be a bit more than that.
I need to be here.
I have to help you find who did this.
How'd you happen upon the scene? Landis and I met up every morning.
We were training for the marathon.
You knew the captain well? We've been friends for years.
Served two tours in Afghanistan together.
He's like family.
He mixed up in something? No.
No, I would've known.
Go to the hospital, Gunny.
Get checked out.
I'll be in touch.
The killer got away because of me.
I should have stopped him.
We'll find him.
Join me.
Abbs? Everything all right? Of course.
This was made especially for you.
It's tea, Gibbs.
From Ducky's private reserve.
Nice and calming.
“Calm” being the key word here.
But you're gonna wish you had in about 30 seconds.
Abbs, what'd you find? I ran an analysis on the two fingerprints that McGee found on the chair at the crime scene.
One is our victim's, and the other one belongs to Qasim Naasir.
with ties to the Taliban.
The CIA put him on the terror watch list in 2011, but he fell off the grid soon after that.
How did he get in the United States undetected? He's already here, Abbs.
I want to know why.
It's so lifelike.
Yeah? HR's gonna put one in every single NCIS field office as a recruitment tool.
Consider my interest piqued.
I mean, the face, the pose, the commanding presence.
Sign me up.
I agree.
And on a side note, the bad boy look really works for you.
If I may.
From a purely expert medical standpoint, you have perfect human proportions.
Very Vitruvian Man.
It's fair to say, you are a flawless specimen.
Okay! That's enough.
Something wrong, Tony? Yeah! I seem to be the only one acting like a real NCIS agent in this room, and we have work to do, so let's do it.
You sound like Gibbs.
Next step is a dated wardrobe and a symmetrically challenged haircut.
Which totally works for some people.
Give me an update.
Captain David Landis, graduate of the Naval Academy, highly decorated for his tours in Afghanistan.
His unit returned from their most recent deployment, uh, eight months ago.
Uh, that's when Landis was assigned to Quantico as an instructor for Marine Officer Candidate School.
That's a non-operational post.
He didn't have access to any classified information that would threaten national security.
What do we know about Qasim Naasir? He was placed on a watch list, after the CIA did an undercover DNA sweep on a Taliban gathering in Kandahar.
Included in the sweep was Qasim's older brother, Rasheed Naasir, 27.
A known enforcer for the terror group, he's claimed responsibility for over 100 deaths in Afghanistan.
Now, baby brother is in the States.
Looks like they're branching out.
Bishop, get the CIA files on these two.
Everything they have.
Find out what they're after.
What's the status report on Gunnery Sergeant Wilks? Released from the hospital an hour ago.
Go talk to him.
See if there's any connection between Captain Landis, Qasim, and Rasheed.
Yeah, Duck, I'm on my way.
Uh, McGee Yeah.
Bad boy look works for you.
Captain Landis' examination has proved quite informative.
His killer stabbed him seven times, in the torso, arms, and legs.
All of these were chosen deliberately.
None were fatal.
You're dealing with a professional, Jethro, someone who knows how to inflict the most pain while still keeping his victim alive.
But he didn't keep him alive.
I suspect because he was interrupted.
The cause of death was this single cut to the neck.
The result of that is the captain bled out within seconds.
Based on the time of death, this was inflicted around the same time of the unexpected arrival of the gunnery sergeant.
The killer panicked.
Which leads me to conjecture that he wasn't finished with his torturing of the captain.
Come on.
There's no answer here.
Let's go check at the hospital.
Maybe he's stuck in traffic.
I say we wait for him here.
What are you doing? What do you mean? What do you mean what do I mean? I see what you're doing with the arched back, dominant leg forward, hands on hips-- you're posing.
What are you talking about? That's crazy.
Is it crazy? You're getting sucked into the lifestyle.
Listen, Tony, this whole modeling thing, do I know what I'm doing? No.
But I'm here, and I'm gonna give it my best shot.
You quoting Zoolander to me? It's worse than I thought.
Uh, Tony? No, we are not going for an orange mocha Frappuchino.
No, Tony, it's Qasim.
Don't run no, no! NCIS! Stop! You get him, McGee? Should've taken the shortcut.
I'm in the Dumpster! Up.
Turn around.
I'm all right; I'm all right.
Against the fence.
Next time, you take the alley.
McGEE: Oh, look what I found.
Tactical knife.
Could you please change? The smell is unbearable.
You're referring to my suit, huh? Well consider it a new form of torture.
You're a fan of that.
What are you talking about? No need to play coy, Qasim.
We found your prints at the crime scene.
And your knife is being analyzed in our lab.
Only a matter of time before it comes back as a match to the one used to kill Captain Landis.
What? Did Landis recognize you from the watch list? Is that why you killed him? No, I did not kill anyone.
McGEE: No? Hmm.
I guess that's right-- that's what terrorists do.
You know, terrorists.
Like your brother Rasheed.
He made quite a name for himself.
Men, women, children-- he's an equal opportunity killer.
My brother's crimes are heinous, but they are his own.
I never had anything to do with it and I had nothing to do with this.
Why don't you explain it to us, Qasim? : Start with how you got into the country.
I have nothing more to say.
Gibbs, I need to talk to you.
I've gone over the CIA's file on Qasim and I think they made a mistake.
I don't believe he's a terrorist.
His DNA was found in a Taliban safe house.
Yeah, it's more complicated than that.
I checked with every agency-- CIA, Homeland Security, FBI.
Not one had a bead on Qasim or Rasheed prior to 2011, and I figured out why.
They didn't exist before then.
Their real names are Qasim and Rasheed Mattar, brothers who went missing in 2008, after their parents were murdered by the Taliban.
So connect the dots, Bishop.
It's a common practice for terror groups like the Taliban to take children they've turned into orphans, brainwash them, train them, and give them new names.
These kids aren't even given a choice, Gibbs.
It's-It's join or die.
It doesn't erase their crimes.
Crimes Rasheed committed.
He embraced the cause and rose through the ranks.
Qasim remained in the shadows.
Yeah, I'll be right down.
Gibbs, I don't think Qasim is here plotting for the Taliban.
I think he's hiding from them.
Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs.
You know I don't like to be kept waiting when I have news.
Abbs, I was on my way down.
What do you got? Um, okay, so I finished analyzing Qasim's knife-- the blade pattern is not consistent with the wounds on Captain Landis.
It's not the murder weapon? No.
But I found prints on the handle that don't match Qasim's.
Guess who they belong to.
Well, who? Me.
Well, you kind of stole my thunder a little, but yes, Gibbs-- him.
You've got the wrong man in custody.
Qasim is innocent.
You know Qasim? Landis and I met him in Afghanistan.
We're the ones that snuck him into the country.
You brought a suspected terrorist onto U.
soil? Qasim's not a terrorist, Agent Gibbs.
He's one of us.
Captain Landis, what day are we on? How's it feel to be back? My God.
Like we never left.
Home, sweet home.
We got a contact ahead.
Stop the Humvee! This is the first time Captain Landis and I met Qasim.
We hit an IED during a patrol outside Kabul.
It is okay.
You will be all right.
He pulled us to safety.
Watched over us until our backup came.
He saved our lives.
When was this? November, 2013.
Landis tracked him down a few weeks later.
Asked Qasim to work alongside us as a translator for the remainder of our deployment.
You ever doubt his intentions? Never.
When you serve alongside someone, you get to know who they really are.
Qasim put his life on the line for us every single day.
He's family.
Why'd you bring him into the country? When word gets out of locals aiding U.
troops, they become targets.
Qasim was in danger.
We couldn't leave him behind.
Landis and I forged an I.
, altered a travel manifest, brought him on our transport home and have been looking out for him ever since.
I know it was against regulations.
Oh, it goes way beyond that, Gunny.
Why didn't Qasim apply for a Special Immigrant Visa? Those take months, if not years, of red tape.
He didn't have that kind of time.
That's not your call to make.
Yeah, yeah, go.
Take DiNozzo.
Gonna be a fallout from this, Gunny.
I'm prepared to own up to my actions.
I just ask that you let me see Qasim before I'm taken away.
There was something that Landis wanted me to give him and I need to honor that.
Bishop, stop checking your watch.
Take a breath, breathe it in.
Well, she said 15 minutes.
It's been 30.
Which NSA nerd is this again? Martinez.
Remember? She helped us out with the Parsa case last year.
Oh, yeah, she's sassy.
This ought to be interesting.
Sorry I'm late.
The president's motorcade turned Seventh into a parking lot.
Martinez, you remember DiNozzo.
Very Special Agent DiNozzo.
How could I forget? Ah, It's good to see you again, Miss Moneypenny.
Can you believe they killed off Judi Dench? She was perfection as M.
I can't talk about Skyfall.
Dame them! Now we're stuck with Voldemort.
Oh! Do not get me started.
Okay, can we get back on track here? Come on.
Oh, turn that scowl upside down, Bishop.
I come bearing gifts.
An informant of mine in Pakistan forwarded me a communiqué that had been circulating within the ranks of the Taliban.
Word's on the street it originated from Rasheed Naasir's camp.
- That's Qasim.
- And Captain Landis.
It's a call to arms, condemning Qasim for being a traitor and U.
Rasheed put a bounty on his own brother's head.
That's a new level of family dysfunction.
And when did you learn Arabic, Rosetta Stone? I was a deployed analyst in the Middle East.
You knew that.
This is why Captain Landis was tortured.
He was the key to finding Qasim.
That's who the real target is.
And our killer is still after him.
I'll call Gibbs.
Hey, Martinez, let me ask you a question.
What do you think of this guy? Mamma Mia.
Very nice.
Et Tu, Martinez? What are you doing here? It's all right, Qasim, I told 'em the truth.
We need to talk to you about Landis.
I swear I did not hurt him.
I know.
NCIS suspects it was someone hired by your brother.
Rasheed put a hit out on you.
Captain Landis got in the way.
You don't seem surprised.
Nothing my brother does surprises me.
All my mother and father wanted was peace.
The Taliban called it resistance.
But they didn't kill my parents.
Rasheed did.
He had already been turned.
I tried to break Rasheed from their control, but it was too late.
So I fled to Kabul.
I went into hiding.
Why help the Marines? I could not sit back any longer while people like Rasheed tore my country apart.
I needed to fight back.
You did, Qasim.
Be proud of that.
I know Landis was.
He told me if anything ever happened to him, he wanted you to have these.
His dog tags.
Landis was more a brother to me than Rasheed ever was.
At 0600, a military convoy was ambushed in Kabul.
One Marine, Corporal Collins, was taken hostage by insurgents.
A video of their demands was uploaded about an hour ago.
My name is Rasheed Naasir and my demand is simple.
Return my brother to Afghanistan, and I will release your Marine.
If Qasim is not in Kabul to stand trial, then his sentence will be delivered upon my hostage.
You have 48 hours.
Marine patrols are searching for Rasheed's location.
Time's a factor, Gibbs.
We need to coordinate transport for Qasim.
Excuse me? These are orders from the State Department, Gibbs.
It's out of my hands.
What, the United States now cowers to terrorist demands? I don't like it any more than you do, but a Marine's life is on the line.
So is Qasim's.
Can't sleep? The last time I flew, Landis brought me to your country.
I was terrified.
So much uncertainty.
Unlike now-- I know what awaits me.
We'll find another way, Qasim.
My brother doesn't negotiate.
Neither does Gibbs.
I do not want any more bloodshed because of me.
If sacrificing my life will save that Marine, then it should be done.
Why does one life outweigh another? So many have died fighting for peace-- American, Afghan, Iraqi, Pakistani.
Their lives matter equally.
We are not going to abandon you.
We owe it to you.
We owe it to all of them.
Where were you assigned, Agent Bishop? Pakistan and Afghanistan.
How long? Computer nerd.
Not much of a threat to anyone.
But you've seen it up close.
Who did you lose, exactly? A coworker.
A few years ago.
It stays with you, doesn't it? It's a heavy burden to bear alone.
Look I focus on the analytic aspects of things.
That's where I'm effective.
That's how I can best help people.
And who is it that helps you? It's what we don't say that weighs the most.
I hope you find the answers you are looking for.
Abby The Gibbsian glare.
That's what I was waiting for.
Can you guess what I'm waiting for? A lead? Because I have one.
I identified the type of knife used to kill Captain Landis.
Meet the Ka-Bar Becker Eskabar.
The customized black paracord on the handle matches the fibers found on our victim.
It's customized? Yeah.
This model was sold exclusively to U.
military personnel, contractors, and private defense companies.
Which means our suspect pool went from zero to several thousand.
All right.
Thanks, Abbs.
Déjà vu? Yeah, you could say that.
Qasim! They look like family.
They are.
Agent Gibbs, Agent Bishop.
Welcome to Kabul.
We haven't turned up any sign of Rasheed or where he's holding Corporal Collins.
What's your plan? Patrols have been doubled and my men are conducting building sweeps.
We'll flush Rasheed out.
His deadline? I have no doubt Rasheed will make contact soon.
His scouts are everywhere.
He already knows his brother's arrived.
Turning over Qasim is not an option.
That's not what we do to our own.
We're not waiting around for him to make the next move.
How many suspects are we down to, McGee? Eight hundred.
All right.
So, what if we just limit it to suspects with prior work in Afghanistan? Oh, what a good idea.
Gee, why didn't we do that hours ago? Oh, wait, we did.
Okay, McGee! Cut me some slack.
You know what hours of uninterrupted exposure to these orange walls does to me.
We've got to be missing something.
Well, considering the torture techniques the killer used on Captain Landis, I narrowed it down to individuals with a background in interrogation and close-weapons training.
Interrogation and That's it.
The victim's wounds.
What about them? Allow me to demonstrate.
First he stabbed him here And then here.
Then he stabbed him here and here and here.
Tony And here.
And then the coup de grâce, one final blow.
The Duckman said it was methodical.
The work of a professional.
But killing Captain Landis wasn't his job.
Finding Qasim was.
He would've been following our investigation, waiting for us to track Qasim down.
Which we did.
Qasim's prints were in Landis's house 'cause they were friends.
He'd been there before.
The eyewitness who saw him, described the assailant to a tee.
He wanted us to go down that path.
Is Ken Ashmore listed in the suspect pool? Yes, he is.
Ashmore separated from the Army in 2007, went to work for WingSpan Security Forces.
It's a private military company with such a bad reputation it was forced to shut down last year.
Where was he stationed? Nigeria, Serbia and Kandahar, Afghanistan.
I try to help you and that makes me a bad guy? No, it makes you a killer.
Look familiar? We got a warrant, searched your home, found that alongside several other questionable weapons in your arsenal.
I put a call in to a good friend of mine at the ATF.
She can't wait to talk to you.
And she's pretty tough.
Have a good time with that.
McGEE: We ran forensics-- turns out your knife is a match to the one that killed Captain Landis.
In fact, his DNA was on the handle.
I'm a patriot.
Okay? You should be thanking me.
Landis was protecting a terrorist.
Qasim's not a terrorist, but the guy you're working for is.
Rasheed Naasir.
Never heard of him.
McGEE: Really? Well, the e-mails between you two suggest otherwise.
You know, the ones you deleted from your account, - but forgot to wipe from your cache? - Yesterday, after you notified Rasheed that his brother was in custody, your bank account got a magic deposit of $50,000.
Don't worry, we've already seized those funds.
Win some, lose some.
You must've had a rough childhood.
You know, normally, I would take great pleasure in breaking a clown like you down nice and slow.
But considering that you conspired with a terrorist, and you are responsible for the torture and murder of a United States Marine, I'm a little pissed off and pressed for time.
Hey, good cop, you want to step in here? You're on your own.
You have ten seconds to tell us where Rasheed is holding that hostage, or I'm going to turn your patriotic face all red, white and blue.
I don't know, okay? One Look, our relationship was strictly business.
two, three Rasheed wasn't going to trust me with that kind of information.
- four, five I'm telling you the truth! He's not someone you want to mess with.
And do yourselves a favor and stand down.
His hostage is as good as dead, and so is anyone who tries to stop him.
Rasheed's operating area is in Kandahar; Why strike here? Make it personal.
This base, these Marines; he knows what they mean to Qasim.
Even extremist groups don't operate outside their jurisdiction without permission.
Rasheed must be in league with a local faction.
Who are the players in the area? This is a hot zone, Agent Gibbs.
It's a long list.
Rasheed would pick a populated village to avoid a military air strike, but one small enough where he could maintain a perimeter.
Get the list to Tony and McGee.
Excuse me, Colonel, we have a situation.
One of our patrol vehicles made an unauthorized exit from the base.
I want an immediate muster report.
Already did it, sir.
Everyone's accounted for except Qasim.
He was in his rack an hour ago, but now he's gone.
All I found were these.
Captain Landis's dog tags.
Why would Qasim leave? To save your Marine.
He's turning himself over to Rasheed.
Any chance this isn't the vehicle Qasim took? They all have GPS locators.
This is it.
He didn't hit an IED.
The blast originated from inside.
Probably a grenade.
Rasheed's scouts work fast.
There's no body.
They must have taken Qasim before they torched it-- he may still be alive.
Gibbs! It's Qasim's gear.
He's been shot.
This is an infrared satellite image, taken two weeks ago, of a Taliban safe house just outside of Kabul.
I don't see anything.
That's because no heat signatures were present.
McGEE: Next graphic, please.
Now, this is a scan of the same structure, taken ten minutes ago.
Five were detected inside the safe house.
Plus an additional four alongside the village's access points.
Most likely armed lookouts.
That's Rasheed, all right.
Get those coordinates to Gibbs.
I'll update SECNAV.
- Will do.
- With all due respect, that's a Marine being held hostage.
This is my call.
Our only chance of getting Collins out alive is if we strike, now.
If his lookouts spot a convoy headed their way, if the corporal's not dead already, he will be.
Tell me what you're suggesting.
One vehicle, one occupant.
That's not a plan; that's a suicide mission.
Just one look at you, they're going to know you're a Marine, Gibbs.
You won't make it five feet into that village.
I didn't say I was the one in the vehicle.
Gibbs? I got your back, Bishop.
Gibbs, wait, we have to talk about this.
Just did.
What is it you expect me to do? Take down a village of insurgents on my own? Th-Th-that's not me.
I-I'm an analyst.
I thought you were a field agent.
Gibbs Whatever lesson you're trying to teach me is gonna get Qasim and Corporal Collins killed! My job is in there.
Not out there! Your job, Bishop, is to do what I tell you to do.
You can do this.
Don't put me in a position I'm not trained for.
Training's not the problem, you are.
I told you, I got your back.
Stop hiding behind things that are familiar, Bishop.
You're better than that.
The answers you want, Bishop? They're out there.
You read my old file.
That's why you brought me here.
'Cause of Taj.
He's dead, Gibbs.
I warned Taj.
But he knew the dangers of being an interpreter.
NSA pulled me out.
There was nothing I could do for him all the way back in DC.
But you're here now.
What's the status, McGee? Headed down the southeast access road, about one half mile from the village.
Any increase in security at the perimeter? Negative.
I hate this part.
Being stuck here, in this red room, watching, instead of being there, backing them up.
I know the feeling.
All right, we have a visual on our vehicle.
Here we go.
Welcome back, Qasim.
The bullet went through.
You lost quite a bit of blood.
But I stopped it for now.
Why? You want me dead.
Not by a bullet from one of my men.
When you die, it will be at my hands.
Is he dead? More concern for another's life than your own.
You are weaker than I remember.
There's been enough death, Rasheed.
Let him go.
My life for his life.
Honor your word.
“Honor”? What does a traitor like you know about honor? For years, I protected you.
Looked after you.
And you repaid my love with betrayal.
No, Rasheed, you betrayed us.
We were your family.
This is my family! Mother and Father forgive you.
I don't need their forgiveness.
I did what needed to be done.
So did I.
And where are your brothers in arms now, hmm? You will never be one of them, Qasim.
But you will die like them.
Huh? Clear! Grab Qasim and Collins.
Let's move out! Come on, buddy.
Bishop Come on, let's go.
20 and that's a hundred.
Whoa, wait.
I said 200.
Do you want my expert medical expertise or not? All right, autopsy gremlin, but it better be flawless.
I was sewing clothes for my dolls by the age of five, Tony.
Stitching is my forte.
Hey, what's going on? Hey.
I want to apologize.
I, um I should've been more supportive of you being the face of NCIS, because you're my friend.
And I'm I'm proud of you.
That means a lot, coming from you.
Thanks, Tony.
But what exactly does that have to do with stitches? Well after my failed attempt to bring Agent McFrankenstein back to life here, Jimmy convinced me he was the man for the job.
There's this technique called invisible stitching.
So hot right now.
Spare no expense, Jimbo.
'Cause I want my friend to look good as new.
You have no idea how happy that makes me.
Thank you.
It's important.
Oh, uh, by the way, now's probably a good time to mention I'm not actually the new face of NCIS.
Happy April Fools', Tony.
What? He said Happy April Fools' I heard him, Jimbo! Uh, I'm just a little confused 'cause April Fool's was weeks ago.
McGEE: Yeah.
That's when we thought of it, but took time to execute it.
“We”? You were in on this, too, Jimbo? I want my money back.
It's already down my scrubs.
You wouldn't want it now.
Ready, Tim? Ready, Jim.
This is not over! Mark my words! I've taught them well.
It was a brave thing you did.
Stupid, but brave.
I could say the same for you and Agent Gibbs.
I'm sorry about Rasheed.
He made his choice.
One day, when we meet on the other side I hope to see the boy who once had love in his heart for me, as I will for him.
I hope so, too.
Kept an eye on these.
I knew you'd be back for them.
I'm grateful to have known Landis.
He was a good man.
I think he saw the same in you.
Agent Bishop Ellie.
My friends call me Ellie.
Thank you, Ellie.
Come on! Flight leaves in 30, let's go.
Agent Gibbs, please pass along my gratitude to the other agents for catching Landis's killer.
I'm not your messenger.
Do it yourself.
Come on! Chop, chop! Let's go! Hustle up! I I don't understand.
We put a call in to the Secretary of the Navy.
It took some convincing, but after reading over on your behalf, she endorsed your Special Immigrant Visa application.
You're coming with us.
To the United States? To-to live? Well, don't go getting all excited just yet.
You'll be required to work at a translation post in DC, while your visa is being processed.
It's not negotiable.
Where will I be assigned? NCIS.
I believe I can manage that.
Let's go home.