NCIS s12e23 Episode Script

The Lost Boys

Cause of death-- a single wound to the ensign's carotid artery with a wide blade.
Why the ensign? Well, they were trying to recruit Layna Korkmaz.
Ensign Wilt got in the way.
I got talked into joining this other chat room, only nobody there was talking movies or music.
What were they talking about? Asking if I was lonely and did I know my calling.
Messages from who? - The crazy people.
- Terrorist group.
According to the chat room support site, Hellbent427 is Bradley Simek.
He's got a bomb.
The kid has gunpowder on his computer, and a blueprint for a plastic detonator.
- He printed a detonator.
- Don't! Ten minutes.
What? That's what you're thinking, right? I mean, ten minutes earlier, and we could've stopped him from ever leaving his house.
None of this would've happened.
I was thinking five.
Hospital listed all other injuries as minor.
Could've been worse.
on a bus, and it could've been worse.
All right, Simek's mother's been notified.
You think he was being straight with you? Who? The kid.
Said he didn't kill Ensign Wilt.
We believe him? Some sick bastard on the other end of a computer, putting ideas into kid's head.
You tell me how we get a hold of that guy! Dorney's into it with Cyber.
I want a full report ASAP! Roger that.
Okay, I got it.
Uh, the boy's right arm was obliterated when he detonated the bomb.
The rest of his mutilated body ended up there.
But he was convinced somehow, in all of this, that there was dignity in his martyrdom.
Let's get him out of here.
What? Strange.
These marks on his arm.
I noted them as burns, but on closer inspection, they appear to be in a pattern.
A tattoo? Possibly.
Yeah, this design is familiar.
Hey, excuse me, ma'am.
Behind the yellow Hey! Get behind the tape! What are you thinking? What happened? Did you see something? I don't know.
What you doing? I'm about to head into MTAC.
Oh, that's right, 'cause Gibbs asked for that cyber update.
That's right.
Wow, so, you're not only doing your first MTAC briefing.
You are running the show.
I'll see you in there.
Oh, I'm not going in there.
Place is scary.
Tim will give me an update later.
And a word to the wise-- I would empty my bladder before I go in there, 'cause it's the scariest place on Earth.
We've seen good agents wet themselves bad.
It's very true.
And the carpet stains, so Look, guys, I appreciate the pep talk, but I'm fine.
Stressful situations don't get to me anymore.
Since when? Okay.
I'll tell you this because I'm confident enough to do so, but, also, because it might help you, too.
Two words: alter ego.
Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed, I mentally transition into a better version of myself.
You mean like Beyoncé and Sasha Fierce? I was thinking more like Clark Kent and Superman, but, yeah, same idea.
That's fantastic.
It is.
I transitioned right before you walked up.
That is why your B.
is not getting to me.
So, right now, who are we talking to? Gilroy Libbs, Super Agent, ready to kick some MTAC ass.
First time with the eye scanner.
Child's play.
Did you see him do that eye scanner? First time I did it-- Gilroy Libbs is kind of awesome.
NCIS Cyber linked Bradley Simek's communications to several anonymous recruiters.
I want names.
And we'll get them.
For now, we were able to tie the recruiters to a specific terror cell.
Vice President? Agent Dorneget brought us together to pool our Intel on the cell.
After all, this is an international epidemic.
Group in question is gaining notoriety under a number of calling cards worldwide.
Or simply translated: “The Calling.
” - Where are they? - The heart of the cell is in Iraq, but their reach is unlimited and focused.
Calling is making a strong push to recruit children.
On the Internet.
They're employing chat rooms, first-person shooter games, even cartoons, in an effort to weaponize children as young as ten.
The younger they are, the less they look like a threat.
And the cell's mission? They see themselves as underdogs, standing against their oppressors.
Essentially, The Calling is a twisted Peter Pan recruiting an international band of Lost Boys.
It's a good metaphor.
Thank you.
Interpol is assembling an emergency think tank to create a plan to stop The Calling's online recruitment of youth.
May I interrupt with a development? Go.
We've sent you background on a Calling leader here in France.
He does facilitate communication within the cell.
His name is Matthew Rousseau.
We're looking at him.
My team has intercepted several e-mails to him from the United States.
Do you have a location? No, but we were able to decrypt some content.
It appears several Calling loyalists in the U.
are seeking S-mines on the black market.
Meaning what? An S-mine, or a Bouncing Betty, was a land mine used by Germany in WWII.
When triggered, it shoots into the air, and then, it detonates.
It's like a shrapnel shower, Gibbs.
I know what it does, Abbs.
I want to know if you can still get 'em.
Yeah, I mean, if you have, like, a really scary friend.
Like a super creepy, corner-lurking, black-market friend.
Why go to the trouble? All I know is, if The Calling wants these S-mines so bad, I don't think they're gonna use them for, like, bookends.
How do we find the guys that are looking for them? I was hoping you had an idea.
You have an idea, don't you? No.
But I got a scary friend.
Agent Gibbs.
How wonderful to see you again.
I must say, you're looking handsomely tortured as ever.
I had my heart set on a wine list.
I highly recommend the fries, Bayar.
So, now comes the part where I say, “Please, “we've been through too much together.
Call me Agah.
” You nod, and then, we both smile at something that isn't funny.
Let's skip that.
Now to a positive.
Which is I forgive you.
You've hurt my feelings in the past, but absolution's good for the soul.
I'm looking to make a deal.
I'd hoped.
German S-mines are being chased on the black market.
I want to know who's doing the chasing.
And you think I can tell you.
I think you can find out.
Black-market weapons-- that's your wheelhouse.
The people in my, uh wheelhouse are like you.
Resourceful, sour and armed.
If I ask a question, I can't take it back.
Your neck is your concern, not mine.
The terms will be fair.
You'll be paid the same as when you work with the DIA.
So, tell me, Gibbsey.
Are you making a deal with the devil, or am I? Ducky? Oh, hello, Jethro.
You get a new 45? No, Gibbs.
It's my Lab Jams.
Don't you recognize it? Not in here.
Yes, well, Abby and I have joined forces for a moment.
She was kind enough to show me how energizing a little bit of bass can be.
Yes, sir! I could totally hook you up with some Lab Jams for the squad room if you want.
Then how about we just dazzle you? Yeah, I like that.
Yes, well, might I draw your attention to the design on Bradley Simek's arm.
It's not a tattoo.
It's permanent marker.
And the angle suggests that he drew it on there himself.
You remember where you saw it, Duck? Yes.
Former Army Specialist Randall White.
If you recall, four months ago, he and two of his colleagues tried to assassinate a visiting imam.
- They were Americans.
- Yeah.
But they were radicalized by a terror cell in Syria.
This is one of the autopsy photographs I took of White's identifying mark.
It's a real tattoo.
Same design as Simek's.
Now, remember, Bradley Simek's detonator was downloaded from the Dark Web, and then, it was created on a 3-D printer.
Just like the plastic gun that Randall White used to kill himself.
Gibbs, The Calling is connected to the same group that recruited the three Americans in Syria.
White's dead.
Where are the other two? Well, Kyle Nasry died in prison two months ago.
The third terrorist is very much alive.
Hey, Bishop, bring in Sarah Goode.
Gentlemen, as you know, Interpol is assembling a think tank.
I would like you to represent NCIS.
Both of you.
Okay, where we headed? The sessions will be hosted by GID Officer Hassan in Cairo.
Egypt? Plane leaves in two hours.
Well, it looks like you told him.
Repping NCIS on an international platform is a huge honor.
Thank you.
I Excuse me.
I got excited.
Dorney, what are you doing? I wasn't thinking.
I should've been more Gilroy Libbs.
Who is Gilroy Libbs? No one.
Off to Cairo.
Don't like that look.
Something's come up.
Bayar? Yeah, the deal isn't gonna fly, Gibbs.
DIA got wind of it.
They shut it down.
It's not their call.
But it is.
SecDef is backing them.
They got Bayar locked into two ops already.
They don't want him compromised.
Director, we need him on this.
It's done, Gibbs.
Using Agah Bayar is a no go.
I want to talk to you about the Calling.
You connected them to me? Yes.
- That's disappointing.
- Look, as much as we all love crypto-terrorist talk, we need to know everything you know about The Calling.
So what's it gonna take to get there? We're already there.
The Calling began as part of the group I joined in Syria.
But it became something else.
What? A faction eager to bring chaos.
They pushed our religious doctrine aside.
They're rooted in nothing but the desire to reject authority and paralyze the system.
Misguided youth The faction broke off and moved its followers to Iraq.
And now they're everywhere.
Overshadowing the one true way.
I want them stopped as badly as you do.
Just tell me how to help.
Anyone who's a member.
Our group is winning back young people by the day.
I can't risk exposing those who've found their way home.
These are chat room discussions between several Calling recruiters and a boy named Brad Simek.
Kid blew himself up for the cause two days ago.
I know this screen name.
Who is it? He was with us for a time but was wooed by The Calling.
He's a brilliant engineer-- a prodigy.
His emotional growth took a backseat to his studies, so he relates to youth.
He's a powerful recruiter.
He called himself The Builder, a builder of bombs and of a people.
Do you know his real name? The “SS” stands for Sadiq Samar.
That's his real name.
If you find him end him.
Okay, here we go.
Sadiq Samar, 25.
citizen and resident Pied Piper for the Calling.
Got his master's degree in engineering at the ripe old age of 19.
He was arrested two years ago during a protest of U.
foreign policy.
Where is he now? No idea.
Doesn't hold down a job.
But his last known address was an apartment building that is now being rented by a newlywed couple and their three pugs.
Got something.
Last year, a Sal Roberts purchased a small building in DC.
Down payment came out of Samar's bank account.
And I can't find any other record on this Roberts guy.
Samar bought the building under an alias.
You got an address? Got it.
Let's go.
Upstairs is clear.
It's always nice when someone keeps a place up to code.
It's a bayonet.
Looks like the others from Simek's house.
It's dried blood.
Could be the weapon used to kill Ensign Wilt.
Maybe Brad was telling the truth when he said he didn't do it.
Brad gives the knife to Samar, Samar does the dirty work.
Lost boys Federal agents! You all right? You're safe.
Come on out.
You were at the bus.
What's your name, son? Whoa.
You want to hand that to me? Okay.
I'll come to you.
Stay where you are.
Nice and easy.
Got it.
Use the zip ties, Bishop.
He's too small for handcuffs.
Luke Harris, right? Your parents reported you missing last night, Luke.
What were you doing in the building? You know a guy by the name of Sadiq Samar? You know, I don't like to talk either.
You talk too much, people end up thinking they heard things you never said.
But if you don't speak up, I can't help you.
Whatever you got mixed up in, you can turn it around.
Think for yourself.
Make a choice.
He's just a kid.
What have we got? Abby confirmed the bayonet was used to kill Ensign Wilt.
Partial print in blood was a match to Samar.
Cold-blooded killer.
The Builder is adding to his résumé.
I want to hear about this kid.
Luke Harris.
Wendy and David Harris of Great Falls, Virginia, reported him missing last night.
They are his adoptive parents.
His biological parents were originally from Iraq but fled to Turkey after the First Gulf War.
Put him up for adoption shortly after he was born.
Uh, Abby got his laptop from the police, but she was pulled into something else, so she asked us to read you her findings.
So read 'em.
“Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs.
” Uh “Luke was communicating with Samar and other Calling members in a new chat room on the Dark Web.
Click”" Oh, click.
“A tool known as TOR, “or the Onion Router, makes it impossible to track who's accessing the site”" Skip to the part I care about.
Oh, my God.
She knew you were gonna say that.
Word for word.
Right there.
It says, “Skip” Yeah.
Uh Oh.
“For added protection, Samar constantly hops to new chat rooms.
” “In fact, this new chat room is already inactive.
“I mean, it's as dead as Sister Rosita's bowling game, Gibbs.
She had hip surgery last week.
” Oh.
“End of findings.
” Click.
We combed through the chat room's content.
It confirms Luke learned about Simek bombing the bus shortly after it happened.
He was at the crime scene because he was curious.
Later, Samar told Luke to go to the building to “meet his brothers.
” Gibbs, Luke has to know how to contact Samar.
We need to get him to talk.
Hey, Gibbs.
I'm really bummed that I wasn't there to report my findings to you earlier, but I was busy finding other findings.
What's with the umbrella? You know Poppy.
She's my parasol.
She goes with me every time I leave the building and go outside.
But we'll get back to her in a minute.
First, I want to talk to you about my friend Emilio Evans.
He works for the Crestwell Historical Society in DC.
What about him? He has a perfectly symmetrical face.
Kind of blows my mind.
And he has access to a lot of useful historical documents.
What'd you find? When Samar bought the building, it was in shambles.
He paid way more for it than it was worth.
And Emilio and his snowflake face found out why.
The basement of the building was forged next to a bunker from the 1940s.
It's still there.
So the bunker itself has probably seen its share of renovations but still.
Samar bought the place for the hidden storage.
I mean, there's no telling how many forensic gems are in that bunker, Gibbs.
And you know how much I love secret rooms.
You and Poppy want to leave the lab and go to the bunker.
I'll take Tony and Bishop with me.
You speak Arabic? That's amazing.
I learned some key phrases on the plane.
You think we got time to check in? Yeah.
Interpol forwarded a new itinerary.
First meeting's in an hour.
You will remember Matthew Rousseau.
The Calling's Director of Communications.
One of their many leaders.
Is DGSI still surveilling him? No.
We got him.
It was a joint operation with your special forces.
A beautiful thing, really.
He was captured in Bordeaux.
Currently, he's being transported to a U.
aircraft carrier in the Bay of Biscay.
He's wanted in the U.
for a attempted bombing of a post office in San Francisco in 2005.
Which is why he's being transported back to the States.
So he's gonna need an escort.
And I'll bet that escort will get first crack at interrogating him on the carrier.
What are you doing? I am volunteering for the job.
What? You guys, talk louder! I can't hear you back here! He said he almost has it open! Okay, can you see anything? What do you see? What's in there? What's in the secret room? Abby, quiet.
Have a little patience.
As soon as we clear the room, we will invite you to look.
Bishop, follow me.
Clear! Whoa.
What happened in here? They bombed it.
I heard you say “clear,” so I just ran in like a like a like a cheetah.
This is shrapnel.
Some kind of test site.
The dimension of these holes match the specs for an S-mine.
They were planted and then they were detonated.
Look at this.
Some kind of document.
This looks like part of a diagram.
The cylinders connected by a line.
Samar's handy.
Could be figuring out how to connect the mines.
That's why he tested two at once in here.
He's modifying them into a huge, mean Bouncing Betty on steroids.
And he has to have more.
Then where'd he take the rest of them? We never met Luke's biological parents.
It's hard to believe that two complete strangers can give you the greatest gift of your life.
When did Luke start having trouble? About two years ago.
It seemed like it happened overnight.
Kids at school found out he was Middle Eastern.
They started to tease him.
We were worried, so I looked at his laptop.
I saw the sites he was visiting, the people he was talking to.
They were telling him that They were telling him that all his pain was from pretending to be American.
We took him to a therapist.
He was getting He was getting better.
It's okay, it's okay.
Yesterday, it got bad.
Kids at school spray-painted some ugly words on his locker.
He came home, destroyed his room We didn't know until it was too late.
He was already gone.
Who was Luke before all this? These are some of his things.
The police already processed his room.
He destroyed most of it, but he missed what was under the bed.
Agent Gibbs, you're the first person to ask what he was like before.
Got to know who I'm looking for.
So you can bring him back to us? He's our baby boy.
I heard that you like breakfast for dinner.
I'm not much good at pancakes.
Is this your house? Yup.
Why would you bring me here when I almost shot you? Did you? Oh.
Well lots of people who wanted to shoot me have been in this house.
If you're not gonna eat, Luke, milk goes back in the fridge.
I'm not gonna ask again.
I had a daughter.
She used to sit right there at the table where you were.
She took my pocket knife from me once.
Knife wasn't a toy, and she knew that.
She climbed up here.
And she took that knife and she carved her initials right into the back of that cabinet, there.
Then she lost the best pocket knife that I ever had.
What'd you do? Oh, I scolded her.
Grounded her.
Then I forgave her.
I'm nothing.
I'm nothing! Yeah, everyone hates me! Just kill me! That's what they want, that's what I want! German S-mines were chosen for their manufacturing.
Desired changes were easier to implement than with the later models.
Sciuto analyzed the schematics from the bunker.
As many as six mines will be linked via encrypted Wi-Fi.
Tripwire's virtual.
A pinpoint laser.
Not your dad's land mine.
Well, there was evidence of two mines detonated in Samar's bunker.
By now he could have more.
And the boy? Luke Harris.
He's back in holding.
Likely knows how to get in touch with Samar.
Lost cause? No, he's not a lost cause.
It'll take some time to turn him around.
Don't have it.
Remember, DGSI intercepted multiple communications.
Samar is not the only Calling member stockpiling S-mines on American soil.
We need a line to anyone and everyone in the game.
We need Bayar.
DIA won't budge.
We did some digging.
Bayar sends groceries to an apartment every Friday.
His mother lives there in secret.
Go figure-- Agah Bayar has a mother.
He won't want her deported.
We don't need an aboveboard deal.
Blackmail Bayar to help us, DIA's none the wiser.
That's the plan? Yeah.
You got a better one, Leon? A word of advice: don't get caught.
Hey, I'm with Luke.
DiNozzo, you're with Bayar.
Finally gonna meet the pride of Turkey.
Yeah, well he's not gonna like you.
Take Bishop.
These are to die for.
We need to talk.
As much as I adore making new friends, I worry about losing old ones.
Gibbs is tied up.
What do you think? What do you mean what does she think? Gibbs is tied up, he sent us.
I heard you.
But I didn't like your answer.
You don't like my answer or you don't like me? Neither.
Gibbs really is tied up.
He sends his apologies.
You see? She dips it in sugar, and all of a sudden, it tastes so sweet.
Bayar Please, call me Agah.
We'd like to discuss your mother.
Gibbs and I had an agreement.
We know.
We shook on fair terms.
Not gonna happen.
DIA? The problem is we still need your help, Agah.
We need you to reach out to your contacts and find out who's seeking these S-mines.
We need locations on these people.
Yes, well, I did some research of my own, dear heart.
And I know that you're after The Calling, and The Calling's after the children.
That's right.
My mother's flawed, but she's my own.
And if you ever threaten her again, my response won't be civil.
I'll help you.
But your efforts were wasted.
I would've helped you without payment, and without blackmail.
Why? Women and children first.
It was an absolute we could always agree upon.
When babies are used in the wars of men then God help us all.
Duck you all right? Well, seeing what once mattered to Luke Harris makes him very real, very young.
This is my second profile of a manipulated boy in just a short number of days.
Before, it was just one troubled kid.
And now we see a virus affecting our youth.
I mean, why did Luke's frustrations bring him here, instead of storming out of the house and lighting up a cigarette? Every teen is prone to rebellion.
But then The Calling twists that vulnerability into terror.
Duck, I got to reach this kid.
To find Samar.
For himself, for his parents.
For you.
I think I've found something that might help.
This grotesque reading is from The Calling forum that Abby found on the Deep Web.
It's a virtual handbook from Samar to his recruits.
It tells them that in order to demonstrate their loyalty, they must give up their old lives.
Luke trashed his room before he left.
But according to Samar, the most important act for a recruit is to condemn those who are not aligned with The Calling's ideology.
“Especially those closest to you.
” His parents.
Which brings me to this notebook.
Now, this is Luke's handwriting.
A letter? To his adoptive parents.
The language is brutal.
Yeah, but the letter is unfinished.
He was trying to disown 'em.
He couldn't bring himself to finish it.
Jethro, the darkness here is undeniable.
But what we're dealing with is a well, it's a child.
Who, beneath it all, I swear, he-he loves his parents very much.
Did you write that? Did you write that?! Yes.
You want to finish it before I show it to 'em? To who? Your parents.
What's wrong? It's for them, isn't it? You did everything you were supposed to.
Disown everyone who isn't The Calling.
That's what Samar wants, right? Please don't show it to them.
Oh, no, that's already been decided.
Don't, all right? Don't! Hey! You said you wanted to die.
What would your parents think if they heard that? You broke their hearts.
The kids at school hate me.
They kept telling me to go back to Iraq.
I don't know what to do anymore.
You talk to me.
Where is Samar? If I tell you what I know will you take me to see my parents? Yes.
I I didn't want to hurt them.
I I don't want to hurt them.
What were you doing in the building? Luke was in the building because Samar ordered him to stay there.
Gibbs got Luke to talk? Okay, so, Luke went to the building to meet up with his so-called brothers, but Samar got everyone out before their introductions.
He was afraid that Bradley Simek's computer would lead the police back to the building.
Then why tell Luke to stay behind? Because Samar knew that the police would hesitate to shoot a kid.
It was a trap.
When we found him, Luke was supposed to kill whoever he could? Yeah, but let's focus on the positive here, though.
Like the URL for Samar's latest chat room.
Luke gave it to Gibbs.
“Have you heard how Little L is feeling”" They've got to be talking about Luke.
Yeah, SS_BUILDER-48.
That's Samar talking.
“I think Little L has the flu.
He didn't go to work, or we would have heard about it”" “Didn't go to work.
” Didn't do his job-- he didn't kill anyone.
“He needs to learn what happens when you give in to the sickness”" They think Luke's a traitor.
He's in danger.
Where is he? Gibbs took him to his parents' house.
The door's open.
Hey! Stay here.
Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Dad! Dad! Dad! - Dad! - Hey, hey, hey.
Mom! No! No! I know nothing about any S-mines.
Well, DGSI thought that you were a Calling leader.
Guess the press is gonna have a field day when they find out that you're only a lackey.
You ask about the United States.
You ask the wrong questions.
Then why don't you set me straight? When you plan a big party, there are many details discussed over many lines.
It is impossible to keep them secret.
You left such a party to be with me today, no? I'm sorry you're missing our contribution to the fun.
Guard! Open up! I need a phone! McGee.
Hey, we're on a break.
I was just about to Dorneget, listen to me.
There's a threat to the hotel.
They know you're there.
You need to get everyone out of there.
Evacuate now! Everybody out! Go! Go! What is happening? Threat to the hotel.
Go! Go! Go! No! No! No! No! No! Once again, we bring to you the latest on the explosion that occurred less than 40 minutes ago at the Hotel Al Maha in downtown Cairo All right, I need you to call me back as soon as you know his status.
Thank you.
Anything? - I'm on hold again.
- Stay with him.
He needs somebody with him.
Dorneget? Last we heard, he was rushed to the hospital.
We're waiting on an update.
McGee? He's circling back to Cairo.
The agent afloat's escorting Rousseau back here.
Boss, Rousseau had prior knowledge of the explosion.
The Intel suggests multiple mines with a laser tripwire.
This was The Calling.
It's just a matter of time before they take credit.
Where are we? With what? With anything, DiNozzo! I want the head of this thing! Who is he? What is his play? Why is he hitting Cairo when our Intel says here? Gibbs.
What? I just got confirmation.
Dorneget didn't make it.
Where are we with Bayar? He has something for us, wants to set a meet.
Then do it! All right, what do you have? I'll wait for Agent Bishop.
She's on the phone.
Yes, I can see that.
Look, I haven't had a great day.
I know you don't like me.
Can we move on? Agent DiNozzo, don't be so sensitive.
Two shining stallions in one tiny area.
When we're together, the world's stables are knocked off-balance.
Sorry about that.
I have identified three people seeking S-mines.
The particulars are inside.
Cairo is just the beginning.
The attack tonight was just a test run.
Test run for what? The Calling are gathering S-mines in all major cities around the world.
They are planning a coordinated, international attack.
If they succeed, the results will be catastrophic.
When? I have no idea.
We need you to stay on this, Agah.
We need you to keep digging.
I have my limits.
Pro Bono only feels good for so long.
Down! He needs an ambulance.
It's okay.
Details are trickling in.
Bayar's in surgery.
Doctors are optimistic.
As far as Cairo, I did speak to SecNav.
She Gibbs? I need you with me.
I'm here.
Reports to SecNav are confirmed.
Agent Dorneget led a last-minute evacuation.
He saved a lot of lives.
He would have wanted you to know that.
His family? It's just his mother.
She's been notified.
She's been out of the country.
Travel is complicated.
There anything we can do for her? Yeah, actually, there is.
She won't be able to make it before the plane arrives from Cairo.
Well, we'll be there for him.
Funeral detail, attention! Forward march! “We cannot always build the future for our youth.
”" “but we can build our youth for the future.
” FDR's words were never more urgent.
Gibbs, you all right? Shoulder arms! Forward march.
We weren't expecting you until tomorrow.
We would have waited.
I know.
Gibbs? CIA Officer Joanna Teague, Agent Dorneget's mother.
Officer Teague, we're sorry for your loss.
Ned would have appreciated the pomp and circumstance.
But my son is dead, and his killers are still out there.
I'd say we've got some work to do.