NCIS s12e24 Episode Script


Her throat's been cut.
Victim is Navy Ensign Janine Wilt.
Ensign Wilt gained remote access from this laptop to a home computer.
Linked to a chat room? What were they talking about? Asking if I was lonely and did I know my calling? So you turned to Ensign Wilt.
She knew computers, blocked the chat room and everyone on it.
Do you know any of them? Hellbent427.
Hellbent427 is Bradley Simek.
Nobody move! Don't.
No! NCIS Cyber linked Bradley Simek's communications to a specific terror cell: The Calling.
The Calling is making a strong push to recruit children.
We've sent you background on a Calling leader in France.
His name is Matthew Rousseau.
Several Calling loyalists are seeking S-mines on the black market.
Interpol is assembling a think tank.
I would like you to represent NCIS.
The SS stands for Sadiq Samar.
Luke Harris-- Wendy and David Harris reported him missing last night.
They are his adoptive parents.
Mom! Mom! Dad! No! Duck, I got to reach this kid.
I know nothing about any S-mines.
Samar could be trying to connect the mines.
Dorneget, listen to me, there's a threat to the hotel.
They know you're there.
You need to get everyone out of there.
Everybody out! Go, go! Gibbs.
Dorneget didn't make it.
CIA officer Joanna Teague.
Agent Dorneget's mother.
Officer Teague.
My son is dead and his killers are still out there.
I'd say we've got some work to do.
Where's the boy, Sadiq? Come on, now.
Don't do this.
I know the taser stings a little, but you left me no choice.
Who are you? A very angry mother with a short fuse.
Where's the boy? I don't know what you're talking about.
I swear.
I know nothing.
Nothing might be stretching it.
Online, these kids trust you, Sadiq.
Don't be stupid.
I only bite when I'm hungry.
Where's Luke? Where's the boy? They took him back.
Luke? Yes.
Where? To Iraq.
To Zakho.
I know where they took Luke.
I want the people who killed my son.
As do we.
Special Agent Dorneget was a valued member of my team.
And the only family I had left.
I'm not sure you understand.
I'm asking to be read in on the case.
I've already spoken with my superiors.
Officer Teague Joanna.
I don't think it's a good idea for you to be personally involved.
Gibbs, I'm IOC.
I consistently work in Middle Eastern cyber ops.
This is my area of expertise.
Your personal connection to Agent Dorneget was unknown inside NCIS.
Present company excluded.
Per your son's request.
Ned didn't want anyone to know about his government pedigree.
He wanted the respect of his coworkers, that he was a good agent.
And he was a damn good one.
Well, that was very Ned.
He didn't want people to know what he came from.
He had a rough childhood.
His father was a cop who was killed in the line of duty, and I was barely around, chasing my CIA career.
Thank God for his grandmother.
She raised him.
Ned talked about you a lot, Agent Gibbs.
Your leadership, your rules He talk about rule number ten: “Never get personally involved in a case”? You were a parent.
You lost a child.
You should understand.
I need this.
And Ned deserves it.
That X-ray vision working yet, there, Tony? No.
If Steve Jobs were still alive we'd have X-ray vision by now, wouldn't we? I miss Steve Jobs.
All right.
Where are we? Trying to understand the power structure of The Calling.
We know Sadiq Samar is still out there, and that he murdered Navy Ensign Wilt.
After after McGee interrogated Matthew Rousseau, he was delivered here and admitted The Calling's role in Cairo.
Forensic results? Thanks.
Touch DNA ties Sadiq Samar to the bomb fragments in Egypt, too.
And we already know he's in charge of chat room recruitment, so we are dealing with a computer-savvy and personable mechanical engineer.
There should be a separate category for criminal overachievers, don't you think? If Sadiq and Rousseau are the public faces of The Calling, then who's next level up? I don't know.
This is not the face of international terrorism.
You'd be surprised.
It's nice to have you back in the big orange room, Tim.
Nice to be back.
I just wish Dorneget was here with us.
Officer Teague.
I'm Ellie Bishop.
You have my deepest sympathies.
Thank you, Agent Bishop.
And I'm guessing you're Tim.
Yes, ma'am.
Ned liked you very, very much.
I should have stayed with him in Egypt.
I should have been there when he needed me.
You did your job.
You all did.
Don't ever question that.
You must be DiNozzo.
My condolences.
I really thought Ned was great.
He really admired your relationship with your father.
Ah yeah.
Well, Dad is special.
Yes, Gibbs.
Yeah, Duck? Yeah, sure, I'll bring her down.
Ready to go? Yes.
Officer Teague, I must warn you the shrapnel from the incendiary device was devastating.
He's my son, Doctor.
I want to see him.
I'm so proud of you, baby.
Sleep now.
How many more, probie? How many times we gonna do this dance? Agents can't keep dying on your watch.
I'm sure agent Gibbs would grant me the courtesy.
Jethro, Officer Teague would like to take a close look at the shrapnel.
I would prefer We can learn a lot from every piece of metal, and in my experience I would prefer to wait until I've begun my formal autopsy.
Duck pull it out, show it to her.
Officer Teague, I know I wasn't at the actual transfer.
You see, I-I was at the pediatrician's.
See, my-my daughter has a little wheeze and-and we've actually been trying to steam it out of her for a few nights Mr.
I'm sorry.
I just want to reiterate that we are all in this to catch Ned's killers.
No matter what.
Thank you.
Your point is well-taken.
Now could you give me one of those small containers, please.
That's titanium.
Abby said Sadiq modified the explosives.
Apparently regular shrapnel wasn't deadly enough for his taste.
We might be able to track it.
You don't just buy titanium ball bearings at the local bomb store.
The world's largest supplier of titanium is Russia.
Good place to start.
Run down the source, track the importer, find the killer.
I still have a few Russian connections left, Gibbs.
You? Yeah, I know a guy.
Anything? I spoke to hotel security in Cairo.
They reported seeing a blond-haired man, mid-20s, standing in the entrance just before the explosion.
These are screen grabs from the hotel security camera.
Any I.
? Not yet.
What about Sadiq? Well, we have two eyewitnesses that place Sadiq Samar in the same Cairo hotel a month ago.
Doing recon.
Then Homeland picked up his trail using an alias on a cruise ship that landed him here in Virginia.
Just in time to kill the ensign.
Bishop, track him down.
Guys, I heard from our Russian friend.
Oh, how is comrade Pavlenko? Slippery as ever? He thinks the titanium that killed my son was imported by a local aerospace company, Bianca Aviation.
Purchased by a dummy corporation.
Signed for by Roger Dietz.
Getting our bearings on Roger Dietz, boss.
How you holding up, Luke? I won't pretend I know.
So What happens to me now, Agent Gibbs? Once you're safe, you have family.
We'll reach out to your relatives.
They're just lining up to take in the Middle Eastern adopted kid.
Doesn't matter where you're from, Luke-- family's family.
People are dead because of me.
You didn't kill anybody.
You're trying to help now.
That counts for something.
An agent died.
And The Calling is responsible.
What if I could show you exactly who killed my parents? Meet Safari Sandy.
Safari Sandy's a giraffe.
A distant relative of Bert the Hippo and a direct result of the Harrises' paranoia regarding a certain sticky-fingered cleaning lady.
Nanny cam.
Hence Safari Sandy's unfortunate exenteration.
Eyeball removal.
I did not see a giraffe at the crime scene.
That's the point.
Safari Sandy is a stuffed animal, so is decidedly nonthreatening in her stuffed-ness.
The camera has a motion sensor.
So whenever there's movement, it starts recording, and then the files are sent to an internal SD card.
Put it up.
Gibbs, the camera's motion sensors caught something that night.
The Harrises' murder.
The camera recorded everything, including the identity of the killer.
Play it, Abbs.
Who are you? Hey! Hey! What are you doing in our house? You don't have to-- put the gun down.
Put the gun down-- no! Put it - Oh, my God! No! Oh.
I didn't know someone was in here.
No, it's okay.
I, um, left my homework on the table.
I just need to get it.
I'll You must be Luke.
Who's that? That's my son.
He worked here, but, uh he's gone now.
The agent who was killed.
What was his name? Ned.
You know, you kind of remind me of him a little bit.
Look, the-the agents won't tell me what happened exactly, and I have so many questions.
It's kind of my fault.
My parents, uh, your son they're all gone now, and I didn't do anything to stop it.
You didn't kill them, Luke.
I know, but I Look, I better go.
Luke Luke, please.
Tell me about your friends.
They're not my friends.
Then tell me how to find them.
Titanium is generally preferred because it's lightweight and can withstand high compression and temperature.
Uh, the precision finish ensures surface uniformity.
No pits.
Don't want pits.
We mostly use these in aircraft landing gear.
I order 'em by the bushel.
That's why we're here.
One of your bushels ended up in Cairo, Egypt.
How's that, now? Well, you signed the P.
for the bearings used in these devices.
Devices used in this bombing in Cairo, Egypt.
No, ma'am.
I-I did no such thing.
The inventory you just admitted to controlling was sold to a dummy corp fronting Sadiq Samar, the terrorist responsible for the bombing.
Oh, God.
I, uh I don't know anything about any, uh All our inventory is carefully accounted for.
So will we find anything when we go through your personal accounts? You didn't just put in a new pool, did you? For the fam, Roger? You seem like a kidney-shaped guy to me.
You won't find anything.
Are you calling my bluff, Roger? Because that would take big brass ones.
Titanium ball bearings made in Russia.
Sold, under the table, by a guy at Bianca Aviation to this clown.
You know him? He killed some good people.
Navy Ensign Wilt.
Luke Harris's parents.
Hell, we even linked him to the bombing in Egypt.
You know, we've been at this a while.
I'm in no rush.
And I know you are made of time.
Luke is a misguided young man.
He'll find his way.
Tell me who this is.
Don't know.
Never seen him before in my life.
Where would I find him? Second star to the right and straight on till morning.
Why use kids? Why do fish swim? For the same reason disenfranchised children will rise up to find their purpose.
They simply must.
It is inevitable.
Listen to him, talkin' in circles.
He's scum.
People are dying.
Good people.
Your people.
And this one thinks it's funny.
Look at that smirk.
Break him.
Do it.
One name.
One name.
Who is he? These Western time zones elude me.
What time is it in Arizona? I think we've missed the afternoon tour.
What, McGee? South rim of the Grand Canyon, boss.
Two more Bouncing Bettys.
It's all over the news.
The National Park Service is working with Homeland Security and the FBI to determine who was responsible for today's deadly attack at the Grand Canyon.
No further details have been released.
That's enough.
Why in a national park? Why in the middle of nowhere? Okay, Bouncing Bettys are confirmed.
One park ranger dead, three hikers wounded.
But five minutes later, two tour buses would have unloaded right where the bombs went off.
Our friend at Bianca Aviation had a cell number for Sadiq in his phone records.
You track it? Burn phone was found in a Dumpster in Maryland, near the Mount Roosevelt campus.
Makes sense.
A bright 20-something engineer hiding in plain sight on a college campus.
Cell's battery was still working.
He probably tossed it recently.
Find him.
Boss, I-I found something that Dorney never got the-the chance to follow through on.
All the kids that were recruited online were sent the same group of songs.
Dance club music.
It's, uh, techno-industrial, to be specific.
But, uh, I don't know exactly where they come from.
I'm still digging.
Do us a favor, McGee, dig with headphones.
Luke carries an MP3 player, right? Yeah.
I'm just saying, Gibbs, in the morning, let's see if he has any songs like these.
It could mean something.
Well, she seemed friendly.
Anything? Uh, her name is Amber.
She's a criminal justice major, she has daddy issues, and she wanted to discuss my search-and-seizure techniques.
She did not.
You made all that up.
I did not.
Anyway, she hasn't seen Sadiq, and we have been to every 24-hour study hall on campus.
So I think it's time to call it a night.
Hang on a second.
Excuse me.
Sorry, but how old are you? Eighteen.
No, you're not.
You're, what, 16, tops? What are you doing here? It's a school day.
Visiting a friend.
Uh, my brother.
He-he goes to college here.
So which is it, Doogie, brother or friend? What's your name? You seen this guy? Kids are fast.
Hey! Mmm.
Food's getting cold, dude.
I'm not hungry.
Suit yourself.
You know what I could use later? Ice cream.
Is Larry's still on Connecticut Avenue? Yeah.
Best rum raisin in town.
I'm partial to mint chip.
Call me old-fashioned.
How about you, Luke? You got a favorite ice cream? I don't know.
Ice cream flavors?! Probie, I get it.
You want to trust the boy.
He was a good kid.
Emphasis on “was.
” Nothing's what it seems anymore.
Innocence doesn't come with youth or lipstick.
When I was your age, we used to read books.
Now, I just download audiobooks, listen to 'em when I travel.
It's just music.
Oh, I have songs, too.
Dylan, Stones Jay-Z.
It's not that kind of music.
Well, can I listen? Why are we even doing this? Stop coddling the boy.
Press him.
What are you waiting for? Can we go back to your house now? Yeah, sure.
He's playing you, Gibbs, and you're letting him.
At least she didn't forget rule 36.
Sadiq? Sadiq, it's me.
You came during the day.
I told you, you only come here at night.
They're looking for you.
Get in.
It must have been Rousseau.
Or Luke.
How else would they know where to look? Luke's become more of a danger than a help, but he still has value.
The others are leaving soon for Iraq.
We can all go together.
Let 'em wait.
You find Luke, convince him his family needs him.
Abby? Hey.
Welcome to Molecule 54.
It's the name of my club.
And go for it-- there's a two-drink minimum.
What are we doing? I'm listening to all these songs that Dorneget downloaded.
To be honest, most of them really suck.
And then, for a minute, I'm, like, “Why am I doing this when “somebody's out there blowing up my friends and national parks and who knows what else”" But that's not the point.
So what is the point? It's the rhythm.
You know, I love a good techno-industrial beat as much as your next musically-obsessed forensic scientist, but just listen to what happens when I filter down the high end to hear the rhythm track, and then roll off the low end.
See? It's like it's too precise.
It's-it's like it's sending Morse code.
There's code imbedded in these songs.
Yeah, it's spelling out something.
It's a message hidden in a bass line.
And there's hundreds of them.
This is how The Calling is talking to these kids.
It's not about music.
They're telling them to go hurt people.
“Navy woman is dead.
Now prove what you can do.
” It's a decoded message we pulled from the music on Brad Simek's computer.
“Prove what you can do”" Drove him to blow up the bus.
And this is code disguised as music? It's actually a warped Morse code with a backbeat.
Who sent it? An endless spiral of phony e-mail addresses blocked by firewalls and TOR protocols, origin unknown.
Luke Harris, Gibbs.
What's his 20? He's at my house with an agent and Child Services.
MTAC, now.
You, too, McGee.
Commissioner Girard, you know Officer Teague.
We have not had the pleasure, no.
You can cut the bull, ladies.
I know for a fact that CIA and French DGSI are old friends.
We may have broken some code once or twice.
Well, since the proverbial cat is out of the bag, Joanna, I want you to know, Ned saved my life.
We're listening, Commissioner.
My office recently intercepted an unexpected file-- a videogame created by The Calling, distributed for free.
Girard's people think that there's another embedded message inside.
- Well, what kind of message? - We don't know.
But my analysts tell me the key is only accessible once you finish the game.
They have been unable to do so.
I was going to ask Ned for help.
However, he spoke very highly of your gaming skills, Elf Lord.
We need your help.
Well, my mom always said I could never make a living playing video games.
So, McGee finishes the game, and then what? Well, the prize is often the scariest part of all.
Can I help you? Yeah, hey.
I'm a friend of Luke's.
I'm here to pick him up.
I'm afraid that's impossible.
Luke can't go anywhere.
How did you get this address? You ever wonder how much longer? How much longer what? Well, don't forget how long I've been in the game, too, Gibbs.
Post 9/11, the landscape just keeps changing.
Hard to tell who we're fighting anymore.
Bright woman.
Where was she all my life? I mean, we can keep finding them, keep arresting them.
Crooks multiply like rabbits.
But who are we really trying to catch after all these years? Who are you trying to catch? Bad guys.
Still looking for the bad guys.
Gibbs, I just dialed you.
Something happened at your house.
A boy took him, Gibbs.
Where, Paula? I don't know.
He was just gone.
Security detail never saw it coming.
Ten stitches to the back of the head.
There more than one of them? Maybe.
Paula was this kid fifteenish, tall, maybe Middle Eastern? Sounds like the boy we saw on campus.
Go ahead, say it.
No need.
Come on in.
I hope you like Scotch.
Oh! Tonight I do.
I see you've been reading up on my other life.
Yeah, your bosses read me in on just how close you and the CIA are to this world of recruiting teens.
Oh, we're not close.
We're in.
Months of undercover work on The Calling.
They're afraid you're about to flush it all down the drain.
By using it? No, by jeopardizing your cover to help with an NCIS investigation.
Look, I can find the people who killed my son, and prevent the death of God knows how many others.
Director, the CIA now thinks they know where Sadiq is.
So, you want me to disregard their request, look the other way? You called me up here to make it clear that under no circumstances would NCIS take any unauthorized risk to a CIA operation currently in progress.
Mission accomplished.
Now you have an out.
Well, that's assuming I'm on your side.
Well, if you're not, when I leave, you can call my boss and tattle on me.
Long as we understand each other.
But if you make that call we gain nothing.
No Sadiq, no Luke.
Ned's death remains in vain.
I've made my choice.
Good night.
How did we get here, Ned? Terrorists using kids.
Talking to them in their bedrooms at night while their parents are in the room next door.
Come on, Gunny.
Kids have been fighting wars for centuries.
World wars, religious wars.
We send in the young to fix our ego-driven mistakes.
Why are you here? Why? Seriously, Mike.
Why? Why did I see you and Kate and Pacci, Jenny out by the plane? Huh? What do you want? What do you want? People count on you.
Always have.
I never asked for that.
For every one you've lost, how many have you saved? I haven't saved enough.
What about yourself? Who's gonna save you? Gibbs.
I know where they took Luke.
Want to come in? How much did Vance tell you? Enough.
I used CIA Intel to find Sadiq.
You used the Intel for you, not us.
This is a joint operation.
No, it's not.
This is our case.
This man recruits children.
He builds bombs And you watched him kill Luke's parents in cold blood.
I'll make one thing perfectly clear: I don't care about the CIA.
I care about the agent I lost.
You want to be in on this, you do it our way.
I jeopardized it.
Where is he? Zakho.
Why grab a kid under federal custody? Because he was in custody.
He's seen us.
Names, locations, All of it.
We're targets.
They will get the information out of him.
And there is nothing you can do about it.
Special Agent Timothy McGee.
McGee! Boss, hey, uh, sorry, I was with Abby working on the video game and Daniel Budd? Yeah.
Uh, yeah, I'm on it.
Where are you? We're on our way with Samar.
With Samar? How did-How did you Gibbs? He and Joanna are on their way up.
They just booked Sadiq Samar.
How'd they find Sadiq? And who's Daniel Budd? The leader of The Calling.
Daniel Budd.
political activist and underground terrorist leader.
Budd started as a London DJ.
That would explain the music.
So after his 15 minutes of fame were over, he desperately wanted to stay relevant.
Surrounded himself with misguided youth.
Started robbing from their parents.
Petty theft led to assault and kidnapping.
He found disturbing relevance in terrorism.
My NSA informant just I.
'd Luke somewhere on the outskirts of Zakho.
He's already there.
Private charter took off before we got the BOLO out.
Eyes on the street, boss? No, start with ours.
DiNozzo, grab your go bag.
Officer Teague is gonna arrange transport.
Plane leaves in an hour.
This is the neighborhood that Sadiq described.
My people saw a van unload a group of Westernized teens close by.
Then they were transferred into cars and taken to various locations.
Three o'clock.
Look at the bright, shiny kicks.
I doubt she's here with the debate team.
Follow her.
Sadiq Samar.
Someone worth talking to.
Have we met before? Never.
But I know who you are, Director.
And I know that we're both intelligent men.
And I am confident that we can come to some sort of mutual understanding? You mean negotiate.
Negotiation suggests that we're at an impasse.
You're a terrorist.
We're at an impasse.
Your reputation as an interrogator precedes you.
Oh, hell, Sadiq I am just getting started.
Do they come in wallet size? You think that's funny? I think that you are wasting your valuable time.
Matthew Rousseau is already halfway to a supermax prison.
Give me Daniel Budd.
You will never find him.
We're both intelligent men.
Try me.
The outdoor restaurant in Egypt.
The Grand Canyon.
Big outdoor spaces.
If these bombings were tests what's your next target? Among others? Mm-hmm.
Old, stubborn men sit on benches their entire lives and get set in their ways.
Age, Director age is the enemy of enlightened youth.
Split off.
I got this.
- Follow the dragon, McGee.
- Wait.
It's not about the dragon, it's about the sword.
Use it on the goblin.
You're both wrong.
It's about the potions.
Mmm, pick the yellow one.
No, the yellow one's not the hero one, the purple is.
Got it.
You win, my Elf Lord! Nice to know I haven't lost my touch.
Now what happens? Well, besides being crowned the King of Darrigone Wait.
What's this? Abby, the firewalls are up, right? Yeah, next generation and circuit-level gateway.
They're grids.
Travel destinations.
Business hubs.
Naval bases.
Places for The Calling to target next.
How did they get access to all this? They have kids inside.
Children of government employees.
What if Luke's still with them? What if he steered them to Gibbs's house? McGee! Director, you gotta see this.
Not now, McGee.
The supreme court justices-- exactly where are they? They're on retreat.
It's all over the news.
I know that.
I asked where? A compound in the Appalachians.
Well, get it on lockdown.
What do you want? United States federal agent.
You can't be here.
It's not safe.
I'm out for a walk.
That's what they told me to do.
Who? Who told you that? My new friends.
The people I trust.
Welcome to Iraq, Agent DiNozzo.
Who is this? I've been reading about you a lot.
It's fabulous to finally make myself acquainted with you.
This is Daniel? I am many things to many people.
Well, to me you're a terrorist.
Such an unfortunate moniker, “terrorist.
” I really need to go.
No, you're coming with us.
I don't think so.
We want the boy.
What do you want? Just to be heard.
To be respected.
Not to be handed your broken promises.
Welcome to the generation gap.
Old habits die hard, Daniel.
Or they just die.
No, no, no, no, no, no Are you hungry? You are hungry, you are hungry.
The boy, Luke I'm sorry for being the bearer of bad news, but these things are always more complicated than they appear.
Agent Gibbs will be so disappointed.
Agent Gibbs? But we must remember, they're only children.