NCIS s13e01 Episode Script

Stop the Bleeding

Nobody move! (echoes): No! (explosion) NCIS Cyber linked Bradley Simek's communications to a specific terror cell, The Calling.
We've sent you background on a Calling leader in France.
His name is Matthew Rousseau.
I know nothing about any S-mines.
Dorneget, listen to me, there's a threat to the hotel.
They know you're there.
You need to get everyone out of there.
Everybody out! Go! BISHOP: Gibbs, Dorneget didn't make it.
VANCE: CIA Officer Joanna Teague, Agent Dorneget's mother.
The Calling is making a strong push to recruit children.
Luke Harris, right? I don't know what to do anymore.
You talk to me.
Everyone hates me! Just kill me! That's what they want! The Supreme Court justices.
- Where are they? - A compound in the Appalachians.
Well, get it on lockdown.
BISHOP: Who's Daniel Budd? The leader of The Calling.
Welcome to Iraq, Agent DiNozzo.
Is this Daniel? The boy, Luke, I'm sorry for being the bearer of bad news, but LUKE: Agent Gibbs? (people screaming) (shouts) TONY: Boss, just hang in there.
Keep breathing.
Deep breaths.
You're gonna be all right.
NCIS agent with two GSWs, one to the chest, one to the knee.
FRANKS: I told you, probie.
It's all different now.
You trusted the boy and look what he did to you.
BP's at 160/95.
Rate is 110.
Pulse ox is at 94%.
FRANKS: Kid caught us flying blind.
Never saw it coming.
Maybe that says something about us.
- Boss, can you hear me? - Actually, that's my line.
And I think you're in my seat.
Agent Gibbs, I am Dr.
Welcome to the USS Daniel Webster Surgical Ward, where the elite beat the desert heat and cheat the occasional IED.
Now, Agent Gibbs, do you understand what I'm saying? Can you hear me? Okay, give me three more units of O-neg, uh, run a CBC, chem seven, and I want a CT scan of the chest and the leg, keep the morphine coming, and can somebody please let Dr.
Winthrop know that I've requested his company? Got us a lovely table overlooking Agent Gibbs' aorta.
Doc, is he gonna be all right? How does it look? He's lucky he has friends who care.
He's luckier that I care.
Let us work.
Tony, come on.
(talking indistinctly) Tony, Tony, slow down.
One thing at a time.
That's great.
I'll let everyone here know.
Know what? Where are we, Bishop? Homeland confirms the Supreme Court justices were safely evacuated from their retreat.
And The Calling's bomb threat? All too real, Director.
Three Bouncing Bettys found at the site were defused or detonated by the bomb squad.
What about Gibbs? McGee's on with Tony right now.
What happened? Is it true? Is Agent Gibbs really hurt? All right.
I'll-I'll call you back.
Okay, get back to him.
Hang in there.
Get back to who? Get back to Gibbs? S-So Tony's with him? Gibbs was shot.
Shot? Twice.
At point-blank range.
By Luke Harris.
They're prepping him for surgery.
Luke Harris? That-that kid? Yeah, the one that Gibbs was helping.
Any word on Daniel Budd, Agent McGee? He's still in Iraq, still at large.
Details are sketchy.
DUCKY: And Jethro? What's his condition? For what it's worth, Agent Gibbs, you're not my first NCIS agent.
Not to date myself.
As if I have to worry about that with this crowd.
Partridge Family.
Anybody? - No, sir.
- No? Nothing? Babies.
It was during the first Gulf War.
I was wet behind the ears, and this agent-- oh, geez, what was his name? Anyway, I remember we were short on Lidocaine that day but, lucky for him, not cheap tequila.
All the sawbones in the world and you get Chuckles the Clown.
I bet this guy's a hoot at parties.
(weakly): Shut up, Mike.
He speaks.
Uh, and it's Cyril.
And, unfortunately, you're stuck with me until we fix all this.
Now, I-I am not worried about your head and your knee.
We've got a great ortho who's gonna replace the knee altogether.
Now, the real megillah is the second bullet.
It shattered on impact, leaving all these little shards in your chest, meaning we got a lot of little bleeders, some of them not so little.
So that's why I got to get in there ASAP.
Where is DiNozzo? Teague? I was too far away.
I should have been right on his six.
I let Budd distract me.
Stop blaming yourself.
I knew, Joanna.
He had me on the phone.
I knew.
He was watching us.
You knew what? You knew that our sweet little Luke was gonna shoot his one true friend? Neither of us saw that coming, Tony.
How the hell could we? (phone rings) It's Vance.
This you knew was coming.
(phone beeps) Director.
Tell me he's alive.
He is, sir, but it's bad.
They're working on him now.
I'm gonna stay here till he's out of surgery.
No, you're not.
The best thing you can do for Gibbs now is your job.
Director If The Calling's still operating in Iraq, you need to get back there while the trail is hot.
Look, sir, no one wants Daniel Budd stopped more than I do.
Then we don't stop, DiNozzo, until The Calling's dismantled and this psychopath is captured or dead.
We owe Gibbs that much.
Are we clear? We're clear.
(phone beeps off) (monitor beeping rhythmically) You comfortable, Agent Gibbs? TAFT: Like me, Gibbs, you're blessed to have good people around you.
Got any more at home? Kids? Wife? Ex wives.
More than one.
(chuckles) So you're doubly blessed.
Which works for me.
See, I hate to make threats, but I am about to do everything in my power to make sure you see those exes again.
So you do your part, I'll do mine.
Deal? I'll buy you a drink when it's done.
First round's on me.
You look like a bourbon man, Gibbs.
Oh, see, I used to know a guy in Upstate New York, Hairy Tony, and every time he did a shot (beeping) He's crashing.
Let's put him under and crack him.
Time to dance, Agent Gibbs.
Mind if I lead? (oxygen hissing) Still nothing? Anyone? Anyone? McGee? Really, Abby? I can plainly see yours.
You can't see mine? (phone buzzing) Ooh, that's yours, Jimmy.
Who is it? Sorry.
(chuckles) Just my daily reminder to take my digestive enzyme.
BISHOP: Okay, all reminders, alerts, and notifications should be turned off until we get word on Gibbs.
- Right.
- ABBY: So, the nurse that promised us an update is actually on the ship, right? On the ship, just outside the OR with all our numbers.
Well, don't forget, it's the surgical ward of an aircraft carrier, so they're probably quite busy.
And very well staffed, apparently.
Did you find the surgeon? Dr.
Cyril Taft, Navy Reserve captain.
Decorated Gulf War veteran and a former Chief Trauma Surgeon at Walter Reed.
After all that, what's he doing stationed at sea? True warriors rarely go quietly.
Like some other doctors we know.
ABBY: So Gibbs has his very own Ducky performing his surgery.
McGEE: Can't ask for better than that.
Well, no doubt this Dr.
Taft has seen it all.
I'm sure that he has everything with Jethro completely under control.
Suction, please.
Would you like some more water, Doctor? Uh, you've been with me too long, Ryan.
I'm a surgical mouth-breather.
My tongue feels like Karbala in a dust storm.
Got yourself in a fine mess here, Gibbs.
At worst, I expected Swiss cheese, but you are leaking like a rusty colander.
Thankfully, nothing's permeated the heart muscle.
We got a ways to go.
- How 'bout some music? - Any requests? Got an old mix tape up there, Mo and Mo, half Mozart, half Motown.
- You like Motown, Ensign? - My parents do.
(laughs): Thank you for not saying "grandparents.
" Feel free to sing along, Gibbs.
Okay, tie that one off.
One down, way too many to go.
("My Girl" by The Temptations playing) I've got sunshine (continues distantly): On a cloudy day Sitrep.
When it's cold outside DiNozzo, sitrep.
I've got the month of May Hey, McGee.
I guess you'd say Bishop.
What can make me feel this way? My girl, my girl (music fades) (door opens, bell jingles) JACKSON: Son.
DORNEGET: Reporting for duty, Agent Gibbs.
(train bells clanging) YOUNG GIBBS: You got a rule for everything? SHANNON: Everyone needs a code they can live by.
I want to hear it again.
GIBBS: I will take care.
I will come back safe.
(echoes): I love you.
(girl giggling, birds chirping) FRANKS: You do hear ghosts, probie.
I'm not up there.
I'm right here, Daddy.
Pulse and BP are accelerating.
I don't know what's got your ticker pumping, Gibbs, but keep it up.
You know, I'd like to shake the hand of whomever invented the exploding bullet and then shoot 'em.
Order more blood and remind me why I do this for a living.
(song continues) My girl, my girl (song fades) Kelly.
Just let me look at you.
You got old.
(laughs) You didn't.
Is that why you're wearing that? No.
It's a long story.
You do work here, right? Yeah, I do.
Hey, guys? That's okay.
We're not staying.
(elevator bell dings) (seagulls screeching) (classical music playing) (monitor beeping) Where you going, Gibbs? Can't leave now.
It's almost happy hour.
Breathing's shallow.
He's in AFib.
Might have to shock him.
Get that O-neg on the rapid infuser.
Did I miss one? Ah, you got to give me a hint, Gibbs.
Can somebody please wipe my glasses? It's like I'm deep-sea diving over here.
(seagulls screeching) (girls screams happily) (talking low, indistinctly) That was a good day.
We had a lot of 'em.
Not anymore.
You don't have good days now.
You spend too much time thinking about the past.
Plenty to think about.
You have to stop, Dad.
Things are different.
It's about the future now.
There are too many people counting on you.
GIBBS: Now, see, you let go of your finger out there which is why it goes out that way.
All right.
Days like this make me wonder why I didn't stay in private practice.
Oh, I've had my chances.
Once even offered a shot at being the president's personal physician.
Dream gig, you know.
Air Force One, the status.
But, silly me, I played hard-to-get.
Oh! Oh! There you are, you sneaky little bastard.
(sighs) Clamp.
Pressure's rising.
- Why play hard-to-get, sir? - Oh.
In D.
, not even doctors are immune.
So, I said no.
Two days later, the job went to my friend, Cubby Miller.
Sweetheart of a guy.
More suction.
Naturally, I was kicking myself for days.
And then, one night, I got a page.
Five-year-old boy in a head-on collision.
Subcompact versus beltway.
(sighs) Kid was a disaster.
Died on the table three times in the 22 hours I spent trying to piece him back together.
And did he make it, Doctor? Oh, yeah.
He just graduated Georgetown Law.
Best thing I ever did was not take that job.
That kid was a good reason why.
Maybe you're another one, Gibbs.
(monitors beeping rhythmically) (seagulls screeching) (giggling) I miss you, Kelly.
You and Mom.
Every day.
I know.
But we never really left.
What you said before about people counting on me? I'm not sure what more I can do.
So what then? You're giving up? No, I didn't say that.
Fight back.
Bad people are still out there.
If you don't stop them, who will? (low chatter) (sighs) Kelly? (shouting): Kelly?! RYAN: Okay, pressure's stabilizing.
Normal sinus.
He's - He's breathing on his own.
- Oh.
No, no, no.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Now let's close.
I'm here all week.
Tip your waitresses.
(sighs) (groans) Forget the bourbon, you tough son of a bitch.
Make mine a 15-year-old single malt.
Our other top story-- the rising tensions with North Korea.
Sources on Capitol Hill today confirm a recent wave of tough talk out of Pyongyang It's amazing how a government memo that was confidential yesterday ends up on the news today.
BISHOP: Well, if I were to don my NSA hat, I'd say the leak probably came from the North Koreans themselves.
And what good is the chest-thumping if the world can't hear it? Ruthless dictators do love an audience.
- Boss?! - Gibbs! You're back! I thought we weren't supposed to see you for another few weeks.
Hey, did you ever get that last fruit basket from me and Jake? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, I got it.
Where's DiNozzo? Oh.
Uh, you wouldn't have heard.
He and Officer Teague are on assignment.
Boss, I'm sorry.
They they pretty much put us under orders.
We're not allowed to talk to you - about work while you're recuperating.
- Oh, yeah.
Well, that made for some riveting home visits.
But, uh, no, I'm-I'm back.
I'm good.
Let me be the judge of that.
Take the elevator.
(door opens, closes) DiNozzo and Teague? Something to do with The Calling? Well, it's good to see you, too, Gibbs.
Hey, did you ever get the fruit-of-the-month club that I signed you up for? They landed in Shanghai about an hour ago.
Shanghai? Off a tip just yesterday from one of Teague's CIA contacts.
Allegedly, Daniel Budd has moved his entire operation there.
Complete with his band of teenage nightmares.
Might have something to do with them falling off the map in Iraq.
Yeah, just might.
It's like they vanished.
That why you called me back? It hasn't been easy trying to keep you out of the loop, Gibbs.
You are beyond too close.
Not to mention Dr.
Taft wanting you to avoid physical stress.
You called Taft? The man saved your life, Gibbs.
You might want to listen to him.
Then why am I here? You're here on administrative duty.
With DiNozzo away, I figured McGee and Bishop would appreciate your support in the office, not in the field.
Look Leon, I'm not gonna try to sit here and tell you I'm 100%.
But chaining me to a desk? You can take it, or go home.
(rapid knocking on door) Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs! - Are you okay? - Yeah.
What are you doing here? You're supposed to be resting.
Abby, I'm fine.
I'm-I'm fine.
Well, look good.
Must be all that fruit that I brought over.
Oh, yeah, the fruit.
Yeah, I got the fruit.
I got enough fruit to feed a band of gorillas.
I was gonna bring you some soup later tonight, but since you're here, I could just make it in my lab, and you could have it for lunch.
Well, if you need me, I'll be at my desk.
(door closes) (music playing, fireworks popping) I'm glad you know where you're going.
Oh, I actually took a wrong turn a ways back, but we're good now.
It's just a couple blocks more.
Well, you could have just said, "Yes, I do" and I would have been none the wiser, but that's not your style, is it? Ah, yeah, honest to a fault.
Is that a problem? Quite the opposite.
I like your style.
Reminds me of somebody.
Old Dorney.
Never one for subterfuge.
I guess he learned from the best.
Maybe I learned from him.
Never thought I'd see Shanghai like this.
Ooh, hold on.
I'm a tie man.
And made in the U.
I would like to buy this tie.
Oh, sorry.
(speaking Mandarin) Oh, listen to you.
I've been working on it.
(speaking Mandarin) (speaking Mandarin) Ooh.
I didn't get Sorry.
Can you just back that up? It was a little fast.
(speaking Mandarin) (speaking Mandarin) Oh.
You have been so good for my ego these past few months.
I'm gonna check in with McGee.
(phone beeps, line ringing) - McGEE: Agent McGee here.
- Hey.
Tony, I sent you those files just after you left, so check your in box.
As soon as we're back at the hotel.
We missing anything there? Well, as a matter of fact.
Put him on the speaker.
Please hold for Gibbs.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait.
Gibbs? He's there? Hey, boss.
Teague with you? Yeah.
We're on our way to meet her contact now.
Tony, we got to get going.
DiNozzo? Rule 45-- I got it.
(phone beeps off) McGEE: He was in a crowd.
Maybe it was tough for him to hear.
It's been hard on all of us not catching Budd after all this time, and never finding Luke.
Been eating at Tony-- I know that.
Budd's been quiet.
Maybe too quiet.
Is it something we said? Taking a walk.
I'll be back later.
Well I think McGee could've given me a little bit better heads up.
"Rule 45"-- what's that? Clean up your own mess.
It's not all yours, Tony.
So, where's your contact? Oh, right on time.
CIA Officer Kenny Yong, say hello to Special Agent Tony DiNozzo.
DiNozzo, heard a lot about you.
Wish I could say the same, Yong.
Hang on.
(tires squealing) (shrieks) Oh And here I thought you weren't a real cab driver.
These Calling rumors have a lot of people jumpy, myself included.
Our Intel believes they've set up shop in an old computer factory just outside of town.
- (phone ringing) Have we checked it out? - Surveillance unit's being dispatched, but it'll take time.
We don't have time.
Hold on a second.
DANIEL: Do you know what they used to call this town, Agent DiNozzo? Paris of the Orient.
But it's nothing like Paris, is it? Hell, not even Paris is like Paris anymore.
World's getting smaller.
Like the distance between us? How's our connection, Daniel-- can you hear me okay? Why? Am I breaking up? No, but you will be, into little pieces, as soon as I find you.
Unless you end up like your boss.
Lot of mileage on that man.
But he's got stamina.
The question is, Tony do you? Guess we'll find out.
Game's just begun.
You be careful.
Oh, damn.
Well, so much for tracing the signal.
(buzzer sounds) MAN (over P.
): A block, sections one through four.
(announcement continues indistinctly) Look who's back from the dead.
Can't say the same for you.
Had I known, I might have washed up.
(buzzer sounds) No luck finding my friends, I take it.
Perhaps you now realize the true power of The Calling.
What, and you the power of solitary? What do you want? Shanghai.
Where, exactly, and why? You think I know from in here? If it was part of the long-range plan.
(both laughing) Look at you.
Oozing with confidence.
But who is the one needing answers? We're calling the shots.
(screaming) You want to play? My rules.
My game.
The game is changing.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah, you bet it is.
(screaming) Guard! Talk first.
Deal second.
(buzzer sounds) You know where to find me.
VANCE: How was your walk, Gibbs? You make it to Cleveland and back? Who are we waiting for? Transmission from the secretary of defense.
Up, coming through now, Director.
I wish I was reaching out under better circumstances.
How can we help? This bluster out of North Korea just took a very dark turn.
Some of our equipment just red-flagged a North Korean Sinpo-class sub arming a nuclear warhead in the Sea of Japan.
A warhead, sir? P-8s out of Misawa.
Picked it up on active sonar.
We're-we're still trying to verify, but PACFLEET's all ready to engage any threat if necessary.
With all due respect, sir, why loop in NCIS? Because we found a whole bunch of computers linked to the North Koreans and one of them's yours.
One of our computers? You send the data link? Already getting it.
(computer chirping, beeping) Confirmed, it is one of ours.
Whose computer, McGee? It's Agent Dorneget's laptop.
REPORTER: among the allegations, the sabotage of Pyongyang International Airport.
Thanks, Jake.
Call me later.
NSA didn't intercept the North Korean signal, but says that we should take the threat seriously.
The White House is keeping a lid on it from the press.
Only while they can.
How the hell could Dorneget be tied up with the North Koreans? Four months after his death.
Maybe because his computer is still alive.
You found it.
On the shelf, but not deactivated.
(phone ringing) Fire it up, McGee.
I want that thing combed from top to bottom.
Tim, why is it still active? Well, Cyber Division has a policy of keeping workstations tied to active cases powered up and running.
Mind if I jump in with you? Two heads are better than one.
Make it three.
Pull Abby in, too.
Let's just remember whose computer we're talking about here-- getting into Dorney's hard drive? Well, that can be an adventure on its own.
Thank you very much.
That was the warden from Lee Penitentiary.
Apparently your walk included a visit with Matthew Rousseau.
Would you mind telling me why? Just following up.
With your pen stuck in his hand? Is that where I left it? If by "following up," you mean offering a deal, you can forget it.
They just found him hanging from a bed sheet in his cell.
(Yong speaks indistinctly) (phone beeps off) YONG: Surveillance crew's ready to go, but they'll be a while.
What is with all the delays? We're CIA, Tony.
If we can't be stealthy about it, we don't go.
Well, I'm not CIA and I'm done waiting.
So, let's go.
(quietly): It's live.
Warm and toasty.
agents! NCIS! (shouting in Mandarin) TEAGUE: Put your hands up where we can see them.
Luke? It's okay, Luke.
Make sure he doesn't have a gun.
It's okay.
(Teague cries out) Joanna, no! Yong, block the door! We got to get out of here! DiNozzo! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! (explosion) Joanna.
Luke went up on the roof.
We're tracking the North Koreans' Sinpo-class sub, Mr.
My T.
is ready for a preemptive strike upon order.
That engagement order comes from the president only, Commander.
I don't follow.
Why aren't they running stealth? Helluva mistake on their part.
Or they sent the signal on purpose.
Like we're being baited? They got our attention.
Either way, I need to know what's on that computer, Director, before it puts us neck deep in World War III.
Anything? - Trying.
- Abby? Well, can I just say that Dorneget was some kind of crazy, amazing genius.
He had access to a lot of classified information.
McGEE: Well, we need answers now.
Ah, there you are, Jethro.
You wanted it fast.
Palmer made it so.
- Good work, Palmer.
- Yeah, the prison was not too happy about surrendering jurisdiction.
I guess inmate suicide does not look too good on their record.
Uh, well, not as bad as this.
Couldn't be suicide.
Quite apart from the puncture wound in his hand, the crush injuries to the C2 and C3 vertebrae show blunt force trauma, not strangulation.
Murdered before? Yeah, it appears that not even prison walls can keep The Calling from doing their insidious dirty work.
That's far enough.
Luke, don't.
I'm sorry.
I-I can't keep running.
You can come back with us.
You saw what I did.
You were there.
I shot him.
I killed Gibbs.
Luke, he made it.
He's alive.
But I saw him.
You're lying.
Only one way to find out.
What's it gonna be? DEFENSE SECRETARY: The North Koreans are denying everything.
Insisting this is a mistake.
No launch codes have been administered.
Some of our sensors say otherwise, sir.
Who are we supposed to trust? Time's up, Director.
I'm going to the Joint Chiefs to suggest we take some form of action against the North Koreans.
Sir, my team is certain that there's more to this.
Director, is a crew prepared to launch an attack of devastating proportion.
Now I appreciate the trust you have in your people, but my job is to trust our Intel and the Intel says get ready to fight.
- Miss Sciuto.
- ABBY: Yes, Director? - Put Agent McGee on the phone.
- Okay.
Hey, boss, we found something you've been looking for.
I'll be flying him home in a few hours, Gibbs.
But we had to prove you were alive first.
I don't understand.
How? It doesn't matter.
The only thing that does is what happens next.
It's your decision.
I'm sorry, Gibbs.
Where's Budd? He's using other kids in Shanghai, like he used me.
That wasn't his only computer hub.
He's hacking from two more.
TEAGUE: Why Shanghai, Luke? LUKE: He's meeting with the Chinese today.
Some sort of business deal.
The Calling was his way of showing what he's capable of.
Where's the meeting? BISHOP: He's got everything here from chat room documents to the DoD.
Wait a minute.
What if someone tried to backdoor his laptop to get into the Pentagon mainframe? You mean The Calling knew Ned was watching them? So, while he was watching them, they used his computer to hack into our warning system.
We've been busy searching for a link to North Korea.
Are we thinking it was Daniel Budd who armed the warhead? - (door opens) - McGEE: Director? It's Daniel Budd.
It's about The Calling.
Budd wants us to believe it's the North Koreans.
Keep talking.
But we are confident the North Korean signal is not real.
Budd manufactured it in Shanghai and hacked through Dorney's computer into our defense alert systems.
Budd did this? Budd knows that we constantly monitor military threats.
Through Agent Dorneget's Pentagon access, Budd was able to create a phony red flag arming the sub's warhead.
He-he's a gamer, Director.
He's playing with us.
Are you telling me this is all some stupid war game? Budd is auditioning to sell his services to the Chinese.
What better way to up his price than by demonstrating how much damage he can do? Director, if we're being duped, I need proof.
(alarm beeping) Better make it quick.
We're detecting a second signal.
DEFENSE SECRETARY: Talk to me, Commander.
They're entering launch codes, sir.
Still think this is a game, Director? The Calling's just upping the stakes, but it isn't real.
They're trying to scare us into a response.
I can stop this from here.
Give me the president.
(alarm beeping) (quietly): Come on, McGee.
Smoke and mirrors.
One second, boss.
Now, Tim.
(beeping continues) (quietly): Come on.
(beeping stops) Commander? The warhead, Mr.
It's no longer armed.
Stand down, Commander.
COMMANDER: Roger Wilco, sir.
And amen.
Cortland out.
(phone ringing) Is there something we forgot? (Tony speaking Mandarin on phone) English, please.
You know I don't speak Chinese.
It's Mandarin, Danny boy.
It's what they speak in that Paris of the Orient.
Come to make the day more exciting, have you? Oh, yeah.
Shooting you in the chest at close range, then a little dim sum-- perfect day.
(whistles) Well by all means.
(grunting) Move! Out of the way! TONY: Yong, look out! (gunshot) (people screaming) (Yong groaning) Go! Go! I'm okay.
I'm okay.
(shouts in Mandarin) (rooster crowing) (baby crying) Hands where I can see them.
What about the hands you don't see, Agent DiNozzo? I've got them all over the world.
Do you? Well, I'm only interested in these two.
You think you've won.
But manipulating your legal system will be child's play for a man of my talent.
And I know children who can (groans) Was that a threat? Sounded like a threat.
I had to defend myself.
How did that feel, Tony? Did you enjoy the rush? The power? You're not a Bond villain, Daniel.
You're a fraud.
And frauds don't get to speechify like Bond villains.
They do get to die like them.
(gunshot echoes) (chimes tinkling) (dog barks in distance) (seagulls screeching) BISHOP: Wish I could say it was quiet around here without you, Tony.
Tony, where are you? Nowhere.
Just thinking.
(elevator bell dings) Shanghai? Mm.
Seen enough of that place.
You and me both.
How'd it go at juvie, boss? Uh, Luke's gonna be there for a while.
Then a halfway house.
TEAGUE: The adoptive relatives insist he's still family and they want to keep it that way.
And you still owe me for that tie.
I pay my debts.
I brought Chinese.
It looked better in Shanghai.
Eh, keep it.
My parting gift.
- Oh, thank you.
- Duty calls.
I'm, uh, gonna grab a flight out this afternoon.
Before you go we, uh, wanted to give you this.
It's Ned's laptop.
It's been scrubbed of all its Intel, but there's still tons of photos and writings on there that we know Ned would want you to have.
One of the comforts I've had these last few months is knowing Ned had friends like you.
Thank you.
Thanks, Tim.
Gibbs? Take care of your team.
And, uh, maybe let your team take care of you.
Safe travels.
So, everything's back to normal, right? I guess that's all cleared up.
Well, you know, I mean (quietly): Do we need to talk, boss? What would you like to talk about, DiNozzo? Got to go.
(door opens, bell jingles) Hmm, well, I'll be damned.
The mountain came to Mohammed.
You can't be surprised.
You cancelled your last two follow-ups at Walter Reed and you still owe me that single malt.
Been busy.
You know, I do make house calls.
I'm not easy to shake.
Especially with patients I find challenging.
I'm a challenge? Oh, you know, everybody watching me telling me to take it easy.
Afraid I'm gonna break.
Are you? It hurts.
The pain doesn't go away.
The leg? Yeah, all of it.
Well, going back to work after all you've been through is, uh ill-advised at best.
Yeah, this coming from the guy who keeps leaving private practice to work on a ship? I do that out of boredom.
Which I guess is just a nicer way of saying depression.
(chuckles) My, uh, my wife and I lost our son two years ago.
Um, leukemia.
Uh, if I wasn't back at it, I'd be nowhere.
Well, I am glad you're back at it.
Are you? Well, what does that mean? Mm, just a feeling I get.
You see, uh, I have two kinds of patients.
Uh, those who revere me for saving their lives, uh, and those who despise me for the same reason.
Which one are you, Gibbs? Things are changing.
Can't do it alone.
I've met your team.
Who says you're alone?