NCIS s13e02 Episode Script

Personal Day

Previously on NCIS Agent Gibbs? Aah! NCIS agent with two GSWs! One to the chest, one to the knee.
Let's put him under and crack him.
- 10cc's of epi.
- He's crashing.
Might have to shock him.
You spend too much time thinking about the past.
It's about the future now.
Bad people are still out there.
Rule 45 what's that? Clean up your own mess.
You know, everybody watching me, - afraid I'm gonna break.
- Are you? I hurt.
Pain didn't go away.
Can't do it alone.
I've met your team.
Who says you're alone? Do we need to talk? It's remarkable.
I can't look away.
I mean, think about it.
and cold turkey he gives up the polo shirts.
Factor in the new hair it's the makeover of the century.
No, there's no way around it.
This man looks spectacular.
And can we take a minute to just talk about the new attitude? Right, it's like you can't quite put your finger on it, right? I want to say he's even more focused.
Yes, yes it's like he was laser focused before, but now he's got the whole Real Genius atomic laser now.
I'm not quite sure what he's focused on, though.
Really, people? Oh, come on, Tony.
You haven't noticed a change in Gibbs - since he got back from Iraq? - Of course I have.
But I don't feel the need to analyze it like some science project behind his back.
We always analyze Gibbs behind his back.
Take the pictures down, Tim.
It's rude.
Okay, no reason to get snippy about it.
Look, he got shot.
He came back.
He's different.
Who wouldn't be? Physically, he's still got to be in a lot of pain.
I talked to him yesterday about it.
- I told him whatever he needs.
- And he listened to you? Well, he did that thing where he acts like he's busy, his finger sort of wobbles over the shift key and he's not really doing anything, so I think he got the gist.
DiNozzo, what are you doing? Oh, boss, I just The, uh They were sort of comparing your-your hairstyle It wasn't really about the hair.
It was more Who are you? Mitch, DEA, San Diego.
Need your help bringing in a wayward Marine.
Now, I have all the pertinent material on here photos and whatnot.
I believe you're the one to help me display those.
Am I right? Uh, sure, yeah.
Thanks, buddy.
Appreciate it.
Is this room okay for briefing? Yeah, but you want something more secure, we can get that.
The Marine in question is Sergeant Cole Gleason.
Small arms repair technician in the middle of his three-week leave.
Says he has some kind of evidence on a bad guy I've been chasing.
But he keeps waffling about turning it over.
We had a meet set for last night.
He stood me up.
Cold feet.
Next slide if you don't mind.
The aforementioned bad guy Benson Long.
My very own drug-running Moby Dick.
Now, Benson spent half his life in California distributing dope of every flavor.
Three weeks ago, I tracked him to DC.
Got a little too close to him back home, so now he's opening up an East Coast branch.
So I guess I'll just keep going with these pictures here, then? Thanks, buddy.
That'd be lovely.
This is Long.
Out and about in your neighborhood.
It's near Quantico.
He recruits military.
Military's all over it internally.
Our troops are trained to be the best of the best.
Cartels know it.
They lure our guys with big paydays.
That or fear tactics.
Now, I've seen Long employ both.
And Sergeant Gleason is one of his new recruits.
So new, in fact, I think I have a better shot at turning him than anyone I've ever approached before.
So, you want to force Gleason to turn over his evidence? - What's the play? - Poor money management.
Gibbs found that there was a case recently opened on the sergeant for writing bad checks on base.
You're gonna arrest him and turn him against Long.
Leverage can do that sometimes.
- Boss? - Where do we pick up Gleason? He's been giving me the cold shoulder since yesterday's no-show, so I say we go to him.
He's been staying with Long in a house in DC.
Long's cousin owns the place.
Now, the house can get a little dicey, lots of undesirables coming and going.
Glad to have you folks on board.
We're on it.
Warrant came through.
Let's move.
DiNozzo, stay here and keep digging.
What?! Boss, are you benching me?! I thought we were good! Air Date on September 29, 2015 Whoa, whoa, whoa! Where are you going? I let you in to talk, that's it! Got a warrant for Sergeant Cole Gleason.
Yeah, I heard you the first time.
I said I don't know where he is.
Guys, up, over there.
Hands on the table.
McGee, Bishop, clear back there? Whoa, no, no, no, no.
Hey! Hey! I never said you could go back there! Hey, this is my house! Get over here.
I said this is my house! Get over here now! Am I standing in my own house or not? Gun! Get your hands on top of your head! I go take a leak and all hell breaks loose.
Roy, come on, be nice.
Agent Mitchell, good to see you again.
Don't mind my cousin.
He tends to lose sight of the big picture.
Roy gets worked up.
And he does like his guns.
He's clean.
Boss? Place is clear.
No sign of Gleason.
Bag this.
Good to see you making new friends, Mitch.
Benson Long.
You're looking for the Marine.
He in trouble? Where is he? You know, Long, afternoon gambling it's not a good look.
I got things to do at night.
Yeah, I bet.
Your Marine he left, cleared out his stuff last week.
So, unless there's a law against Hold 'Em for quarters, there's nothing for you here.
This isn't over.
As far as I can see, it never got started.
DEA case files sent over.
Know you're partial to paper.
I talked to Bishop.
Sergeant Gleason made a charge last week for a tune-up.
Told the mechanic he's planning to take a road trip.
Okay, let's call it what it is.
Cousin Roy didn't talk.
Long's poker club didn't talk.
There's no drugs in the house.
And without Gleason, we got nothing.
My office will say the same.
Maybe not.
Long keeps his operation compact.
DEA has way bigger fish.
I mean I I'm the only one on this.
They're gonna pull me first chance they get.
You know, my dad used to say, "If it matters to someone, it matters.
" Smart guy.
You would've liked him.
He liked the ocean.
After he died, I asked my mom every day when we were gonna go there to spread his ashes.
But she just couldn't bring herself to do it.
She kept saying, "Maybe tomorrow, mijo.
" Nah, after a while, I I stopped asking her.
Started asking myself.
"Maybe tomorrow" gets old.
Your dad would be proud of who you are, what you're doing.
It's starting to feel like one slow, steady fail.
I've been chasing Long for two years.
And I'm still standing here with empty pockets.
You asked for my help.
We're gonna see this through, whatever it takes.
I don't forget my debts, Mitch.
I owe you.
Mechanic said Gleason was headed on a road trip.
- You get my message? - Yeah, BOLO's out on the car.
No cell or credit card activity for the last three days, but records show him disconnecting from the cellular network for a period of time during all of his leaves.
So, that's his thing.
Driving cross-country unplugged? Hard to believe Long would let a member of his club take a vacation.
You think Gleason's on some kind of drug run? Got the time.
Two weeks left on his leave.
What? Well, if we don't find Gleason, that means Mitch is gonna be hanging around for another two weeks.
What's wrong with Mitch? I don't know.
Keeps calling me "buddy.
" It bugs me.
I thought he seemed really nice.
Are you complaining about somebody being friendly? Try getting busywork detail for no reason.
Start reading, DiNozzo.
Find something on Long.
Boss, aren't we on Sergeant Gleason? I mean, isn't Long kind of an ongoing DEA thing that Mitch should be working on with his people - at their office? - Long recruits military.
It makes it our business.
Tony? You find something already? No, just Don't panic, Gibbs.
It'll all be fine next week.
What'll be fine? I sprained my fingers.
I got these new platform shoes and I didn't realize until afterwards exactly how tall they were.
- After what? - Well, I was dancing around in my room this morning and I put my hands up, you know, 'cause the song told me to and I smashed my fingers into my skeleton head disco ball.
I didn't even know that was a thing.
You didn't know what was a thing? - Any of it.
- Oh.
Well, it is in my house.
But don't worry, I'm totally fine.
And this won't affect my work at all.
Okay, what do you got? The Glock from, um, Cousin Roy? Yeah, the one we took off him.
It's the one you guys seized from the scene because it was illegal.
Roy was booked, but he posted bail.
Well, tell me something I don't know.
Um, the serial number is gone, past the point of raising it.
It was filed down deep.
Can you un-file it? Well, no, Gibbs, I can't turn back time.
But I did find fingerprints.
Three sets, all in the system.
One belonging to Cousin Roy.
The other one, Long.
And our third set belongs to Oh.
Sorry, Gibbs.
My bad fingers hit the wrong button.
That's just for future reference.
You know, in case you do another Gibbs makeover.
Um, okay, our third set of prints belongs to Fisher Hyland.
He's, um, "self-employed.
" He's known for selling product to a pretty shady community, and he has done time for possession.
Right up Long's alley.
Yep, and his prints are on a weapon that was handled by Long.
Maybe they're working together.
Keep those fingers elevated.
Yeah, boss.
Track down Fisher Hyland.
I'm on it.
You sure this is the place? Yep.
According to his roommate, Hyland keeps a pretty tight schedule.
So he should be here by 1:00.
You good? Yeah.
You're thinking about Mitch again, aren't you? What kind of a person calls you "buddy" within the first few seconds of meeting you? Tim, he really is a good guy.
And Gibbs seems to really like him, too.
See the way he walks? I mean, it's ridiculous.
It's, like, it would look good in one of those slow-motion action movie walking sequences, but come on.
So you don't like Mitch because he's cool? Look, you know, standing next to him, I feel like I'm back in high school, getting that one pity vote for homecoming king.
And by the way, that vote came from my mother.
I don't know how she snuck in an illegal ballot, but That's pretty.
There he is.
Fisher Hyland? Yeah? I didn't do anything.
I'm I'm reformed.
So these are the "products" you're selling to the community? You break it, you buy it.
We seized a Glock off a guy named Roy Evans.
Had your prints all over it.
Need to know what the story is.
Yeah, well, I need a lot of things, man.
Does it look like I'm getting any of them? You know what I need? A little breath of fresh air.
Getting a pretty mean contact high off this yarn.
Yeah, maybe he's not fully reformed.
Maybe he's, you know, still a little bit in the weeds.
Well, I think it's reason enough to search his bag.
Uh, n no, okay, yeah, uh, Roy.
Yeah, Roy won a Glock off of me in a card game.
You play cards at his place? Not anymore.
The only way I go back is if his cousin leaves.
- Benson Long.
- Yeah.
He started asking me about the school rave, uh I was out.
Like dance music? This is a different kind of rave.
A drug dealer has "product" that he needs pushed fast, so he-he spreads the word basement prices at some location, some time.
People show up, they get what they need.
Everyone's gone before the cops know what happened.
How does the school fit in? It's just one of the places they happen sometimes, the raves.
Yeah, I know that smell.
Boss, we got a body.
It's Sergeant Gleason.
Send me the location.
I'm on the way.
Gibbs, wait up.
You can't keep sidelining me.
I got to talk to you.
We got a body.
DiNozzo, it's Gleason.
Case files you gave me, the very first one I opened, I saw Mitch's full name.
Luis Mitchell.
And it rang a bell, so I did some digging.
And I know who he is, Gibbs.
He's the son of Kurt Mitchell, the NIS agent who died protecting your wife and daughter.
The NIS agent driving was hit with a head shot.
Your wife and daughter died in the crash.
Who Mitch is not your concern.
Look, I know you feel indebted to him.
Don't you think we should turn this over to another team? What for? Because if things get sticky, you and I both know that you're gonna do whatever it takes to protect him.
You think you know everything, DiNozzo.
You don't.
I'm just trying to protect you here.
You know why you got sidelined? This.
This? This isn't about me.
Take care of your team.
Do your job.
Keep your head in the case.
Keep Mitch's family tree to yourself.
"Something, someone, some spirit was pursuing all of us across the desert of life and was bound to catch us before we reached heaven.
" Sounds familiar.
Because it's Kerouac, or because it's you? Uh, DNA confirmed the preliminary identification.
Sergeant Gleason? Yes, he most certainly wasn't "on the road.
" Single gunshot wound to the head.
Nine millimeter.
Lividity suggests his body wasn't moved, and I estimated the time of death to be about three days ago.
That's before he was supposed to meet Mitch.
Yeah, perhaps it wasn't a case of cold feet that kept the sergeant from handing over his evidence.
Anything else? Yes, a curiosity.
On his palms and the inside of his forearms was some sort of fiber.
Yes, I sent a sample of it up to Abby for analysis along with the bullet.
Okay, thanks, Duck.
Jethro, I feel compelled to ask you about Mitch.
Been talking to DiNozzo.
Uh, I didn't have to.
That's the trouble with old friends.
Sometimes they know your history more than you would like.
They also can see your present state of mind.
This isn't about NIS Agent Mitchell's son at all, is it? It's about Anthony.
Jethro, when I had my heart attack on that beach, it changed me.
I had to adopt a whole new perspective.
I began to see life differently, and it really concerned me.
Perhaps this newfound view of yours is accurate, but you must respect that others may need time to see it as you do.
Even Anthony.
Yeah, then there's the work, Duck.
It's got to get done.
You got to respect that, too.
Well, we found Sergeant Gleason's car.
One mile north of the school, hidden in some heavy brush off to the side of the road.
It's on the way to Abby.
So, working theory is that Sergeant Gleason was gonna provide evidence against Long.
Long got wise and killed him before he had a chance to deliver.
But we've still got nothing to connect Long to the murder or any sort of drug ring.
What about Abby? You talk to her, Tony? - Tony? - Huh? Oh, yeah, uh, just now.
Bullet wasn't a match to Roy's Glock, and the prints from the school were a new record: the most degenerates in one place she's ever processed, so So nothing that points to Long.
Great spot to commit murder.
One that points to every criminal in town but you.
We've got Hyland.
A stoner who says Long asked for directions to the school? It's not enough.
No, I meant a warrant for Hyland's equipment.
This could be it.
This is Bishop.
Boss, Agent Malone called.
Yeah, who's that? NCIS Agent Malone.
He's worked here for ten years.
What about him? Heard about the case, wants in.
Done a ton of work with DEA.
Says he'll put his usual DC team together, joint investigation.
DEA isn't interested.
He offered to take point.
Said he was willing to work with Mitch.
DiNozzo, this is our case.
Warrant came through.
Good, put Hyland to work.
Go on, DiNozzo.
You're with Bishop.
Uh, boss, I've established trust with Hyland.
You're with me, McGee.
You and Mitch? Yeah.
Sounds good.
You good? Yeah, I'm good.
You sure? Because McGee said he was good, and then the next thing I know, he's telling me that his mom voted for him for homecoming king.
What? Yeah, I don't know.
He's got some issue with Mitch.
Really? Mm-hmm.
What is the issue? That he's super cool.
And that's it? There's nothing else? Should there be? What do I know? I've been locked in the office for two days.
Ah, because of Gibbs.
Look, I know you don't want to talk about it, but Okay.
You want to analyze Gibbs' "new attitude"? Let's do it.
You know, after Iraq, I wasn't the only one with a mess to clean up.
What are you talking about? He got shot by a kid.
A kid that he let into his own house.
And he pushed it too far.
Took too many risks.
And now he's doing it again.
He keeps asking, "Who's gonna protect the team?" What is he doing? Ah.
For you.
And hi.
Uh This was supposed to be for the other guy, but you can share it with him.
What is this? Uh, it's a free, handcrafted beer koozie.
It's a gift.
And in return, I would like to ask you to stop calling me.
We need you to go back to Roy's.
Nah, I I don't like his cousin.
And so whatever you guys are looking into, I'm out.
Is it just me, Bishop, or are you getting a little bit of a contact high off this beer koozie? - Oof! - Damn it.
All you have to do is go back to the house and play cards.
Here's a great idea.
You like giving gifts.
Give this one to your friend Roy.
That's some way to sprain your fingers.
You know, I dabble in shoe-making.
Learned from my abuelo.
If you want, I could, um, shave an inch or so off those platforms, make 'em a little safer.
Okay, is that not the coolest thing you've ever heard, McGee? Mitch can cobble! I'm kind of loving this.
Mitch and McGee.
The cool cobbler and the and the The what? And and the other guy.
Can we get to the evidence, please? That's a good call, buddy.
Yeah, okay.
So the red is where I found fibers on Sergeant Gleason's body and clothes.
The position and abundance tell me that it was from something he was carrying before he died.
Any idea what it was? Of course I do, Mitch.
The fiber is wool, and based on the size and shape, I can tell it's from some type of rug.
We need one of her at the DEA.
Well, we've got the one and only.
So this is Sergeant Gleason's car.
I found the same fibers in here.
So the rug was in the trunk, and now it's gone.
Well, if Long killed Gleason before he could give me the evidence The evidence could be on the rug or wrapped inside.
And Long took it back.
That's something.
That's good stuff.
And she's not done yet.
So this particular wool comes from the Karakul sheep aw.
in the northern provinces of Afghanistan.
The absence of wear tells me that the rug was new.
Now, there's 28 stores in the local area that sell rugs that are imported from Afghanistan, but only one one is owned by Long's cousin Roy.
Ha! There's a sight for sore eyes.
All right, everything we have is circumstantial, but if we break Roy, we'll get Long.
Let's pick him up.
Afternoon card game should be done.
Well, the Web site says that the owner will be there for appraisals starting at 3:00.
What do you want? Roy, we'd like to talk to you about rugs, if that's possible.
What about 'em? Well, you see, we found evidence of a rug similar to the one you sell here in this location.
And do you know where that rug was, at one time? Dead Marine's car.
That's right, Agent Gibbs.
The trunk of a dead Marine's car.
Now, you remember us coming to your house and asking you about that Marine? Yeah.
What was that? Yeah.
Yeah? Well, that's kind of why we want to talk rugs with you, Roy.
All right.
Gun! - Mitch, get down! - No, no! No, no, no! We need him! Hang on.
Come on, Evans.
- Get an ambulance.
- Breathe, damn it.
There's nothing back there.
Gibbs check in? He called about a half hour ago.
Roy's still in surgery.
We're gonna need him to talk.
There's nothing here to go on.
Well, we're seizing all the rugs, and Bishop brought back a bunch of store records.
So if there's anything here, Abby will find it.
I said, there's nothing here.
Roy awake? - Did you talk to him? - No.
He didn't make it.
Damn it! Hey, we'll get Long another way.
Roy talking was the only shot we had, - and you killed him.
- He could've killed you.
He could've killed any of us.
- I told you we needed him! - Hey.
- Enough.
- I think you need to take a walk - around the block, buddy! - Hey! Enough! Unbelievable.
You did a good job, McGee.
You did exactly what you had to do.
Head back to the office.
It's over.
It's all over.
It needs to be one continuous cut, and it has to be precise, because we don't know what we're dealing with, here.
You know what? Maybe I should just do it myself.
Inarticulate hands do not a precise cut make.
Besides, if nothing else, I am "The Incision-ator.
" There's definitely something sewn in there.
Yes, definitely.
A narcotic of some sort? Okay, so the evidence that Sergeant Gleason was bringing to Mitch wasn't on the rug or wrapped up in it.
It was the rug.
This is how Long has been smuggling into the country.
If this rug was imported from Afghanistan, then this seems likely to be heroin.
Interestingly enough, the first reference of opium growth is in 3400 BC in Mesopotamia, though there is evidence Ducky.
I love listening to you talk, but I have to interrupt you.
Okay, it seems like there's something sewn into all of these, but I tested the fibers and none of them are the one that Sergeant Gleason had.
Long would have been smart to get rid of it.
Because Long is smart.
Now, all of our shipping orders say that the rugs got here just when Long got to town, but everything we have points to dead Cousin Roy.
All right, there's just got to be something here that shows Long was running the show.
I just have to I have to find it, and Bishop asked me to help her with something else, and I can't bend my fingers and I'm overwhelmed Abby, I love to hear you talk, but I must interrupt.
There's no need to be overwhelmed.
I am here to continue assisting you.
Well thank God for teamwork.
I heard it was like the Wild West out there.
- What happened? - Could've used you at the crime scene.
Hey, you think I wanted to stay here? So did Gibbs jump in front of Mitch - or pull any crazy hero stuff? - What? Is he okay? Gibbs? Yeah.
I'm okay too, by the way.
Oh, yeah.
Of course.
That's good, too.
So give me the play-by-play.
Well, Roy pulled a gun, I shot him, and Mitch reamed me for it.
Mitch got in your face? Yes, he did.
So much for the super cool guy everyone thought he was, huh? Then it was weird.
I felt like Gibbs sent me back here so he could talk to Mitch.
I mean, I don't know.
I just feel like something's going on that I don't know about.
What? Maybe there's something going on you don't know about.
What? Tony, what the hell is going on that I don't know about? Hey, you're back.
What's going on? Okay, I'm done.
Conference room.
Let's go.
Uh - Do I need my laptop? - Yes! So that's Mitch's dad.
NIS Agent Kurt Mitchell.
I never would've connected the two.
And he was assigned to protect Gibbs' family? I thought Shannon and Kelly lived here.
They did.
They followed Gibbs to Pendleton before he deployed.
You can pull up the old NIS file and read it for yourself.
Shannon and Kelly Gibbs were scheduled to testify against drug dealer Pedro Hernandez for a murder they saw him commit.
Hernandez shot Agent Mitchell as he drove them to a safe house.
Mitchell died instantly.
Shannon and Kelly were killed in the crash.
What happened to Hernandez? He died soon after.
So, if Mitch's dad was killed protecting Gibbs' family Then Gibbs will do all sorts of crazy cowboy stuff to protect Mitch.
Thank God! I finally got to say it out loud.
We got to protect Gibbs.
Yes, we do.
And while we're stuck in here, they're out there doing God knows what.
Can you ping their cell phones or something? Uh, were you guys gonna bother telling me about Long? It's a pretty important detail.
Long? What about him? Says right here in the file.
"1990, Benson Long began operating around Pendleton.
" You didn't know? Where are you, Duck? Need to talk.
Why didn't you tell me Long was more than some random case? No.
Hey, get off my back! Not letting you walk away.
It's in the NIS file.
Hernandez was a small-time dealer in a big cartel, and he may have pulled the trigger, but he didn't make the big decisions.
- Long was his boss.
- What about it? What do you mean, "What about it"? This is personal for you, Gibbs, you and Mitch.
You want revenge for your families, but what does that mean? Are you gonna put a bullet in Long's head the way you did to Hernandez? Gonna tell you this one time.
We're gonna get Long on good evidence.
This is above board.
Do you understand what I just said? I understand if you let Mitch get dirty, you get dirty, too.
N n no, we agreed.
This is above board.
Then what is he doing right now? Where is he? I just talked to him, he's at his hotel.
We're gonna start fresh in the morning.
No, he lied to you.
We just pinged his phone.
He's at Long's place.
I'm doing this alone.
I know.
What happened? Gibbs went after Mitch, didn't want backup.
Great, now we have nothing to do but wait to hear.
Uh, no, we have to push ahead, right? Uh, find something solid on Long.
If he was part of this Reynosa Cartel, we should start looking into that.
Well, you think Mitch would have already done that, you know? The cartel fell from power years ago.
Now Long is on his own, flying under the radar.
There's the Hyland factor.
That's right.
Everyone's favorite knitter.
Is he still in play? He gave Cousin Roy the gift before your run-in at the store, but I don't know as of an hour ago, we're still getting some kind of interference.
Abby's helping me with it.
Where are you going? Done taking orders.
You coming? Uh, where are you guys going? Stay here, Bishop.
We need you on the inside.
We'll call you from the car.
- Bishop, what's up? - Abby, are you getting anything? Mind's made up.
Tried catching him the right way.
Two years, I tried.
That old file lot of names in there.
You kill Long, then it'll be his ten bosses and then their bosses.
There is no end.
And what, my dad wouldn't want me throwing away my career, my life? Yeah.
You're damn right.
Gibbs, just go.
Guy named Mike Franks, he used to work with your dad.
He told me that the agent who was supposed to protect my family asked off the detail because it was getting too dangerous.
He had little kids.
Mike asked for a volunteer to replace him, and your dad raised his hand.
And he said to Franks, "I'd want someone to do the same for my family.
" So, no, Mitch.
I'm not going anywhere.
Roy let you in? Where is he? You, uh you haul him off? He's dead.
This is my notification? What the hell happened? We shot him.
For what? Because we could.
You son of a bitch.
You think you're untouchable? I'm untouchable.
I took out Gleason, and I said "go" Daddy took a headshot.
Eh? There's nothing you can do about it.
What are you gonna do? Hmm? I mean, I don't even have anything on me.
What, he's gonna plant a piece on me? Is that what he's gonna do? What are you gonna do? Mitch, you know what I did.
It didn't fix a thing.
It didn't bring them back.
That's what I thought.
Hands behind your back, Long.
What kind of circus is this? Turn around.
We got everything we need, boss.
Hey, Bishop.
Putting you on speakerphone.
You get all that? Whoa.
Oh, yeah.
Ducky and I went through everything from the store.
- We didn't find anything.
- Well, once you got it online, poker chip cam worked like a charm.
And? We got Long's confession, recorded for the ages.
Thank God for teamwork.
Makes the dream work.
Listen, if you guys are hugging, keep doing that.
I'll be there in a few minutes.
Hey, McGee.
Thank you.
You okay? Mm-hmm.
Are you? - Hey.
- Hey.
Going somewhere? Oh.
Well, I heard you're headed to California.
I'm taking a personal day.
You're not coming with me.
I know.
Um, yeah, this.
So, this is called a garment bag.
And, uh, in light of all the nice new clothes you have, uh, theoretically, what this does when you travel is, it keeps it, uh, wrinkle-free.
And I had an extra one laying around.
Iraq I mean It was pretty screwed up, right? We ever gonna talk about it? No, it's not about Iraq.
Where are you, DiNozzo? What do you mean? I'm right here, where I always am.
Well, then let me ask you something.
Is that what you want? Do I want to be here? Yeah.
I wouldn't be if it wasn't what I wanted.
Years ago, you had a shot at your own team.
You turned it down.
Yeah, that was my decision.
Do you want to be a leader or not? You mean, do I want to be you? Day I joined NIS, all I had was a reason.
Things change.
The reason stays the same.
It's always with me.
Never leaves.
Shannon and Kelly.
Either you got a reason or you don't.
My mom still too much for her.
She didn't know how to thank you for coming.
She's making tamales.
Something I got to do first.
You here for the open house? No.
No, I'm just looking.
I can take you through right now.
It's okay.
I used to live here.
Really? Well, then welcome home.
You take your time.
Thank you.