NCIS s13e03 Episode Script


(music stops, indistinct conversation nearby) MAN: Whoa, hey.
- MAN (laughs): Whoa.
- WOMAN (laughs): Oop.
- MAN: I will pay back.
- Hey.
Put in a little extra time after liberty call? New kid at the office, trying to score points.
- Oh, don't worry.
You're doing great.
- Thank you.
I hear we're on for burgers Saturday.
Can't wait.
How you doing, sweetheart? Hey, honey.
- Good day? - Great.
(children shouting playfully in distance) - (dog barking) - WOMAN: We're done.
(man and woman conversing indistinctly) MAN: Let's go.
(laughing): Wait! Watch it! WOMAN: I'm sorry BISHOP: Sweetheart? Really? Well, I've been stuck in here all day.
She hasn't gone anywhere.
Okay, I thought you were gonna call before you left the office, so I could have dinner ready for us.
I'm not hungry honey.
(woman shrieks, both shouting playfully) They sure don't look like murderers.
- (ship's horn blowing) - BISHOP: How far is it from the airport to the resort? Great.
Uh, the earlier the flight, the better.
I will e-mail you the credit card information.
- Taking a trip? - Yeah.
To, uh, St.
John in the Virgin Islands.
I'm gonna use a day of leave for a long weekend.
Oh, nice.
Jake and I could use a little alone time.
A beautiful white sandy beach and drinks with little umbrellas will hopefully stimulate conversation.
I totally understand.
Relationships take work.
After hearing what Tony and Zoe are going through, I felt like we should do something sooner rather than later.
- What are Tony and Zoe going through? - You know, they're having a rough patch.
Who told you that? Tony did.
He told you? (laughing): Hey.
Good morning, my attractive co-workers.
How are you on this glorious Fall day? Hey, Tony.
Well, I'm doing great.
Today is the day that I will receive the results from TrackMyDNA.
What's that? It's an ancestry service.
You spit in a vial, you send it to 'em, and then, two weeks later, they e-mail you your ethnic and ancestral makeup.
- Fascinating.
- BISHOP: Cool.
Why'd you do it? 'Cause it's fascinating.
And also, you know, been thinking a lot about family.
You know, who I am, down deep in the genes.
Why I am the way I am.
Don't you think that's a good idea, McGee? Oh, I'm sorry.
You want my advice? (laughs) That guy.
Well, remember my old British Uncle Clive, my mother's side? Yeah.
The, uh, old geezer who left his estate to your cousin Crispian, instead of you.
Well, that's water under the London Bridge.
Anyway, old Clive used to insist that we were somehow related to British royalty.
And if that is true, the two of you shall refer to me only as "Lord Anthony.
" Good luck with that.
You're with me, lord.
- (with British accent): Where we off to, Guv? - Quantico.
Keep talking with that accent, I'm gonna shoot you.
(slowly, without accent): Why are we going there? Got a call from Major Newton last night.
He would like to see us.
Who's Major Newton? Major Sussex Newton.
Marine MP stationed at Camp Lejeune.
We worked with him on a case a couple of years ago.
Theft of munitions from the base armory.
We arrested a gunny for a crime.
He was prosecuted, convicted and is serving time in Leavenworth.
Remember that? He wouldn't let go of it? He was convinced there was an accomplice.
(mock evil laughter) Trust me, there's no accomplice.
McGEE: He called in several leads over the last two years.
None of 'em panned out.
What's Newton doing at Quantico? He's teaching.
Week of Military Law Enforcement classes at Basic.
This is gonna be a waste of time, trust me.
Why don't you take McGee? He's in a bad mood.
He could use the ride.
Hey, come on, let's go.
See you later, Lord Fauntleroy.
Major Newton, NCIS wannabe.
I bet when his service obligation's up, he applies to the Agency.
He already has.
Used me as a reference.
- Well, that's interesting.
- Hmm.
- I understand.
- Excuse me.
- You, too, sir.
- Suzy? Okay.
Well, I can't wait to, uh, hear what Major Newton has in store for us this time.
Drop it.
What can I do for you? Major Sussex Newton-- what room is he staying in, please? Why are you asking? NCIS.
He's expecting us.
Um, I guess it's all right to tell you.
Uh That call was from base security.
They just found the major's body.
He's dead.
(indistinct radio communication) GIBBS: Don't move that body! Wasn't gonna.
Who are you? NCIS.
Secure the area.
MAN: We just found the body.
Who called you? Major Newton.
(camera shutter clicking) (siren blaring, indistinct radio communication) You realize if Tony finds out he has an ounce of royal blood running through his veins, there will be no living with him.
There's no living with him now.
Doubt we'll find anything.
This place is used by hundreds of people a day-- hikers, joggers, horseback riders.
Excuse me, Agent McGee? Yeah.
Anything I can do to help? Just secure the perimeter.
I just assumed he stumbled and fell down the hill.
Is there something I missed? Well, no.
Looks like an accident.
We're just being thorough.
Only items on his body were his VOQ room card, a fitness bracelet and cell phone.
Last call was to you, And according to Suzy, the very nice desk clerk, Newton jogged every evening since he arrived here.
- Duck? - DUCKY: I've always believed that jogging does more harm than good.
The major here is an extreme example of my theory.
The human body was never designed to take that kind of pounding.
It's calamitous to the vertebrae, not to mention the trauma it does to the knees.
You got a TOD, Duck? Hmm? Oh, of course.
Uh 9:00 p.
, give or take half an hour.
His neck is distended, probably broken.
This gash to his forehead is very deep, yet, there's very little bleeding.
I need to find out why.
As always, I'll know more when I get him back on the table.
McGee and I will finish up here.
You and Bishop check out Newton's room at the VOQ.
If I were going away for a week, I would have packed twice as much.
Oh, boy.
Is that his wife? You tell me.
You never knew Newton.
There's not a woman on this Earth that would marry that dude.
(laughs) Well, he was certainly sexually active.
What makes you say that? Oh! Check the expiration date.
What do you have against this guy? Oh, I don't know.
Just always kind of bugged me, you know? Hey, this is weird.
What? Why would he put a used plastic knife in a napkin, in an envelope? I haven't talked to Major Newton since before he left here last week.
I was expecting him back tomorrow.
There anything unusual going on in his life? Not that I know of.
Do you have a reason to believe that Newton's death wasn't an accident? No.
Called last night, asked if we could talk.
Any idea what that was about? He didn't say anything to me.
Colonel, we would occasionally hear from Major Newton about leads on the armory theft that occurred two years ago.
Was he still working on that case? Not officially.
After the conviction, I thought it was over, but Newton wouldn't give up on his accomplice theory.
He was always looking into it on his own time.
Could you seal Newton's quarters until you hear from us? I will.
Thank you.
By the way, Gibbs I like the new look.
Find out who's stationed at Quantico now, and who was at Lejeune when the armory was robbed.
ABBY: Hey, what's the speed limit in a school zone? - Bam! Thanks, Tony.
- What are you doing? Um, on-line traffic school.
- What'd you get a ticket for? - Speeding? - Run a red light? - No, no.
I just I needed to tell Sister Rosita that I was gonna be late for bowling, so I pulled over to the side of the road so I could safely text her, and I just kind of tapped this other car.
Just like a love tap, you know.
But it was a cop car.
The cop was super cute.
Not Burt cute, but he gave me a ticket.
But I have two days to finish this test, so, what do you got? Uh, contents of Major Newton's VOQ room.
Oh, hey, look.
I just got the DNA results from TrackMyDNA.
Well, share.
Oh What does that mean? Share, Tony.
All right.
Goes on the plasma.
So you're 89% European.
- Figures.
- Your Neanderthal quotient is 2.
That's in the 19th percentile, Tony.
That is high.
Explains a lot.
ABBY: Ooh, look at that.
TONY: "Research indicates you have a familial match with a historical British figure.
" ABBY: "For an additional $29.
95, we will provide you with the details.
" I will happily pay for that.
Click it.
I want it.
"Click here to order.
" Click there.
Click it! Click there.
Click there.
(phone ringing) Oh.
Jake! Hey, it's McGee.
How are you? No, she is, uh she's not in yet.
Yes, I will definitely tell her.
By the way, I-I have to say that St.
John's, this time of year (elevator bell chimes) it's gonna be amazing.
I am, I am so jealous.
Gotta go, Jake.
Morning, boss.
I created a, uh, matrix of people who were stationed at Camp Lejeune two years ago and are now at Quantico.
Several names came up, but one in particular stood out.
Marine Master Sergeant Ramsey Dillon.
Now, last June, Newton had us check him out.
He thought he was "the accomplice.
" Yeah, we didn't find anything.
No, not at the time, but Newton might have been onto something.
Because Dillon now works in the armory at Quantico.
(phone ringing) Anybody else coming in today? It's still early, boss.
Yeah, Abbs.
Yeah, yeah.
Be right down.
McGee, when DiNozzo gets in, you two go to Quantico.
You talk to Master Sergeant Dillon.
This little baby is really cool.
It's GPS-enabled, and it keeps track of your distance jogged and your pace and time.
And it also monitors your heart rate and your steps taken.
It's still hard to believe that all that information is recorded on that tiny device.
Motion sensors also keep tabs on how well you sleep.
It interfaces with the smartphone via Bluetooth, and it can send you a weekly e-mail about your sleep and exercise patterns.
If you had told me, of an e-mail, sent from a bracelet, that rated your activity in bed, my response to you would have been "What the blazes is an e-mail?" I'll second that.
What's up, Abbs? You are gonna owe me a Jumbo Caf-POW! I downloaded the information from Major Newton's fitness bracelet.
He left the VOQ at 20:23, and he jogged for 1.
1 miles.
That's at marker number one.
Then his bracelet stopped monitoring his heartbeat and his steps taken, but his body continued to move for three-tenths of a mile down the trail.
Major Newton's body was found here.
He was moved.
He was carried to the second spot and rolled down into the ravine.
Make it look like an accident.
Well, that would explain the lack of bleeding.
The gash on his forehead was postmortem.
He was killed.
(gunfire) Private Wigg, you are one sad gomer.
- Yes, sir! - In a combat situation, you'd be dead.
You should be able to do this blindfolded, at night, in the rain.
You understand? - Yes, sir! - Strip it down and put it back together.
And stop calling me "sir.
" Master Sergeant Dillon? Yeah? Can we talk to you for a second? You guys are from NCIS.
I talked to you last year at Lejeune.
What now? - Major Sussex Newton.
- Told you I had nothing to do with that robbery.
What's he claiming now? Oh, he's not claiming anything.
He's dead.
Killed last night, here at Quantico.
One of the trails on Heartbreak Ridge.
The jogger? I-I thought that was an accident.
Where were you last night? I was off base.
- Where? - Could we talk about this somewhere else? Sure.
NCIS headquarters work for you? I was in Richmond.
What were you doing there? I act in a local theatre group.
We were rehearsing a play, okay? Really? What-What's the play? Does it matter? Well yeah.
We're gonna find out what play it was anyway.
La Cage aux Folles.
La Cage aux Folles.
Please tell me you're playing the part of the drag queen, Zaza.
(bell chimes) Hey.
You still taking the traffic school test? Yeah.
- Oh, thanks.
- Welcome.
- You earned it.
- Well, I've got something else.
I'm not really sure what it is.
It could be nothing.
What? Well, there was a model number on that plastic knife that Tony and Bishop found in Captain Newton's VOQ room.
It's the same brand as knives used in Quantico base restaurants.
Probably a million other places, too.
Yeah, but I found a fingerprint on it, - and it's not Newton's.
- You get a hit? I did.
And it's not military.
I matched it to a print from a Virginia driver's license.
It was just issued last month.
Lauren Hudson, the civilian wife of Captain Dean Hudson, who's stationed at Quantico.
McGEE: Dean Hudson.
McGEE: Dean Hudson.
He was one of the people in Lejeune two years ago, and are now at Quantico.
He transferred there a little over a month ago.
I'll pull up his service record.
TONY: Could I have been too hard on old Newty? TONY: Could I have been too hard on old Newty? Maybe he was onto something.
Why the wife? Why did he wrap the knife in a napkin, to protect the print? And then he puts it in an envelope.
What was he doing, bringing it to you, boss? Record's clean, and he had no connection to the armory at either base.
He's assigned to base logistics at Quantico.
What do we know about the wife? BISHOP: Not much.
BISHOP: Not much.
Civilian spouses are embedded.
DiNozzo, we're going to Quantico, talk to the Hudsons.
You know, I was just at Quantico with McGee earlier, and I I'll get the sedan.
You two.
- I'll get the sedan.
- You two.
Background Lauren Hudson.
(children shouting playfully in distance) (Tony wolf whistles) This is my dream car.
The interior, the color, the wheels That's a sexy machine.
(Gibbs knocks on door) (sighs) Can I help you? NCIS, Mrs.
Your husband home? Yes.
- Your husband home? - Yes.
We'd like to talk to both of you.
About what? Can we come in? - About what? - Can we come in? Sure.
CAPTAIN HUDSON: Major Newton? CAPTAIN HUDSON: Major Newton? Yeah, I remember him from Lejeune.
MP officer.
You met him, didn't you, hon? I don't think so.
Have you seen him in the last couple days, Captain? Oh, no, we left Lejeune five weeks ago.
He's been here for Quantico the last week.
No, I haven't bumped into him.
Why do you ask? He was found dead yesterday morning On the Heartbreak Ridge trail.
I had no idea that was Major Newton.
The jogger? - I had no idea that was Major Newton.
- The jogger? Yeah.
We were talking about that at the coffee shop this morning.
Why are you asking us about him? Well, we're not sure it was an accident.
We're interviewing anybody who talked to him here at Quantico.
They know something.
- They know something.
- Yep.
I was waiting for you to mention her fingerprints on the plastic knife.
Nah, nah.
- on the plastic knife.
- Nah, nah.
Don't know what it means yet.
Let them worry about why we're asking questions.
I like your thinking.
(tires screech) (elevator bell chimes) BISHOP: Okay, okay.
BISHOP: Okay, okay.
What's up with our probie? I have no idea.
How'd it go with Captain Hudson and the wife? Oh, well, they claim they didn't know Newton was at Quantico.
We kind of think they're lying.
Oh, they're definitely lying.
Bishop and I can prove it.
How? Well - How? - Well Actually, I don't want to have to explain it twice.
Where's Gis? Where's Gibbs? Oh, okay, don't want to put you out.
He's checking in with Abby.
Oh, I got my response from TrackMyDNA.
Hey, did you answer my phone this morning? Yeah.
Why? - Yeah.
- Why? Well, I saw that it was Jake on the caller I.
I haven't talked to him in a while.
I thought you wouldn't mind.
And you mentioned my trip to St.
John? Yeah.
It was an anniversary present.
A surprise.
(chuckles) Look at that.
I'm a direct descendent of Archibald Drummond, I've never been able to surprise Jake.
Thanks for ruining my anniversary.
Bishop, I'm sorry.
Oh! He's handsome.
Look at that randy dandy.
By God, there is a familial resemblance.
On your own time, DiNozzo.
McGEE: Boss, we have proof - On your own time, DiNozzo.
- McGEE: Boss, we have proof the Hudsons were lying.
They definitely knew that Newton was at Quantico.
BISHOP: Uh, Newton had lunch at a base restaurant the day he was murdered.
His credit card was swiped at 12:32.
This is the security footage.
You can see Captain Hudson there, and his wife.
And there's Newton.
She looks uncomfortable.
What's going on there? BISHOP: Yeah, they're sure in a hurry to get out of there.
Barely finished their lunch.
Why did they lie about seeing Newton? Maybe we should go pick them up? GIBBS: No, no.
GIBBS: No, no.
Not yet.
Hang on.
Newton knew something.
He took her knife for a reason.
Why? We need hard evidence.
People across the street from Hudson, they were moving, right? Yeah.
- they were moving, right? - Yeah.
Okay, we put them under surveillance.
Well, boss, it's gonna be hard to hide in the house and not be seen.
Not gonna have to hide, McGee.
You and Bishop will go in undercover as a married couple.
Uh, why us? TONY: Well, it's got to be you two.
TONY: Well, it's got to be you two.
The Hudsons already know the boss and I are NCIS.
Hey, Crispian, uh, it is your cousin Tony calling.
Uh, your American cousin Anthony DiNozzo, Junior.
It's been a while.
And, uh, listen, I'm calling you because I found out that we are, in fact, related to the 17th Earl of Trent-- one Archibald Drummond.
So if you know anything about this, give me a call.
Uh, otherwise, uh, talk to you soon.
Hope you choke on your inheritance.
Talking to yourself, DiNozzo? - Sort of.
- What'd you find out about Lauren Hudson? Well, I found out - about Lauren Hudson? - Well, I found out she was the former Lauren Merriweather of Bradley Manor-- Longwood, Bethesda.
Been married to Captain Hudson for five years.
Her father died three years ago, left her mega millions.
That explains the Corvette.
Yes, and - That explains the Corvette.
- Yes, and this is where little Lauren grew up.
House doesn't have an address, it has a name: Owlwood.
I put in a call to the family lawyer.
Tony, you there? Oh, the newlywed got the videolink set up.
Hey, little buddy, you miss us? It's only been a day.
Well, I miss you.
- It's only been a day.
- Well, I miss you.
Where's your wife? She is at the office, so I haven't heard a word.
You make contact with Mrs.
Hudson yet? Uh, not yet.
But right now, she's in her front yard, gardening.
Think I'm gonna go introduce myself.
Big Brother's watching.
- Hi.
- How are you ? - Good, how are you? - Good.
I'm, uh, I'm Tim Donen.
I just actually moved across the street.
I'm Tim Donen.
I just actually moved across the street.
Oh, yeah, I know, I saw the moving van.
- Lauren Hudson.
- Hi.
Are you a Marine, Tim? Oh, no, no, no.
- Are you a Marine, Tim? - Oh, no, no, no.
Not me.
I am definitely not a Marine.
My wife Ellie is.
I'm actually a computer programmer.
I get to telecommute from home, which is very nice.
What about you? Oh, I'm just doing some gardening, hanging around the house reading a lot.
My husband's hitch is up in two months.
He's processing out.
Well, hey, listen, I was wondering-- I don't know who the local Internet service provider is around here.
Do you think maybe you could point me in the right direction? Got the number inside.
- point me in the right direction? - Got the number inside.
Come on, I'll get it.
Thank you.
Where's your, uh, wife work? - Thank you.
- Where's your, uh, wife work? At the base logistics office.
Oh, no way.
- Oh, no way.
- Yeah.
What a coincidence.
That's where my husband Dean works.
Good work, Timmy.
(indistinct conversations) DEAN: Hey, neighbor.
Dean Hudson.
Just got a call from my wife.
Said you and your husband moved in across the street.
Ellie Donen, sir.
Where were you before this? - Hi.
Ellie Donen, sir.
- Where were you before this? Uh, Robertson Barracks.
Darwin, Australia.
Welcome home.
I see you got the standard assigned reading.
Uh, read this, this and if you're ever having a hard time falling asleep at night-- read this.
(laughs) Thanks.
Forget the rest, trust me.
Hey, once you're settled in, - Thanks.
- Hey, once you're settled in, I'm right down the hall.
I'll give you the tour.
That would be great, sir.
All right.
Uh, I'd love to meet your wife.
Maybe we could all get together some time.
Oh, sure.
Yeah, I barbecue a mean hamburger.
Our place? Dinner Saturday? Sounds good.
All right.
Appreciate you coming in, Mr.
No problem.
Business brings me to DC a couple of days a week.
I assume if Naval criminal investigators are asking about Lauren, it must have something to do with her Marine husband.
You ever meet him? Twice.
- You ever meet him? - Twice.
Their wedding and her father's funeral.
How well do you know Lauren? Is she in some kind of trouble? Well, I hope not, but we think her husband may have valuable information in a homicide investigation.
Aren't they cooperating? I was the family attorney since before she was born.
Sweet girl.
Always found her to be trustworthy and forthright.
What was Lauren's relationship with her father? They adored one another.
Her mother died when she was a-a child.
He raised her.
I think the only thing that she ever did that he disapproved of was when she married Dean.
Why's that? My guess? He thought he was after the money.
What do you think? No comment.
Lauren have any siblings? None.
Other than a few charitable donations, the father left the entire estate to her.
But didn't change Lauren's lifestyle.
She was never about the money.
You talk with her recently? Couple of years ago.
- You talk with her recently? - Couple of years ago.
We worked together closely, liquidating the assets from the estate, transferring them into her name took about a year and a half.
Once we were done, there was no need for us to communicate.
I do get Christmas cards.
Oh, I was just leaving.
Uh, do you need something? Have you released Major Newton's body yet? No, no, no, he's still here.
Oh, is something wrong? Well, this would sound funny to anyone else, Ducky, but I know you'll understand.
I need to have a word with him.
Of course.
May I ask the, uh, - Thanks.
- May I ask the, uh, nature of this discussion? Well, I owe him an apology.
I always dismissed Newton as a waste of our time.
But he was onto something, and I just thought I would tell him he would've made a great agent.
Well, I'm sure he would appreciate that.
And be sure to turn these off when you leave.
He's in, uh, 206.
One other question.
I know you're, uh, an expert in English history.
And I was just wondering have you ever heard of Archibald Drummond, the 17th Earl of Trent? The Earl of Trent.
No, I can't say I have.
Why? Hm.
It's no Just wondering.
Anything? No.
She just brought a moving box down from the spare bedroom.
He's on his way back from the store.
The, uh, tracking device you planted shows that he's two blocks away.
Well, I did the dishes.
Mine and yours.
Are we okay? You think that doing my dinner dishes makes up for ruining the surprise weekend I had planned for Jake? Look, Bishop, I'm sorry, okay? If it was supposed to be a surprise, why didn't you say anything? This is not going away, is it? This isn't just about ruining the surprise.
You want to talk? Things with Jake are just not the same.
(phone rings) It's him.
Better take it.
Hey, Jake.
(car approaching) DEAN: Hey.
DEAN: Hey.
Stopped by the hardware store on the way home, got the extension cord for the living room lamp.
Dinner's not ready? LAUREN: No.
I got distracted in the spare room.
I got distracted in the spare room.
We have to deal with these boxes.
All of them.
DEAN: Relax, babe.
There's no rush.
DEAN: Relax, babe.
There's no rush.
(Lauren sighs deeply) There is.
I mean, I've gone along with everything that you've asked me to do-- some of it a little too freakish.
Please do this for me.
Here's your money back.
What is that for? It's for my Caf-POW!-- I don't deserve it.
Remember when I matched the fingerprint from the knife to Lauren Hudson's Virginia driver's license? Well, I just stopped right there.
Like, I didn't dig keep going.
Why would you? Let me tell you why I should have.
Last night, I was working on the final section of my traffic school test.
Did you know that when you move to the District from another state, you have your old driver's license and then get a DC one? Except if you're a student, a presidential appointee, a member of Congress or a military family.
And it goes the same for Virginia, only it's 60 days.
Abbs, - only it's 60 days.
- Abbs, do you got any idea where this is going? Well, nobody wants to go to the DMV unless they have to.
Right? So why did Lauren Hudson rush out and get a new license when she didn't have to? I mean, she didn't even get a new license when she moved to North Carolina.
And that got me thinking.
So I pulled her Maryland driver's license that she surrendered, and this is her new Virginia driver's license.
Same woman, right? Yeah.
That's what I thought.
And probably what the DMV clerk thought, also.
Same hairstyle, same hair color, the exact same glasses.
But look what happens when we superimpose the photos on top of each other-- everything's a little off.
The jawline, the shape of the nose Check out the beauty mark.
It moved Beauty marks don't move.
The beauty mark from the Maryland driver's license is raised.
The one from the Virginia driver's license is penciled on.
That's not the same woman.
It was close but no cigar.
And the fingerprints don't match-- I checked that, too.
So the Lauren Hudson we've been watching is not the real wife.
Well, who is she? And where's the real wife? She's not Lauren Hudson? Who is she? ABBY: We don't know yet.
My bet is the real Lauren Hudson is dead, and her husband and the mystery woman killed her for the money.
When? Where? Probably just before they left Lejeune.
Dean Hudson arrives at Quantico with a woman that looks like his wife, she assumes her identity.
I think - she assumes her identity.
- I think they're planning on leaving the country as soon as the captain's hitch is up.
What makes you think that? Because our imposter - What makes you think that? - Because our imposter has also applied for a passport as Lauren Hudson.
Would've gotten away with it if it weren't for good old Newty.
This has nothing to do with the robbery at Camp Lejeune.
Where's McGee? BISHOP: Well, the wife, - Where's McGee? - BISHOP: Well, the wife, whoever she is, left the house five minutes ago.
He's tailing her.
We got enough to bring them in now.
We're on our way.
Alert McGee.
Get 'em! Hi! You're back.
- Hi! You're back.
- Hi.
MAN: New latte! Hey, neighbor! Hey.
You've discovered the best coffee in Quantico.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Well, I hate drinking alone.
I'm buying.
(phone ringing) What's your pleasure? Um Uh, small black coffee would be great.
You got it.
McGee's not picking up.
Hudson's leaving.
The house is empty.
I'm going in.
Bishop, no.
Don't go in there.
I'm gonna take a look around, maybe get a lead on who this woman really is.
Ju-Just wait.
Gibbs and Tony are on their way over there.
Look, Gibbs is always telling me to take the initiative.
Watch the house.
Bishop! TONY: Got some accrued annual TONY: Got some accrued annual leave.
Thinking about visiting my ancestral home, England.
Why this sudden interest, DiNozzo? Been thinking about family a lot.
I mean, all I have is Senior, really.
And he's not getting any younger.
I don't have anyone else.
The way things are going, I don't see kids in my future, so I don't know.
Guess I'm searching for a sense of belonging.
"Rita Applegate.
" Gotcha.
Well, I should, uh, I should probably get back to work.
Oh, so I see you got your problem with your Internet fixed? Yeah, I did.
So if you ever want to try one of their treats, you have to try their chocolate croissants.
Mmm! Special Agent McGee! Has NCIS determined whether Major Newton's death was accidental or not? There's a rumor going around that he was murdered.
The jerk who moved in across the street is an NCIS agent.
Hands on the wheel.
(sighs) Oh, no.
Oh, no.
(line ringing) Bishop, pick up, pick up.
Come on, pick up, Bishop, come on.
Come on, Bishop-- pick up! (phone ringing) Come on, come on Oh, no.
(phone rings) Gibbs, thank God! I-I got you.
You've got to hurry, okay? Bishop hasn't been picking up her phone! I told her not Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down.
- I told her not - Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down.
But Bishop went into the house by herself.
And then Hudson just pulled up, and he just went in, too.
(engine revs) (grunting) (gasps) Oh, my God! Bishop! (grunting continues) (groaning) Bishop! BISHOP: Upstairs! TONY: You all right? TONY: You all right? Hudson needs an ambulance.
I found the wife.
Don't move.
DUCKY: Her body was preserved in formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, phenol-- basically, embalming fluids.
Stuffed into a vacuum-sealed storage bag.
That's why there was no odor.
And very little decay.
And a cause of death, Duck? Yeah, a fractured neck.
Sharp left-to-right twist.
Same as Major Newton.
Who do I notify about her remains? She had no family - about her remains? - She had no family except the husband that killed her.
I'll call her father's lawyer.
Do we know who the imposter really is? Rita Applegate.
She was a waitress at a bar not far from Lejeune.
That's where they met.
Discovered they had a lot in common.
She and Captain Hudson shared similar, um, desires that his wife didn't.
She wants to cut a deal and is willing to testify.
Says that Hudson killed his wife and transferred the body, all along with their personal possessions.
After Hudson retired, they were gonna dispose of the body, move to the Caribbean and live off of Lauren's money.
Greed-- the root of much evil.
Morning, my lord.
Hey, Ducky.
Those are awfully nice-looking flowers.
I take it that you and Jake made up.
Those aren't from Jake.
They're from McGee.
Well, that's kind of sweet.
So, you-you guys are good again? BISHOP: Yeah.
Actually, McGee saved me.
I canceled my trip, got my deposit back, and, uh, it was a good thing.
Jake has to go out of town that weekend.
A summit somewhere in Asia.
Somewhere? Asia's big.
Couldn't tell me where.
We'll take our little trip another time.
So I got this, uh, leave request of yours.
You still going to England? No, I think I'll take that trip another time.
Uh, thank you.
Um, you know, that heritage stuff isn't all it's cracked up to be.
What happened? Well My cousin, Crispian, called back.
He knows all about Archibald Drummond.
(chuckles) It turns out Archie was quite a character.
He was a he was a scoundrel, and a-a thief, a con man.
Died in Newgate Prison.
Crispian says that some historians suspect that, uh, he may have been Jack the Ripper.