NCIS s13e04 Episode Script

Double Trouble

Tell me something I want to know what are the rules of the game The game of love An associate will be right out to help you, sir.
Um, no.
Um My old man said you got a sale going on in the back room? First-timers need a coupon.
Just clipped it this morning.
All right, arms out to your side.
All right, follow me.
(clears his throat) (cell phone ringing) (audio from televisions overlapping) I, um I'm not sure how this works.
Well, you know something about how this works.
If you're back here, you brought money.
Yes, sir.
But I'm here for yours.
Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt.
You sure you want to do this, kid? Wallets in the bag.
Now! No, not you.
You're gonna open the safe.
(clears his throat) And it better just be money you're pulling out of there, nothing funny.
Nobody's laughing, kid.
(grunts) No, you can have it.
But you won't be alive long enough to spend it.
(panting) Go on, take it, get out.
No need for that anymore.
Unless I want to make sure no one follows me.
NASA employee or just a fan? BISHOP: Navy Seaman Apprentice Brian Dokes.
Alexandria Police I.
'd him.
Dokes only enlisted about six months ago, so, he had a ways to go before NASA.
Well, doesn't stop the dream.
Car crash did.
Making assumptions, Anthony? We won't know what killed this poor man's dream until autopsy.
TONY: "Poor man"? Sounds like you're assuming he's an innocent victim, Ducky.
I wasn't making any assumptions.
(whistles) (laughing): Good, 'cause he's not innocent.
What do you got? Got a crate full of grenades.
One's missing.
Not exactly standard issue for seaman apprentices.
It's not standard issue for anyone.
Oh! Practice grenade.
So it leaves hope for Ducky's assumption.
I wasn't presupposing anything about the man himself.
I meant "poor" to mean unfortunate.
It's simple semantics.
Well, I don't think he was poor in any sense of the word.
Look what I found under the seat.
TONY: Ooh! Wow.
Look at that.
That's got to be about 200 grand there.
Boss, McGee found 50 grand! Grenades, bag full of money.
Robbery gone bad? The robbery went just fine.
Body, Bishop.
BISHOP: Blood trail.
He survived the crash long enough to wander out here anyway.
Duck, you got a time of death? I'd guess between 10:00 and 11:00 p.
Wounds from the crash? Yeah, they appear to be defensive.
Here, help me roll him over.
(grunting) Oh, my.
Looks like his eye was ripped out.
Can that happen in an accident? DUCKY: Well, as previously stated, I don't jump to conclusions, but, well, it would appear this is no accident.
BISHOP: Dokes' record is clean.
Made it through basic and "A" school with high marks.
First deployment was scheduled for tomorrow.
Our seaman has a dad with a drug problem.
When I tried to contact next of kin, I was forwarded to Sandy Oaks rehab center.
On the Potomac? Celebrities can barely afford that place.
Yeah, well, father's already been through a state-funded facility.
Unsuccessfully, I take it? Last option was a private clinic.
Son used his Navy signing bonus to get his daddy in, and now the rest is due.
Okay, who did he rob? Same person that killed him? Then why leave the money behind? Good questions.
I would rather have answers.
We may have answers at the front gate, boss.
Explain that.
Security detained a Mr.
Kip Klugman, who claims to know who our seaman robbed last night.
Well, media knows about the car crash and the body, not the money.
So, this informant could be legit-- who is he? Well, no wonder security office won't let him through.
He's got a criminal record.
Put it up.
He's a former NCIS special agent.
TONY: Arrested ten years ago.
He stole evidence out of Camp Pendleton.
Cash and drugs.
You worked the case? No.
No, but I remember who did.
Special Agent Leon Vance.
Klugman must've been his last investigation as special agent.
He likes a clean house.
McGEE: How's the director gonna feel about a disgraced agent being an informant? Won't be an issue, Agent McGee.
'Cause it's not gonna happen.
Gibbs? Klugman's a con man.
He's always got an angle or something up his sleeve.
Trust me, anything he knows about this case is a lie.
What if it's not? It's gonna take a whole lot to convince me otherwise.
MAN (over P.
): Security, this is visitor center.
(man continues indistinctly over P.
) (gasps) Director Vance.
Sounds so odd calling you that.
If he won't leave, arrest him.
Whoa Isn't once enough for you? Look, I'm here to help.
You only help yourself.
I've changed.
Who know? The correctional system works.
I can prove my worth, sir.
GUARD: Grenade! Don't move! Don't move! Oops.
(chuckles) It's just a training grenade.
It's a dud.
Stand down, everybody.
It was used in a robbery last night, and, uh, I know where.
What do you say, Leon? Want to solve a murder together? For old time's sake? I have a friend who was there last night when the place got robbed.
Does this friend have a name? He wants to remain anonymous.
But I suppose I have Leon to thank for meeting him at all.
I didn't let you in here for old time's sake.
And it's Director Vance.
After prison, I went to work for a man named Kobe Carver.
He runs an illegal sports book.
He's an angry guy.
They call him Beef behind his back, because he never forgives a debt.
Now, look, the news said a sailor got in a wreck the police were calling suspicious.
My source says Beef followed and killed the kid that robbed him.
Makes sense, right? (chuckles) Look, you can check it out.
They run it in back of a lingerie store.
Safe's in the floor.
I don't know, Director.
This guy's been extremely helpful.
Super helpful.
Yeah, maybe too helpful.
Yeah, it's funny you should say that.
All right, look, I know how it looks.
Like you owe Beef money.
And rather than pay up, you saw the opportunity to rat on him.
Boss goes to prison, debt goes away, right? Those odds are good.
Yeah, and you were always a gambling man.
Well, that's why I'm trying to turn over a new leaf here.
You still box, Director? Every day.
It helps relieve stress.
It's your way of working out demons.
I couldn't do that in my life.
So I decided to try going clean.
Making good on past sins.
You got a long way to go for that.
I know.
At least, let me apologize.
Okay? For framing you? For making them think you took that money from evidence.
I was desperate.
Follow up on his info, but I'm done here.
And so is he.
Just like last time, huh, Leon? Not willing to listen to anything I had to say.
Just using one of your own agents to climb the ladder.
GIBBS: Enough.
You want me to alert building security? Nope.
I'll shoot him.
All right, I'm going.
But I came here to clear my conscious.
The man wouldn't even give me a chance.
Well, not that you've done so publically, Why don't you let me explain myself? By getting rid of a dirty agent ten years ago, I was protecting my own.
And I will continue to protect them.
So I suggest you stay away from this building and the honest agents that work here, or any problem you have with me will get much, much bigger.
(elevator dings) (sighs) I was here to help.
But you really are just a politician now, huh? Go.
(elevator bell dings) How is this possible? These are the preliminary results from the blood and tissue samples found underneath our victim's fingernails.
Yeah, he fought back.
He was getting his eyes clawed out.
Yeah, that's the problem.
There's only a single source of DNA.
And it belongs to our victim.
He clawed out his own eyes-- why? Oh, his blood work shows huge amounts of LSD.
Violent hallucinations.
That would explain the car wreck and the self-mutilation.
Yeah, but it's odd.
I mean, for a guy who was so desperate to get his dad clean? And there were no narcotics found in the car.
Something's hinky.
So he was drugged sometime between the robbery and the car crash.
No, it's true! Theodore Roosevelt hated the fact that a bear was named after him.
So what he did, he started spreading rumors that he had a fetish for women's bra slips.
Hence the name teddy! Hmm, I asked as a joke, but thanks, Ducky.
Oh, I'm sorry.
But this boutique is by appointment only.
Well, my colleague here would like to try this on in the back room.
Ah Yeah, but I was thinking something that more goes with, um, gold? In that case, I should explain that I don't work here.
Uh, Laura Strike-DePalma, Mr.
Carver's attorney.
Beef always keep his lawyer around? Please don't call him that.
And since I don't see warrants, this meeting will be a courtesy.
I take it a trip to the back room is out? Not at all.
Follow me.
(door opens) CARVER: Thongs go below! Camisoles, bras, underwear, stockings-- we arrange top to bottom, you useless lump.
On the bottom Open your eyes for once! Panties in a bunch there, Beef? NCIS Special Agents DiNozzo, Bishop.
You know, I've always hated that word.
"Beef"? "Panties.
" Sounds kind of creepy.
Especially from me, right? Yeah, lingerie store was the wife's idea.
So, the illegal sports book was yours, then? (chuckles) No idea what you mean.
But I'd love to know who exactly you heard it from.
Well, I bet you would.
But then I have a feeling that the same thing would happen to him that happened to the last guy that pissed you off.
So Yeah, where were you last night between 10:00 and 11:00? STRIKE-DEPALMA: He drops off the night deposit.
at a bank down the street.
Hmm, so you know about the car wreck? Interesting.
You need some help moving these off the floor? Please do not touch anything without permission.
Nah, Lump will get them later.
I'm a big strapping lad.
I can help you with the boxes.
Come on, let me help you.
Get the hell out of my store! Clearly courtesy wasn't enough.
Well, if you've got nothing to hide-- Hey! Smug S.
, you got nothing on me and you know it.
(beeping) (doorbell ringing) Son of a bitch.
Klugman, what the hell are you doing here?! Hey! Hey! Hey! (siren wailing in distance) Who did this to you? (chuckles) You did this Director.
(siren chirping) According to the 911 tape, Klugman says you attacked him.
He's framing me.
Like old times.
Your team's taking his statement? Well, he says he came to apologize.
And you made good on your earlier threat in the squad room.
And you believe him? Gibbs, I box after work.
I even told him as much.
Look, McGee swabbed my hands.
This will never hold up.
It only has to look bad, Leon.
How bad? PORTER: Gentlemen? It's been awhile.
Two bullets and no worse for wear, Agent Gibbs.
How's recovery? Tedious, Madam Secretary.
No, no, come on.
Director, may we speak in private, please? Certainly.
PORTER: Sorry for the house call.
But this is not the kind of attention that the Secretary of Defense wants.
Klugman's already lawyered up, and he's threatening a press conference and a civil suit.
It's a lie.
Of course it is.
But this is Washington.
How much mud-slinging will you and the agency endure before we can prove it? All right, what option do we have? Well, per Klugman's lawyer, he drops this whole thing if you step down.
Leon, there are no good options here.
You've been in this chair for longer than your last two predecessors combined.
Maybe it's time for a change.
Maybe you write a book.
Go fishing.
Spend time with your kids.
And what kind of example does running away set for them? Are you too close to this case? The body was found in Alexandria.
I make a call, I have the case transferred.
That won't be necessary.
I offer this out of respect to you, Leon.
And everything that you have already given this agency.
Thank you.
What we got, Duck? In which case? Well, start with the one on your table.
Uh, cause of death was respiratory failure.
His nervous system went into shock.
Whoever drugged this young man knew they were giving him a concentrated dose, which would prove lethal.
Our second victim? Uh, Mr.
Klugman? Well, a doctor at the facility where he's being treated is an old friend.
She faxed over these.
According to her notes, Klugman had no defensive wounds and received the most severe blows to the right side of his face and head.
Left handed attacker? I got a wicked southpaw, Doctor, but the power's in my right.
All the better to prove your innocence.
Not about innocence.
It's about perception.
You're not the only one seeing things change and trying to roll with the punches, Gibbs.
It seems now I'm fighting the political forces that I'm accused of being a part of.
The job changes, Leon.
Yeah, and I'm usually the one henpecking you to tread lightly.
Yeah, and now? I know Klugman.
He's not coming after me just for revenge.
He's mixed up in all this.
He's a con man with an end game.
What's the end game? I have no idea.
Which is actually what brings me down here.
I, um I would like to ride with you on this.
As a member of your team, Gibbs.
(quiet grunt) Yeah, sure, Director.
I was expecting to go What-what's the catch? Hey! What are you waiting for, probie? Be careful what you wish for, Director.
A dentist, a limo driver and a Cirque du Soleil performer.
Sounds like a setup to a joke.
They all walked into an illegal sports book, but won't admit it.
And let me guess-- they lost their wallets, but don't know where? So I got nothing.
Yeah, me, neither.
Beef's alibi checks out.
He wasn't at the car crash.
Any word about the director? So I guess this would be a bad time to ask him to sign an AFF.
Asset Forfeiture? Yeah, in the event this case gets solved, we can apply for some of the dirty money to go back to NCIS.
And I was thinking of vending machines, but now Legal funds for Director Vance.
Well, he's got kids.
Which is why we keep working.
Hey, anybody talk to Gibbs lately? Knowing Gibbs, he's probably interrogating Klugman in the back of a frozen meat locker somewhere.
Anyone seen Director Vance, either? Yeah.
Oh, hey, boss.
Am I interrupting personal errands? Yep.
Got it.
So I will just leave you to that.
We were just wondering in case any of the errands run long, uh, are we covering for one person or two? I got no idea what you're talking about.
VANCE: Got eyes on our boy.
And nobody asked you to cover.
(sighs) Oh, hang on a second.
Can I help you? Alexandria PD.
Detective Karen Stradivarius.
We got a call from your Secretary Porter to collect files and evidence for a case transfer? Oh.
Oh, yeah.
Hold on one second.
Boss, uh, did you hear that? Stall.
Are you sure that's a good idea? Oh, just do it.
(car engine starts) I know, you're the best, too.
All right, I'll talk to you soon.
Dad, he's such a goofball.
I'm sure you hear this all the time, but, uh, Stradivarius.
That's a, that's an interesting name.
Like the violin? Yeah.
But don't even think about playing me.
(chuckles) Where's he going? I feel like we've taken the last five left turns.
He's just making sure he's not being followed.
Well, then maybe you should slow down, give a little distance, change lanes for once.
Ah, but you're the boss, boss.
Although when I asked to tag along, I thought this was gonna be more like, you know, Butch and Sundance.
You're the quick draw, I'm the brains-- kind of co-equals.
No, we're not.
So what-- I'm Robin to your Batman? Is that why you agreed to do this? Give me crap, remind me what it's like to be at the bottom? No, I did it because you asked.
Well, I told you I wanted to see this through.
Yeah, well, you usually do that from your office.
You're wondering if I still got it.
No, I'm not.
Sounds like you are.
No, I got nothing to prove, except my innocence.
I may be calling plays from the booth, but I remember what it's like taking hits on the field.
Hell, I still got a lot of moves.
I've got moves you and SECNAV have yet to see.
Okay, okay! I'll shut up.
Yeah, it's not that.
Klugman stopped.
So, I guess now we wait? Or? Or what? We go in? Or you can look up who rents office space here.
Got plenty of moves, huh? You're just mad because your sorry-ass phone can't do this.
According to their Web site, this building has multiple occupants.
Couple law officers, yeah.
No, the lawyer.
Why do Beef and Klugman have the same lawyer? Think there's a connection between the murder and the frame job on me? Uh, boys? Yoo-hoo! Yeah, come on inside.
I guess you can ask her.
I'm on the line with your boss' office about harassing my client.
I told you we were following that taxi too close.
Well, it's not every day the Secretary of the Navy insists on stopping by.
I think you just added another zero to our settlement.
So, Klugman knew he was being followed? No.
But I had a hunch based on some background checking.
You and Agent Gibbs like to push boundaries.
Well, as do you.
Since you represent our prime suspect in a murder and the person that's accusing him of that murder.
Carver and Mr.
Klugman are two very different clients, with very different admittedly lucrative needs.
So, there's no connection between the two? No.
I'm just greedy.
Sue me.
(knocking) Madam Secretary.
On behalf of the U.
Navy, I'd like to apologize in person.
And assure you there will be no further incidents.
That's kind of you.
But it won't stop the press conference that I'm planning.
I was actually hoping that you and I might have a word.
By all means.
I was just going to get some coffee.
Well, let me join you.
Uh, anything for you two? Gibbs? Did the lawyer just give us the room? Uh-huh.
Want to look around? Security footage of the robbery, ma'am.
This is the man you've been looking into? That's Beef.
He denies any involvement.
Well, clearly he's lying.
VANCE: Madam Secretary, you're gonna have to trust me.
I'm showing you we're digging in the right hole.
The robbery, the murder, the frame job-- we show they're connected, we solve the case.
Makes your explanation to the Secretary of Defense much easier.
Asking with enough rope to hang yourself with, Director? Yes, ma'am.
Either way, you'll have someone to blame.
SecDef wants an answer by end of business.
That gives you three hours to wrap this in a bow.
Leon, you know I care about you.
But the case will be transferred to Alexandria and I announce your retirement first thing tomorrow.
RECORDING: Please hang up and try your call again.
Please hang up and try your call again.
Please hang up and try your call again.
Hey, you called? Yeah, like 20 minutes ago.
I just now got all the beeping to stop.
Oh, sorry, I got hung up.
Had to convince that Alexandria detective to come back.
How'd you do that? Well, I told her that her car wasn't big enough to fit all the evidence.
There's only three little boxes.
Oh, oops! (laughs) So, what do you got? The final toxicology for Seaman Dokes Seaman Dokes.
Anything to tie the drugs that killed him to a source? Yeah, DMSO.
It's a substance that's sometimes added to drugs to make them absorb through the skin.
Faster high.
Is it traceable? Well, I can match the chemical makeup, if you can get me the original drugs.
Well, I need a search warrant for Beef's back room first.
I have something to help with that.
You should've started with that.
I did, like, So, I found this little tracker inside the lining.
I was so busy looking for something high-tech, that I almost missed the low-tech.
Rather than sending out some big GPS signal, this little guy uses Bluetooth.
Oh, like a cell phone headset? Yeah, except you'll attach this to, like, say, your keys or a suitcase in case they get lost, then your cell phone can track it.
What if your bag of cash is at NCIS headquarters? If this device comes within range of anyone that has a matching cell phone application, it can send the signal to that phone.
Meaning it could use your phone to tell someone the bag is here? Not it "could," it did.
You backtracked the tracker? I hacked the tracker.
All I need is a name.
I don't have a name, but I can tell you where the person who is tracking the money is located.
"Kelly's Closet & Lingerie.
" Is that good enough for a warrant? Yes! Thank you! We found this underneath the boxes.
What a pain in the ass to open.
For good reason, based on what we found inside.
Pills, cocaine, LSD.
(clears his throat) I'll wait for my lawyer.
It's no wonder Seaman Dokes knew about your operation and the money.
You were his dad's drug dealer.
I told you I have an alibi for the time of that car crash.
Oh, that's right, so how could you have possibly drugged Seaman Dokes.
That stumped us.
But then we figured it out.
I know, well, she's taking her time, isn't she? While we wait, I was thinking maybe McGee and I might do a little reenactment.
And you can tell us how close we are.
McGee will play the part of the grenade-wielding Dokes.
And I'll be a better looking you.
So, here's what we think went down.
You're getting the money out of the safe, while Dokes is threatening you.
Give me the money.
Well, I think he had to be a little more convincing than that, 'cause you gave him the money.
You had more than that up your sleeve, though.
Or should I say in the palm of your hand.
Tony, that's really tight.
That's 'cause I'm in character.
And it has to be tight to transfer the LSD.
These blotters also came from the safe.
Wax-lined, so only Dokes got the dope.
The DMSO that you spike your LSD with made it easy to absorb.
That much, that fast.
You signed that kid's death certificate before he even got the money.
(laughs) You know how crazy that sounds? How-how could you possibly know exactly what went on, hmm? Lucky guess? A guess backed up by science.
Drugs we found in the safe, were an exact chemical match to the ones found in the victim's system.
You drugged him, then planned to recover the money with a tracking device.
But before that device could send a signal out, NCIS was already on the scene.
"Tracking device"? In the money? In the bag, and it goes both ways.
And it led us to you.
And that's why I don't use them.
Ever! So, I want to know who the hell's been tracking my money! Oh, so it is your money? Theoretically, let's say yes.
Theoretically, who else had access to the bag? Just me.
And the only time it ever gets unlocked, is when I add money or when I-- (groans) When I pay Lump for guarding the door at the end of the night.
Does Lump have a real name? Well, probably.
But it's not like I issue W-2's.
That's the connection.
The doorman and Klugman are working together.
They were already planning to rob the place.
The kid beat him to it.
I know Klugman.
He's still looking for a big payday.
Sciuto said somebody's still tracking the money.
Cash is in evidence.
Evidence that's about to be moved.
Klugman's a former agent.
He knew that by framing me, we'd be forced to transfer the case.
Klugman's planning to rob the evidence in transport.
Leon, we don't know that.
One way to find out.
VANCE: If we're right, and Klugman robs us, how do you think he's gonna do it? You don't know Klugman's gonna be the one to show.
Well, I didn't hear any better ideas.
Why'd you come if you didn't like the risk? Oh, I don't mind the risk.
I mind you.
'Cause I'm just a politician? You said you had nothing to prove.
Damn right.
Well, you're not acting like it.
The job changes, Leon.
We change.
Better or for worse.
I'm gonna personally nail this S.
a second time.
(loud thudding) Okay, okay, we're on.
That's how they're gonna do it, huh? Get out of the vehicle! Put your hands on your head! No weapons! He's alone.
Klugman's got Lump doing his dirt work.
So we take him out.
No, no.
No time.
Klugman will be long gone by the time we get this guy to flip.
You got a better idea? Enough talking! Put the guns on the dashboard! Get out now! Yeah, we do as he says, we get robbed, and we track the money back to Klugman.
Gibbs, what are you doing? There you go.
Come around.
Come on this side.
Move to the back of the van.
(dog barking in distance) You'll get no problems out of us.
Right, partner? Okay.
Okay, that's good.
Stop right there.
Open the door.
Show me the cash.
MAN: Okay, good.
Put the money back, slide over the box.
We're gonna let him take the box, right, Gibbs? No trouble, right? Depends on him.
Hey, he's got a gun in his back.
Sorry, Gibbs, we're gonna do this my way.
Your partner's a smart man.
Take his gun and toss it.
Turn around.
Okay, good.
Now it's just one more thing.
My tracking device.
Excuse me? I'm not stupid.
I used it to track you here-- I'm not gonna let you do the same.
Throw it away and toss over the box.
Head to the side of the van.
Face it.
Doing great.
All right, you've been helpful.
(car door opens) (door closes) (engine starts) (tires squeal) Don't go after him.
I'm picking up my weapon.
All right, look, about the gun, I was just Don't.
TONY: So, what happened? We were in position, waiting for your signal.
We need to follow the money back to Klugman.
He dumped the tracker.
Yeah, that's, uh, that was my bad.
You think? Well, getting mad at me's not gonna help us track the money.
Well, my sorry-ass phone will.
Your phone? GIBBS: Yeah, my phone.
You put your phone in the evidence box? No.
He had me do it.
Before you two even came into the evidence garage.
So what, you knew I'd be too focused on Klugman? Leon, it happens.
DiNozzo, give me the keys.
MAN (in distance): Everything? MAN 2: Everything that mattered.
(conversation continues indistinctly) (quietly): I knew the lawyer was connected.
Get me a sitrep.
(conversation continues indistinctly) (whispers): Okay, we're in position.
Ready to flush them your way.
(men continue conversing indistinctly) (Laura speaks indistinctly) He's not my first choice, either Okay, who's going in first? You, of course-- I meant, how do you want to do this? LAURA: All right, guys, it's all confirmed.
These are the details.
There'll be a ship waiting in Newport, the Monte Cristo.
Ask for a man named Cortez.
He'll take cash, but I suggest you make the rest last for a while.
Well, Cuban peso's currently down.
For your services as travel agent.
A settlement could have netted more than this, but we all make our own choices.
Hey, what is this? Damn! What's Gibbs waiting for? Maybe he finally shot the director.
(gunshot) (loud clattering, man yells) TONY: NCIS! Federal agents! Gibbs? Director? All clear, Agent DiNozzo.
What happened? Call an ambulance.
I'm not saying anything, and I'm advising my client to do the same.
KLUGMAN: Just get off me! Shut up, keep still.
You're lucky your friend uses only a nine-millimeter, otherwise I'd be really upset.
(gasps) McGee.
Gibbs, I just remembered something.
I didn't lose my edge; I became a politician 'cause I'd had enough of this crap.
(sighs): Is that what we're gonna tell SECNAV? (siren approaching) (exhales) (groans) (indistinct radio chatter) Bodies and news vans.
Hardly clean, Gibbs.
We transferred the case, just like you said.
I drove the truck myself.
TONY: Gibbs called us when the truck was robbed.
We tracked it here.
Bad guys shot first.
Case closed, as promised.
VANCE: Sorry I'm late.
I, uh, got the message-- I tried to get here as quickly as I could.
Uh, what did I miss? You're bleeding.
Made a mistake.
I forgot to trust my agents to do their job.
And in the process, I forgot what my job was.
It won't happen again, ma'am.
I gave up being an agent so I could lead and protect this agency.
That's where I could make a difference.
It's where I still can.
So you inspire loyalty in your agents.
Loyalty to the point of stupidity sometimes but loyalty nonetheless.
So if I have to fire you tomorrow they'll be upset.
BISHOP: Well, all the evidence, including the $262,020, is now safely with Alexandria PD.
Guess that means they'll take the win and "absorb" the money.
Mm, the win, yes, but I made a deal about the money with Kiki.
"Kiki"? Yeah, Detective Stradivarius.
We got to talking, and agreed that both agencies would apply for the money to go to the drug rehab clinic at Walter Reed.
It might be the only good to come of all this.
Gibbs and Vance? On their way up from a meeting with SECNAV.
After they left the Pentagon, she called a press conference.
To announce the case win or to fire Director Vance? (elevator bell dings) Still waiting to hear.
Yes, I'm still in charge.
Now, get back to work.
You're stuck with me.
Change is hard.