NCIS s13e12 Episode Script

Sister City: Part One

(indistinct radio chatter) Where are we? FAA handed over radio control on November-zero-five- Julia-Papa-Zulu.
Privately operated jet took off from New Orleans approximately 90 minutes ago, bound for Washington-Reagan.
ATC has reported no radio contact for the last 37 minutes.
Comms failure? Radio works, Captain.
Either they don't want to talk or can't.
Keep trying.
My eyes in the sky.
Two Hornets on the horizon.
Should have visual in less than five.
Private jet is outside restricted airspace, but not for long.
Over metro D.
in less than 30.
Hell of a day to quit smoking.
Didn't know you smoked, ma'am.
I don't.
I just imagine it's true.
Zero-five-J-P-Z, this is Naval Air Station Pax River.
Come in.
MAN: Pax River, this is Gator-one-one.
I have visual on our bogey.
Put me through to NORAD.
It's gonna be all hands on deck for this one.
FEMALE OFFICER: November-zero- five-Julia-Papa-Zulu.
This is Naval Air Station Pax River.
Naval aircraft on approach, north-northeast.
Zero-five-J-P-Z, this is Naval Air Station Pax River.
Please respond.
So what happened? I don't know.
Tony, come on.
All Bishop said was MTAC in five.
No, I'm not talking about MTAC.
I'm talking about what happened over New Year's.
You and Zoe broke up? (chuckles dryly) You heard.
Why didn't you tell me? Well, the break-up bug's going around.
Didn't want you to catch it.
Hey, be careful-- you know what happens if Bishop hears you joking around like that.
I jest to comfort.
So the breakup, you and Zoe, it was messy? No, we agreed it wasn't working out, so we ended on a good note.
Amicable, very adult.
Oh, no, no, no.
See, you and Zoe Keates do not do "adult.
" You both have tact issues-- you verbally, her physically.
Is this because she tackled you the first time you met? Hey, she thought I was a hermit bomb-maker.
(sighs) Miss that about her.
(scoffs) There you go, more jokes.
Must be pretty bad, so you want to talk about it? Who's paying you for the details, McGossip? Well, Abby and I do have a bet on who throws the first punch.
Hey, there were no punches thrown.
But it was physical, right? We're about to go live.
What are you guys talking about? Star Wars.
Star Wars.
(Gibbs speaks indistinctly over radio) CAPTAIN: Negative, Agent Gibbs.
After multiple passes, there are no signs of life on that plane.
A rapid depressurization is likely.
Causes a lack of oxygen to the brain and death by hypoxia.
How many? Four bodies that we can count, including the pilot and the copilot.
BISHOP: Jet's registered to Blye Industries.
- Military tech developer.
- McGEE: Among other things.
Blye Industries was started by Jenner Blye.
He's a pioneer in tech design.
Exosuits, robotic prosthetics.
(chuckles) They make jet packs.
Yes, and jet packs.
Thank you.
What's your point, McGee? You cut your hair? I didn't need it anymore.
I believe Agent McGee's point was that this is a PR nightmare.
Captain Bloom.
Does NCIS know who's on that plane? Naval Intelligence Officer Commander Gil Lively informed his CO of the flight at 0600 this morning, but that's all we know.
Flight manifest would have been filed at the airfield of departure.
Special Agent Pride and his team are following up in New Orleans.
He'll be joining the conversation.
We've got even bigger problems at cruising altitude.
The flight plan shows that bird took off with a full tank.
Given headwinds and weather conditions, it won't go down for another 400 to 600 miles.
Does that get it to the ocean? No.
Puts us over three metro areas in the meantime.
Philadelphia, New York and Boston.
BISHOP: It's currently over unpopulated Virginia countryside.
I've spoken to NORAD.
We are prepared to take down the target.
Air strike on a civilian plane.
No better than it sounds, and even harder to control.
Yeah, media and falling debris alike.
Aircraft is is only over wilderness for another ten minutes.
Now, unless you have a safer way to bring it down, I've got my orders.
We'll find a way.
ABBY: I already pulled the flight manuals, acquired the jet's radio frequency, and I tapped into the onboard navigation computer.
And? And remotely crashing an airplane is difficult.
It's impossible, actually.
For good reason.
Not to mention my misgivings.
About what, crashing a plane? Crashing anything.
Six minutes left.
Okay, it's not New Year's, so cool it with the countdown, please.
Hey, have you tried accessing the mechanical functions, tricking the computer into dumping its fuel? Can't access it wirelessly.
Navigation? I can't override the autopilot.
It's a closed system.
Right, a plane only does what it's told.
Okay, then crash, plane, crash.
Well, unfortunately, you're not the pilot, autopilot or GPS system.
But I could be.
You just said it was a closed system.
All aircraft get their directional data via GPS satellite.
Right, location, speed, altitude.
GPS tells the plane where it is.
So if we can't hack the plane We hack the satellite.
We send false data to the aircraft, we make it think it's way off course.
And the autopilot should correct accordingly.
No, I just I don't want to know that.
Flight took off from Lakefront Airport.
Lasalle and Brody are there now.
Flight manifest, Agent Pride.
Coming through.
Agent Gibbs, Director Vance, we're out of time.
You gave us ten minutes, Captain.
We've still got 40 seconds.
My pilots are in position, and my orders have not changed.
(alarm sounds) Captain? Altitude alert.
BLOOM: The plane thinks it's too high, and it's started a steep descent.
It appears to be crashing itself.
VANCE: Where? Given it's current angle, a remote corner of the CJ Brown State Forest and Reservoir.
Nice job, gentlemen.
It was a team effort.
(cell phone rings) Hey.
Where'd you go? Need to talk privately.
(door opens) Alert all the wildlife.
(alarm sounds) Ground avoidance systems.
Dwayne, what's going on? Flight manifest just came through.
PILOT: Pax River, Gator-one-two, we have visual confirmation of impact.
Hang on.
(crashing) Pax River, Gator-one-two, the aircraft has crash-landed.
Repeat, aircraft is on the ground.
PRIDE: Gibbs, we we got a problem.
Fifth name on the list: Luca Sciuto.
Abby's brother was on that plane.
Luca? I know you're not dead, okay? So call me back.
Abby Gibbs, this doesn't make any sense.
Luca is a chef, and he's a really successful one.
Recently hired by Jenner Blye.
The-the tech billionaire.
I know.
It's, like, Luca's dream job.
But, you know, it's not like he's cooking on, like, private jets.
Luca never leaves NOLA.
He doesn't like to fly.
Are you sure about this? Luca he's my brother.
Not the brother I just found out I have, but the-the brother that I grew up with.
I talk to him every day.
If he was coming to D.
, he would have told me.
I mean, unless he was gonna try to surprise me.
Stop putting thoughts in my head.
Luca and I, we don't get to see each other in person that much, you know, 'cause we're both super dedicated to our jobs.
But if Luca were dead I would feel a disturbance in the Force.
You know, that's very strong in my family.
I know that.
Do you? Lasalle, Brody, Percy, Pride, they're all following up in NOLA.
That's good, 'cause they're gonna they're gonna find him there.
You should come to the crash site.
'Cause Luca is not there.
(camera shutter clicking) (siren whoops) (indistinct radio chatter) (helicopter whirring) NTSB said autopilot kept the plane level on impact.
If anybody aboard had been alive, they actually could have survived the crash.
Ironic, tragic.
- TONY: Manifest? - McGEE: Five souls aboard.
Pilot, copilot, Blye Industries senior VP, Commander Lively and Luca Sciuto.
You guys ever met him? No.
Gibbs has, though.
This will be our first time.
NTSB is still securing the wreckage.
TONY: No sense going in yet, then.
I think we have to wait for Gibbs anyway.
GIBBS: No, you don't.
No more excuses.
Let's go.
McGEE: Oxygen masks didn't deploy.
That's odd.
Must be our Blye Industries senior VP.
Hypoxia usually shows wrinkled discoloration in the fingers, but no signs of it here.
Yeah, or here.
McGEE: No outward signs of hypoxia.
Doesn't mean it didn't happen, but you know Ducky's mantra.
"We won't know more until autopsy.
" The commander's body makes four, so maybe the manifest was wrong.
Come here, McGee.
Tail caught fire from the crash.
Body's too damaged to I.
Chef Luca.
Well, we've prepped all five bodies for autopsy.
Abby is officially stalling.
Yes, well, I promised I wouldn't start any autopsy until she's had a chance to I.
her brother.
I know you prefer to wait until the autopsy to actually talk about the bodies, Doctor, but can we talk about the bodies, Doctor? No.
I just couldn't help but notice the absence of any cyanosis on any of the fingers or any of the toes of any of the bodies.
At least some sign of hypoxia.
I mean, it's weird.
We won't know what it is until Until we do the autopsy.
Right, right.
But if I didn't know any better (laughs): Well, clearly you don't.
I would say that these people did not die from depressurization.
Yeah, well, there's nothing to be gained by guessing.
Can we at least agree that there appears to be a hint of a suggestion of foul play? (elevator bell dings) Hey, guys.
Sorry I'm late.
I was, um, sketching my brother's dental records for a proper I.
You know your brother's teeth from memory? We're super close.
And I also wrote down his measurements and a description of his birthmarks.
Really? So I'm ready.
That's enough.
I understand, Abby, that this is hard, but we need you to take a good look.
I don't have to.
It's not him.
The face is badly burned.
I know.
But that body has attached earlobes, and Luca-- he's free, like me.
She right, Doctor? Yes.
I knew it.
The Sciuto Force was right again.
But if Luca's not in this drawer, then Where is he? LASALLE: I would think Luca was cooking meth if he didn't have every book ever written on molecular gastronomy.
SONJA: Found every photo he's ever taken with his sister.
Why are they all on Halloween? TONY: That's just how she dresses.
Did you find anything on Luca? LASALLE: Closets are full, nothing was packed.
Either he's still in town or skipped it fast.
And he's still not answering his cell.
You know, Tony DiNozzo-- why does your name ring a bell? Kind of a legend in the NCIS world.
Oh, I don't know anything about that.
I transferred from ATF.
ATF? You ever work with Zoe Keates? Yeah.
Training exercises in Georgia.
You two are dating.
Well, that's over now.
Well, I hope for your sake she ended it, 'cause that girl was mean on the jujitsu mat.
I'll miss that.
Found the mother lode.
What'd you get? Bag hidden behind a false wall in the closet.
Uh, hello.
Flying blind.
Narration, please.
About ten grand in cash, Tony.
And two nine-millimeters, fully loaded.
A little, uh, high-tech listening device.
What's a chef doing with a bug? Seems like we got a fly in the soup, Tony.
McGEE: Got you.
Okay, thank you.
Boss, O.
says Commander Lively was flying to D.
to meet with the Secretary of Defense.
About what? Well, they either couldn't or wouldn't say, but Blye Industries has no current business with the U.
SecDef's office? Yeah, they sent over his schedule.
Redacted everything except for the meeting with Lively.
GIBBS: It wasn't set until late last night.
Short notice.
But, uh, must have been pretty important.
Yeah, well, someone thought so.
Killing everyone on that plane would insure that that meeting would never happen.
Find out what the commander knew.
Hey, Abbs.
Go-bag? Yeah.
Didn't you get my e-mail? Luca's in trouble.
He texted me.
What? When? ABBY: He must've removed the battery, 'cause I can't trace it.
I think he's on the run.
- "Conniption.
" - ABBY: It's code for where to find him.
Redbird Bolt, North Carolina.
What's in Redbird Bolt? The Colossal Fun Amusement Park.
And, hopefully, Luca in one piece.
Gibbs, please, can I go rescue my brother? Yeah.
Yeah, Abbs, go.
DiNozzo drives, Abbs.
(people screaming playfully) We drove overnight because your brother is hiding here? Yeah.
Thank goodness they're open for the New Year's Eve Festival.
Luca's text said "Conniption"? It's a reference to the roller coaster from vacation.
The movie? No, the Sciuto family vacation.
He knew I'd get the reference.
Fond memories? Unspeakable horrors of screaming and vomit, and that was just the car ride.
We swore we'd never mention it again, so if he's here, it's bad.
Okay, big park-- where do we start? At the Conniption.
We don't have to ride that thing, do we? Yeah.
It gives us the best view of the park.
Now I know why McGee didn't come.
(buzzing, beeping) Oh, screw you.
Are you kidding? Come on! (beeping continues) (elevator bell dings) Okay, I am sorry.
I didn't mean it.
Boss, these this thing is sentient, and it's only loyal to its master.
Or the plug was loose.
Um, the NOLA team processed the items found in Luca's apartment.
No prints.
Bug? They actually found a second one in Luca's knife case.
Both are customizable and untraceable.
Cause of death? Surprise, surprise.
Blood work came back showing signs of poison.
What kind? Don't know yet.
Well, how were they poisoned? We don't know that, either.
Mass spectrometer is being particularly stubborn with me.
But I will know more later.
I hope.
GIBBS: Poison.
What kind? From where? Leon, we're lucky we got that much.
Agent McGee is playing the part of Miss Sciuto? Yeah, and it's a hard role to fill.
SecDef? Has no idea why Commander Lively was coming to see him.
Only that it concerned a matter of national security.
What was he doing on Jenner Blye's plane? SecDef called Blye Industries to ask that same question.
They've got corporate offices in Anacostia.
Yeah? And? Mr.
Blye has been ducking SecDef's calls.
That's a bad idea.
Yeah, even for a big shot.
I'm thinking it's time we bring Tony Stark in for questioning.
Iron Man.
Tech mogul/superhero.
My son collects them.
I guess now so do I.
(door closes) (lively chatter, carnival music playing) There you go, baby.
(groans) Going crazy.
We've been looking for Luca for hours, and nothing.
You're sure he sent the text? Who else would be hiding here and have me go through a roller coaster nightmare in order to find him? You're right.
It's silly, but very Sciuto.
I knew it.
What? We're being followed.
Scary guy with an earpiece.
Are you armed? Yes.
And don't worry, we're safe.
How do you know? Because that is a park security guard.
I called ahead, told them we were gonna be here and to keep an eye out for Luca.
Well, I didn't know that.
And Luca doesn't know that.
That's why he's hiding.
Hiding where? Someplace scarier than the Conniption.
Oh, wait.
That a headless hippo? It's a clue! From Luca.
Is there still a haunted house here? You'd think an award for global design would be cooler.
(door opens) Agent Gibbs and Bishop.
Sorry for the wait.
As you can imagine, we're all still in shock here.
Dalton Greenbrick, chief financial officer at Blye Industries.
This is our head of security, Blake Huxley.
Do you think this was an attempt on Mr.
Blye's life? (chuckles): Of course not.
And please, lower your voice.
GIBBS: Okay.
Let's talk inside.
I'm afraid Mr.
Blye is on an overseas call.
He asked us to come out and answer your questions.
We asked to talk to Blye.
Of course.
But I'm afraid he wouldn't be any help.
HUXLEY: Look, you should know, Mr.
Blye has gone missing.
He was meeting with Navy Commander Gil Lively in New Orleans.
About? We're hoping you could tell us.
Because it was the last time anyone saw him.
So you do think he's dead.
Okay, that's enough.
I'm sure he's fine.
In the meantime You'll be reporting a missing person.
(beeping) (elevator bell dings) (mouthing) Boss, I.
'd the poison.
Uh, it is called batrachotoxin.
Secreted from a South American poison dart frog.
Causes paralysis and/or death just by touching it, let alone ingesting it.
It was in the airplane food? Actually, on the utensils.
It's laced with a unique aerosol form I can't trace.
Well, the silverware points to the chef-- whoever took Luca's place.
Still no I.
, and it would've meant poisoning themselves.
So why all the secrecy if it was a suicide mission? Who else had access to the food? Well, the NOLA team sent over security footage from the hangar.
It's dated the night before the flight.
Shows the last living person seen with the poisoned silverware.
(metal clangs) TONY: "Colossal Fun.
" (grunting) (grunts) Oh All right, Abby.
Come on over.
There was a gate just back there.
Haunted house used to be here? Yeah, there was a headless skeleton outside and it scared Luca really bad, but Mom and Dad made him go on the ride anyway.
He didn't say a word to them for weeks.
Weren't your parents deaf? Yeah, he would just keep his hands in his pockets.
Well, you are the only Sciuto I see around here.
Let's split up.
You go that way.
ABBY: Luca? Luca! Luca? Luca.
MAN: Abby? Luca? Luca.
(phone ringing) Yeah, boss.
Oh, my God.
(panting) Hey.
Oh Oh, my God.
Are you okay? What is going on? I don't know.
I woke up yesterday in a motel with no idea how I got there.
Then I saw on TV that the plane I was supposed to be on crashed, and my apartment has been ransacked I don't know who to trust except you.
(exhales) But I knew you'd come, Abby.
(sighs) Ton Tony! Tony! We're over here! You brought the cops? ABBY: He's not a he's Tony's a friend, with a badge.
All right, boss, will do.
Luca, this is Very Special Agent Tony DiNozzo.
Tony, this is my little brother, Luca.
It's nice to meet you, Luca.
You're under arrest.
What? Luca, what did you do? MCGEE: So Navy Commander Lively met with Jenner Blye in New Orleans.
We have no idea why.
And afterwards, the commander flew to D.
to meet with the Secretary of Defense.
About national security.
Ominous, if not a little broad.
Except everyone on that plane was killed with a powerful neurotoxin, including the mystery man who took Luca's place as chef.
Still no I.
on that body, by the way.
It's not looking good for Jenner Blye, either.
Is he a suspect? No, another victim.
Louisiana State Police just I.
'd his car.
They're dragging the river for a body.
Everyone connected to the secret meeting in NOLA is being targeted.
So our only living clue is the real chef.
Maybe Luca knows what this is all about.
What is this all about? Abby, hey.
How-how was How was my car ride? It was awful.
Tony wouldn't even let me speak to my own brother.
Is Luca really a murder suspect? We're about to find out.
He's in interrogation now.
Who's questioning him? ABBY: Gibbs! No, wait! Don't hurt Luca! Abbs I'm just gonna talk to him.
Yeah, but Luca's really fragile, and-and you're really you.
What's your point? He's not a killer.
He's he's innocent and he's sweet.
And and he's a Sciuto.
And did I mention he's-he's innocent? Then we shouldn't have a problem.
I'm sure he'll tell you everything he knows.
LUCA: I'm not saying anything without a lawyer.
Sorry, Agent Gibbs.
Is my sister watching this? (rapid knocking at door) (exhales) Luca! Abby, I can handle myself.
I told you that Gibbs hates lawyers.
Let me break him.
Abbs, either you do this, or I will.
What are you doing? You told me what cops do to people without lawyers and that I should always ask for one.
But this is different.
How? This is family.
Luca, you're suspected of poisoning everyone on that plane.
That wasn't my fault.
It was last-minute.
I used what I had.
But I knew that the artichoke wouldn't keep overnight and that the beet puree wouldn't reheat well Luca, I'm not talking about food poisoning.
I'm talking about batrachotoxin poisoning.
Is that a preservative? They told me to prep the food to fly to D.
the next day.
You hate to fly.
I wanted to surprise you.
Next thing I know, I woke up dumped in a motel with a hangover.
You don't drink! Someone drugged me.
And now everyone on that plane is dead and I'm scared.
That's all I know! Oh Okay.
That's what you used to say to Mom and Dad when you weren't telling the whole truth.
What? "That's all I know.
" You lie better with your hands than you do your mouth.
Are you protecting someone? Wait.
Wait, wait, wait.
He knows sign? Yeah.
Luca is drawn to strays.
Anyone with a hard-luck case and a sob story.
He wants to help them.
Isn't that what you do, Abby? ABBY: I look on the bright side.
That's the same thing, Abby.
No, it's not.
I look on the bright side, but I acknowledge the fact that there is a dark side.
You are just all all all sunshine.
I didn't realize there was someone more positive than Abby.
And it gets him in trouble.
Especially with women.
Well, I don't need your help.
Pet shelter owner.
She said they'd have to put down all of the animals if I didn't get six of my friends to invest.
It was a Ponzi scheme.
I try to help people.
And, like I've told Agent Gibbs, Eva's different.
She's running away from an abusive husband, and we connected in a prayer group at church.
She's honest.
So the guns, the money, listening device found in your apartment Not mine and not hers.
Someone's setting me up, and it's putting her in danger.
That's why you wouldn't talk? Look, I cook for Jenner Blye, the most innovative man in the world.
He's constantly under public scrutiny, corporate espionage.
I serve dinner, but I have no idea what Mr.
Blye discusses over it.
Now, will you help me find Eva and protect her? Have you tried calling her? She mostly calls me.
She changes cell phones a lot.
Do you have a picture? She won't let me take pictures.
Just in case her ex ever comes around.
Okay, so does she have, um, say, a last name? SONJA: Yeah, she definitely took advantage of him.
Sounds like it.
Someone wants to steal tech secrets from Jenner Blye, and they bug his personal chef.
The chef may not be in the meeting, but he's in the house.
Poor Luca.
You, uh, been used in a relationship, there, Tony? Or vice versa? No comment.
Wounds are still fresh? You follow up on the rest of little brother's story? Yes, and it checks out.
Motel owner said he saw him leave the place.
Seemed out of it.
He was missing a shoe.
SONJA: We figure Eva took out Luca and then put the mystery man in his place.
Are we sure this woman stayed at Luca's place? Said she's been crashing for the last two weeks.
Who stays at someone's house for two weeks and doesn't leave any fingerprints or hair? This woman didn't want to be identified.
I don't know why.
She cute.
You found a picture? Not exactly.
You can use this? We use artist sketches all the time.
And those are just from witnesses' memories.
This artist had the subject right in front of him.
It's a cartoon, Abby.
Yeah, it exaggerates key features.
I just have to pull them back.
And because I know what Luca actually looks like, I have a baseline for how the artist exaggerates.
It works.
Of course it works.
Well, who is she? I'm looking for database matches right now.
That was fast.
That was, like, super fast.
Well, that's good, right? Not really.
Eva's in four different agency databases.
Make that five.
Including ours.
Why? VANCE: Because Eva Azarova works for Russian Diplomatic Counselor Anton Pavlenko.
Are you sure? She doesn't have an accent.
CIA, NSA, Homeland and Interpol all have aliases matching her description.
They can't confirm it, but it's pretty clear she's a sleeper agent and she's using you.
Well, she must have a good reason.
ABBY: Luca, we've worked with her boss before.
So he's a good guy, then.
Only when it suits him.
Gibbs, you think Pavlenko's behind all this? We're gonna find out.
By finding Eva.
I'm sure she'll explain everything.
And I'm sure she is long gone by now.
She would've called me first.
(phone ringing) Hello? Eva.
You okay? What's going I'm fine, Luca.
(Eva continues indistinctly) She's calling for you.
Yeah, it's Gibbs.
Agent Gibbs, hello.
Now that NCIS is involved, no doubt you've found out who I am and who I work for.
You planning on using me like you're using Luca? Now, wait a minute.
Anton told me you aren't one for small talk.
Or cryptic phone calls.
Things are not always as they seem.
(chuckles): Really? Okay.
Tony! Move! Gibbs told me to arrest Luca.
It's not about that, yet.
Gibbs is on the phone with our Russian spy, and I need to run a trace, fast.
First, her name is Eva.
Second, you can really do that? If you didn't think I could do it, Luca, then why'd you disconnect your phone while you were in hiding? You told me the government can track it.
I didn't know you could.
I am the government.
(computer trilling) Wow.
But what happens when you find her? Gibbs happens.
Oh, no.
It's not like he just goes out and shoots spies on the spot.
I haven't heard from Trent Kort lately.
I'm calling to ask that you not contact Counselor Pavlenko via official channels.
(Gibbs laughs) That's kind of funny.
It's never official with him.
Lives depend on it, Agent Gibbs.
Then tell me how to contact him.
You'll figure something out.
(phone beeps) Did you get that trace? Kinda.
The call was digitally rerouted and then terminated before I got all the details, but Eva is definitely somewhere on the 700 block of K Street.
That's a lot of doors to knock on.
Yeah, and it's not like one of them's gonna have a sign outside that says "Russian hangout.
" Actually, there is.
It's a four-star restaurant known for borsch with caviar and sour cream, and for refusing service to anyone who doesn't speak Russian.
"Tusovka" is actually Russian for, uh Hangout.
It's probably just a coincidence.
Or it's a trap.
Eva wouldn't do that.
But if she is there, b-be nice! (elevator bell dings) Please! Federal agents.
Agent Gibbs.
I am honored you could join me.
Agent DiNozzo.
TONY: Eva-- where is she? In New Orleans, where I want her.
This was a technological ruse.
Clearly my time with NCIS has rubbed off.
Have a seat.
Drink? Talk.
The last time we talked, I helped you find a killer.
You're looking for repayment? Hardly.
I'm helping yet again.
That is why we must meet in secret.
I'm going against my government and risking my life.
Perhaps when we are finished here, you'll believe me.
Try me.
The man who took Luca Sciuto's place on that plane was one of my agents.
He was going to represent me in the meeting with your Secretary of Defense.
The commander knew there was a Russian operative on board? It was his idea.
I can't very well be seen at the Pentagon these days.
Back up.
The murders on the plane.
Not my doing.
Quite the opposite.
I want to save lives.
The meeting in New Orleans.
I arranged it.
I'm trying to prevent war.
No matter what you think of me personally, don't question that! That was a gift.
Don't spill.
You need it more than me.
I found out my government was planning to steal technology that Mr.
Blye had developed for the American military.
I spent two days in New Orleans, and what I saw confirmed everything.
The commander was flying to D.
to go public.
Ever heard of project Manta Ray? Its theft could start a war.
We must prevent that, together.
(gasps) Counselor? Call an ambulance.
(wheezing) Counselor.
(wheezing) (camera clicking) McGEE: Well, the swabs show that the vodka bottle was laced with the neurotoxin.
Gibbs touched that bottle.
Luckily, it was only on the cap, waiting for someone to open it.
He said he got it as a gift.
From who? This means he was telling the truth about risking his life.
The Russians behind this? Great.
It's the '80s all over again.
You're right, he jokes when under stress.
That supposed to be about Zoe? I heard it got physical.
Yes, it did.
We went to dinner, decided things really weren't working out, agreed to end it and, uh, say our good-byes.
The next morning.
Consulate's already on their way to collect the body.
Except it's our only clue as to where Pavlenko's been and what Manta Ray actually is.
Good talk.
I told you Eva was good.
We don't know that for sure.
You just said the guy she was working with was helping.
Yeah, but she could've killed him.
The case is still open.
You're going after her.
We are going after whoever murdered these people.
It wasn't her.
After the last two days, how can you say that? Innocent until proven guilty.
You taught me that.
Mom and Dad, too.
Yeah, three years ago, when you told me we were adopted, it all made sense.
It's why we are who we are, you and me.
Our family takes people in, helps them, sight unseen.
And I need you to accept me.
Sunshine, unicorn farts and all.
This place has good fries, but the coffee's crap.
Do not say that to Gibbs.
(chuckles) Stop trying to protect me.
I'm getting on a plane back home first thing tomorrow.
What? Why? You could still be in danger.
Luca? Are you in love with Eva? Please stay out of it.
And please stop worrying.
Want answers.
Body's our best bet.
Can't ever be easy, can it? (chuckles): No.
Well, then I guess bring it on.
Van's already on the way to you.
Think we better stick to country roads, Doctor.
Yeah, well, we may have to take a couple of freeways.
This is so exciting! Absconding to New Orleans under the cover of night.
(laughs) Yeah, the only thing we have to decide is when to stop for tea.
(tires screeching, engine revving) Whoa! (tires screeching) (guns clicking) Doctor.
(speaks Russian) That's Russian, I think they want us to get out.
Very observant, Mr.
(speaks Russian) Okay, hey, the guns are unnecessary, all right? I am a complete physical coward.
What exactly are you looking for? I-I'm not a threat.
(speaks Russian) It is my duty to inform you that this van is the property of NCIS, and you're committing a federal offense by by searching I don't think they care, Doctor.
(speaking Russian) (speaking Russian) Diplomatic.
Thanks, I was trying to strike a discreet tone.
No, Mr.
Palmer, the plates on their SUV were diplomatic.
Yeah, fair to say Jethro's little ruse is working.
(tires screeching) Bishop, I heard you were coming on a secret mission.
Yeah, this town is ridiculous to drive in.
What's up with the no left turns? (gate closing) Well, it's bad luck.
But yours is good, just in time for breakfast.
No time.
You need to take me to Dr.
I come bearing gifts.
You could have just brought bagels.
Who says I didn't? Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
Pavlenko was just in New Orleans.
Need to know why.
Gibbs figures his body holds a clue.
So you shanghaied his body and drove all night.
That's badass, Bishop.
Sure I'd be pulled over by highway patrol.
Had no idea how to explain the dead Russian diplomat in my van.
Wouldn't be the weirdest thing they ever saw.
Not by far.
Hi, Dr.
Special Agent Bishop, what a surprise.
Uh, I wasn't alerted of any homicides this morning.
Technically, he died last night.
Well, sad news to be sure, but this is highly irregular.
It's a medical examiner's job to secure the body, transfer it from the crime scene.
Chain of custody to consider.
Well, chain of custody doesn't really apply here.
Does Dwayne know about this? PRIDE: Package has been received.
We'll hopefully have some answers soon.
GIBBS: Problems? Loretta was not to thrilled.
How'd the director take it? (chuckles) Oh, you don't want to know.
(chuckles) 'Cause if you did tell him, he'd be required to inform the Russians.
Well, Russians are already pissed.
Their attaché's not only dead but missing.
I'd be pissed, too.
So where does that leave us, Gibbs? Other than on the brink of an international incident? Well, we got five bodies to consider Jenner Blye's airplane.
Yeah, Pavlenko's our only link.
His body might hold the answer.
And before he died, he was here in New Orleans at a secret meeting with our tech billionaire, Blye.
And he's missing, and he's probably dead.
Meeting was about Manta Ray? DoD compartmented project? Not anymore.
I spoke to SecDef.
He read me in.
And you're next.
Bishop? Hey, Brody.
(chuckles) Had to come back from the morgue, do some Russia research.
Oh, I'm sitting on your desk, aren't I? That's okay, stay comfortable, make yourself at home.
I'll-I'll brew you a cup of green tea.
Okay, hold on.
What's up? Nothing.
I'm gonna make your tea.
You know, don't you? You know about my divorce.
Uh, McGee may have let it slip on the phone, but I will not say a word.
SONJA: Morning.
Bishop, right? I'm Sonja Percy.
Ah, the other new girl.
It's nice to finally meet you.
Oh, and sorry about your divorce.
I may have let it slip once.
Hey, how you doing? Good.
Good, good.
Listen, when the case is done, we're gonna head over to Sal's, crawfish and beer, and we'll sort this all out.
Maybe twice? All right, project Manta Ray (clears throat) from Blye Industries.
Next generation warship, undetectable by radar, able to deliver missile payload anywhere in the world.
Never heard of it.
'Cause it never got off the ground.
Shelved a year ago, too costly.
Well, someone's killing for it.
Best guess: Russian government.
PRIDE: One suspect in particular, Eva Azarova, GRU sleeper agent trained as a special operative.
Been in New Orleans the last six months, gathering Intel on Jenner Blye and probably Manta Ray.
May have killed Pavlenko and the others after they found out what she was doing for the Russian government.
If she doesn't want to be found, she won't be.
Well, one person who can help us.
Luca? Agent Pride.
Been too long.
(chuckles) You expecting anyone? No.
I'm all alone.
I join you? Sure.
PRIDE: I'll take a dozen.
Abby put a tracking device in my shoe, didn't she? It's like college all over again.
(chuckles) No, she just figured after two days away from home, you'd want oysters.
You've wasted your time.
I have no idea where Eva is.
She came in five minutes ago.
She's in the ladies'.
No back exit.
Only way out's through the front.
Agent Pride, is it? Have a seat.
I'm not staying.
Like to ask you some questions.
About what? PRIDE: Six murders.
Possibly a seventh.
Including your boss, Pavlenko.
I haven't killed anyone.
Then you won't mind coming in.
I do mind.
And if you don't tell your agents to stop moving, I will start shooting.
Whoa, Eva, where'd that gun come from? It's all right, Luca.
If she was gonna shoot, she would have done it already.
You don't want a scene, and neither do I.
I haven't hurt anyone yet, and I don't want to start now, so just let me go in peace.
Afraid I can't do that.
MAN: Oysters are up.
Look, the food's here.
Let's eat, and-and just figure something out.
Luca let your faith be bigger than your fear.
Yeah, that's a good idea, Luca.
Let's eat, okay? Come on.
(grunting) (people exclaiming) (people shouting) (grunts) Hold Luca here.
LUCA: Am I under arrest? Not at the moment.
Then I'm free to go.
Didn't say that either.
We found weapons, cash, and recording devices in your house.
Now you're helping a suspected murderer.
Eva's my friend.
Come on now, Luca.
Eva's a spy.
She pretended to be your friend.
She seduced you, she drugged you, she dumped you in a roadside motel.
You're just like Abby.
So untrusting.
(chair scrapes on floor) Untrusting is the last word I would ever use to describe your sister.
Go on, eat, kid.
Can't eat that.
Bread's no good.
Fresh baked.
From the store.
I apologize for not baking it myself.
Been kind of busy keeping you out of trouble.
Luca I need your help.
Need to know how to find Eva and bring her in.
Dwayne, I know it looks bad.
I get that Eva isn't everything, or even anything, that she claimed to be, but I also know that she's good inside.
I won't help you trap her, no matter what you're gonna do to me.
What I'm gonna do to you I'm gonna keep you here so you don't get hurt.
You can think about everything I just said, however (line ringing) I'm the least of your worries.
ABBY: Hello, Dwayne? Abby.
Please tell me my brother's there.
Yeah, he's right here.
What you got, Miss Loretta? “What we know is not much.
What we don't know is enormous.
” How's that now? Pierre-Simon de Laplace.
Is he our suspect? No, Christopher.
He's a French astronomer, died in 1827.
Those were his last words.
“Now comes the mystery.
” Oh, I'm afraid I don't know that one.
Henry Ward Beecher, a social reformer and abolitionist.
Well played, Ducky.
(chuckles) How about our victim, is he telling you anything? Uh, not much.
But I can confirm Mr.
Pavlenko's death was caused by a very powerful neurotoxin.
Batrachotoxin, to be precise.
Same as the five bodies on the plane.
Well, it doesn't seem like that was worth all the smoke and mirrors to sneak him down here, just for that.
Patience, Agent Lasalle.
Wade isn't finished.
Yes, there's something else.
Louisiana state bird.
Oh, he has at least a dozen of these bites on his ankles and arms.
And judging by the inflammation, recently acquired.
I've taken samples and given them to Sebastian to analyze.
“I drank what?” Socrates' last words, right after drinking hemlock.
We're not doing that anymore, (chuckles) are we? Okay, well, I'm processing the blood samples that I've gotten so far.
Mosquitos can sometimes leave microscopic traces behind.
Theoretically, a biological GPS.
So these bites can tell us where Pavlenko's been? Well, when do we get the results? (chirping) Oh.
That'd be now.
Sebastian did an analysis on Pavlenko's bug bites.
Came back with a full spectrum of the little critter's ecosystem-- bacteria, plant life, and some other stuff.
Points to a single geographic area in the wetlands, hundred miles outside of New Orleans.
Well, what's the Russian attaché doing in the boonies? Sightseeing? No.
This is a protected habitat.
Some sort of rare turtle.
No people allowed.
However, I was able to call in a favor to the NSA and get the most recent satellite images.
What am I looking at? Park ranger station? Not that far into the wetlands, an unmanned research facility set up to monitor the ecosystem.
Owned and operated by Blye Industries.
And according to thermal imaging there's someone in there.
(insects trilling) (knocking) MAN: Whoa! Jenner Blye? In the flesh.
NCIS Agents Pride and Lasalle.
You alone? Yeah.
You got a lot of people lookin' for you.
We gotta get you to safety.
Not going anywhere.
Your life is in danger.
(scoffs) Not the first time.
- You don't understand.
- BLYE: But I do.
I know exactly what kind of danger I'm in.
What happened to the people on my plane.
It's why I'm staying here until you sort it out.
I got water, food Nothing to worry about.
(grunts, chokes) PRIDE: Hey.
Jenner's been through a terrible ordeal.
Just spoke with his doctor.
He has some sort of neurotoxin in his blood system.
He's lucky to be alive.
He may have permanent paralysis in his left leg.
He needs his rest.
We understand that, but we just need to ask him a few questions.
You're gonna have to wait.
Back it up, Huxley.
Boys saved my life.
Let 'em ask their questions.
Want to tell us about Manta Ray? Project we started for the Navy.
Something special, something different.
So, of course, DoD decided to scrap the project.
Don't be cynical, Dalton.
DoD gave us the green light to create a modified version of the ship for commercial use.
Sold it to a Norwegian company for oil exploration.
How do Russians figure in? Backstrum Drull.
A shell corporation created in Moscow to buy foreign technology otherwise unavailable to them.
SONJA: Norwegian national police raided Backstrum Drull's factory early this morning.
No sign of the ship at all.
BRODY: Manta Ray may already be built and at sea.
Russians were able to trick Blye Industries into giving up Manta Ray.
Then, when their plot was exposed, they tried to kill anyone in the know.
One Russian has had access to all of our victims.
SONJA: Eva Azarova.
Not just a spy, but an assassin.
If assassinating anyone with knowledge of the plot was Eva's goal, then why stick around? Why not split? I don't know.
Maybe, uh the job's not done.
Commander Lively and Pavlenko met at Jenner Blye's house.
Who else was there? That'd be me.
I was cooking that night.
Come on.
Don't hold anything back.
Hold what back? Tell it to me straight.
All the gory details.
I can handle it.
Sebastian, what are you talking about? And what are you doing? (grunts) Huh? Oh, h-hold on.
I got Dr.
Mallard here.
He's talking me through the effects of the batrachotoxin.
My glove ripped while I was handling the evidence from Jenner Blye's cabin.
Do you have any hand sanitizer? Sebastian, if you've had contact with batrachotoxin, hand sanitizer will do you no good.
Oh, man.
That bad, huh? All right, well, tell me the truth.
Does it look like my nervous system is shutting down? Considering you're not convulsing, I think you'll be okay.
Now move away from my closet.
I don't want Hurricane Sebastian blowing through my shelves again.
Oh, no, Dr.
I wasn't blowing through anything.
I was anxiously sifting, if we're going to put a label.
(electronic squeal) Ow! Ow, ow, ow.
What is it? Oh, man, some kind of interference in the Bluetooth.
(electronic clicking, squealing) Ooh.
It gets worse as I get closer to the freezers.
Ah (clicking, squealing increases) SEBASTIAN: It's a listening device and a transmitter hidden inside an implant.
Mandibular 19, to be exact.
And it's operating? Means someone's been listening to every word said in autopsy.
Now they know Pavlenko's body is here.
So much for off the books.
Yeah, but if it's the Russians, why haven't they come to claim their body? Espionage, Sebastian.
He's more valuable in our custody where they can monitor everything we say.
That's all right.
We can use this to draw them in.
Sebastian You up for a road trip? Man, gotta hand it to them Russians.
They OG with their tradecraft.
Man had a transmitter hidden in his tooth and he probably didn't even know it.
Can you trace the signal? Oh, I got in on their frequency right away.
Triangulation is a bit trickier.
If it was one of ours, it would the size of a fleck of dust that could be monitored from halfway around the world.
Man, I'd be all over that thing.
But it's one of theirs.
Old school, right? Yeah, Ruskies, they still analog in the digital world.
That's that Kruschev five-year plan mess.
I think I found the origin of the signal.
It's here, in New Orleans.
Brighton House, huh? Not exactly cloak-and-dagger.
More like gin and tonic.
(scoffs) But Patton backtraced the transmitter signal to here.
(indistinct conversations) (techno music playing) Yo, is that dubstep? (Russian accent): Uh, you have to excuse Yanov.
(music stops) His taste in music is atrocious.
And you are? Paulina Kurteva.
Well, actually, Dwayne, I work in the diplomatic corps now.
And you two know each other? We worked the same case.
A crooked Marine embassy guard took advantage of a naive Russian woman who worked for the Foreign Service.
My Marine was the victim.
Your “naive woman” was a honey trap.
Agree to disagree.
We need to talk, Paulina.
The last time you and I talked was at a Turkish coffeehouse and you recorded the entire conversation.
You can check me for a wire.
Let's walk.
Tell me about Anton Pavlenko.
Very sad state of affairs.
Complicated by the fact that your agency misplaced his body.
You know exactly where Pavlenko is.
It's the reason you're in New Orleans.
I am in New Orleans for rest and relaxation.
Your men, their tattoos Russian Special Forces.
Even soldiers deserve a break.
And Eva Azarova? I don't know that name.
Should I? You haven't been using listening devices, now, have you, Paulina? Now that would be considered an act of espionage.
Yeah, that's right.
Only this time, it'd be me arresting you.
However, here I am, enjoying a Bloody Mary and not a handcuff in sight.
Not yet.
ABBY: From what I can tell, it's Russian.
The microcircuitry is primitive.
Yeah, and since it's spy tech, there's probably no serial number.
Do you think it's still on? No, Patton said that he redirected the (clears throat) redirected the signal to control the transmission, but you know, better safe than sorry.
Spent the whole flight just repeating stuff I read in Jack Ryan novels.
So how's my brother? Uh, I haven't seen him.
Been at the lab, and he's being detained at NCIS.
“Detained”? Like a prisoner? Uh, no.
No, no, no, no.
Just in the sense that, you know, he can't leave, uh, or do anything and-and has to be monitored.
Luca just doesn't get it.
He could be in real trouble here and go to real jail.
All because of some girl he met at church and he thinks he can save.
You should tell him that, Abby.
I can't.
He won't answer my phone calls or my texts or my e-mails.
A serial number.
On the tooth?! On the tooth.
LASALLE: How'd it go? Pride saw an old friend today.
Friend's a word for it.
Uh, did you know Pride got arrested in Moscow once? Been arrested in a lot of interesting places, Sonja.
Other than that, did the Russians spill? Didn't expect 'em to.
My man.
My man, my man, my man.
Talk to me.
Did a good job, brother.
SONJA: Did good how? Oh, I put a program in Pride's phone that allowed me to clone any other cell phone it comes in contact with.
And it worked? Like a charm.
I'm imbedded in one of those Russian phones.
Brody and Bishop are following the Russians as we speak, picking up every word they're saying.
(men continue speaking Russian) Can't listen to any more of this.
Driving around for 45 minutes, and Boris won't shut up about his girlfriend.
I think his name is Ilya.
Boris is the one with the shaved head.
Listen, if you need to talk about your divorce I don't.
I get it.
We barely know each other.
It's your personal business.
I'll stay out of it.
Everyone expects me to have some kind of profound feeling, like the earth's moved and my world's changed overnight, but the truth is it doesn't feel any different.
I'm still me, Jake is still Jake.
We just aren't together anymore, and that's sad but also right.
I feel better.
Thank you for that.
(pounding on door) (man shouts in Russian) (glass shatters) (gun fires) Brody.
Another one.
Got a third.
(pounding) They got away.
What is that delicious smell? Osso buco, for you.
Oh, I'm a Vegan, I know.
So is this.
Made with carrots instead of veal.
That's good.
I got some of the regular stuff for Special Agent Bishop.
Oh, she's heading back to DC, briefing the director on all the trouble your girlfriend's causing.
Not my girlfriend.
I mean, I want her to be.
But there's complications, as you know.
Okay, stop, just stop.
I-I know, I get it.
She lied to me, but underneath Are more lies.
(laughs softly) Look.
I know you want to believe her, but you got to accept the fact that Eva is not who you think she is.
That's not how faith works.
You don't choose to have it sometimes and not have it others.
That's some church talk.
Doesn't make me wrong.
I used to do what Eva does.
Worked undercover.
Convinced a lot of people of a lot of things.
She's wanted by us and her own people.
There's nothing more you can do for her now.
Sorry if I kept you waiting.
Last time we were together in a room like this I was on the other side of the table.
And the thermostat wasn't working correctly, if I recall.
(chuckles) This is gonna be good.
Look at that body language.
Figured that was just an old GRU interrogation technique.
Oh, I have a subtler touch, Dwayne.
I recall.
Times change, though.
For instance, I see you are no longer married.
That's the past.
(speaker clicks off) What the hell? Tell me what happened today.
My men were killed in a tragic and unfortunate incident.
In Eva Azarova's apartment.
As attaché for the Russian government, I have full diplomatic immunity.
I'll leave now.
No, Paulina, you won't.
The Russian government has been involved in an operation to steal U.
Navy secrets.
Project Manta Ray.
That's an absurd accu Don't play games.
Anton Pavlenko, a member of your consulate, exposed the plot.
He and five others were assassinated, probably by Eva Azarova, your agent.
Neither I nor my people took part in any murders.
I may be many things, Dwayne You are, Paulina.
Have a seat.
Eva was working directly for Counselor Pavlenko.
She was assigned to a sensitive matter.
Spying on Jenner Blye.
In the last few days, we started to question Pavlenko's loyalty.
Because you were listening to every word he said.
Who's telling the story here? Sorry.
I was dispatched to examine the matter more closely.
We called Eva in, but she never responded.
She's off the reservation? Work with me.
We'll bring her back together, get some answers.
No, I'm perfectly capable of keeping my own house in order.
Really? 'Cause by my count, you're down by five.
I haven't lost anyone.
(knocking on door) (door opens) - (door closes) - PRIDE: What the hell happened? He kicked through the back window and jumped over the wall.
Probably on his way to find Eva.
Who's probably gonna try to kill him.
I've already put a BOLO out.
Patton's monitoring his cell phone and credit cards.
We're hitting the streets.
He won't get far, King.
Yeah, that's all well and good, but there's still one thing we need to do.
Somebody's got to tell Abby.
He did what?! How could you let this happen?! SEBASTIAN: I I-I didn't.
I-I was here with you, remember? Solving crime, tracking Russian dentists.
It's just, I drew the short straw on this, so I had to be the one to tell you.
Luca has almost been killed, like, three times in two days.
Yeah, and everyone's working really hard to get him back.
That's not good enough, Sebastian.
(exhales) Um What what are you doing? Breathing exercises.
Trying to find serenity.
And it's not working.
If something happens to him, I will never forgive myself.
I shouldn't have let him go back there.
I can't lose him.
Well, you-you haven't.
It's like, um It's like Schrodinger's cat.
Okay? Cat's in the box, right? Could be dead, could be alive, but as long as you don't open that box, your brother's still alive.
That's a horrible analogy.
I know, I'm sorry, I just I'm not very good at analogies.
Or physics.
But look, look, you-you would know if something bad happened, right? Like with that plane.
You just, you knew that Luca was all right.
Like he was sending you signals.
It's the teeth, Sebastian, the teeth.
(chuckling): Oh.
Takes more than a cup of tea to warm me up.
But you haven't tasted it yet.
I'm gonna do something nice for you.
You can do something nice for me.
What am I looking at? Your associate's teeth.
Take a close look.
Specifically, mandibular 19.
Each implant contains a transmitter.
Jam, right? You remember.
Pavlenko had one, too.
It's how you tracked him to New Orleans, listened to his conversations.
We traced the implants to a dentist in Moscow who's making a tidy profit servicing members of the GRU.
You probably been to him.
Oh, these teeth are all mine.
No implants.
It's Eva we want.
She's the one with blood on her hands.
She's not done.
And she has an implant, doesn't she? All I want is Eva's location.
Give us the frequency of her transmitter.
We'll work together on this.
And when it's done, you can go home.
(crowd chatter) EVA: Took you long enough.
“Let your faith be bigger than your fear.
” Said it at the oyster bar.
And you said it to me right here, the first time that we kissed.
You have a lot to explain to me, Eva.
They're saying things about you.
I wish I could deny them.
It's true? Yes.
And I want to apologize, for what I've done, and for what I'm about to do.
What is it? What are you about to do? I knew that you would follow me here.
Even if it put you in danger.
Even if everyone told you that I was a killer.
But I'm taking advantage, because I knew that he would follow you here, too.
He's been tracking you.
Who are you talking about? Luca, listen, I Eva Azarova.
Hands where we can see them, okay? Luca, step away from her.
Luca, down, down! Get down! (gunfire, people shouting) SONJA: Move! Down! Down! (gunfire, people screaming) Brody, Lasalle, you got eyes on the shooter? You got a location? Yeah, he's on the balcony, black hat.
Pride, it's Huxley.
Yeah, I got him.
(gunfire continues) Eva, stop! (gunshot) (grunts) (grunts) (clattering) (both grunting) PRIDE: Huxley! Put it down.
Time to come in, Eva.
Can you explain why Blake Huxley, Jenner Blye's security chief, was trying to kill you? Technically, he was trying to kill Luca.
Because Luca was the last person alive who attended a secret meeting at Jenner Blye's house-- a meeting about your people stealing our technology.
I have no people anymore.
You proved that by killing three Russian security agents.
That was Huxley, too.
Luca might believe you're just a casualty here; I'm gonna need convincing.
I know who's behind that glass.
And if I talk to you, she puts me away for treason.
And if I don't talk I put you away for espionage.
A woman without a country.
But not without friends.
“Let your faith be bigger than your fear,” right? Luca risked a lot for you.
He supported you when no one else would.
At the very least, you might want to earn his high regard here.
Pavlenko was my mentor.
He taught me that our work was more than just spy games.
Human lives on the line.
(laughs): Oh So he had you seduce Luca gather intelligence on Jenner Blye, for human lives? Yes, actually.
Pavlenko learned that our government had stolen the Manta Ray designs.
I was confirming it.
The operation backfired.
People started dying.
But you didn't run.
I needed to learn who killed Pavlenko, make it right.
But they were on me, every moment.
PRIDE: Well, you, uh you might want to consider getting a new dentist.
Mandibular 19.
(wry chuckle) This is how I've lived my entire life.
Not as a person, but as a tool.
But Luca sees me differently.
So you used Luca as bait.
In order to save his life.
(scoffs) Otherwise, eventually, Huxley would have murdered him.
Why? Why did Blake Huxley want everybody silenced? He serving the Russians, too? He's serving somebody.
(sighs) LASALLE: Mr.
Special Agent Lasalle.
Spare a moment of your time? Still learning to move with the paralysis in my left side.
(groans) If I stop, I might topple over.
Lean on me.
According to your flight manifest, says you're heading to Venezuela.
They have a growing shipping industry, new markets.
And a complicated extradition to the States.
Pavlenko came to you and your people, warning that the Russians tricked you into selling them Manta Ray.
But it wasn't a trick, was it? Watch yourself.
You just accused me of treason.
Also accusing you of ordering your man Huxley to commit at least six murders.
(sirens wailing, tires screeching) Are you arresting me? I'm a sick man, need medical attention.
That's 'cause you poisoned yourself.
You wanted us to find you in that cabin.
What do you want? Other than a full confession? How to locate the Manta Ray.
You okay? Yeah.
It looks worse than it is.
They're letting me say good-bye before I go.
You should run.
She should not, Luca.
Thank you for believing in me.
I always will.
You're a good man.
Call your sister.
(chuckles) (phone beeps) (line ringing) ABBY: Luca.
Where are you? Why haven't you We need to talk.
Assuming I'm free to go.
You are, Paulina.
Aren't you forgetting something? Don't think so.
Hmm? My compatriot, huh? There she is.
She is coming with me.
PRIDE: Uh, hold up.
Uh, might be a slight misunderstanding.
She can't go with you just yet.
DoD needs to debrief her.
Could take a couple of months, maybe longer.
You know how bureaucracy is.
I won't even pretend to be surprised, Dwayne.
Well (clears throat) Until next time.
What she just say? I don't know.
She was whispering.
Don't look at me.
I don't speak Russian.
Thank you.
Sonja's gonna get you up to DC.
Meet with Special Agent Gibbs.
Stay out of trouble.
(cell phone ringing) Huh.
(phone beeps) Nice of you to call.
Good job on Jenner Blye.
Team effort, yours and mine.
(chuckles) Just like that Miami op? Well, little less paperwork.
Any luck tracking the Manta Ray? Well, I hear it's about to hit an iceberg.
Didn't even cause an international incident.
Unlike the Miami op.
(chuckles) Until next time.
"Laissez les bons temps rouler".