NCIS s13e13 Episode Script

Déjà vu

(engine chugging, debris clattering) MAN (over radio): Hey, Dorfman, need some help.
(engine idling) Morning, Manny.
What are you so happy about, Dorfman? It's Monday morning.
Start of a new week.
It's freezing out here.
That's the best part.
Hey, don't you notice what's missing? (inhales) Huh? No smell.
The air is crisp.
The garbage is frozen.
Yeah, that's my problem.
So's the hopper's hydraulics.
The trash won't slide.
No problemo.
Here we go.
So give it a little nudge.
(grunts) (Dorfman gasps) (gasps) BISHOP: Dear President Truman I mean "Harry.
" I mean "sir.
" I realize it's a little unorthodox to write a dead president, but you were the 33rd President of the United States, and founder of the modern-day NSA.
There aren't many people I can talk to about this since Jake and I hit the skids, and I don't even keep a journal myself, so here goes.
President, the last couple of days really sucked.
Not because it was cold-- frostbite comes with living in DC-- but because it made me reconsider every reason I became a Federal agent, both NSA and NCIS.
(sighs) I mean, 2015 was rough, but in the last couple of days, it all came into perspective.
Sir, did I mention it was cold? FEMALE TV REPORTER: Brace yourself, metro area-- with the wind chill, we are talking ten, 20 degrees below.
And yesterday's rains are causing icy conditions, which are now downing power lines across many areas.
and that number is expected to rise.
That number's rising, all right.
(chuckles) Good morning, Nanook.
Hey, are you wearing every item of clothing you own? I am.
And I still can't get warm.
Power in my block went out last night, so no heat.
Delilah bailed around midnight, went to her mother's.
Why didn't you go with her? Well, because I couldn't.
We're not married.
I'm-I'm sorry-- seriously? Yes, seriously.
Her mother's got this thing about unmarried couples spending the night together under her roof.
My parents were the same.
Tony, can I crash with you tonight, please? Come again? If they can't fix the power, I can't go back to my place.
You heard the weather lady-- I can't go back there if they don't have the power on.
Why don't you stay in a hotel? (chuckles) Let's see how the day goes.
Oh, I could use a little more coffee Grab your gear.
Got a call from Virginia State Police.
Dead sailor in a landfill.
Wait, a Virginia landfill? Where, exactly, boss? Adams County.
Hey, Timmy McGee! Stewie.
Oh, boy.
Hey, so, uh, you found the body, huh? Yeah.
Crazy, huh? Looking right at me.
McGee knows the garbage man.
They went to school together.
Give me a hug.
Oh, yeah.
Grammar school? M.
Stewie got a degree in evolutionary biology, but he's really into trash.
Hey, bro.
This is so cool, seeing you guys again.
I found a really great photo of you from our senior year.
Oh, yeah? What, uh, what of? There she is.
(chuckling): Oh, Stewie.
Are those tap shoes? Yeah, they sure are.
Still have 'em around somewhere.
Called ourselves The Mul-TAP-Liers.
Multipliers, get it? (chuckling): Oh.
We were good, too.
Really? I mean, you're not a little mortified, showing this photo? Why would I be? DORFMAN: As a matter of fact, we, uh, tapped our way into quite a few theater girls' hearts, didn't we? Yes, we did.
Hey! Got a crime scene to process here! Uh, sorry.
On my way, boss.
State police ran her prints.
'd her as Seaman Alessandra Ramos.
She's stationed aboard the USS Barkley at Norfolk.
What do you see, Duck? A single gunshot wound to the forehead.
We won't know more until she thaws out.
Hopefully, this plastic will have shielded her body from contamination from all this trash.
(car approaches) DC Metro.
Detective Jeff Katz.
You in charge here? Special Agent Gibbs.
You're a little out of your jurisdiction.
Not really.
Just heard from Virginia State Police your victim is Alessandra Ramos.
You know her? She was due to testify before a grand jury next week, in a murder case.
Guess that's not gonna happen now, huh? Seaman Alessandra Ramos is third-generation Navy.
She enlisted right out of high school in La Mesa, California, just outside San Diego, where her father retired as a chief petty officer.
After she finished "A" school, she served aboard the Barkley as an E.
Been at Norfolk the past six months.
Her Navy record's spotless.
Alessandra was a stand-up kid.
I interviewed her a couple of times.
How'd you find her? She called the hotline.
She said she had information on a gang shooting.
Gang shooting? We've got a turf war going in Columbia Heights.
She was on her way back to Norfolk one night, stopped at a drive-through, heard gunshots.
She saw a guy jump into a car and take off.
It was dark but she knew the make and the model and the last three numbers of the plate.
Caught the guy.
Dominick Rubin.
A real piece of work.
Her identity wasn't kept confidential? We thought it was.
We have got to find a lead on where she was murdered.
Got two agents on their way to Norfolk right now to talk to her shipmates.
WOMAN: I can't believe Alessandra is dead.
BISHOP: When was the last time you saw her, Seaman Burk? Friday, after we finished work.
Neither of us had weekend duty, so I was driving down to see my parents in Atlanta and she was headed into DC.
What was she gonna do there? This group she loved-- The Sterile Puppets-- they were doing a show at a club-- Dacey's Lounge.
She was going alone? Yeah.
Took the train.
So she went into DC a lot? Whenever she could.
Aly loved the city.
Have her parents been told? They must be devastated.
You two were close.
Did she tell you she was gonna testify before a grand jury about a gang shooting? Is that why she was killed? That's what we're trying to figure out.
Was she nervous about testifying? Aly? Um I was more worried about it than she was.
Military family.
She was a total badass.
President, losing anyone in uniform is difficult.
We encounter it here too often.
But this was a young woman, who had her whole life ahead of her and she wanted to serve.
She wanted to help put away a gang member.
She wanted to do the right thing.
Based on everything I was learning, Ramos was someone to be admired.
There was more to this than just a wrongful death.
I-I had a hunch, sir.
I knew it from day one and I should have followed my instincts.
Put that back exactly where you found it, Mr.
It-it it just looked so comfy and warm.
Yes, well, it was a present from my Uncle Duncan.
He wore it on a mapping expedition to the Antarctic, in 1933.
(firmly): Go.
You got something, Duck? Yeah, well, the body's almost up to temperature.
Then we can get this bag off and begin the autopsy.
There are ligature marks on her wrists, suggesting she was restrained.
And she has abrasions and cuts that are defensive wounds.
This young lady put up quite a fight.
What about the gunshot wound? Well, I'll retrieve the bullet as soon as I can, but it's a small caliber.
Rubin used a nine-millimeter in the gang shooting.
Bring him in.
Detective Katz.
What are you doing here? This is NCIS Special Agent Gibbs.
I'm confused.
You having trouble building a case against me? Do you need the Navy's help? Got some questions for you, Dominick.
You know I don't talk without my lawyer.
Call him.
We'll wait.
I'm intrigued.
I'll listen.
Why's the Navy involved? You know her? She's kind of cute.
Always attracted to a lady in uniform.
Maybe that'll help you remember.
Never seen her before.
You gonna try to pin this one on me, too? She was gonna testify against you next week, place you at the scene of the crime.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I already told you I wasn't there.
I always respected those who serve in the military.
My kid brother serves.
I had nothing to do with that.
I don't know.
He may have killed your banger.
But my gut tells me he had nothing to do with Seaman Ramos.
I think you're right.
But we'll obviously be keeping an eye on him, so let me know if anything comes up.
Space heaters were sold out all over town.
Plus, these windows-- they do absolutely nothing to keep out the cold.
Plus, plus, you work subterranean.
Plus, plus, plus, heat rises.
Another reason I should've moved my lab when I had the chance.
Hate to pull our attention away from this Bunsen burner, but you said you had something? Uh, yeah, I have several somethings.
I found blonde hair in Seaman Ramos's jacket.
It can't be hers.
She's a brunette.
Well, she was at a club with a couple hundred other women, so it makes sense.
Yeah, but I found the hairs inside the jacket, so maybe somebody else was wearing her jacket? At least one of them had a follicle on it so I could run DNA, and I got a hit.
(keyboarding rapidly) Jane Murphy.
Stay warm, Abby.
What'd you find out? TONY: We talked to several people on the Barkley, including a bunkmate who confirmed that Seaman Ramos came to DC Friday night to go see a concert at Dacey's Lounge.
She was gonna stay at a motel, take the train back the next morning.
Lounge is closed today, but we spoke to the manager at the motel.
Ramos had a reservation but never showed.
Oh, hey.
You're back.
What'd Abby give you? Oh, well, she, uh, found some hairs on Seaman Ramos's jacket that belonged to a Waverly University student named Jane Murphy.
All right.
Come on, McGee.
You're with me.
MAN: That's all you got for me? Can we at least go into Jane's room one more time? Excuse me.
Special Agents McGee and Gibbs.
We're, uh, looking for Jane Murphy.
Federal agents? I'm her father.
Why are you looking for her? Do you know where she is? No, damn it-- apparently nobody does.
Since when? (sighs) Friday.
I drove down after she missed her Sunday phone call.
Do I need to file a missing persons report? What the hell is going on? Our missing girl is Jane Murphy, 19, a college junior last seen leaving her dorm at about TONY: As to her destination, friends offer up a wide variety of possibilities.
An off-campus party, an on-campus kickback, a sorority party, another off-campus party.
Her father gave her a credit card to use for emergencies.
I'm running it now.
You still cold, McGee? Yeah.
The heater is working.
Tony's isn't.
I crashed there last night.
I was seeking refuge.
Only to bring your bad luck with you.
Tree came crashing down, took out this power line.
It was after midnight.
It got very cold very fast.
The good news is, if the power doesn't come back tonight, Bishop has very kindly said that we can stay at her place.
I have? Yeah.
We'll talk about it later.
Um, as for any obvious connections between these two ladies-- Jane and Seaman Ramos-- there are none.
Other than the strands of Jane's hair found in Ramos's jacket, there's nothing that links the two.
What about the gang leader, Rubin? So far, I'm finding no link there either though Rubin might have had motive to kill Ramos, there's nothing that suggests he was involved in Jane's disappearance.
Tony, who played that concert Ramos went to on Friday? Uh, Sterile Puppets.
Colony Hill.
Jane's credit card? There's a $30 admission fee to Dacey's Lounge.
Get down there.
Me, too, Gibbs? (phone rings) No.
Keep digging on our gangbanger.
Yeah, Duck.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm on my way down.
JIMMY: It was nothing, Doctor.
You would have found it eventually.
But I didn't, Mr.
Credit where credit is due.
Credit for what, Duck? A keen eye, Jethro.
Among her scratches and abrasions, I misidentified an injury and Mr.
Palmer caught my error.
Oh, come on.
It was hardly an error.
Well, whatever you call it, what is it? Well, what appeared to me to be a rodent bite turned out to be a shallow gouge with a sharp instrument.
Something was carved from beneath her epidermis.
What kind of something? Something that was successfully removed and no longer there.
But I was able to swab the area for residue, and I came up with this.
It's a it's a super tiny microfragment.
I was just about to run it up to Abby.
That's a nice catch, Palmer.
Credit where credit's due.
Run! (wry chuckle) - You recognize these two? - MAN: Oh, yeah.
They were here.
I'm sure.
You remember them? Listen, we get hundreds of hotties just like this on any given Friday night, so it's a good bet they were here.
Okay, so is there a bartender or doorman who might remember them, specifically? My night crew won't be in for a few hours, but you guys are welcome to stick around.
Actually, it's '90s Night, in case you guys want to relive some of your glory days later.
Excuse me? Glory days? Yeah.
Show off some of those old dance moves? A little "Can't Touch This.
" What's your surveillance situation? Do you have security cameras? Of course I do.
State-of-the-art, front doors and back.
Hub's in my office.
Let's go have a look.
Actually What am I saying? It's sort of unclear, but I'm looking forward to some clarity.
Our backdoor cameras, they've been out since Thursday.
Thursday? Yeah.
Some yahoos cut the wire.
I'm still waiting on the repair guy.
Clever yahoos.
Suspicious yahoos.
President, once you were quoted as saying, "America wasn't built on fear.
"It was built on courage, imagination, and unbeatable determination to do the job.
" Well, I work with people now who have nothing but courage and determination.
But the case was affecting our vision.
Let me rephrase that.
The case was affecting my vision.
As an analyst, I should have seen things more clearly.
Now there were two women missing, and the trail was still cold.
Like everything else.
Dan the creepy '90s owner man was right.
We checked those backdoor cameras, and the wires had clearly been snipped.
Likely for a reason.
You check the back alley? We did.
And for a cheesy rock club, it was surprisingly clean.
I managed to isolate both girls entering Dacey's Lounge Friday night.
(tapping computer keys) Jane Murphy at 9:36.
And shortly thereafter, Seaman Alessandra Ramos at 9:52.
And exiting? Well, no footage of either one, actually.
The last people to exit the club through the front doors were the two bouncers, and that was at 2:43 a.
TONY: Only way our girls could have left is through the back door.
Likely against their will.
Agent Gibbs, we got it.
You got what? That fragment we found was a micro GPS tracker.
Abby's analyzing it for more data, but she wanted me to show you this.
It's no bigger than a vitamin capsule.
It's-it's like one of those RFID chips that shelters use to identify cats and dogs, but these actually track the animals that they're implanted in.
Or in this case, Seaman Ramos.
Jimmy, where on her body did you find that chip? Well, actually, I only I only found a small piece of it, but it was in a little hole just under Her armpit? Her left armpit? Yeah.
How did you know that? Oh, man.
What, Bishop? We shut them down years ago.
Who? It was a human trafficking ring.
I-I was still new to the NSA, three, four years ago.
We were part of a joint task force with the FBI.
Since when does the NSA do human trafficking? It was international.
College-age girls abducted, microchipped, and sold to the highest bidders all over the world.
You still in touch with anyone from the task force? Uh, we all went our separate ways.
I can reach out to them, see what they know.
It's been a long time.
Yeah, go.
Palmer, go help Abby.
Find out where those chips came from and who bought 'em-- on it.
WOMAN: I almost dropped the phone when you called, Ellie.
The Concubine case? You really think it's them? I was hoping you could tell me, Daisy.
(sighs) Any chance FBI caught any similar cases recently? (scoffs) Hope not.
Let me check with the Criminal Division.
I transferred over to Counterintelligence after we put Concubine away or that is, after I thought we put them away.
Did you get ahold of your NSA buddy, Connors? Former NSA.
He retired not long after we closed the case.
And I plan on staying that way.
Thanks for coming.
Of course.
Agent Milner.
Good to see you.
Look at this former nerd.
Never would've pegged you for the type, Ellie.
The type? You know, trade in your stats and your snacks for a badge and a gun.
Eh, I saw that coming years ago.
Could always tell you had an itch for more action than the NSA offered.
An itch I surely lacked.
After we shut down Concubine, all I wanted was less action, not more.
"Shut down" now being a loose term.
Not for me.
I'm still in denial.
Come on, Ellie, for years now, I've been so proud of going out on a high note, after a big win.
Couldn't this be some other trafficking ring? There have got to be hundreds.
With the exact same M.
? College-age girls, taken in the U.
, tracking chip just under their armpit? Left armpit? (sighs) So much for our happy reunion.
So, Ellie, what do you need from us? Uh, maybe come back to NCIS, compare notes from our old case? I'm in.
Adam? I don't know.
Just talking about it's got my ulcer kicking again.
I'm just a numbers guy.
No, you were the numbers guy who followed the money trail and led us straight to them.
He's also retired.
I don't know about your bosses, Ellie, but mine won't go for sharing Intel with a civilian.
No offense, Adam.
None taken.
But I'll still go through my final report and see what I can dig up.
Can't imagine I'd be much help anyway.
I do people's taxes now, on spreadsheets.
Well (sighs) anything you think could help.
Oh, man.
What is it? Criminal Division? FBI's currently juggling six new cases of missing college-age girls in the last two months.
All along the Eastern Seaboard.
Six? Rain check, Adam.
These girls could be shipped off any minute.
So it is now eight women missing between the Philadelphia, New York, and DC metro areas, including Murphy and Ramos.
We're hoping the other seven are alive.
How'd the others go missing? Uh, according to our FBI Criminal Division, circumstances of their disappearances were all similar.
BISHOP: Each was at a bar, a concert, a nightclub, got separated from their friends, never made it home.
That's like your old case? We called it Concubine, since that's basically all these women were sold for.
Kidnapped, microchipped, a little Stockholming.
"Cooperate or we'll kill your whole family"-- that sort of thing.
They wouldn't hesitate to kill one girl in order to scare the others.
Anyone who fought back.
Just like Seaman Ramos must have.
So how did they smuggle these girls out of the country undetected? Any means necessary.
Everything was funded by the buyers, so money was no object.
Private jets, (phone rings) commercial freighters Yeah, Abbs.
I'll be right down.
How'd you catch 'em? Ultimately, it was NSA.
Nothing new in the playbook.
We just followed the money.
Think I'll go back to my office and pull our old files.
Start following that money again, see where that leads.
Keep us in the loop.
I could go with her, Gibbs.
President, it was remembering these girls, remembering the awful things these traffickers were capable of that left me asking, how do we keep going? How do we put away one, knowing there are 50 more waiting to be caught? Sir, I know why I became a federal agent: To help.
But what if my help isn't good enough? ABBY: When I was examining the chip fragment found in Seaman Ramos's armpit, I discovered this.
These are serial and batch numbers.
TONY: What's "DTI"? Well, in the same way that programmers and hackers will often hide their signatures in binary code, most new technology companies will tag the end of their serial number with their company initials.
DTI Daly Tech Industries.
You know them? Yeah.
We were looking into these chips for Delilah's sister when she got a new dog.
Well, they're based out of DC.
And it's a new start-up, so they're probably still small enough to be able to track whoever specifically bought this chip.
You got an address? Stay warm.
You, too.
TONY: You sure you called ahead? I did.
Well, then maybe we should call again.
This place is empty.
Oh hello.
FEMALE VOICE: Welcome to Daly Tech Industries.
And the future.
That is so cool.
(chuckles) You know, I got a robot for Christmas in 1985.
The thing never worked.
I hate the future.
With whom do we have the pleasure? Oh.
Uh, I'm Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.
This is my partner, Special Agent Tim McGee.
We're looking for Me.
Right behind you.
I run Daly Tech's Pet GPS division.
And pretty much everything else.
I'm sorry I wasn't here to meet you.
I was on a call with a potential investor.
Kickstarter can only take you so far these days.
Did you bring the fragment with the serial and batch numbers? Uh, yes, I did.
So, we were hoping, Tiffany, that you could Trace this to a particular buyer.
Good guess.
You're cops.
This is evidence.
You're in luck.
This is one of the last lots we used before we switched to silicon cases.
Let me look up the batch.
So you started the company on Kickstarter, huh? No.
I started it when my German Shepard ran away.
And got hit by a car.
Did you know that over six million dogs and cats were killed on U.
roads last year? That's a fun fact.
Got a match.
Oh, good.
But I can't tell you who it is.
Why not? Because you don't have a warrant.
This is private information.
I know the legal system thinks of animals as property, but I don't.
Whatever dog this came out of has the same rights as you and me.
It didn't come out of a dog.
It came out of a person.
Your product is being used in human trafficking.
Oh, my goodness.
This piece came from a bulk shipment to a company called Vanderhusen Industries.
All I have listed for them is a P.
box number.
Do you still think this is connected to your old case? I do.
(sighs) Last time, the girls were just names and photos on my computer screen.
I guess I just wanted to see (sighs heavily) I don't know what I wanted to see.
Ellie, it goes without saying, but this kind of stuff-- it affects me a lot more since becoming a father.
I'm sure it does.
I mean, with this kind of evil in the world (voice breaking): People who will do this kind How am I ever supposed to let Victoria leave the house? Pretty sure she'll leave the house eventually, whether you let her or not.
(phone ringing) Hey, Daisy.
What's up? Plenty.
I called Adam.
Can you meet us back at your diner in, say, 20 minutes? I'll be there.
What do you got? I don't know yet, but I think I'm real close.
Following the money is definitely the way to go.
Uh, I will grab Gibbs, and we'll see you there.
(sighing): I gotta go, Jimmy.
Bishop? Get these bastards.
What's going on? My guess is a drive-by, or maybe a robbery.
No bag or I.
on her.
Ellie? Adam.
Is it her? Is that Daisy? I knew it.
Knew what? This.
Don't you understand? We are probably next.
Take my report.
That's what she wanted.
I'm out.
I just I can't, Ellie.
I'm sorry.
(sighs) BISHOP: Sir, let me explain this as accurately as possible.
No disrespect to my fellow government employees, but some people like pushing paper.
My ex-husband Jake loves it.
The minutiae, the redundancy.
Maybe I should have paid more attention to our differences sooner.
The fact is, we couldn't allow this case to get bogged down in Washington bureaucracy.
We needed answers fast.
TONY: What are you guys working on? Well, we're trying to access the GPS trackers that were sold in the same batch as the one planted in Alessandra Ramos.
Once we do that, then hopefully, we can trace their location.
Any luck finding that purchaser? Ah.
I wouldn't exactly call it luck.
The GPS batch was purchased by Vanderhusen Industries, the first in a seemingly endless series of dummy corporations.
So, you're, like, dummy lucky, hmm? In a sense.
The names were even dumber, though.
Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Peter Parker.
They're using superheroes secret identities? Just when you thought they couldn't be more despicable.
I got a ping! One of the trackers? Yeah.
Three trackers! Three pings.
All pinging from the same location.
It's a cargo terminal at Virginia Port Authority.
They're getting ready to ship the girls out of the country.
I'll call Gibbs.
Send us those coordinates.
MAN: Yeah.
They're done.
What? Can't hear you.
Call me back.
NCIS! Hands in the air! Stop.
Jane Murphy? You're all safe now.
We're here to help.
Anything else you can tell me? We were blindfolded most of the time.
Only one of them spoke in English.
He's the one that shot that girl.
She fought back, and he told us if we tried to escape, the same would happen for us.
I thought I was never gonna see my family again.
(voice breaking): Jane! Dad! (crying): Oh, thank God.
Oh, my baby.
Thank God you're safe.
Gibbs, we got a problem.
Abby just called with the ballistics report.
The bullet that killed Agent Milner came from the same .
380 that shot Alessandra Ramos.
380? These guys all had Glock 17s.
Where's Bishop? Went to see Connors.
Said he was shaken up about Agent Milner.
BISHOP: Adam! We caught them.
It's okay.
Ellie you scared the hell out of me.
It's over.
It is? Mm-hmm.
Just saved three girls about to be shipped off from Port Authority.
Took out two of their men.
That's great, about the girls at least, but it doesn't make it over.
You gotta know this thing runs deeper than two men.
Then help us find the others.
We can shut down this whole operation together.
How many times do I have to say no? All right, you've got my report.
Everything I know is in there.
In here? Somehow I doubt that.
I looked at your report again, and the details seemed unfamiliar somehow.
Well, it's been a few years.
New numbers, slightly altered names and dates.
What do you mean "altered?" I remember just enough about this case to know that this isn't your original report.
It's a smokescreen, a wild goose chase.
Think maybe the badge and gun have made you paranoid, Ellie.
It was you who figured out Concubine's money trail.
How much did they offer you to get their operation up and running again? (laughs quietly) Okay, now you're just talking crazy.
Daisy called you and said she was getting close.
It was only a matter of time before she found you.
So you killed her and handed me this road map in the completely wrong direction.
Guess I'm not so crazy.
A little too smart, maybe.
How much is NCIS paying you? It's a .
380 you're going for, isn't it? Look, you gotta understand No, she doesn't! You sell women.
There's not much to understand.
Get up! (Adam groaning) I'm sure it'll be toasty warm in prison.
Let's go.
President I said this case made me reconsider why I became an agent.
Well, that's not entirely true.
It made me want to work harder.
I wish I could have saved the two women we lost.
I wish I could have stopped Connors from the beginning.
But all I can do now is look forward; forward to working with the best team in the world, to be the best agent I can be.
So, uh, Interpol went through everything on Adam's computer.
Got all the buyers, contacts, accomplices.
Should be able to take down the whole trafficking ring.
Hopefully for good this time.
TONY: Here you go! Susan, get 'em while they're hot! That's for you.
All right, now, Bob, please wear an undershirt when you put this on.
These are for me.
What are you doing? Well, it's been a while since I splurged on an office gift, so, I guess I just needed the inspiration.
Mm! Uh, it's not that bad.
Bad? These aren't bad at all.
Look at this.
You kidding? I love these.
This is great.
Look, I am who I am because of what I was, so, guess what? I am not ashamed of this.
You know, when you act all adult and noble, (whispers): nobody's feeling it.
Ugh! Bad news, guys.
Transformer iced over and blew at my apartment.
What are we gonna do? The last time I slept in this big orange room, I had psychedelic nightmares.
Stayed with me for months.
Oh, I can't go to a hotel.
All the rooms in the city are booked.
(sleigh bells jingling on TV) This movie's always had pacing problems for me.
What do you mean? It's a classic.
It's not like he made it warmer.
(scoffs quietly) Boss, you have a kettle? Maybe we can make some tea or some hot chocolate? Mmm! I could have some hot chocolate.
There's a surprise.
Shh! Stop it! You're kicking me.
LINDA MASON (on TV): So, you're the big shot I'm not kicking you.
I'm not touching you.
LINDA (on TV): good enough for your place.
JIM HARDY (on TV): Oh, that wasn't exactly hay you were throwing, either.
JIM (in higher voice): "I'm Linda Mason.
" LINDA: All right, you're a fake, and I'm a phony.