NCIS s13e14 Episode Script


1 MAN: Gin.
Oh, come on.
Again? Hey, I'm that good.
You know, I think Sam's cheating at cards again.
WOMAN: Four hands in a row? No one is that good.
SAM: You don't have to throw the cards.
WOMAN: Just deal.
MAN: All right.
Well, do you think we should tell Meredith? Nah.
(indistinct conversation over speakers) Red team, 20 minutes till dive one, 20 minutes.
(divers sighing, groaning) MEREDITH: Let's finish this.
SAM: Hey, you want to lose five in a row (conversation distorts, heartbeat thumps) Yo, what the hell you doing, man? He-Man, you all right? Yo! Bro Dude.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Holy I need to get out of here right now! Whoa! Come on De la Rosa, stand down.
MUGFORD: D! Stand down! Come on, man! Now, wait, now, wait! MUGFORD: Stand down! What did you do to me? MUGFORD: Stand down! What the hell did you do? No (grunting) (screaming) MAN (over speaker): Oxygen level compromised.
Captain, control room.
We are code five in chamber.
Code five.
Atmosphere alert, sir.
We are out of bounds.
Repeat, out of bounds on the PO-2.
Mark Hey! Come on.
MARK: Divers, alternate air source.
Go to the BIBS.
Flushing the chamber in ten, nine, eight, seven, MEREDITH: Get on your BIBS! six, five, four, three, two, one.
What in God's green earth is going on here? It's de la Rosa, Captain.
Something's wrong.
Real wrong.
It isn't meant to be.
(indistinct communication over radio) Things are calming down now, sir.
(alarms stop, computer blips) Chamber is secure.
MARK: PO-2 levels in bounds.
Disengage BIBS.
Hey, what the hell, D? You trying to kill us, huh? (gasps) D! What's wrong with you, man? You all right? D? D! D! Oh! Yo! D! Hey, hey, come on, man NCIS 13x14 Decompressed @elderman (wry chuckle) She does this every year.
It's her thing.
The world's most commercial holiday.
Oh, now, now, McCherub.
You should appreciate what you have.
We're not all so lucky.
Sometimes I think you prefer being alone.
We all have to live with our decisions, Tim.
Hey, Abby.
Hey, uh What you doin'? Nothin'.
Oh, look! Looks like you got a gift from your secret valentine.
Thanks, Abbs.
Oh, it's not from me.
But you should really read that card.
Well, I didn't get you anything.
You still have a few days.
“Roses are red.
“They go in a bucket.
Jake is a jerk.
He can go suck it.
” That's sweet.
(chuckles) TONY: Figured out a gift for Delilah? Oh.
I'm working on it.
TONY: Chocolate, flowers.
McGEE: No, that's a cop-out.
It's got to be something meaningful.
We live together now, you know? It's just You can't think of anything 'cause it's a worthless commercial holiday? I was gonna say I was feeling pressure, but yeah.
You know what I'd like, just once? Somebody to come up to me and say, “Happy Valentine's Day.
Go to a Wizards game”" I agree.
And why is it that guys have to do all the romantic stuff? Mm.
Don't look at me.
It's not my holiday.
Your people perpetuate it.
Actually, all I want this year is to watch a movie at home.
Sorry, Ellie.
You had a rou rough year.
You know, Tim, it's not so bad.
The only thing I'm sad about missing is my annual Valentine's Day meal.
Every year we'd go to Gennari's on Connecticut Avenue.
They have the best salmon piccata in the world.
You know what? I think you should still go.
Mm, table for one.
Hey, what do you think I should get Delilah? Mm Well, you're an author.
Why don't you write her a romantic poem? That is a really good idea.
I like it.
I'm gonna do that.
I would like to read that idea that you write.
Make her dinner.
That's what I used to do.
Well, maybe that didn't work out so well.
Gear up, McGee.
Got a dead Navy diver on a ship in the Atlantic.
Helo's waiting.
BISHOP: Uh, what about us, Gibbs? It's probably just an accident.
You two stay here.
Happy to! We'll hold down the sad, single Valentine's fort, just the two of us.
(indistinct radio communication) CAPTAIN: Heard you guys were coming.
Don't know why you're here.
We're here because Conn Watch Supervisor Mugford said the death was suspicious.
Control room guy.
Witnessed it.
Witnessed what, exactly? Our dive team leader just went and lost his damn mind.
He was retired Navy.
Why you were called to a civilian ship.
Ever been on board a dive vessel, son? Uh, you'll be my first, Captain.
Well, I'll be gentle.
State-of-the-art ship designed to facilitate deep-sea saturation divers.
We carry things, we cook for 'em, basically we babysit 'em while they work on the ocean floor.
Work? Welding an oil pipeline, 622 feet straight down.
You're the doc.
Medical examiner.
Well, you wasted a trip.
Watch your head.
Now, look, Agent Gibbs, we are on a deadline here.
I know you don't care for the oil company, but we got a job to do.
You're right.
I don't care.
Show 'em, Sam.
DUCKY: Oh, dear.
SAM: You got it, Cap'n.
McGEE: What's the matter? DUCKY: It's a decompression chamber.
CAPTAIN: That's right.
Pressurized to an atmosphere more than 19 times greater than sea level.
McGEE: So opening the hatch would DUCKY: Kill them all instantly.
You started decompressing them? Began about two hours ago.
Well, how much longer are we talking about? Four days, minimum.
Then why am I even here? CAPTAIN: I told you-- you wasted a trip.
Come back in four days.
The process of decompression (over speaker): will incontrovertibly alter Senior Chief de la Rosa's body chemistry.
In four days, any evidence that could tell us how he died-- will be erased forever.
Yo! Yo! (Meredith screams) Whoa, whoa, whoa! MEREDITH: What? DE LA ROSA: I need to get out of here, right now! MUGFORD: You can rule out panic attack.
De la Rosa had 1,000 hours in pitch-black caves, zero visibility.
Guy never flinched.
Who's he yelling at? No one.
I watched it a dozen times, I still can't tell.
That's why I called you.
De la Rosa is former Navy; guy's tough as nails.
Something ain't right.
Okay, you see those sparks right there? He could have killed everyone inside.
The atmosphere inside any decompression chamber is extremely dry.
Start a fire, it's all over.
Give me the details on the chamber.
Pressurized to match the divers' working conditions, which, in this case, is 622 feet below sea level.
Divers live, eat, sleep in the chamber.
When it's time to go to work, they attach to this diving bell, which takes 'em straight down to the ocean floor.
They work eight hours, come back up, eat, sleep, repeat until the job's done.
Only decompress once, at the end.
It's more efficient.
Safer, too.
In theory, anyway.
Oh, Jethro, please.
You can't expect me to determine a cause of death from a “instant replay.
” Come on, Duck, you got to give me something.
All right.
I can confidently rule out quicksand.
JALEN (over speaker): Amen.
Rest in peace, brother.
Hello, everyone.
I know this is a a little awkward, but I have to ask you all a few questions.
Anyone have any idea what happened here? Heart attack? Stroke, maybe? Brain aneurysm? MEREDITH: I thought you Navy investigators only showed up at crimes.
Well, we're not exactly sure what happened yet.
McGEE: Senior Chief de la Rosa-- was he acting strangely at all, before this morning? No way.
The guy was solid as a rock.
And all four of you dive together, yes? Yeah, two by two.
Safety first.
Who was on de la Rosa's team? Yeah, he was my partner.
So what? McGEE: What's that on the wall over there? Air lock, for food and trash.
Who has access to it? SAM: Anyone on board.
Usually just the kitchen staff uses it.
MEREDITH: Hey, Agent Tough Guy.
These two are afraid to ask, so I will: When can we move him? My name is Special Agent McGee.
And you cannot move him until the M.
examines the body.
Four days from now? I'm not living in here with that.
Well, I'm sorry.
JALEN: Now, you realize there's two ways out of this chamber, right? You are not putting the body in the ocean.
Burial at sea.
We'll say a few words, yeah? Yeah.
We're not just gonna sit here for 96 hours while our friend decomposes.
I understand, okay? I sympathize, but you cannot move the body.
You'll be arrested for interfering with a federal investigation.
We're already locked up.
At least jail won't smell like a dead guy.
(sighs) Mrs.
de la Rosa? NCIS.
Ma'am are you okay? I walked out of the house a few minutes ago.
Don't remember where I was going.
I'm so very sorry for your loss.
I'm Special Agent Bishop, NCIS.
I have to ask you a few questions.
Did your husband take any medication? No.
He was obsessive about his health.
Why? We think he may have had a reaction to something.
I don't understand.
Why is NCIS investigating? I thought it was a diving accident.
We're not sure yet.
I need to see him.
Where is he? Did you recover his body? He wasn't diving when he died.
It happened inside the chamber.
I have to go.
I have to ask you a few questions No, no.
I can't deal with this right now.
I'm sorry.
(door opens, closes) De la Rosa's rebreather.
I mean, I checked it and rechecked it.
There's no blockages, no mechanical issues That's de la Rosa's actual unit? They call it a built-in breathing system.
BIBS, for short.
It delivers the same trimix gas blend they breathe inside the chamber.
What's trimix? There's too much oxygen in super-pressurized air, so they're breathing a blend of oxygen, nitrogen, and helium.
Could de la Rosa's mix have been altered? All the divers breathe from the same line.
You change one, you change 'em all.
Thank you.
Well, based on the evidence and witnesses, de la Rosa shouldn't be dead.
But he is.
Well, we've got bigger problems.
The divers want to move the body.
How is Ducky gonna perform the autopsy? Where is Ducky, anyway? Performing the autopsy.
Oh, hell no.
You want us to do what, now? As a child, I used to visit an arcade with my mother.
Yes, I remember a fabulous game of chance where I had to pick up a stuffed toy behind the glass with a mechanical arm.
I have a feeling that what we're about to do is going to be equally frustrating.
(scoffs) Oh, give it to me.
Just tell me where I need to poke.
Go down.
The femoral artery runs down the inside of his leg, from the kneecap to the groin.
Time out.
We can't do this.
You most certainly can.
We're divers, not doctors.
We don't even know what we're doing.
But I do.
And I can walk you through it, step by step.
What you're gonna do is perfectly simple.
Scraping and cutting his fingernails, collecting samples of hair.
Everything you need is in that bag.
It's a veritable do-it-yourself kit.
Washington, would you take the other syringe? You are about to take a sample of the chief's urine.
Boss, this can't possibly be legal.
I don't know.
Not sure it's ever been done before.
Ever done this before? All the time.
It's called a remote autopsy.
So you ask total novices to just chop up dead people all the time, huh? You're not going to be chopping up anything.
You're going to be collecting trace evidence and extracting bodily fluids under my supervision.
(clears throat) DUCKY: All right, then.
Put a mark midway.
I'm ready.
Boss, what if one of them is the murderer? I mean, you've got the killer collecting evidence on himself.
Or herself.
MEREDITH: Okay, let's do this.
One, two Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Don't plunge it in all the way up to the hilt.
Put it in gently, about two inches.
Oh, man DUCKY: Good.
Now, pull back the plunger.
What happened? You missed.
I put the “X” exactly where he told me.
DUCKY: Human anatomy is an inexact science.
If you miss again, don't pull the needle out.
Just poke around, feel around.
You'll find the artery.
Or the artery will find you.
Well, come on.
Get on with it.
SAM: Oh, man okay It's working.
DUCKY: Good.
Squirt the blood into the vial and then discard the needle.
You can send the sample to me through the airlock.
Is it over? Not by a long shot.
(suppressed retching) (computer blips, trills) Talk to me.
Gibbs, I don't think Abby's heart cakes are edible.
They're tofu, DiNozzo.
You keep chewing.
I don't wanna.
So our friends in the decompression chamber each have a secret.
Like what? Let me show you.
Now, I'm gonna manhandle you a little bit here.
Oop, I lost you, boss.
Head slap.
There you are.
Can you see the screen okay? Talk.
Copy that.
Sam Harper, 27.
Really bad credit history.
Already lost his house.
Car was repo'd.
Late on alimony.
Now, listen, saturation divers get paid well, but I don't know where all this guy's money goes.
McGee's on his way back.
Put him on it.
Will do.
Next up Meredith Ragan.
Former Army parachutist.
Tough as nails.
Dishonorably discharged.
Army file is sealed.
So-So unseal it.
(chuckles) “Uh” Remember Max Headroom, Gibbs? Who-Who? From the '80s.
You know “Uh-uh-uh I, uh robot head.
” Anyway, here is Jalen Washington, 37.
His cell records show over 20 calls to or from a single phone number during the week leading up to the Brandywine job.
Who owns the phone? Prepaid burner.
Someone didn't want to be found.
But you're gonna find 'em, right? That is my lot in life.
Now, this is the special part of the show where, uh let's call it the pièce de résistance, shall we? Okay.
So, here's where you are.
You're on a boat.
You're out in the sea.
You're 17 miles off the coast of Virginia.
The Brandywine has not moved since you boarded.
Now, right here, this is where the oil pipeline is, six miles west of your vessel.
Those divers aren't welding pipeline.
So what are they really doing down there? You lied to federal agents.
First person who tells me the truth won't do time.
(speaking indistinctly) I didn't sign up for this.
What'd you sign up for? MAN: Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
Your reputation precedes you.
Flattery? Not really.
All the better.
Jerry Grossman, attorney for Olympus Underwater Research.
Olympus contracted the Brandywine for this dive mission and, as such, is the employer of record for everyone on board.
This is a nondisclosure agreement.
I know it's airtight because I wrote it.
Everybody on this ship signed one.
We intend to uphold said agreement vigorously.
Talk and we'll sue you for every penny you have.
You see that body in there? That's a dead Navy diver.
I don't need a contract.
Well, conveniently, I was born without empathy.
With regard to Senior Chief de la Rosa's unfortunate passing, I reviewed the video, and there is no proof he died of anything other than complications due to his own line of work.
Secondly, even if there were foul play, there is no link between his death and our mission.
What's your mission? Our mission is classified.
MAN: I want to reconfirm the gaseous impurity ratio.
Replace that with a JB-MK and run it again.
WOMAN: Yes, sir.
Change the intensity.
Special Agents Bishop and DiNozzo.
Mattias Groller, Olympus Underwater Research.
I don't usually have problems with the Navy.
I solve their problems.
What's going on? TONY: Well, solve this one for us-- we know your company contracted the Brandywine for a secret project.
What are the chances you're beta-testing your latest design? The oil pipeline nonsense was necessary subterfuge.
We're the kind of people you can trust.
Not without being formally read in, you can't.
Groller, whatever it is you're doing, we need you to stop until we complete our investigation.
You're talking about that Navy diver? Senior Chief de la Rosa.
It's unfortunate.
But I'm not stopping anything.
We're days away from presenting this to the Secretary of the Navy.
We're not shutting down a $700 million operation because of one casualty.
You might not have a choice.
Oh, there's always a choice.
Navy won't be interested in a project that killed one of its own.
Now, you see that? It can locate two lobsters mating from 65 miles away.
42 countries bought it, and nobody asked if there were casualties when it was being manufactured.
Senior Chief de la Rosa will have died in the name of a greater good.
That'll be a great comfort to his family at his funeral.
(indistinct radio communication) (tapping computer keys) Thank you.
You're welcome.
(sniffles, clears his throat) (inhales) (knocking on glass) Yeah? Nutter Butters? What? Look, I know what you're thinking.
Someone poisoned de la Rosa.
That's why you're not eating.
So I thought maybe you want something prepackaged.
Thank you, but I'll take a rain check.
Uh, Agent McGee, are we witnesses here, or are we suspects? Well, that depends.
Did you kill de la Rosa? No way.
Then I guess you're a witness.
But I think I know who did.
It's Jalen.
Well, what makes you think it's Jalen? He's getting rid of the competition.
Did you know that he's been night diving into Mrs.
de la Rosa? (phone ringing) Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.
How may I help you? Tony, hey, it's me.
TONY: Good morning.
I slept like a baby last night.
How was your chair? Well, Bishop's on her way to relieve me, and I'm headed back.
Listen, the divers are turning on each other.
Only a matter of time, right? Yeah, well, Sam Harper told me that Jalen Washington was having an affair with de la Rosa's wife.
20,000 leagues under the sheets, huh? Hey, you know you said that Jalen had made, uh, something like 20 calls to a burn phone? Already ahead of you, McNemo.
I'll have a warrant by the time you helo back.
Great, and, uh, if you could vet the Brandywine kitchen staff, that'd be great, too.
You thinking poison, or did little Timmy not like his waffles this morning? You know, I never thought that I would be happy to see you, but I can't wait to get back to the office.
Do me a favor.
Shower first.
Thank you.
(knocking on door) NCIS? Special Agent Gibbs.
There's something you forgot to mention to Special Agent Bishop yesterday? Come in.
We can talk inside.
Found that in your garbage.
I, uh thought it was untraceable.
As long as the person you're calling is using a burn phone, too.
Jalen Washington didn't have one.
(sighs) It was just a fling.
That many calls, people are usually planning something.
What do you want me what do you want me to say? Anything that isn't a lie.
We had an affair.
I was unhappy.
Your husband know? He would've killed me.
I would never leave my husband.
I I was raised Catholic, Agent Gibbs.
My marriage was sacred.
You got a funny way of showing it.
Jalen feel the same way? You think Jalen killed him? You ask him to? No.
Of course not.
But Jalen-- he can be strong.
He was dangerous.
Do you think he could do something like this? Love can make people do crazy things.
Aw Gibbs.
You got me a card.
Yes, I did.
What do you got, Abbs? Something weird and totally not Valentine's related.
Based on the toxicology report, Senior Chief de la Rosa was high on pharmaceutical-grade cocaine when he died.
That's why he was so amped.
But the coke was also mixed with significant levels of hydrochloride.
You know what that does.
Turns powder into liquid.
But here's the, like, super-deluxe weird part.
Super-deluxe weird me.
Another ingredient that was in the drug is organic red dye.
Food coloring? Yeah.
Who would make red, liquid cocaine? Unless, it was Valentine's related.
(chuckling): I doubt that.
Gibbs? Don't you want to know how de la Rosa died? Overdose.
But he didn't choke.
He was breathing inert gas.
Watch this.
(high-pitched): Okay, Gibbs, why is my voice is so high? Helium.
If I were to inhale all the helium out of that balloon, then, I would be deprived of all my oxygen.
(balloon spluttering) Which brings us to de la Rosa's rebreather.
In order for this to work, then this hose has to be plugged into this port.
Even if it's pulled out, like half an inch, then his percentage of oxygen is gonna drop with every breath he takes, but because this white hose is expelling the carbon dioxide, he doesn't even know he's dying, Gibbs.
And in four to six minutes, he's dead.
Someone inside the chamber tampered with his air hose.
One of those three divers definitely killed him.
MARK: Divers! Alternate air source! Go to the BIBS! Flushing the chamber in ten nine, eight, seven, six (computer blips, video stops) That smells good.
Is that a Bishop? No.
It is a McGee, and it is very good.
And you didn't think to get me one? Well, no, because I was the one starving on the dive boat all night.
Easy, McSensitive.
Put away the “hangry.
” Abby thinks she narrowed it down to someone in the chamber.
Bishop mentioned that as I was clocking out.
Who's it looking like? Well, I've Zaprudered this surveillance video over and over, and I just can't figure it out.
De la Rosa's air hose port is on the wall.
Any of the divers could have unplugged it.
Truth isn't always easy to see, DiNozzo.
Copy that, boss.
Chamber secure.
The O2 level's in bounds.
Disengage BIBS.
How did de la Rosa get liquid cocaine in his system? Who unplugged his breathing unit? We're working on that.
We're working on that, boss.
There's only three suspects, and they're locked into a little metal tube.
How hard can this be? Somebody's hangry.
MAN (over P.
): All hands, work ongoing on the fo'c'sle deck, forward of bosun's locker.
All hands stay clear.
I know who did it.
BISHOP: Who? It was Meredith.
She's a psycho lunatic bitch.
Hey, what the hell are you doing, Jalen? She and de la Rosa came back from their last dive.
She was acting real strange.
Half hour later, he's dead.
Strange how? Jalen, man, shut up.
Just strange, okay? You know she killed a guy once with her bare hands? Jalen's throwing you under the bus.
What the hell? Shut up, Washington! What happened on that last dive, huh?! What did you do? You son of a bitch.
Are you accusing me? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, guys, guys, guys.
All right, guys, really? Guys, guys, guys, guys Psycho nut-job! All right, guys, stop! Oh, Special Agent Gibbs, welcome back.
Hope you got some sleep on the mainland.
Cap'n, this is your ship, right? Yes, sir.
One of your crew is dead.
Yet, you do nothing about it? GROSSMAN: Senior Chief de la Rosa was not part of his crew.
He worked for us.
And he knew better than anyone the inherent risks of saturation diving.
But he didn't die underwater.
Accidents happen.
This was no accident.
Prove it! GROSSMAN: You know, I heard about that little stunt your medical examiner pulled.
What did he call it? Remote autopsy? Unprecedented, irresponsible and inadmissible.
17 miles away from land, I still can't get away from lawyers.
Agent Gibbs, you're certain de la Rosa was murdered? I watched the video.
Looked like the guys were trying to help him.
Even hooked him up to the BIBS.
One of them uncoupled his air hose.
Careful, Hammond.
It was Sam.
Captain, you are officially in breach.
My contract says that I can't reveal our mission, and I haven't.
It doesn't say that I can't help solve the murder of a friend.
How do you know? About two years back a diver on a ship in the North Sea nearly died because of a misconnected hose.
His partner on that mission was Sam Harper.
Captain was right, boss.
On a dive boat in the North Sea, a saturation diver lost consciousness after using his rebreathing mask.
It was ruled an accident at the time, but Sam was his partner.
That still doesn't make him a killer.
Okay, you want a killer? There's Meredith Ragan.
I got her Army transcript unsealed.
Spoke with her C.
in Kabul.
Like Jalen said, she actually killed someone with her bare hands.
Who? She thought it was an insurgent.
Turned out to be a translator.
She agreed to leave the Army; the Army agreed not to press charges.
So what is her motive for killing de la Rosa? Mentor, team leader, unrequited love? It's a Valentine's Day Massacre.
Come on.
We're missing something.
(door closes) McGEE: Boss, I'm in.
Got through Olympus's firewall.
I know what the divers are doing-- beta-testing a secret project code-named PPA-- it stands for Pre-Positioned Assets.
Keep talking.
Syncing a graphic on your laptop.
Now, basically, PPA's are watertight closets that can be filled with weapons, supplies, then buried at the bottom of the ocean anywhere in the world.
You just press a button and it pops right up to the surface.
Pretty cool, actually.
The Navy hasn't bought this yet? Well, Olympus is supposed to deliver the results of their final beta test next week, and this murder could scuttle the whole deal.
Gibbs, are the sailors getting younger, or are we getting older? How is Allison, Admiral? She still loves me, so I must be doing something right.
How's the knee? Oh, it's mostly good.
I know when it's gonna rain.
So, PPA's.
Revolutionary idea.
It would eliminate tens of millions in transport costs and change the way we fight wars.
Like having an arsenal standing by.
The Navy would have been very interested in Olympus's technology.
What happened? The containers don't work.
They leak.
They can't withstand the immense pressures at the bottom of the ocean.
Weapons and seawater don't mix.
(phone keypad beeping) ABBY: Gibbs.
Hey, Abbs.
I need you and McGee to look into something for me.
ABBY: McGee.
That's sweet.
Burt and I donated to each other's favorite animal charity for Valentine's.
What'd you get Delilah? Uh, I'm actually writing her a poem.
That's so romantic! What rhymes with Delilah? It's free verse.
So, you ready? GIBBS: Yep.
All right, show me.
Boss, I present to you the Pre-Positioned Asset.
Revolutionary technology, but it leaks like a sieve, and the Navy passed on it.
But it's not totally useless.
I mean, it's still a secret underground closet.
So what could you put inside that wouldn't be affected by ocean water? Sealed vial of liquid cocaine.
Okay, you're really good at this game.
Now for the beta test.
Normally, liquid cocaine is clear and water is clear.
So to prove that the vial is still sealed, you would need? Red food coloring.
Now, if the red doesn't leak, you've got the perfect hiding spot for drug cartels up and down the Eastern Seaboard.
So the divers' mission was to position the PPA.
But what if one of the divers knew there were drugs inside? He would have to check the vial to ensure that it didn't leak.
GIBBS: De la Rosa saw that and became a witness.
They slipped him some coke, hoping he would have a stroke or heart attack, but it wasn't enough.
So they cut off his airflow.
ABBY: We just don't know which diver did it.
JALEN: Look, you're both talking way too much.
We've got three more days in here, so you both need to chill.
Something I want to ask you about Divers, we're moving to 8 A-T-M.
You got it, Mark-- 8 A-T-M.
MEREDITH: You don't get to ask me anything.
I can't talk to you, ma'am.
I'll talk; you listen.
We know about the Pre-Positioned Assets.
We know they're not watertight.
Mission failed.
I looked you up, Bob.
You were in the Navy like de la Rosa.
You called because you wanted justice for your friend.
Help us find his killer.
On the morning de la Rosa died we got a breach alert on the PPA.
Breach alert? One of the divers opened it up underwater and took something out.
MEREDITH: You've got to calm down! Mind your own business, okay? No, you mind your own business You're gonna be accusing me? Washington, what's your problem? Hey, there's no problem, boss.
Just a misunderstanding.
(Jalen grunting) SAM: You did it! One bullet through this window, the room equalizes, and you all die.
(raspy gasping) That's bulletproof glass.
You want to test it? (Jalen coughing) Agent Bishop, we just solved your murder.
Jalen did it.
JALEN (raspy): No, no What happened? I will duct tape your mouth closed (all yelling at once) What happened! They're crazy! This jerk right here (Meredith shouting) One at a time! Make them un-tape me! Not gonna happen.
Agent Gibbs, please pass your handcuffs through the airlock.
Stop! You don't Stop talking! You.
I'm just standing there and they start beating the crap out of me! Why? Look, we found this under his pillow.
Yeah, for my protection! We need protection from him! What else is he hiding? Come on! No way! What are you afraid of? What are we gonna find, huh? A gun? JALEN: Whatever's in there, they planted, you got to believe that.
Another knife? It's for work! So is it yours, or was it “planted”? MEREDITH: It doesn't matter, it's mine now.
Hey, uh, Agent Gibbs, what should we do with him, huh? I'll see you when the hatch opens.
JALEN: What? (voices muted) (indistinct radio communication) GROSSMAN: Where's your boss? TONY: He couldn't make it.
GROSSMAN: Tell him I said hi.
BISHOP: You can tell him yourself.
No, please, I didn't do it.
We know.
Meredith Ragan.
What? Oh, come on.
You're under arrest for the murder of Diego de la Rosa.
You've got to be kidding me! Grossman I'll take care of this.
You're making a huge mistake.
MEREDITH: You really think I would do something like this? GROSSMAN: Meredith, don't say a word.
Agent Gibbs, whatever you think you have is circumstantial nonsense.
I've already filed a grievance to have the entire case thrown out.
Mmm-mm! My mom used to make this for dessert.
What the hell are you doing? It's cherry.
You want to try some, Meredith? You know there's a small percentage of people who can't eat anything processed red.
Mm, allergies and even rashes, Meredith.
Like like that rash you have right there, Meredith.
You must have touched something red recently, huh? Like, uh like a vial of red liquid cocaine.
Found them inside the PPA your divers positioned on the ocean floor.
There's, uh, 200 of them.
That's a whole lot of drug money.
It's inadmissible garbage.
Doesn't make any sense.
Where would Meredith get narcotics like that? Oh, she didn't-- she had a partner who is, uh, being arrested as we speak.
In 2010, you represented the Suarez Cartel.
Their signature product was liquid cocaine.
Last month, you had a meeting in Cartagena.
We've been tracking your Pre-Positioned Asset.
Last night it was called to the surface and loaded onto a Colombian freighter DEA raided the vessel.
You dumb-ass! Shut up, Meredith.
No, Jerry you shut up.
Look what I found on the copier.
Edgar Allan McGee's love poem to Delilah.
Don't read that, Tony.
Well, how else can I make fun of my coworker? “My darling Delilah, you've ignited my soul” What? That's actually very romantic.
Where'd your roses go? I gave them to McGee.
He needed them more than me.
Hey, before you go I got you something.
Really? You said you wanted to watch a movie.
I was gonna go with The Abyss, but that James Cameron knows how to make a movie.
Anyway, you should head home, Missy.
In half an hour, Gennari's is gonna be delivering an Italian specialty to your door.
Salmon piccata and Sigourney Weaver? Mm-hmm.
That is the best Valentine's Day ever.
I actually got you something, too.
That's nice.
What is this? Look at that-- a Wizards ticket.
Best Valentine's Day ever.