NCIS s13e15 Episode Script


1 We got to hurry up.
Bell's in ten minutes.
School's a block away.
We can't be late.
You okay? Yeah, no, there's a rock or something stuck in my shoe.
I got it.
What if your mom drives by? (sighs) Is this about my mother again? I can't help it.
She terrifies me.
You know she's got eyes everywhere.
One misstep, and I'll end up at Gitmo.
I think those video games are making you paranoid.
Hey, it's just a kiss, okay? Nothing bad's gonna happen.
Trust me.
(vehicle approaching) (tires screech) Do not move! I didn't do anything.
Stop! We got a second there.
Wait, wait! Inside! Where are you taking us? Now! Okay, okay, okay.
No! Package secure.
Critical! Let's go! Go! Go! (tires screeching) NCIS 13x15 React @elderman (elevator bell dings) Hey.
What, did you grind those beans yourself? What Tony means is thank you, McGee.
You are welcome.
Oh, you forgot one for Gibbs.
(Tony and McGee chuckle) (chuckles) What? Oh, sweet probie.
So naive.
(chuckles) Gibbs isn't coming to this.
Uh, but Director Vance said the advanced tactical session is mandatory.
And when was the last time you saw Gibbs do anything mandatory? You know, maybe he's got the right idea.
I mean, look at us.
I am a particularly seasoned agent.
I could probably teach this class.
Technically, you couldn't.
Only NCIS agents from the Regional Enforcement Action Capabilities are authorized to be instructors.
Oh, look at you, with all the textbook fancy stuff.
All right, I'll make you a bet.
By the end of our little training session, they're gonna want me to lead this REACT team.
Unless they have an age limit.
(elevator bell dings) Timothy Farragut McGee, you are a sight for sore eyes.
Val? Wow.
Farragut? I knew he had a middle name.
Oh, my God.
What-what are you doing in D.
? I'm leading this training session.
Wait, when did you join REACT? Six months ago, after I finished my tour in Afghanistan.
Traded one unit for another.
You know what, that makes a lot of sense, 'cause you were always up for a challenge.
You being my favorite.
Oh, well, thank you.
(clears throat) Hi.
We're over here.
Uh, Tony, Bishop, meet, uh, NCIS Special Agent Valerie Page.
Tim's told me all about you.
Nice to put the faces to the names.
How do you two know each other? Oh, we go way back.
We're both Navy brats.
Yeah, we Our parents were stationed on the same bases together.
Rota, Alameda And don't forget Japan.
(chuckles) Right.
(chuckles) Fond memories.
(chuckles) Konnichi wa.
(chuckles) Sorry.
(phone chimes) Ooh, that's me.
(phones chiming) It's all of us.
What is it? SECNAV's daughter's been kidnapped.
Well, my headache just got worse.
The ever-chipper Special Agent Fornell.
Rough start to the morning.
Didn't even get my cup of coffee.
Give me that.
(gulps) What the hell is that? It's herbal tea.
Desmond? Yes, sir.
Would you toss that? You got it.
Agent Fornell, have you seen Gibbs? He's with Secretary Porter.
So, what do we know? At 0750, a neighbor witnessed Megan Porter and a classmate, Dean Campbell, being forced into a black SUV by armed assailants.
Any luck getting a GPS fix on either of their cells? We checked that.
They're both turned off.
BISHOP: I'll call Abby, see if she can turn them back on remotely.
Has there been any communication with the kidnappers? It's too soon.
They'll settle somewhere first.
They'll probably make contact within the next 12 hours.
Any idea who's behind it? Somebody with as high a profile as the Secretary of the Navy? How much time you got? (recorded): Hi, this is Megan.
Sorry I missed your call (sighs) Megan's phone keeps going to voicemail.
Whoever took her knew we'd trace it.
Well, I have to keep trying.
Has her father been contacted? I called him as soon as I got word.
He's on a business trip in New York.
He's on his way back.
Megan mention seeing anyone suspicious over the past few weeks? No.
Did she say anything about being followed? No.
Nothing like that.
This classmate, Dean Campbell, what do you know about him? Everything.
I had my personal security assistant check him out a few months ago.
He's dating my daughter.
I had to have him vetted.
What do you know about his family? Dean's parents are curators at the Smithsonian.
I hardly think they're cause for concern.
Pardon me.
Boss, can we talk? Hi, this is Megan.
Sorry I missed your call Abby reactivated Dean Campbell's cell phone.
It's pinging at a location five miles from here.
Front's clear.
Back's clear.
It's been bleached.
(muffled screaming) It's Dean.
(grunting, panting) (panting): They have her.
They have Megan.
Where'd they take her? I don't know.
I tried to stop them, I swear.
Please, you got to find her.
Why would they leave Dean behind? He wasn't part of the plan.
So much for catching up.
How long you sticking around D.
? Only until I get your team's training out of the way.
Well, under the circumstances, that may take a while.
(chuckling): Hey.
So, giving your childhood BFF the grand tour? Well, I've been here before.
Are these walls more orange than I remember? So, what was it like being military kids, moving to a new base every few years? It had its ups and downs.
Got to meet a few nice people along the way.
Plus, we got to travel the world.
Do you remember our train ride to Austria? Oh, yes, I do.
I still have those lederhosen, by the way.
(chuckling): Oh.
Whoa, Timothy Von Trapp.
I can see you frolicking in the hills.
You must have driven those Frauleins crazy.
The girls on the base did have a nickname for him.
What? Really? Really.
It's like we've entered the Twilight Zone.
Give me an update.
Yes, the SUV used in the kidnapping was stolen.
Reported yesterday from a residence in Chevy Chase.
Abby's processing it for prints now.
McGEE: Spoke with Director Vance at the summit in Brussels.
He wants to be updated hourly.
Dean Campbell? BISHOP: Released from the hospital and his parents brought him here.
I escorted them to the conference room.
You two, go.
Where are we on suspects? It's a pretty wide net, boss.
We need some time to narrow it down.
I could lend a hand.
NCIS Special Agent Valerie Page, from the Northeast field office.
I'm instructing your team's advanced tactics training.
She's actually part of NCIS's REACT unit.
They're-they're trained for high-risk cases like this.
I think we should loop 'em in, you know, being REACT.
Regional Enforcement I know what it means.
We got it covered.
Oh, I'm sure you do.
But seeing as I'm stuck here, you might as well put me to work.
Couldn't hurt to have another agent lending a hand, could it? We'll see.
I think he likes you.
Some of it's still a blur.
Just tell us what you can remember.
Did you see how many there were? Three men got out and grabbed us.
There was another one up front, the driver.
Anyone in the passenger seat? I don't think so.
But when we pulled over, someone was waiting for them.
That's when I got knocked out.
What about any distinguishing characteristics-- accents? Tattoos? No.
But I am positive that they were military trained.
Special Forces, even.
What makes you say that? The shorthand they used.
"Copy that," "exfil," "klicks"-- that sort of thing.
Plus, they were each strapped with a Sig Sauer Mark-25 with a SureFire X300 light mounted on the Picatinny rail.
SpecOps Ten: Echo Force? It's one of the guns in the video game.
SECNAV? Inside.
She asked for a minute.
Anything from the kidnappers? Radio silence.
(indistinct shouting) (sighs) We're wasting time.
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
SECNAV's inside with her ex-husband and his girlfriend.
PORTER: I have agents working around the clock on this! MAN: That's not good enough! Makes me miss Diane.
PORTER: Richard, we're done here.
Gentlemen, I apologize.
Please come in.
Agents Gibbs and Fornell, this is Richard Porter, uh, my daughter's father, and his partner, Justine Wolfe.
I'm tired of meeting agent after agent.
None of 'em have any answers.
Richard, calm down.
They're on our side.
Our side? Trust me, you'd do well to stay out of this.
Don't threaten her, Sarah.
I'm not threatening her, Richard.
JUSTINE: Enough, okay? Everyone's on edge.
Let's just just take a breath.
Were you able to get any more detail from Dean? He described the assailants as military trained.
This could be politically motivated.
(scoffs) I knew the moment you took this job, our daughter's life would be in danger.
I mean, how many times did I say Megan needed a security detail? It wasn't protocol.
To hell with protocol.
My daughter's been abducted.
Richard, stop.
You're not helping matters.
Time is a critical factor in situations like this, Madam Secretary.
We need to know who we're dealing with.
Once I took office, I recommended base closures, I denied companies government contracts, and I made changes to military policy.
Every decision creates new enemies.
How specific do you want me to get? What about within the special operations community? Well, once the combat exclusion policy was lifted, I ordered all fields opened to women.
But old roots run deep, and there were a few in Naval Special Warfare Command who pushed back.
How hard? One officer chose to speak out publicly against my decision.
And with the full support of the Navy, he was relieved of his command.
Who? Commander Christian Brodrick.
So what do you think of the Northeast? It's cold.
I can't handle another Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon, or some other snow disaster, you know? I'm ready for something different.
Of course.
Still the same.
Never liked to stay in one place for too long.
First, you were gen crim, then agent afloat, then deployed with the troops overseas, and now you're part of the REACT team.
You know, it's kind of hard to keep up.
Yeah, well, it's in my blood.
What about you? 13 years at headquarters.
You must be itching to leave.
Actually, I'm not.
No, I'm happy, you know? My team is my family.
It's actually really nice to put down roots.
You should try it sometime.
Don't hold your breath.
(grunting) Christian Brodrick.
We'd like to ask you a few questions about your falling out with Secretary Porter.
I wouldn't call it a falling out.
PAGE: What would you call being relieved of duty and forced into retirement? Inevitable.
Where were you this morning between 7:00 and 8:00 a.
? At my house.
Why? What's this all about? The Secretary of the Navy's daughter has been abducted.
My God.
That's awful.
And you think I had something to do with it? Did you? No, ma'am.
SECNAV and I had differing views.
When I voiced my concerns over her plan, I never should've done it so publicly.
It was insubordinate.
She was just doing her job.
I don't harbor any ill will towards her for that.
Do you know anyone who might have? The men I serve with are the men I trusted with my life.
I will not besmirch any of their good names with speculation.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
(siren chirps) Alongi, take the front.
Cruz you're on roving patrol.
(sighs) Are all of you in every room? I can leave.
I'm-I'm sorry.
It's fine.
(clears throat) You made coffee? (sets cup down) Uh-huh.
Well, to be honest, I could use something a little stronger.
Your liquor cabinet's locked.
You know, I-I've had days where I felt like the world's worst parent, but today solidifies my reign.
There's nothing you could've done.
That's a lie, and we both know it.
My daughter was targeted because of who I am.
And Richard was right to blame me.
He's scared.
So am I.
And so is Megan.
And every second that passes, I can't help but think of what she must be going through.
Terrified and alone.
And God knows where they're keeping her or if she's hurt We're gonna find your daughter and we're gonna bring her home.
(phone rings) FORNELL: Run the trace.
It's a blocked call.
That's them.
We're starting the trace.
Remember what we talked about.
Stay calm, keep him talking.
Hello? MAN: You've been very patient waiting for my call, Madam Secretary.
As have the agents waiting with you.
I want to speak to my daughter.
You're not in a position to make demands.
Rest assured Megan is fine.
Whether she stays that way is up to you.
What is it that you want? Your attention.
Do I have it? Yes.
'Cause if you want to see your daughter again, it'll cost you ten million dollars.
You have 24 hours.
(line disconnects) Excuse me.
Ransom money.
So much for being politically motivated.
If that's all they're after, why target SECNAV? (elevator bell dings) (sighs heavily) So, what do you got, Abbs? Tony, what are you doing here? I didn't call you.
I'm not ready.
What do you mean? You're always ready.
Salt in my wound.
I like the tie-dye.
(groans) Well, the kidnappers bleach bomb not only destroyed my favorite coveralls, but also eliminated every bit of evidence.
You got nothing? I've been over it three times now, and there's nothing.
No DNA, no prints, nothing, nada.
This thing is cleaner than my lab.
Nothing is cleaner than your lab.
Well, I would give you a hug, but I don't want to turn your nice suit into a Jackson Pollock.
I appreciate that.
Maybe fourth time's the charm.
Hey, one more thing.
What do you know about Special Agent Page? McGee's Special Agent Page? Aha.
What does that mean? What do you mean by that? What do you mean by that? What do you mean by that? Abby.
You know something.
I know about her front tooth, and I've said enough already.
Abby? Look, Page is just a part of McGee's history.
Now shoo.
I have to get back to work.
"Shoo," said the shoe-tail.
Okay, well, then I guess I won't be able to tell you the middle name McGee's been holding out on us.
(trilling, elevator bell dings) (elevator bell dings) Does everybody know? Got it.
FBI tracked the ransom call to a burner phone purchased at a Baltimore gas station in cash.
Any security footage? No such luck.
Well, same with Christian Brodrick here.
Alibi checks out.
Three of his neighbors saw him walking his dogs during the time of the kidnapping.
Could Brodrick be orchestrating it from behind the scenes? I doubt it.
Besides the fact that he's got a glowing service record, he comes from a family with some pretty serious money.
Look at this.
That's a lot of zeroes.
If he wanted ten million dollars, he wouldn't have had to go that far to find it.
Neither would SECNAV.
What'd you find? Megan Porter had a kidnap-and-ransom policy taken out on her three years ago by SECNAV herself.
For how much? Exactly ten million dollars.
PORTER: What exactly are you implying? GIBBS: The ransom number is not a coincidence.
FORNELL: Someone knew about the policy you had on Megan.
Wait a second.
So this is true? You took out a ten million dollar insurance policy on our daughter? It's standard operating procedure for all key government officials and their children, Richard.
And you didn't feel the need to discuss this with me, her father? (phone rings) It's them.
Why so soon? It hasn't been 24 hours.
Someone's moving up the timeline.
Yes? MAN: Do you have the money? First let me talk to my daughter.
Not until we get what we want.
What are you doing? He's testing you.
Push back-- let him know you're serious.
Are you out of your mind? What if he doesn't call back? He will.
(phone rings) Hello? Mom? Megan.
Mom, please, I-I want to come home.
Megan, honey, listen to me.
Everything's gonna be okay, I promise.
Megan? MAN: I hope you keep your word, Madam Secretary.
You'll have your money.
2:00 p.
The fountain at the Haverford Mall.
You hand over the ransom, I'll hand over your daughter.
And no police.
They only complicate matters.
(line disconnects) TONY: The shopping center has 22 consumer access points, not including the parking structure and service areas.
FORNELL: We'll have multiple agents surveilling both the interior and the exterior.
McGee and Bishop.
McGee is placing trackers in the ransom bag, and Bishop's linking up with the mall security feed.
DiNozzo, you run point from MTAC with Bishop.
McGee and I'll be on the ground with eyes on Fornell.
Once I make the exchange and retrieve Megan, you'll move in.
The hell you are.
What kind of game are you playing? They said they wanted me to drop off the money.
I'm here, and I fully intend on doing so.
No, we can't let you do that.
Let me? I don't take orders from you, Agent Gibbs.
You are a walking file of classified information.
Putting you at risk means we risk countless others.
They want the ransom money, not military intelligence.
We don't even know who they are.
Gibbs is right-- it's a threat to national security.
Then who do you suggest does make the exchange? They said no cops-- have you looked in the mirror? You look like an MP, you look like a fed, and you look like Sonny Crockett.
Don Johnson or Colin Farrell? They're gonna know it's a setup.
Not if I do it.
If they were fine with Megan's mother, they're not gonna mind her father.
Richard, these are dangerous people.
Who have our daughter.
Getting her back is all that matters.
Tell me what I need to do.
TONY (over radio): Go for the high and tight, McGee.
Accentuate those feminine features.
Tony, I was a model.
When you were undercover.
And you failed at it.
Why does everyone keep forgetting this? BISHOP: Comms check.
Gibbs, Fornell, you read me? Copy that, loud and clear.
With eyes on Porter.
Copy that.
Standing by.
Where are we on the feed from Porter's pin cam? Still working on it.
There's some sort of interference.
Right, well, tick-tock.
It's almost 2:00.
(sighs) It feels weird to just stand here and watch.
I'm too type A for this.
TONY: So what happened? Gibbs give you the brush-off? I get the sense he thinks I'm the enemy.
Well, you're not.
Unless you're one of his ex-wives.
Or a lawyer.
Gibbs has been here since Mark Wahlberg was Marky Mark, and you show up with your acronym telling him he needs help doing his own job? But that's not what I've said.
That's what he heard.
(sighs) REACT agents are NCIS agents.
We're on the same team.
Gibbs' team is different.
(whispers): So I've noticed.
(chuckles) (sighs) Public takedowns make me nervous.
Too much of a wildcard.
Don't worry.
Tim McGee's very good at his job.
I know-- Tim can take care of himself.
So can you, from what I've heard.
Why? What did he tell you? He may have mentioned the time you kissed that guy.
I was undercover.
Porter's camera's up.
(phone ringing) Here we go.
MAN: Where's Secretary Porter? Well, there's been a slight change in plans.
But I have your money.
This is a dangerous game you're playing.
No, no, no, no, no tricks, no games.
I just want my daughter.
Take the stairs to the parking structure, lower level.
Porter's on the move.
Okay, he's taking the stairs to the lower level of the parking structure.
Start walking down until you see the red pickup.
Looking for a red pickup.
TONY: All right, we got a visual 100 yards ahead on the left.
(tires squeal) Got movement.
That's close enough.
(muffled scream) RICHARD: Megan? Drop the money.
(Megan screams) Confirmed visual on suspects.
Armed, gray cargo van, lower level.
(Megan sobbing) (Megan continues sobbing) Okay, you have the money.
Now, give me my daughter! (sobs) Slight change of plans.
Daddy! (screams) (tires squealing) Go! Go! (grunting) (car alarms blaring) McGEE: Car exploded.
Gibbs and Fornell are down.
(car alarms blaring) (alarms continue over speaker) Gibbs? McGee? Answer me.
Gibbs? We need backup now.
(car alarms continue) Ducky I told you, I'm fine.
Thank you for your expert medical opinion, Jethro, but I will be the judge of that.
I almost called your Dr.
That explosion could have given you severe internal injuries.
At least McGee and Fornell had the common sense to go to the hospital.
Yes, which is why I do not have the time to sit around.
Unless you are a surgeon, there's nothing you can do about Mr.
And if you keel over you're not gonna be much help in finding SECNAV's daughter.
Now, sit down.
I positively hate it when you make me talk like that.
You make me sound like my mother.
It's effective.
(chuckles) I should've never let 'em get away.
Well, you have a BOLO out.
The airports and train stations are on alert.
You'll find them.
They got their ransom.
Why are they still holding onto Megan? Well, perhaps it's not only the money they're after.
Hello, who are you? Special Agent Page.
Sorry to interrupt.
Bishop said you were looking for me.
Thanks, Duck.
(chuckles) (elevator bell dings) (elevator bell dings) I'd ask if you were all right, but you don't seem like the "lean on me" type.
Or the verbal type.
You got a pen? What? A pen.
Uh, okay.
Can you do it or not? Yeah.
(elevator bell dings) See what I can do.
Okay, thanks.
Keep us posted.
Richard Porter is still in surgery.
Bullet missed his vest, but they managed to stop the bleeding.
That's a bit of good news, at least.
(elevator bell dings) Well, here comes some more.
McGee, Agent Fornell, glad you guys are back.
You know, I hate hospitals.
Can't shake the smell of antiseptic.
You know what I'm saying? Will you stop complaining? You're not the one who had to drop trou in front of Nurse Ratched.
Where's Gibbs? He's, um, upstairs, MTAC, talking to Vance.
What? No, just It's a nice look-- the neon chin strap.
Did you guys stop by a rave on the way back from the hospital? Look, the ER ran out of bandages, okay? They had to borrow from Pediatrics.
Kind of hard to take you guys seriously with those on.
Is it? As Tony was saying, we were doing background on Richard Porter and found something interesting about his company, D-TAV Biofuel.
Turns out they are in some serious financial trouble.
Millions of dollars in debt, and it's only a matter of time before they become insolvent.
How deep a monetary hole is Richard in? TONY: Zero.
Porter is the CEO, but he has no financial investment in D-TAV, so if the company goes under, all he loses is his job.
Hardly motive for a kidnapping.
Not for Richard, but it was for Justine Wolfe.
His girlfriend? And business partner.
D-TAV was her vision.
Over the last few years, she sunk over five million dollars into the company.
If they went under, Justine stood to lose more than anyone.
Very WASPy.
Kind of reminds me of home.
Uh, a little showy for my taste.
I bet you grew up with dolls that didn't even have faces.
That's an Amish thing.
I know.
Tony, look.
(coughs) It's empty.
Let it air out.
She must have left in a hurry.
She didn't get very far.
(elevator bell dings) Gibbs.
Okay, I'm ready this time.
So go ahead, ask me, ask me, ask me.
Got anything? You know better than to ask me that, Gibbs.
You know I found something.
So when the kidnappers abandoned the van at the mall, they didn't have time to bleach-bomb it like they did the SUV, and I found this on the floor.
Megan Porter's class ring.
I ran an analysis on it and I found a DNA profile on one of the jewel's prongs.
She scratched one of her attackers, Gibbs.
Clever girl.
So I ran that DNA through the system and I got a hit.
Owen Dixon, 38, former overseas operative for Wynnewood Security Services.
GIBBS: Private military company in Dam Neck.
Yup, that's the one.
And guess who used to be a member of Wynnewood's board of directors? Justine Wolfe.
She knew a dozen operatives that could have done her dirty work for her.
Why Dixon? Because she knew that Dixon had history with SECNAV.
Two years ago, Dixon's unit conducted for-hire black ops missions overseas.
SECNAV threatened to pull Wynnewood's contracts if they didn't take action.
Five, including Dixon, were fired and four others were charged and are currently serving prison sentences.
Justine Wolfe's in it for the money, not Dixon.
That's why he's holding on to SECNAV's daughter.
He wants revenge.
Oh, my God.
I'll leave you for a moment.
I don't understand what's going on.
Why would they target Justine? She could've ID'd them.
She was involved in my daughter's abduction? Justine orchestrated it.
Her plan was to use the ransom to bail D-TAV out of debt.
She reached out to a former colleague to do the job.
An Owen Dixon.
Once an operative for Wynnewood Security Services.
Yes, I remember him.
Justine knew that Dixon blamed you for what happened to his unit.
She used him.
Till Dixon double-crossed her.
Well, if he wanted some sort of payback, why not come after me? Why my daughter? Operatives like Dixon, they do their homework.
Your security detail posed a risk.
He found a weakness to exploit.
Those bullets were intended for me, not Richard.
(phone rings) Fornell.
Someone claiming to be the kidnapper called into HQ.
Put him through.
(phone beeps) This is Special Agent Fornell.
DIXON: My instructions were clear.
I said no cops.
Had you listened, that entire mess could've been avoided.
I'm listening now.
I want a private jet, fueled and ready, at Loring Regional Airport, tonight at 9:00 p.
No trackers.
What about Megan? She comes with us.
The only assurance that I have you won't intervene.
But I'd be willing to make a trade.
Megan for her mother.
How badly do you want to save your daughter, Madam Secretary? (line disconnects) Get him the plane.
Do what he wants.
(door opens) Dixon has the advantage.
Going to the airport only makes him vulnerable.
He's playing us.
You know, I've been in her position.
When Emily was abducted, I was willing to do anything to get her back.
So will SECNAV.
I know that.
That's what worries me.
McGEE: Dixon's four accomplices are most likely the four non-incarcerated members of his former Wynnewood Security unit.
BISHOP: According to the company's files, they all received special operations training, worked mainly protection and extraction details in hostile territories.
They also had documented behavioral issues, and if there's one thing you want in your soldier of fortune, it's a impulse control problem.
Of more concern is the arsenal of weapons they may have at their disposal.
During Wynnewood's investigation into Dixon's crew, their armory reported massive inventory discrepancies.
These are not the type of men to go down quietly.
(phone rings, beeps) Yeah, Abbs.
Can you come to the lab? I'm on my way down.
(phone beeps off) (elevator bell dings) Abbs, everything all right? Ah, it is now.
So, I have spent hours combing through Dixon's cell phone calls and bank statements, and I got nothing.
Nah, he's too smart to leave a paper trail.
True, but a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and one of his links made five calls in the last two days to Edmund Baylor.
Who is he? He's a helicopter pilot for a private company, who also received a wire transfer for $50,000 into his bank account this morning.
Where's Baylor now? According to the flight log, he's scheduled to fly a private charter to Canada tonight, at 8:00 p.
He's smuggling Dixon's crew over the border.
The plane was a decoy.
What about Megan Porter? Mm-mm.
She's too valuable to leave behind.
Abbs, get me the location of the helo.
Is Agent Fornell meeting us at the location? No.
FBI has to cover the airfield in case we're wrong about Dixon.
And if we're right, we're to engage with a unit of heavily armed, special ops trained soldiers on our own? (elevator bell dings) We appreciate the vote of confidence, boss, but don't you think maybe we should call for backup? (elevator bell dings) Already have.
(elevator bell dings) MAN: It's all been checked and cleared, ma'am.
Ready to go.
Thank you.
As promised, Agent Gibbs.
(elevator bell dings) You're our backup? And I brought my REACT team.
How come you get all the cool gear? One of the job perks.
So what's the plan, boss? You heard the man.
I'll run you through it.
(Megan crying) (muffled): Where are you taking me? GIBBS: NCIS! (muffled scream) GIBBS: Drop the weapons! You first, or the girl dies.
GIBBS: You're surrounded.
It's over, Dixon.
Check your math.
Did you really think I'd leave us unguarded? My best sniper is in that tree line.
No doubt he's got you in his crosshairs right about now.
It's not good enough.
(gunshot) (grunts) (Megan whimpers) PAGE (over radio): Target down.
(Megan crying) Don't move! Drop your weapons! Don't move! Do it! Let me see your hands! Turn around, face the truck, hands behind your head.
(Megan gasps) Megan, don't look at him.
Look at me.
Look at me.
(crying) It's all right.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Everything's gonna be okay.
All right, you okay? Yeah.
We'll get you home.
(crying) GIBBS: Yeah? (seagull screeching, metallic clang) (elevator bell dings) (indistinct chatter) Okay, Page, so, what does this course consist of? All right, we'll cover three main areas.
First is an advanced weapons session.
Next is tactical movements, where we'll cover silent entries, and then we'll move I'm I'm sorry.
Why-why are you staring at my teeth? Huh? No, I'm not.
Okay, Tim, just please tell him the story already.
You haven't heard this story? What? Bishop knows?! McGEE: All right.
Look, I'll tell you, but you can't make fun of me.
I promise.
My word is my bond.
All right.
Well, Val and I were each other's first kiss.
What does that have to do with the tooth? It was allergy season, and, uh, well, uh, leaned in for a kiss, got a little itch.
Turned to sneeze, and I head-butted her.
Spent the next few hours at the dentist.
Talk about memorable.
Well, Timothy Farragut McGee, you smooth operator.
Thank you for honoring me with the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth.
Page, do tell me, how long are you gonna be in D.
? Because I have so many questions for you.
Uh, actually, I head out tonight.
Oh, so soon? Other field offices to visit, and other agents to train.
Besides, you all will be begging me to leave by the day's end.
Now, let's go.
Got a lot of work to do.
Finish packing up the communications gear.
Mm-hmm, yes, sir.
Right, I'll be there in 30 minutes.
Going someplace? Yeah, Richard Porter regained consciousness.
SECNAV and Megan are getting ready, and we're leaving for the hospital in ten.
Go home.
I'll take care of things.
Actually, I was thinking about driving up and surprising Emily at school.
Give her my best.
I owe you one.
No you don't.
I'll bring you back a bottle of that pure maple syrup.
Do you have an internal alarm that goes off every time a fresh pot is brewed? How's Megan holding up? Better than me.
I spent all night staring at her while she slept.
I was afraid if I went to asleep, she'd be gone when I woke up.
She's safe.
It's over.
Is it? When I took this job, I knew that I'd have to make certain sacrifices, but my daughter's safety can't be one of them.
What does that mean? Well, maybe it's time I reevaluate my priorities.
You're gonna quit? If it's best for my family.
You don't agree? Think I'm letting them win? Being ruled by fear? What? I don't think it matters what I think.
Humor me.
Family is important.
That's it? No rousing pep talk? No "We need you on that wall, Madam Secretary?" Disappointed? A little bit, yeah.
Think you just answered your own question.
(laughs) You're good.
Agent Gibbs, I have to thank you.
For everything.
Any time, Madam Secretary.
Any time.
I'm ready.
(makes kissing sound) You sure you're ready to do this? Gonna be okay? Yes.
I want to be there, Mom.
Daddy needs us.
Car's outside.
Okay, let's go.
Almost forgot something.
Figured you might want this back? That was smart, getting his DNA.
I knew you'd find it.
How? My mom's talked about you.
And all this time, I thought you weren't listening.
Okay, let's go.