NCIS s13e17 Episode Script

After Hours

1 Falls Church 911, what's your emergency? TEEN CALLER: I need help.
I'm in trouble.
Tell me what's going on.
Someone's breaking into my house! I need the cops here fast! All right, where are you? I'm locked in the bathroom.
I don't think they know I'm home.
Can you verify your address? 1450 Bradford Court.
Wait, I think they heard me.
They're coming! They're outside the door! All right, police are on their way-- stay with me.
Do not hang up.
I won't.
Please hurry.
Oh, no.
What's going on? MAN (gruffly): Eric! Eric, you and Adam open this bathroom door right now.
You better not be sending 911 to your cousin's house again.
Your mother's gonna tan your hide.
Listen up.
Prank calling 911 is a serious cri-- (hangs up) Whatever happened to "Ding Dong Ditch"? Falls Church 911, what's you emergency? MAN: I need help.
I'm in trouble.
(chuckles) That's right-- conveying false information to emergency services, with intent to alarm, is punishable by law.
What? WOMAN (crying): This can't be happening.
I'm sorry, start again.
What's your emergency? He's dead.
Who's dead? He was gonna kill her.
Where are you? I had no choice.
Sir, I need to know where you are.
Sir, can you still hear me? Please, just send someone quick.
NCIS 13x17 After Hours @elderman McGEE: Ooh, she's pretty.
Who is she? Her name's Leah.
Met her last week.
It's the first triple-T I've been with in about three years.
"Triple-T"-- Do I even want to know? Tall, tasty, trust-funded.
She could buy and sell us all ten times over.
You, maybe 20 times over.
Watch out! I'm taking her to Fiola's tonight at 7:00.
Oh, fancy! How'd you get that reservation? A buddy of mine knows the chef.
I had to put down a hundred bucks to secure the reservation, non-refundable.
What are you-- crazy? We're on government salaries.
Yeah, it is a little crazy, but I like to live on the edge.
So, what else does Leah do? I have no idea.
Where's she from? She is from-- I have no idea.
Do you talk at all to the girls that you're dating, ever? Talking's overrated, McOprah.
Actually, Tony, I think that communication is the key to a solid relationship.
I find it difficult to take communication advice from a guy who talks to his girlfriend in binary.
(chuckles) We speak English, too.
I can imagine the pillow talk.
Terrorism, gun running, hacking It's so hot, McGee.
Actually, we barely talk about work at home at all.
Yep, it's a rule, in fact.
We do a thing called a "download dinner," and get the work talk out of the way.
I'm sorry, "download dinner"? Do we want to know what that is? We set a timer.
We talk about each other's respective workdays.
Once the timer goes off, we're done talking about work.
Are you an egg? I just threw up in my mouth.
Too much information.
We got a body.
Grab your gear.
Do we all have to go? 'Cause it's getting kind of late.
You got someplace else to be, DiNozzo? Nothing that can't be changed.
Not for a nominal fee, boss.
Hundred bucks.
Wasn't exactly nominal.
So much for living on the edge, huh? PETTY OFFICER: I was on my way home.
And I saw a woman being attacked.
The guy had a knife to her throat, so I pulled over.
I told him to step away.
He came at me with his knife and Have you been in combat, Petty Officer? Just from the gunner's mount of a destroyer.
But not like this.
WOMAN: I was driving down the road when that guy rammed me and forced me to pull over.
(crying): And he yanked me out of my car.
Just take a deep breath.
(inhales, exhales) Um he dragged me over to his SUV and he threw me inside.
And he put a knife to my neck.
(grunts) Thank God that sailor was driving by.
I I'd be dead if it wasn't for him.
You recognize the man who attacked you? No, I've, I've never seen him before.
All right.
The victim say anything to you before you shot him? "Victim"? He's not the victim here.
She is.
I am.
We have no reason to doubt that, okay? Hmm.
Boss? Boss? At first, I tried to scare the guy away.
So I fired a warning shot, but that just it just set him off.
So he-he let go of the girl and then came at me with the knife.
He didn't say anything? No.
You say anything to him? Yeah: Stop.
But he didn't, so I aimed for center mass.
I fired three times.
Got him with the third shot.
Interesting choice in sidearms.
Smith & Wesson World War II Victory Revolver.
It belonged to my grandfather.
He passed away in January.
Our condolences.
The weapon's not registered.
I have the paperwork.
I-I just haven't filed it yet.
To be honest, it-it's still not easy to look at.
My grandfather loved that gun.
But it worked well enough, so I decided to keep it in my glove box.
Why are you looking at me like that? Like what? Like I've done something wrong.
I told you that guy was gonna kill that woman.
And then me.
What the hell was I supposed to do? Maybe exactly what you did.
But the Commonwealth turned this over to us, so we need to collect all the data we can before we draw any conclusions, okay? Sir, I've worked hard for the Navy and my future in it.
I just want you to know that.
Hey, Abby.
Hey, McGee, where are my crime scene vehicles? Well, uh, Tony is still working on getting a tow truck over to Lone Pine Road.
And Gibbs wanted me to check in with you about the antique from the crime scene.
This is a 1942 Smith & Wesson Model 10 Victory Revolver.
It's got all original parts, which is why it's dirty as a dog.
Any prints? Yep.
Petty Officer Muldoon's, as expected.
Anyone else's? Nope.
Well, that's a yawn.
You run a GSR test on Muldoon's clothing? Yep, double yawn.
Shows that he fired the weapon.
And I've got the dead guy's prints on the knife.
And Muldoon's story matches the girl's.
It's pretty straightforward.
Until the other shoe drops.
"Other shoe"? There's always another shoe and it always drops.
I don't know, Abby.
I-I think we may be shoeless on this one.
That's so cute.
TONY: No, hello? It's not a joke, ma'am.
I'm not sure I was clear.
You ex-husband is Our victim's got three ex-wives.
And not one of them wants to come down and I.
the body.
And the one I spoke with asked where to send the thank-you note.
I have no idea how to relate to that.
Let's go.
Our victim.
Our dead guy is Mitchell Grafton, 39.
No family, lives alone.
Cited dozens of times for drunk and disorderly conduct.
Three arrests for drug trafficking, two for battery and one for sexual assault.
All in all, a lovely guy.
Petty Officer Second Class James Muldoon.
Spotless record.
Except for all these awards.
That's a lot of ribbons.
Nearly every expert marksman certification there is.
On top of that, when Muldoon wasn't off being a super sailor, he volunteered for "Stand Tall for Teens," a nonprofit that works with at-risk kids.
It's basically, this guy is, like, just super awesome.
So we've got a known sex offender being taken out by a decorated hero.
Doesn't get much simpler than that.
Boss, you want us to go to the base, talk to his C.
, or? We could try Muldoon's shipmates.
TONY: Or we could-- Go home.
Good night.
Uh, you mean before or after we--? Before I change my mind.
You, too, Bishop.
Go home.
We'll pick it up in the morning.
Yeah, I've got some paperwork to finish up.
(humming happily) Mm-hmm.
(sings happily) All right you're up, Frank.
There we go.
Tonight is the night.
(humming) (whistling jauntily) (glasses ring) (clicks tongue) (exhales) I will serve no wine before its time.
What do you think of that, Kate? Oh.
Warm it up.
The heat is on.
Ooh! Woof! All right.
(imitating McConaughey): All right, all right, all right.
(chuckles) Yeah.
DELILAH: So, I cross-referenced the names in the chat room with the no-fly list, and got a match.
We arrested the suspect before noon.
Ah, nice timing, too.
Thank you.
All right, your turn.
Give me the download.
All right, well it was actually a pretty normal day at the office.
Not much happened except a case came in in the late afternoon.
There was a shooting on Lone Pine Road.
Oh, that's the middle of nowhere.
A petty officer drove by a woman who was being held at knifepoint by a guy.
So he shot the guy, saved the woman.
So the shooter's a hero.
Looks that way.
That's a nice change.
You know, at least until Abby's shoe drops.
Ah, there's always a shoe which always drops.
You know what, I'll honest.
I don't think there are any shoes on this one.
I think we're shoeless.
All right, well, then tell me about the petty officer.
Um, well he said that he left work, he stopped by a place called Mick's Convenience Store, got some groceries and headed home.
(shushing) Do you hear that? Hear what? The sound of your first shoe dropping.
I'm not following.
And you know what? I think I need a new analogy.
(laughs) Okay, you said the attack happened off Lone Pine Road.
Okay, my uncle used to live in that area, and he would take us to Mick's all the time when we were growing up, for ice cream.
Tim Mick's Convenience Store is in Arnold's Corner.
And Arnold's Corner-- Is in the opposite direction of Lone Pine Road.
Nowhere near the shooting.
(timer dings) All right, work's done.
Time to eat.
Why would the petty officer lie to us? (sighs quietly) (clattering) (sighs) (TV playing) (turns off TV) So, we could do Hawaii this year, but I've been there so many times.
You know what I was thinking? Turks & Caicos.
Ever been? No.
Well, would you like to go? Tim? Would you like to go? Go where? You're still thinking about the case, aren't you? No, no Tim, we've talked about this.
If we don't leave work at work, then it's work 24-7.
And then there's nothing for us.
I know.
Okay, so then just push the case out of your mind until it stays out.
Please? And eat.
I did not spend two hours making you dinner for you to stare at it.
You're absolutely right.
I apologize.
Good boy.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to use the ladies' room.
But when I get back, I want to talk about the most boring, normal things in the world, deal? Deal.
Dinner was fantastic.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
You ready for dessert? I could be talked into it.
The cat has enough food for the night.
Oh! I thought you had a dog.
No, um, I am a cat person.
I like cats.
Bobcats, alley cats, wildcats stray cats.
(laughs) (gasps) Well How funny.
I thought you said you had a dog.
I'm a cat person.
Well, where is she? Here, kitty, kitty.
Here, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty.
Unfortunately, Frank died a few weeks ago.
Oh, you poor thing.
I am so sorry.
Do you want to talk about it? I could use a hug.
Oh Let me take your coat.
It's beautiful.
Thank you.
Nice place.
Thank you.
I never get to enjoy it.
I'm always working.
Oh, right, and you are a Federal agent.
Something I have never dated before.
Tell me.
Where do you keep your gun? I keep it in a secure place.
Until it's needed.
And, uh, how do you know when it's needed? A man and his gun have a special relationship.
Sounds like you take good care of it.
I have to.
A gun that isn't well-maintained could cost someone their life.
Hmm (chuckles) What's wrong? Why would a marksman maintain his weapon so poorly? What? Never mind.
(both chuckle) What are you doing? Petty Officer Muldoon's car.
Something about it's always bugged me.
Oh, yeah? He parked all the way back here.
Pretty, pretty far back from these two cars.
I can see that.
All the way back by the bread roll boulder.
And Muldoon said he saw the attacker holding a woman with a knife to her throat.
But she was supposedly already in the car when Muldoon pulled up.
So how would've been able to see a detail like that all the way back here, when the attack was up here? How could he see that attack? How could you not see the attack that's about to take place right here? Download dinner is over.
And you destroyed the real dinner! Delilah, hold on, I just Well Oh, yeah? Oh, what you just? You were the one that said the whole thing about getting ice cream from Mick's in the opposite direction.
Really! You're gonna, you're gonna try to blame me for this? I'm the one who ruined dinner? Danger, Tim Robinson.
I did not say that dinner is ruined.
Dinner is not ruined.
Dinner's fine.
Dinner's not ruined for anyone.
I can eat.
I can still eat this.
Oh, okay, fine.
(chuckles) Eat it.
(sighs) Victoria was pretty adorable today, Grandpa Ducky.
She was making, uh, pig and duck noises.
(oinks) Quack, quack, quack.
Yes, as you can imagine, quack-quack noises were very popular in my family when I was growing up.
That's because you didn't grow up on a farm.
We didn't have to make animal noises.
They did it for us.
You're working late.
Well, not much happening at my place these days.
Caught up on some work.
Thought I'd check in with you guys before I headed out.
We, uh, verified the cause of death.
Yeah, Mr.
Grafton died from a spinal injury due to a gunshot to his abdomen.
Courtesy of this .
38-caliber slug we played from his T7 vertebra.
Died within a matter of seconds.
So, yet again, no surprises.
Ooh, I didn't say that.
Ooh, what? (chuckles) Well, this man was lying on his left side when we arrived at the crime scene.
But postmortem lividity indicates that he was originally lying on his right.
So, somebody moved Grafton's body? After he was killed.
Witnesses never said anything about that.
The other surprise we found was the time of death.
Once we had accurate outdoor temperature readings, we were able to redefine our time of death to 2:15 p.
Petty Officer Muldoon didn't call 911 until an hour later.
Which begs the question What happened in that hour? You don't actually play, do you? Well, yeah, a little.
You know, I don't like to bother the neighbors.
Walls are thin.
Plus, as you can tell, I'm kind of shy.
(chuckles) You know, "Strangers in the Night" is one of my favorite songs.
You don't say.
What a coincidence.
You have to play for me.
Oh, I couldn't.
(chuckles) Oh.
Fasten your seatbelt.
(playing glissando) Just a little, is that right? (laughs) Strangers in the night Exchanging glances Wandering in the night What were the chances We'd be sharing love Before the night was Through? You are very, very good at that.
(chuckles) Are you as good with that gun of yours? I never miss a shot Even at high noon How on earth did Petty Officer Muldoon? It took him three shots To nail that Guy I don't think those are the words.
He's an expert marksman.
Maybe we should skip the song.
Sounds great.
So, um, what did you have in mind for an encore? How do you feel about mystery novels? You mean, like books? Yeah, books.
Uh (mutters) who doesn't love a good story? Good.
'Cause I got one I want to run by you.
You're gonna love it.
Why aren't you at home? I want to talk about the case.
Told you we'd pick it up tomorrow.
Says the man staring at crime scene photos.
I spoke to Ducky and Jimmy before I left, and they think that-- The body was moved? Oh, they called already? Nope.
Then, how did you? There's blood spatter on the handle and on the sheath, but there's none on the blade.
The knife must've been in the sheath then.
If Grafton was holding it out, the blade would be bloody, too.
Crime scene was staged.
Ducky said that Muldoon waited over an hour to call 911 after the shooting.
(wry laugh) If we're gonna work, you got any food around here? I have three TV dinners.
No, I need some food with a little bit more food in it.
Then let's go get something.
Lights out.
Really? You're just gonna let me pretend like I'm sleeping? Lights on.
Look, Delilah I'm really sorry, okay? Truly, I'm, I know I've been acting weird tonight, but there's something about this case.
Sounds like every other case to me.
(sighs) It's not, though.
It's different.
My gut is telling me that the good guys are alive and the bad guy's dead.
And all the evidence points that way.
(sighs) But-but things aren't adding up.
And so I'm questioning, is my gut wrong? Do I question that? Because, you know it's a terrible thing to in my line of work-- you know, people die that way.
Your gut's telling you something's not adding up.
But, Tim, we have to put it all behind us when we get home.
I don't I don't work to be the basis of our relationship.
(sighs) Look what happened to Bishop.
I What happens one day if we are allowed to talk about work with each other? (phone chimes) Jimmy.
Says the body was moved.
You know what, I can deal with this tomorrow.
Lights off.
Lights on.
Who would've moved the body? What? I mean, that's a big deal, right? Are you testing me? No, I'm serious.
Yes, it is a big deal that they moved the body.
That means the witnesses lied to us.
So maybe they were hiding something.
That's usually what it means.
And maybe the good guy isn't still alive after all.
WAITRESS: Hey, Gibbs.
The usual? Yeah, that'd be great.
I'll take a bowl of chili with onions and cheese and the turkey Reuben, Russian dressing an order of fries and (muttering) let's see uh, pancakes, please.
She hasn't eaten in a week.
(waitress and Gibbs chuckle) So, how's your new place? It's good.
Day two is going great.
I got a sofa.
And I am actually starting to enjoy the quiet.
And I'm gonna keep telling myself that until it's true.
So Grafton's body was moved.
Which means our witnesses didn't tell us the truth.
Amy Harrison-- what do we know about her? McGee was running her background, but I can access her file from here.
She works in medical billing.
Nothing unusual in her bank statements, no arrests Huh.
Not true.
Harrison actually spent eight months in a juvenile detention center in 2005.
For what? Records are sealed.
They're sealed? By who, the courts? It doesn't say.
We need to get back to that crime scene, expand the search radius.
If they moved the body Who knows what else they moved.
TONY: The thing is, the gun Petty Officer Muldoon had in his glove compartment was a rare antique, and that's weird, right? Very, very weird.
(chortles) Thank you! Because an expert marksman like that would have kept a family heirloom locked away in a case.
At the very least, well-oiled and maintained.
Which was my hope for the evening.
Any chance for a refill, Inspector Clouseau? Ah.
(chuckles) And speaking of marksmen, there's no way Petty Officer Muldoon would've taken three shots to drop that guy.
He would've nailed him on the first shot.
He's a pro.
Yeah, well, pros do miss on the first shot.
(clicks tongue) You sure as hell did.
Listen, Tony you're clearly somewhere else, and I am starting to think that I should be, too.
Oh, no.
I'm-I'm so sorry.
(clears throat) Um, please, give me a second chance.
Here's my e-mail.
When can I see you again? Never.
I just really want to know how this case you've been talking about for the last hour turns out.
Tow trucks still aren't here.
We used a 50-foot radius last time.
Make it 250-- we missed something.
What are we looking for? Whatever we missed.
MAN: Special Agent Gibbs.
Back again.
Thought we'd have a second look.
Suit yourself.
Your friends are over there.
Our friends? Boss? Bishop.
McGee? Delilah? What are you guys doing here? I imagine the same thing you are.
McGEE: Guess, uh, Tony was the only one that was able to keep this out of his head.
I thank you, good sir.
See, this is why we shouldn't go home at night.
There's no point.
Where's your date? Probably the same place your download dinner went, McBite Me.
No comment.
Okay, what do we got? Well, Muldoon's story is Swiss cheese.
He lied to us about where he came from.
I found out the convenience store is on the opp Sorry.
Delilah informed me that the convenience store is in the opposite direction.
There's no way he could've been the shooter.
Or that he was even attacked.
Grafton wasn't even holding his knife when he was killed.
Amy Harrison.
Boss? It's the only name we haven't talked about.
DiNozzo, Bishop, canvass the tree line behind these cars.
McGee, you tear her car apart.
I already did.
I got tired of waiting in the tow truck, so I UberPool'd over with Delilah and McGee.
And you're gonna be really happy that I did.
You find something? Yeah.
Okay, so, this vehicle has Internet via an onboard satellite connection.
It makes it, like, a local Wi-Fi hot spot.
Amy Harrison used that to text Petty Officer Muldoon this afternoon after Grafton was killed.
She lied to us.
She knew him.
Actually she's been texting him for the last three months.
She knew him really well.
You mind telling me why I've been dragged off my ship in the middle of the night? GIBBS: Oh, I can't wait.
TONY: First off, um you care to revise the statement you made to us yesterday? And why would I do that? Because it's BS.
TONY: Let's look at some pictures, huh? Okay, so Oh, there's you.
And, then, look at all these pretty ribbons.
There's your Pistol Marksmanship Ribbon, and that one's your Rifle Marksmanship Ribbon.
Lot of ribbons.
Good job.
I ranked second in my division.
Yeah, I know.
But you said it took three shots to take down Grafton, and you were less than 20 feet away.
How does that work? I'd never fired at a live target before.
My hands were shaking, so GIBBS: You wait an hour after Grafton was killed before you called 911? I didn't.
Hey, you want our help? You level with us.
I am.
No, you're not.
You're lying to us.
You lied about where you were coming from, you lied about being attacked with a knife, and you lied about knowing Amy Harrison.
She's got nothing to do with this.
GIBBS: We got a dead guy you say you didn't kill, and she was the only other person there.
I was on my way home.
I saw a girl being attacked.
I stopped to help.
The guy came at me with a knife.
I shot him.
That's what happened.
That's the story you rehearsed for an hour before you called 911, right? This is not my first time doing this, man.
I'm done talking about this.
I'm officially invoking my Article 31 rights, and hereby request a lawyer be assigned to me.
TONY: Hmm.
All right.
What'd you get? That's his story, and he's stickin' to it.
What do we have? McGEE: Well, nothing on the plasma.
We usually don't set that out till first thing in the morning.
And morning hasn't happened yet.
Like you did with that dinner I slaved over.
I thought we settled all of that.
I'll take that.
We've got a dead guy on the road with a rap sheet a mile long.
We also have a hero petty officer claiming to be the shooter.
No idea.
But we know the girl is involved.
Tony, I think you may have gone a little overboard with your stick figures' non-sticky parts.
Well, how else are you supposed to know that it's female? Unless she starts nagging me about what a bad date I am.
Um, long hair? Skirt.
(sighs) Everybody's a critic.
GIBBS: Abbs.
On my way down.
All right, we focus on her.
Her juvie record's sealed.
McGee, unseal it.
Hack the Department of Corrections? That's a good look for you.
Abby I told you to go home.
Are you kidding me? And miss an all-nighter? I feel like I'm 13 years old at Missy Trayman's house when her dad passed out drunk and we got to stay up till dawn.
Now that I think about it, Missy had a pretty sad childhood.
You said you had something.
I do.
Previously, on Abby's Lab Abby tells McGee that Muldoon's prints were on the murder weapon.
I know.
I read the report.
Later, the entire team returns to the crime scene and finds new evidence, including (taps keyboard) the spent slugs from the shooting.
Is this going somewhere? Yeah.
Muldoon's prints might have been on the gun, but Amy Harrison's DNA was on the bullets.
I don't know whose gun it is, but she's the one that loaded it.
This is crazy.
That guy assaulted me, and I'm the one being interrogated in the middle of the night? Because "that guy" just happened to have been a guard at the North Brook Detention Center.
Same time you were there.
So? You told us you'd never seen him before.
(sighs) If I did, I don't remember.
He brought you your meals every day for eight months.
Grafton had a record for drug trafficking.
You were serving time for drug dealing.
Here you are, years later, still buddies.
You two became business partners? BISHOP: Then what happened? Something go south with you two? I'm not a drug dealer.
Just a murderer? No! GIBBS: We have your DNA on the bullets.
The weapon is yours.
And when we find gunshot residue on your clothes, it'll prove you fired it.
(crying): No.
I GIBBS: Yeah.
You missed him with the first two shots.
You hit Grafton with the third.
But the petty officer knew that we would test his clothes, so he fired it a fourth time to contaminate himself.
(whispers): This can't be happening.
The only thing we don't know is why a decorated Navy sailor is covering for you.
Are you gonna let him take the fall? Wait for it, wait for it I wasn't dealing drugs.
(crying): I wasn't.
I got busted for a bag of pot in my locker (sniffles) and I wouldn't rat out the guys who were dealing it, so I ended up taking the rap myself.
I served eight months, I got out, I had my records sealed, and I never thought about North Brook again.
Until yesterday.
I I stopped for gas in Falls Church and I saw him.
(exhales) It was it was like getting punched in the stomach.
I I couldn't breathe.
And suddenly, I was following him in my car out of the parking lot, (distorted clattering, gasping) and these these memories just started flashing through my mind.
(gasping, sobbing) The fear the smells the pain.
I barely remember following him.
I don't remember hitting him with my car at all.
I I think it was an accident.
I don't know.
But I I do remember the wave of rage and humiliation and shame.
(sniffles) And he (wry chuckle) he recognized me instantly.
He was at my door, screaming and then I was outside the car, and he came towards me, and, uh I could hear the gun going off (sighs deeply) and then he was dead.
And I just, I I was so scared.
I-I didn't know what to do.
And so I called Jim (vehicle approaching) and it was my idea to move the cars and change the crime scene.
Please Jim Jim didn't want to do it.
He didn't want anything to do with it, but I-I begged him to cover for me, because I didn't think that you would understand.
Lying to you was my idea.
It wasn't her idea; it was mine.
Yeah, we know.
That son of a bitch raped her for eight months straight when she was a child, and nobody did a damn thing about it.
I wasn't gonna let her go to jail just because some judge didn't take that into account.
She could have argued self-defense.
Well, I thought my way had better odds.
Does she know that you're in love with her? (sighs) No.
I mean, I I don't know.
I don't think so.
We only met a few months ago.
We were both volunteering at the same teen outreach program.
I know.
(sighs) We talked a lot.
But just as friends.
She finally told me about being raped.
She said I was the first guy she felt safe with since it happened.
So how do you jump from that to "Want to grab a drink sometime?" I'm the last guy you want to take advice on women from.
So what now? She had a case for self-defense.
She still does.
We're not pursuing obstruction.
Against either of you.
(sighs) Assuming that you are telling the truth this time.
Thank you.
McGEE: Ah, I can't wait to take a shower.
Oh, I just want to crawl into bed.
DELILAH: I'm actually looking forward to going home now.
Good morning, people at NCIS.
Boss, we can go home now? Told you to go home 13 hours ago.
TONY: Go, go, go.
This could be bad.
Come on.
Where? Quick, the door! How many? Hold on.