NCIS s13e18 Episode Script


1 (birds screeching) (wind whistling softly) ELAINE: Next time you do a research trip through the Middle East, remind me not to waste my leave tagging along.
Look, no one forced you to come.
Spencer, you literally got on your knees and begged me to come.
And you said yes.
We never should have left Turkey.
What is this, anyway? There's nothing out there.
(heart beating slowly) I thought you were writing about city life.
(bullet whistles) (grunts) (screaming, panting) (panting) Spencer.
(panting) (scope beeps) (bullet whistles) (grunts) (gunshot echoing in distance) NCIS 13x18 Scope @elderman (elevator bell dings) Oh, God, I love springtime.
Crisp air.
Fresh start.
Out with the old, in I'm gonna stop you right there.
I'll be honest, I didn't get any spring cleaning done last night.
What about our pact? I know I was gonna get some done this morning, but Delilah kind of made breakfast.
The whole point of the pact is to motivate each other.
I know, but this breakfast was amazing.
She made a burrito, a breakfast burrito, with seven layers.
All right, look, you want me to do the spring cleaning, I can start right now.
These two drawers down here, I haven't touched those in a least a decade.
I'll get started on those.
I started on my storage unit this morning.
My mom sent me these boxes of junk from when I was a kid, and I am plowing through them.
Look at this.
Is that you? Hey, hey.
That's the picture Kate drew of you, huh? She really knew how to capture the essence of the nerd.
By the way, spring cleaning pact-- super awesome.
High five.
And I'm the nerd.
Went into my junk drawer last night.
Cleaned that thing out, found a little pot of gold.
BISHOP: Mm, gift certificate to Angelini's Italian Restaurant.
Mm-hmm, it was a Valentine's Day gift from my father.
BISHOP: Tony, this is far.
You're gonna drive two hours for spaghetti? I think the bigger question is: why did your dad get you a Valentine's Day gift? Because he loves me, Tim.
The two-hour drive up historic Route 1 is half the appeal.
I am gonna rent a motorcycle.
Like Marlon Brando in The Wild One.
Then I'm gonna top it off with some marinara.
All I need to do is find a lovely lady to hop on back and be my Mary Murphy.
How about Stephanie? Sarah? Angelique? No.
It needs to be somebody special.
Ah, watch it, DiNozzo.
Coming through.
BISHOP: Gibbs, did you bring us coffee? No.
Coffee's mine.
McGEE: All of it? GIBBS: Yeah, I didn't sleep last night.
TONY: Well, that's not healthy.
Why? DiNozzo, if I wanted you to know, I would've told you.
Come on, let's go.
We got Special Agent West at Al Asad.
Let's go.
Appreciate you coming onboard.
VANCE: What are we looking at? Three victims.
One local, two Americans.
We positively I.
'd the couple as Chief Petty Officer Elaine Dodd and her husband Spencer.
I'm guessing Iraqi police took custody of the local body.
That's correct.
And I took the liberty of having the Dodds' remains transported.
You should receive them shortly.
Agent West, what were these two doing in Iraq? Visit was personal in nature.
CPO Dodd was on leave.
According to your report, the incident happened several days ago.
As an estimate, yes.
But news of it didn't reach us until yesterday.
Insurgents? This is their territory.
American targets, apparently random.
This attack fits the bill.
Random or not, this is an assassination of two of our own.
The Iraqi police can do as they please.
I want an investigation.
We'll repatriate the bodies, you and your team will handle anything in-field.
Director, there's something else.
The scene was a mess.
Those bullets had to be carrying quite a bit of speed.
Shot from a distance.
And with extreme accuracy.
Insurgents in the area have been known to attach Chinese scopes to Soviet rifles.
True, but we canvassed within a mile radius.
There's no witnesses.
Now, it's possible our shooter was a stealthy S.
, but I happen to think otherwise.
fired from over a mile away? Which means he had access to a weapon more advanced than I've ever seen them use.
Until this threat is neutralized, every American on the ground out here is in a whole new kind of danger.
You know, Mr.
Palmer, sharpshooters have been around for centuries.
In fact, in a way, America owes its independence to a sniper.
Really, Doctor? Yes, his name was Captain Patrick Ferguson.
And I might add, he was a fellow Scot.
Well, if he was fighting for the British, he must have done a pretty awful job if he won the war for us.
(chuckles) On the contrary.
Ferguson was the finest shot in the British army.
Yes, at the Battle of Brandywine, he had an American officer in his sights.
But the officer had his back turned, and Ferguson thought it was dishonorable to take the shot.
That American officer was General George Washington.
So if Ferguson would've taken that shot, (English accent): then we'd all be wearing powdered wigs and talking like we're sophisticated and whatnot.
(laughs) Because that's how they roll in Britain.
The point is, Mr.
Palmer, that a single act can have ramifications beyond one's own comprehension.
(elevator bell dings) Ah, now, Jethro.
What do you got, Duck? The bullets had tremendous velocity.
They went (sputters) through-and-through.
They were precise kill shots to the chest, despite the fact that they were fast-moving targets.
This was the work of a highly-skilled sniper with a formidable weapon.
You got a time of death? (chuckles) That's a bit tricky.
With the lack of detailed Iraqi police records and varied travel temperatures, time zones Ballpark.
Well, three days ago.
What? Oh, Bishop told me that you didn't get any sleep last night, and honestly, I don't see any sign of it.
I mean, it's like, it's like nothing ever gets to you.
Like you're some kind of superhero, you know? Like, uh, like, C-Captain Wolf-Eyes.
Yeah? (groans) (elevator bell dings) Every time he does that, I feel special.
(chuckles softly) (elevator bell dings) Gibbs.
How are you feeling? McGee told me that you didn't get any sleep.
Yeah, press conference is at 10:00.
Can we move on? Yeah.
But first I have to show you something.
It's a Caf-POW! hands-free drinking helmet.
I just thought, you know, after I heard how much coffee you bought this morning, this would be an easier way to get caffeine in emergency situations.
It's like it's like a a boost of magic on your head.
I ordered you one.
Abbs, can we move on, or what? Yes.
We are moving on to these.
The bullet fragments that Ducky pulled from the body.
They give you a full picture? Enough to determine the caliber.
Yeah, but there's more.
I analyzed the composition.
These are armor- piercing bullets.
They were specially manufactured for the U.
The weapon is one of ours? I can't say for sure.
But if it was, like, where did it come from? Two months ago, a firefight occurred just three miles west of the road where CPO Dodd and her husband were killed.
McGEE: Team of four experienced Special Ops Marines, including snipers, were on a reconnaissance mission when they engaged with insurgents.
These Marines were outfitted with a prototype weapon, Gibbs.
TONY: Meet the XR-30.
McGEE: Built-in infrared and suppressor.
But the star is the scope's high-grade electronic tracking system.
Takes the guesswork out of hitting a moving target.
And by guesswork, you mean skill.
McGEE: It's like a fighter jet.
Locks onto its target, computer does the rest.
It's got a range of up to 2,000 meters.
You think one of these killed our victims? Explains how the shooter was able to hit a moving target from the next town over.
If that weapon were seized, our military would be all over it.
BISHOP: That's the thing, Gibbs, the Marines didn't know.
The After Action Report had all four weapons destroyed by an RPG.
Right after the firefight, Iraqi army set up an outpost at the site to curtail insurgent activity.
TONY: Our guys went in, analyzed the debris.
Weapon fragments were found.
Only one Marine survived.
Gunnery Sergeant Aaron Davis.
BISHOP: As he was being medevac'd out, Davis was conscious and talking about the battle.
Hasn't spoken about the incident since.
Looking down the scope, it's likely Davis saw faces.
He might be able to I.
whoever captured the weapon.
Where is he now? Still at Walter Reed recovering.
He nearly lost his leg.
He's also dealing with impaired vision and posttraumatic stress syndrome.
He's got a long road ahead of him.
GRACE: I don't know him personally.
Several of my colleagues are treating him.
I talked to his P and his psychiatrist, and I've read his file.
Now, he doesn't remember, or he doesn't want to? Mm, unclear.
Either way, he's completely shut down.
Therapy's not working? Gibbs, Davis saw his brothers blown away by an RPG.
He was wounded and defenseless for 30 minutes before medevac could get to him.
That had to feel like a lifetime.
Now he's back here; he's struggling to put one foot in front of the other the way he used to.
And he's got 12 hours a day to stare at the wall and think about it.
Therapy's not working.
(sighs) Taft said you were an ass, but my God.
No, this is not about me.
No, I know.
Crossword puzzles and meatloaf and you're good to go.
But the idea of a real session-- pure lunacy.
Hey, Doc, Taft didn't tell you all of it, okay? I was in the Corps.
I saw combat.
I lived it.
I don't need your speeches what it's like.
But, hey, this isn't about you.
Davis has a 16-year-old daughter.
She's visited once since he got back, and now he's refusing to see her.
I would like you to talk to him and try to get through.
Yeah, well, I'm not gonna do it.
Gunnery Sergeant Davis has a perfectly capable psychiatrist right here in this hospital.
I told you, one of my colleagues is treating him.
Doc, I need you to get through.
That's right.
You need.
Ah, geez.
Will you just listen? No, you listen.
Davis is more likely to connect with you than anyone.
I suggest you talk to him.
Sniper to sniper.
That's right, Popeye.
Taft told me enough.
Fact is, you and Davis, I couldn't have found a better match.
You snipers are a very difficult breed.
Gunnery Sergeant Davis.
Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS.
And I'm sorry to barge in.
Well, I was baking a cake and about to solve the energy crisis, so (chuckles) I was hoping to talk to you about the, uh, night you were wounded.
One of your weapons was captured.
And we're looking for the people who took it.
No, the weapons were, uh, destroyed.
You sure? Yeah.
I, uh I can't, I can't, I can't help you.
(groans) Hey, Gunny, all I'm asking is you try.
(sighs) Agent Gibbs? That's-that's what it is? Agent Gibbs? (clears throat) You want to know what I got? I got this room.
This sad, little, borrowed room.
It's mine.
So I'm telling you to get out.
(door closes) (sighs) WOMAN (in distance): Director Vance's office.
I'm thinking Cheryl.
What? Back of the motorcycle, wind in our hair.
Lady and the Tramp spaghetti kiss.
I'm thinking Cheryl.
Which one is Cheryl? You know, the one with the crazy sexy glasses.
Oh, right, right, right.
Crazy sexy glasses Cheryl, yes.
She like Italian? (laughs): Oh, McIrish.
Everybody likes Italian.
You're up.
VANCE: What do we know? TONY: We're looking at the possibility the Dodds were targeted.
CPO Dodd was assigned to the Navy Comptroller's Office at the Pentagon.
Privy to a good deal of financial information.
It's possible she could've gotten caught up in something she couldn't get out of.
And the husband? He was doing research for a novel.
Supposedly, the wife was just along for the ride.
(phone ringing) Gibbs.
Boss, hey.
I got you on speakerphone here with Tony and Director Vance.
Anything? VANCE: Well, your team has gotten as far as theories, Gibbs.
I'm hoping you can show them up with something more solid.
Oh, afraid not.
Did you talk to Davis? Talk's a strong word.
You think he saw who took the weapon? I don't know.
He kicked me out of his room.
You have to get him to talk, Gibbs.
(chuckles) McGee, track down his daughter.
See if maybe she has an in.
On it.
And in the meantime? GIBBS: In the meantime, I sit here and wait.
That doesn't seem like a very wise use of time, Gibbs.
Patient and stubborn.
It's what snipers are.
It's what we respond to.
McGEE: When was the last time you saw your father? Um, when he first got to the hospital.
He asked me not to come back until he gets better.
You know, I think he's sorry he taught me to look.
He says everything's in the details.
Like how he looks through his scope.
So he thought you'd be observant.
Why would he be sorry for that? Because now I love details.
Well, his leg-- yeah, everyone sees that, but I saw the way he covered it with a blanket to make it look normal for me.
And when I see something, I have to say it.
Like with you guys.
What? Well, I know you were out fighting crime.
You both have blood on your shirts.
My God, that's microscopic.
I don't know how you see this.
It's actually not blood; it's ketchup.
I had a breakfast burrito this morning.
It was seven layers; it was amazing.
Mine's rust, actually.
I was cleaning out my storage unit this morning.
Got into a little battle with an old toy.
Well, what else is in your storage unit? Excuse me? I told you, I like details.
Uh, you know, just old stuff.
Agent Bishop here is a cleaning machine.
Lightning speed.
Yeah, but don't you want to enjoy it? The cleaning? No.
The memories.
Riley, some of these details that you're talking about, can you tell us any about your dad? Mm.
He used to sing all the time.
(chuckles) He always seemed happiest when he was singing.
(upbeat rock song playing) A blind man shooting a basket A villain driving a car A cat that plays the piano And a a wannabe rock star 'Cause I'm just another patriotic guy And this is just another patriotic song (music continues) (quietly): What is this? Program's called MusiCorps.
It helps wounded warriors play music as part of their recovery.
They even have a band that performs.
Sense of purpose.
Instills confidence and improves function in those with PTSS and traumatic brain injury.
And it works, Gibbs.
Not overnight, but it works.
That's Arthur Bloom.
He's head of the program.
I went to go talk to him about enrolling Davis.
What'd he say? Davis has been coming to this room every day for three weeks, but he doesn't participate.
He just sits in the back and watches.
Checked out some YouTube, too See what I missed A blind man shooting a basket A villain driving a car A cat that plays the piano And a a wannabe rock star 'Cause I'm just another patriotic guy And this is just another patriotic song.
Riley, what's on your necklace? Oh.
Have you heard of a hog's tooth? Well, when a Marine graduates sniper school, they call him a HOG.
“Hunter of gunmen.
” Yeah.
And at graduation, they get a necklace called a hog's tooth.
And the idea is there's a bullet out there that's meant for you, but if you have it around your neck, then you'll be safe.
Last time I saw my dad, he gave it to me.
I didn't want to take it, but he said he didn't need it anymore.
He was just gonna throw it away.
Hey, sorry to interrupt.
We got something.
Um, I know I can think of more.
Um, I can write it down.
That'd be great.
TONY: Spencer Dodd's passport was scanned at Dulles Airport day after the murders.
Whoever killed the Dodds was after a passport? It's a great way to get into the country fast and undetected.
BISHOP: So our guy has to look enough like Dodd to be able to pass for him.
Do we have airport surveillance? Abby's all over it.
(elevator bell dings) I'm all over it.
TONY: All right.
Let's Abby the hell out of this thing.
Okay, Spencer Dodd's passport-- the imposter used it to sneak into the country.
But the airport surveillance I have on “Spencer imposter” is limited.
How limited? ABBY: This is the best piece I got.
That's it? Piece of an ear? The Spencer imposter is like the Houdini of airport surveillance.
There's a little resemblance to Dodd.
Radicalized American maybe? Could be.
You get anything else from this picture? ABBY: I did find him getting into a cab.
And I got the cab number.
Which company? I'll get them on the phone.
Already called them; waiting for a call back.
Which gives us time for me to show you my crazy cool project.
So, I talked to Gibbs about the awesomeness of MusiCorps, and then I called them.
(phone ringing) Oh.
Cab company.
Forensic scientist Abigail Sciuto.
(man speaks indistinctly over phone) Thanks.
Driver dropped off Spencer imposter at the Drake Motel off State Route 40.
All right, McGee, let's go.
Bishop, call the motel, find the room number.
Thank you, Abby! McGEE: Federal agents.
He was here.
I found something.
He was shipping something? Well, packages were shipped to the motel from Baghdad.
Customs form says photography equipment.
But I'm guessing that would fit the barrel of a gun pretty well.
He took the XR-30 apart, shipped it to himself.
Must have it back together by now.
(elevator bell dings) TONY: Bishop, motel manager said our guy registered under the name Robert Quinn.
McGEE: And packages were addressed to the same name, too.
That give us anything? No.
Manager's description matched the piece from our airport pic, five-ten, Caucasian, glasses.
We were actually able to pull some fingerprints from the motel room.
I'm gonna get this stuff down to Abby.
This Quinn kills an American for a passport, ships himself an XR-30 in pieces to get it by customs, then puts it back together.
That's a whole lot of trouble.
What's his target? WOMAN (over P.
): Captain Wilson to dialysis.
Captain Wilson, please report to dialysis.
(gunshot, man grunts) (gunshot, man grunts) (gunshot echoes) How long were you planning on sitting out there? Probably sleep better out there than I did last night.
What? Insomnia? No.
Couch is old and a spring popped through.
Kept me up.
What you doing out on the couch? Wifey got you in the doghouse? No.
No, it's nothing like that.
The bedroom was ours, you know? And Well, she passed away.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
Well, I looked you up online.
I'm online? (chuckles): Yes.
We all are, sir.
(sighs) Why didn't you tell me you were a HOG? You see any action? Desert Storm.
What were you packing, M40? A1.
Ten-power, fixed mil-dot scope.
What was the range on that thing? Depends who's shooting it.
(laughs) Yeah.
900 meters.
You like it? Yeah, it was good to me.
Nothing like what you carried.
Ask me.
You had a good hide on the ground.
Half a dozen insurgents approaching.
I saw one go into a building across the way.
I couldn't see what he was doing, but he was whispering to a bunch of them in Arabic.
The rest of them were, like, 90 90 meters out.
But then they had some friends up on the hillside.
We took an RPG.
Your weapons? Well, when I came to, enemy was gone.
Pretty sure they thought I was dead.
I thought the weapons had been destroyed.
There wasn't enough left of anyone else.
So if they got one, must have been mine.
There's nothing you could've done.
I didn't see any of their faces, so you know, you're wasting your time.
No, not a waste, Gunny.
Um, excuse me.
Um, I'm looking for Agent McGee or Agent Bishop.
I-I finished writing the stuff about my dad.
I'll make sure they get that.
AGENT: I'll be over by the elevator.
My boss spoke with your dad.
Really? Mm-hmm.
Well, do you think he'd want to see me? I mean, if he talked to your boss, then maybe he'll want to talk to me, too.
I mean, I-I should just call him.
Riley, you know what I think? You think good Italian food is worth driving two hours for.
How on earth do you know that? Gift certificate to Angelini's.
I went there with my dad and grandma once.
It was awesome.
It was, like, the perfect family night.
You are very observant.
And, yes, I'm looking forward to that a lot.
Well, it's all about family, right? (elevator bell dings) Gibbs, glad you're here.
I've been dying to tell someone.
What, Abbs? Well, I contacted MusiCorps to see if there was anything I could do to help, and I started talking to Crouse.
Crouse is in the band, and Crouse is amazing.
He invented all these gadgets so that other wounded warriors can play music instruments, and I am helping him with this one.
Well, what is it? It's a percussion instrument made out of a guitar, so a soldier that's lost his legs can play a full drum kit.
With his hands.
It's, like, the greatest day ever.
That's great, Abbs.
I'm also really glad that you're here because I have things to tell you.
Um, the fingerprints from the motel gave me nothing, but this shipping box gave me something.
Quinn must have been writing on top of it, because the pen went through the paper and left these indentations.
What are the numbers for? Well, haven't figured that out yet.
I can tell by the look on your face that there's something else I can help you with.
(whispering): I can't tell by the look on your face that there's something else I can help you with.
No, no, Abbs, Abbs.
Davis said he heard an insurgent whispering to his friends.
The friends were 90 meters out.
Well, that's way too far for a whisper.
You think he was talking to himself? No, I don't, because I've seen it before.
Insurgents in the area taping their attacks for propaganda.
Whispering into a camera.
Making a video.
But instead there was a firefight.
But if the battle were recorded, the insurgents would've posted it, and we would've heard about it.
Unless Unless what? Well, we know that the Iraqi military set up an outpost at the site to curtail insurgent activity.
So if the insurgents had left a camera, but the site was immediately occupied They couldn't go back and get it.
Thanks, Abbs.
Just spoke with Riley, Davis's daughter.
She went to go visit him in the hospital.
He left; no one knows where he went.
She's worried something might've happened.
Ping his phone, McGee.
Get me a location.
(car door opens, closes) (gun clicks) Hey, Gunny.
(siren wailing in distance) (car door closes) Where are you headed? (both chuckling) (sighs) I don't know.
GIBBS: That captured XR-30-- it's not worth that.
Yeah, well, it's not about the weapon.
Riley called me.
Said she wants to see me.
She'll never stop asking.
And I will never want her to see me like this.
We asked your daughter for help.
She talked to my agents all day about you.
And when they had to leave she stayed.
She practically wrote a book.
When she looks at you, all she sees is her dad.
I love her more than anything.
You need help, Gunny.
Say you'll take it.
Oh, you'll keep me posted? Yes, I appreciate it.
Thank you.
How's he doing? That was his therapist.
They had a good session.
So therapy's working.
(chuckles): Oh, wow, Gibbs.
Comic chops for miles.
Who would've thought, really? The haircut is deceiving.
Thank you.
That day in the diner, I met you for a reason.
My husband says, “The best way to help yourself “is to put your arm around someone who needs it more than you do.
” Yeah, I don't wear my ring to work.
Um, it's better if patients don't ask questions.
About your husband? About me being a human being.
Then why'd you bring him up to me? Because I'm trying to tell you something, and I really want you to hear me.
Whatever you did for Davis, whatever you said, it landed.
It made a difference.
So, tell me, what about the other way around? What? What's he doing for you, Popeye? What's he doing for me? That's it.
When you told me to go talk to him, you were shrinking me.
Ever hear of two birds? You throw some stone, Doc.
Come on, I'm dying to know, (phone rings) what did it get you? (groans) (sighs) Yeah, DiNozzo, I'm on the way.
(elevator bell dings) Sitrep.
Agent West recovered the insurgents' camera.
Some kid found it planted in the building, took it home to play with before West got to it.
Lot of the footage was erased, but we had enough to match one of the insurgents to our description of Quinn.
Abby got a hit on facial recognition.
Quinn's real name is Matthew Cross.
Here's a composite of what he might look like now.
BOLO's out wide.
Duck? Cross was a one-time sniper with the British S.
His parents were missionaries.
He spent several of his formative years in Iraq in the aftermath of the Gulf War.
He saw the wreckage.
Yes, and he blamed it on what he called “the oppressors”" ABBY: Gibbs.
This helmet totally works.
I was trying to figure out the numbers that Cross wrote on the box.
So I put on the helmet, had a drink, and it was in fact like a boost of magic on my head.
Abbs, what do the numbers mean? Well, I realized that they were all between 118 and 136, which is the spectrum for airport radio frequencies.
If you have a transceiver, the numbers tell you which channel to turn on in order to hear who's landing and who's taking off.
Cross is targeting a plane.
That's why he needed the XR-30, to lock onto a moving target.
Yeah, like, a really, really fast moving target.
Which airport? This grouping of frequencies matches Lafayette Field in Virginia.
We've got to shut it down.
Or not.
If we shut it down, then Cross will know we're onto him.
If we leave it open, then we'll know where he'll be.
What he said.
This thing really works.
McGEE: Boss, range of the XR-30 is 2,000 meters.
That's a huge area to search.
GIBBS: Loop in the FBI and Homeland.
I want extra security, but I don't want to see them.
Gibbs, the target could be anyone flying in or out of the airport; we have no idea when Cross will be there.
Snipers-- patient and stubborn.
(indistinct radio chatter) (distant chatter, plane engines whirring) Talk to me, Cross.
GIBBS: This is my rifle.
There are many like it; this one is mine.
My rifle is my best friend.
It is my life.
I must master it as I must master my life.
My rifle, without me, is useless.
Without my rifle, I am useless.
BISHOP: Gibbs, I have been staring at this laptop screen for hours.
Searched the flight plans for the next two days.
I still can't find any aircraft that make sense as a target.
Keep looking, Bishop.
(car door closes) You're up, Tim Van Winkle.
It's your turn.
Get up front.
I got I got two more minutes.
Guys, something's happening.
Flight plans don't have anyone leaving or arriving for another hour.
Gibbs, are you seeing this? Find out what they're doing here.
On it.
Reloading the flight plans.
(beeping) One last-minute addition.
Plane is seven miles away on approach.
Why didn't he file? Didn't have to.
Flying under VFR.
Plane is registered to An oil bigwig; he's named Lamar Cresset, boss.
He owns a ranch nearby.
Cresset's all about his friendships in the Middle Eastern oil business.
Apparently BISHOP: Cresset's the pilot.
Passenger onboard is Ansaar Bashaarat.
Works directly under the Saudi oil minister.
Shoot Bashaarat down with a U.
sniper rifle, all hell's gonna break loose.
That's it.
Okay, have the tower deny clearance to land.
GIBBS: Give it a minute.
Lining up his shot could mean a move.
I got him.
MAN (over radio): We are approach clearance, runway 4R-22 left.
Approach clearance, runway 4R-22 left.
(heart beating slowly) (exhales) (wind whistling softly) (heartbeat continues) GIBBS: I must fire my rifle true.
(gunshot echoing) We got him.
Thanks to you.
My weapon? Back where it belongs.
Thank you.
For everything.
Your team.
Riley Riley won't stop talking about them.
Says, uh says they're like a family.
We're lucky like that.
You know, the thing is, I was fighting myself you know, trying to be some empty version of what I was before.
But, uh I think I need to try and find a way to be who I am now.
You know what I mean? Yeah.
(guitars playing “Hallelujah”) I've heard there was a secret chord That David played and it pleased the Lord You don't really care for music, do ya? Well, it goes like this, the fourth, the fifth The minor fall, the major lift The baffled king composing hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah, hallelujah Hallelujah You know, I was thinking about what Riley said.
You mean, uh, about enjoying the memories? No, I guess it was more what you said about your breakfast.
And I was thinking, anyone who'd make you a seven-layer burrito on a weekday before work-- that is love.
I was thinking the same thing.
(computer beeping) Angelini's.
Ready? JIMMY: I feel so silly.
Can't believe I'm the only one without a motorcycle license.
No matter, Mr.
Rest assured that, by my side, you will be hauling ass.
Let's ride.
(engine revving) Hallelujah Hallelujah, hallelujah Hallelujah Maybe there's a God above But all I've ever learned from love Was how to shoot somebody who outdrew ya It's not a cry that you hear at night It's not someone who's seen the light It's a cold and a broken hallelujah Hallelujah, hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah, hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah.