NCIS s14e03 Episode Script

Privileged Information

1 Don't even think about She's running WOMAN: Moving up into Tree Pose.
Don't even think about.
And breathe into your sacral chakra.
(gasping) (yelling) NCIS 14x03 Privileged Information @elderman Oh, come on, come on.
Seriously? Thanks.
Everything all right? Well, it says $1,800 a month for a 330 square foot bachelor apartment-- not even in a great area.
BISHOP: Sounds about right.
I went through the same sticker shock when I was looking for a new apartment, Nick.
Thought you liked living at The Oakhurst.
I do, but my Temporary Quarters Allowance is up this month.
I have to find a place that I can actually afford now.
Well, anything nice is expensive.
Trust me.
When I was in Buenos Aires I had this 2,000 square foot one-bedroom apartment.
Amazing view of the city, pool, gym.
Ask me how much it cost.
How much was it? 6,000 pesos.
That's 400 U.
Welcome back to reality.
Marine sergeant fell from the roof of her apartment building.
Suicide? The cops think we should check it out.
She's in critical condition at Walter Reed.
GIBBS: Quinn and I are going there.
McGee, take them, process the building.
(siren wailing) All right.
Victim is Sergeant Hill.
Lived in the fifth floor apartment with her sister.
Sister here? No.
She was at work.
Metro PD notified her.
Bishop, we're gonna need access to the roof.
On it.
So, um, what do you want me to do, boss? Talk to those yoga ladies? See if they saw anything? Cool.
No, no, no.
Actually, Metro PD talked to them already.
They didn't see anything.
All right, let's go.
Still adjusting? Wear it when Gibbs is around.
MAN: After you, ma'am.
(buttons beep, lock buzzes) Right this way.
We can take the elevator.
All right.
Here we go.
(siren wails in distance) So how many people have access to the roof? Well, all the tenants have keys.
Gets used a lot in the summer.
Did you see Sergeant Hill this morning? No.
I was working in the basement when I heard the sirens.
I couldn't believe it when I came outside.
Did you know her? Not well.
She moved back in with her sister last month.
But I'd see her come and go and say “hi”.
That's about it.
(car horn honks) Hey, McGee.
This is definitely the spot.
Come here, take a look.
You know what? That's all right; I believe you.
BISHOP: Well, it doesn't look like anyone could have seen from any of the surrounding buildings.
Is this camera operable? Yeah, it is.
And there's others in the building.
I installed them.
(electronic monitors beeping) DOCTOR: There are multiple fractures; intracranial hemorrhage, cerebral damage.
Injuries to the liver, spleen, lungs.
What's the prognosis? Well, there's always a possibility she could regain consciousness, but I doubt it.
If she does, there'd be serious, irreversible damage.
You'll let us know if there's a change.
The sister's a wreck.
There's no point - Yeah.
- in asking questions now.
We'll come back.
(elevator dings) Hello, Doc.
You're here because of Sergeant Hill.
She's my patient.
Special Agent Alex Quinn.
New member of Team Gibbs.
Grace Confalone.
How long have you been treating Sergeant Hill? For the last month.
Was she sick? GIBBS: Wait, wait, wait, wait.
This doctor is a psychiatrist.
Was she, uh, depressed? Give me a break, Popeye.
I'd love to help you, but you know I can't give you any information without my patient's permission.
Uh, how do you two know each other? GRACE: We worked on a case together.
Very tough patient.
Can you give us something? I really shouldn't tell you this, but you should investigate this as an attempted murder.
McGEE: Sergeant Erin Kendall Hill was born and raised in Falls Church, Virginia.
Both her parents were killed in a car accident when she was nine years old.
She went to live with her older sister, Devon, here in D.
And she joined the Marines right out of high school.
She was in boot camp at Parris Island.
School of Infantry at Camp Geiger.
Female Engagement Team Training during two tours in Afghanistan.
Purple Heart.
Bronze star with a combat “V”.
For “disregarding her own safety, Sergeant Hill shielded “the casualties with her own body as large chunks of shrapnel began flying through the air from the burning vehicle.
” Seems like a perfect candidate for Post Traumatic Stress.
She's new, Gibbs, but you have her well-trained.
What's next? You gonna take me downstairs to your torture room and try to squeeze something out of me? Sure.
What's your preference, Doc? A little waterboard? A little bamboo under the fingernail? Come on, Doc.
You're the one who dangled the carrot.
Erin is my patient, obviously she has issues.
If I was looking into what happened, suicide wouldn't be the first road I'd go down.
That's all I'm telling you.
Nice to meet you, Alex.
Agent McGee.
Get started.
Well, Sergeant Hill was presently stationed at Quantico.
Quinn and I are going to go talk to her company commander.
(distant jackhammering) TORRES: You know, if two brothers lived in this apartment, this place would be a pigsty.
I hear ya.
I've got three brothers.
I haven't found a note.
It's not looking like a suicide.
You know, this isn't a bad neighborhood, huh? I mean, it's pretty close to the Naval Yard, too.
How much do you think an apartment in this area would cost? I don't know.
I'll give you the name of my real estate agent.
Why'd you move? Got divorced.
Maybe you can, uh, fill me in on this whole District dating scene.
Not really.
It's not my thing.
Hey, Bishop.
Are these, uh, Marine-issued underwear? Okay.
Let's respect Sergeant Hill's privacy.
I will take the bedroom.
Works for me.
Find anything else, other than these? Yeah.
She likes watches.
So you ever been married? Not really.
What's that mean? Hey.
Found her phone.
(phone beeping) Yeah, she missed a call at 7:42 a.
this morning.
Just minutes before she fell.
It's an international country code of 93 It's Afghanistan.
(knocking at door) Uh, here you go.
Downloaded the building's security recordings from the past 24 hours.
Thanks, man.
No problem.
Listen, there's an apartment for rent available in this building.
Uh I'm kind of interested in it.
Oh, yeah.
I'm-I'm just maintenance.
Yeah, you have to talk to the leasing agent.
Okay, could you at least show it to me? Just a couple of minutes, in and out? Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
Why not? Cool.
Come on.
Hey, I'll be back.
Do not solve this case without me.
I'll be honest-- I'm not totally surprised.
Why is that? When Sergeant Hill first reported in, I was impressed.
Combat hero, Bronze Star.
Kind of Marine everyone's proud of.
But after a week on the job, she seemed distracted.
Couldn't focus on her work.
Any idea what the problem was? At first, I thought it was because her enlistment was coming to an end and she was debating whether to re-up or not.
Now you're thinking it might be something else? Yeah, Afghanistan.
I think her last tour was a traumatic experience.
Well, did you ask her about it? Tried, but she wouldn't open up.
She was seeing a psychiatrist at Walter Reed on my insistence.
(door creaks) (distant dogs bark) (fire crackling) FORNELL: Get your hand off that light switch.
You'll ruin the mood.
The mood? We gonna make out, what? I'm just trying to express my appreciation for your hospitality and friendship.
If you want to show your appreciation, stop wearing my clothes.
Sorry, I had nothing clean.
I thought you were gonna do the laundry today.
Well, the day didn't turn out exactly like I thought it would.
Come on.
Sit down.
I made your favorite, lasagne Verdi Al forno.
That's your favorite.
(hoarsely): “Sit, Michael, sit.
” (clears throat) I have been cooped up here all day, alone, no one to talk to.
You tell me how your day went.
Prying conversation is exactly why two of my marriages didn't work.
I heard you had a Marine jumper.
Who told you that? McGee told me.
I called the office to find out what time you'd be home.
(groans) It's warm beer.
Um Hey! The Germans like it that way.
They know they know beer.
(sighs) The hell? The electricity's off.
I thought I told you.
What happened? You're gonna love this.
I was doing my laundry and then the washing machine made this strange clunking sound and then stopped.
I wanted to save you some money.
And I'm pretty handy with tools.
So I tried to fix it, but (chuckles) um, somehow, somehow I-I blew that whole black box outside.
Where you goin'? Hey! Uh, the power company promised they'd be here tomorrow.
Next day, at the latest.
Polly want a cracker? Not Polly.
Not Polly.
(stammers) What do you mean, not Polly? (squawks) (chuckling): Oh! His name is Juan.
(chuckles) Parrot? (wolf-whistles) Yeah.
Actually, a yellow-breasted Amazon parrot.
He belongs to my brother, Kyle.
He rescued him.
But Kyle's out of town, so I am birdsitting.
You couldn't leave him home, Abbs? I tried that yesterday, but he made so much noise all my neighbors complained.
Yeah, but your solution, Abbs, was to bring him here? Gibbs, his name is Juan.
(Juan squawks) Classic.
I got to go get on the autopsy.
Look, Kyle gets home tonight, and I promise you will never see this bird again.
What am I doing here? Oh.
Because, um, I've been reviewing the security footage from the apartment complex.
I've isolated the cameras that show Sergeant Hill going to the rooftop.
So, first, she leaves her apartment at 8:03.
She walks down the hall and then goes up the staircase to the roof.
Then she's on the roof, walking towards the wall.
Unfortunately, the place where she jumped is obscured by the air-conditioning unit.
But her fall was captured by a street-level camera out front 12 seconds later.
She was alone on top of the roof.
No one entered or exited that rooftop for another two and a half hours, when McGee, Bishop, and Torres went up there with the building maintenance dude.
My gut said it wasn't a suicide.
Could your gut and Dr.
Grace be wrong? Sergeant Hill received a phone call from Afghanistan minutes before she fell.
We traced it back to a guy in Kabul.
Who is he? Griffin Dorn.
Civilian defense contractor.
(lock trills) Mr.
Special Agents Gibbs and Torres.
What do you want? Yesterday you made a phone call to Sergeant Erin Hill.
You want to tell us what it was about? Wasn't about anything.
She didn't answer.
Why'd you want to talk to her? It was personal.
Why is NCIS asking? Sergeant Hill had an accident minutes after your call.
She's in extremely critical condition.
So what were you calling her about? I'm gonna be in DC tomorrow and I wanted to meet up with her.
Why? I worked with Erin in Helmand Province.
I was impressed.
I knew her hitch was almost up, so I offered her a job.
I wanted to close the deal.
Well, you could've just said that.
DOD tends to frown on civilian contractors trying to poach military personnel.
Listen, gentlemen, I got a plane to catch.
Excuse me.
Squirrelly dude.
You trust him? Eh, check him out.
Get me McGee.
(keys clacking) (chuckles) I hate selfies.
Oh, come on, indulge me.
(both laugh) ERIN: You happy? DEVON: Yes.
I had just started my sophomore year in college when our parents were killed.
I had to drop out and come home to take care of Erin.
There was really no one else and I didn't want her to become a ward of the state.
So, you're more than a sister.
When she was growing up, I was really like a mother to her.
Did you know she was thinking about leaving the Corps? Yes.
Erin got a very lucrative job offer from a defense contractor, and it would be payback time.
She told me it was her turn to take care of me.
Said she'd pay for me to go back to school, get a degree and go to nursing school.
That was always my dream.
Why is NCIS investigating? Didn't Erin try to take her own life? All indications are that she did, yes.
What? That she'd do it from our roof.
Even as a young girl, when she had a problem, Erin would always go up there to clear her mind.
And where were you yesterday morning when it occurred? At work-- I'm a barista at a coffee bar at DuPont Circle.
I always open up early.
(loud beeping) WOMAN (over intercom): Code blue! Code blue! Resus Team to ICU3, stat! Code blue! Resus Team to ICU3, stat! (medical staff clamoring) DUCKY: I'm sorry, Abby.
There's no way for me to determine her mental state from these images.
I was just hoping there'd be something about her body language that could tell you something.
But why is Gibbs so doubtful it was a suicide? Well, Sergeant Hill was seeing a shrink, who hinted that there might be something else, but ethically couldn't divulge anything else to him.
He couldn't break her with his look? I'm intimidated by Gibbs.
(Juan squawks) Gibbs, Gibbs.
Ah, you do talk! Yep, and a little bit too much sometimes, huh? Winston Churchill had a parrot named Charlie the Curser.
He often went on anti-Nazi tirades, mimicking Churchill's voice and using his favorite profanities against Hitler.
The parrot outlived Churchill and ended up residing at a zoo called Hansfield.
(phone chimes) That's where I saw him.
Or, rather, her.
Charlie was a female.
Oh, it's my brother.
He missed his plane and he's stranded.
I have Juan another day.
And Gibbs is gonna kill me.
Don't tell Gibbs.
Don't tell Gibbs.
Don't tell Gibbs.
(laughing) (squawking) Quinn, what you find out? Well, Sergeant Hill was very well-liked.
I spoke to several Marines who served with her in Afghanistan.
She didn't have any enemies.
They know she was thinking of going to work for a defense contractor? No, and I asked.
While we were at the hospital, Sergeant Hill went into cardiac arrest.
Eh, they were able to resuscitate her.
How's her sister holding up? Not well.
Oh, God, if anything happened to my sister, I don't know what I would do.
I'll give the doctor a call.
Thank you.
Just got off the phone with the leasing agent from the apartment at Sergeant Hill's building.
Oh, yeah? You interested? Eh, I'm not sure.
Why? The agent disclosed that, uh, the previous tenant was a 92-year-old man, who, who died in the apartment and-and It's a little, um, just creepy.
BISHOP: Really? It bothers you? Uh yeah, a little.
I, I got, I got to think about it.
(distant dog barking) Gibbs? Mm-hmm.
Thought you were in the basement.
I was.
Now I'm here.
You losing your hearing, too? What are you doing, Tobias? I hid this file.
Not very well.
I'm bored.
It's a classified government file.
I'm a classified government guy.
Come on! Throw me a bone.
Anything, will you? Let me help you.
Can't watch another cooking show.
Go back to the Bureau.
They won't sign off on my fitness for duty evaluation.
(door opens) (closes) Gibbs? Uh-huh? Didn't know you made house calls.
I don't.
Mind if I get a beer? You okay? Erin Hill passed away.
(fridge door shuts) (sighs) Sorry about that, Doc.
Confidentiality ends with death.
So what I couldn't tell you before was Sergeant Hill was involved in the cover-up of a murder.
Sergeant Hill was ordered by her commanding officer to have therapy.
She was seeing me under duress.
First couple of sessions, she barely said a word, but it was obvious that she was troubled.
You said she was involved in the cover-up of a murder.
This something that happened in Afghanistan? She wouldn't give me details.
She didn't want to implicate anyone.
Grace, you're good.
(laughing): You are.
You're really good.
You had to have some kind of hint, right? This about the murder of some Afghan civilian by one of our troops? It's about a fragging? Grace, what? I don't know.
FORNELL: Gibbs, what about the defense contractor that offered Sergeant Hill a job? Maybe it was hush money for something that she saw over there.
Is J.
Edgar consulting on your case? What exactly did Sergeant Hill tell you? Not much.
She was stressed and conflicted.
It took me several sessions to convince her that I was bound by strict confidentiality.
Well, was she involved in the cover-up, or the murder, too? She was just beginning to open up.
A few more sessions, and I might have found out.
You don't think she was suicidal? Oh, no.
I would have seen that.
(birds singing) Good morning, Dr.
What a pleasant surprise.
What brings you down here? Oh, uh, heard Sergeant Hill died.
I was wondering if her body arrived yet.
Now, Mr.
Palmer's gone to fetch her, but he hasn't returned yet.
Why do you ask? Well, I used to teach my students at FLETC that it helps the investigation to relate to the victim.
Excellent advice.
Well, yesterday, when I was at the hospital with Sergeant Hill, you know, she was obscured with all this life-support equipment, and I-I really couldn't make a connection.
This is gonna sound strange, but I hoped to come down here and just spend a few moments with her.
Well, that doesn't sound strange at all.
Truth be told, I've been known to talk to my patients.
Really? Mm.
It helps me get to know them.
I'm sure all the agents upstairs think I'm bonkers.
(laughs) Well, your methods get results, so (chuckles) You must come down here more often.
(door whooshes open) I am sorry it took so long.
There was a wreck out there on the Rockville Pike.
Oh, hey! Good morning.
Hi, Jimmy.
So, I will just scrub up and get the body ready.
Relax, Mr.
You've had a hectic morning.
No, as a matter of fact, I was thinking of going upstairs myself for a cup of tea.
Why don't you join me? Shall we? Uh yeah.
I guess.
(laughs) (doors whoosh open) (elevator bell dings) (doors whoosh shut) Hi, Sergeant Hill.
I have a sister around your age.
McGEE: I've rewatched the video-- Sergeant Hill is definitely the only one on the roof.
Grace still think it wasn't a suicide? Grace said that Hill was conflicted because she knew something about a murderous cover-up.
Well, maybe that's why she took her own life.
Wait, if there was a murder, where was it-- Afghanistan or here? Could be either.
Well, she's only been in D.
a month.
Wait, there was there was a death in Sergeant Hill's building recently.
Well, how do you know that? Well, there was an apartment available.
I called the rental agent.
He had to disclose there was a death in the apartment.
This 92-year-old man suffering from dementia.
Now, it's worth, it's worth a shot.
(Bishop sighs) Found him in the lobby.
Agent Fornell, how you feeling? Better every day, Tim.
Thank you.
That's a nice jacket.
(chuckles) It's mine.
What are you doing here? FORNELL: Following up on a lead.
Griffin Dorn, the contractor in Afghanistan.
Guy at the Bureau, who owes me one, vetted him last year.
He says he's legit, but his former employer was the CIA.
Is it possible to be former CIA? GIBBS: Thank you.
Go home.
He flew out of Kabul yesterday to Ramstein in Germany.
He hopped on a military transport there, and he lands at Andrews at noon! We can go and pull him in! You got a desk that I can use until, uh, until then? McGee, escort Agent Fornell out of the building.
If he resists, feel free to use your weapon.
Oh, come on.
Jethro! MAN: I was the first responder to the scene.
The building's just a couple blocks from here.
The old guy was dead when I got there.
Do you remember who placed the 911 call? Yeah, a neighbor in the building.
Let me pull up my report.
Hey, you been working this neighborhood long? Almost a year.
I'm looking for an apartment.
It seems nice.
(chuckles) If you can afford it.
Ah, here it is.
The old man's name was Leonard Odetts.
The caller was a Devon Hill.
Erin Hill's sister.
We're investigating the death of a woman who lived in that building.
The one who jumped? Yeah.
I was off-duty, but I heard about it.
Made me think the building was cursed or something.
What did Devon Hill say? Told us the old guy lived alone.
And she checked on him almost every day before going to work.
And when he didn't respond that morning, she had the building maintenance men let her in.
Gregg Abell? Yeah.
They found Odetts on the floor in a pool of blood.
His walker was nearby.
It looked like he lost his balance, hit his head on the sharp edge of a metal table and bled out.
Didn't seem like foul play? Not to me.
Or the coroner when he arrived.
The estimated time of death? Yeah, several hours the night before.
So many fractures, so much damage.
I'm sure the only reason Sergeant Hill survived as long as she did is 'cause she's in such good physical shape.
You know, when I was digitizing the old NIS files, I came across a case where a Marine drill instructor fell six stories and survived.
He Are you ready? Ah, Jethro.
Aren't you gonna ask me, “What you got, Duck”" Nope, you haven't even opened her up yet.
Duck, you still on good terms with your M.
friend? Tom Hubbard? Yeah.
We split a bottle of Châteauneuf only last night over a game of gin rummy.
Call him.
Find out about Leonard Odetts.
Died five weeks ago, (phone ringing) apparently from a fall.
See if they did an autopsy.
Yeah, Abbs, what? Come to the lab.
Can you come to the lab? I got something Abby, slow down.
I can't understand a word you're saying.
I'm on my way.
Why don't you start the incision, Mr.
Palmer, while I make the call.
What took you so long? Slow elevator.
You should take the stairs.
I'm glad your bird is gone.
Well, I'm glad that you're glad.
What's got you so excited? You're not gonna believe what I found, Gibbs.
JUAN: Don't tell Gibbs.
Don't tell Gibbs! What was that? What was what? (Juan squawking) Gibbs, where are you going? I have to show you something.
(Juan chitters) (squawks) Don't tell Gibbs! Uh-oh.
Now, that sounds like Palmer.
Look, Kyle's flight got canceled and then a weather front moved in and he's stuck in Chattanooga.
But he said that if he can't get off tonight, he's gonna rent a car (squawks) and he's gonna drive up.
I know, Juan.
I just not now.
You know, he's really smart.
And-and he watches me all the time.
Uh, I feel like he knows something and he's trying to communicate.
Abby, just tell me what you found.
Take a look at this.
What am I looking at? See the difference? Tell me.
The wristwatches.
When Sergeant Hill was on the roof, she was wearing one with a leather band.
This is what she was wearing when she hit the sidewalk.
It's metallic.
I mean, what did she do? Change watches mid-fall? The videos are from different days.
ABBY: Yeah, she wears an identical uniform every day, but she changes her watch.
Now we know that this is the exact time when she fell.
And I would bet my reputation that all the other time and date stamps have been altered.
These were taken on another day.
Who did we get this video from? Building maintenance dude.
Take the stairs! Gregg Abell, 36, born and raised in Dover.
Graduated with a degree in computer science from Delaware Tech.
Why is he in building maintenance? Uh, Alex? Well, probably because he was convicted of computer hacking and Internet fraud in 2012.
He also spent a year in Sussex Correctional Institution and is still on probation.
Certainly sounds like a guy who could and would alter security video.
(line rings) Boss? Yeah, McGee.
What do you got? We checked out Abell's apartment and the rest of the building-- he's not here.
Attendants say that's pretty unusual.
I think he's on the run.
We'll put out a BOLO from here.
You two stay there.
You watch for him.
Stakeout time.
I love it.
Grace said that Hill was “reluctant to go to the police “because she did not want to implicate others.
” Covering for her sister? They were really close.
Devon raised her from the age of nine.
But it's hard to believe that she would have anything to do with her sister's death.
Bring her in.
(elevator dings) (doors whoosh) Who the hell is that? Leonard Odetts.
You asked if there was an autopsy report.
There wasn't.
So I did one better.
I obtained the body.
He's been dead five weeks and Metro M.
still had him? Well, standard procedure.
They hold the body while they search for the next of kin.
They haven't found anyone yet.
Yeah, but look at this-- this gash.
It's inconsistent with the Metro police report.
It says the elderly victim took a fall, hit his head on a metal table and bled out.
What do you say? I say, well, he was hit hard with a glass object.
I'm taking fragments out of the wound.
Palmer, tell Agent Gibbs what Abby found in Sergeant Hill's blood.
Yeah, it was Flunitrazepam.
Known on the streets as a “roofie.
” I checked the list of drugs that she was given at the hospital.
She didn't get it there.
Hill was drugged before she was pushed off the roof.
(speaking inaudibly) Come on.
Are you kidding, Torres? Come on, I'm starving-- I haven't eaten all day.
(groans) Yes, yes.
Thank you.
Come on! Hey.
My burger's getting cold, you're hitting on yoga lady.
Is that what you think I was doing? I saw her give you her number.
I was on the clock, working.
She gave me the name of the tenant in the building who's going to give us the lowdown on Abell and Devon Hill.
Oh, yeah.
It turns out they've been doing the nasty.
An apology now would be nice.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Here, enjoy your lukewarm burger.
(laughs softly) Thanks.
You know what, this is it's actually not cold.
Hey, uh, McGee, for the record the yoga lady's name is Shanna, and she did give me her number.
Very nice.
Food's gonna have to wait.
You can learn a lot about people from what they get in their mail.
QUINN: The post office held Odetts' mail for five weeks? Yeah.
The mailman explained that, you know, it was pretty routine.
That they knew the old man had died, uh, but the post office was holding it until the next of kin or executor of the estate claimed it.
Not much mail, huh? No.
He was old, so uh, Social Security check, you know, a few utility bills, advertisements.
No credit cards or bank statements? Life gets simple when you're 92.
Only thing of interest was this letter.
It's from a precious metal and rare coin dealer.
He wrote Odetts asking if he was interested in selling some or all of his collection.
McGee's on the phone with the dealer right now.
So, do we think the collection may be still in the old man's apartment? Well, I doubt it.
I mean, when they showed me the place, it looked like nobody had lived in it-- completely bare, new painting (squawking) Oh! Watch out! (squawks) Wow.
Juan flew over the cuckoo's nest.
All right, I think I got a motive for the murder.
Odetts was a child of the Great Depression.
He didn't trust banks.
I've heard of people hiding their fortune in their homes.
Well, according to the coin dealer, Odetts had been buying gold bullion and rare coins for years.
Did he say how much the collection was worth? Over seven figures.
We should know more by morning.
Why? What's happening then? Well, he's got an appointment at 9:00 a.
with a man who claims to represent Odetts' estate.
He wants to liquidate the collection and needs an appraisal.
Could that man be Gregg Abell? Not the name he used.
Have you guys seen the I was led to believe, you thought my sister took her own life.
Oh, we're pretty sure it's a homicide.
We found strong sedatives in her system.
She'd been drugged, and we believe that she was pushed off the roof.
(voice trembling): No.
That can't be right.
I should be in there-- if she knew what her sister revealed to me in therapy, I think she'd talk.
Rule number 17-- never, ever interrupt Gibbs during an interrogation.
DEVON: I thought there were security cameras showing my sister alone on the roof.
GIBBS: Well, that was altered by the building maintenance man.
Guy named Gregg Abell.
We know that you were having a relationship with him.
We also think that Abell was involved in the murder of an elderly man in your building-- Leonard Odetts.
We know that you looked in on him every day.
Your sister confessed to a therapist that she knew about a murder that was covered up.
Okay, that's it! He's talking about me.
I should be in there.
I'm gonna text Gibbs.
Um, put that away.
You'd best tell me what you know.
(knock at door) Boss, something I really need to tell you.
What the hell happened to rule 17? I don't know, but it must be important or McGee wouldn't risk his life.
(door opens) Hey.
What was so important? Listen.
GIBBS: Okay last chance, Devon.
I want to know about the gold.
I want to know about the missing coins.
The gold? Lots of it.
Odetts was a sweet old man.
Never married.
All his friends were dead.
Years ago, he told me how he didn't trust banks.
He showed me his coins.
My mistake was telling Gregg.
Wait, you-you killed him for that? No.
Gregg convinced me that Mr.
Odetts was going to die soon, with no heirs.
The money would go to the government and with him suffering from dementia, he wouldn't even know if they were missing.
So we started taking it, a little at a time.
Well, Odetts figured it out.
He caught Gregg.
Threatened to call the cops.
Gregg panicked.
He picked up a vase And you made it look like he fell.
You lied to the police, and Gregg made you believe that you were guilty of the theft and in too deep! You have to believe me.
I loved my sister.
(sniffles) I have nothing to do with her death.
And Gregg swore he didn't, either.
BISHOP: So, I asked Torres if he'd ever been married before, and he gave this, like, strange, vague answer.
I don't think he has been.
Nothing in his file, anyway.
You checked his file? Well, maybe it was when he was undercover.
(knocking) MAN: Hey, man.
Wash your windows.
Two bucks.
Uh, no, thanks.
We're good.
There's Abell.
All right, we've got Abell approaching from Trent Street.
Roger that.
Let him enter before we take him down.
It's showtime.
Excuse me, sir, you're in the way! (doorbell buzzes) Hey, it's only two bucks! Come on! Please get out of the way! Whoa! You guys are cops! (horn honks) Hey! (horns honking) (horn honking, tires screech) Okay.
You like throwing Marines off rooftops? Huh? (distant dog barking) FORNELL: Damn.
Thought for sure it was the defense contractor.
The building super? He was afraid Sergeant Hill would convince her sister to go to the police.
So he killed her.
So, how are you doing, Tobias? Great.
Leg's coming along.
A few aches and pains.
I still find it hard to get up off the couch in the morning.
I go to rehab; most of 'em.
No, I mean, you know, how are you feeling? (laughs quietly) You're shrinking me.
(laughs) Is the meter running? No.
I'm just asking you, as a friend.
I'm doing just fine.
Can I give you a bit of professional advice? I don't think it's so healthy for you to be living and sleeping three feet away from where you were shot and almost killed.
(door opens) (door closes) Oh.
I get it.
You put her up to this.
What? You want me to leave, to move out, but you can't tell me yourself, so you've got your couch doc doing your dirty work for you.
I'll be in the basement.
If you want to join me, Doc.
Basement? Interesting.
What's down there? Sawdust, bottle of bourbon.
Ooh, that sounds good.
You know I can't get down those steps by myself! Yet.