NCIS s14e04 Episode Script

Love Boat

1 (indistinct radio chatter) (watch beeping) Jenn? Is everything all right? Are we at war? Mom, we're off the East Coast of the United States.
I hope not.
Well, then what are you doing? Reporting for duty.
In the middle of the night? Ships don't sleep.
In that case, I'll come with you.
Mom, please, don't.
That's the point of a Tiger cruise.
A chance for friends and family to experience Navy life firsthand, right? Technically yes.
But we spent all day together yesterday, and we'll have all day today.
The more time, the better.
Unless you're trying to get rid of me to go see a boy.
Mom! What I know the Navy frowns upon that, but you have my blessing.
As long as you spill all the details later.
I love you, Mom.
Go back to sleep.
Well, at least tell his name.
Everyone calls him Elmer.
Is he at least an officer? (indistinct radio chatter in distance) Morning, Elmer.
So, I hope you don't mind, but I had to tell Mom about our love affair.
I know.
I'm the one who begged her to come on the Tiger cruise.
(sighs) But now what do I do with her? (mechanical whirring) (alarm buzzing) You're killing me, Elmer.
Don't make me crawl in there.
(gasps) NCIS 14x04 Love Boat @elderman Washington, D.
, is a place built by people who appreciate math, science and art.
Yeah, architectural geniuses.
And twice a year, that genius is highlighted when the sun sets perfectly behind the Washington Monument, so that the shadow's pinnacle is touching the front steps of the Capitol Building.
(chuckles) It is perfect symmetry, perfect balance.
Delilah and I are very much into mathematical symmetry, you know.
Yeah, you speak in binary.
Now, are we almost at the good part where you actually propose? Almost, almost, 'cause with the help of Abby's friend Ranger Rick Burt.
Delilah and I will take a private tour to the top of the Washington Monument, where the sun will be setting perfectly through the window.
I will get down on one knee, open the box, and the light will hit the diamond, highlighting its perfect symmetrical cut.
(elevator bell dings) Then I pop the question.
You're gonna blind her? What do you mean? That's good.
Isn't that good? It is incredibly nerdy.
And perfect and Delilah will love it.
Thank you.
Except What? Well (sighs) if I'm not mistaken, the sun won't be in that position again until next year.
Hmm, and who's the nerd? March 25-- so what? That's six months away.
I mean, I guarantee the location and circumstances don't matter that much.
Back me up, Torres.
Look, the biggest problem is keeping it a secret.
Tim, you are sweating.
It's hot.
Oh, no, it's actually freezing.
Says the 90-pound thermostat.
Ooh, he's edgy, too.
It's the ring.
Ever since it got here, I'm acting like a different person.
Yeah, Gollum.
Look, I've never met your girl, but I'm guessing she'll notice.
What do I do? GIBBS: Ask her.
Or stop talking about it.
Ever the romantic.
Got a dead body on a destroyer.
Quinn and I are in a helo out of Andrews.
QUINN: You know, I spent a year as an agent afloat early in my career.
It was amazing, but would any one of you rather go? 24 hours of seasickness? No, thanks.
I'll pass.
You know, they make medication for that.
Do they ever.
I bought all nine different motion sickness remedies just in case.
Um, where's Ducky? Oh, he's already seasick.
He ate some bad shrimp last night.
He got food poisoning.
(elevator bell dings) He (elevator bell dings) Bye.
Oh (indistinct chatter over P.
) REY: Hate the circumstances, but welcome aboard.
Commander Eleadora Rey.
Special Agent Gibbs and Quinn.
Assistant M.
Quinn-- I knew an agent afloat by that name, long time ago.
Did I arrest you? No.
What was it the boys used to call you? The Heartbreaker? Something like that.
Heartbreaker? MAN: Attention on deck! Carry on.
So, this is a two-night cruise from Mayport to Norfolk.
Scheduled to arrive tomorrow, but the Navy's looking for answers before then.
QUINN: Before everyone gets off the ship? It's my job to worry about everyone while they're on the ship.
In addition to a full crew, we got 63 civilian Tigers.
Excuse me, why do you call them “Tigers”? Oh, that's classified.
You serious about that? No, but the real answer would bore you.
I'd prefer to keep this whole thing low-key.
If word of a murder gets out It can get messy.
You got an I.
on the body? Took muster after we found the body, and the ship's nav failed to report.
But we waited to move anything.
It's like you said-- messy.
(camera clicking) Blunt force trauma to the head? JIMMY: Could be from an object or from the compactor itself, which is clearly very, very effective.
I'm going with object.
Looks like what they use to push the trash through the pulper.
JIMMY: If you guys are done photo-documenting, I can move the body now.
Yeah, do it.
Commander? Lieutenant Vivian Mills, navigator.
She have family on board? WOMAN (over intercom): Lieutenant Mills, please report to the wardroom.
Lieutenant Mills to the wardroom.
Your Tiger is looking for you.
Victim had one Tiger on board.
A cousin-- David Kemmons.
Don't need to start a panic, so we're going to inform him quietly and privately.
Understood? We prefer it that way.
(people chattering, phones chiming) Where's my cousin? What's going on? Everybody's been talking.
Has there been a murder? Ah.
Word travels fast on a ship.
I remember that now.
Not just the ship.
I mean, it's all over social media.
The whole damn world knows.
BISHOP: “On Navy cruise.
People acting weird.
“A bunch of NCSI agents “just got here.
Has there been a murder? #SupportOurTroops, #MurderBoat.
” It's a ship, murder ship.
Too late-- murder boat's already trending.
Who's Kasey Powers? The teen pop star? “Summer Scrubs”? “Boyfriend, Annoyfriend”? Girls are so angry.
BISHOP: Kasey was my spirit animal during my divorce.
McGEE: Turns out she's on board the Hoover as part of a military goodwill tour.
No concerts, just publicity.
KP has three million followers who are pretty mad that the shipboard Internet has now been disabled.
Heaven forbid they wait on any facts.
Ship's navigator, Lieutenant Vivian Mills was found dead in the ship's solid waste processing area.
The trash room.
BISHOP: Spotless record, multiple commendations, model officer.
Yeah, at first glance.
You have evidence otherwise? TORRES: I got nothing, but nobody goes to the trash room for high tea.
She could've been involved in something illegal.
Everyone has a dark side.
Hey, Ellie? I wanted to ask you something.
(sputters) Please, do not practice on me.
What? No, I'm not gonna practice on you.
Wait, I think that I've come up with a way to keep my engagement secret.
It involves me? Look, we've established, firmly, that I cannot be around this ring without completely spoiling it, okay? So, until I propose, will you hang on to it for me? For six months? Out of sight, out of mind.
Delilah won't find it, I won't be thinking about it.
But I'm having lunch with her tomorrow.
It's already gonna be hard enough not to say anything.
No, it's gonna be fine.
What about Torres? Oh, I'm-I'm touched, but you two clearly have this nerd thing going on.
(grunts) Eleanor Bishop (groans) can you please be my Frodo? See? That's just beautiful.
(mouths): Thank you.
QUINN: You and your cousin were close? We grew up in Maine together.
She joined the Navy so she could travel the world.
I stayed behind to teach college history.
But, yeah, we kept in touch.
When was the last time you saw the lieutenant? Last night, before I went to sleep in male berthing.
Have you been on a Navy ship before? This was my first time.
Been bugging Vivian to sponsor me on a Tiger cruise for the past two years.
She usually brings her dad, but he passed last winter.
And so, without any other family she finally gave in.
She could be pretty stubborn.
You in male berthing all night? Yeah.
Yes, uh I Is this an interrogation? QUINN: No.
We're-we're just talking.
He's not.
I had nothing to do with this.
Now, until you two can find my cousin's killer I'd like to be left alone.
(door opens) Agent Quinn the Heartbreaker.
(chuckles) Guess I shouldn't be surprised.
She is a very handsome woman.
It's just that agents are supposed to enforce policy, not break it.
The Navy's stance on fraternization is quite clear.
DUCKY (over speaker): Mr.
They won't even allow spouses or significant others to go on overnight Tiger cruises.
Yes, I'm aware of that.
But can we get back to the question at hand? Oh, of course, Doctor.
How is that food poisoning? I meant the victim.
Although, I'm feeling much better, thank you.
Uh, Agent Gibbs is having me take the body and all the trash room evidence back to D.
, but we won't know any more until after the autopsy, of course.
Of course.
However, there is the matter of the left arm.
There appears to be something compacted into the flesh.
I can't tell what this is exactly, other than some sort of metal.
It's odd, considering her body was found in the paper goods machine.
I hadn't considered that.
Well, a ship's waste management system is very thorough.
Plastic, metals, organic material-- they're all separated into different machines.
Meaning that our body and our mystery metal here could have been dumped at the same time.
That's information Agent Gibbs would want sooner rather than later.
Yes, Doctor.
Uh, except it'd be way better if I could tell him what it actually is instead of just giving him a dumb look when he asks.
And he will definitely ask.
Is everything all right? I don't know.
You tell me.
You should not come to work when you're sick.
I had food poisoning, not the flu.
Really? Swab and prove it.
I'm busy.
I know.
And I can help.
Hi, Jimmy.
Hey, Abby.
So, I have been studying these crime scene photos, and it appears that our mystery metal is an antenna, like for a remote control.
A remote control for what? Well, I can't possibly know that.
Gomer, you were seen out of your rack last night.
(sighs): Yes.
It's kind of embarrassing.
Why? I kept having to call Ralph on the big white phone.
You were seasick? Yeah.
I mean, I accidentally dropped my phone in the toilet on the last one.
I mean, doesn't even even work now, if you need proof.
No, that's all right.
Yeah, I cleaned it.
- I'm good.
- All right.
Cute kid though.
Listen, um could you not tell my Navy buddy that I got sick? You know, we're not that close, and, you know, he's only letting me mooch a free ride if I promise not to embarrass him.
I thought Tigers had to pay.
Sure, but, I mean, two nights of travel? I mean, you factor in gas, food and hotel, I mean (scoffs) this is a steal.
God bless the Navy.
(chuckles): I know, right? Uh-huh.
GIBBS: Petty Officer Brown, you're in navigation? Yes, sir.
I worked under Lieutenant Mills.
Hard worker.
But she just joined the ship, sir.
What does that mean? I didn't know her personally, sir.
None of us did.
You know, you can relax, Petty Officer.
You like to sit down? No, sir.
Thank you, sir.
JaVale! This is the officers' wardroom.
It's real fancy.
Show some respect.
Man, you're the one that wanted me on this damn murder boat in the first place.
Oh, wait, don't say it.
Murder ship.
I'm sorry, sir.
Just trying to set a good example for my little brother.
It's not working.
It will.
Thanks, Petty Officer.
(quietly): Get up.
Let's go.
Well, how's this for suspect triage? There's only, I don't know, a hundred more to go.
Nobody knows anything.
Just one big happy family.
MAN 1: Get the hell away from me! MAN 2: Whoa, whoa.
Take it easy.
MAN 1: Stop following me, and stay away from my client! Whoa, whoa.
There a problem? No problem.
It certainly sounds like one, Mr.
? Curt Shapiro.
I'm Miss Powers' press agent.
I'm in charge of her goodwill tour.
I was just fending off the bloodsuckers.
I was trying to get an autograph for my nine-year-old daughter.
Yeah, those soccer dads can be so dangerous.
You give one dog a bone, you'll end up feeding the whole kennel.
So much for goodwill.
Oh, there you are.
(Jimmy pants, chuckles) Oh, this ship is big, huh? QUINN: Yeah.
Is there a problem, Jimmy? No.
Oh, actually, uh, yeah, maybe.
Uh, the C.
radioed down to the crime scene.
She's looking for you, Agent Gibbs.
Said you're needed in the maintenance bay.
Agent Gibbs, I don't like problems on my ship.
So lucky for you, I found the solution.
Muster list.
While all crew were accounted for after the muster drill, we just found an error in the Tiger count.
We're down a man.
Stewart Baxter.
I think we just I.
'd your killer.
Seaman Baxter reporting, ma'am.
Seaman, where the hell is your brother? Ma'am? You sponsored two Tigers-- mother and brother.
Where is Stewart? He called just before we left port to say he had car trouble.
I gave him hell, but Ma'am, he never boarded the ship.
Someone signed in.
Which means we have another problem.
An imposter.
BAXTER: Yeah, well, I hope you're flexible, because you can kiss your ass good-bye when I get done with you.
You already caused me problems, Stewart, so just get there.
(sighs) My brother says he doesn't know who signed on the ship as him.
But he was headed up to meet me and my mom in Norfolk, so getting to NCIS headquarters won't be a problem.
He's gonna keep his phone on? Yes.
And if he doesn't answer all of their questions, you have my permission to shoot him.
It'll be a mercy killing.
Not like this job wasn't hard enough before, you know? I do, actually.
I spent a year as the lone NCIS agent on a floating city of 5,000.
(chuckles) So how do I convince my shipmates that I had nothing to do with this? You leave that to us.
We have search crews all over the ship.
You just keep doing what you're doing.
My job? Yes.
Closet safe.
Uh, that's predictable.
- Bank box? - Impersonal.
(groans) Under the mattress.
Look, if you don't like what I'm coming up with, then take the ring back.
I can't take the ring back.
The fact that the ring isn't in my house is the reason I slept like a baby last night, okay? I had no cold sweats, I had no nightmares You've been having nightmares? Uh, no.
Uh, I mean, yes.
Not about you though.
Why would they be about me? BISHOP: Uh, he didn't want you to worry.
Sweetie that he is.
What are you doing here, hon? I told you Delilah was coming by.
Oh, that's right, that's right.
You guys are having lunch.
I'm sorry, I forgot.
You can come if you want to.
TORRES: Oh, no.
McGEE: No, no, that's okay.
I can't really come, not today.
Or ever.
Food allergies.
Is everything okay? (drone whirring) Hey, Abby found a clue.
Check this out.
Watch it land.
I didn't know you could fly drones.
Yeah, it seems a little nerdy for you.
Obviously, you've never seen an illegal street race.
- Wait, with drones? - Oh, yeah.
The first time I saw it was in the Buenos Aires underground.
They're not as big as cars, but they're faster and way more violent.
Nick Torres.
Delilah Fielding.
Nice to meet you.
So that remote control that was compacted into our dead body belonged to a consumer drone.
This exact drone? No, no.
The Navy yard security confiscated this one a week ago.
But apparently, NCIS has been having issues with these.
Yeah, yeah.
We had a report last month about a drone over the shipyard in Maine.
has the same issue across the world.
The fear is they're being used for surveillance or smuggling.
What's one doing on our Tiger cruise? I'm gonna call Gibbs.
Thanks, Nick.
Tim, your desk phone is right here.
Shall we? Sure.
(whistles tune) (taps cards on table) Deal you in? Shouldn't you be searching the ship for whoever killed my cousin? We are.
This just helps me think.
You from Maine? Derry.
Is that by the, uh, the shipyard up there? Uh, not really.
You know, you're a lot more relaxed than your partner.
(chuckles) He's off his meds.
(chuckles) So, you're into drones.
Hmm? Relax.
I was looking at the faculty Web site.
It's in your bio.
Yeah, I like gadgets.
You bring one on the ship? No.
Did Vivian? I take it back.
You're worse than your partner.
At least he didn't lie about interrogating me.
Queen of hearts.
What? That was my nickname.
'Cause I used to play cards every day in the mess.
I thought it was a good way to get to know someone without all the pressure.
Unless we were playing for cash; then (clicks tongue) Why are you telling me all this? To prove I don't lie.
And this wasn't an interrogation until you just made it one.
So now instead of a friendly conversation, I'm gonna have to ask you some cold questions.
I want a lawyer.
That's too bad.
You beat me.
ABBY: So, is drone street racing, like, a real thing? No idea.
But McGee owes me big.
So, how did you expertly fly a drone? I'm athletic? Hey, by the way, uh, Stewart Baxter is upstairs waiting on his car.
I'm almost done.
You know, they stopped Stewie at the front gate when he realized he didn't have his driver's license.
Claims it must have been stolen.
That explains how our imposter got on the ship.
Yeah, normally, I wouldn't believe the guy, but he seems real afraid of his little sister.
So, he says he missed the Tiger cruise because he had to get his radiator replaced? Yeah.
And his Navy sis doesn't believe him.
Do we? Yes and no.
Whoever told him that they replaced the radiator on his car, they lied.
This is just, like, a cheapo fix-it job.
But because they left the old radiator in place, I can see the damage.
So the car trouble was real? Oh, yeah.
It's more than real.
The puncture holes in the radiator, they're perfect circles.
Like, exactly the same size as a screwdriver.
So it's sabotage.
Someone purposely made sure he did not get on the U.
Y-Yo, Ty! Which way out? What are you doing? They said to start packing.
We're “moving port,” or something.
We still got to get through the channel.
A ship this big can't exactly do it fast and dirty.
It'll be a while.
Don't say anything, Kasey.
I can speak for myself.
I told these cops everything we know, which is nothing.
I asked to speak to Miss Powers.
And here she is.
And silent she will stay.
I'm also her lawyer.
Double the commission.
Curt, can we She sent that tweet as a joke.
She didn't see anything; she doesn't know anything.
KASEY: I'm really sorry.
If I had known that someone was actually dead All right, that's enough.
Unless you have reason to implicate my client, we're done.
You'll be the first to know.
Big fan.
I like your jacket.
You get more than fashion tips? Yeah.
I thought you liked being afloat.
Well, the carrier was bigger, and I didn't have to deal with a murder.
Search team.
Yeah, okay.
On every deck looking for anything that could have been smuggled on board by a drone.
But nothing yet.
Uh, same.
While not as big as the carrier I was on, it's still as big as a city block.
Yeah, but we don't have that kind of time.
Well, we could ask for some more.
You ask.
Your turn.
MAN (over radio): Captain, pilot tender's on approach, port side.
Explain to me why I should sail this ship around in a circle, putting everybody at greater risk.
Ma'am, listen, if we just had more time This is not one of your card games.
The safety of my crew, their friends and their families is my only priority.
And I want them into the safety of that harbor ASAP.
There's a killer on board.
Yes, and we've caught him-- just in a really big mousetrap.
And if we dock, you're giving the mouse exactly what he wants.
Which is? A way off.
I Look, the closer we get to land, the more options he has.
MAN (over radio): U.
Hoover, you are cleared to enter the channel on approach to Naval Station Norfolk.
You are currently fourth in line.
Copy that.
Thank you.
Please, just another 24 hours.
You have two.
Norfolk, we're coming home.
Blunt force trauma to the head.
It matches the size and shape of that pistol.
So someone confronts our victim in the trash room, hits her over the head, and then dumps the body.
The brain swells, eventually causing death.
The body is then accidentally compacted on top of a drone remote control, which may or may not be connected to the murder, which may or may not be connected to an imposter, who is now somehow missing on board the ship.
But let's be honest-- it's probably all connected.
You're coming dangerously close to conjecture, Mr.
Which we leave to others.
Yes, Doctor.
Don't let your time on that ship go to your head.
(sighs) It already did.
How so? The helicopter ride home.
I was supposed to take that motion sickness medication 30 minutes prior to liftoff, but I was so wrapped up in the case, I I forgot.
Doctor, I threw up.
All over the evidence bags that Gibbs sent with me.
I'm so sorry.
I embarrassed you.
I embarrassed this whole office.
Far from it.
Not withstanding our respective vomit, Mr.
Palmer, we continue to do our jobs.
That's all anyone can ask of us.
Well, thank you, Doctor.
With that in mind, I'm going to go take the victim's personal effects up to Abby.
Yes, I'd take them up myself, but she still thinks I'm sick, despite the fact that I have kept dry toast down for 24 hours.
Did we miss something? The victim's necklace.
I didn't notice it when I removed it, but there's an inscription on the back.
“Time with you is never wasted”" Must be a family heirloom.
Now it's a reminder of a young life cut short.
ABBY: I will get whoever did this.
McGEE: It was probably Gibbs.
You know he likes to be thorough at crime scenes.
No, no, no, it's not the garbage, it was the puke that was on the garbage.
- Uh, ew.
- Yeah.
Jimmy said it wasn't him, but who else do you know that eats graham crackers and cottage cheese? That why you called me down here? No.
I wanted to tell you that Bishop showed me the ring.
Oh, good.
What'd you think? How'd I do? Are you kidding me? It is perfect.
And so is your D.
solar-symmetrical proposal.
You're so romantic.
Thanks, Abbs.
So, is that it, then? Oh, you know me better than that.
What do you got, Abbs? I have sifted through much trash in my tenure, but I have never sifted through these babies.
Birthed from a plastic processor.
All plastic is separated, compacted and transported to the base for recycling.
Except one disk had more than plastic in it.
It's our missing drone.
It's been in the trash the whole time.
It was just in a different trash bin than our dead body.
It's beyond repair, but that didn't stop me from harvesting its organs.
Tell me it had a camera.
It had a camera.
And it's detachable, meaning that you can detach it and use it to walk around the ship.
Lot of cameras on the Tiger cruise.
There are.
But this one was used In a restricted area.
Well, why? How'd they get access? Keep watching.
It's one of the perks of being famous.
VIP access.
(knock on door) What the hell? You just can't barge in here.
GIBBS: We just did.
This is a private room! There's no such thing in the Navy.
What's going on? Well, you wanted to know when we had probable cause.
Guess what.
GIBBS: You were in a restricted area.
Don't say anything, Kasey.
Enough, Curt.
Stop talking.
QUINN: Why won't you let her speak? What are you two hiding? I have polyps.
On my vocal cords.
Curt is actually looking out for me.
I had surgery on them last week, and I can't sing for the next few months.
Hence the goodwill tour.
My idea.
Why stay cooped up when I can be raising awareness for the military? My grandfather was in the Navy.
And “murder boat” aside, the response has been huge.
CURT: If you insist on talking, maybe just whisper.
The Navy wanted us in those areas so I could talk about it on social media.
Millennial recruits love touchscreens and gizmos.
But anything that was sensitive was turned off or removed before we went in.
CURT: We weren't the ones filming.
There were other Tigers in that tour group.
Who was with you? I didn't take attendance.
Hey, would you ask Superman to do your taxes? Um Or LeBron James to babysit your kid? Would you do that? Yeah, I bet he's good with kids.
You do understand my point, right? No.
Does it have something to do with why you're using McGee's computer? Yeah.
He asked me to input the names from the ship's manifest into the system.
So if anything pops up, then we get an alert.
That's a good idea.
Yeah, it's a fantastic idea, except it's a misusage of my superpowers.
Which are? Kicking down doors, breaking through windows.
The tango.
Of course.
First I'm flying a drone, and now I am typing.
McGee's ring is giving him nightmares and is turning me into a geek.
Well, you're not gonna like my master plan for it.
Oh, no, Bishop.
You're not keeping that ring here.
I am gonna keep it here.
Oh, come on.
Locked in a desk drawer.
McGee's not gonna like that.
This is a secure federal building, swarming with vetted agents.
What better way to keep it secret? To keep it safe.
Hmm? No, no, no, you can't keep the ring in here.
Are you crazy? It will be out of sight, out of mind.
Out of mind? I've broken into this desk a million times before; that's not safe.
With Kate and Ziva before, obviously.
Not with you.
Can we discuss this? No.
We have a lead right now.
It's actually yours, Torres.
Do you want to put it up, or Oh, hell no.
You do you, boo-boo.
Following up on Stewart Baxter's stolen driver's license, I requested security footage from his gym the night he had car trouble.
That's our driver's license thief.
And his face is in our system.
Who the hell is Wayne Cribbage? Hey.
That our BOLO? Copies are being distributed all over the ship.
It's the dad we saw asking for an autograph.
Not our dad-- an imposter.
Yeah, he has a history of trespassing and aggravated assault.
Still doesn't give us a motive for murder.
Let's find him and ask.
(alarm blaring) What, did we win a prize? WOMAN (over speakers): Man overboard, man overboard, starboard side.
Sweep that lamp aft! Contact Port Authority, get that boat moving! GIBBS: Commander! Tow petty officers saw a man jump, then lost him in the dark.
Mid-30s, small build? Could be.
Cribbage is on the run.
REY: We're almost to the pier; he can make it to land.
Which means he can get away.
(urgent chatter) What's going on now? (woman speaking indistinctly over P.
) Just to be clear, I wasn't wrong so much as you were right.
But base security has been alerted.
They'll find your man.
We'd rather we did, Commander.
Call it the house advantage.
There's a search helo about to take off.
You better hurry.
Whoa! Yo, Ty, man, this thing ain't no joke! Where'd you get that hardhat? Get to the muster station.
And miss watching you bust heads in that thing? Yo, man, you didn't tell me you guys had all this stuff.
Yo, this Tiger cruise is lit, son! (panting) (quietly): Yes! Yes! (panting) QUINN: Freeze! NCIS! Put your hands up.
No! No.
QUINN: So, why don't you tell us why you boarded the ship as Stewart Baxter and filmed classified areas.
I didn't.
I mean, I did.
I did.
But that's not why I did it.
(laughing): It's not like I was trying to sell Navy secrets or anything.
What's so funny? Nothing.
Uh, I'm cold.
You illegally boarded a Navy vessel, and you killed a decorated officer.
I didn't kill anybody.
That's a long swim for an innocent man.
I'm not innocent.
Of the imposter stuff.
Stewart worked out at my gym.
Heard him bragging about the Tiger cruise, so I I messed with his car, I took his I.
, but I didn't do it for evil purposes.
Oh, you broke the law for what, charity? Photographs.
And exclusive video of Kasey freakin' Powers.
You're a paparazzo? Most people don't know the singular noun.
Usually, I got to fight 20 other media outlets for a shot.
Okay? But on that ship, it would've just been me.
Could've been worth ten grand.
And if I could've got an aerial drone shot as we were getting off in Norfolk Hello! Iconic! “Art” is not an alibi.
I'm using the trash room to attach the camera to the drone for my big finale.
FYI-- there is zero privacy on these Navy ships.
I heard some people coming, so I-I tossed the stuff and I hid.
You tossed your stuff in the trash? I panicked.
I was gonna come back for it, but this man and woman came in arguing.
What were they arguing about? I didn't catch that.
I'm a photographer, not a journalist, so So you saw the murder? Yes.
Okay? The fight escalated.
The man hit the woman with a thing.
And then he dumped her body.
And you saw his face? No, he didn't catch that.
See? This is why I didn't want to come forward.
As soon as the killer left the room, I got the hell out of there.
All my images were on that camera.
I lost everything.
I didn't even get an autograph.
If he's not our murderer, we're still missing something.
Yeah, a big something.
You think? Look there's five agents here! Somebody give me something.
(computer beeps) McGee for the save? Depends.
Did you guys talk to a Merrick Gomer on the ship? We spoke to a lot of people.
Why? Restraining order just appeared in the system, citing his alcohol abuse and domestic violence.
That's the mooch.
He was using a clueless Navy buddy to hitch a ride to Norfolk.
McGEE: Where his ex-wife and six-year-old son live on base.
She's a Navy lieutenant and the one who filed the order three days ago, boss.
Security would never let Gomer through the front gate if it was official record.
He's using the Tiger cruise as a back door.
QUINN: Hoover already docked.
Gomer's already off that ship.
All right, let's go.
Are you sure this is okay? When Brock's mom went to work, she didn't say anything about you coming to pick him up.
I talked to her before we went to the house.
It's no problem.
Dad, where are we going? Oh, on a trip, buddy.
- Where? - It's a surprise.
I'm gonna have to call her, okay? Sure.
That's fine.
All right, Brock, we got to hurry.
(line ringing) Is it the zoo? Or Busch Gardens? We'll see, buddy.
It must be something really special.
Sure is.
Is it Disney World? No.
Not Disney World.
You're done, Merrick.
It's over.
No, you don't want to do that.
Not like this.
Not in front of him.
Is your name Brock? - Yes.
- Hey, Brock.
I'm Agent Gibbs.
I'm gonna talk to your dad for a minute.
Can you stop talking to my son? He missed you, Brock.
That's why he picked you up this morning.
He was afraid he wasn't gonna get a chance to see you again.
Which is why he's gonna come with me right now, to make sure that he has a chance to see you after this.
(quietly): Put your hands on the wheel.
I love you, buddy.
All right? You remember that, okay? Out of the car.
(helicopter passing) So, Brock (handcuffs clicking) your mom's coming to get you.
What do you want to do while we wait? Get a cup of coffee? (laughs): Cool.
This is the man who killed Vivian? She recognized him on the ship.
Turns out she was friends with his ex-wife.
She knew Merrick was denied visitation rights last year, was gonna report him.
She was killed trying to do the right thing.
That sounds like Vee.
(crying) Sorry, we were just, um (sniffles) We were close.
Much closer than you're telling us.
Huh? We know.
You two weren't cousins.
You were dating.
After we spoke, I kept digging, and I found the receipt for this.
Why didn't you just tell us? 'Cause I didn't want Vivian's last act as an officer to be a lie.
She loved the Navy.
I just wanted to experience that part of her life.
McGEE: You know there are day cruises for significant others.
There wasn't one of those for another six months.
I talked her into this.
It shouldn't go on her record.
Think we're gonna let this one slide.
Thank you.
Knowing that this was our last time together, I don't have any regrets.
Well, except one.
(clears throat) That I gave her a necklace instead of a ring.
You know what I mean? I do.
Quinn, can you finish up? I got to go.
Everything okay? Oh, boy.
What now? Hey! That's actually super cool.
TORRES: Oh, thank God.
Take that thing out of here before I start playing Yahtzee or doing math.
(elevator bell dings) Hi, Tim! Delilah.
You're here.
Yeah, I figured since I Actually, you know what? Never mind.
This works, too.
Excuse us.
(chuckles) Uh, what works? (elevator bell dings) Whoa.
Um, are you allowed to do that? Sorry.
I had this whole thing planned with light and symmetry, but then we had this case come in with a trash compactor and kissing cousins, but they weren't really cousins.
Tim I can't waste any more time.
Delilah will you marry me? Yes.