NCIS s14e08 Episode Script

Enemy Combatant

1 Look at my watch, look at my chain They're brand-new Look at the wheels on that thang They're brand-new All these shoes Okay, that's it.
I have reached my limit of hip-hop.
No, no, no, don't even think about it.
You know Maddie only falls asleep to that song.
Brand-new, it's like I got a genie They gon' hate it when (whispers): She's already sleeping.
(whispers): Well, let's keep it that way.
I blame you for this.
The books said to listen to classical music during pregnancy, not rap.
(thud) What was that? (dashboard beeps) God, we got a flat.
(Maddie fusses) Relax.
Hey, relax.
I'm a pro at changing tires.
We'll be back on the road before Maddie even notices.
Hmm? (crying) (grunting) I know, sweetie.
I'm tired, too.
(crying continues) Look at my watch, look at my chains, they're brand-new Look at my clothes, look at my shoes They're brand-new.
Really? (tires screeching in distance) Oh.
Thank God.
That must be the tow truck.
I'll get 'em.
Hey! Over here.
Hey! MARY: Keith! Look out! Whoa! Keith! KEITH: Honey? (vehicle crashing) (Maddie continues crying) NCIS 14x08 Enemy Combatant @elderman (sighs) (door closes in distance) (men talking quietly) - Don't move! - Oh.
John? Rob? That was awesome.
(laughs) I mean, that was like that looked like a cop-show entrance.
Very Farrah Fawcett in Charlie's Angels.
I approve.
(sighs): Oh, God.
Hey, Elle.
George, you just missed it.
Sis, go back out, do it again.
What the hell is going on? What-what are you three doing here? Surprising you for Thanksgiving.
You know I hate surprises.
Uh, for the record, I did send you a text.
You sent me three frowny-face emojis.
You were in the NSA.
You couldn't couldn't crack that code? GEORGE: I thought you'd be happy to see us.
You haven't been back home in almost a year.
We missed you.
I-I am happy to see you.
You just caught me a little off-guard.
Ugh! Now give me hugs.
(laughter) Oh! Ah.
Now, hold on.
What? Why are you so dressed up? And out past midnight? And (sniffs) wearing perfume? (sniffing) That's Beach by Bobby Brown.
You were on a date.
What? No.
I was Eh! Deer-in-the-headlights look.
Gives you away every time.
Who is he? Just don't worry about it.
We just want to make sure he's not a deranged serial killer.
Or a vegan.
That would tear this family apart, Elle.
Okay, I am perfectly capable of judging someone's character on my own, thank you.
Plus, there's nothing you'd uncover that an NCIS background investigation hasn't already.
So he's one of your coworkers.
(sighs) (cell phone ringing) Hello.
Where? Yeah.
I'm on my way.
That was my boss.
I got to go.
At this hour? Mm-hmm.
Job is 24/7.
We will talk later.
Don't touch anything.
(sighs) So much easier when we could just read her diary.
All right, so we have your numbers.
We'll be in touch.
Well, glad you two could make it.
Well, someone took a wrong turn.
BISHOP: Yeah, because someone was singing so loud, I couldn't hear the navi.
Nice threads.
You on a date? What? No.
(laughs): Well, not with her.
No, we just carpooled.
Fill us in.
Solo driver was headed southbound when he swerved off the road and crashed right into a boulder.
Well, I don't see any skid marks, so I don't think the driver lost control.
Could have been deliberate.
A little Thelma and Louise action.
Love that movie.
Oh, what a surprise.
(forced chuckle) BOTH: What? (camera clicking) So Ranger Burt wants you to go to dinner with his parents.
What's the problem? (sighs) It's not just any dinner, McGee.
It's Thanksgiving dinner.
That's like the Super Bowl of meals.
And it sends this message that we're really serious.
Well, aren't you? Yeah.
I don't like labels.
What do we got? Well, boss, driver of the car is Commander Derrick Reza, 45 years old.
Works as a Navy chaplain out of the Armed Forces Interfaith Association in Arlington.
Did Duck give you a T.
before he took the body? That's the problem, boss.
Duck's time of death estimated as 7:00 p.
But we've got two witnesses stating that the accident happened shortly after 11:00 p.
So we have a guy crashing his car after he was already dead for four hours.
How? With this.
Clay brick? Oh, the masonry force is strong within you, Gibbs.
Yeah, so I found residue of the clay on the gas pedal.
Someone used this brick to depress the gas pedal and send the commander crashing through the guard rail and into that boulder.
This was not an accident.
(elevator bell dings) (phones ringing) Hi.
Uh, can we help you guys? We're waiting for Agent Bishop.
Yeah, uh, NCIS Special Agent Eleanor Bishop.
How cool does that sound, right? Oh.
And who are you people? George, John, Robbie.
We're Ellie's brothers.
You guys must be Tim and Alex.
Yes, yes.
How you doing? Good to meet you guys.
Bishop's talked so much about you.
It's good to put faces to the names.
So, uh, work with our sister? I do.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's, uh, been just over four years now, actually.
I can't imagine this place without her, you know.
You guys hear that? BOTH: Sure did.
Sounds like you two are pretty close.
Maybe a little too close.
Excuse me? Huh.
This is getting interesting.
Uh, what are you doing? (chuckles) Getting to know your coworkers.
Is this the guy you're dating? Seems like your type-- tall, brainy, aloof.
How did you even get in the building? Guest pass.
We're getting a tour.
Really? On-on whose authorization? GIBBS: Mine.
Give me an update.
Boss, victim is Commander Derrick Reza.
Unmarried, no children.
His parents in New York have been notified.
Reza worked as an imam before joining the Navy in 2003.
He's one of a handful of Muslim chaplains serving in the military.
Besides being assigned to the Armed Forces Interfaith Association, Reza was a member of several charitable organizations, so it's hard to imagine he'd have any enemies.
(crunching) Hmm? Oh.
Suspects? Well, according to Reza's secretary, his last call was to a Ronald Ayers.
He runs a meditation center and Zen garden out of Falls Church.
Okay, check it out.
Bishop, Quinn, get with Commander Reza's supervisor and find out who he was interacting with.
(elevator bell dings) DUCKY: I'm aware that in Islam it is believed that the deceased can still feel pain.
And that to break the bone of a dead person is like breaking the bone of a living one.
(elevator bell dings) I do not wish to add to your suffering.
You solo today? Ah, 'tis the season.
Palmer had an unfortunate accident attempting to deep fry a turkey, but he's okay.
You got a cause of death for me? I'm afraid not.
Commander Reza's family requested that an autopsy not be performed for religious reasons.
Duck, this is a murder case.
Jethro, this man is a chaplain.
I do not intend to go against his final wishes if I can avoid it.
So why'd you call me? Because my initial time of death was correct.
The commander was dead before the crash.
Most definitely.
During my on-sight examination, I noticed this deep laceration.
That from the crash? No.
The commander's head was protected by the air bag.
No, this wound is inconsistent with his other injuries.
Ergo, blunt force trauma no doubt led to his demise.
Anything else? Yeah, I found some debris in the wound.
I sent it up to Abby for analysis.
Thanks, Duck.
Well, Commander, let's get you ready to go home.
(bowl humming) RONALD: I don't understand.
I thought you said Derrick was in a car accident.
It's an ongoing investigation, Mr.
How did you know Commander Reza? We worked on several community service projects together.
Ran in similar circles.
A Muslim chaplain and a Yogi? Spirituality encompasses all faiths, Agent Torres.
It's through inclusion, not division, that one becomes whole.
Why did Commander Reza call you last night? Derrick said he had a favor to ask.
He didn't go into details.
We were supposed to meet today for lunch to discuss.
Last time you saw him? Uh, just this past Saturday at the harvest festival he organized.
You notice anything different in his behavior? Did he seem preoccupied or on edge? Not at all.
He was in great spirits.
Derrick helped raise over $25,000 for the local children's hospital.
Well, that's impressive.
RONALD: That was Derrick.
Constantly helping others.
He lived to serve this community.
GARETH: As chaplain, Commander Reza interacted with hundreds of parishioners of various faiths.
Did he ever have any issues with any of them? Not that he told me about.
So, this interfaith church, do you take confessions here, Mr.
, uh, Bainbridge? Oh, not me personally.
I'm just the office coordinator.
But Derrick would often counsel our members.
Did you notice Commander Reza spending more time with any particular parishioner? Uh Well, actually, yes, I I'd noticed one woman he was spending some time with over the past two weeks, but I-I didn't catch her name.
Can you describe her? Uh, she was late 20s, Middle Eastern, uh, wore a headscarf.
Oh, but I can't imagine she'd be involved with his death.
It (chuckles) looked as if they were friends.
(crunching) Are you Nick Torres? Who's asking? We're Ellie Bishop's brothers.
Oh, hey.
Yeah, she mentioned you guys were here.
Nice to meet you.
Nice talk.
(clears throat) What, do you guys want my lunch money or? We want you to answer a few questions.
About what? Your relationship with our sister.
My what now? (chuckles): Okay.
Look, um, guys, (clears throat) I appreciate the-the protective brother routine, I-I respect it.
But, uh, you're barking up the wrong tree here.
So you're not the coworker she's been dating? Wait.
Wait, me date Bishop? (laughs) No, no.
No, no.
(clicks tongue) She's not my type.
Like, not at all.
So you think our sister's not good enough for you, is that it? Okay, listen, that's not what I meant.
I meant no disrespect.
What I mean is that Bishop and I are real good friends.
That-that's all.
There's nothing more.
That's it.
All right, look.
Now, you didn't hear it from me, but your sister's been hanging out with this chap from the international desk.
Now, my money would be on that guy.
What's his name? Clayton Reeves.
(whispers): Clayton Reeves.
Yeah, tall, British, tailored suit, pretty ass jawline.
We cool? We're cool.
You do realize he could've taken all three of us down one-handed, right? Oh, without a doubt.
(sighs): Yeah.
The things we do for our sister.
(exhales) (computer beeps) Come on.
Why are you taking this so personally? Because she's our friend.
How could Bishop be dating someone and not tell us? Um, probably because it's someone we work with.
How do you know that? I overheard Bishop's brothers interrogating Pale Dale in the hall.
He started hyperventilating.
I had to give him a paper bag.
But, you know, Bishop has her reasons.
She'll tell us when she's ready.
I guess you're right.
You're dying to know who it is, too? You have no idea! Thank you.
(groans) (computer beeping) Look at this.
Commander Reza's got some pretty heavily encrypted files on his laptop.
Didn't you say his computer password was “password1”? Doesn't sound like someone that'd be very tech savvy.
Oh, a lot of classified files.
Of what? Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp.
Personnel, detainee movements, guard assignments, even.
How would a Navy chaplain get his hands on sensitive military documents? Abby, if these get into the wrong hands, this could be a serious threat to national security.
So what was Commander Reza planning on doing with them? TORRES: Prior to his command in Arlington, Commander Reza did a two-year tour as a chaplain at Guantanamo Bay.
BISHOP: All the classified military files found on his laptop had one common thread: Amir Hassan, one of the detainees being held at Gitmo.
What's his story? I suppose that's my cue.
We got to get him a bell or something.
REEVES: Hassan is originally from Jalalabad, Afghanistan.
He was picked up by a joint U.
and U.
terrorism task force back in 2005, just outside London.
Looks like I'll be assisting with the case.
The more the merrier.
(chuckles) Why is Hassan being surveilled? The main target was Dawar Mahdavi.
When you're ready.
I remember him.
Dawar Mahdavi was one of the suspected conspirators in the 7/7 attacks in London.
Traces of his DNA were found on a backpack worn by one of the suicide bombers.
That brain of yours is brilliant.
(chuckles) Truly.
Uh, can we stay on topic here? I agree.
(clears throat) Mahdavi, uh, recruited his men from a mosque he used to frequent.
Amir Hassan was one of three men seen with Mahdavi back in 2005.
When chatter flagged an up-and-coming attack, they were taken into custody.
Well, that still doesn't explain why Commander Reza had a dossier on Hassan.
Among those files were video recordings of Amir Hassan's interrogations while at Gitmo.
They must be important, or why else would Reza have them? One problem: they're all in Pashto.
That's not a problem.
Bishop, get to it.
You know Pashto? Mm-hmm.
REEVES: What did I say? Brilliant.
(Bishop chuckles) Gibbs, there's hours of footage to go through.
I mean, I can handle some, but we'll need to loop in a translator.
Yeah, set it up.
Torres, talk to the C.
at Gitmo.
Find out what contact Commander Reza had with Amir Hassan.
(chuckles) What about me? I want all the Intel the task force gathered on Hassan.
That's it? I was hoping for something a little bit more challenging.
QUINN: How long have you been commander at the Gitmo detention group, Colonel Driscoll? Nearly two years.
And, uh, you're familiar with Commander Reza and Amir Hassan? That's affirmative.
What sort of contact did they have? As chaplain, Commander Reza had weekly meetings with several of our detainees, including Hassan.
What'd they talk about? The military doesn't record religious counseling sessions.
Oh, you don't really expect us to believe that, do you? Doesn't matter to me what you believe, Agent Torres, it's the truth.
What can you tell us about Commander Reza? Well, during his tour here, there was a significant decrease in aggressive behavior among the detainees.
I credit Commander Reza for that.
He was a calming presence.
I was sad to see him go.
Oh, so you liked him? I like people who do their job.
So, yes, I liked him.
More than others.
Meaning what? Some of my soldiers were suspicious of Commander Reza's closeness with the detainees and believed he was colluding with them.
And did you look into that? Of course, but the investigation turned up nothing.
I wrote it off as a baseless claim.
Did you give Commander Reza access to Hassan's files? I don't make a habit of sharing classified military documents with unauthorized personnel.
How'd he get 'em? No idea.
But I plan to find out.
Oh, so do we, Colonel.
You can bet on it.
You really have a way with people, Torres.
Yeah, it's a gift.
Agent Gibbs, it's good to see you.
How's life at the annex? It's going very well.
I have you both to thank for that.
Well, you did the work, not us.
Bishop bring you up to speed? Yes, you require some help with some Pashto translations.
Yes, “some” being hundreds of hours of interrogations.
Hope you didn't have any evening plans.
This is top priority.
Work comes first.
That's the right answer.
Dinner's on me.
(chuckles) (elevator bell dings) Oh, uh, look, it's, uh, MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves.
Boy, am I happy to see you.
What's with you? Oh, me? Oh, nothing, nothing.
I'm just tracking down that, uh, mystery woman seen with, uh, Commander Reza.
Have you met Agent Bishop's, uh, brothers? Hey.
Big, big fan of your sister.
(chuckles): See, boys? What'd I tell you? (elevator bell dings) Good luck.
You guys, uh, enjoying D.
? This place has, uh, great, great energy.
It's, uh You can can the small talk, 007.
The jig is up.
(chuckles) I'm sorry? We know you're dating our sister.
(laughs) Someone's telling you porkies.
What'd he say? Think he just called us fat.
No, he said that you were told a lie.
What about that trip to Scotland she took? You weren't with her? No.
I was.
But we just went as mates.
That's all.
“Mates” means friends.
Yeah, we got that one.
So, are we are we square? Just one more question.
When “mates” travel together, how many hotel rooms do they book? One or two? Two.
He hesitated.
I took a breath.
Robbie, what do you think? (British accent): Looks like you're in a spot of bother.
GIBBS: What am I looking at? It's guts, Gibbs.
Automotive innards.
Vehicular entrails.
The bowels Abbs.
Sorry, there was a Night Gallery marathon last night.
This is what McGee and I painstakingly went through to try to put together the navigation system from Commander Reza's car.
We were able to extract the data and retrace his movements the day he was killed.
Uh, normally, we would've gotten that information from his cell phone, but the commander doesn't own one.
Did you hear that, Gibbs? Someone who hated technology more than you.
Mind blown.
What'd you find? ABBY: Voila.
A day in the life of Commander Reza.
Left his house in the morning.
He went to work, had lunch downtown.
Stopped at a hotel, went to the bank, headed back to work, then home.
And then the crash.
Now, which one of those things is not like the other? The hotel.
Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding! Take it away, McGee.
McGEE: Pulled the list of registered guests staying at Arlington Roads Inn.
Now, one of the rooms is registered to Samira Hassan.
That's the sister of Amir Hassan, one of our Gitmo detainees who Commander Reza had files on.
SAMIRA: I have done nothing wrong.
You have no right to hold me here.
Guess again.
McGEE: You were one of the last people to see Commander Reza alive.
I didn't kill Derrick.
He was a friend.
A military officer.
And you're the sister of a terrorist.
That's an odd pairing.
My brother is not a terrorist.
I have spent years pleading with your government to look into Amir's arrest, but no one would listen.
Is that why you contacted Commander Reza? He's the one who reached out to me.
Derrick said he had proof my brother was being wrongfully detained at Guantanamo.
What proof? All he told me was that someone on the inside was going to help.
There are some people who don't want the truth to come out.
Derrick was silenced because he knew too much.
(cell phone beeps) Samira's telling the truth about her brother.
Qasim and I were translating Amir Hassan's interrogations.
I noticed that the corresponding transcriptions didn't match what he was saying.
Gibbs, someone altered the records to make it look like Hassan was withholding information.
He was set up.
(interrogator speaking Pashto over TV) (Hassan speaking Pashto) Hassan was asked to give up Mahdavi's targets.
The altered Gitmo transcript has Hassan's response as: “I will never betray Mahdavi.
He is my brother.
” What did Hassan actually say? “I've only met Mahdavi a few times.
“He's not my friend.
Please, you have the wrong person.
” Bishop and Qasim found dozens more like it.
This was the evidence Commander Reza intended to turn over in order to secure Amir Hassan's release.
Our intelligence had him as part of a terror cell.
The only thing connecting Hassan to Mahdavi is a few photos of them exiting a mosque at the same time.
You're telling me that an innocent man spent 11 years in a U.
military detention camp because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time? It's a possibility.
That's not good enough, Officer Reeves.
I want solid answers.
So do we, Leon.
Bishop and Qasim are en route to Gitmo now.
And Commander Reza? If his death is connected to Hassan, we'll find out.
(helicopter passing, indistinct radio chatter) QASIM: Are you all right? No, not really.
(sighs) What is it? HEALY: Right through here.
Uh, he, uh, won't need those.
It's protocol, ma'am.
Not ours, Sergeant.
Take 'em off.
Amir (speaking Pashto) (sighs) He's not gonna talk to me.
This place taught him not to trust anyone, especially U.
Then we convince him.
And we start by telling him the truth.
The truth has no place here.
You speak English? A skill I learned in this cage.
If you are here to ask me about my extremist connections, you're wasting your time.
I'm not a terrorist.
We know, Amir.
We're here to help you.
Commander Reza.
He was a chaplain here a few years ago.
What about him? He was working to get you released from Guantanamo.
He-he found evidence that you were being wrongfully detained.
(speaks Pashto) (responds in Pashto) If this is true, then let me speak to Derrick.
I trust him.
He wouldn't lie to me.
(sighs) Commander Reza is dead.
This is one hell of an oversight, Colonel.
The transcriptions in question were before my time.
It's not the time to pass the buck.
I am merely stating facts.
In 2005, some detainee translations were conducted by private defense contractors.
It was a flawed practice.
One no longer used at Gitmo.
I'm afraid that's too little too late, Colonel.
Who was the translator assigned to Amir Hassan? His name's Brendan Peters.
He worked for Wynnewood Security Services.
Someone killed Derrick because he was trying to free me? That's what we're trying to find out.
QASIM: Can you think of who might want to go after Commander Reza? How could I possibly know? I've had no contact with the outside world in years.
Not with my family.
Not with anyone.
Derrick restored my faith that I might once again be a free man.
He died for nothing.
That is not true, Amir.
He was fighting for you, and so are we.
I was put in this place by people like you, Agent Bishop.
People who think I'm a terrorist because I'm Muslim.
Why should I believe a word you say? I didn't trust her either.
Not when we first met.
I was once in a similar situation as you.
And when I thought all hope was lost, it was Agent Bishop and NCIS who stood by me.
I am alive because of them.
Trust only works when it goes both ways.
When I met Dawar Mahdavi, I didn't know who he really was or the terrible things he had done.
We had only spoken to each other in passing at our mosque.
My life ended because of a man I hardly knew.
I told the truth, and no one would believe me.
No one except for Derrick.
We can't change what happened to you, Amir, but we are gonna finish what Commander Reza started.
And we are not leaving here without you.
Admit it.
What you did was a serious violation of the guy code.
Oh, are you still going on about this? Come on, man, I'm with her.
Let it go.
That's easy for Quinn to say.
She's not the one you threw to the wolves.
The wolves? Come on, man.
Bishop's brothers are, like, (whimpers) little pups.
Plus, I thought you could handle yourself.
You're a big boy.
Would you care for a demonstration? Sure.
Oh, no.
No more.
Whichever one of you is dating Bishop, just fess up, and we can be done with this.
He flinched.
I blinked.
Oh, you flinched a little.
That's not proof.
I have proof.
I did a statistical analysis of Bishop's personality, and cross-referenced it with everyone in the office to see who would be the most probable match.
Torres, you only scored a 17% probability Yes! so you're out.
Reeves, you scored an impressive 65%, so that's a possibility.
I told you it was him.
ABBY: Now, wait.
Not so fast, Nick.
There's someone else who beat Reeves' score with a whopping 87% probability.
What?! Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
Are you serious? Come on, Abby, that's Ha, ha, ha, ha, that's a good one.
Actually, I can picture it.
GIBBS: Picture what? Hey, Gibbs, hey! We were just, uh, you know, sharing some enlightening scientific analysis here.
How about sharing something else? Like a lead.
I got a lead, boss.
Been following up on Brendan Peters, the translator assigned to Amir Hassan.
Brendan Peters doesn't exist.
It's an alias.
Many defense contractors use an nom de guerre for security reasons.
Maintains anonymity.
I pulled his fingerprints from Gitmo's records, ran it through the system, got a hit.
Turns out Brendan Peters is really Ronald Ayers.
The meditation guy.
Time to bust up someone's chi.
All right, I got the front.
Got the back.
Reeves, take the grounds.
Don't move.
Drop the weapon.
The place is surrounded, Ayers.
Doesn't look that way.
Drop it.
Take a quick walk.
Yep, real quick.
Don't even say it.
Hero, baby.
It's what I do all day, son.
I can explain.
Pulling a gun on a federal agent? Talk about bad karma.
Enjoy your next life as a gutter rat.
It's not what it looks like.
Oh, this should be interesting.
I've been on edge ever since Derrick's murder.
I thought your agents were there to kill me.
It was just a simple misunderstanding.
If that's all it is, you're free to go.
Really? No! Talk! About what? Amir Hassan.
His interrogation transcripts.
Who altered them? I did.
Well, congratulations, you just got downgraded to a flea on a gutter rat.
I didn't have a choice.
I was ordered to do it.
By who? The defense firm I worked for.
We were told to help prolong the confinement of detainees who refused to produce Intel vital to the War on Terror.
And how do you sleep at night? I didn't.
That's why I quit.
I never felt right about what we did at Gitmo.
Or for what I did to Amir Hassan.
You knew he was innocent.
And you let him rot in that cell for 11 years? I'm not proud of what I've done.
And that's why you killed Commander Reza? To keep your secret? I didn't kill Derrick.
I was helping him.
I'm the one who gave him those files on Amir Hassan.
I was trying to right a wrong.
(helicopter passing, indistinct chatter) Amir Hassan was right.
I have sent people here.
For years, I've I've known about Gitmo and I've talked about it, but (sighs) seeing it, it's not what I expected.
What did you imagine? I don't know.
I know there are people detained here who have done horrible things, but this doesn't feel like justice.
Well, fear often makes us do things that we shouldn't.
But that's human.
What if there's another Amir in there and we just don't know it? He was a 22-year-old kid.
And we took away 11 years of his life.
Can't ever make that right.
You are not the one responsible for Amir Hassan's arrest.
But you are responsible for his release.
He's leaving here a free man.
(gate buzzes) Still doesn't seem like enough.
Believe me that is everything.
Wait, Bishop and Gibbs? No, no, no.
Y-You got to be crazy.
Are you questioning the validity of my findings? Statistical data is hardly reliable.
Timothy Farragut McGee, I will have you know that all my data is accurate.
It predicted when you and Delilah would move in together, and when you would get engaged, and when you would have your first kid.
Abby, how could it possibly know that? Come on.
Did it say whether it was a boy or girl? Wouldn't you like to know.
Where's Gibbs? He's up with Vance.
Did you guys find anything? One of the stops that Commander Reza made on the day he died was to a bank in Arlington.
Right, we already knew that.
His account showed that he made an ATM withdrawal at 4:45 p.
That's right.
Except he went there on other business.
A teller at the bank confirms that she assisted Reza.
He requested over two years worth of checking account statements.
His personal account? No.
Armed Forces Interfaith Association.
We pulled the same records and found over $250,000 in withdrawals earmarked for local charities.
TORRES: Yeah, and we checked with the charities, and none of them have received the donations.
Who made the withdrawals? The primary account holder: Gareth Bainbridge.
(car alarm chirps) Hi there.
Agent Quinn, did we have an appointment? We didn't, no.
I just had some follow-up questions.
Oh, well, of course.
Let's, um, talk inside.
Oh, we can't.
They're still processing the crime scene.
Excuse me? Yeah.
You familiar with, uh, BLUESTAR? It's this nifty little spray that helps you, uh, detect washed-out bloodstains.
Found a lot of it in your office.
Are you going somewhere? It was an accident.
What was? When Derrick confronted me about the money, he wouldn't let me explain.
He went to call the police, and I pushed him.
He tripped and his head hit the desk.
And instead of calling 911, you decided to try and cover it up? I panicked.
I Mm-hmm.
I never meant to hurt him.
I You got to believe me.
We don't.
(siren approaching) (elevator bell dings) Oh.
Gibbs, you're here.
I work here, too.
Uh, listen, I wanted to What happened to my phone? Next time you leave the country on assignment, Bishop, tell your brothers.
How many times did they call? Too many.
Got it.
What? Amir Hassan.
He held on for all those years believing the truth would set him free, and it did.
Listen, Gibbs.
I don't want to lie to you anymore.
(sighs) I wanted to tell you earlier, but I didn't know how to say it, and then more time passed, and it's just that What, Bishop? (sighs) I broke rule 12.
At first, we were just good friends.
And then a few months ago, it turned into something more.
And I won't apologize for it.
Not-not because that would break another rule, but because Gibbs I like him.
A lot.
Took you long enough.
That's it? Happy Thanksgiving, Bishop.
ANNOUNCER: Hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving halftime show.
And we are just moments away from the second half.
For those of you just tuning in, after the first half of play, the score is tied, seven - Hey, what are you doing? - Hey.
Come on.
Boo! Come on.
We need to talk.
Can't it wait till after the game? No.
My place, my rules.
She's using the mom-tone.
Told you we shouldn't have egged Jake's car.
(sighs) You what? JOHN: To be fair, you never said to not do that, so Ugh! Okay, look.
I love you guys, but this needs to stop.
You can't just show up here and insert yourselves into my personal life.
We're not kids anymore.
You're grown men.
Only physically.
Listen, Elle, you're our little sister.
Being overprotective is in the big brother description.
That's never gonna change.
Well, can we at least come to a compromise? Uh, we're listening.
I'll agree to be more up front and open with you, if you'll agree to give me my personal space and trust my decisions.
Okay, we accept those terms.
(doorbell rings) Good, because there's someone I want you to meet.
Be nice.
ALL: We're always nice.
(chuckles) George, John, Robert, this is Qasim.
My boyfriend.
QASIM: Hello.
Ellie's told me so much about you.
Thank God.
We thought it was Gibbs.
(laughter) (grunts) @elderman