NCIS s14e09 Episode Script

Pay to Play

1 (birds chirping) PETER ALDEN: Duck hunting on a Navy base.
That's a first for me.
(chuckles) Tom's a retired admiral.
No one's said no to him since 1998? Only you, Jenna.
True, but I never say no to a hunt.
Or a chance to beg for Mr.
Alden's money.
You don't mince words.
Things get done faster if I say what I mean.
I work hard for my constituents and their businesses.
You were just reelected last month.
So, I have less than 730 days to fund-raise.
I don't usually write checks on the first hunt.
Enough shop talk.
Let's be in nature.
Enjoy the peace and quiet.
(sighs) (phone chimes) Oh, sorry, Congresswoman.
You have that 10:00 in Georgetown.
The modern world always finds us.
(chuckles) Would you mind, just hold that for me? Thank you so much.
Lord help me.
(sighs) I'm being assimilated.
This app tracks everything I eat by scanning the product bar code.
There we go.
It's a mile hike back to the cars, and I need protein.
Thank you.
I prefer to get my protein the old-fashioned way.
By the looks of your duck retriever, you're gonna starve.
(whimpers) (chuckles) We are not going home empty-handed if I have anything to say about it.
You serious? I didn't come here just to beg.
(ducks quacking) ALDEN: Who do I make that check out to? “Jenna Flemming for Congress”" Hmm.
We'll be in touch, boys.
(dog whimpers, barks) There has got to be a more humane way to get donors.
In D.
, three dead bodies is nothing.
Elections aren't cheap.
Congresswoman, can you enjoy the election we just won? Apparently not.
Max! What? Oh, my God.
NCIS 14x09 Pay to Play @elderman (elevator bell dings, phones ringing) Cheese, the bacon, the milk, the kale.
Oh, actually, don't even get me started on the greens, because I had to throw them all away.
Broken refrigerators are the worst.
Almost as bad as conversations about broken refrigerators.
(sighs) I'm so hungry.
I'm so bored.
QUINN: Bishop, what about your junk food? It should last, like, what? Ten or 30 years? Quinn, I-I only have that at work.
Good morning.
So, uh, Bishop, talk to me about the refrigerator situation.
Lose any food or McGee, no! Come on! What? (sniffing) Ellie? You okay? I smell ketchup and prawns.
TORRES: Yeah? She's having a stroke.
It is a specific flavor of potato chip.
REEVES: Crisps! (gasps) “Chips” are what Americans call French fries, which were actually invented in Belgium.
Clayton, when did you get here? McGEE: I thought you weren't coming till next week.
What, you knew about this? Yeah, Gibbs told me.
MI6 Intel Officer Reeves here, has been assigned to NCIS international desk.
Great to see you all again.
You're taller in person.
Thank you.
Yeah, on the MTAC screen, you're, like (squeaks) That's a nice suit.
You've been on a plane for nine hours? I pressed it at the hotel before I came into the office.
Ketchup-prawn are my favorite.
Which is why I got you your own entire case, Ellie.
Oh, be still, my sodium-starved heart.
Eat 'em in the car.
We got a death threat in Dahlgren.
BISHOP: Well, if Reeves is with us, should we take a third vehicle? No, not today.
Agent Reeves is here to assist your team as needed.
But right now, he and I need to discuss a few things regarding the transition.
Am I in trouble already? Welcome to NCIS.
(camera clicking) (siren whoops) (indistinct chatter) And they say “write your congressman.
” Flemming's district is in Maryland farm country, but I've heard of her.
Filibustered last year for veterans' health care and is on a military appropriations committee.
She pays our salary? Well, not exactly, but from what I understand, she's one of the good ones.
Everybody likes her.
Not everybody.
Well, the prints on the door handle are totally unusable.
McGEE: Base security says that there is no cameras or checkpoints out here.
So it could've been anyone with access to the base.
TORRES: Our jurisdiction.
It's a shame we can't do more to catch this guy.
We can and we will.
It's not like we're gonna autopsy a rat.
NCIS has to take the threat seriously.
If we don't They turn into actions.
Damn right.
TORRES: I'm sure that's one of your rules, Gibbs, but the congresswoman is not taking this seriously.
She's not even here to talk.
Uh, she had a 10:00 a.
meeting in Georgetown.
Max Sanders, Congresswoman Flemming's personal aide.
My point exactly.
Actually, it might be better that she's not here.
I can finally tell someone the truth.
Miss Flemming wouldn't let me go to the FBI.
Go to the FBI? What for? These threats.
It wasn't the first one? First dead body, so to speak.
They started as social media threats, then phone calls, letters.
Then you start seeing the same angry faces at campaign events.
It's escalating.
Enough to keep records.
There's got to be 50 names here, at least.
And those are just the repeat offenders.
But look, you did not get that from me.
If my boss finds out Where does NCIS get off? Ten years on the Hill-- I think I know how to handle myself and my safety.
If I blow the whistle on a rat, I look weak.
“Poor scared woman can't handle the pressure”" Perceptions cost elections.
MAN: Now you see what you're in for, huh? Thanks, Frank.
NCIS will be glad to take the lead.
(door closes) It will be a pleasure to work with the congresswoman.
Representative Flemming, nice to see you again.
Director Vance, was that the FBI? - Yes.
- I assume your overzealous involvement has nothing to do with the appropriations bill you and the Navy want me to vote for next month.
Your concern for my welfare is touching, but I can't be bought.
You've made that clear the last three years that I've presented reports to your committee.
Jenna Flemming.
Special Agent Gibbs.
Agent Gibbs, I know you are just trying to do your job, but my aide overstepped his bounds, reads too much Internet.
These threats are violent.
With regard to everything from gun control to minimum wage, you've made enemies on both sides.
Well, if you don't, you aren't working hard enough.
But someone got close this time.
They knew where you were.
They got on base.
It took planning and it took commitment.
I just don't want this to become a federal case.
It already has.
Director, it's my life.
And we're gonna protect it.
You're welcome.
Representative Jenna Flemming of Maryland's ninth district.
Started in local politics when she ran for school board president.
Was elected to the state senate three times before setting her sights on the U.
House of Representatives.
Oh, she can't sit still, can't shut up.
Gets things done.
Yeah, why would anyone want to kill her? Can't imagine.
We only offered to walk her to her car; she practically tore our heads off.
I'm liking this woman.
BISHOP: Well, she once voted in favor of a gun control law wearing full hunting gear on the House floor.
In order to? To show that the Second Amendment and reason are not mutually exclusive.
Sounds like a political stunt to me.
Or it shows character.
Let's leave politics out of the office.
Unless it gives us answers.
Who wants our politician dead? BISHOP: Been narrowing the list of repeat offenders.
Two names stand out.
QUINN: First one is Simon Lee.
Creator of an online message board dedicated to “exposing “the true heritage and ancestry of elected leaders.
” BISHOP: Claims Congresswoman Flemming is a descendent of Attila the Hun, which she actually is.
Ruthless nationalism should be a plus to this guy.
Yeah, but he uses it as an excuse to get angry and form protests, some of which have gotten really violent.
Except Lee's not our rat killer.
He was arrested for stalking a judge-- still in jail.
Next name.
QUINN: All right, uh, BurnTheWitches1692.
BISHOP: Anonymous username on the same message board.
Seems to be Lee's right hand and mouthpiece.
And he wrote a post last week calling Flemming a “gutless ra”" for not publicly denouncing the Huns.
The real security threat.
That's it? Uh, Quinn and I have about ten more names to dig into.
Then go.
Do it.
McGee, track the witches.
Oh, must be working on something big.
That was fast.
DUCKY: A skull, a cloaked figure wielding a scythe-- all symbols of impending death.
And as if a dead rat with a large cut down its center wasn't clear enough, our culprit felt the need to literally spell this one out for us.
Well, the note was tied around the little fella's neck with a bosun's knot.
Another symbol? Or the person who tied it has training in marlinspike seamanship.
Rope work? Yep.
Navy training? Well, perhaps.
Or maybe just experience in and around boats.
The congresswoman does have strong Navy ties and votes on the appropriations committee.
So Navy knot? Navy threat? Well, is our friend here ready for autopsy? Well he came ready.
Oh, the cut along the abdomen? Yeah, I don't think it was the cause of death.
Someone already did our job for us.
Missing all internal organs.
This is a literal gutless rat.
You are a magician.
Well, uh, no magic needed.
No, just-- you know, most people use the same avatar on multiple Web sites, you know, so I just tracked BurnTheWitches1692 to another site with more personal details, and ran into a name: Amy Barrett.
Internet is the devil, man.
And, apparently, so is Miss Barrett.
(tires screech) Principal says she's taking an after-school driver's ed class.
Oh! Satan takes many forms, my friend.
Hey, listen, uh, I was gonna tell you about Reeves coming in to NCIS.
Sorry if that was kind of a surprise.
I just, you know, I know what it's like.
Two alpha men trying to prove their manhood, you know? You see right through me, Tim.
No, I understand.
I mean, I went through the same thing with Tony, you know.
(tires screech) Oh, here comes our car.
What? (tires screeching) (tires screech) Hey, no fair! Take your foot off the brake! Take your foot off the pedal.
You okay, sir? I stare death in the face every day.
Amy, hands on the wheel.
Ten and two, please.
(clears throat) Okay, well, heard about the high-speed getaway.
Uh, what was the next part of the plan, take Big Ed hostage? My daughter's very sorry.
She just wasn't thinking.
What about the threats to Congresswoman Flemming? Were you thinking then, Amy? Wait, what threats? (gasps) What did you do? You were politically active when you were my age.
I peacefully protested animal cruelty in the meat industry.
(gasps) Amy Lynn Barrett! I-I didn't do that.
Oh QUINN: “The country is going to hell “in a handbasket.
“A basket carried by gutless rats “fresh off the boat from some country, not America.
“Someone should sent Attila the Flemming a clear message.
” It was an ethnogenesis joke.
If these people knew anything about world history, they'd be the first ones to praise Attila for his ruthless nationalism.
You're not helping yourself, Ame.
You're the one who's yelling at the news every night, Mom.
About how hateful morons live in the shadows, easily manipulated by rhetoric.
I was just proving your point.
Well, your rhetoric may have inspired someone to act.
Then arrest them.
I'm just shedding light in great darkness.
Well, so much for free-range parenting.
Why did you call me back in here? I was in the middle of a nice piece of halibut downtown.
I strongly suggested you stay indoors, on government property, where security was present.
I considered it, but abstained.
You're not making my job easier.
You're in an appointed position.
Your job couldn't get easier.
Do you have any idea how much work I would get done if I didn't have to win elections? (cell phone ringing) To help us narrow the list, I'm gonna need your cell phone and your laptop.
From my cold, dead hands.
I'm trying to avoid that.
(sighs) My front door.
You've been to my house? Not us.
One of the people on the list.
They posted the photo online.
There are more, if you want.
If I pay too much attention to the negative voices, it gives them power.
You can't ignore them.
Thank you.
But your services are not needed.
(cell phone ringing) Oh.
Must be you this time.
Yeah, Gibbs.
Brighton, Maryland? That's in my district.
We'll meet you there.
Thank you for this info.
Uh, motel owner I.
'd the body as one of the guests: Max Sanders.
Congresswoman's aide.
All right.
(gasps) Oh, my God.
McGEE: I got a wound on the head over here.
Doubt it's from a swimming accident.
Yeah, in December? Well, Max Sanders lives in Alexandria.
What's he doing all the way out here in Brighton, Maryland, in a motel room? It's practically in the middle of nowhere.
Well, it's the congresswoman's district.
She's pretty upset.
Well, guess it's getting pretty real now.
Victim's got family in Wisconsin and a girlfriend coming in to NCIS.
Ugh! You find something? Yeah, a used condom and a dead bird.
Think they're related? To each other? To the case.
No, but this might be.
Victim's cell phone.
Yeah, I talked to every guest who would answer the door.
Nobody's willing to admit they saw or heard anything unusual.
I have the registry, but WOMAN: Well, I heard something.
(chuckles) I was just getting some ice, and I couldn't help but overhear.
You have information, ma'am? I heard shouting between two men.
And I opened my hotel door, and I saw a car just take off out of the parking lot.
Oh I'll be right there, Rodney.
Champagne still needs to chill.
(chuckles) He's my accountant.
You remember anything about the car? Um, red Lincoln, or maybe a Caddy.
You remember what time it was? (laughs) I wasn't paying much attention.
I was in the middle of an audit.
May I help you? Just passing through.
I meant with the case.
Director Vance was done with me, asked me to check in with “Team Gibbs.
” Is he still with the congresswoman? The director's taking a personal interest.
Oh, well, Flemming votes on Navy funding, so I'm getting a sense it's something else.
So, what do you know? Max Sanders' motel room was clean.
No blood, no murder weapon No help.
Well, records show that the victim has been staying at the motel on and off for the past month.
Job-related? Good question.
And I can answer it.
LAURIE: Yeah, Max and I had been dating for a few weeks, but there was something there.
He was a great guy.
Funny, if a little fastidious.
His word, but I call it “picky.
” Food, clothing, hygiene.
He was supposed to meet me for lunch, but he didn't show up.
And he didn't return my texts.
I was finishing up with an open house when I got the call from NCIS.
So you're a real estate agent? Yeah.
Did Max have any, uh, problems or talk about any enemies? Yeah.
His boss.
You think the congresswoman had something to do with this? I-I don't know, but she had him working on a secret project.
Do you think that's what got him killed? Wh-What kind of secret project? I don't know.
I don't know the details.
But you'd have to ask Miss Flemming.
FLEMMING: People get nervous when you talk about base closures.
Closing a base disrupts a lot of lives, military and civilian.
The relationship between a military base and the town it borders is significant.
For the town, it's economic.
For the Navy, it's morale.
A tie to normal life, a place to call home.
It's one of the hardest things I have to do.
So you research.
And then we research more.
That's what Max was working on.
Brighton Naval Base.
Closing it would make a lot of people angry.
But the fact that it was even up for consideration was never made public.
Which way was it leaning? It's become clear the base is less vital.
Despite the fact that it's in my district, I have to advocate closure.
Weighing facts over political fallout.
You are the last of a rare breed.
(chuckles softly) Yeah, the dodos.
Someone apparently found out.
Max knew not to say what he was really working on.
He was always smarter than me.
I didn't win those elections, we did.
I never told him that.
Jenna I don't expect you to understand the battles we fight on a daily basis or the personal sacrifices.
If Max was doing research, he would have had a source.
Who's the last person he spoke with? Jed Hamilton.
He owns a few businesses and knows everyone in Brighton.
He's the de facto mayor.
Thank you.
And I am going to arrange for an overnight security detail.
That's unfortunate.
BISHOP: Morning, Gibbs.
So I did some digging into the name Director Vance gave us.
Jed Hamilton.
No kids.
The town's mayor and biggest champion.
Everything Flemming says checks out.
Except? No exception.
Just an addition.
Jed Hamilton drives a red Cadillac.
Could be the car seen at the motel.
Bring him in.
On it.
(elevator bell dings) Duck? Jethro.
What do we got? Max Sanders-- treated his body as a temple.
He had regular meals, regular exercise-- a man after my own heart.
Lots of Self Love.
That's a protein bar that was actually his last meal.
Self Love Peanut Butter Blitz.
Not my favorite.
I actually much prefer that-that you never look at me like that again.
Then tell me why's he dead.
It was not the blunt-force trauma to the head.
While it was hardy enough to fracture the parietal bone, it was not fatal.
Hell of a headache.
Yeah, well, he would've suffered severe disorientation and confusion.
As a result, he may not have realized the extent of the damage.
Maybe he tried to walk it off.
And he walked into a pool? His lungs were filled with water, so he was alive when he took the dive.
Already dizzy, he-he panicked.
With every breath, he sucked in water instead of air and drowned.
So it was an accidental death kind of.
You got a time? Well, oddly enough, the blow to the head occurred one hour before death.
(door creaks) Federal agents.
(dog barking in distance) Mr.
Hamilton? House is empty.
Wife's in Martha's Vineyard with family.
(sighs) It's BOLO time for Mr.
Town Mayor and his, uh, red Cadillac.
Already on it.
Okay, now this is a kind of boat you can get out of a basement.
Gibbs should take notes.
Gibbs should not take notes.
I think I went to high school with that girl.
Good for her.
(phone chimes) Hmm.
McGee wants to know if there's anything else to add to the BOLO.
How about this guy's fetish for boats and bikinis? Oh! And rats.
Plural? (groans) Where there's one Looks like one's missing.
(groans) ABBY: So, the blood work shows that the rats from the freezer match the rat from Congresswoman Flemming's car.
All courtesy of Jed Hamilton.
Brighton town father.
And who's still missing.
His car was spotted fleeing the motel where the congresswoman's aide was murdered.
Max Sanders.
(ice clattering) 32, only child, Madison, Wisconsin.
Graduated from Northwestern Law, '07.
Started working for Flemming in '09.
I also read the case file.
Um, so Clayton just stopped by to say hi, so I was giving him a rundown.
Oh, I thought that's why you called me.
I didn't mean to step on any toes, pal.
Keep your shirt on.
A shirt you clearly slept in.
Oh, that's because it's so soft.
Is that the same suit as yesterday? Okay, so, moving on.
These rats should be covered in an American flag.
Why? Because they're Navy rats.
Officers or enlisted? (forced laugh) All their internal organs are missing, but it appears they died of natural causes.
Blood work shows very high levels of a protein called IL-33.
What is that? It's a protein that's being lab tested in the treatment of Alzheimer's patients.
At a Navy lab? The only lab recently engaging in such studies is the John G.
Roeper Lab on Brighton Naval Base.
Yeah, that's the base up for closure.
Good work, Abby.
Drink mine.
Mine is 30 seconds fresher.
(intercom buzzes) NCIS.
Abby said we're looking for Carlton Laymer.
H-He runs the lab.
There gonna be a problem between you and Reeves? What? (chuckles) (chuckles) D-Did Abby call you? Come on, man.
I was just being funny and charming.
You know.
Federal agents! This is exactly how a zombie movie starts.
Where are the scientists? I don't like this.
(upbeat pop music playing) Can you feel me now? NCIS.
I thought it was sanitation services messing with me.
Where's everybody? Lunch? Can you feel me now? CARLTON: Our study ended last month.
Navy personnel were transferred.
Civilians were let go.
Except you.
Someone has to finish with the reports.
And the subjects.
The rats? As they pass away from natural causes, I remove and catalog the organs for future study.
We applied for a continuation, but the funds were denied.
Truth be told, there are bigger labs that are better equipped.
You don't sound upset.
Part of the job.
Why? Well, someone didn't take it so well.
They came from this lab.
TORRES: And there aren't many other people here to, uh, blame for a murder.
No, no, no.
(chuckles) This wasn't me.
And it wasn't Jed.
Jed Hamilton? Small base, small town.
We go bowling every now and then.
He owns the bar next door.
I had mentioned to him that our continuation funds had been denied.
- And he took that as a bad sign? - Yeah.
Especially since some congressional aide had been asking him questions.
He put two and two together.
Jed was angry.
H-He said he wanted to send a message.
So you gave him dead rats? One bag.
When the mayor asks for rats, you give him rats.
I didn't think he'd actually do it.
QUINN: Still no sign of Jed Hamilton.
BOLO's out on all transportation hubs.
If he's running, we'll know.
McGEE: Abby's trying to revive Max Sanders' watery cell phone, but we found his laptop in the motel room.
Files? Intact, including all of Max's research on the town and base.
Look at this, boss.
Beltway Burgers just opened a franchise in Brighton.
Also, a new fitness center is going in.
QUINN: Everything was looking up.
For both the town and Mr.
Keep digging.
Um question.
Why, do you got something to add? Uh, not about the case.
Is, uh, Reeves here to work on Operation Willoughby? Operation got delayed six months ago because the Navy came to FLETC looking for recruits.
(elevator bell dings) But no one was willing to sign up.
Until now.
(elevator bell dings) I finally connected with Max's parents.
I said before that your job was easier, but I never stopped to consider that you make those kind of calls on a regular basis.
Well, it comes with the chair.
I also said you don't understand personal sacrifice.
I wasn't thinking about your wife.
Well, it's been a few years ago now.
I'm sorry.
I made a mistake.
You want to know a little Beltway secret? Hmm? You're well liked on the Hill.
In your addresses to the committee, you say what you mean.
Am I being sweet-talked? About my security detail It stays.
Uh, I'd hope so.
But would you please give me people I can talk to? You didn't like Agents Prescott and Friedkin? Is “mouth-breather”" too harsh? Damn euros.
Here, let me get that for you, man.
(item drops) Cheers.
Hey, uh, we have been just messing with each other, right? Part of our charming repartee, yeah.
Right, so why does everybody think we're gonna fight or something? (exhales) Can't two physical specimens be in the same room? I know.
It's ridiculous.
It's ridiculous.
But we are gonna fight one day.
We have to.
I mean, to see who's better.
Of course.
Of course.
VANCE: Agents Torres and Reeves.
When you two physical specimens are done, I have a job for you.
Airline said my luggage was rerouted to Amsterdam, but should be here in a few days.
So that is the suit from yesterday? (siren wailing, dog barking in distance) You're the only one who noticed.
(chuckles) It's all good, man.
It's all good.
I totally understand.
And, uh, if you need anything, like clothes or anything like that, I got your back.
Hey, uh, how much you bench, man? (Flemming clears throat) Gentlemen can I go home now? (car door closes) Hold up, Nick.
Mayor's red Cadillac.
(pounding on door) (slurring): Congresswoman! It's Jed Hamilton.
Are you expecting visitors? HAMILTON: We got to talk! No.
HAMILTON: Hey! Get back in the car.
You hear me? Open up! Open up! Hi.
How can I help you? NCIS.
You been drinking a little bit tonight, Mr.
Hamilton? Drinking a lot.
And I'm thinking, too.
Dangerous combination.
Please, put your hands up.
(scoffs) Wait, wait, wait.
Hey! (grunts) Come here.
(groaning) Just a note.
Nice move, mate.
Can't do that in a suit.
I am I'm so sorry.
Yep, you say that in your note.
Uh, I think.
It's kind of sloppy.
Come to finish what you started? No, I-I just Just like the note says, I went to apologize for the rat.
And for killing Max Sanders? No.
Wait, is this about the motel? Look, I-I only went to talk to him.
I mean, the bastard lied about what he was doing in my town! I just wanted to hear the truth.
So do we.
The base is on the chopping block.
You have any idea what a base closure can do to a small town like Brighton? It-it's a it's a symbiotic relationship.
When one dies, so does the other.
Ever black out when you drink, Mr.
Hamilton? Lose track of time or what you've done? No.
Look, I may have been drunk, but I'm sure he was alive when I left.
But you did hit him.
(cell phone chimes) Nice way around the rules.
You remember the posters in Jed's garage? Turns out he likes the real thing, too.
Left his driver's license at a strip club called Below Deck, just outside the Navy base.
Symbiotic relationship.
Dancer found it between the cushions in the VIP lounge.
She confirmed Jed was there during the time of the attack.
So he's a pervy? Yes.
And a drunk, but not our killer.
FBI is downstairs to arrest Jed Hamilton, pending criminal-threat charges.
That solves the rat, but not the murder.
It's way too early to be back at square one.
Couldn't agree more.
Boss, we kept digging into those who specifically stood to lose the most if the base closes.
Other than Jed Hamilton? The biggest deal on the books is Drax Commercial Properties.
BISHOP: They build apartments and housing developments.
Including a $40 million subdivision that's supposed to go up in Brighton.
These are escrow statements.
Deal hasn't closed yet.
Meaning Drax can get the money back.
No houses have been built, so there's no loss.
A deal that big, somebody had to lose something.
Who's selling the land? Nobody, boss.
Looked into that.
Owned by the city.
I'm talking about the sales agent.
QUINN: Well, the real estate agent who brokered the deal stands to lose a hefty commission.
McGEE: It wasn't just commission on the land.
Local real estate company negotiated exclusive rights to all the new housing sales.
I mean, it's two and a half percent of $40 million.
A lot of motive.
Boss, company is owned by Laurie Perkins.
QUINN: The girlfriend.
But we don't have anything tying her to the murder.
Where is she now? TORRES: I like your other place better.
Why are we here? I just want to pay my condolences.
All right, five minutes.
Or you can take as long as you like.
Well, Congresswoman Flemming.
I had no idea you were coming.
A last-minute stop, Miss Perkins.
Can we have a moment? TORRES: Uh, sure.
Only because I smell fresh cookies.
Oh, freshly baked in a newly renovated kitchen.
(clock chiming) Well, after everything that's happened, it is so nice to see a friendly face.
Mm, of course.
But I'm not going to be one.
Max and I were good friends.
We talked a lot.
He told me he'd been seeing someone that he met during his research at Brighton.
Miss Flemming, that was I didn't make anything of it until I checked my schedule for next week.
Max had me attending a ground-breaking at that new housing development.
I checked.
That's your baby.
So what are you saying? I always say what I mean.
Did you kill Max? I think you should leave right now.
You didn't answer the question.
FLEMMING: Agent Gibbs.
What a surprise.
Since you're here, why don't you arrest this woman.
Wait, what the hell is going on right now? Yeah, good question.
What the hell were you thinking? That Laurie Perkins killed Max.
So you confronted her yourself? I was tired of sitting in orange rooms.
Let us do our job.
I was trying to get her to talk.
And then she went for her bag.
What was inside? There was no weapon.
There was a phone.
VANCE: We have nothing to tie this woman to the murder.
Nothing at all except motive.
And normally we would use that as leverage to blindside her in interrogation.
Now we can't.
You have played our only card! (typing) Abby Don't ask! Do you have anything to tie Laurie Perkins in to the murder? No, and I'm running out of places to look.
There's nothing from the motel room, there's nothing from the pool, except for the victim's phone.
You get it working? Yes, but there's no texts, no e-mails, nothing that'll help.
Okay, what about GPS or biometrics? Wait.
What? What's “Self Love”? (over speaker): I told you, I was at lunch waiting for Max.
QUINN: And what time was that again? I don't remember.
Is that a crime? (exhales) I'm sorry, Director.
Agent Gibbs (door opens) 210 calories, 20 grams of protein and nine carbs.
What, Abbs? It's the nutritional data for a Self Love protein bar.
I got the information off Kalorie Kapture.
Okay, you're gonna have to explain that.
It's an app where you take pictures of your food to keep track of your diet.
By taking a picture of his last meal, our victim solved his own murder.
Look closer.
GIBBS: Those are your fingers.
Nice nail color.
What is that, Sassy Clown or Blushing Rooster? GIBBS: Check the time stamp.
It's 1:05 p.
That's his lunch.
You held it up for him.
You were at the motel at the time of the attack.
You overheard the mayor arguing with Max about the base closing.
It's the first you ever heard about it.
QUINN: So, you confronted him and you tried to get Max to change his mind.
Max wouldn't do that, would he? It was an accident.
Okay? I hit him, but-but he was okay.
He walked away.
I want a lawyer.
(sighs) (elevator bell dings) Mmm.
These chips are the greatest.
They're called crisps, Ellie.
What are we looking at? Uh I had to borrow some of Nick's clothes.
TORRES: What? He needed clothes.
Hey, we're going to the gym if you guys want to join.
Yeah, I'm okay.
I do yoga at home.
Do I smell a a budding bromance? What? TORRES: You call it bromance, I call it trouble.
I'm just gonna get my phone.
All right.
I'll meet you down there, mate.
(gasps) (clears throat) Hey.
It's, uh, nice to see you getting settled in here.
Can I ask you, did you, um, volunteer for a Navy operation called Willoughby? I mean, they were only looking for recruits that were willing to take risks, you know? It's like a suicide mission.
I know what I signed up for.
I have my reasons.
So you want to talk? There are a few manufacturing firms looking to lay down roots in the area.
If Brighton closes, it might be a good fit.
You ever stop working? I'll stop when you stop.
I'm pouring drinks.
I'm done.
No, you're not.
You never answered why you took such a personal interest in me.
Well, it has nothing to do with your appropriations vote.
It was because of your wife.
Jackie Vance started a nonprofit organization six years ago, a domestic violence shelter.
It's been without a chairperson since her passing.
You do your research.
So do you.
I can't take the position.
I made a deal with the good people of the ninth district to focus 100% of my efforts on them.
But I do have some friends.
Well, I would love to hear about them.
Over drinks in your musty office? Okay.
How about a quiet dinner? Took you long enough to ask, Leon.
(chuckles) Yeah, it's politics.
Give or take.
Sushi or Italian? I hate sushi.
Italian it is.
But I'm paying.
(sighs) @elderman