NCIS s14e11 Episode Script


1 Morning, Mr.
We're prepped and ready for departure.
Careful, Paul.
You get ahead of yourself.
Of course, standing by for your final approval, as always.
I think you'll find everything up to Mr.
Chen's standards.
I hope so.
Chen's en route.
We can't afford a delay.
There is one issue I should mention.
A revision to the crew list.
Uh, my copilot is out with a case of food poisoning.
Bad salmon.
So you know.
I vetted the substitute myself.
Jenkins, yes.
Then he's already cleared? Mr.
Chen signed off on him last night.
Looking forward to flying with you, Mr.
(phone ringing) Yeah, Leon.
Gibbs, Operation Willoughby is a go.
(phone snaps shut) NCIS 14x11 Willoughby BISHOP: You didn't tell me you were working with NSA.
QASIM: It's a joint surveillance with NCIS.
They call it “suspicious chatter”" Ah, you like that, huh? (laughs) Yes, because when I say that, you see me like a sexy spy.
(both laugh) You're right.
I'm translating boring conversations.
My supervisor asked if there could be a double meaning from an Afghan point of view.
But I can't think of any.
Actually, I can't think at all.
Is this about your office again? It doesn't promote quality thought.
A good thinking spot is key.
I like the library.
How can your mind breathe with all those musty books suffocating you? Ah.
(chuckles) Well, what would you suggest? A place with much oxygen.
The forest.
TORRES: Qasim.
Hey, nice to see you, man.
Oh, they let you out of the annex building? I have to get back.
Just wanted to walk Ellie to her desk.
Okay, well I'll pick you up here for dinner.
Young love.
Nothing like it.
Hey, would you guys ever go to the woods to think? No, I do my best thinking when I'm sleeping.
Mine is in the bathroom.
Everything is simple in the bathroom.
McGee, what about you? McGee.
Huh? What are you reading, man? Uh, nothing.
Not convincing.
Nothing? McGee.
Read them in.
Thank God.
Interrogation, let's talk.
What's Willoughby? McGEE: Operation Willoughby has been prepping for months.
Our target is Kai Chen.
This is the last photo we have of him, it was taken 15 years ago.
Wealthy businessman suspected of committing acts of terror to manipulate the stock market.
Rumor was that he sent a suicide bomber into a Belgian bank.
Played the dip in the market.
And the attempted attack on the USS Mulligan? Chen funded that as well.
He was, uh, hoping to cash in on the surge in oil prices.
So the task force got together to take him down.
Slam dunk.
Chen is beyond careful.
We don't have any concrete evidence connecting him to any of this.
Okay, Operation Willoughby is about collecting proof? Opportunity came last night.
Reeves learned that Chen was prepping to fly into the D.
We helped the regular copilot get food poisoning, and Reeves stepped in.
Officer Moreau, can you hear me? Yes, I'm here.
Do we have the rest of the task force? We have everyone except MI6.
They'll get here when they can.
Reeves and Jintao have entered the plane, along with the pilot.
KRUGER: Signal is confirming Reeves has placed the device in the cockpit.
We're remotely scanning to ensure it's prepped for activation.
How far out is Chen? Ten minutes away, sir.
McGEE: Once the plane is airborne and Chen connects his laptop to the plane's Wi-Fi, Reeves will activate an S14 proximity device.
So this device remotely copies data from Chen's computer and immediately sends it to us.
We get the proof we need, and we take him down.
I don't understand, what's the catch here? I mean, when NCIS came to FLETC to get recruits, they said it was something like a suicide mission.
Chen's digital security is-is beyond top-notch.
Once we begin the download, Chen will be alerted.
Reeves will be stuck on a plane with a bunch of guys who want to kill him.
NCIS TECH: Chen is four minutes out, Sir.
The device? Signal is functioning properly.
We're ready for activation.
We got movement.
What is going on? Is that Jintao? He's exiting the plane.
I don't like this.
What's the directive? This could be routine.
Stand by.
NCIS TECH: Jintao's entering his vehicle, sir.
Chen's car is exiting the highway.
Damn it, he knows.
Call the tower, tell them to give Reeves the abort code.
- Yes, sir.
- Get him out of there.
TECH: Tower, dispatch code Lima Get him out of there now! McGEE: Look, I will get the Secretary of the Navy on the phone if I have to.
No, I-I don't care what your source says, it's a matter of national security Yes, you do that.
Press? Yeah.
Got them all confirming mechanical failure with no survivors.
Last thing we need is Chen seeing some report that Reeves is still alive.
Have you heard from Reeves? Yeah, he actually sounded pretty good.
Gibbs is with him at the hospital.
Pilot's in surgery.
How about the scene? It was a mess.
Torres and Quinn are getting the debris to Abby and the NTSB.
I interviewed every witness I could find.
Best I could get on Jintao was that he was last seen heading south, away from the airport.
All right, well, I got a BOLO out on him and his black SUV.
Do we still have eyes on Chen? No.
He drove underground, switched cars and the satellite lost him.
McGee, what was this? The explosion, I mean.
Was someone trying to take Chen down, or was Chen trying to take us down? The timing was too perfect.
I mean, somebody had to tip Chen off about Willoughby.
This was all him.
What? REPORTER: Sources are now confirming that the two men injured in this morning's plane explosion, are, in fact, alive although one of them remains in critical condition.
You kidding me? They ran the story anyway.
GIBBS: Chen knows that you're alive and you could be a target, Reeves.
You need to lay low.
Yeah, I'd rather not.
If you've got a shirt I could borrow, that'd be lovely.
The doc released you? I released me.
Just a few bumps.
I've been hurt worse falling out of bed.
What happened out there? I'm telling you, all the important bits are in working order.
I'm completely fine.
What happened? I saw Jintao leaving.
I knew something was wrong.
I didn't know what I'd be walking into, going down the stairs after him.
So I jumped out the exit window on the other side of the plane.
The pilot, Miller-- he followed me.
You need to lay low.
Before he left, I heard Jintao on the phone.
He was speaking Chinese.
He said Chen's planning another attack.
We need to get this guy before he does more damage.
Put me back in.
Come on, all I need is a shirt.
You're here until the doctor releases you.
And then what? Headquarters.
That's a joke.
It's an order.
Look, I volunteered for Willoughby.
I know what I signed up for.
Let me see this through to the end.
We'll see this through together, Reeves.
(phone ringing) All right? Yeah, Leon.
I'm on the way.
VANCE: Does Reeves have anything specific? Chen has a new project.
That's all we know.
All right.
So, we start with Willoughby.
As far as we were concerned, that op was as close to foolproof as it gets.
But it wasn't, was it? Who tipped off Chen? Task force is investigating.
All participating agencies have been dispatched.
MI6 rep is already in deep with several leads.
He won't be able to join us until Monday.
You're calling a meeting? Circumstances haven't changed, Gibbs.
Our only play is to get the proof we need so we can arrest Chen.
Task force is on its way here to design a new op.
So you're calling a meeting.
Is there a problem? With all due respect, Director, our last meeting went on for months and ended up with us almost losing Reeves.
All right.
Say it.
We have leads to follow here, now, on the ground.
Then do it.
But remember, Chen's an international threat.
He's a ghost.
We need the task force with us, Gibbs.
We can't do this alone.
(knocking on door) Qasim.
You're in my office.
(chuckles) Yeah.
Uh, the mail guy saw the “NSA” return address and assumed it was for me.
More calls to translate.
(sighs) Hey.
I was gonna ask you If I figured out any double meanings? Not even close.
Uh In this one Mm! They're telling stories about the trips they've taken.
Paris, Amsterdam, Cairo.
I know.
I need to get out of this office.
(chuckles) Maybe my own trip to the forest would help me think.
We could go after dinner if you don't mind the cold.
Actually, I was gonna ask you if we could reschedule.
Uh, of course.
Um, okay.
I just I have to work late, so, I I should get back.
(chuckles) Ellie.
Are you okay? Yeah.
It's nothing, I just (sighs) I happened to see Reeves' personal info sheet.
The agent from England? The one that looks like a sculpture? (both chuckle) Yeah.
Under “Emergency Contact”" he listed himself.
Who does that? I wrote you.
What? Under “Emergency Contact,” I wrote your name.
You did? Maybe Reeves only wrote himself because he doesn't have anyone else to write.
I could write myself if you would rather.
(chuckles) No.
(laughs) No, I Don't Don't change it.
I I like it.
Give me an update.
Pilot Paul Miller is out of surgery, and McGee's on the way to the hospital to question him.
What else? Let's talk bad guys.
Chen went back in hiding.
There's no recent picture of the guy, so good luck finding him.
And as you know, Chen's second-in-command is this guy, Edward Jintao.
TORRES: Jintao drove away from the airport and went off the grid.
But even if we did know where he was, we don't have enough to arrest him or Chen.
I got something.
Hey, you brought your own update to, uh, update time? (chuckles) Well, that's refreshing.
Jintao vetted Reeves.
Afterwards, Reeves followed him.
To where? Auto parts company in D.
It could be Chen's local hub.
You think Jintao will go back there? I think the two of you should find out.
Copy that.
I'll get my stakeout gear, baby.
Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs.
What do you got, Abbs? Um, nothing on the plane debris.
I haven't been able to find anything to confirm who set the bomb.
I wouldn't put it past Chen to rig the plane.
Self-destruct in case of emergency, but like I said, no proof.
So why'd you get on the elevator? Because, the Belgian VSSE intercepted a transmission.
It was coded, but they sent it to me, and And you decoded it.
- Yes.
- What was it? It was a communication to Chen from the pilot, Paul Miller.
It was at 8:12 a.
, right before Chen turned his car away from the airport.
Pilot tipped him off.
But how did the pilot know that Willoughby was a setup? Yeah.
Yeah, you got it, boss.
I've officially been released, all right? Go ahead, call him back and tell him.
What? Gibbs.
He sent you here to check on me, yeah? No.
No, Reeves, listen.
The pilot is the one that tipped Chen off.
Come on.
(plastic bag crinkles) (door opens) McGEE: Paul Miller? NCIS.
We need to ask you a few questions about Kai Chen.
(exhales) NCIS? Listen, Paul, apologies for the alter ego, but I wasn't the only one keeping secrets, was I? A-Are you Are you gonna talk to my girls? Mr.
Miller, you told Chen not to come to the airport.
How did you know to warn him? My girls don't know anything.
Come on, mate, we need you to listen to what we're asking.
McGEE: He's flatlining.
Nurse! Paul! Nurse! Paul! The Great Roxbury Fire occurred in May, 1894.
The Boston Beaneaters were playing the Baltimore Orioles in the South End Grounds when a fan in the bleachers lit a cigar and dropped the match.
The wooden grandstand went up in flames and spread to 117 houses.
But much like this morning's catastrophe, the incredible count of fatalities when all was said and done was zero.
What about this guy? Well, our pilot was severely injured while jumping from the plane and dodging the debris from the explosion, but these wounds did not kill him.
Surgery complications? Good guess, but, uh, wrong, nonetheless.
I feel like I'm on a game show here.
(chuckles) I'm sorry, Jethro.
Even after all these years, I get a kick out of hearing your conjectures.
Yeah, well.
Miller here, um, had every chance of making a full recovery, but for the morphine.
He was drugged? Yes.
Abby's tox screen shows that he died of an overdose.
Had agents outside his room the whole time, Duck.
Nobody got in.
I don't doubt it.
But my suspicions were confirmed when McGee pulled a set of fingerprints from the keypad lock on the morphine drip.
The prints were Miller's? Yes.
He must've watched an unsuspecting nurse enter the code.
And after she left the room, well, he increased his own morphine to commit suicide.
BISHOP: People in Chen's organization are bound to loyalty.
He has a history of hurting the families of anyone who talks.
More than hurting.
Which is why Paul Miller was terrified to talk to us.
He had a family? Mm-hmm.
A wife and a nine-year-old daughter.
He talked about them before he died.
Took his own life to protect them.
McGee, if Chen was able to scare Miller that much, what did he know? Well, he's been with the organization for five years, traveling with Chen.
Got paid a ton of money to be on call, like all of Chen's pilots.
What about Reeves? Well, I still have more on Miller No, but did you know that Reeves spent months getting his pilot license, and then gaining Miller's trust to become his go-to backup? I mean, that's like, a huge commitment for him.
Bishop, I read you in on this, remember? Yeah.
I'm just saying, I don't think Reeves has many friends.
McGEE: What? REEVES: Hey.
You're back.
Listen, I know what the two of you were probably discussing just now.
Actually, I can't even begin to tell you what we were discussing.
Bishop was being very confusing.
I was? Sometimes, when you overthink things, you get confusing.
- I do? - Mm-hmm.
All right, then I'll be clear.
I'm fine, I'm on desk duty.
And I'm ready to move on and get Chen.
Somebody checking out the place Jintao went after he vetted me? The auto parts place? Yeah.
Quinn and Torres have been staking it out since last night.
This isn't good.
You're gonna have to be a little more specific.
This isn't good.
We're too conspicuous.
We're fine.
(sighs) We're not fine.
Yesterday, we were fine.
There were other cars here.
Now we're the only car on the block.
We might as well have our lights flashing.
Calm down.
Look, if anyone sees us, we start making out.
That's a great idea.
Really? No.
There's a window, up there, and I think that's a better place.
It's a good lookout.
Let's park the car, let's get up there.
That's a cute plan, except I don't take any orders.
Would you rather that I tell everyone about your hour-long beauty regimen? I don't feel good about it.
Well, then, why don't you hide the car? Yeah.
(engine starts) LARRY: So, these are our specialty.
Six mini donuts to a pack.
I can take you out on the floor if you want to see how we apply the powdered sugar.
Appreciate the offer, but we really need to find that window.
Oh, sure, yeah.
I-It's this way.
You know, I can tell, the two of you are living the dream, being cops.
Federal agents.
Me, I'm looking to leave desserts and move into entrees.
I'm talking chicken pot pies.
I've been working on a recipe for years.
I mean, a guy can dream, right? Sky's the limit, apparently.
(chuckles) And here we go.
That's the window? Nice.
You can't be serious.
Well, you know, everything's a lot more simple in the bathroom.
Am I right? Larry, you mind putting an Out of Order sign on the door? No.
Not a problem.
You kids have fun.
Oh, yeah.
There must have been a window that we didn't see.
I mean, it's either this or, um, making out in the car.
VANCE: I want to thank each of you for making the trip.
It wasn't a choice.
Stopping Chen is an imperative.
Then we'll skip the pleasantries.
has intercepted chatter that supports your theory that Chen is planning a new attack.
Do you have a target? The financial district in New York was hypothesized but not confirmed.
Well, until we have something certain, then, it's all just smoke.
What about our MI6 operative? Clayton Reeves.
Director Vance.
Is it possible Reeves told the pilot about Willoughby? No.
Reeves is clean.
Perhaps he was worried for Miller's safety.
They became close over those months, did they not? KRUGER: Reeves was sent in to befriend Miller because of their similar upbringing, the parallel challenges they both faced.
This is the very reason they bonded so quickly.
We must consider the possibility Officers, I debriefed Reeves myself.
I assure you, he wasn't compromised.
Then we must assume he somehow tipped off Miller by accident.
Agreed, but are we here to pinpoint our failings or to take down Chen? BISHOP: Gibbs, listen.
Bishop, I have been listening for the last ten minutes.
(sighs) I still don't know what you're saying.
I'm saying that when I met up with Reeves in Scotland last summer, we had some really great talks.
I mean, I think I'm one of his only friends, and he never even told me that he was gonna risk his life, and I just You're worried about him.
Why didn't you just say that ten minutes ago? I thought I did.
BISHOP: Alice, what can you tell us about Paul's job? He didn't talk about it much or maybe I didn't ask.
I think part of me knew the money was too good to be true.
What about the man he worked for? I don't even know his name.
Agent Gibbs Paul didn't have it easy growing up.
All he wanted was to give Lexie something better.
This has been so hard on her.
She's refused to leave my side since it happened.
Whatever he was involved in he was a good man.
I don't want her to know anything else.
I like your bracelet.
ALICE: Whenever Paul flew somewhere, he'd bring a charm back for her.
Right, baby? Mm.
This is so cool.
Eiffel Tower oh, a little shoe.
It's a clog from Amsterdam.
This is a pyramid.
Where's it from again, Mom? Cairo.
The cities you were telling me about this morning.
What were they? What? BISHOP: From your translations, what were the cities they were talking about? Oh, yes, I remember.
Here it is.
Paris, Amsterdam, Cairo.
Same cities Chen went to.
What's going on? We need copies of everything you got.
BISHOP: Qasim, these conversations you've been listening to, they're about a terrorist we've been tracking for months.
Your work could be the key to stopping him.
Our task force has been briefed on Qasim's translations.
Where is he? His office.
He's reviewing his work to see if anything else connects now that he knows about Chen.
NSA and MI6 are doing the same.
Here are the translations.
I had hard copies made, just in case anyone hates scrolling on the computer.
These are all phone calls? Between the same two callers, both unidentified.
Do we know why two Afghans are talking about Chen? They're not Afghan.
Qasim said the callers have accents.
Foreigners speaking in Pashto.
BISHOP: And not just standard Pashto.
It's a rare dialect.
I couldn't even understand it if I tried.
We believe they're using this language as a cloak.
Like the Navajo Code Talkers did in World War II.
REEVES: Right, but these guys are taking security to a whole nother level.
Mundane topics that have another meaning related to Chen.
Code within a code.
NSA has a new recording from last night.
Same two callers.
Get it to Qasim.
Hey, you got anything? Yeah, I know.
You know what? I'm the only one who's had contact with Chen's organization, so you want me to spend all night reading through this stack of drivel to see if anything flags.
Do you like steak? Do you marinate? Purist.
I can respect that.
McGee? No activity in the auto parts place, boss, but, uh, Torres says they're holding up pretty great, so TORRES: You know, when man invented fire, it must've been off the chain.
Like, this guy comes in, he's rubbing two sticks and, boom, changes the course of history completely.
“We got fire!” I feel like men and sticks are meant for so much more, and we don't even know it.
Man, I just thought of that.
I dig bathrooms.
Is that fan closed? TORRES: No, it's broken, which makes this place kind of like a like a sweat lodge.
It increases brain activity even more.
All right, great.
I got to get some food.
Mm, could you get me five more packages? Oh, that's unbelievable.
It smells like sweaty sugar in here.
You want more donuts? If I don't get a burger, I'm gonna die.
Hey, the moment you leave this building, Jintao's gonna show.
What's this dude's name? Larry? I'll get him to make me one of his chicken potpies.
There's a truck pulling up.
(knock on door) Hey, guys, it's Larry.
- I need to use the facilities.
- Not now.
LARRY: Uh, the other bathroom's occupied, and this is an emergency.
No, false alarm.
All right.
I'm out.
(grunts) I'm sorry, guys, but those experimental potpies are going right through me.
I'm getting donuts.
Hey, you drop those pants, I'm gonna shoot you.
(chuckles) It's okay.
I can wait.
(chuckles) I'm not finding anything.
Then what good are you? Thanks for the non-marinated steak.
(chuckles) So, are we gonna get this over with? What's that? The talk you brought me here to have.
I don't like talking.
But you like listening.
I don't feel guilty about tipping off Miller, if that's what you're thinking, because I didn't do it.
I went over every single word I said.
I didn't screw this up, Gibbs.
“Okay”? That's rich.
What else is there for you to fix? My parents died when I was three.
I got passed around foster care, drugs Yeah, I read all that in the file, Reeves.
I don't need you to worry about me.
I don't but Bishop does.
I went there alone to figure some things out life things.
She was there the same time, so we met up.
She spoke about her family.
Three brothers.
She also said you guys were a family.
Look on her face when she said it I came back and I signed up for Willoughby.
Because you guys shouldn't have to do that type of mission.
The kind of people who have people.
You think you're alone in the dark.
Close your eyes.
Remember everything good.
My mom said that to me just before she died.
Smart lady.
What? Six, nine, seven, nine, three.
They're talking about unlucky numbers.
“69793 is not to be trusted.
” Gibbs that's the end of the number of my pilot certificate.
They're talking about me.
When was that call made? Weeks ago.
If they knew they couldn't trust me back then how long has Chen known about Willoughby? (techo beat plays) Geez, what'd that bubble wrap ever do to you? ABBY: Nothing.
Actually, we have a perfectly fine relationship.
In the past, I've used it as a warning signal for when Gibbs is coming, but now it's helping me physicalize my aggression in a nonviolent way.
Why are you so angry? Because I don't like being fooled, McGee, and we all got duped by a super evil duper.
Okay, Abby, why don't you come over here with me and talk about it.
I was looking at the phone calls that Qasim translated.
Right, two unidentified callers, two untraceable burn phones.
And I remembered what Qasim said about the callers having accents, and then it hit me.
I noticed a pattern in the timing of the calls.
Each one of these calls was made less than an hour after a Willoughby task force meeting.
Wait, are you talking about our task force? The one that's supposed to bring down Chen? Yeah.
You saying we have a mole? That's exactly what I'm saying, and Qasim was right.
The callers were speaking Pashto with a foreign accent.
You were able to use voice recognition.
Yeah, on one of them and I caught us a super evil duper.
(knock on door) What is so urgent? Where are the others? Officer Moreau.
There is no meeting.
I don't understand.
We got a mole.
You mean, someone other than Reeves tipped off the pilot? Miller was never tipped off.
And the fake transmission between Chen and him came to us from the VSSE.
From you.
Chen knew about Operation Willoughby months ago.
A-Are you suggesting that I told him? Not suggesting.
MOREAU: Yes, I'm here.
Do we have the rest of the task force? We record everything in MTAC.
We got one hell of a forensic scientist.
And she compared your voice to Caller X in the Pashto conversations.
MOREAU: Yes, I'm here.
Do we have the rest of the task force? (speaking in Pashto) I'd like to make a call.
(chuckles softly) I bet you would.
Qasim? Ellie.
(chuckles) What are you doing here? Well, you weren't in your office, and your ringer was off, so I had Abby ping your phone.
I got pinged? Mm-hmm.
(laughs) That is so awesome.
Recordings from last night.
We need to get back so you can translate them.
Of course.
You know you're doing great, right? Really? Yeah.
Your tip about the accents helped us make a lot of headway.
That's good to know.
I've been sitting here for over an hour, thinking about codes within codes, and still, I have nothing.
But you tried the library.
I love the library.
Well, I just had about ten plants delivered to your office.
(both laugh) My own little thinking forest.
Thank you.
(automatic gunfire) (tires squeal outside) Somebody call 911! (panting): Qasim.
I'm here.
Three gunshot wounds to the chest.
70/40 and dropping.
DOCTOR: What's his name? Uh, Qasim.
Qasim, can you hear me? Squeeze my hand if you can hear me, Qasim.
Prep O.
Doctor, I You need to wait here.
(exhales) What? All right.
All right.
You keep me posted.
Qasim's in surgery.
Is someone there with Bishop? Ducky's on the way.
You find something? Yeah.
A witness at the library saw a black SUV parked outside at the time of the shooting.
It's enough to question him, but not enough to arrest him or Chen.
McGee, find us something.
I can't.
Well, that about sums up the last ten minutes in here, doesn't it? You don't understand.
Chen has me.
I have you.
(sighs) I started to feed him Intel years ago.
Before he became the monster he is now.
What about Willoughby? I-I needed the money.
My son REEVES: I'm not asking you why you got into bed with a terrorist.
I want to know why Chen let Willoughby play out to the point of blowing up his own plane.
Willoughby kept the task force tied up for months.
And that was a positive as far as Chen was concerned.
And he knew that his pilot had come to trust you.
He thought Miller might've turned.
REEVES: That explosion was meant to take us both out.
Is that right? GIBBS: Qasim Naasir.
We briefed you on his translations.
You knew that he was helping us.
Chen didn't want last night's conversation translated.
He needed to buy time.
But Chen did not shoot your man.
But he ordered the hit.
Jintao pulled the trigger, yes? If I say anything more, my family is dead.
Who were you speaking to in Pashto? How much does Chen know? (sighs) Did you feed him everything? I want to speak to my embassy.
What's his next target? I don't know.
What's his target? All I know is from the task force, same as you.
New York's financial district.
You're gonna call your embassy, and you're gonna listen to them tell you that you're mine.
And then you're gonna get a message to Jintao and you're gonna tell him you need to have a meeting in that auto parts place.
Agent Gibbs (sighs) (door closes) I don't think there was a choice anywhere in that little speech.
Don't try and stop me, Gibbs.
Qasim is hurt, and we know that Jintao shot him, and we can't prove it, and I'm really, really angry.
Boss, I'd just let her do her thing.
I'm asking about Quinn and Torres.
Uh, hang on.
(Abby stomping) All right, you're on with Gibbs.
Gibbs, Jintao is here.
TORRES: Yeah, he's just arrived.
His SUV is parked right outside the building.
QUINN: He went inside waiting on Moreau.
TORRES: Hell of a trap, Gibbs.
You just give us the go, and we're in.
You say the word, we'll haul his ass in here.
We'll get back to you.
Did they get anything on Jintao or not? ABBY: Okay, Gibbs, I've worked off a lot of anger, and I'm ready to push forward.
Good to have you back, Abbs.
Okay, so, when Jintao went in the building, Torres and Quinn were able to get the VIN number off of his SUV, and that enabled us to run a program that could remotely track the vehicle's GPS history.
We're waiting for it to download.
ABBY: McGee, I just want to tell you how much it means to me how supportive you've been with my anger, and I feel like it's made us even closer and put us on the same wavelength, and (computer dings) That's us.
That's us.
All right, here we go, Abbs.
You can do it.
Go! So supportive.
Time of the shooting was 8:34 p.
, and And Jintao's car was at 830 Sawyer Avenue Southeast.
That's the library.
We got him.
We got him.
TORRES: Yeah? Bring him in.
TORRES: Jintao! Freeze! NCIS! Drop it.
TORRES: Come on, Jintao, talk to us.
What does Chen have planned for New York? (grunting weakly) Again and again you underestimate him.
No! (gunshot) (elevator dings, footsteps approaching) Duck.
(sighs) Are the others coming? They're on their way.
I'm afraid the news is not good.
The doctors managed to stop the bleeding, but Qasim was without oxygen for too long.
What do you mean? There's no brain function.
The machines are keeping him alive now.
Oh, Eleanor was asking for you.
(tapping on door) The last recording Qasim was supposed to translate.
Why are you giving this to me? I don't know your reason but I know you're willing to do anything to get Chen.
So am I.
(sighs) Ellie do you want me to stay with you? Uh no.
I just don't know how to say good-bye to him.
Maybe you could close your eyes and remember everything good.
(sniffles softly) (exhales) (exhales)