NCIS s14e12 Episode Script

Off the Grid

1 Operation Willoughby is a go.
McGEE: Our target is Kai Chen.
Wealthy businessman suspected of committing acts of terror to manipulate the stock market.
I don't understand.
What's the catch here? Reeves will be stuck on a plane with a bunch of guys who want to kill him.
Reeves and Jintao have entered the plane, along with the pilot.
He's exiting the plane.
Damn it, he knows.
Call the tower.
Tell 'em to give Reeves the abort code.
Get him out of there now! GIBBS: Chen knows that you're alive and you could be a target, Reeves.
You need to lay low.
Qasim, these conversations you've been listening to, they're about a terrorist we've been tracking for months.
Your work could be the key to stopping him.
You know you're doing great, right? Thank you.
The doctors managed to stop the bleeding, but Qasim was without oxygen for too long.
Last recording Qasim was supposed to translate.
Why are you giving this to me? I don't know your reason, but I know you're willing to do anything to get Chen.
So am I.
Want me to freshen that, Gibbs? Mm.
I'm good, Elaine.
MAN: Yo! Anytime today will be fine.
Be right there.
MAN: Yeah.
Crazy morning.
Darlene called in sick.
I'll get you a cup to go.
No rush.
Take your time.
MAN: Ah, so your vacation's over? Sorry it took so long.
Yeah, I ordered wheat bread.
Give me a minute.
You sure you got nothing? I mean, a half day? FOREMAN: Sorry, pal.
Hey, Bodie.
Man No.
I thought you were dead.
(chuckles) No, that's wishful thinking, Bubba.
Wishful thinking.
NCIS 14x12 Off the Grid (elevator bell dings) What's that? A flower arrangement.
Oh, yeah, see, um (clears throat) no frou-frou flowers around my desk, thanks.
Relax, Fabio, they're for Bishop.
She had a horrible week.
I mean, the funeral, and then she had to clear out Qasim's apartment.
That's a nice thought.
Put my name on the card, I'll pay for half.
No, they're from me, Nick.
On my way.
I've been summoned to the British embassy.
Another debriefing about Willoughby? MI6 special-op director's in town on a fact-finding mission.
(elevator bell dings) Hey.
You good? I'm fine.
Are you sure? Mm-hmm.
Hey, um any more on Kai Chen? Gibbs told you not to get involved.
Qasim's flash drive, what'd you do with it? Nothing yet.
I haven't found a translator I can trust.
How you doing? I'm fine, really.
These are very pretty.
Yeah, we thought you'd like them.
Really? Something's up.
Anyone hear from Gibbs? He was supposed to teach an 8:00 field training class.
He never showed.
Uh, it's not like Gibbs to be late for anything.
He's not answering his home phone or his cell.
Yeah, that's, uh strange.
Find him.
Uh, he usually calls if he's gonna be late.
Something's wrong.
Or maybe he's doing something private that's none of our business.
Yeah, exactly.
Well, you know what, we heard the director.
He said we need to find him, so let's find him.
Quinn, Bishop, you guys go to Gibbs' house.
Uh, no, I really don't feel comfortable doing that.
Going into his house when he's not there? Torres, you're with me.
Ooh, I like it when you take charge.
Where we going? Same place Gibbs goes every morning.
Well, the good news is his truck isn't here.
Wouldn't want to find Gibbs in the basement, a victim of a power-tool accident.
He doesn't use power tools.
(sighs) (doorbell rings) Door is never locked when he's home.
I guess it never is.
Gibbs? It was written at 8:10.
Gibbs has never gotten a parking ticket before in his life.
QUINN: All right, well, nothing unusual in the basement, besides a boat.
That's not strange.
Bishop, you find anything upstairs? Well, I found something interesting on the nightstand in his bedroom.
What? The Sensitive Man's Survival Handbook.
That's probably a paperweight.
There's a bookmark on page 351.
Go figure.
I didn't see that one coming.
This is a waste of time.
We're not gonna find anything.
(clang) Oh, no.
What? I accidentally hit this against the faucet.
I'm sure Gibbs has other plates.
No, not like this one.
Looks like his daughter Kelly made it for him.
(exhales) Ugh.
Gibbs was in a little earlier than usual.
Said he was teaching an 8:00 class.
Did he seem concerned about anything? No.
As a matter of fact, he was a bit more chatty than usual.
Gibbs? Leroy Jethro Gibbs? Mm-hmm.
What was he saying? I asked him if he wanted me to top off his coffee, and he said, "I'm good.
" And that's chatty? For Gibbs, the bar is low.
He normally responds with a look.
He also told me to take my time with the check.
That's why I was surprised when he disappeared.
Disappeared? I left him waiting for his coffee to go.
When I brought it, he was gone.
He left a 20 on the table, which is way too much.
And poof.
(dialing) (ringing) Ah.
McGee, you found him.
Gibbs is okay.
Where was he? Abby, I need you to ping his cell.
So you didn't find him? Look, just do it, okay? I'll explain later.
Oh, I don't like snooping on Gibbs.
Abby, trust me, you have to do this.
This is against my better judgment.
What are you doing? ABBY: That's funny.
What? What's funny? Not like funny "ha-ha.
" Like funny weird.
Gibbs' phone is across the street from the diner.
Where you going? (dialing) McGee, are you gonna tell me what's going on? Calling Gibbs' cell.
(phone ringing) (phone ringing in mailbox) The post office sent over an inspector.
He opened up the mailbox, and there they were.
Yeah, telephone, wallet, badge, and I.
Was he robbed? Hard to tell.
No money in the wallet, but all his credit cards are in there.
Could Gibbs have dumped his stuff in the mailbox? Maybe he was getting rid of anything that could I.
Undercover 101.
You want to get rid of anything on you that has your real name on it.
Well, Agent Quinn is gathering surveillance and traffic videos of the area around Gibbs' truck and the mailbox, so we'll see if they can tell us something there.
McGee, unlock his phone and find the last calls in and out.
Uh, Director, Gibbs doesn't lock anything.
And I can't believe he still uses a flip phone.
Besides, I already checked.
The last two calls were exchanges with Rebecca Chase.
Who called who? She called him.
He called her back.
Who is Rebecca Chase? Gibbs' ex-wife number two.
Actually, she may be number three.
I'm not I get confused on the order sometimes there.
When were the calls? One was late last night, the other early this morning.
All right, let's not dismiss anything.
She might know something.
I'll give her a call.
I'll take this stuff to Abby, see if maybe she can pull a fingerprint or touch DNA from someone that is not Gibbs.
You know there are over 4,200 traffic surveillance cameras in D.
? More than any other city in the U.
Homeland is streaming me video feed from the traffic camera closest to the diner.
Bishop why are you looking at Kai Chen's file? I was deleting it.
Please, for your own sanity, leave tracking Chen to the others.
I will.
Bishop, I've known you since FLETC and I know how persistent you are.
Look, I understand you're in a bad place right now.
I'm better.
We need to focus on Gibbs.
You get the surveillance videos? I'm just waiting.
Homeland is streaming them to me now.
Anything I can do? Yes, you can get your mind off revenge.
Chen will get his, okay? You need to stay out of it.
You know he is a very dangerous man.
Don't worry, Alex, I hear you.
Do you? Mm-hmm.
I'm gonna go see what Abby's come up with on Gibbs.
(sighs) How are you? I wish everyone would stop asking me that.
I am okay.
I just want to get back to work.
I've just been-- I've been so worried about you and now Gibbs.
(sighs) You find anything in his truck? No.
And my mind is spinning like a top, I'm conjuring up all these horrible fates, you know.
It's like he just vanished.
It was-- like that, he was gone.
(sighs) But then again, maybe he's just doing, like, a Superman thing.
You know, like, there was a, uh, like a damsel in distress, but-- but I mean, who knows? This is what's driving me crazy.
We know nothing.
Abby he's only been gone a couple hours.
And if anyone can take care of himself, it's Gibbs.
You're right.
I mean, you're-- you're definitely right.
I need to center myself.
I need to focus.
Gibbs is gonna be fine.
Gibbs is gonna be super fine.
Hey, any luck with his things? Um, the only prints on them are Gibbs'.
I'm testing for DNA now.
QUINN: Well, Gibbs rushed out of the diner at 7:22.
And then this camera picks him up.
McGEE: He's looking right into the camera.
He wanted us to see this.
QUINN: Very interesting.
And here's the other camera at the other end of the block.
Is Gibbs limping or is it me? McGEE: I think he is.
McGee, do you recognize this guy? No.
Quinn, zoom in on the plate.
I can't make it out.
Yeah, it looks like five, something, "E.
" Yeah, I can't make it out, either.
I'll shoot the image down to Abby, see if she can enhance it.
All right, I'll go see what she can find.
Hey-- oh, what are you doing? The three Ps.
Positive pyramid power.
We have to get Gibbs back.
Uh, did you have a chance to, uh, look at the license plate? That was fast.
Um, did you run it? Oh, okay.
Um, well, I have all the faith in the three Ps, uh, to bring Gibbs back.
So, when he does come back, I need a favor.
(plate clinks) Oh, no.
That's seven years bad luck.
Uh, no, I think that's mirrors.
Oh, my God.
Quinn! It's the Kelly plate.
What happened? (sighs) It was an accident.
It was this morning.
Gibbs is gonna be heartbroken.
I know, but he-he won't be if he never finds out.
And I heard you are the master at this, so can you fix it? I can do my best.
BISHOP: Got a name and an address.
Bodie Whitman.
Lives in Baltimore.
VANCE: Bodie Whitman.
I remember that name.
He spent ten years in a federal prison for his part in an armed robbery.
Was one of Gibb's last undercover cases.
It's before my time.
It was 2001.
Whitman was a foot soldier in a militant antigovernment militia led by his older brother.
Gibbs infiltrated the group using his backstopped alias, Leland Robert Spears.
So, you and Torres are right.
Gibbs dumped anything that could identify him, went back undercover.
What the hell was Gibbs thinking? These guys are psychos.
Ramsay Whitman.
He's Bodie's older brother.
He was behind the hijacking of a Navy truck by an antigovernment militia.
Two Marine Guards were killed.
The truck was transporting spent nuclear fuel rods, radioactive isotopes.
The intent was to make a dirty bomb.
So, Gibbs went undercover as Spears.
A month after the hijacking.
How did he infiltrate the group? VANCE: He was backstopped as an ex-con, disgruntled former Marine with antigovernment sentiments.
He was embedded with the group for months.
We had very little contact with him.
Been there.
VANCE: The object was to find the fuel rods before they could use them.
According to Gibbs, only Ramsay Whitman knew where they were hidden.
Were they ever recovered? No.
They're still out there.
What were they planning to attack? D.
Metro subway.
QUINN: I remember that op went south when I was in Philly.
We never found out why, but Ramsay got spooked.
The gang scattered, and Gibbs disappeared with the others.
The only one that got arrested was Ramsay's brother, Bodie, but he wasn't connected to the hijacking.
TORRES: Did Gibbs blow his cover and testify at trial? No.
Wasn't needed.
Prison record says Bodie got five years for harboring his brother.
Badass that he is, Bodie got some more time for attacking a guard.
So, what happened to the rest of the militia? Three of them were killed in a standoff with the FBI a year later.
And Ramsay Whitman's still on the wall.
I want you to dig out every file we have on the case.
Locate every agent that worked on it.
BISHOP: Where the hell did Gibbs go with the brother? I think ten bucks' worth should get us to Baltimore.
Here, here, here.
Why don't you fill 'er up.
Look at you, Mr.
Leland Spears.
I guess you're doing well.
Let me say this about that, Bubba.
You will be, too.
(chuckles) (woman speaking indistinctly) WOMAN: Okay, well, I'm gonna have to wrap this up.
Excuse me, ma'am? Ma'am, excuse me, I wonder if you'd help me.
Yes? I lost my phone, and, uh, need to make a short call to my wife, just tell her I'll be late.
Uh, I'm sorry, she's a real worrier, you know? Don't be long.
I've got to get going myself.
Thank you so much.
Vance caught up with Gibbs' ex-wife.
Yeah? Yeah.
It wasn't anything-- they were just making plans to go to dinner tonight.
He was gonna have dinner with Rebecca? (phone ringing) Yeah.
(ringing) - Want to get that? - Yeah.
Didn't answer.
Oh, I'm sorry.
At least I tried, huh? That's all you can do.
That was weird.
Hmm? Whoever it was just hung up on me.
I'm gonna call back.
What was that all about? You know her? Some lady with phone trouble.
(phone ringing) You okay? Yeah.
I just got a headache.
(phone ringing) Hello.
Did you just call my number? No.
A man just borrowed my phone to make a call.
Could you describe him? Who is this? This is Special Agent McGee with NCIS, ma'am.
This is crazy.
What did the man look like? Well he's 50-something, has silver hair and incredible blue eyes.
Is he with a younger man in an SUV? Yes.
They're still here.
Did you want me No.
to give him the phone? Do not approach them.
Don't even look in their general direction.
Where are you? At a gas station off I-95, just north of Savage Park, Maryland.
What do you want me to do? Nothing.
It's best that you probably leave there.
Thank you.
Gibbs is with Bodie Whitman on the I-95, halfway between here and Baltimore.
According to Bodie's driver's license, that's where he lives.
MAN: It was the summer of '96, and we were running surveillance on a chop shop-- just me and a couple of hotshot young agents named Gibbs and Vance.
That's Director Vance.
And if I remember, those two hotshots bailed your ass out of one hell of a firefight that night.
Is that the story you've been telling all these years, Leon? Come here! Oh, it's good to see you.
(laughing) You, too, Fred.
Well, we both know you didn't pull me off the back nine at National to reminisce, so why the hell am I here? An old case of yours has resurfaced.
Which one? My undercover I.
Damn, I was hoping it wasn't that one.
You remember Deputy Director Doyle Roden of the Department of Energy.
Special Agent Pettis.
Uh, where's Gibbs? You mean Spears.
He crossed paths with Bodie Whitman this morning.
Made contact, then went dark.
What do you think Gibbs' intentions are, Director? I'm not sure, but my guess is he's trying to get a second crack at Ramsay Whitman, who's been on our Most Wanted Wall for the last 15 years.
And that's not the only thing that's gone missing.
Finding those nuclear fuel rods still my responsibility.
Want to get those back before there's some sort of terrorist catastrophe.
Well, Th-this is great, but I'm retired.
12 years now.
I got three grandchildren.
Two I even like.
Why the hell would I want to risk my ass diving back into that Dumpster fire? VANCE: I'm not asking you to, Fred.
I want you two to put your heads together, see if you remember anything that's not in the files.
Let's get started.
TORRES: Engine trouble, McGee? I'm pushing 70.
Well, I'm just saying, you know, given the situation, you know, you might want to push a tiny bit harder.
Look, I don't like the idea of Gibbs running solo either, but he'll manage.
This isn't his first rodeo.
Have you ever ridden a bull, McGee? No.
Actually, that's not true, I did ride a mechanical bull once at the Hoppy Gnome Bar.
Really wasn't my finest hour, though.
What about you? Have you ridden one? Only one.
The bull was named Robert? Yeah.
A big bastard, too.
But we locked eyes.
I couldn't back down.
I mounted up, and that, you know, that gate just exploded open.
Oh, he was ferocious.
He was whipping me back and forth like I was a ragdoll, and as the seconds ticked by, the crowd coming to life, (imitates chant): "Torres, Torres.
Torres (whispers): Torres.
" They kept chanting my name.
Yeah, I got that part.
That day I I faced a monster, McGee, and I managed to come out on top.
Why would they name a bull Robert? Doesn't matter.
What does matter is that I had to face that very same bull two weeks later.
And he was pissed off, man.
And this time he knew my weakness.
And he tossed me, like, 20 feet.
How did you learn to bull-ride? I didn't.
And that was part of the problem.
But my analogy still applies.
What analogy? Working deep undercover is like riding the rodeo, McGee.
You have to trust your instincts.
You got to hang on tight.
I do know one, uh, one rule for survival.
Never battle the same bull twice.
Moral of the story is Drive faster.
Thank you.
(engine humming) Tell you something, Bubba.
You're gonna have a hard time getting your security deposit back.
(chuckles) Yeah.
That is, uh least of my worries.
Two months behind on the rent.
Get this show on the road.
Call Ramsay.
Slow down, Spears.
You know how crazy he gets.
Say the wrong thing, and he flips.
What you're telling me is you're still afraid of him.
You know, we've only talked a couple times over the years.
I have no idea where he is.
And that's the way he wants it.
I get that.
We can't mess with him.
And I got to make sure this buyer of yours is for real, or he will get spooked.
Let me say this about that.
In the car, I thought this was a done deal.
And I am taking your word that Ramsay still has the fuel rods.
What is your problem? Get him on the phone or I am gone! I don't just call him.
What does that mean? Look, we've got this way of contacting each other in an emergency.
I call it the Bat-Signal, and the only time I've used it since he went underground was to tell him our father died.
I'm waiting.
(chuckles) I post our father's antique watch on this online auction site.
Ramsay's got the exact watch on this wish list, and, you know, he'll get an e-mail when it's posted, and hopefully he responds.
How? Calls me back.
An untraceable burn phone.
Bubba, come on.
Come on.
Post it.
What the who? (clears throat) You want this or not? Yeah.
All right.
Got your phone? Yeah.
Don't worry.
If he calls, we won't miss it.
It's just around the corner.
We can eat there.
Or if you want, we can bring the food back.
Hey! I'm sorry.
My bad.
You okay? Yeah.
Thought maybe that guy grabbed my wallet.
Hey, nice picture, Spears.
(chuckles) Come on.
Takeout's across the street.
Can't believe you're back in D.
Since last summer.
I lived in Idaho for a long time.
BODIE: Yeah, well, I rotted in jail for ten years.
Made me hate the government even more.
GIBBS: Absolutely, Bubba.
Gonna give this country a wake-up call.
Got that right.
I tell you, it's been needing one for a long time.
I'm really impressed with the way you slipped Gibbs that wallet and bug.
The reverse-pickpocket.
You like that? Little trick I learned back in Ciudad Del Este.
Handy when you want to plant evidence.
Not that I ever done that.
I'm getting hungry.
What time is it? I practiced on you.
Looks expensive.
It is.
(chuckles softly) Can't believe you still got that Marine haircut.
It reminds me, every morning when I look in the mirror, just how much I hate how this government controls my life.
Sure doesn't sound like Gibbs.
It's not.
It's Spears.
(phone ringing) BODIE: No caller I.
It's got to be him.
Let's hope he's in a good mood.
Hey, big bro.
Yeah, I'm okay.
Got my good days.
And you? Of course it's important.
You'll never guess who I ran into.
Leland Spears.
He's got a proposition.
He wants to talk to you.
Hey, Bubba.
What are the odds, huh? Me running into your brother? Well, yeah.
Yeah, you still got the stuff, I got a buyer.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, real deep pockets.
He'll make us all rich.
I need an answer.
He said he will let us know.
Well, sounds like we're gonna be here for a little bit.
(exhales) Hey.
How'd it go at the embassy? - You learn anything from MI6? - It was informative.
Intel suggests Chen might be on a yacht in the Aegean, off the coast of Greece.
They have a boat under surveillance.
It's hopeful.
If Gibbs finds out you're working on this and I'm helping you, he'll kill us both.
I'm willing to take that chance.
Hey, Quinn.
Mission accomplished.
That's fantastic.
How'd you get rid of the crack? The crack? What crack? Night.
Bubba, red queen on black king.
(phone ringing) Ramsay? Uh-huh.
You sure? Yeah, yeah, he's still here.
I will tell him.
That was quick.
Everything okay? BODIE: Yeah.
Yeah, Ramsay's, uh, gonna set up a meeting.
Now you're talkin'.
Where? Oh, he's gonna call back.
Put the gun down.
BODIE: You know, what Ramsay really said is that Leland Spears is a federal agent.
(laughing) Oh, that's good.
That's good.
Where'd he come up with that one? I don't know.
Well, he's insane.
You know that.
That's what happened the last time.
Bubba, don't-don't blow this.
This is our chance to get a message to the government.
We will all get rich.
You playing me, Spears? Or whatever the hell your name is? He's messin' with you just like he always did.
Shut up! I am not going back to prison, man! Of course you're not.
In any event, he is crazy.
Okay, o-okay, okay, okay.
S-Say-say that Ramsay is right.
I mean, say that I am a fed.
Then what? What? You shoot me, and you get the gas chamber.
That what you want, Bubba? So far, Bodie, you haven't done anything wrong.
All you've done is talk to your brother.
No crime in that.
Let's end it right here.
Put the weapon down.
You know what makes quite a statement, too? Shooting a federal agent.
You're not gonna get away with it.
I'm not alone.
There are other agents outside the door.
They're listening to everything we've said.
Don't take me for a fool.
McGee! Right here, boss.
Torres! (clattering) Put the weapon down.
(baby crying in distance) Gibbs.
Thank God you're okay.
Sure you're ready to be back at work? It's where I need to be.
How about you? Well, I'm gonna feel better when we catch Ramsay Whitman.
Probably spooked him, he's gonna disappear again.
Where's Quinn? Uh, she just went down to see Abby.
Tell her I'm with Ducky.
(door opens) He didn't have to die, Duck.
You had no choice.
Don't know if it'll help your autopsy, but he was constantly popping those things.
Uh, it's prescribed for involuntary jerking and writhing movements.
I thought he was strung out.
I just requested his prison medical records.
They show he was diagnosed with Huntington's disease.
Take a look.
It's progressive and debilitating.
I can confirm it with a brain scan.
(door opens) Hey, Duck.
Well, I have information on the last call Bodie Whitman received.
From his brother? Yeah.
Uh, we traced it to a cell tower in Tazewell County.
You find anything on the phone that made the call? Well, as suspected, it was a cheap burner phone.
It was purchased six years ago.
There's no record of the buyer.
We did try to ping it and it was turned off.
Ramsay destroyed that phone as soon as he hung up.
Excuse me-- Ramsay's the brother? Well, I don't know if this will help you, but Huntington's is a rare disease.
And if they were full siblings, there's a 50-50 chance the brother could suffer from the same disorder.
Well, Tazewell County's a small county-- I mean, how many cases of Huntington's disease can there be in the area? Not many.
It's a lead I can follow.
QUINN: I'll help you, Ducky.
Leon, you wanted to see me? Mm-hmm.
Why are you looking at those two? I think I almost got you killed.
15 years ago, when you went undercover to take down Ramsay Whitman, he somehow found out that the federal government was closing in on him.
He disappeared.
And yesterday, between two phone calls to his brother, he learned that Leland Spears was a federal agent.
When we realized that you were with Bodie Whitman, I called these two in to help, and now we have a leak.
A retired NCIS agent and the deputy director of U.
Department of Energy.
(phone rings) Yes, Pamela.
Send 'em in.
(door opens) Jethro, there is someone in Tazewell County who's being treated for Huntington's disease.
Uh, may I use your computer, Director? Certainly.
Tazewell County, Huntington's disease? Following a lead, Leon.
That's the wrong name, but his age is about right.
He doesn't look anything like the radical skinhead killer I remember.
Get us a warrant, Leon.
See if one of 'em got a call from Tazewell County yesterday.
Once upon a time, there lived a very, very nasty man.
Ramsay Whitman was angry and disgruntled Abbs.
And he killed two Marines and vanished into thin air.
Or not.
What do we know about John Manning? Nothing, till 11 years ago, when he moved to Northwest Virginia.
Married a local woman there, a schoolteacher.
They have two kids together.
Girl's seven, boy's five.
TORRES: Yeah, residential real estate broker, well liked in the community, member of the Rotary Club, deacon in his church.
He, uh, coaches his daughter's soccer team.
They went eight and two.
They're actually pretty good.
You're sure that these two guys are the same guy? Oh, yeah.
Salient facial features are a 96% match.
Yeah, I know this guy.
Ramsay Whitman's spooked.
Come on, we got to move fast.
Okay, we're just gonna go to Grandma's, okay? (sighs) I have a dentist appointment tomorrow.
Don't worry, I'll call him.
See if Ramsay's leaving with the family.
Rather not make the takedown in front of the kids.
Roger that.
QUINN: You know, half of me is hoping we're wrong about this guy.
When you get to your mother's, wait for my call.
Okay, you're really scaring me, John.
Can't you tell me what's going on? No.
Not-not now.
Just get going.
I love you.
I love you, too.
(engine starts) All right, Torres, you're with me.
McGee and Quinn, take the back.
Let's go.
Hey, go inside and be quiet.
(knocking) GIBBS: NCIS! RAMSAY: I'm unarmed.
I'm going to unlock the door.
Step out.
Leland Spears.
Never thought I'd see you again, Bubba.
It's NCIS Special Agent Gibbs.
How'd he explain the tats to his wife? He said that she knew that he had a past, riding with bikers.
The warrant paid off.
Deputy Director Roden got a call from Ramsay's burn phone yesterday.
Text Gibbs.
RAMSAY: I'm willing to tell you anything you want to know.
But I need you to promise me something.
No deals.
You killed two Marines.
(phone dings) I'm just thinking about my wife and kids.
They don't know anything about what happened.
Or who I was.
I don't want them brought into this.
They won't be if you cooperate.
What do you want to know? Where are the nuclear fuel rods? Buried.
About 500 feet from where we hijacked the truck.
I carefully selected the spot because it's near an auto salvage yard.
We unloaded the barrels and the truck drove away.
We tracked that truck halfway across the state.
Figured you would.
Okay, write it all down.
And include how Deputy Director Roden at the Department of Energy tipped you off both times.
(short chuckle) You know.
Write it.
When I'm finished can I see my brother's body? REPORTER: It's been almost 15 years since the nuclear fuel rods were stolen.
(door opens) QUINN: Gibbs? Yeah.
Well, came by to tell you that the FBI picked up Deputy Director Roden.
Is he talking? Yeah, apparently he's always been antigovernment.
He took the job at the DoE just to get on the inside.
And the FBI is now looking at all of his other cases to see how much damage he's done.
Quinn, you could've called me or told me about that in the morning.
Yeah, uh there's something else.
I feel so guilty about this.
I was wondering what happened to that.
Well, it was when you were missing.
Bishop and I came here to look for you, and I I don't know what happened.
I It was an accident-- I just broke the dish in half.
But it's fixed.
You could've just snuck it back in here.
That's not my style.
Don't beat yourself up over that.
I do, I do.
I beat myself up over it, because I-I know how horrible it is to lose something special.
I When I was 16, my mother gave me this bracelet, and it was from my grandmother, and I lost it.
It's I haven't been able to tell her.
Yeah, well, Kelly made this for her mom and me when she was in third grade.
I guess I used it too much-- it got a crack.
It was hairline at first, but turned into something bigger.
But look at it now-- it's like new.
How'd you do this? You believe in miracles? No.
You believe in Abby? With all my heart.
All right.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Quinn, tell your mom about the bracelet.
Yeah, no.
Long story.
I got time.