NCIS s14e18 Episode Script


1 You still haven't kicked the habit.
Hey, I can't help it.
This sugary goodness has gotten me through many hours of watch standing.
God, I can't remember the last time I had a soda.
Or anything with flavor.
This round is on me.
I shouldn't.
Live a little, Lieutenant.
You're a bad influence, Collins.
(light rumbling) What's going on? Hold compressions.
MAN: No pulse.
DOCTOR: Charge to 200 joules.
MAN: Clear.
No pulse.
Continue CPR.
I'm tired, Collins.
I think it's time for me to go.
I can't let you do that just yet, Lieutenant.
You made me a promise, remember? I do.
I'll see you soon, Laura.
Charge to 360.
Got a pulse.
Welcome back, Lieutenant.
NCIS 14x18 M.
BISHOP: Thanks.
I love you.
So, what, you had a late night? (grunts) How do you expect to run five miles when you can barely keep your head up? My body's a finely-tuned machine.
Just needs a little fuel.
It sounds more like you need a full tune-up.
I got one last night.
There goes my appetite.
Not mine.
Hey, you're, like, 20 minutes late.
Oh, it's Sunday, I'm lucky I'm here at all.
Hey, excuse me, can I have a western omelet with, um, some coffee? BISHOP: What are you doing? We eat after the run, not before.
Oh, can't we do both? The marathon is a few months away and this is our first training session.
We need to get serious.
Or wing it.
That's what I did in my last marathon.
What was your time? Shy of three hours.
That's impossible.
Olympians barely do that.
I know, right? (chuckles) My body is this work of art, you know? But it's also a blessing and a curse, McGee.
Just be grateful that, uh, you don't have to worry about something like that.
(chuckles) Anyway, why don't you two go get a head start? We'll eat quick and we'll catch up with you.
Uh, what makes you think McGee and I need a head start? No, go, go.
McGee We're wasting time, come on.
(sighs) Help yourself.
You're very kind.
Sorry to drop in on you unannounced, Gunny.
I know you hate surprises.
I'm glad you did, General.
How's retirement? (chuckles) Well, two years out of the Corps, I still keep my room inspection-ready.
Civilian life is an adjustment.
Yeah, I know the feeling.
My daughter wants me to get a new wardrobe, but old habits.
Laura still stationed out of Norfolk? No.
No, she's, uh she's been in Maryland these last few months.
She's actually the reason I came to see you, Gunny.
She in some sort of trouble? Laura's dying, Jethro.
We we need your help.
My dad tracked you down? Yes, he did.
But he wouldn't fill me in.
He said that you wanted to talk to me yourself.
It's been a long time, Gibbs.
It's probably not how you remember me, is it? Well, you probably forget I was the one who drove you to the hospital after you crashed your bike into that tree in front of my house.
I still have that scar.
So does the tree.
Thanks for coming.
What-what's going on? I got back from deployment ten months ago, couldn't shake this fatigue.
Figured it was stress.
I was wrong.
How bad? Ovarian cancer.
Advanced stage four.
I always was an overachiever.
What are your options? I've been to countless specialists, tried multiple treatments, nothing's working.
The writing's on the wall.
(sighs) Well, Laura, what can I do to help? By getting me closure.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Before I got sick, I was onboard the USS Gray.
During our deployment, one of my sailors was lost at sea.
Petty Officer David Collins.
We searched for days, but he was never recovered.
The official report said it was an accidental man overboard.
And you think it was something else? Days before Collins went missing, he he showed up with a black eye, and he was acting strangely.
Did Collins say what happened? He refused.
Said he didn't want to lie to me, but he couldn't tell me the truth either.
See, something was going on.
Laura, it could be anything.
My gut says his death wasn't an accident.
I started looking into it and asking questions, but then I got sick.
I was Collins' division officer.
It was my job to look out for him and I failed.
I made a promise to find out what happened.
I won't fail him again.
Gibbs, I need your help.
I'm running out of time.
Ooh, nothing like an early-morning run to energize you, am I right? Man, we crushed that last mile.
You certainly perked up.
Well, McGee and Bishop got, like, a ten-minute start and we still beat 'em.
I mean, that's got to be embarrassing.
Yeah, we can hear you.
You're speaking at full volume.
Look, I tried to warn you guys, my body performs at, like, a whole different level.
You know what, it's, like, unnatural.
It was like trying to keep up with Usain Bolt and Jackie Joyner-Kersee.
Okay, so, look, Torres and I are naturally gifted runners and you two are not.
Like, not at all.
But with hard work and training, you can get better.
Hey, I believe in you.
Me too.
Not that you can beat me, because that'll never really happen.
But at the very least, you won't come in last.
You really need to work on your pep talk, Torres.
GIBBS: Give me an update.
Petty Officer First Class David Collins.
27, unmarried, no kids.
Joined the Navy in 2008, quickly rose through the ranks.
BISHOP: Last year he was serving onboard the USS Gray.
They were patrolling South American waters on a counter-narcotics mission with the Coast Guard when he was lost at sea.
McGEE: An immediate onboard investigation was conducted by the ship's master-at-arms, Chief Michael Vinton.
How long until NCIS got onboard? 48 hours later.
I spoke with the agent from the southeast field office.
He's sending over the evidence.
According to both investigations, Collins was first reported missing at 2:00 a.
, when he failed to, uh, show up to a bridge watch.
A broken stanchion was discovered on the deck.
Ship began man-overboard maneuvers.
They scoured the waters, but found no trace of Collins.
BISHOP: Evidence suggests he lost his balance after the stanchion broke, causing him to fall overboard undetected.
Foul play wasn't suspected.
It is now.
(phone rings) Yeah, Duck? I'm on my way, I'll meet you there.
MAN: I'm sorry, uh, what is this about? I thought NCIS already closed the case on Collins.
Well, we're just following up on a few things.
Yeah, we like to be thorough.
Roger that.
What'd you want to know? Hoping you could run us through what happened after Collins was reported missing.
I got a call from the bridge at 0200 that Collins was a no-show.
I pulled a few sailors to help look for him.
One of them discovered a broken stanchion, here on the gun deck.
Realizing that Collins may have gone overboard, I notified the bridge, and sealed off the area.
Is this the one, right here? No, the other NCIS agent took it as evidence.
This is the replacement.
Still feels pretty unstable, though.
That's because it's removable.
It's locked in place by a pin.
When I arrived on the scene, the stanchion was hanging over the side of the ship by the lifeline.
And when's the window of time when Collins could've gone overboard? Between 2300 and 0200 hours.
Last person to see him alive? Petty Officer Nicole Trainer.
She took his death pretty hard.
The whole crew did.
It's not easy to lose one of your own.
Thank you for taking the time, Dr.
Gibbs says you're the best of the best.
I didn't know NCIS had an oncologist.
He's our medical examiner.
I know I might look it, but I'm not dead yet.
DUCKY: Uh, Jethro told me about your unique sense of humor.
He also asked me for assistance as I know several specialists who are the best of the best.
Do you think any of them can help Laura? Dad, we've gone over this, okay? My prognosis is not going to change.
The treatments haven't worked.
But one could.
Laura, your dad's right-- you don't quit.
DUCKY: I have a colleague who runs an experimental treatment program for advanced-stage cancer patients.
Has it proven to be successful? Well, it's extended the life expectancy of some by five, even ten years.
Years? It's a limited program, so he can only take a select number of patients.
But, well, I would be happy to make a call on your behalf.
All you have to do is say the word.
(exhales) What the hell? It's worth a shot.
(quietly): Yeah.
When did you leave the Navy, Miss Trainer? Eight months ago, when my contract was up.
After Collins died, I just couldn't do it anymore.
You two were close? We worked in the same division.
He was like a big brother.
Do you know why he went out on the deck that night so late? Collins always went out there; it was a place to relax.
Was he acting differently when you saw him? No.
But it just doesn't make sense.
Collins shouldn't have been leaning on those stanchions.
Do you think something else might have happened? What do you mean? Like maybe it wasn't an accident? But it was an accident.
Right? Collins was seen with a black eye days before he went missing.
Do you know how he got it? Yeah, I was with him when it happened.
We were at a port stop in Panama.
We were at a bar, and another sailor punched him.
Petty Officer Holden Baxter.
He was my boyfriend.
What was the fight about? Baxter got drunk, he started yelling at me, and then when Collins intervened, Baxter just lost it.
He just never liked that we were friends.
I broke up with him right after.
How did Baxter take that? Didn't seem to mind.
Started dating someone else the next day.
Are you still in contact with this Prince Charming? No, I haven't seen him or spoken to him since I left the ship.
(chuckles) For sure.
Holden Baxter.
Who's asking? NCIS.
(chuckles) Should have figured with those clothes.
Ha-ha-ha-ha! That's a good one.
You know, Nicole Trainer, uh, didn't say you were funny.
How did she describe him again? As a, uh, “self-serving, arrogant D-bag who only cares about himself”" Oh, yeah, that was it.
Sounds like sour grapes.
Nicole knows I was the best thing that ever happened to her.
She also mentioned that you were the one that gave Petty Officer Collins a black eye.
Hey, what's the matter? Can't stand a lot of competition? McGEE: Oh, I don't think there's really any competition there.
Collins was smarter more successful, better liked by the crew.
You think I give a damn? I think it drove you crazy.
Collins had them all fooled, but not me-- I knew the truth.
Which is what? Everyone thought he was some sort of golden boy, but he was breaking more rules than anyone.
But I'm no snitch.
Well, he's dead.
So I'm sure he won't mind.
He had a thing going with his division officer, Lieutenant Ellison.
Officers aren't permitted to date enlisted.
Which is why they kept it a secret and I kept my mouth shut, 'cause I'm a stand-up guy.
You should get a medal for that.
Damn right.
Lieutenant Ellison made my life miserable.
She had it in for me from day one.
She's lucky I was so forgiving.
(chuckles) The more you talk, the worse it gets.
Where were you between 2300 and 0200 hours the night that Petty Officer Collins went missing? On mid-watch in engineering.
Lots of witnesses.
Ask around.
We'll do that.
Abbs, I got your message.
Gibbs, I have been waiting.
And all his forgiven.
So, I processed the evidence that the NCIS agent collected from the USS Gray last year, and I hit the mother lode.
The theory was that Petty Officer Collins leaned on this stanchion, which broke and caused him to fall overboard.
I already knew that.
W-Well, get ready for something that you didn't.
I analyzed the inner wires of this lifeline cable, and I found blood.
And not just anyone's blood.
Petty Officer Collins' blood.
Well, he could've injured himself when he fell overboard.
Blood doesn't mean anything.
But sodium hypochlorite does.
What? Bleach, Gibbs.
Chemical test confirms that both the stanchion and the lifeline were cleaned with bleach-- which is odd, since Navy 101 is to never use bleach on a ship's weather decks, because It's too corrosive.
Someone would only use it if They were really trying to hide something.
I always suspected Collins' death wasn't an accident, but it doesn't make this any easier.
Any idea who's responsible? Not yet, but we will.
Right, Agent Torres? Uh-huh.
(exhales) Look, I appreciate the company, but if you're here to ask me questions, just ask them.
Were you in a relationship with Petty Officer Collins? (chuckling): You talked to Holden Baxter.
Real prize, isn't he? Well, he didn't have many good things to say about you, either, so Can't imagine he would.
I've reprimanded him so many times, he got bumped down a pay grade.
And what about Collins? Nothing inappropriate was going on.
BISHOP: Baxter wasn't the only person onboard who said that you two spent a lot of time together.
(soft chuckle) I mean, that's because we did.
Collins had tremendous potential.
I knew he was officer material.
I was helping him apply for a commission.
(voice breaking): We sent off his application to Officer Candidate School a few weeks before he went missing.
BISHOP: In that time together, did he ever mention having any issues with anyone? Only with Baxter, but so did everyone.
Collins was the type of person to fix problems, not the kind to start them.
ABBY: Here you go.
Bottoms up.
Okay, what is it? It's a smoothie concoction made especially for you.
It'll put that extra pep back in your step.
What are you talking about? Well, I saw your run time, Torres posted it online.
He what? Just consider it motivation.
One glass of that, and it'll get your cardio juices flowing.
It's got all the essentials, whey protein, bananas, chia seeds, almond butter, coconut milk.
Why is it fizzy? That's my secret ingredient.
I'm calling it Power-POW.
So how is it? It tastes unlike anything I've ever tasted before.
Well, good because there's plenty more where that came from.
Gibbs, you're just in time for a taste test.
No, I just ate.
Well, good news.
You don't even have to share.
How about sharing a lead? Yes, with pleasure, boss.
When, uh, Collins was aboard the USS Gray, the ship was deployed on a counter-narcotics mission in South America.
In six months the USS Gray seized over $2 billion worth of cocaine from different drug vessels.
When they got back to Norfolk, the drugs were turned over to the D.
to be analyzed and catalogued.
Did you know that drugs are like a fingerprint? No two batches are processed identically.
Which is where the USS Gray's port visits come into play.
Especially Panama City, Panama and Willemstad, Curaçao.
What about them? ABBY: Well, last month, cocaine was seized in a police raid in Curaçao that had the exact same chemical makeup as a shipment that originated in Panama.
Same shipment that was previously seized by the USS Gray and supposedly turned over to the D.
So how did confiscated Panamanian drugs end up on the streets of Curaçao? And what if that's what got Collins killed? Earth to Torres.
Were you talking to me? Yeah, for, like, the last five minutes.
You didn't hear any of that? Blah, blah, case stuff, Gibbs on his way, got it.
What's going on with you? You've been acting weird all day.
Okay, first of all, I don't act weird.
I act mysterious.
Mm, okay, so why are you acting mysterious? I'm not.
It's good to see you're so in touch with your feelings.
If someone onboard the USS Gray stole even a fraction of the drugs they seized, they stood to make a hefty profit.
Yeah, just a single brick of cocaine can go for 25 grand.
Money had to go somewhere.
Yeah, well, only 12 sailors from the boarding team had access to the secure compartment where the drugs were kept.
BISHOP: We checked their financials for any irregularities and found one account with unexplained sizable cash deposits.
Petty Officer Nicole Trainer.
QUINN: Nice place.
McGEE: Creeps me out.
Keep waiting for those twins from The Shining to come out here.
Trainer had 100K in the bank, and she lives here? Not exactly the safest neighborhood.
Well, says the guy who had four dead bodies in his apartment.
NCIS! Oh, Quinn.
What? Sneak peek.
I'll boost you up.
Come on.
If I go down, you're coming down with me.
All right, on three.
One, two, three! (grunts) Oh, McGee, we have a problem.
It's Trainer.
It's clear.
She's dead.
Got it.
Where are we? McGee and Quinn finished with Trainer's neighbors.
No one heard or saw anything.
All they said was that she kept to herself.
With the amount of heroin bagged at her place, an overdose was just a matter of time.
It's too clean.
You're thinking it was staged to look like an accident like Collins' murder? Well, we're gonna find out.
Torres, get to the hospital.
You're on protection detail for Lieutenant Ellison.
You really think she's a target? I'm not willing to risk it.
That's not gonna work for me, Gibbs.
I'm not a hospital guy.
Besides, don't you think that Bishop is a lot more suited to protect Ellison? No I don't.
I said you.
Now go.
Why me? There a problem? You know there is.
But that's the point, isn't it? What are you trying to do? My job.
I suggest you do yours.
What do you got? The results of Miss Trainer's autopsy tell a sad story.
Her body exhibits extensive damage consistent with narcotics abuse.
Too young to go out like this, Duck.
Well, drugs don't discriminate with age, Jethro.
It's an equal-opportunity serial killer, but while an overdose was the cause of death, I do not believe it was of her own choosing.
Look at these ligature marks on her wrists.
She was restrained? I suspect by the same person who injected her with a fatal dose.
However, I found tissue under her fingernails.
Abby is analyzing it for DNA as we speak.
Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs! I got a DNA hit from Ducky's tissue sample.
In record time.
That's because it's a match to a sailor that's onboard the USS Gray.
Petty Officer Holden Baxter.
Anything? No sign of Baxter at berthing, boss.
He's not in engineering.
I talked to a sailor on the mess decks said Baxter goes off base for lunch.
All right, check it out.
McGee, take the pier.
Bishop, come on.
You're with me.
Well, there he is.
Baxter? (grunting) Get off me, man! I didn't do anything! (grunting) You okay? No! I think he broke my rib.
Wasn't talking to you.
Me? I am better than ever.
(Laura sighs softly) You know you're allowed to sit, right? Uh-huh.
Have you, uh, worked for NCIS long? Yeah.
(laughs) What about that Hindenburg disaster, huh? What a mess that was.
What? I don't know.
I had to say something.
You've been here for hours, and you've barely said ten words.
Making conversation with you is like pulling teeth.
Well, then, don't.
I'm working.
You're not the first one, you know.
I've seen it before.
Seen what? Ever since I was diagnosed, I can tell a lot about people by the way they interact with me.
Yeah, most people just shower me with sympathy or pity, or put on a brave face to try and keep my spirits up.
Then there are the people who do everything they can to keep their distance from me.
They're the ones who've been through the pain of losing someone they loved to cancer.
They don't want to be reminded of it, so they avoid me.
Just like you're doing.
I understand.
I'm sorry for your loss.
You think I'm here to recreate a Hallmark moment with you? Let me make something clear.
I'm not.
Got it? Got it.
(sighs) Are you deaf, man? I said I need a doctor! Then cooperate, man.
By the way, McGee, that was a very impressive sprint.
Good hustle.
Oh, thank you.
Think I owe that one to Abby's Power-POW! Hmm.
It was like watching a cheetah attack a gazelle.
And now attack a dirt bag.
Sticks and stones, sweetheart.
Call me that again, I'm gonna go find some.
I already told you-- I had nothing to do with Collins' death.
How about Nicole Trainer? Is this some kind of sick joke? Nicole can't be dead.
I just saw her last night.
Yeah, we know.
Found your DNA under her fingernails.
Whoa, whoa! It's not what you think.
I would never hurt Nicole.
All I've ever done is try to protect her.
Protect her from what? (sighs) During our deployment, Collins said he suspected Nicole was stealing the drugs onboard, and thought I put her up to it.
Did you? No.
I told him Nicole would never do that.
I figured Collins just let it go, but when you came around asking questions about his death, I knew something wasn't right, so I went to Nicole's and confronted her.
What did she say? She admitted to stealing the drugs, but she said she was forced into it.
Forced? By who? I don't know, but she was terrified of him.
That's when she lost it on me and threw me out.
I swear, she was alive when I left.
And you didn't think to come to us? I didn't want Nicole to get into trouble.
I thought I was doing the right thing.
Thank you.
Look like you needed it.
You're keeping my daughter safe.
It's the least I could do.
Just a precaution.
You don't need to worry.
(laughs) If I'm being honest, what worries me is NCIS solving the case.
I know how horrible that sounds, but this is what's given Laura the strength to keep fighting.
Uh I'm not ready for what happens once she gets that closure.
It's selfish, but, uh, I was hoping for more time with her.
Well you will.
Ducky said that the experimental treatment could give your daughter a few more years.
She was turned down for the program.
Uh her cancer is too far spread for the treatment to be effective.
Does she know? The doctor told her this morning, just before you got here.
When you're a parent, you would do anything for your child.
I would cut out my own kidney with a spoon if Laura needed it.
But now, my daughter is going to die.
And there's not a damn thing I can do about it.
Yes, I understand the urgency of the matter.
Actually, he just walked in.
Yes, ma'am.
I will pass that along.
She's taken an interest in the Collins case.
We're working on it.
Working on it.
I got that.
But now, we're dealing with two dead sailors and drug smuggling on board a U.
Navy ship.
SECNAV wants answers.
Petty Officer Baxter was with Trainer the night she was killed.
My gut says he's not our guy.
Well, if he's telling the truth about her being coerced into stealing the drugs, then someone was pulling her strings.
SECNAV has offered the resources of her office to expedite this investigation.
Whatever you need.
I need a favor.
Well, that didn't take long.
What exactly did you have in mind? Shouldn't be out here in the cold.
(laughs) If the weather wants to kill me, it'll have to take a number.
(laughs) At least take that.
(chuckles) If you insist.
(inhales) Okay, I I vote we just bite the bullet, apologize and move on.
Sound like a plan? Okay, I'll go first.
(sighs) When you receive a terminal diagnosis, things suddenly become very clear.
You realize that time is your most precious commodity, and because of that, I tend to speak more matter-of-factly.
I mean, if if what I said offended you, I I'm truly sorry.
This is the point where you say something.
I don't like clutter in my workspace.
All right.
Um I'm a minimalist.
You know, like, um, essentials only.
Nothing personal.
(clears throat) Except for this photo frame that I keep on my desk, and I've ke I've kept it with me for years.
Photo of what? Of me.
Well, a 19-year-old me.
You keep a framed photo of yourself on your desk? (chuckles) Okay, it's not the photo that's important.
(chuckles) It was a gift.
It was taken by a good friend of mine.
We were inseparable since we were five.
Even teachers thought that we were twins.
(chuckles) I remember this one time when we were in high school.
We're in the cafeteria, and I looked at her.
In that moment, I knew.
I just I just knew that this girl was gonna be my wife.
I just knew that we were gonna get married.
Never been more sure about anything in my life.
When was she diagnosed? Senior year.
I was so confused because I mean, what teenager worries about getting cancer? But Sofia was determined to make it.
You know, she was gonna beat it.
It didn't matter to her that none of the medicine worked.
You know, she never gave up hope.
And I, uh, I believed, you know? I-I just knew that she was gonna make it.
When I got the call, I wasn't ready.
No one ever is.
So you were right.
Seeing you was a reminder of everything that happened.
And I didn't want to be reminded.
I was an ass.
I'm sorry.
Come on.
There's some Jell-O calling our names.
Can't say no to that.
(laughs) Gibbs, we were going through the USS Gray's deployment logs, and found something.
Each time narcotics were seized from a drug vessel, sailors from the boarding team would transfer the contraband onto the ship.
Which explains how Trainer got her hands on the drugs.
Except protocol was that the sailors involved would be searched by one or two supervisors to ensure no one took the contraband.
And the same supervisor signed off on all of Trainer's searches.
The ship's master-at-arms, Chief Michael Vinton.
All right, what do we know about him? He enlisted in 1993.
Twice divorced, no kids.
Lost his home and savings in 2007.
Which is also when his career began to stall.
Vinton's been passed over for promotions eight times.
He's slated to retire next month, but it wasn't voluntary, he's being forced out.
VINTON: Extra duty is a punishment.
It's not meant to be pleasant.
This is what happens when you show up late for muster.
Do not do the crime if you cannot do the time.
GIBBS: That's good advice.
It's a shame you didn't take it.
Double murder-- You're looking at a mandatory life sentence.
Am I supposed to know what you're talking about? We're gonna refresh your memory.
Petty Officer Collins.
He clued into your drug operation and confronted you.
QUINN: You killed him.
Made it look like an accident.
And you were the on-site investigator, so it was easy to cover your tracks.
Yeah, then we showed up and started asking questions.
QUINN: And then you thought Nicole Trainer was now a liability, and you killed her as well.
Yeah, and there's the drug money.
QUINN: I get it-- you didn't want to put it in a bank, but hiding it in your attic crawlspace so cliché.
Uh, no, I wouldn't do that.
Even if you did get by us, you'd still have to get by them.
QUINN: And they just found out you killed two of their own.
I think you have better chances with us.
Uh, you are busted.
What? Excuse me? We hacked your fitness ticker app on your phone.
You cheated on our morning run.
BISHOP: Gave us a head start so you could catch an Uber to the final mile mark.
You never had any intention of running that marathon, did you? No, I was just screwing with you the whole time.
Hee-hee, hee-hee.
Wait till I get my hands on Torres.
I can't believe he was in on this.
Oh, he wasn't.
He didn't cheat.
He actually ran.
Then he really is that fast? Oh, he's freakishly fast.
Ooh, we don't stand a chance of beating his time, do we? No, absolutely not.
Chief Vinton? You're certain? Full confession.
Once Collins figured out what was going on, Vinton knew that he'd turn him in, and he panicked.
Gunny, I know how much this meant to Laura.
I can't thank you enough for your help.
Collins deserved justice.
I only wish I could have done more for him.
You did.
What do you mean? The Secretary of the Navy reviewed Collins' OCS application.
She saw the same potential you did.
He's been posthumously commissioned rank of ensign.
I knew Collins would make a damn good naval officer.
He had a good role model.
Yes, he did.
I'm truly grateful, Agent Gibbs.
For everything.
(knock at door) Dad, why don't you go grab a bite to eat with Gibbs? Uh I'll be fine.
Come on, General, I know just the place.
Hey, Gibbs We're good? The case is over.
Thought you'd be long gone by now.
You trying to get rid of me already? Mm.
I've grown kind of used to having you around.
Mm, I'm so touched.
Hey, you know, actually, I'm glad you're here.
I want to show you something.
It's my surface warfare pin.
(chuckles) Some serious blood, sweat and tears went into earning it.
The day I did is one I'll never forget.
I want you to have it.
Me? Wouldn't you rather your dad? No.
He's a marine.
He'll understand.
Are you sure? I want you to have it for the same reason Sofia gave you that photo.
It wasn't about giving you something to remember her by.
It was her way of saying she'll remember you, too.
Thank you.
But I do have a stipulation.
Of course you do.
No matter how little time the doctors say you have you keep fighting every day for the next day.
And the next, and the next.
All right.
I have a little stipulation of my own.
I'm listening.
(chuckles) When you look at that pin, I don't want it to remind you of some girl who died.
I want it to remind you of someone you helped.
Because you did, Nick.
Got it? Got it.
I'm glad we worked that out.
(chuckles) Yeah.
You're sticking around? Yeah.
They got free Jell-O.
Where else would I be?