NCIS s14e19 Episode Script

The Wall

1 Veterans and guardians, gather round, please.
I hope you enjoyed the indoor exhibit.
Now we'll take the next 20 minutes to explore out here, then we'll head over to the Vietnam Memorial Wall.
Back here in 20.
Where'd you say you're in from? Outside of Phoenix.
River Assault Squadron 9 at Vung Tau in '67.
You? I come from Minneapolis.
1st Infantry Division, round about '68, Saigon.
Seeing the wall should be something, huh? Yeah.
I've been waiting for this a long time.
"Excuse me" would go a long way there, friend! He's with us? Yeah.
I tried to introduce myself to him this morning.
He told me to mind my own business.
(chuckles) Geez.
WOMAN: Taxi! Hey, hey, I got here first! I hate to do this, but I am already late.
Please, I will lose my job.
Henry! Henry.
Kid, I already told you, I got to get out of here.
What are you doing, Henry? The tour's not even half over yet.
Listening to a bunch of fossils talk Viet Cong is debilitating.
Don't you want to see your memorial? (scoffs) You take a minute to talk to these guys, you might even make a friend before we get there.
Friends are for people who think ordering a piece of pie with two forks is a good idea.
(gasps) Hey.
Hey, kid.
Hey, you okay? Hey Kid, are you? Help! Any of you guys a medic?! Medic! NCIS 14x19 The Wall Bishop, you're here, good.
Yes, I lost the bet, Tim.
I failed to get Gibbs to try a tofu steak.
And, yes, I will buy everyone drinks tonight.
No, no, no, no, no.
Forget about all that.
Where are Torres and Quinn? I don't know.
They're not here yet.
Your eyes are bulge-y.
It's 'cause I got big news.
I got big news.
I'm talking big, like whoa.
Use your words, Tim.
All right.
You know my friend Val? REACT Team Val, yeah.
Had dinner with her last night, all right? She did Basic School at FLETC the same time that Torres was there, and Quinn was one of their instructors.
So? So, Val said that, during one of the weeks of training, Torres and Quinn had a fling.
Yes, they did.
It's true.
Val said it was over quick, but, I mean, we're talking sweaty, Top Gun, hotshot rookie, sexy instructor No.
I mean, I don't I just can't even Use your words, Bishop.
Okay, if it did happen-- and that is a big if-- I wonder if Top Gun beach volleyball was involved.
Because I can totally picture Torres running around in the sand in tight jeans.
Fantasize on your own time, Bishop.
Uh, no, Gibbs, that wasn't about me picturing Torres Got a dead Marine in D.
Gearing up.
Call Quinn and Tight Jeans.
Tell 'em to meet us there.
(sighs) TORRES: Can I get everyone to step aside, please? Step aside.
Thank you.
QUINN: And all of you came here together? This is my niece, Gayle.
She's my escort on this trip.
Phil here has his neighbor with him.
But none of us is gonna be much help.
Corporal Beck seemed nice enough, but he was escorting that wet blanket.
Uh, Henry Rogers? He had no interest in getting to know anyone.
He stayed apart from the group all morning, so the corporal had to do the same.
All right.
Thank you.
Okay, I got you.
- All right, thank you, guys, very much.
- Thanks, guys.
Bishop, Bishop, did you see that, with the notepad? Hmm? He was being nice.
No, he brushed his hand against her when he handed it back.
He did not.
I'm telling you, Bishop.
Sweaty fling of the century.
Definitely happened.
QUINN: So, all the vets were on an Honor Flight trip? Honor Flight Network is a nonprofit.
We transport veterans to D.
free of charge to visit their memorials-- World War II, Korea.
Today's group served in Vietnam.
I understand, uh, Corporal Beck was a volunteer escort.
We require all vets to have a guardian for the trip.
Usually, it's a family member or a friend.
But Corporal Beck asked to be paired with someone who didn't have a volunteer.
Nice thing to do.
I didn't know him well, but you could tell he was one of the good ones.
Look, I-I know you have a job to do, but I Yeah, yeah, you're in the middle of the tour.
Some of these men have been on our waiting list for years, and I don't want them to miss their chance to see their memorial.
GIBBS: What do we know, Duck? Paramedics surmise heart attack.
Why call us? Well, as you know, Jethro, in many military circles, having "seen the elephant" is a metaphor for having experienced combat.
I was in Laos on exchange with the U.
That's where I actually saw an elephant.
Yeah, it was transporting supplies for the North Vietnamese.
Does the elephant have a point? Oh, yes.
Often, there is more than one type of beast lurking in the jungle.
First responders noted foaming at Corporal Beck's mouth.
That suggests there's more to this story than just a heart attack.
GIBBS: That a coffee stain? Well, it could be.
Nothing is certain till I get him back to Autopsy.
Well, let's get him back.
We finished the interviews.
Only witness who might know something is the vet Corporal Beck was assigned to.
Now, he was with Beck all morning, away from the group.
Name is Henry Rogers, former Marine sergeant, Force Recon.
The guy's a handful.
Did he, uh, eat something, drink anything? Let me lay it down for you real simple.
I answered your questions.
Now I'm done.
Sir, we can't release you just yet.
GIBBS: We're looking into the death of a fellow Marine here.
I know that.
The death is looking suspicious.
You're a key witness, Sergeant.
We need you with us.
Suspicious how? DUCKY: It's a microscopic dart.
Where'd it come from? I extracted it from Corporal Beck's arm here.
This contusion alerted me to the injection site.
The dart is designed to be left behind, beneath the dermis.
It's so small, sharp, and thin that it would've felt like, well, nothing more than a bug bite.
Botulinum toxin.
What? He didn't ask yet? Mere seconds away.
(scoffs) ABBY: My timing is off today.
Abbs, what was in the dart? Now is when I was supposed to swoosh in and say Botulinum toxin.
The most poisonous natural substance known to man.
Botulinum was the main ingredient, but the injection was a mixture of inhibitors Abbs, less words.
Uh, it has stuff in it that mask the symptoms of the poison.
So it hit all at once.
ABBY: Yeah, and it hit hard.
I mean, there's people all over the Dark Web that are selling this kind of concoction, along with compressed-air guns to fire it into the skin.
I mean, they only work at close range, but they're even selling silencers.
A discreet killing device in the palm of one's hand.
And there's no way to trace who's buying them.
(phone rings) Quinn.
Yeah, Torres.
Can you hang on a second? Hang on for what? Wh-Where are you? BISHOP: Got it.
Thanks for the info.
So (clears throat) What? What are you doing? Mm.
Quinn's calls last an average of three minutes.
We have to be quick.
Did you find something out? Uh-huh.
I trained at FLETC with an Agent Oswald Krukowski.
As we speak, Krukowski is at the Singapore Field Office with an Agent Matthew Katz.
Katz was in Torres' class at FLETC.
Why didn't you just say "a friend of a friend"? McGee, two minutes and counting.
Okay, so talk.
Fling or no fling? Fling.
Just got off the phone with Katz.
He had details.
Like what? Karaoke competition.
Local bar.
The entire FLETC class was there.
Word is, Quinn saw Torres perform that night.
She couldn't resist him.
Wait, did he sing "You've Lost that Lovin' Feelin'"? I don't know, but I'm gonna find out.
What are you gonna find out? - What? - Find out what? Nothing.
Um, that was Torres on the phone.
He needs backup in the conference room.
This guy Henry is apparently a handful, so I'm on it.
Let's go.
Corporal Andrew Beck, 25.
QUINN: Squeaky clean.
Worked in Base Logistics at Quantico.
Honor Flight Network wasn't the only place he volunteered either.
No, he was also at Children's Hospital and Metro Ties Crisis Center.
More than clean.
I got it.
McGEE: Talked to Beck's girlfriend.
A guy claiming to be from his work called his house looking for him.
Girlfriend reminded him that Beck had a few days off for the Honor Flight trip.
Call came from a spoofed number, untraceable.
Killer looking for his location? Well, had to get close enough to fire the dart.
McGEE: Abby and Ducky say it's impossible to pinpoint an exact time of the injection.
Could've happened any time up to two hours before he died.
QUINN: The tour had already started.
They were walking in and out of people, weaving through crowds.
Killer could've been anyone.
McGEE: Yeah, but Henry Rogers was at Beck's side the entire time.
He's our best witness, even if he doesn't realize what he knows.
I don't think we're gonna get anything out of him, though.
Guy's a handful.
HENRY: I'll tell you what, I am not gonna wait around all day in some table room while you people get your act together.
What's a table room? Look around, Sparky.
It's a room built for nothing but a table.
Rogers I've told you twice, it's Henry.
I have nothing in common with that sweater-wearing pacifist.
Oh, I wish you did.
What? Nothing.
BISHOP: Henry, Corporal Beck flew to Nebraska to pick you up.
Honor Flight rules.
I told 'em I didn't need a babysitter.
Yeah, but-- and he was gonna escort you home after spending the day with you here.
I mean, don't you owe him a little compassion? I just met him yesterday.
But, yeah I feel bad for him.
He was a good kid, and he Okay.
(sighs) Ask me something.
Do you remember anyone getting close enough to inject him during the two hours before he died? Inject him? Yep, he was poisoned.
That fancy-coffee nut.
Who? Some worker was pouring coffee like a maniac.
She bumped into him, spilled a frap-o-drink everywhere.
Corporal Beck had a coffee stain on his, on his jacket.
What's the name of the place? It was so crowded, the kid and I had to go outside after we got our drip, so the rest of the group could get theirs.
Then it starts to rain.
Henry, the name of the place? Dr.
Joe's Turn Your Head and Coffee.
Huh? Uh-huh? How's that for a name, huh? Damn fancy-Joe nut-jobs.
Uh, where are you going? I helped you.
I told you what I know.
I got room service to order.
You know where to find me.
We can't let you leave just yet.
We may need you to I.
Yeah, we need you to stay here for now.
If it weren't for my back, I'd have you crying in the corner.
I believe you.
Guess I'll just hang around the table room.
Officer Reeves, MI6 has made it abundantly clear, they want you back.
When do I leave, sir? You forgot to mention how parting is such sweet sorrow.
I don't mean to sound unappreciative, I just You're not going anywhere.
MI6 currently has two of our agents on loan, acting as international liaisons.
I thought it might be beneficial to keep you here in a similar capacity, and your people have begrudgingly agreed.
What does than mean exactly? Keep doing what you're doing.
VANCE: International investigations.
Your desk stays the same.
Is there a problem? If it's all the same to you, I'd prefer something high-risk.
You want another Willoughby.
It's what I'm good at, really.
I'll see what I can do.
Thank you, sir.
And maybe, until I hear from you, I shouldn't get too tied up.
I'm thinking some temporary solo work would be good.
Give me a chance to mentally prepare for something big.
Would you like to sit at my desk while you're thinking above your pay grade? I got something.
A witness.
Honor Flight transferred custody to us.
A Vietnam vet, waited three years to see the Wall.
He's missing his chance because of this case.
I'll take him to the memorial and wherever else he wants to go.
And by the time I'm done, you'll have my new assignment.
Is that a question or an order? A question? Get out of here.
I appreciate it, you setting me on the easy track for now.
Get Bishop and Torres to brief you.
RECEPTIONIST: Director Vance's office.
May I help you? HENRY: I don't want to go to the Wall, you hear me? I thought that's why you were here, to see your memorial, yeah? I said, I don't want to go.
(laughing): Then why'd you get on the plane? Believe me, if I'd known I was gonna end up with a leprechaun who wears his pants too short, I wouldn't have.
Leprechauns are Irish.
A non-American escort for a trip about patriotism.
This stuff only happens to me.
You just said you didn't want to do the patriotic part.
You think wanting to be left alone is not patriotic? That is the whole reason we beat down your kind in the Revolution.
Just take me back to the hotel, will you? My back is screaming, and I want room service.
Not happening.
I've been required to have eyes on you at all times.
You've been tagged as a flight risk.
What kind of people raised you to believe everything you're told? What's the matter, your folks are dead? Join the club.
I'm sorry.
Look, I can take you back to the hotel, but I can't leave you alone, all right? Bloody hell.
You notice McGee and, and Bishop acting weird? Nerds are weird.
No, no, Th-they were looking at us funny at the crime scene and in the squad room.
I'm telling you, something's going on, and it's about us.
Is that her? Oh, hey, uh, what gave it away? Is it the enormous coffee stain on her shirt? Hey.
Here to ask you a couple of questions.
NCIS? We're out of the paprika-iced.
Okay, can you stop moving one second? How did you get the stain on your shirt? A guy got in my way this morning.
You mean when you slammed into him when you were pouring coffee, like a maniac? Uh, he honestly called you guys about that? I apologized, like, five times.
But then the old guy with him told me to "suck it," and then they went and stood outside, even though it was raining.
GIBBS: Maniac barista, Abb.
Maniac Barista didn't have anything to do with anything.
Corporal Beck was exposed to the elements after the coffee shop, which gave me the idea to test the outside of the dart used to poison him.
What was on it? Um, particles of his skin, his undershirt, his uniform, and a tiny amount of water residue, with the exact same pollutants as the rainstorm we had this morning.
So the dart must've passed through a drop on his jacket.
You got a timeline? Well, the rainstorm happened post-coffee, which means the dart had to be injected sometime after that.
McGEE: Got something.
I've been looking through the places that Corporal Beck volunteered at.
Yesterday, the Metro Ties Crisis Center reported a security breech.
What kind? The center hosts a hotline, all incoming calls are recorded.
The system was hacked.
The recordings were copied? No, they were erased, and only the ones from the last night that Corporal Beck worked there.
What are we looking at here? Well, most people that call the hotline are in need of help with overwhelming situations.
They could be suicidal or feel threatened.
If someone told Beck something He could've been killed because he knew too much.
Hey, found something.
Mm, you know who poisoned Corporal Beck? Nope, Operation Sweaty Maverick.
I scoured the Internet for cell phone video posts of the karaoke competition and struck gold.
Look at this.
And they called it puppy love This is the song that got Quinn going? Oh, I guess McGEE: Got to admit, he was committed.
BISHOP: Wait Is that the back of Quinn's head? Let me zoom in.
BISHOP: Enhance that, Tim.
I can't, it's a, it's a tiny file, it'll pixilate.
But that's got to be her, right? BISHOP: Yeah, this could be the moment that she fell for him.
But it's all circumstantial.
I don't know, I think it's enough.
No, if we want to know for sure, we are gonna have to get it from the horse's mouth.
I think I can get Quinn to talk.
You willing to go there? Okay.
I'll talk to Torres.
I'll get him alone, man to man.
Fantasize on your own time, McGee.
No, boss, I wasn't talking about me, I Give me an update, let's go.
Metro Ties Crisis Center.
Corporal Beck has been volunteering there for over a year.
The last time he worked there was two nights ago.
BISHOP: There were 17 calls to the hotline that night, but there's no telling which one of those callers Beck spoke to.
Or why the calls were remotely erased the next day.
We do know that the remote hack originated from a cable company's tech support center in Florida.
Problem is, there's over 30 tech specialists there, so it's impossible to pinpoint who exactly did the hacking.
(phone rings) Well, go to the crisis center, Bishop, figure it out.
Gibbs, can I take Quinn? Yeah, go.
Hello, Reeves.
Mm-hmm, what kind of problem? (door closes) You cuffed him? He tried to escape four times in the last hour.
I'd have had it that last time.
The only way he caught me was he shoved a small child in my way.
REEVES: That's an exaggeration.
Gibbs, he doesn't care about seeing any memorial.
HENRY: Open your ears.
That is not what I said.
Take 'em off.
He told me to cuff him.
Said it's the only way I'd keep him in this "table room.
" In other news, leprechauns don't read sarcasm.
Gibbs, I hate to say it, but I don't think I'm the right man for this detail.
HENRY: I'd rather sit here with you, Marine.
As far as I can tell, at least you'd keep your mouth shut.
I asked him for a list of all the people who got close to the corporal this morning.
"The tour guide, the fossils on the tour, the crowd at the airport, and the crowd at the monument.
" He's not going to be any help.
That's the first smart thing he's said.
Quit your whining.
Both of you.
Work it out.
Gibbs, wait.
Case is still wide open.
You got him for the night.
What, all night? (door closes) I am not giving up on my room service.
You're calling for a cot, Lucky Charms.
All right, I know there's no recovering the recordings, but did it seem like this Benjamin guy had more information about the hack? What are you doing? Nothing.
What are you looking at the back of my head for? No, I'm not, I'm not.
I'm just thinking about, um, puppies you know that song about puppies? No.
What is going on with you and McGee? You've been weirder than usual.
We heard a rumor that at FLETC you had relations with Torres.
Really? Me and Torr That's hilarious.
So, it's not true? Bishop, if I had spent any amount of time underneath that man, I'd be crushed to death by his ego.
MAN: Agent Bishop? Yes.
Benjamin Harmey.
This is Special Agent Quinn.
I won't waste your time with questions, I know how busy you must be.
Corporal Beck was highly valued here.
He'll be missed.
Seems to be the case everywhere he went.
The information you asked for I checked the caller I.
on the phone Corporal Beck was stationed at his last night here.
How many calls did he take? Three.
I ran the incoming phone numbers through our cataloging system.
Two of them were frequent callers.
Meaning what? One of them is a man who calls the hotline every time he loses his TV remote.
The call lasted less than a minute.
The other was a legitimate case.
An alcoholic who reaches out when she's on the verge of relapse.
Uh, and the third? It was logged as a first-time caller, but it came through as "Private.
" No phone number.
Not much else I can tell you, except that the conversation lasted a significant amount of time.
48 minutes.
You're breaking the fire code.
I'm not exactly going to give you a direct line to the door, Henry.
Sons of bitches didn't even use fresh potatoes.
You think I can't tell the difference? I was foreman of a food-packing plant for 30 years.
When you were in the shower, I took a look at your file.
You were awarded the Navy Cross.
What about it? You ran straight into enemy fire, pulled the rest of your recon team to safety.
Two of them died anyway.
The other one was killed in action a month later in a mortar attack.
What happened this morning When he went down-- the corporal He was just a kid.
We were all just kids.
Listen Honor Flight said vets' family and friends usually have a welcome home when you get to the airport.
Who do we call to reschedule? No one.
Well, you'll be getting back later than you thought, so whoever's planning your welcome home will have to reshuffle.
I didn't have a welcome home when I got back from 'Nam.
What good would it do me to have one now? Nobody was planning one at all, then? Don't you do that.
What? You want to feel sorry for someone, look in the mirror.
Sad little orphan, bumbling around.
I'm not sad.
You sure as hell didn't call anyone to tell them you're bunking here tonight.
Did you? You're feeling sorry for me for being alone? I'm right where I want to be, kid.
(clinking) This is my sweet spot.
Thought you wanted to eat in peace.
I do.
Fact, I'll buy you one, if it'll keep you quiet.
No, thanks.
You're too good for whiskey? I don't drink.
Got that bad, huh? Abbs.
What are you doing? Well, I met Henry yesterday when Reeves had him handcuffed in the conference room, and he just filled my heart with so much joy.
TORRES: Henry? The handful? Handful of joy.
So I'm making him a welcome mat.
With studs.
I mean, can you imagine how awful it must have been for him to come home from fighting in Vietnam and have people spit on his uniform? Yeah.
Of course you can, Gibbs.
You saw friends just a few years older than you come home to that.
Or not come home at all.
I can't change Henry's experience, but I can make him feel welcome every time he steps through his door.
And I've decided to volunteer as a guardian for the Honor Flight Network.
Proud of you, Abbs.
And I appreciate that support.
And we have a case to solve.
Yeah, go.
So, I looked into mystery caller number three that Corporal Beck spoke to the last night he worked the hotline.
Center got hacked, call got erased.
Yeah, so I can't tell you what was said, but after some stellar teleforensics with the phone company, I can tell you that the private call came from a landline belonging to Maya Davis.
Love it, Abbs.
Me, too.
Send us the address.
License plate is registered to Maya Davis.
That's her plate, she's here.
TORRES: She wrote something there.
GIBBS: "Form.
" What does it mean? Same kind of dart as the one used in Corporal Beck? Yes, the injection site was here.
And Abby confirmed that the botulinum cocktail was once again the means to the end.
Time of death? Approximately 8:00 this morning, which puts the injection some time in the two hours prior.
Ah, there it is, the classic Jethro look of query and frustration, mixed with a dash of "Someone is gonna pay for this.
" Two victims, same M.
The only connection is she calls the hotline and the corporal picks up.
Precisely, which begs the question, what was that call about? Precisely.
Did you hear that? He used a three-syllable adverb.
I daresay my years here have made an impact.
BISHOP: Maya Davis, 33 years old, worked in product development at a flooring company, lived alone.
McGee and Torres are searching her apartment.
BISHOP: But so far, they haven't found anything that tells us why she made a call to the crisis center.
QUINN: Or what kind of form she meant when she wrote it on that paper.
Abby also processed her car, but it came out clean.
Someone had to know something.
QUINN: Maya had two brothers.
The only problem they said was with her overactive ex-boyfriend.
Maya filed a restraining order against him last year.
Report said that he smashed her car windows, that's when she got an unlisted number, but he's been living in New Zealand for the last six months.
Could've hired someone else to do his dirty work.
Still no telling how that would connect to the call.
Find out.
Uh, actually, Gibbs, one more thing: Maya's normal schedule suggests that she was on her way to work when she died, but during the time frame of her poisoning, her cell pinged off a tower near her apartment.
The dart was injected at home? That's what I'm thinking.
Loop in McGee and Torres.
If it happened at her place, find proof.
(types) Ooh.
Ooh, pardon me, Director.
Officer Reeves, I've been looking for you.
I've got something in the works.
Compartmented mission, details forthcoming.
Extremely high-risk.
Are you interested? 100%, sir, absolutely.
And your current detail.
A little birdie told me that you resorted to handcuffing a senior citizen to a chair.
That was a minor blip, really.
We had a fine night, and now we're back here ready to help when called upon.
And in the meantime, a scavenger hunt.
Oh, no, uh, Henry asked for a heating pad for his back.
Luckily, Abby has everything in that lab of hers, and she also made him this welcome mat.
Mm, like the studs.
I'll be in touch with your new orders.
Thank you, sir.
No, no, no, no, no.
Bloody hell! Well, I found some papers, but nothing that flags as the form she was talking about.
And nothing that indicates the dart was injected while she was here.
Maya-- I always liked that name.
You know, when I was undercover in Wisconsin, I had a contact named Maya.
She could kill you with a nailclipper and a corncob.
(soft chuckle) Hey, uh, speaking of women with names, you and, uh, Quinn ever have a thing? What? Well, you know, it's just Bishop, uh, shared this crazy rumor and she keeps bugging me about it, you know what I mean.
Wait, you think that Quinn and I had a thing? I don't know.
Did you? No.
Well, I never tried, but, but if it's believable, I wouldn't mind that rumor, (whistles) you know, making its way around.
It feeds the rep, you know what I'm saying? Right.
(soft chuckle) But, I mean, as far as-as you and Quinn, you, uh never sang into a microphone while she watched? Look at this, it says it's allergy medicine.
It doesn't look like that, looks more like pencil shavings.
Yeah, but why would anybody put pencil shavings inside of a pill bottle? Or why would anyone keep them at all? (knocking) So it's true? You found Maya out here? What'd you do? Haul her car away to the station already? Who are you? Dale Gruber, building manager.
I came back as soon as I heard what happened.
I was out of town at a snake owner's convention.
Well, that makes sense.
McGEE: We didn't see any security cameras here.
Is there any way of knowing who was in the apartment between 6:00 and 8:00 this morning? No, but then again I doubt if even Maya herself would've been home for a good chunk of that time.
Why not? She used to go out, every morning, took a long walk right before work.
If she's still in the neighborhood, her cell should ping off the tower nearby.
Hey, if you guys see any sign of a boa constrictor in there, could you let me know? I haven't seen Bonnie since Friday.
We'll put out a BOLO.
I've known men who have had love (knocking) But threw it Gibbs, tell me you've got him.
Where is he? Hello, Reeves.
I'm guessing you lost Henry.
He laid a trap and then he picked the cuffs.
I've been looking for him for the last two hours.
I was driving nearby and I thought maybe he'd be here, and you two were just taking the Mick out of me, you know, 'cause you're both Marines and I'm a Brit? The whole American Revolution thing? He's not here.
You've got good instincts, Reeves.
Need to use them.
What do you mean? You were with this guy for two days, and you don't know where he is.
What, and you do? In my world.
(breathing heavily) (sniffles) (exhales sharply) (sighs) (cries) He told me he didn't care about seeing the memorial.
He also told you to open your ears, that's not what he said.
Coming here was the only thing he did care about.
He just wanted to do it alone.
Well, then he should've just said that instead of annoying the hell out of me.
(chuckles) Well, it can get annoying, looking in the mirror.
Just begging for another high-risk mission.
Another way to just push people away, like you've done your whole life.
What do you know about it? A lot.
Listen I heard about your family, Gibbs.
And I am sorry for what happened to them, but that doesn't make you an expert on me.
I didn't say it did.
You got your memories.
I was three years old when my parents died.
I haven't got a clue how it feels to have somebody care about me.
I'm not saying you do.
This is how I am.
Because this is all I ever was.
I've got more than memories.
Got the people I let in afterwards.
I got the family I chose to make.
You, me, Henry-- all the same guys.
You're just a few decades behind.
Man, you lose everything, you make a choice: where to go from there.
He made his choice.
I made mine.
What about you? (car door closes) (sighs) GIBBS: Abbs? - Henry! - No.
I thought you were bringing Henry.
He said if he didn't stop at a vending machine, he'd punch a wall.
(laughs) He fills me with so much joy.
So I've been scrolling through the traffic and security cam footage of Maya Davis' walk yesterday morning.
Anybody get close enough to poison her? Oh, yeah.
She's, like, the neighborhood mayor.
And she's a hugger, too, which I totally get.
So, I found four people that she stopped to talk to and two that definitely passed close enough to inject her.
I'm running a program now to enhance the stills.
Henry! (grunts) Your vending machine sucks.
I'm sorry.
You know, I could make you some cookies with my Bunsen burner if you want.
I could eat cookies.
Okay, I'll get right on that, 'cause these photos should be enhanced shortly.
REEVES: We need you to tell us if you recognize any of these people from your time with Corporal Beck.
You gonna hold my hand while I look? I know what you need.
- I'm here for the kid, all right? GIBBS: Abbs, this thing is blinking.
Oh, my God, I forgot I put him on mute for being naughty.
Long story.
GIBBS: What's it saying? ABBY: It's the shavings from the prescription bottle at Maya's apartment.
They came from a laminate, like the kind manufactured for flooring.
She worked in a flooring place.
Gibbs, this sample contains a huge amount of formaldehyde.
A floor made from that could make people really sick.
You got to keep up, Gibbs.
She wrote the word "form" before she died.
She was trying to write formaldehyde.
I'd know that dirty thief anywhere.
She robbed you? She stole a cab, right before the kid went down.
But she wasn't that close to him.
GIBBS: Could've got to him before the cab, any time at the museum.
All right, I am directing facial recognition to the DMV database now.
BISHOP: And we got her.
Bridget O'Leary, 36, purchasing manager at the company where Maya worked: Armitage Flooring.
Based on the environmental safety report that O'Leary signed, the company just imported $15 million worth of laminate flooring from Asia.
The flooring is scheduled to ship out to customers in two days.
It's possible the same stuff that Abby tested, that's contaminated with formaldehyde.
Well, according to Maya, it is.
She opened an alternate e-mail account to make contact with Peter Kang at the D.
TORRES: We talked to the guy.
He said Maya asked to meet with him.
She was gonna blow the whistle.
Well, if Maya had blown the whistle, it could've taken down the whole company.
QUINN: Bridget O'Leary signed that environmental safety report, it would have ended her career.
TORRES: O'Leary killed Maya before she could talk.
Where is she? McGEE: According to her phone's GPS, O'Leary is at work, Armitage Flooring.
Strap on your boots, people.
McGee, Quinn, you're here.
Show-and-tell, guys.
You got it, boss.
O'LEARY: Yes, the shipment arrived.
I have 108 units going wholesale, and the rest is Excuse me, we're looking for Bridget O'Leary.
Oh, she's right there.
I'll call you back.
TORRES: You go right, I go left.
Hey, move! Clear the area! Clear the area.
(beeping) (indistinct announcement over P.
) All right, I'll pick it up now.
(forklift beeping) Help! I'm being chased! (grunts) NCIS federal agent! Okay, okay, okay.
Hey! Freeze! You ready? For what? McGEE: Show-and-tell.
You and Maya lived in the same neighborhood, you worked at the same company, you were friends.
Is that against the law? She confided in you, she told you she was gonna blow the whistle.
McGEE: She also told you that she called the hotline for advice, and that she gave details to the guy that answered.
And you I.
'd the guy as Corporal Beck.
McGEE: That's one of the cabs you took to follow him.
You can't even see the passenger.
You paid with your credit card.
McGEE: You got close enough to inject Beck at the museum.
Then, you took the first cab out of there.
QUINN: Then you woke up the next morning, you went and did the exact same thing to your friend Maya.
So, we showed.
This is the part where you tell.
I want a lawyer.
VANCE: Officer Reeves.
The particulars for your new assignment.
You sign on today, you leave for Syria next week.
Are you in? May I have a moment to think about it? TORRES: And they called it Puppy love Oh, I guess that (chuckles) They'll never know.
(video stops) So? So how would you think that that would make me want to unzip anything? Hmm.
This isn't you? No, does it look like I go to karaoke bars? Really? I mean, I was so sure.
Those beachy waves.
Oh, please.
I mean, my-my hair was way shorter back then.
All right.
Another NCIS rumor properly laid to rest.
I tried to tell her it was ridiculous.
(scoffs) (mouths) Um, anyway, we, uh, found out how Bridget O'Leary hacked the crisis center.
She has a cousin who works at that cable company in Florida.
The cousin erased the recordings, then called Corporal Beck's house to fish for his location.
And Tampa police just took the guy into custody.
QUINN: Bottom line, O'Leary killed two people over some really ugly flooring.
Well, anyone up for a little group decompressing? Well, you lost the Gibbs tofu-steak bet, so I think first round is on you.
Fair is fair.
You guys coming? TORRES: Hells yes.
QUINN: Yeah, right behind you.
All right.
Well, that was a crazy rumor, huh? Unreal.
You know, I don't remember your hair being shorter back then.
It wasn't.
(Torres humming "Puppy Love") WOMAN (over P.
): Now arriving from Dulles, Flight 17 at Gate 3.
Okay, I'm home.
That's it.
You guys can turn around and babysit somebody else.
WOMAN (over P.
): Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome home Lancaster County's own Vietnam veteran and hometown hero, Marine Sergeant Henry Rogers.
(cheering) ("Stars and Stripes Forever" playing) Thank you.
You did a good thing, putting this together for him.
Couldn't have done it without you.
Syria? I decided to decline.
Good choice.
Thank you.
(cheering continues)