NCIS s14e23 Episode Script

Something Blue

1 Said lightly season those home fries, Edmonds.
Last batch tasted like you used the entire spice rack.
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
How we doing? Just finishing up these last tickets now.
Order up.
Eggs for Opps and Suppo.
Where's the C.
's omelet order? Should be sent up to his stateroom by now.
I'll have that ready for him in five minutes, sir.
Where's Petty Officer Jones? Something I can help you with, sir? Haring, where is he? I haven't seen him yet, sir.
Kid probably overslept.
I'll take care of it.
No, I'll take care of him.
You handle the C.
's breakfast.
HARING: Yes, sir.
Jones! You think morning shift is optional? Guess again.
I'm not your mommy and I don't do wake-up calls.
Get your ass out of bed and report to the galley.
(sighs) What the hell is wrong with you, Jones? You itching to get written up? Oh.
NCIS 14x23 Something Blue McGEE: All right.
How about this one? Is that different from the last one? Yeah, this one is onyx, last one was midnight.
So, what do you think? It's nice.
That's it? Nice? Honey, it's your tux.
I'll love whatever you choose, but you need to make a decision.
The wedding's in less than two months.
Yeah, I know, it's just Oh, hon, got to go.
Caterer's calling.
Talk later.
Ah, well, I guess that's that.
Hey, decision made.
QUINN: Oh, no.
What's with the long face? Delilah.
She hated it.
She hated the tux.
Hmm-mm what? No, no, no.
No, she didn't.
That was her fake smile.
No, you're crazy.
Seriously, McGee, this is classic.
You mean boring.
TORRES: Yeah, baby.
Huh? That's what I'm talking about.
Please, no pictures.
Nah, go for it.
Was that out loud? Mm-hmm.
You know, that's the kind of reaction that I want to get just once, just not, you know, "You look nice.
" Then lose the dated threads, man.
It's not your prom, it's your wedding.
Nobody wears cummerbunds anymore.
REEVES: How about something like this? Modern tuxedo for the modern man? - Hot damn.
- Wowza.
- Oh, come on.
Sorry, Nick.
I didn't mean to steal your thunder.
Actually, I'm not sorry.
(Torres laughs) Anyways, you look like a waiter.
Yeah? Well, you look like Johnny Cash.
Okay, I'll take that.
All right, enough, boys.
McGEE: It's a nightmare.
Everyone at my wedding is gonna look better than me.
It could be worse, McGee.
Could be flying over the Atlantic with Gibbs right now.
I don't know, transporting a dead body may be more fun than this, actually.
Come on, mate.
Look at you.
You look dashing.
Yeah? Really think so? Yes.
Did someone say showstopper? Wow.
MAN (over radio): Flight corridors, flight corridors, ready on the helo deck.
All hands stand clear.
Yeah, as I was saying, helicopters and I haven't always exactly gotten along.
You know, but I've really grown to appreciate their efficiency.
We just travelled around 300 miles in, uh, around 90 minutes.
Felt a lot longer to me.
MAN (over P.
system): attention all hands, secure from general quarters.
(chuckles) Agent Gibbs.
I'm the C.
, Commander Bitterman.
This is Chief Choi, our onboard corpsman.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
BITTERMAN: Appreciate you flying out.
Yeah, not a problem.
This is Dr.
Palmer, assistant medical examiner.
Happy to be here.
I'm not happy that your, um, sailor's dead, obviously.
That's-that's terrible.
I'm happy as in, uh, I am happy to help in any way that I can medically speaking.
Someone else please say something.
Uh, Chief, would you take Dr.
Palmer to Petty Officer Jones body? Yes, sir.
This way.
This is Jones service record.
When was his body discovered? 0645 yesterday morning by his division officer, Ensign Stoddard.
Master-at-arms sealed off the area and took photos.
Anything suspicious? Other than a seemingly healthy 22-year-old suddenly dropping dead, no.
I was hoping that NCIS would help me shed some light on this matter.
How well did you know Jones? He was assigned as my food service assistant.
We interacted on a daily basis.
He was a good kid, he was gonna make something of himself.
It's a damn shame.
CHOI: When I was called to the scene, I did an external exam and found no outward signs of trauma.
Any defensive wounds? Negative.
Did Petty Officer Jones have any preexisting medical conditions? Low blood pressure, which he was on medication for.
His last physical was two months ago, passed with flying colors.
(stammers) Where are we headed? I thought that the body was found in crew berthing? He was, but per Navy protocol, his body was moved to cold storage for preservation.
Cold storage? Our food-service freezer.
(chuckles) The health department would have a field day with that.
(chuckles) We emptied the space out beforehand.
Again, per Navy protocol.
What the hell? Someone cut the padlock.
Jones body it's gone.
This will complicate the autopsy.
I jinxed us, didn't I? So much for a quiet day at the office.
So, you're telling me Petty Officer Jones was murdered? You can't know that without a body.
Somebody took it for a reason.
Why? You and your team are free to turn this place inside out, but this ship, my ship, is set to rendezvous with the carrier group in two days.
I can't alter course.
Commander, your ship's an active crime scene.
The only place it's going is back to Norfolk.
I can't tell you that.
Delilah and I want our first song to be a surprise.
Are you sure that's a good idea? Yeah, I'm sure.
Why? What are you thinking? TORRES: Well, I don't know.
I've been to many weddings, man, and the first song the couple dances to, it's critical.
I mean, it sets the tone for the entire marriage.
All right, if I tell you, you got to promise not to tell anyone else.
You swear? My honor.
Which one is it? Huh? "Crazy in Love"? "Heaven"? "La Bamba"? "She Blinded Me with Science.
" 'Cause when we first met, we bonded over science.
McGee, no.
No, no, no, no.
It was supposed to be cute.
You know, you're so lucky my hands are freezing right now 'cause I'll smack you.
QUINN: Oh, really? You're cold? Try being stuck in there.
Did you find anything? Frostbite count? Nope.
Then I got nothing.
Where's Bishop? She's talking to Petty Officer Jones division officer, Ensign Stoddard.
What do we know? The victim is Petty Officer Third Class Gregory Jones, 22.
He's from Overbrook, Pennsylvania.
Worked on board as a culinary specialist.
His parents were on vacation in New Zealand.
They're catching the next flight back to D.
McGee: Jones got a sister, Regina, freshman at John Hamilton.
She's also been notified of her brother's death.
And it didn't take a criminal mastermind to break in.
The padlock on the freezer's just flimsy.
How do you steal a body on board of a ship full of people and nobody saw anything? Maybe someone did.
Finish up in there and go find out.
You two, back to D.
Talk to Jones sister.
What does she know? STODDARD: The top rack is Jones.
This is where you found him? Mm-hmm.
I was yelling at him.
Thought he had overslept and was slacking off.
Ensign Stoddard.
I just, I've never seen a dead body before.
Do you know what happened to him? That's what we're trying to figure out.
Uh, how long have you been the food service officer? A little over a year.
Jones is one of 20 culinary specialists that I supervise.
He get along well with everyone? Working food service on a ship is a tough job and often a thankless one, but Jones never complained.
He kept to himself and he worked hard.
But if he had an issue, he wouldn't have come to me.
Why not? The enlisted sailors tend to try and settle things amongst their fellow blue shirts before involving a superior officer, sort of a unspoken code of conduct.
All right.
Thank you.
That was the front gate.
Petty Officer Jones sister is on her way in.
Perfect timing.
Delilah, hey.
And there she is, our beautiful, blushing bride.
Please, everyone, help me welcome the future Delilah Fielding McGee.
Nick, you are not emceeing our wedding reception.
All I'm saying is I can get the party started.
So, what are you doing here? I am dropping off our revised guest list.
You're in charge of invitations and these need to go out this week.
Wait, 308 guests? I thought we agreed on a small wedding.
Oh, we did.
Our mothers are a different story.
With both our families and our friends and everyone's plus-ones, this is where we are.
That's a rookie move.
You don't bring a date to a wedding.
Come on, man.
You're stuck with them all night.
So I can mark you down as solo then? Absolutely.
But you can trust me, I will be leaving as a plus-one.
(clears throat) I'm gonna give you two lovebirds some space.
(sighs) Tim, there's still so much to do.
I'm-I'm starting to go into panic mode.
Don't worry about it, okay? I'm gonna handle these invitations.
Oh, it's not just the invitations.
We split our to-do list 50-50, Tim, and you've been slacking big time.
What are you talkin No, I haven't.
Um, well, according to the wedding planner app, you are only, let me see here, Uh, ooh, 22% complete.
Numbers don't lie.
Look, I am so sorry, all right? Work has been all-encompassing.
I've had no free time at all.
Oh, and you think that my 80 hours a week at the DOD is for funsies? Honey, I need you to step up.
This has to be a team effort.
I will step up, I promise.
Promise? - Yes.
- (sighs) Thank you.
See you for dinner? Count on it.
- Ms.
- Director.
Director Vance.
You know, pre-wedding tension.
As someone who was also married to a strong, intelligent woman, may I give you some advice, Agent McGee? Don't blow it? No.
Never take it for granted.
Not for one second.
And don't blow it.
(sighs, phone rings) Special Agent McGee.
Yeah, I'll be right there.
It feels like it's some sort of bad dream.
Like any minute I'll wake up, and everything's gonna be like it was.
Regina, we don't have to do this now.
We can wait until your parents get here.
No, their flight doesn't get in for hours.
I don't want to wait anymore.
I want to see my brother.
You can't.
Not yet.
Why not? I thought you needed me to identify his body.
We did, but some things have changed.
Regina, your, um your brother's body is missing.
Missing? How? That's what we're trying to figure out.
I can't believe this is happening.
When was the last time you talked to him? Um Greg e-mailed me two days ago.
I was too busy studying for finals.
I didn't write him back.
He sounded really stressed out.
I should have made time for him.
Stressed out about what? He was having issues with his supervisor.
Said he was being unfairly singled out.
Picked on.
But he never told me specifics.
Which supervisor? Ensign Stoddard? No.
A petty officer.
I think Greg said his name was Haring.
HARING: You're both out of your damn minds.
I got work to do, I don't have time for this.
BISHOP: Well, time won't be something you'll really have to worry about at Leavenworth.
Does that appeal to you? No.
GIBBS: Then take a seat.
You seem a little defensive, Haring.
Because you think I had something to do with Jonesy's death.
Prove us wrong.
Why were you hazing Jones? Hazing? It wasn't anything like that.
It was all in good fun.
We were just ragging on him.
It's what sailors do to each other.
We? The galley crew.
Jonesy was trying to transfer out of the food service division.
As payback for ditching us, we had him do extra duty.
Scullery, grease traps, that kind of thing.
That's it? I told you, we were just messing around.
We weren't actually angry with the kid.
He was our friend.
(sighs) Well, we checked every compartment onboard, no signs of Jones's body.
Crew? No one saw anything, no one heard anything.
Someone's lying.
(phone rings) McGee, where are you? Portsmouth Pier, with the Coast Guard.
One of their patrol boats just pulled a body out of the water.
Jones? I'm afraid so.
Looks like his body bag was wrapped inside an industrial trash bag, and an attempt was made to weigh it down.
Something about Jones's body that someone doesn't want found.
Petty Officer Jones cause of death was a myocardial infarction.
Too young for a heart attack, Ducky.
But while there are some rare cases, this young man's death was not a natural one.
And according to Abby's blood panel, fludrocortisone was found in Jones's system.
DUCKY: It's a medication used to treat low blood pressure.
It's noted in his medical file.
That would kill him? Yes and no.
He also tested positive for methylenedioxymethamphetamine, more commonly referred to as MDMA.
Uh, "molly.
" Ecstasy? Disco biscuits, happy pills, egg rolls, hug drugs.
Uh, dancing shoes Taken separately, neither of these substances would prove fatal.
But they were taken together.
That caused a lethal reaction, which sent Jones into cardiac arrest.
This is the rope that we found tied around the body bag.
I was just about to bring it up to Abby.
These corresponding marks on his ankles suggest that he was tied down, uh, weighed down with something quite heavy.
Strange, though, the line isn't frayed or cut.
The knot must have slipped loose.
Ah, it's Ginger and Mary Ann.
Welcome back.
How was your three-hour tour? I have never been so happy to see these orange walls.
All right, the ship wasn't that bad.
Huh? What? Maybe to you.
I was in the freezer.
My body temperature still has not gotten back to normal.
- What about the crew? - Well, the ship is on lockdown, so no one's going anywhere.
Anything on Petty Officer Jones? Nothing.
The kid was squeaky-clean.
No police records, no debts.
The guy's credit score is better than mine.
Hmm, no previous drug issues? No, his sister was adamant that he just wasn't into drugs.
Siblings don't always tell each other the truth.
Maybe he was ashamed to tell her.
TORRES: Except Jones was so hyper-aware of his blood-pressure medication that he wouldn't even drink coffee.
I mean, he avoided caffeine, and he decided to dabble in ecstasy? Does that make sense to anyone? McGEE: Delilah and I are not fighting.
That's good, 'cause you would not like it if I took sides.
Why, what are you saying? That you would take Delilah's side over mine? Yep.
You think, just because I'm your best man, that I'm gonna agree with everything you say? Yes.
Well, think again, Buster.
You've got to be kidding me.
Partnership is a 50-50 thing, McGee.
You've got to step up.
Abby, I'm aware of this, okay, and I already agreed to make more of an effort with the wedding.
But can we please talk about something else? Sure.
How about Petty Officer Jones stomach content? You found something.
The MDMA in Jones's system wasn't just your run-of-the-mill pill.
It was a capsule full of crystalline powder.
What's the difference? It's practically like a double dosage.
Meaning that the side effects would be twice as strong.
Like, intense euphoria and trippy hallucinations, and a serious jolt to your heart rate.
Making for a death sentence for Jones.
Check this out.
The highest concentration of the drug was found in the undigested food that was still in Jones's stomach.
The powder was mixed in with his sweet potatoes.
Why would he do that? He wouldn't.
I think someone laced Jones food with the MDMA, and it killed him.
MDMA? It's an illegal party drug that I-I know what it is, I just can't imagine Petty Officer Jones taking it.
He was not that kind of kid.
He didn't take it, exactly.
Somebody slipped it into his food.
More specifically, his sweet potatoes.
Are you sure about that? Mm-hmm, it's where it was concentrated in his stomach contents.
It says here the crew had spaghetti that night.
No sweet potatoes on the menu? Commander.
Just on mine.
I-I special order them.
Only this time, when Jones brought 'em out, I had already lost my appetite, so So you offered them to Jones.
I didn't I didn't know.
Those drugs were meant for you.
I guess so.
But why? You have any issues with anyone on your crew? With over 200 in my command, I can pretty much guarantee there are more than a few issues I don't know about.
What crew members had access to your meals, Commander? Just the food service team.
WOMAN (over P.
system): Lights out.
Lights out.
All hands turn in Talk about a needle in a haystack.
I don't know, maybe not.
(pills rattle) So sailors get headaches? Don't be so naive, Quinn.
Uh (chuckles) All right, if you had ecstasy, where would you hide it? I wouldn't have ecstasy.
Hey, speaking of headaches, are you gonna take a plus-one to McGee's wedding? No, no.
You mean like a date? Yeah.
Really? Nah.
Weddings are weird enough without the extra pressure.
Oh, man, I totally agree.
I'm right there with you.
Besides, it's way more fun to watch all the creepy guys troll the wedding, looking for single women to hook up with.
You know the type.
Uh, sure.
I mean, I just I just know that sometimes real relationships come out of those hookups.
Really? I don't think so.
Anyone going after such low-hanging fruit, they're not really interested in a relationship.
It's actually quite pathetic.
Uh, I wouldn't call it pathetic.
I don't know, but maybe I'm just the romantic type.
Oh What is this? Not aspirin.
Whose bunk? Petty Officer Haring.
So much for our innocent buddy.
Sorry I'm late.
All right, 300 invitations, here I come.
Delilah? DELILAH: Hey.
Yeah, I'm in here.
Wow, is that the time? Yeah, it's 9:30.
You okay? Uh, yeah, yeah, I'm fine, I just hit a wall, going over the invitations; I thought I'd lay down for a minute, and suddenly, it's two hours later.
Oh, well, obviously, you needed it.
You've been burning the candles at both ends.
I'll tell you what: you lay down, I will go work on the invitations, and what I don't get to, we'll do in the morning.
Honey, we can't.
I want to feel like we accomplished some work today.
That's what this is beginning to feel like, is work, huh? You know, it's our wedding, it's supposed to be fun.
And it will be fun.
As soon as we get the invitations in the mail.
There's only one guest I really care about coming, anyway.
Who? What do you mean, who? You.
Me, too, you.
But we're not guests, Tim, we're the main event.
Will you please grab my chair? But we are also two highly trained, skilled individuals who have done much more stressful things than throwing a wedding.
So I think we will be okay.
You all right? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
No, no, no, no.
Delilah, Delilah.
Wake up.
Come on, wake up, honey, wake up, wake up.
Can you hear me? Wake up, honey, come on, come on.
TORRES: Hey, Haring? Sing me one of them old classics.
You know, the one called, uh, "Those aren't mine.
" They aren't mine, I swear.
Someone must've planted them there.
Oh, that's my favorite.
(chuckles) That's the one.
Now, why would someone do that? I don't know.
Look, you got to believe me.
I told you, I have no beef with Jonesy.
What about your C.
? Whoa, what? What does the commander have to do with this? Bowline, Haring.
Tie me one.
Bowline? The knot.
Are you checking to see if he was a Boy Scout or a good sailor? I've been both.
Clove hitch.
You gonna tell me why I'm being tested? Tie the damn rope, Haring.
Clove hitch.
QUINN: Well, so what's next, Gibbs? You gonna have him knit you a sweater? He's not our guy.
How do we know that? The rope around the body was tied in a granny knot.
It's amateur, it's sloppy.
It's all wrong for weighing down a body.
Unlike this perfect clove hitch.
Like you would know an imperfect one? I passed basic seamanship, sister.
Not every sailor has.
All right, so we go back to the ship, and we perform this test with the whole crew.
(phone ringing) It might not tell us who the killer is, but it might narrow down our suspects.
Yeah, McGee.
What? Where? Whoa, whoa.
Slow, whoa Slow down.
Slow down.
Hey, how is she? They're still running tests.
You should've called last night.
Boss, I was a mess, I was totally a mess.
Delilah was out cold until the paramedics arrived.
She's gonna be okay.
What if she's not? She will be.
She will be.
Come on, sit down.
Boss, when Delilah was paralyzed, the doctors said that there could be more complications McGee.
down the road.
What if this is now, what if this is down the road? This is down the road.
Take a breath.
All right? Come on, have a seat.
Wedding invitations.
That's what we were talking about when she went down.
If those are our last words, I swear No.
Won't be.
Keep breathing.
It's like, all the little things that we get so worked up every day, we ignore what matters most.
Look at me.
Let's just wait, okay? Wait and see.
And breathe? Oh, yeah.
(chuckles) And breathe.
(inhales, exhales) What can I do, Abby? You could tell me Delilah's okay.
No word yet; Gibbs wants me to fill in until she is.
So, what have we got? Uh, major mass spec matched the MDMA found under Haring's bunk to the MDMA that killed Petty Officer Jones.
Though we're fairly certain Haring's not our guy.
Are you saying it's the exact same strain? Well, it's the exact same capsule.
Known on the street as Blue Burgers.
Blue Burgers.
You know them? Yeah, I worked narcotics back home.
I know they're very popular.
Double dose and high intensity.
They look nothing like my kind of burger.
Just hung up with my friend Betty at the DEA.
And what did your friend Betty say? Well, her office has been trying for months to nail a dealer in Norfolk who specializes in Blue Burgers.
Do you have a name? Yep, uh, Vernon Palumbo.
Apparently, a big fixture in the Norfolk bar scene.
Okay, Vernon Palumbo.
He's got a long juvie record, mostly narcotics.
He was paroled last year from Norfolk Detention Center.
Fancy a drive, Ellie? Only if I'm driving.
He has trouble staying out of the left side of the road.
(laughs softly) It was one time.
(whispering): More than once.
It was one time, Ellie.
No, no, you keep checking, Torres.
Until we hear from Bishop and Reeves, no one leaves that ship.
There is no news.
I'll let you know when there is.
What's the latest? No news for you, either.
Why does everybody have to know everything? Isn't that our jobs? Delilah! Thank you for keeping him company.
Hey, honey.
How you feeling? Oh, I got a whopper of a headache.
How are you? I'm better if you're better.
All right, well, come on, they're gonna move us to a room while doctors compare notes.
Agent Gibbs, you're welcome to stick around.
No, no.
You two go ahead.
Hey, uh, let me know.
Boss (rock music playing, laughter, indistinct chatter) Ha.
(sniffles) Vernon.
How you doing? Heard you're a man who knows how to get things.
Is that right? Yeah.
And you are? I'm Clayton.
That's my girl over there, Ellie.
We're actually heading down to Miami for the weekend.
Was, uh, hoping to make things a little bit more interesting.
Let me stop you there.
First of all, you're obviously a cop.
So is your girl there.
You seem awfully sure of that, Vernon, uh, is there not a "second of all," or Second, that's the worst British accent I ever heard.
Now, whatever it is you think I can "get" you, you won't find on me now, so, (English accent): take a walk, mate.
Well, you're as good as advertised, Vernon.
Law enforcement's clearly no match for you.
Then why are you still here? Look.
It's not your Blue Burgers we're after.
We need a name.
A face, you know, whichever comes first.
Let's just say, hypothetically, you sold some ecstasy to a young sailor a week or so ago.
You expect me to remember? You know, "hypothetically"? Well, if not, we could not so hypothetically bring you down for questioning for a few days.
- A few days? - Yeah.
On what charge? Doubting my accent.
And while we question you, it'll sure look like you're cooperating with us, whether you are or not.
That can't be good for business.
Or your health.
And when would I have encountered this sailor you're looking for? Well You know you're gonna be fine, right? Yeah, I know.
You sure you know? Yeah, I'm sure.
I know.
Well, if I'm not Don't go there.
Don't go where, hon? There's here, there is here, we're here now.
This is happening.
And everything's gonna be fine.
I'm just saying, if it's not Then whatever it is, we'll deal with it, okay? Can I finish, hon? Sorry.
I'm just saying, if it's not, we're still okay.
As long as we have each other, we're okay.
Okay, then.
"Okay" what? Have you slept, Agent McGee? No.
Uh, doesn't matter.
How's Delilah? She's fine.
Really? Really.
Yes, aside from a mild concussion from your fall, brain function is completely normal.
Oh, that's great.
That's great news.
Same with the blood tests.
The recent stress likely contributed to you passing out.
But only because you're a tad anemic right now, and that's to be expected, so Wait, what? Why is that to be expected? Well, in your current condition.
You don't know.
Know what? You're expecting.
Expecting what? A baby.
You're pregnant, about ten weeks.
(gasps) Oh.
That's exactly how I imagined it.
(phone ringing, elevator bell dings) (indistinct announcement over P.
system) NURSE: Hey, Abby.
Oh, my God.
Not you, too? Hey, Abby.
I'm okay, I just, I just passed out.
ABBY: "Just"? People don't just pass out.
It's okay, Abby, we're fine.
You're not fine.
You're glowing.
Why are you glowing? We're not glowing.
Mm, definitely glowing.
I didn't stay up all night worrying to not know why you are glowing.
All right, Abby, we haven't heard back from Delilah's mom yet, so until she knows, you can't tell anyone.
Seriously? Just until we let family know.
I'm not gonna tell anyone.
But seriously? This is the best news ever! (chuckles) Been through half the crew so far and only half of them know how to tie Navy knots.
Uh, your rope trick is great for eliminating suspects, but not exactly finding them.
You' re on speaker, Bishop, how'd it go? And then there were three, Gibbs.
Three crew members from the McGuire that our dealer Palumbo thinks he may have done business with.
Anyone we know? Matter of fact, Clayton's texting over the one we know right now.
Stoddard, the food service officer.
Is Agent Quinn with you? Yeah, Clay, I'm here and, uh, just received your text.
Wait, isn't he the guy who found Jones dead in the first place? GIBBS: (sniffs) Mm-mm! Sure does smell good.
I hope you don't mind.
Actually, you're violating quite a few regulations.
Tell me you washed your hands, at least.
Oh, yeah, mine are clean.
How about yours? I scrub in like a surgeon for every meal.
Now, if you don't mind, lunch isn't for another hour.
These regulations, they meant to keep anybody from wandering in here and messing with the food? That's the basic idea, yeah.
Only authorized personnel like yourself have access to everything that comes out of this place? What are getting at, Agent Gibbs? He's getting at whatever problem you have with the commander.
You know what this needs? Grape jelly.
I don't have a problem with the commander, but I'll have him on both your asses in two seconds if you don't get the hell There really is nothing to eat here.
I just want a burger.
You know, really rare, almost blue.
Do you have anything like that? I don't know what you think I did We don't think, Stoddard.
It was an accident, okay? Just a prank.
I didn't mean for anybody to get hurt.
You did way more than hurt Jonesy.
It was meant for the commander.
Not to kill him, just to get him back for busting our humps.
Jonesy eating his food was a fluke.
Like throwing his body overboard? And planting the drugs in Haring's bunk? That a fluke, too? No.
I was just stupid.
When I saw the commander's empty plate next to Jonesy body, I-I just I thought it was gonna come back to me.
I guess I panicked.
Okay? I'm sorry.
I really am.
BISHOP: It's a little late for an apology.
Yeah, he kept calling it, uh, an accident, a total fluke.
Seems like him and our ecstasy dealer are made for each other.
Hey, you guys got the good news, right? Delilah's okay? Yes, uh, thank goodness.
Just a fainting spell.
Probably just stress, you know, from planning the wedding and all, but she's okay now.
TORRES: Well, that's great.
Anything else? What? No, no.
(chuckles nervously) No.
Why would there be something else? Heh.
I mean I mean, that good news, that's enough good news, right? Uh, yes.
ABBY: Yeah.
VANCE: That's very good news indeed, Miss Sciuto, but I have a question.
Actually, question's for you, Agent Gibbs.
Do you have any idea why McGee would invite me to his home for dinner tonight? Why? Why not? Well, it it's not the invitation, it's the wording of the e-mail.
He marked it "personal" and I was asked not to tell anybody.
Yet you're telling me.
Well, you're not anybody.
And and it's just odd.
Short notice, the secrecy.
Well, if it makes you feel any better, they invited me.
I'm gonna be there.
You will? Mm-hmm.
Uh, me, me too.
Same invitation? Yeah, I got one too.
Me, three.
We all got invited, apparently.
Well, not much of a secret then, is it? Huh, why now? Why tonight? I know, so suddenly.
So soon after Delilah passed out.
Abby? QUINN: Wow, place looks good as new.
Doesn't it? I mean, you'd never know the awful things that happened here.
But we know.
I still wish I didn't.
McGEE: Hey, everyone, it won't be much longer.
DELILAH: Sorry to keep you all waiting.
Dinner is almost ready, I promise.
McGEE: Actually, dinner is ready, but, uh, we're just keeping it warm until we can tell you all something.
We have a little announcement to make.
Some good news to share.
Because you're all so special to us, we wanted to tell you all together, at once.
They already know.
What? Abbs? I'm sorry.
I got really, really excited and then I totally blew it.
And I'm sorry.
It's all right, you didn't blow it.
Actually, no, she did kind of blow it.
Hey, I got ahold of my mom this morning, so our families are covered; it is all good.
It's not all good, it's all wonderful! That's right.
(applause) (chuckles) McGEE: Thanks, guys.
But that is not the only reason you're here.
There is one more piece of business, and it is actually the real reason we asked you to be here tonight.
McGEE: As you know, we've been planning our-our big summer wedding, but with a baby on the way, we didn't want to wait.
DELILAH: My mom found out she's gonna be a grandma, so the wedding somehow took a back seat.
McGEE: In a few weeks, we'll have a party for out-of-town family, but right now, we want to share something with our other family.
One that means more to us than we could ever tell you guys.
So with you all of you here, we'd like to get married.
But-- what for real? You mean, like, like, right now? Like, right here? Right here in Tony's creepy old apartment, Nick.
Just replace bad karma with good.
Abby, you're still my best person.
Unfortunately, we had a bit of a problem getting Delilah's sister on a flight out to London, so What do you say, Gibbs? Be my man of honor? Be my honor.
Well, in that case, may I be the one to give you away? My father's looking down right now, and I am sure he would approve, Ducky.
(chuckles) Thank you.
VANCE: Well, then, all you need now is a priest or a rabbi or Or a minister? Way ahead of you, Director, McGee asked me this morning.
Palmer is now fully licensed for such occasions.
All it took was 20 minutes online and, thanks to the Interfaith Inspiration Church, you can now all refer to me as "Reverend Jimmy.
" (laughter) Let's get this show on the road, people.
Come on, let's do it.
Yeah! Okay.
Hey, you okay? Yeah, just having a little problem with these cufflinks.
Admiral stars, that's nice.
They were my dad's.
Figured I'd wear them, almost like him being here.
Oh, he's here.
All right.
What do you think? Well I think Here.
Boss, I think something borrowed is more for the bride.
No, that's not borrowed, that's yours.
My mom gave it to my dad when they got married.
It's right before he shipped out.
My dad gave that to me on my wedding day.
I only wear it on special occasions.
You wore it tonight.
Well, yeah.
I had a feeling.
Boss, you sure there's no one else you'd rather give this to? Who better than you, Tim? Thank you, boss.
("She Blinded Me with Science" by Thomas Dolby begins) (softly): Hey.
Now that's a tux.
Triple woof.
It's poetry in motion Can you believe it? Oh As deep as any ocean As sweet as any harmony But she blinded me with science She blinded me with science! (chuckles) Thanks, Duck.
She failed me in biology, yeah JIMMY: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to lovingly unite our good friends Timothy and Delilah in the joyful bonds of holy matrimony.
Now, Tim, repeat after me: "I, Timothy McGee" I, Timothy McGee "take you, Delilah Fielding" take you, Delilah Fielding "to be my lawfully wedded wife.
" to be my lawfully wedded wife.
JIMMY: "I, Delilah Fielding" I, Delilah Fielding "take you, Timothy McGee" take you, Timothy McGee "to be my lawfully wedded husband" to be my lawfully wedded husband "in sickness and in health" in sickness and in health "in good times and in bad" in good times and in bad "for as long as we both shall live.
" McGEE AND DELILAH: for as long as we both shall live.
JIMMY: Now, by the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.
Poetry in motion You should smooch.
(cheering) As deep as any ocean (laughter) As sweet as Any harmony (whooping, whistling) She blinded me with science! She blinded me with Congratulations, Tim.