NCIS s14e24 Episode Script


1 (birds chirping) (British accent): This spot looks good.
(British accent): Smells awful.
That's the sulfur from the mine's runoff.
You saw what they were dumping upstream.
Bet you we find acid and radon levels off the charts.
Assuming we don't get killed first.
Oh, please, Doug, don't start again.
Please, Julie.
I think I've earned the right to complain.
Do you know many husbands who'd agree to be chained to a tree on their honeymoon? That wasn't just a tree.
That was an old-growth forest that was being illegally logged.
And who was right there by your side blocking that whaling ship with nothing but an inflatable raft? You gonna whine or help me check the water for particulates? I can multitask.
And then I'm done.
I draw the line at lawless South American jungles.
Did you hear a word that guide said when he dropped us off? Between the local rebel groups and the drug lords, we're gonna get ourselves killed this time.
Nobody's getting killed.
The most dangerous thing out here is this water.
NCIS 14x24 Rendezvous This is no ordinary case.
It involves one of our own.
I need everyone at the top of their game.
I'm always at the top of my game.
I like your attitude, Torres.
But you're sitting this one out.
Quinn, can I count on you for drinks and balloons? On it.
What's, uh, going on? Nothing that concerns you.
You men are not invited to this baby shower.
Um, I think Delilah's baby shower does concern me.
And Delilah as well.
FYI, men do go to baby showers.
This is not the time to argue.
I'm not.
Us girls have this totally covered, so you can just go relax.
I just scored down in evidence.
And there are two more boxes of decorations down there.
Tried to return them to the original owner, but they said to toss them, so You know I love recycling.
Those are from a domestic dispute case; you remember that? The two cousins that, uh, argued over the baby's name, shot each other.
And this is why men aren't invited to baby showers.
And this is why I don't have kids.
Oh, who needs kids (phone chimes) when you have Mom? McGEE: Look, Abby, I appreciate everything you're doing, okay? But I need to check with Delilah.
Who wears the pants in the family, mate? This has nothing to do with-- No, I'm I'm saying that we just need to slow down here, okay? Maybe Delilah's sister wants to throw the shower.
Maybe Delilah wants to wait a little longer.
Nope, clock's ticking.
I know! I mean, I know.
It's okay.
You're gonna be a fantastic father.
GIBBS: And now it's time to be a fantastic agent, Tim.
Right now.
Let's go.
(stuffy): Agent Gibbs, nice to finally meet you.
McGee, long time no see.
How you been, Taggart? Horrible.
The humidity in Jacksonville was wreaking havoc on my sinuses so I requested a transfer.
And where did the geniuses at HQ send me? The embassy in Paraguay.
I have to stick my head in the dryer if I want to take a deep breath.
That why you called us, Taggart? Give us an update on your sinuses? No.
Because of this.
Two chemists found it while doing an environmental survey of a uranium mine down here.
They turned it into the local police, who ran the prints through their immigration fingerprinting system.
Who is it? Prints were a match for a Petty Officer Matthew Dean.
Several more body parts washed up on the bank near where the hand was found.
We presume it's the rest of him.
It's all on its way to you now.
Was Dean deployed to Paraguay? No, he'd recently entered the country on a tourist visa.
Alone? You know as much as we do.
The area he was found in is fairly lawless.
It's hard to get good info.
All we know is he shouldn't have been here at all.
State issued a travel advisory for American citizens three weeks ago due to rebel activity.
Well, those are just guidelines.
Can't stop an American citizen from traveling if they want to.
Regular citizens, no.
But military personnel were forbidden.
Dean violated orders when he came down here.
Which begs the question What the hell was he doing there? Petty Officer First Class Matthew Dean, 28 years old.
Finished his BUD/SEAL training in '09.
BISHOP: And that is pretty much all we know.
SEAL records are need-to-know.
And right now Quinn is at the Pentagon trying to dig up more.
He married? TORRES: To his childhood sweetheart.
His Facebook profile says his favorite performers are The Doors and, uh, Meat Loaf.
He has no kids.
Anything link him to Paraguay? No, but we do have a theory on what he might've been doing there.
Also courtesy of Facebook, we learned that Dean once sailed across the Pacific.
McGEE: And before that, he summited Mount Kilimanjaro.
Also alone.
Oh, a man after my own heart.
Except for the mountain climbing and the sailing.
And, uh, the Meat Loaf.
Hey, I like Meat Loaf.
Why are we talking about Meat Loaf? You got a theory or not? We do.
Boss, this is the Paraguay River.
It's not quite the Amazon, but it's got some pretty serious rapids, especially if you're into that sort of thing.
And Petty Officer Dean is very much into that sort of thing.
There are dozens of photos taken of him on these rafting trips.
TORRES: Yeah, we're thinking he went down to Paraguay for his latest Eco-adventure.
Against orders? Work in progress.
Keep working.
Bishop, talk to the wife.
See what she knows.
When the Navy officers showed up at my door, before they'd even said a word, I knew.
I've woken from that same nightmare 100 times before, but this time I can't seem to wake up.
We understand.
Every time he deployed, I couldn't sleep.
It's ironic.
I always worried he'd get killed in a shoot-out or parachuting into a war zone.
Never did I think he'd die on a fishing trip.
That's what he was doing in Paraguay, fishing? Paraguay? BISHOP: Yeah, that's uh that's where his remains were found.
Where did you think he was? Canada, on a, on a fishing trip.
Alone? That wasn't unusual.
After every deployment, he'd take a trip to decompress.
Some place with no TVs, no cell phones no people.
And then, when he would come home, he would be my Matty again.
He said he was going to Canada.
What was he doing back in Paraguay? Wait, what do you mean "back in Paraguay"? He's been there before? Look, if there's something you know, we should know that, too.
I know that he was in Paraguay on his last SEAL mission.
Doing what? That I don't know.
He couldn't tell me.
He shouldn't have even told me where he was, much less what the mission was.
But I know who does know.
JOSEPHSON: Yes, I was Dean's commander for his last SEAL mission.
But that's all I'm at liberty to say.
Though, I'll add, his loss is a gut-punch on the rhino farm.
I'll do anything I can to help.
We need to know what you were doing in Paraguay.
(laughs) No can do, sport.
That's need-to-know.
So much for that help.
Sorry, Chippy.
You want operational details, you're gonna have to go through the proper channels.
We are.
Budget cuts to the State Department leave them understaffed; it's taking forever.
You think you got problems? I'm back in Mosul again, Ace, as in Iraq.
I'd rather be stuck in an elevator with Justin Bieber than back here.
(chuckles): Hell, I'd rather be When was the last time you talked to Dean? Well, let's see.
Called me about three weeks ago.
Invited me on a fishing trip he was taking with Charlie.
" Is that an actual person's name or is that just another nick? Petty Officer Charlie Hudson.
A fellow SEAL.
Unfortunately, I wouldn't have been back in time to go.
(quietly): Boss, Dean told his wife he was going on that fishing trip alone.
Did Dean say anything else about the trip? That's all I got for you.
Petty Officer Hudson-- need to talk to him.
Where is he? Don't know.
And good luck finding him.
He's discharged, he lives in a motorhome, and he never parks in the same place twice.
BOLO, on it.
Thanks for all your help, Skippy.
Well, here's a thigh.
And a leg.
I got a wing.
(laughing) That's classic.
Goodfellas? Joe Pesci? (imitating Joe Pesci): "What do you like? You like the leg or you like the wing, Henry?" Dr.
Palmer, I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about, but we are dealing here with a combat veteran.
I would hope that you show a little more respect.
You're right, of course, Dr.
I-I realized that the second that I said it.
It was totally inappropriate.
(imitating Joe Pesci): "Now go get your shine box.
" You've seen Goodfellas.
That was one compelling movie.
Actually, I saw it with Gibbs.
Really? Gibbs sees movies? Like, made after 1957? What's your point? Whoa.
That was an impressively quiet entrance.
This all there is? Yes.
And the lack of a skull rules out confirming Petty Officer Dean's identity using dental records.
Abby, however, is running DNA tests, and I made a positive match of this tattoo with a photo from Dean's medical records.
Got a cause of death? Well, you're asking me if his dismemberment was pre- or postmortem.
That I can't tell you, yet.
But whenever it was, it was caused by some kind of machete.
More specifically, a very angry man with a machete.
Not necessarily.
Tribal witch doctors have been known to hunt down albinos, and then hack off body parts to use for certain potions, uh, to cure a variety of ills.
Not albino, Duck.
Lot of good it did him.
I'm afraid that's all we have for you now.
I got something.
The BOLO on Petty Officer Charlie Hudson's motorhome came back.
Yeah? So what are you still doing here? You know, you don't fool me.
(whispers): I know you like me.
I know you like me, too.
Oh, yeah? I'm getting less and less certain by the second.
(clears throat) Park ranger said it's been here about two weeks.
Any sign of Petty Officer Hudson? Not since he parked here.
Said he actually paid up front, only one week, though.
Park ranger actually said he just called the tow truck.
Well, in that case, we're free to enter.
All right, let me go in first.
Why? You're gonna be a father, man.
Look, I never wanted a kid, but if I did, I'd want to see his first soccer game and meet his first girlfriend, all right? Let's just watch your back.
Could be anything inside.
I appreciate that, okay? But that's what I got the gun for, and 14 years of on-the-job professional training.
All right, roger that.
Just looking out for you, bro.
I know.
TORRES: Clear.
It's not the word I would use.
I mean, this place is a mess.
I found a travel memo for Hudson.
Let me guess, Paraguay.
Round-trip ticket.
Left two weeks ago.
Looks like he went fishing with his buddy Dean, after all.
What do you think were they planning on catching with these? Night vision goggles.
Look at that.
Looks like they took most of them.
You know, I'm not much of a fisherman.
Fish, water-- it's not my thing.
But whatever these guys were doing down in Paraguay They weren't going fishing.
You know, I can't imagine ever living out of a motorhome.
Ugh, really? I have always wanted to.
I could get rid of my car, I'd get rid of my apartment.
Technically, you'd still own a car and an apartment.
Way to just kill a lifelong ambition.
GIBBS: Okay.
What do we got? Oh, what we've got is prep for a fishing trip if you're gonna go after Moby Dick.
Or else, Dean and Hudson were preparing for war.
Yeah, we don't know where they got this stuff yet, but we were able to work backwards through the packing material to identify sniper rifle scopes, smoke grenades.
We got remote detonators, tear gas.
BISHOP: And enough ammo to do something really bad.
ABBY: I mean, how did they get this stuff down to Paraguay? I can't even get my dog collar through security.
They left a lot behind.
Good eye, and they didn't just leave odds and ends behind.
There's boxes for four backpacks.
But two were left behind.
And there's boxes for four night-vision goggles.
Two were left behind.
Yeah, got it.
Prepped for four, only two geared up.
So who didn't go? And we know Commander Josephson is in Mosul.
So we have a missing fourth.
And we have a lead on who that might be.
Found this picture in the motorhome.
And I've got a funny feeling that fourth guy is our fourth guy.
You run facial recognition? Yeah.
Petty Officer Christopher Clayton.
So if he is our fourth guy, why didn't he go on the trip? (woman speaking indistinctly over P.
) Well, that answers that question.
Oh, thank God.
I've been pushing the call button for five minutes.
Uh, no.
Not nurses, uh Special Agents Bishop and Quinn.
I don't care who you are.
I got an itch on my foot, you got to get it.
Right, well, um, that's all you, 'cause I don't do feet.
(sighs) Fine.
Only because we need information.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
(moaning): Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's so good.
Ah, a little harder.
Little harder.
Done here.
That's fine.
Ask me anything you want.
You're my hero.
All right, well, I go first.
When was the last time you spoke to Petty Officer Matthew Dean? Couple weeks ago.
Why? What'd you talk about? Said he and Hudson had something big coming up.
Asked if I was free.
I said yes, then suddenly wasn't.
Take a guess why.
What happened? My six-year-old's birthday party.
Let's just say I'm much better at kicking ass than roller-skating, and leave it at that.
So, did Petty Officer Dean tell you what "something big" was? No.
What's this all about? Well, he told his wife he was going fishing in Canada, and that was a lie.
Really? How strange.
FYI, withholding information from federal investigators is a crime.
(sighs) "Going fishing" was Dean and Hudson's code for going to Vegas.
And how often did they do that? Too much.
They were good guys, but had a gambling problem.
Both of them owed a lot of people a lot of money.
Except this time, your friends didn't go to Vegas.
They went to Paraguay.
Don't know anything about that.
Except for the fact that your last mission was in Paraguay.
No comment.
That's something I can't talk about.
Okay, well, Petty Officer Dean was killed in the jungles of Paraguay, and Petty Officer Hudson is missing.
What? What happened? That's what we're trying to find out.
So if you want to help your friend, you'll let us know what you were doing in Paraguay last time.
Commander Josephson's SEAL team was sent down to Paraguay on a recon mission to gather intelligence on a rebel group called the Revolutionary Armed Council.
My international contacts are telling me R.
isn't actually rebelling against anything.
They're just thugs, plain and simple.
They move in a lawless area of the country, kidnapping children, turning them into soldiers to steal with them.
What are they stealing? VANCE: Uranium.
Paraguay's recently been investing heavily in uranium mining.
has made it their mission to steal as much as they can so they can sell it on the black market.
That's everything the D.
has on them.
It's not a lot.
Hence the recon mission.
VANCE: I'm guessing the Pentagon thought if they followed the money, they could find out who was buying the uranium.
But Clayton said the mission went sideways.
When his team was discovered, they only survived because a local villager helped them escape.
REEVES: Not a place I'd be eager to go back to, either.
Unless, they were heavily in debt.
And R.
had "barrels of cash just lying around," which is an exact quote from Petty Officer Clayton.
McGEE: You know, what if Dean and Hudson went back for the money grab? VANCE: And things went south again.
Do we know if these guys were anywhere near where Dean's body was found? No, but Torres and Quinn have been checking military satellite footage, but nothing's tasked to the area.
I've got an idea.
You remember Abby's friend, Carol? Now, she has a friend who knows McGee, come on.
Get to the point.
All right.
We may have a contact at NOAA.
They've got weather satellites covering the entire planet; resolution isn't as good as the military satellites, but we should be able to pick something up.
If not R.
, Petty Officer Hudson.
Still missing.
Yeah, go.
Take Abby.
Hey, McGee.
Hello, hello hello.
And you must be Carol's friend.
Curtis Hubley.
But you can call me anything you want.
How does "totally inappropriate" sound? Spicy.
Curtis, we don't have a lot of time.
Captain Carol gave me the skinny.
(imitating William Shatner): "Full power, Scotty.
" Our older satellites don't have quite the resolution you need, but our new GOES-16 has ten times the imaging power.
Do you like Mexican food? I'm not going to dinner with you.
How do you feel about brunch? Now you're just being rude.
This is the area where you said your SEAL was found.
I programmed a macro to flag any movement in the surrounding forest.
There was definitely activity yesterday in that area.
What are those? Good question.
I'm happy to explain that to you over some tapas.
I'm a very nonviolent person, but I will slap you.
Is it that easy? Ouchy.
That signal appears to be a group of about ten armed guerillas.
Heading away from a town called Val Verde.
Definitely in the same area.
That is not a coincidence.
Where were they going? Looks like some kind of compound.
Bunch of them went into one of the huts.
Didn't come out until the next morning.
Maybe that's where they sleep.
What is that? CURTIS: Another body.
Someone was watching the huts.
Looks like all night.
You thinking what I'm thinking? That could be Hudson, our missing petty officer.
How do, gents? Abby asked me to keep an eye on her blood-thingy machine.
Said if it spits anything out, I should get it to you.
Oh, much appreciated, Clayton.
Anything to report? JIMMY: Yes.
Mallard is quite the Scorsese fan.
Who knew? I meant about the body.
Well, I can verify that a machete was used to dismember most of this lad.
Most? Yes, the hand was removed by some other bladed weapon.
Maybe there was two attackers.
Of course, the other possibility that comes to mind is Doctor? I need to see Gibbs.
McGEE: It appears to be some kind of sleeping quarters, housing maybe a dozen or so R.
And we think we found Petty Officer Hudson.
What is he doing out there? Well, remember those barrels of cash the R.
has? Hudson's SEAL-mate says that they hide them in their huts.
ABBY: We think Hudson's just waiting for the right time to go for the gold.
I can relate.
Zip it, creepy guy.
Curtis, I need a closer look.
McGEE: Now, the weapon's the right size for a Colt M4A1.
We also found leftover rounds from a Colt in Hudson's trailer.
So, it's got to be him.
So, what's the plan, boss? Track him, long as you can.
Pick him up when he tries to move.
Whoa! Stop it right there.
Freeze it.
All right, back it up.
Right there.
Loop it.
Wait, is he missing his Jethro, I have news.
Abby, the, uh, DNA that you were running on Petty Officer Dean has finished processing.
So, did my babies prove that it is in fact his hand? Yes, but you got a different result from the other body parts.
Who? They belong to Petty Officer Hudson.
Hudson isn't missing.
He's down in autopsy.
And since the only body part Dean appears to be missing is his hand, it's entirely possible he's still alive.
Doc? You think? REEVES: Who wants to tell the bloke we found his missing hand? Uh, something's up.
GIBBS: Bishop, coordinate with Special Agent Taggart in Paraguay.
Country and weapons clearance, you, me and McGee.
Wait, what's going on? Petty Officer Dean is alive, minus his right hand.
Uh, what about Hudson? Dead.
Those are his body parts in autopsy.
Did you find out what they were doing in Paraguay? You ever ever see the movie Three Kings? We're guessing they went back for R.
's money.
When do we leave? First available flight.
Take care of travel arrangements.
Uh, hey, Gibbs? Why is she going instead of me? Uh, why not? (speaks Spanish) (speaks Spanish) TORRES: Okay.
(speaks Spanish) But I spent half of my life down there, and I blend in.
That's a good point.
All right, got it.
Bishop, stay here.
Provide support for Quinn.
Petty Officer Dean's wife, first thing in the morning, you catch her up.
We didn't discuss how you're gonna handle this.
How I'm gonna handle this? No, he said both of us.
Bringing her good news this time.
(groans) It's so awkward.
We left her thinking her husband's dead.
She's probably in mourning, (doorbell rings) making funeral arrangements.
Just tell the truth.
That we jumped to conclusions? We only had her husband's hand and were misled by the other body parts? Mm.
No, that's the bad news.
Now, we tell her the surveillance evidence indicates that her husband is alive.
She should be thrilled.
(phone ringing) Oh, I got to take this.
It's Mom.
QUINN: Yeah? Agent Bishop.
What is it now? (birds chirping) (dogs barking in distance) McGEE: (sighs) Those last ten miles were torture.
Think I threw out my back.
Yeah, you should have sat in the rear seat, man.
My butt is numb.
Split up.
All right.
You know what? I have got to pee, and I do not see a gas station anywhere around here.
Why didn't you go when we stopped on the road? Well, because I didn't need to go then.
You got to plan ahead, bud.
The cantina.
I'm gonna try the cantina.
I hope you make it.
Quinn, did they land yet? Have you heard anything? Well, I spoke to McGee hours ago, and he said they were on their way to Val Verde.
(sighs) It's so frustrating.
I have been over and over Petty Officer Hudson's mobile home trying to find any clue as to how they might have gotten their equipment past customs, but I didn't find anything.
Well, we may have a lead.
I've been going through both petty officers' phone records.
Right before they left, Dean was in contact with this international relief organization that ships food, clothing, medical supplies all around the world.
I don't think they would ship military equipment.
Agreed, but the charity has regional branches all over the world, one being Paraguay.
Sounds like too much of a coincidence.
(hangs up phone) Do you have something? Well, I talked to someone who admitted he spoke to Dean.
But when I pressed him, he got squirrelly and hung up.
I think I should pay him a visit.
(dogs barking, goats bleating in distance) (speaking Spanish) No.
(clicks tongue, speaks Spanish) (speaking Spanish) (clicking tongue) Buenas tardes, señorita.
Would you rather speak in English? Well, sí.
Yeah, sure.
How'd you know I do? I saw the men you came into town with.
You speak the language well.
(chuckles softly) Thank you.
I study it in the city.
We do not see many strangers in this town anymore.
Why are you here? We're looking for a man.
Have you seen this guy? What about this guy? No.
All right.
Does this have something to do with the rebels? The R.
? Maybe.
Have they been through here? They took my brother, Ramón.
McGEE: Well, boss, couldn't get anyone to talk.
They're afraid of something.
Gathered that.
Ten kilometers, on foot, to the coordinates where the satellite spotted Dean.
It'll be dark before we get there.
Got to find some place to stay.
BURKE: Okay, let's pack 'em and stack 'em, boys and girls.
No time for chitchat.
BISHOP: Well, make time.
Same NCIS you hung up on earlier.
Sorry, got nothing more to say.
You said you spoke to Petty Officer Dean.
Not sure what your relationship with him is exactly, but, uh, can't imagine he's worth going to prison for.
Prison? For shipping a box? And what was in this box? I have no clue.
It was sealed shut when they dropped it off.
Who's they? Hudson and Dean.
Asked me for a favor, so I said sure, added their package to our haul.
You expect us to believe you're stupid enough to send some mystery box to Paraguay? Yeah.
Three of us go way back.
You guys serve together? No, I never actually made it through basic.
We met down at The Anchor Bar.
A lot of SEAL teams hang out there.
And you'd do pretty much anything they asked, right, mate? (scoffs) Anything within reason.
They're American heroes.
Aren't they? McGEE: Hey, find anything? Yeah.
Found a casita.
Only one room, though.
Hope you don't snore, McGee.
I don't.
Yeah, I got it.
Who's he talking to? Bishop.
You ready for that, Timmy? Hmm? (softly): Yeah.
What'd Bishop say? We should go to church.
Oh, my mom would be so happy right now.
(door opens) (bell tolling in distance) (door closes) Uh, well (speaks Spanish) You're up.
Señora I think I'm the one you need to speak to.
This man-- we think he's around here and hurt.
Have you seen him? GIBBS: Petty Officer Dean? NCIS.
Hudson and I didn't come down to Paraguay to steal money.
RICARDO: They were here to rescue my son Enrique.
Last year, we were part of a four-man SEAL team gathering intelligence on the R.
The mission went south.
We would have all been killed if it wasn't for Ricardo.
He helped us escape and hid us here.
RICARDO: Three weeks ago, rebels raided our village and took Enrique and two other boys to be child soldiers.
In three months, they'll be brainwashed guerillas who'd kill their own family.
I didn't know what to do.
DEAN: He called me.
We owed Ricardo big-time.
You and Hudson came down here alone, off the books? Did you have a plan? Obviously not a good one.
We were ambushed surveying the compound.
Hudson was killed, and, well, most of me escaped.
Had to hurt.
I don't think about it.
The truck is hidden.
Yeah, good.
All right, we rest up tonight.
We take shifts on guard.
We leave at dawn.
Get you some medical attention.
I'm fine.
Docs aren't gonna grow me a new hand.
And I thought I was tough.
The R.
's not gonna stop looking for you, Dean.
I appreciate your concern, but this isn't over.
It should have never started.
You got a wife at home.
From what I hear, she still seems to love you.
Ricardo's got a son who loves him.
I'm not leaving without the kid.
TAGGART: I've coordinated with the Paraguayan military.
They know we have three agents in country.
What else do they know? Not much.
Okay, Fleet Forces has an LPD with helicopter support off the coast of Brazil within range of the target.
We're just waiting for the exact location of the landing zone.
Royal Navy is standing by for backup, if needed.
Copy that.
Director Vance.
Been a long time.
Someone gonna tell me what the hell is going on in here? We are organizing support for Gibbs.
Support for what? GIBBS (over speaker): A rescue mission.
Gibbs? He's on satellite phone.
Petty Officer Dean is alive? Yeah.
He and Hudson came down here alone to rescue a child who was kidnapped by rebel terrorists.
And? And we're planning to help him before pulling out tomorrow morning.
His dad saved the lives of four Navy SEALS last year.
Gibbs, I can't sanction a covert operation in a foreign country by my agents.
Not asking you to, Leon.
What exactly are you asking for? Navy helicopter.
Emergency extraction of United States citizens.
It's all lined up.
Just needs your approval.
All your actions must be defensive, Gibbs.
DEAN: Now, the hut where they bunk Enrique and the other kids is here.
About one klick south is a clearing for the helicopter.
I've snuck out the past few days to reconnoiter the place.
That's where we picked you up on satellite.
The optimum time to strike is 0630.
Night guards are tired, half asleep.
Regulars don't show up until 30 minutes later.
We've got preset remote-control charges and enough weapons, but we are heavily outnumbered.
And the helicopter will be at the extreme limit of its range.
It will only be able to stay on the ground three minutes.
You were gonna do this all by yourself, Rambo? No helo, just one hand? (door opens) All right, it's my turn to stand watch.
McGEE: It's dark out there, quiet.
No one's on the street.
Call your wife.
You got a lot of explaining to do.
She's tough.
Only person I'm afraid of.
Well, speaking of wives, I finally talked to Delilah.
How is she? Not bad.
She's over the morning sickness.
Had her first good day in a couple weeks.
You know, Tim, there's no obligation here.
Strictly voluntary.
Well, you got new responsibilities.
Boss, I appreciate that, but don't forget I'm an NCIS special agent.
(birds chirping) (rooster crowing in distance, chickens clucking) (man speaks Spanish) Bishop, where's that helo? Five kilometers east and holding.
Fuel's critical.
All right, boss, it's ready and waiting.
Torres are you set? Hold on, hold on.
Gibbs, the regulars are coming.
They're early.
We're blowing the trucks.
Bring in the helo now.
(men shouting in Spanish) - Dean! - Enrique.
Your father's waiting.
(men shouting in Spanish) (gunfire continues) Go! I got this! I got you.
Come on.
Come on! Enrique! ENRIQUE: Papa! (Ricardo shouting in Spanish) All right, come on.
Come on! (speaks Spanish) Come on.
(speaks Spanish) Get out of here! All right, take off! If the copter blows, everyone dies.
Nick, you got 'em.
Tim, what are you doing?! Tim! (indistinct military radio chatter)