NCIS s15e01 Episode Script

House Divided

1 Bring in the helo now.
(shouting) (helicopter blades whirring) Go! I got this! Get the kids to the chopper! RICARDO: Enrique! Papa! All right, come on.
Come on! (shouting in Spanish) Come on, kid (shouting in Spanish) Get out of here! All right, take off.
Nick, you got 'em.
Tim, what are you doing? Tim! (gunfire continuing) Turn around! That's a negative.
We left men on the ground! Copy that, but we don't have the fuel.
I'm giving you an order.
We're going back! I don't take orders from you, sir.
I'm not gonna tell you again.
Turn this damn bird around.
NCIS 15x01 House Divided I'd love to take you for lunch, sweets, although I've got to check with the boss first.
I wouldn't hold my breath.
I've worked with lion trainers that didn't crack the whip as much as this one.
Oh, wish me luck.
Here she comes.
Okay, that's it, I am done signing things for the day.
Is this bad timing? (sighs) You know, I don't remember Gibbs having to deal with quite this much paperwork.
That's because he used it for kindling.
- Ha.
- No, really.
The first steak he ever grilled for me was roasted over our fitness evals.
- Okay, now I am - Thanks.
Signing off on my expense report? (sighs) And how do you feel about me having an early lunch? Well depends on whether you finished checking with that source in Paraguay.
I was up all night working on it.
Please tell me you got something.
No new chatter on Gibbs or McGee.
What? There's new chatter on Gibbs and McGee? Did I say “chatter”? Yeah, there's no chatter.
And we're not looking.
Everybody knows the DoD has forbidden anybody from NCIS getting involved in the search for Gibbs or McGee.
So, what's up? Who let you out of dispatch? Me.
I just got the strangest call.
Figured you should hear for yourself.
How may I direct your call? MAN: I need to talk to an agent (grunts) (gunshots, glass shattering) I've got an address.
It's a pay phone on Hamilton.
What do you think? I think I won't be having an early lunch.
Grab your gear.
TORRES: The pilot and I discussed turning back for Agents Gibbs and McGee.
But, um well we decided against it.
As soon as we landed on the LPD, Agent Taggart, in Paraguay, asked the local police to send a team to search for our men.
But they didn't find anything.
- No.
- And that's because the Revolutionary Armed Council rebels you antagonized That's one way to put it.
disappeared into the wind after your attack.
You're aware the R.
was trafficking black market uranium.
And you set a CIA Intel gathering operation back months.
Oh, and we also saved the lives of three children.
Violating seven DoD rules of conduct.
With all due respect, your rules of conduct suck.
CONGRESSMAN: This committee will not tolerate a rogue agency conducting rogue operations in a foreign country.
Well, if you want to get judgy.
What I want is accountability.
And a respect for the rule of law.
Maybe we should spend a little more time talking about my missing friends.
CONGRESSWOMAN: We do sympathize, Agent Torres.
And the Paraguayan government has vowed to do all they can to find our agents.
And they're taking their sweet time.
Time we don't have.
CONGRESSWOMAN: Sadly, there might not be anything to find.
And at some point we need to ask ourselves if Agent Gibbs and McGee are still alive.
(guard speaking Spanish) Cena.
(water dripping) Boss.
(siren wailing, helicopter blades whirring) So, what's this thing again? I don't know.
But it does look vaguely familiar.
It's called a phone booth.
And they were everywhere, before cell phones became ubiquitous.
People used them any time they were away from home to make calls.
Like animals.
WITNESS: Suddenly this car comes flying out of nowhere, and then bam, bam, bam! Glass shatters, people are screaming.
It was awesome.
I'll bet.
Shame more people weren't killed.
So, uh, what happens next? Hair fibers, fingerprints, trace the call? No need to.
He called us.
About what? That's what we're here to find out, mate.
What'd I miss? JIMMY: Hey! Nice suit.
I didn't think you even owned a tie.
He doesn't.
Mustard? Really? This is silk.
Sorry, man, I had a hot dog on the Hill.
Who's this guy? Well, no ID yet.
How'd the hearing go? A lot of talking.
They want to talk to Quinn; I told them she was on leave and she was taking care of her mom, but they didn't care.
Anything from our contact in Paraguay? JIMMY: No, but I did speak to Delilah this morning, and, well, uh she's not doing well.
Pregnancy is supposed to be a joyous time.
I cannot imagine what she must be going through.
All right, well, we will find them.
We will.
But right now, we've got a job to do, so I've got a partial plate from a witness.
DUCKY: Cursory examination suggests that this man was killed by multiple Duck? Look.
It's just falling out.
I've seen a lot of drive-bys in my time, but I've never seen a shooter shoot the hair off of somebody.
Yeah, neither have I.
McGEE: Right, that's 31 for you, 31 for me, and there's one left over.
You want to split it in half? It's a bean.
Oh, what I wouldn't give for a real meal right now.
(chuckles) Nice shower.
And a smartphone.
Just for five minutes, a smartphone would be nice.
Check the weather, take a few selfies.
(Gibbs grunts, can clatters) Oh, that's never gonna work.
(sighs) We need a knife.
That's on the list of what I've recently renamed “The World's Slowest Moving Escape Plan.
” (man speaks Spanish) (man whistles) GIBBS: It just got harder.
Lots of new faces.
There's something going on (loud bang on door) Feliz Navidad.
Good news.
Christmas has come early for you two.
Time to meet Santa.
McGEE: Santa gonna let us sit on his lap? GUARD: Not Santa.
Jefe, the boss.
He's been laying low since your attack.
Now he's back.
He wants to have a little chat.
You killed a lot of people when you attacked our training compound.
Cost him a lot of money.
Now it's time to pay the piper.
I can't wait to watch.
Maybe he wants to keep you in there, huh? Vamos.
REEVES: Our victim has been identified as Zachary Brooks, 35 years old with a history of drug muling.
(clears throat) Sorry.
(clears throat) Brooks has had several convictions over the last decade, specializing in overseas transports.
And not in the Navy.
Victim did call us.
Cause of death? Ducky confirms it was the three bullet holes.
He also figured out why his hair was falling out.
Bloke had radiation poisoning.
From what? Um, radiation? Abby is identifying the source as we speak.
(sighs) That's all you got? Floor time.
- No.
- Oh.
That is an order.
(sighs) (groans) Okay.
Why no arrests in the past year? Go.
I don't know, maybe the guy went clean.
Got better at covering his tracks.
Motive for his murder? I mean, timing is suspicious.
Just as he was calling NCIS.
Maybe someone was trying to shut him up.
You know, we should be hitting this floor more often.
ABBY: Well, don't get up now because you're gonna want to sit down when you hear this.
Um, I was able to find the source of your victim's radiation poisoning.
It's uranium.
And it's not just any uranium.
When you analyze the ratio between U-235 and U-238 It's the same ratio as the sample we have from the R.
Brooks wasn't smuggling drugs, he was smuggling their uranium.
Which means he had contact with them.
Maybe that's why Brooks was calling us.
He has info on Gibbs and McGee.
Where is Director Vance? At the hearing.
Well, we need to get in touch with him now.
(guard speaking Spanish) (Spanish music playing) (music turns off) What happened with their clothing? And his face? We had a little fun with them while you were away.
Ah, gentlemen, please, accept my humble apologies for your mistreatment.
I absolutely did not authorize it.
I can see why you chose this weapon.
Nice balance to it.
We friends now? Well clearly my men are still upset.
You killed so many of their comrades.
But yes.
Let's be friends.
I'm willing to let bygones be bygones for a price.
Oh, my God.
(laughs) Where is my manners? You must be starving, huh? No, not hungry.
(chuckles lightly) What's the price? Well you cost me a lot of money.
Lucky for you, I imagine you know a lot of things Agent Gibbs.
So, I propose to recoup my loss by selling those things.
You can help me willingly or I will just have to, uh shall we say, uh, persuade you.
Well, persuasion it is, then.
I think you owe this committee an answer, Director Vance.
I think I'm answering All due respect to my colleague across the aisle I'm more than happy to I will not allow you to turn this into a witch hunt.
I'm simply asking on what rule of engagement the director authorized this mission to Paraguay when he Mission was humanitarian.
Children were in danger.
Agents Gibbs and McGee saved them.
And might I remind this committee that they are now the ones who need to be saved.
The State Department is doing all it can The State Department? Two of my men are missing.
Agent McGee is about to become a father.
We need all hands on deck, and yet you've tied mine.
CONGRESSWOMAN: And as you know, your agency is recused from anything Paraguay-related due to your feckless disregard for diplomatic protocol.
But that's not enough And if you happen upon any leads concerning that rebel group, you are to turn it over to DoD.
Is that clear? Crystal.
Is that something you'd like to share with the committee, Director? No, it's a personal matter.
Is the hearing over already? No, I told them I had to take a recess for a personal matter.
Aka he lied under oath.
No, I didn't.
It is personal.
This is the first lead we've had on the R.
since Gibbs and McGee went missing.
I have no intention of letting it go.
You're assuming they're still alive? They are alive.
Have you IDed the shooter yet? Well, the plate number we got from the eyewitness is a dead end, but we were able to make some progress on the victim.
Uh, DHS said he's made several recent trips to Paraguay.
Where he used his drug courier skills to smuggle uranium the old-fashioned way.
Intestinal trauma suggests he repeatedly hid foreign objects in his rectal cavity.
Aah, that's got to hurt.
In many ways.
Continual exposure caused the radiation poisoning.
This guy's just the courier.
We need to find his boss.
He knows how to contact the R.
We're retracing Brooks's steps the night before the murder.
Torres is running down the cell records.
Reeves has credit cards.
And then there's this.
BISHOP: So, we think it's for some kind of nightclub, but we haven't been able to ID it yet.
JIMMY: Oh, that's easy.
That's Club Mouth on Dickens.
(chuckles) What? You guys, I have a life.
TORRES: Is this Palmer's lead? Yeah, he knew the handstamp by sight.
(phone ringing) Oh, it's Delilah.
- You gonna answer it? - And say what? That we have a lead on her husband.
Ugh, and admit ignoring orders from federal oversight committee on an unsecured line? No.
Uh (groans) Hey, Delilah.
Time for my quad-daily check-in.
Any updates for me? Um uh, about what? About my missing husband? Uh, y-you know, we haven't heard anything from State because, as you know, NCIS has been told to stand down from-from our investigation, so we wouldn't have any leads ourselves.
I see.
Real smooth.
Uh, but if I do hear something Oh, I'll be the first to know.
As always.
Anyways, uh, I got to go.
Day job.
I'm glad you're a good guy.
You would make a terrible bad one.
You would know.
Speaking of bad, what's that smell? TORRES: Huh, smells like gasoline.
Uh we haven't opened yet.
TORRES: Well, you might want to put a few, uh, no-smoking signs up when you do.
(panting) We don't have to do this, you know.
I really do prefer to be nice at least until it's time to not be nice.
So let's start with something easy.
See what happens, hmm? When were you born? A simple question.
When is your birthday? Huh? You look like a Leo.
Am I right? Well, I guess it's time to not be nice.
(Gibbs choking) Gibbs, hang in there.
Gibbs, hang in there.
(gags) (coughs) There you go.
Take a moment.
Maybe, uh, reevaluate your situation.
Just stop, please stop.
Let's try again.
When is your birthday? (weakly): Birthday Your first day on Earth day Happy birthday Happy birthday To you.
Look, you-you have our passports.
Okay? It's got his birthday in 'em.
I want to hear it from him.
After all, if he can't even tell me that, how is he ever gonna tell me the good stuff? (Gibbs choking) Stop it! You're killing him! Stop! Stop! Stop! (Gibbs choking) (choking stops) Gibbs? Okay.
Gibbs, can you hear me? Boss, can you hear me? Gibbs.
He is alive.
Our guests usually survive this particular incentive.
Untie him.
I'm not telling you anything.
I don't care.
We have something special planned for you.
Suspect's name is Jezebel Poppins.
She's a bartender, works at the club.
Does she know our victim? Well, haven't gotten that far yet.
See what you can find out and get back to me.
Look, I don't know what to tell you.
I was cleaning the floor.
With gasoline? It is a solvent.
Look, I'm gonna pretend I don't give a rat's ass what you were doing with the gas can.
Then I'm free to leave.
Yeah, after you post bail for attempted arson.
(sighs) Right now, I need you tell me if you've seen this guy around the club.
I take that as a yes.
Yeah, I've seen him around.
He was my boyfriend.
Look we can help each other here.
Somebody killed your boyfriend for a reason.
We know he was running drugs.
That was a long time ago.
Okay? He got clean.
Didn't stay clean.
Zach started running drugs for my boss out of the club or so he thought.
Some things weren't adding up and then he saw these hearings on the news and realized what he was really bringing back from those trips to Paraguay.
Black market uranium.
When Zach realized what he was a part of, he told me that he was going to put an end to it.
And that's why he called us.
He called from a pay phone so we couldn't trace his call.
Your boss must have suspected.
Took Zach out.
My boss runs everything out of this place.
I was gonna burn it to the ground, put him out of business.
You don't have to worry about your boss.
He's gonna pay.
I just have to figure out where he is first.
But you already found him.
That's him.
That's my boss.
Hey, finally.
What took you so long? I hear you are the man to help me with my new printer.
That's not a new printer.
Well, new to me, smart-ass.
Your guard overheard you in your cell talking clever about computers the other day.
I assume you can troubleshoot a printer driver.
So you're not gonna torture me? No, I am not.
But I can't speak for everyone else.
I'm still not gonna help you.
You got something better to do? Yeah, I do.
I have a life that I'd like to get back to.
Job, friends, a wife who's four months' pregnant, maybe five, I'm not sure-- I don't know.
I know that there's a baby class, but I missed that.
Do you know how to change a diaper? 'Cause I don't.
I also don't know how much longer I can go on eating chicken scraps and beans.
The one thing I do know is I sure as hell am not helping you.
When is your birthday? Oh, please, just let him eat, huh? You want to eat? Birthday.
Go fish.
Hey, just tell him what he wants to hear.
You have a family.
You need to eat.
Tell him.
Your birthday.
My birthday is September 13, 1978.
GUARD: Muévete.
What else did you tell 'em, McGee? Nothing.
Installed I installed a printer driver on their computer.
Really want to do this? (grunts): I don't know.
You tell me.
I didn't just do this for me, you know.
I got some food for you, too.
Eat 'em.
You're delirious, boss.
I am, too.
We need to eat.
It was a printer driver, that's it-- it's meaningless.
Really? - That's it? - We need to start thinking about staying alive, okay? We need to make compromises There are no compromises, McGee.
They're terrorists and murderers.
Yes, I know who they are, but I'm about to be a father, okay? I can't afford the luxury of morality.
Neither can you.
Eat the raisins.
(grunts) (loud straining) Come on come on! Come on Thought you two were friends.
Son of a bitch! It was just a printer driver! Come on! Put him in his own cell.
Give him a bed.
He's cooperating.
(breathing heavily) It's good work, Tim.
Our nightclub owner's name is Mickey Clark.
Bought the club three years ago, paid cash.
Record? History of trafficking weapons, people, drugs.
And now uranium.
We need to find out who this guy is selling to.
The last thing we need is black market uranium getting into the U.
Agreed, but first we need to find him.
We find him, we find the R.
God willing, Gibbs and McGee.
Hey, Abby, you done running Delilah, what are you doing here? Oh, really? You got a lead on my husband, and you expect me to stay away? Ah was I that obvious? And on an unsecured line.
Do you have anything else on this guy? 'Cause right now we got bugger all.
Nothing on the BOLO, no recent activity on his credit cards.
Nothing recent, but I was processing his computer, and our favorite counterterrorism expert here showed up and noticed these older charges on his statement.
Hit That? It's a dating app.
And your suspect was paying for premium services on almost all of them.
(Bishop stammers) Hold on, this is gonna help us find our suspect how? Okay, so these are the people that he was matched to.
And, as with most of these apps, they let you know how far away you are from each of your matches.
So you figure out how to use that data to triangulate Clark's location.
ABBY: Bingo.
So, we started by locating the people he was matched with, and then it was just a matter of working backwards from there.
Take Shawna, for example.
It says she's 52.
9 miles away from Clark.
Now, we don't know which direction he is, but we know he has to be somewhere on that circle.
ABBY: And then we repeated it with a few more matches, and Got a location.
Good job, guys.
Reeves, take Torres.
Pick him up.
Please hurry.
(men speaking Spanish in distance) So, what do you want from me now? I (unzips bag) want you to eat.
I thought about what you said about your wife and your baby.
It's not right.
And I thought perhaps you could use this as well.
It's Nicholas.
The patron saint of children.
It was my daughter's.
It's a gift to yours.
You had a family? They were killed in an uprising years ago.
That is how I fell into El jefe.
And became a terrorist? No, things were different back then.
The R.
actually stood for something.
So, quit.
Oh The jefe's not someone you quit.
And believe me, I tried.
He killed two of my cousins.
Yeah, that guy's got issues.
No, he's done far crueler to others.
But men need to work.
There's not many opportunities to drive an Uber down here.
(McGee chuckles) So we all do what we have to do.
But I will say one thing.
If I were to ever find myself alone with him, it wouldn't be a good day for him.
(door opens) Like I said, we all do what we have to do.
(shouting in Spanish in distance) What took you so long? You took forever.
I didn't know where you were.
Did you get the blueprints off the computer? No.
They were watching too closely.
Did you get the alarm? Yes, got the alarm.
It's all set.
2100 hours.
We move to the exit, wait to make our escape.
- How's your nose? I- t hurts.
Why'd you have to swing so hard? Why'd you have to break my wood carving? (actors on TV speaking Spanish) (Jefe laughing) (mutters) ¿Qué? Let's start with something easy.
When's your birthday? BISHOP: Hmm, it's almost more interesting without the volume.
That's why people hate politics.
Ah, but that is why people love you.
You found our club owner.
TORRES: Yeah, he was in the middle of a date.
I spent three nights texting that chick.
You couldn't have arrested me before I got carpal tunnel? He had a burner phone on him.
Only one overseas number in it.
Well, shouldn't take long to trace it.
Abby, since you're here.
On it, boss.
He say anything in the car? No.
He knew his victim told us nothing.
Thanks to Reeves blabbering in the crime scene.
Cool accent.
Not too smart.
Houston, we have a problem.
What's wrong? The international number that our guy's been calling has a blacklisted IMEI.
I can't trace it.
There's got to be a way to find out whose number that is.
There is.
(phone ringing) (click) Uh, hello? Is anyone there? McGEE: Bishop? McGee? Uh, are you okay? Please tell me I'm not hallucinating right now.
You're not, just tell us where you are, we're coming to get you.
BISHOP: Okay, what's your status? Is your position stable? No.
We need an exfil ASAP.
Paraguay military can have a chopper airborne in an hour, but McGEE: No, we need it by 2100.
What happens then? Get the chopper.
BISHOP: Do you have an evac site? It's got to be the top deck.
How are you gonna make it to the top of the ship without being seen? And exfil without getting shot at? That is our problem.
Get the chopper.
We'll pull the coordinates from this sat phone.
Well, looks like we just went from a snowball's chance in hell of getting out of here to a snowball's chance in Arizona.
I'll take it.
McGee, get the GPS.
All right, what's the play? I got to think.
About what? Just send the helicopter.
No, we can't.
We're out of the loop.
The request has to come from DoD.
CONGRESSMAN: Director Vance, my main concern here is the damage done to our nuclear nonproliferation efforts.
(phone buzzing) All right.
(Bishop speaking indistinctly over phone) When? Both of them? Copy that, I'll take care of it.
Another personal note? Ladies and gentlemen, I just received word that our team has located Agents Gibbs and McGee.
CONGRESSMAN: And, apparently, violated a direct order from the Pentagon.
All due respect, sir, we don't have time.
To be a nation of laws? Sir, I don't know if you heard.
Director Vance I have two men who are in jeopardy (gavel banging) NCIS is ordered to stand down.
Order! Order! Director Vance, in deference to your men, I move that we switch to an off-the-record briefing where you turn all information about their whereabouts over to your colleagues here at the DoD.
And then they will take it from there.
This meeting is adjourned.
Audio off, please.
Admiral, I need helicopter assistance from the Paraguayan military immediately.
I suggest you stop wasting time and call it in yourself.
But you just said A lot of things.
Ah, but the cameras are off now.
I know time is of the essence, but I just want to say, on behalf of myself and my committee We're proud as hell of the work that you and your team have done.
Just please try and color inside the line next time.
You know, this is why people don't like politics.
And I don't blame 'em.
Now go get your men.
I need that location, Agent Bishop.
We are working on it.
(door opens) Is the bird in the air yet? Paraguayan military's standing by, awaiting coordinates.
All right, so what's the holdup, Gibbs? We don't know where we are.
The GPS on Jefe's sat phone's disabled.
Is there any way we can re-enable it? McGEE: Bishop, can you force a firmware flash? BISHOP: Uh, yes, but it'll take at least an hour to upload over satellite.
GIBBS: We don't have it, Bishop.
If only that guy had Tinder.
Really? Because he clearly needs to meet someone special? N-No, so we can get your distance.
Torres, that's it.
Uh, the firmware will take too long, but we can easily push a small dating app onto the sat phone, which will then force a GPS update.
All right, uh, hobbies? Not dying.
(sighs) Sorry.
Um, almost there.
Need to narrow the search parameters down to McGee's specific profile.
And then we auto-swipe until we get a match.
“4,451 miles away.
” They're 4,451 miles away from the Navy yard.
Look for a deepwater river.
I got 'em.
They're in a side channel of the Paraná River.
We can have a chopper there in 20 minutes.
Do it.
Gibbs, you think you can make it topside in that time? We're really cutting it close, boss Cutting what close? Let you know when we see you, Leon.
You have just committed suicide.
Do you really think you're gonna simply waltz past my men? Actually yeah.
(muffled groaning) Boss, I've been thinking.
GIBBS: Bad idea.
But We're gonna make it, McGee.
(Jefe groans) Paraguayan military now en route.
ETA: six minutes.
MAN: Jefe? (shouting in Spanish) TAGGART: Chopper's three minutes from exfil.
No eyes on the target yet.
That location better be right.
(man shouting in Spanish in distance) MAN: Drop the gun right now! McGEE: You first.
Shoot them.
Shoot them both! (alarm sounding) (indistinct shouting) (screams) Who set off the alarm? You should've never let me near your computer.
We got to move.
Oh, you're gonna pay for this.
I own half the government officials around here.
I'll be a free man by the end of the day and I will not forget you.
Oh, you think you're gonna come with us? That would be nice, but, you know, I think it's time to not be nice.
I'll take it from here.
(helicopter blades whirring) (”Broken Things” by Ryan Adams playing) I've come to you from broken things I've crawled to you on my hands and knees (gasps) McGee! (shushing) (whispers): Um, where is she? (whispers): Yeah.
If only to hear you say my name We weren't expecting you till tomorrow.
I've come to you from broken times DELILAH: Who's at the door, Abbs? I've shown you my face with no disguise My memory's a mirror without eyes I said, who is at the? If only to take away your pain If only to hear you say my name You're the whisper in the rising wind Empty and so cold Too dark for the birds to fly in Aw, that's great, Abbs.
Yeah, is everyone else there? All right.
Well, I'm just finishing up some loose ends here and I will be right over.
I watch them as they rise into the sun Gibbs, I I thought you were with McGee.
I was.
(soft chuckle) Welcome home.
When the day is new, the light is warm I'm proud of you, Bishop.
Kept the team together.
I'm proud of you.
Well, I just did what I thought you would do.
If only you believed all of my lies Um everyone's meeting at McGee's house.
You want to come? Nope.
When I'm lazy in the wind, the colors sag Well, call me if you need anything.
As the clouds go rolling off the hill Can't tell where the roofs begin and end No more will I know my home again Hear the whisper of the rising wind Empty and so cold Too dark for the birds to fly in They're lined up on the wall As I'm walking by They scatter and take off Watch them as they rise Into the sun If only you believed you were the one If only you believed you were the one If only you believed you were the one.