NCIS s15e13 Episode Script

Family Ties

1 - Don't lie to me, Phillip! - I'm not lying! - Then tell me who she is! - I told you.
(laughs) So that thing in your glove compartment is nobody's? Honey, please get in the car.
Come on.
This is dangerous.
I will get back in your car when you are honest with me.
(car horn honks) Get out of the road, dumbass! Okay, okay.
The truth? - It's Shelley's.
- Shelley?! Honey.
Honey, please.
Just-just breathe.
I can explain.
Just-just get in the car.
Rachel? Rachel! (shrieks) What did you do?! Ugh! Typical! Where are you going? Come-come back.
You know how much I paid for that ring? Please help me find it.
(engine starts) (tires screeching) (grunts) (exhales, coughs) That guy was right.
You are a dumbass.
See, this is mine.
This is yours.
Psycho bitch! NCIS 15x13 Family Ties (whirring) Kayla? Hey, Dad.
Breakfast? Uh-uh.
I'm meeting Agent Gibbs at the diner.
What? I had your shake yesterday and the day before that.
Sometimes I prefer to eat my meal, not sip it.
Diner food isn't a meal.
I can remember you used to eat Fruity Pebbles every morning for about a year.
Yeah, well, things change.
They certainly do.
I got a ride to school.
From whom? Mandy.
Dad, that's enough.
Didn't say anything.
I can hear your inner voice.
Inner voice.
All right.
Yo, ready? Need my backpack.
30 seconds.
(clears throat) Mandy.
So, how's cheerleading going? Whatever.
Kind of over it.
Ah, like ballet.
No, it's cool.
More time to study.
Study? Told me you were putting your senior year on cruise control.
Thinking about college.
Kayla's helping me with applications.
Really? I didn't know that.
Let's go.
Bye, Dad.
He didn't talk to you, did he? Unfortunately.
(scoffs) (phone ringing) Right, all right, all right.
I'll see you in 20? No.
Can't, Leon.
I got to cancel.
Not as sorry as I am.
(sniffs) You okay? Uh, no.
No, not really.
I'm standing here looking at a dead Marine.
Later, Leon.
Marine Lance Corporal Scott Jenkins, 26, stationed out of Quantico.
Give me a time of death, Palmer.
Well, there's not much decay or bloating.
Based on liver temperature, I'd say he died between seven, eight hours ago.
- The middle of the night.
- Makes sense.
His C.
said Corporal Jenkins trained in the wee hours.
Called him “the Midnight Marathoner”" He was in the water.
How'd he get in the water? He had help.
Take a look.
I'm gonna go help Bishop.
Massive, recent blunt force trauma.
He was hit by something large.
Like a car? I found some broken plastic and-and glass.
Headlight? That's what I'm thinking.
No skid marks.
Thought jogging was supposed to be good for you.
(laughs) I'm, uh, really quite funny when you get to know me, Agent I'll take your word for it.
How'd you discover the body? Right.
So, I pulled over so I could have a discussion with my friend.
Saw the guy floating, called 911 right away.
Where's your car now? My friend had to go to work.
So, you have a business card in case I remember any other details? No.
We got something.
Found it in the bushes.
Yeah, that's, uh It's actually mine.
(chuckles) Here's where we found the broken headlight.
That's the impact point.
And the body was floating here at the discovery point, 52 feet between them.
McGEE: Based on Corporal Jenkins' weight and the distance he flew upon impact, we think the vehicle was traveling about 60 miles an hour.
It was foggy last night.
And that part of Route 73 is in a valley that's a microclimate for mist.
Corporal Jenkins had reflective clothing on, but even in the fog, how do you plow into someone and not slow down? Yeah, or just stop.
VANCE: Gibbs? Walk with me.
Everything okay? No.
Kayla's been arrested.
Okay, there's your head, so, you know this, Jimmy.
You know this.
You've got it.
All right, the automatic doors should be right here.
(clears throat) Doctor.
Hello, Gibbs.
(clears throat) What the hell are you doing, Palmer? I was just headed out to the eye wash.
(laughs) I accidentally got some glass in my eyes.
Ah, geez.
Yeah, our victim has these little pieces of plastic and glass embedded in his hip.
Follow me.
All right.
So I was trying to extract all the shards for Abby 'cause she's trying to ID the vehicle.
Oh, there we go.
That's it.
Water is good.
That should do the trick.
Oh, thank you.
Now, look here, look here.
You see anything? Uh Your soul.
I believe you.
Cause of death? Well, his lungs were filled with water, so, official cause of death was drowning, but I got to say, there was catastrophic damage to his internal organs, so, he was not long for this earth.
Oh, wow, Abby, that looks great.
- Stop.
Don't move.
- (whispering): What is it? (whispering): You don't have to whisper.
I'm just saying the slightest vibration could make Humpty Dumpty come crashing down.
Oh, you put it back together.
Yup, without all the king's horses and all the king's men.
It was just girl power.
Are you able to ID the types of vehicles that use this style of headlight? Not vehicles.
I know the make, model and the year.
It never said that he was an egg.
What? The nursery rhyme.
Humpty Dumpty.
Never said he was an egg.
Oh, wow.
You're right.
So, you are looking for a blue 2013 Maserati GranTurismo.
How do you know it's blue? Not just blue.
(typing) Blu Nettuno.
Lance Corporal Jenkins-- he ran with music on his hip.
And see that little splash of blue right there? - Paint from the car that hit him.
- Yeah.
I used my spectrophotometer to identify the pigment.
Oh, it's a rare car.
Can't be more than a handful.
Actually, there's only three in the tristate area, and I have the names and the addresses of all the owners.
One of 'em lives just a few miles from the accident.
Abby, you're a godsend.
Hey! (grunts) (glass clatters) It's a blue Maserati.
But you can't see the headlights.
- You know who would look good in a Maserati? - Hmm? Luis.
Luis? Like your undercover alter ego? Yeah, you know, windows down, music blaring, hundred on the freeway.
Charlie by his side.
Ooh! I'm there, too, huh? Yeah, you know, Charlie and Luis are a couple, you know? Hmm.
(alarm beeping) You hear that? Smoke alarm.
Where there's smoke (beeping continues) Take him.
Well, looks like it was gonna be barbecue chicken pizza.
Is he alive? Yeah.
And wasted.
John Kendall.
Hey! Wake up! All right, you two chat.
I'll going to the garage.
(whistles) Bingo.
Sorry about this.
What happened? Well, mall security detained her for shoplifting.
Are they absolutely certain? She had the merchandise in her possession.
A purse.
And she admitted it.
Look, the store owner wants to prosecute, so we had to pick her up.
She off school today? No.
She never mentioned that she was your daughter, Director Vance.
If she had, maybe How old is Kayla? She's 17.
That's better than 18.
(inhales) (lock buzzes, latch clicks) You okay? Mm-hmm.
What happened? Kayla, what the hell happened? (door opens) (door closes) I made a mistake.
A mistake is when you step on the accelerator instead of the brake.
You made a bad choice.
A bad choice.
I know, Dad.
Where's Mandy? Was she involved in this? No, Dad.
Can we just go to school? I'm missing chemistry.
Well, you rolled big last night, Mr.
Found this, uh, credit card receipt in your wallet.
Bar tab for $120.
So, what's your drink of choice? Whiskey? Beer? Tequila? Yes.
That's what we like in here.
So, while we're being truthful how many drinks you think you knocked back last night? A dozen? Give or take.
12 drinks in one night.
That's enough to kill someone.
It did.
John Kendall.
One, two, three DUI arrests in the past eight years.
I mean, how is this guy still allowed to be behind the wheel? A Marine marathoner is dead, and the town drunk is very much alive and kicking.
Life isn't fair.
Why don't you tell me about your drive home last night? From the bar.
I didn't drive.
Your car says otherwise.
Maserati was in an accident last night.
But I took a cab.
Sure about that? Yes.
I'm-I'm pretty sure.
I mean, I-I think so.
Wait, please tell me my car is okay.
Well, it's not really your car you have to worry about.
This is very me.
I need more powder.
And black light.
Okay, this is a problem.
There's no fingerprints.
On the steering wheel? On the steering wheel, on the dashboard, the door, the GPS touch screen.
Wiped clean? Why would Kendall wipe clean his own car? What?! Personalized floor mats? Come on.
They think of everything.
Wait, look at this.
I found a bracelet.
Is Kendall married? Divorced.
No kids.
Is this a Breathalyzer? Yeah.
It's an ignition interlock device.
The court mandates these for DUI offenders.
You need to blow into here before you drive, and if it detects alcohol, then your car won't start.
Kendall was drunk the night of the accident.
Then he wasn't driving this car.
So he's not our killer.
So, where are we? Uh, well, Kendall's car killed Corporal Jenkins.
TORRES: Abby matched the blood spatter on the car's grill to Jenkins.
Yeah, only Kendall wasn't driving.
Couldn't have.
The car's equipped with an ignition interlock device.
You have to be sober to start it.
Kendall taxied to the bar last night.
Left his car in the garage, which he says was open.
Left his keys in the cupholder.
We figure someone walked into Kendall's garage and took his car.
Who, McGee? A pirate? Actually, it's a marauder.
It's like a land pirate.
TORRES: That's the image on the bracelet I found in the Maserati.
It's a mascot from a high school near the accident site.
The Mid-County Marauders.
The bracelets are worn by the students to show school spirit.
So, what, now we have 2,000 teenage suspects? Actually, only two.
The initials GLB are engraved on the inside.
According to the high school directory, there's only two students with the initials GLB.
Only one is female.
Genevieve Lynn Bell.
BISHOP: 15 years old.
Very active on social media.
She posted this pic at 9:09 last night.
And that's her on the right.
Who's the other girl? TORRES: I can ask Genevieve.
I got her address.
School's out, she should be home.
Take McGee.
Uh, car has GPS.
I'm using it to trace where it went that night.
(piano playing off-key) Whoa.
Isn't that Beethoven's Fifth? Really, bro? You're asking me? Hi.
Bell? Yes.
NCIS Special Agents McGee and Torres.
We're, uh, looking for your daughter Genevieve.
She's at school.
Mid-County High? Isn't it out for the day? She stays late for volleyball practice.
What's this about? We believe she was a witness to a fatal car accident last night.
She was what? Well, there's no reason to be alarmed, Mrs.
No reason to be alarmed? You just said that my daughter saw someone die.
Well, we're not exactly sure what she saw, which is why we want to speak with her.
I'm gonna call her right now.
Yeah, go.
Uh, did she ever leave the house last night? She was at a sleepover.
With this girl? Maya Guzman.
Uh, she was at her house.
She's not answering.
I'm gonna try her again.
Does this bracelet belong to Genevieve? How did you get that? It was in the car involved in the accident last night.
Oh, my God.
Conrad, take a break.
I'm a music teacher.
- Did you speak with her this morning? - Yes.
She didn't say anything about an accident.
She she was complaining about a history test.
Maya go to school with Genevieve? Yeah, and she's in volleyball practice with her right now.
She's not answering.
I'm sure she's fine, baby.
She just She's busy.
She can't talk.
Look, the school's about a half mile from here.
I can meet you there.
(knock at door) Yeah.
Update on the hit-and-run? No.
Just wanted to see how you're doing.
So my little girl is a thief.
Not a good look for the head of a federal crime-fighting agency.
Not about the job.
About your family.
But the Internet will make it about both.
Her mother would know how to handle this.
On second thought, if Jackie were still alive, Kayla would have never done it.
Ah, you don't know that.
Well, let me believe that.
It makes me feel better.
You're a good dad, Leon.
I don't feel like one.
I got two latchkey kids at home, and in my absence, Kayla's found other influences.
Okay, so take the rest of the day off.
No, I'm-I'm good.
If you're here, I'm here.
I don't have anything to go home to.
I don't know, Leon.
Some of those moments you don't get back.
Go home.
Be with your daughter.
(door opens) (door closes) McGEE: How's Genevieve as a student? A dream.
Good grades, good manners, student council, the band, and, obviously, volleyball.
And Maya Guzman? Genevieve's best friend.
Nice girl.
Comes from a good family.
Look, these are good kids.
Whatever you think they did, they didn't do.
This way.
Maya Guzman, Genevieve Bell! Right here, please.
Big match tomorrow.
We're playing our crosstown rivals, the Sharks.
Hey, Ms.
Hey, Maya.
Uh, where's Genevieve? Oh, she just left.
Her, um, mom called her, like, six times.
Oh, her dad was supposed to meet us here, too.
I'm going back to the house.
Uh, Maya, this gentleman is from NCIS.
He would like to speak with you.
Um, can we do this after practice? We don't make appointments.
(door unlocks) Hey.
You're home early.
I guess I'm sitting down.
I don't know, Dad.
What do you want me to say? Start by telling me what happened.
You know what happened.
And I still can't believe it.
Help me understand why you decided to skip school and steal a purse.
Not all of school.
Just first and second period.
Don't you get cute with me, young lady.
Kayla, what were you thinking? I guess I wasn't.
I'm sorry.
And that's it? Stop looking at me like that, like I killed your cat or something.
Kayla, you committed larceny, not to mention truancy for skipping school.
Misdemeanors, not felonies.
But larceny carries a maximum penalty of a $5,000 fine and a year in jail.
First-time offenders usually get off or, at worse, community service, right? Sometimes, but that doesn't change the fact that you And I'm only 17, so it's not gonna go on my permanent record.
Kayla, where are you getting this? Online.
I read if I don't get off, I can enter a diversion program and ask for probation with deferred proceedings.
Kayla, you committed a serious crime.
You already said that.
But you are not listening.
You're not listening! I said I'm sorry! It's over.
It won't happen again.
It's Sit down.
Sit down.
Just leave it alone.
We're not finished.
You are Leave it alone! Kayla! (knocks) What? Who are you? Who are you? NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee.
The Bells here? NCIS? What did they do? W-W-Wait, who are you? I'm the homeowner.
The Bells' landlord? - Well, I was until ten minutes ago.
- Why? What happened? Guy just called me up out of the blue, said they're moving out.
No explanation, no notice, no nothing.
You think you know someone.
They seemed like such a nice family.
They sure left in a heck of a hurry.
Couldn't bother to take all their crap.
They cut up their credit cards and left their cell phones.
(engine starts) Whoa, whoa.
Stay there.
Bell! Stop! Stop! Stop! (tires screeching) Oh, come on! So, Maya, where is Genevieve? Genevieve Bell.
Your friend.
Where is she? RICARDO: Excuse me, Agent Gibbs.
First off, tell us why we're here.
BISHOP: Maybe Maya can.
Let's talk about your sleepover the other night.
Now, what happened after you took this photo? She's not gonna speak to you.
Guzman, it'll be easier for everyone if you cooperate.
Easier for NCIS, you mean.
I'm not just Maya's father.
I'm also her lawyer.
And until we know why we're here, I've advised my client to say nothing.
Vehicular manslaughter.
The night of your sleepover, a Marine was jogging along Route 73 when he was struck and killed by a car owned by John Kendall.
Do you know him, Mr.
Guzman? Kendall? He's my neighbor.
Yep, that's right.
But he wasn't driving.
And we think we know who was.
You girls go on a joyride? Not a word, Maya.
Where's your proof? If you had any, we'd be sitting in a less comfortable room with a one-way mirror in it.
We can arrange that.
We found this in the car.
Initials “GLB” on the inside.
That's Genevieve's.
Well, Agent Gibbs, it seems like you're talking to the wrong girl.
This conversation is over.
Let's go, Maya.
VANCE: I'm not gonna do it.
Jack, no special treatment.
Then why not just tell the detective that? You afraid you're gonna say yes, Leon? Listen, you would not be the first father to call in a favor to help their kid out.
You pulled strings for me.
You're not my kid.
And that was a matter of life and death.
This is a valuable life lesson.
Valuable for her or you? Point taken.
How do I get her to talk to me? Put yourself in her shoes.
You're a teenager.
You've just done the stupidest thing in your life.
And your dad's the head of NCIS.
She's mum because she's hiding something.
Or she's embarrassed.
You're an investigator.
Find out.
You got this.
McGEE: The Bells.
Christopher, Julie, and Genevieve.
On the run since last night.
Even left their credit cards and cell phones.
So they couldn't be traced.
TORRES: Well, their first stop after giving McGee the slip Not what happened.
was the bank.
They emptied their savings account.
They took nearly $23,000.
BOLO found their car at 4:00 this morning, abandoned on a secluded residential street.
Why flee? Well, we're thinking Genevieve was the hit-and-run driver.
They didn't want her to go to jail, so they ran.
Well, that seems extreme.
TORRES: I agree.
They blow up their lives, become fugitives, just to protect their daughter? Either of the parents have a record? Dad does.
Assault conviction when he was 18 for a fight outside of a Metallica concert, but nothing since, and Mom's spotless.
What you thinking, boss? Two teachers, established in the community.
They drop everything and they vanish? They're hiding something.
Send this picture down to Abby and get Maya back in here.
Welcome to the uncomfortable room with the one-way mirror.
I'm gonna tell him, mija.
- What? - Yeah? You gonna tell me what? I'm the one that ran over that Marine.
N-No, Daddy Excuse me, Maya.
I'm ready to confess, Agent Gibbs.
I stole John Kendall's car.
It was foggy that night.
I couldn't see the jogger.
It was an accident.
I'm sorry.
Is that what happened, Maya? No She's lying, Agent Gibbs.
No, Mr.
Guzman, you're lying.
Kendall's car had GPS.
We tracked its movements that night.
Security camera at a convenience store.
See? There's the Maserati.
There's your pal Genevieve.
Look who's driving.
(sniffles) It's like Agent Bishop said.
Kendall's garage door was open.
And we just wanted to take some pictures.
That's all.
But then we saw the keys in the cupholder, so You went for a joyride.
It was really foggy that night.
When we were driving back, all I heard was this loud bang, and So we got out of the car, and we searched the whole area.
I swear we did.
But we didn't see anything.
We thought maybe it was just a deer that ran off or something.
Now, you returned Kendall's car.
You wiped off your fingerprints, you closed the garage door, and you snuck back home.
(crying): I'm so, so sorry.
I We didn't know it was a person.
(sobs) It was a Marine.
(crying) I'm sorry.
Come with me.
Nice to see you, too, Abby.
No time.
We have a problem.
Uh, what's the problem? Look.
You don't notice? Gibbs noticed.
Gibbs notices everything.
Notice what? Mother and father have blue eyes.
Their daughter, brown eyes.
BISHOP: Uh, that's weird? It's more than weird.
I mean, genetically, parents with blue eyes can have a brown-eyed child, but it's like a genetic magic trick.
So Gibbs had me run the DNA from the toothbrushes they left at the house Uh-oh.
“Uh-oh” is right.
DNA is not a match.
The Bells are not Genevieve's biological parents.
So, what, she was adopted? Well, that's what I thought.
Adoption records are sealed, so I had the high school scan and send over a copy of the birth certificate.
Now, it says here that Genevieve was born in West Virginia in 2002, and the parents are listed as Christopher and Julie Bell.
Yeah, but they're not.
They're definitely not.
And this is definitely not a real West Virginia birth certificate.
It's a forgery.
So if they didn't adopt her They kidnapped Genevieve when she was an infant.
They just did it again.
(knocking “Shave and a Haircut”) Oh.
Is Kayla here? She's at the library.
I'll come back.
I think it's best if you don't.
Message received.
(knocking) Look, Mr.
V, you don't like me, fine, but Kayla's a great person.
I'd be nowhere without her.
You know, she believes in me.
More than my own father does.
And I never thought college was an option, but she's doing everything she can to make sure I have a chance to go.
GIBBS: Anything on the Bells' location? Abby might have something.
She just called McGee down.
What do we know about this family? Well, Abby ran Genevieve Bell's DNA through the system and got a familial match to this guy, Martin Curtis.
In and out of prison for the past 15 years for robbery and second-degree assault.
A real peach.
Brown eyes.
Curtis is listed as the father on the birth certificate of Genevieve Curtis, born in Wheeling, West Virginia, on the same day Genevieve Bell was born.
According to the birth certificate, 17-year-old Brittany Rudd was the mother.
Was? She died six months after giving birth to Genevieve.
Drug overdose.
Her dad was in prison, her mom was dead, so Baby Genevieve should have entered the foster care system.
It never happened.
No record of Genevieve Curtis after 2002.
How'd the Bells know about Genevieve? Brittany Rudd was a junior in high school when she gave birth.
Julie Bell was her English teacher.
That's the connection we've been missing.
A week after Brittany died, Julie suddenly quit her job, and the Bells moved to Virginia with their daughter Genevieve.
So there was no legal adoption? No.
It appears they just took her and pretended she was theirs.
This Curtis guy, he know he's a dad? BISHOP: Well, if he doesn't, he will soon.
Law requires us to tell him.
McGEE: Hey, Abbs.
You wanted to see Genevieve's cell phone? I do.
But, first, look at this.
Okay, what do you see? Again with the photo quiz? Oh, come on, McGee.
Just play with me.
What's Genevieve wearing? A sweater.
On her neck.
And what's not on the headphones? A wire.
Oh, they're Bluetooth.
Please, tell me that there is a headphone app on Genevieve's phone.
Ooh, I see where you're going.
Well, see, I got it, but Bluetooth has a range of maybe 30 feet.
I don't see how this is gonna help us.
Well, because the new versions, they alert the user whenever the headphones connect to a new network.
So when Genevieve's using the headphones Oh, there she is.
Harvey Motel, downtown.
Nice work, Abbs.
(quietly): Yes.
(music playing over headphones) Dad? Mm-hmm.
GENEVIEVE: Are you sure running's the right decision? Well, if we want to stay together as a family, it's the only decision.
(sighs) I'm sorry I messed everything up.
Hey, hey, hey.
Listen to me.
(sighs) It's horrible what happened to that Marine, but our life is not your fault.
But because of me, our secret's out.
Yes, and because of me, we have a secret in the first place.
(sighs) Your mother and I knew this day might come.
We've been looking over our shoulder for 15 years, but we've prepared for it, and we're doing what we have to do.
(door opens) Chris, come on.
We got to get out of here.
What's the matter? I just saw an NCIS agent downstairs in the hotel office.
All right, forget the suitcases.
Let's go.
Dad, no.
JULIE: Honey, come on.
We can do it.
Let's go.
(knocking on door) McGEE: Mrs.
Bell? NCIS.
(whispering): Come on.
We'll go out the back way.
McGEE: Mrs.
(knocking on door) I don't want to run anymore.
Curtis, thank you for coming in.
I didn't do anything.
We know.
Would you care for coffee? Right.
You just brought me in for social hour? JULIE: She was a, uh, a precious baby.
And we wanted to help Brittany, so we we would watch Genevieve when she'd go to work.
Only Brittany did more than work.
She was out partying every night.
JULIE: Until one day when Genevieve was six months old, and then Brittany didn't come to pick her up.
She overdosed.
Curtis, there's no easy way to ask this, but are you aware that you're a father? If she wants money, I got nothing.
I make $9.
40 an hour cleaning toilets.
I got my own problems.
So you know you have a daughter.
Britt sent me photos.
Brittany, your ex-girlfriend.
Genevieve's mother.
And do you know that Brittany passed away? Yeah, I heard.
And do you know what happened to your daughter after that? I figured she, uh I don't know what I figured.
JULIE: Yeah, her no-good boyfriend was in prison, both her parents were dead.
They would've put Genevieve into foster care, and we couldn't let that happen.
We'd grown too attached.
Yeah, but you couldn't adopt her because of that assault on your record.
That disqualified you.
Stupid fight when I was 18.
So you forged a birth certificate and she became your daughter.
Not the way we planned to become parents, but We don't regret it for a second.
CURTIS: So these people stole my baby? Not stole, rescued.
But I could still sue them.
Uh, for-for kidnapping or something.
They have money? Think about what you are proposing here.
Do you really think that's in the best interest of your daughter? What about me? What's best for me? JULIE: Agent Gibbs, will we ever see her again? McGEE: Well, of course they will.
Won't they, Director? It's not our call.
Family court will have to sort this out.
That's crazy.
They raised her.
Yeah, but the biological father has rights.
Biological felon.
I don't like it either, but that's the law.
There's got to be a better way.
I'm open to suggestions, Agent McGee.
SLOANE: You sure you want to do this? Mm-hmm.
Just say what's in your heart.
(sighs) Okay.
Genevieve, this is Martin Curtis.
Nice to meet you.
You're big.
How old are you now? Fifteen.
What grade is that? Uh, tenth.
I met Brittany in the tenth grade.
Your mom.
My mom's in the other room.
What is this? Genevieve just wanted to meet you.
Curtis, I have a question.
Will you let me go? Sir, filing a lawsuit against the Bells would mean you are seeking legal custody of Genevieve.
I can't make any promises.
I want to live with my parents.
It's complicated.
What's her name? Your mom.
Chris is my dad.
They take good care of you? I love them very much.
The thing is It's-it's .
it's just, uh (sighs) Let me get a look at you.
You grew up.
I named you Genevieve.
Did you know that? I named you.
What do I have to sign? GIBBS: This document.
Signing it will award legal custody of Genevieve to the Bells.
(sighs) Hi, Mom.
(softly): Oh, Gen.
Oh (crying, laughing) How are you? I'm okay.
Are you okay? VANCE: So, Genevieve gets to live with the only parents that she's ever known.
Crazy story, Dad.
She's lucky to have parents like that.
Yeah, yeah, she is.
Just as I'm lucky to have a daughter like you.
(chuckles) Yeah, right.
A thief.
What? Your friend Mandy is 18, right? Yeah.
I checked her record.
(chuckles softly) She's got two shoplifting charges, as a juvenile.
If she got a third, this time as an adult, maybe college doesn't happen.
You, however, are still 17.
You have no record.
You've been granted early acceptance to Georgetown.
A small indiscretion wouldn't ruin your future.
I think you confessed to a crime that you didn't commit, so your friend could get a higher education.
So, if I don't get probation, I could get up to 30 hours of community service.
You think I should work at a homeless shelter or teach people how to read? They both sound like very noble volunteer opportunities.
I'm thinking the adult literacy classes.
Can help somebody change their life.
You already have.